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  • Allow users to do more tasks
  • Ability to automatically add the place where the product was scanned
  • Can add pictures taken with the phone photoroll
  • Send notifications from time to time to propose to log a product.
  • Create an account on openfoodfacts from your mobile
  • There are areas where the touch make much sense ( eg. rotate images, select the images and image areas to identify logos, packer codes, nutritional information... )
  • Ability to edit section by section
  • Mobile autocompletion
  • Propose a game that asks simple question after simple question to tag existing products
  • Add a timer for cooking based on the barcode and our data
  • Add more fields that are mobile optimized (directly a numeric Keypad for weight, for example)
  • Modification of existing products ( image rotation , selection of specific areas, filling fields)
  • The application asks to photograph a specific part of the package when the product is marked incomplete
  • The application offers simple visual recognition challenges that can supplement the missing data ( ie: What brand ? What weight? What protein value ? Which of these images is the nutrition ? Which of these images is the ingredients ? )
  • Photo Mode (it never leaves the camera mode, with a simple tap to take a picture , and there is a button to change product )
  • Off-Line Mode to scan products with limited or no connection.

Application for Google Glass (modified Android app )

Google Glass is the ultimate and efficient product collection method:

  • Ok Google, Scan this product.
  • Ok Google, Take a picture.
  • Ok Google, Take a picture.
  • Ok Google, Product Name: Pasta Carbona Weight: 500g Brand: Leader Price.
  • Ok Google, Save and send to OpenFoodFacts.
  • Bang next product .

A developer began a somewhat related application :