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Revision as of 13:15, 22 August 2019 by Juho-of-consumerium-org (talk | contribs) (+ is a multilingual service that connects blind people to sighted volunteers via unidirectional video and bidirectional audio allowing blind people higher levels of autonomy as they can always get help from the sighted volunteers.)
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Open Food Facts is an opportunity to bring the blind at the same level of non-blind in terms of choosing food products. Few food products have Braille markings . How can I be sure of the product then?

Things to do on our side

ProductOpener (web)

  • Test and Make the web site accessible and compatible with accessibility systems
  • Use OCR when no data is available yet

Mobile apps

  • Make all the mobile versions speech enabled (already done for Android) and compatible with system-wide accessibility systems
  • generalize Moodstock recognition to all platforms because the blind can not easily find the barcode by themselves
  • Improve the Hololens app to make it a gateway to products for blind people (voice synthesis when scanning a barcode)

Community Outreach / Content

  • Communicate with the blind associations in all countries for feedback and to promote OpenFoodFacts
  • Mention products including Braille marking
  • Mention accessible brands

Existing Initiatives (France)