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As more and more people add data to OFF, the quality of the data is under pressure. People might enter data that is wrong, in the wrong place, etc. This could be by accident or on purpose. If OFF wants to be a reliable source of information for consumers, it should set up procedures to guard and improve the data quality. This project is an attempt to create an overview of the possible errors, how these errors can be found and what can be done about it. (This project extends Project:Error detection)

Data errors

This section lists all the possible data errors. Each error has a description, a detection method and a solution.

Image issues

No image available

  • Issue: a product does not contain any image, that supportes the data. Thus there is no way to verify if the data is any good.
  • Detection: search for products without images.
  • Solution: these products can be deleted automatically on a regular basis

Relevant images not available

  • Issue: A product might not contain all (or any) relevant images
  • Detection:
  • Solution: has to be solved by hand?

Image not assigned

  • Issue: A product might contain all the relevant images, but the images are not assigned to the relevant sections (main, ingredient or nutrition). Products that consist of multiple languages might have this issue.
  • Detection:A product with multiple images and non-assignments could be detected;
  • Solution: has to be solved by hand?

Wrong images assigned

Interloper images =