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Back to Main Page. Thanks a lot for your interest in translating Open Food Facts (website interface, mobile applications) in new languages and/or improving the existing translations!

Translation workflow

  • We use 2 tools to add translations to Open Food Facts: this wiki and Launchpad. Launchpad requires a separate account (or an OpenId account) which takes 30 seconds to create.
  • Please join your local channel on Slack and the #translation channel so that we can coordinate.
  • You can log in on the wiki (first login on Open Food Facts and you can then login on the wiki automatically) and edit the wiki pages to add/correct translations.

Pages to translate (in order of impact)

High Priority Translations

Taxonomies to Translate

Taxonomies ?

Taxonomies make Open Food Facts work like magic. They are our way to organize information and automatically make sense of products. This will enable :

  • Suggestions in your language, to make contribution faster
  • Autodetection of categories, enabling worldwide comparison between food.
  • Multilingual products automatically translated to your language (if the item in the taxonomy is translated to your language)

High priority taxonomies (ranked)

Other taxonomies

Less important

Pages for special operations that could be localized

Advanced Country Support

Let Open Food Facts better handle specifities of various countries and areas, such as labels, specific foods…

Draft Taxonomies

Old, for reference only

News / Announcements etc.