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Global brands and companies taxonomy‎

Stephane, if you need any help or have any questions with the mess that I made with the brands and companies Google document, just tell me ;) --Javichu (talk) 15:57, 30 November 2013 (CET)

Thank you Javichu! The brands and companies document you made looks very clear to me, I need to convert it automatically to the new format, and then we can add to it. :) --Stephane (talk) 11:03, 2 December 2013 (CET)
Good!! BTW maybe is better for the future use the "wikipedia's rules" and reply to the user talk page (User talk:Javichu in my case), so the user get the warning that have a message when login (I guess this feature is standard in mediawiki and not specific for the wikipedia).--Javichu (talk) 00:11, 3 December 2013 (CET)

Wikipedia rules and Mediawiki uses

Hi Stephane!. I was really thinking on the old system that show you an orange bar on the top when you get new messages in the talk page (this is implemented here!). But, as Teolemon has pointed out, this bar looks like has been replaced recently by a new web service Notifications (formerly code-named 'Echo'). I am not familiar with it but it seems that the new service give you more information about what has been changed.

I am not aware of any mediawiki plugin to replying to other users easier. I guess that the old fashioned way of leaving a message on the user talk page is still in place. --Javichu (talk) 23:27, 4 December 2013 (CET)

Global categories taxonomy

Hi, what's up? Looks like I made some changes in the Global categories taxonomy file before you were done with yours... with some collisions... Sorry for that. I'll wait to add new categories or make some modifications until you finish your work. I just added a few strings that I think were lost in the merge, but I am not completely sure if these deletions were made on purpose for whatever reason. So, check it out my last changes on the file ;-) --Javichu (talk) 20:19, 1 December 2014 (CET)

Spanish packaging codes / EU agreement numbers

Yes, I saw the changes on the ES packaging codes. I started to use the new format.

All the associated companies and locations for the spanish packaging codes (not only the animal derived ones) can be retrieved from: I keep a datasheet with all codes downloaded from that site. My last version is from 24-10-2014, so I guess is pretty updated. I can upload the file if you want to some place (github, dropbox, ....). It is in odt format (openoffice/libreoffice) but I can convertet it to another format if needed.

I also have a table (in wiki format) with the codes of the products added by myself with the name of the company, parent company, location and some other information. It is basically the info that I use to include beside the EU code or Tax Identification number and in the location of the procesing company field. I have to clean it a bit and I'll post it here in a new wiki page.

The only problem that I can see to match locations with locations in OpenStreetMap is that the first document uses for the places where other languages are used (beside to spanish), sometimes the traditional name in spanish, sometimes the name in the local language (basq, catalan...) and in other cases both. A mesh! In my table I use normally the spanish names. We'll see if some modification have to be done to match with OpenStreetMap location names, whatever they are...

Maybe a new field can be added to the app to put in there the company name (and parent companies) that match the EU packaging code (and match also the location of manufacturing or processing place). I normally include that information beside the packaging code, but that's ugly ;-) --Javichu (talk) 21:23, 2 December 2014 (CET)


I have checked the email and I can't see your mail. I guess it went to the spam folder and after some time was deleted. I use that email account only for OFF, and I don't check it frequently (shame on me!!). Can you please send me the email again? --Javichu (talk) 21:23, 2 December 2014 (CET)

This time, I got the email and I joined to Slack. I'll try this weekend to get more familiar with that application. Thank you for invite me!! --Javichu (talk) 01:15, 5 December 2014 (CET)