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How it works

This page contains the definition of the hierarchy of categories used in Open Food Facts.

The definition contains:

  • stopwords (words that can be ignored when matching category names)
  • word synonyms (words that can be exchanged when matching category names)
  • category synonyms (the synonyms are then matched also in other category names that contains those synonyms)

For more details, see Global taxonomies

Current status

  • Already live.
  • Last push to production:



  • The French list treated all variants (i), (ii) etc. as one single additive entry.
  • The other list Additives taxonomy does the reverse: there is one entry for each variant (e.g. E101(i) ) but no entry for E101.

To do

  • Change the "EXXX Food Additive" to the correct name (at least in English)
    • Those are the additives that existed in the French list but not in the global list
  • Add more synonyms for each language other than French (synonyms can be found in the EU directives)
  • Then remove the English synonyms from the the French entries
  • There are some synonyms in (parenthesis) for some entries, they should be converted to a comma separated list. But all parenthesis are not synonyms, so be careful.

Properties to be added



Ruling bodies

  • Joint Food and Agricultural Organization/World Health Organization Expert Committee on Food Additives (JECFA)
  • European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)
  • US FDA

Taxonomy definition

# For reference:
# EU list of additives:
# of 16 December 2008
# on food additives
# (Text with EEA relevance)
# Codex Alimentarius:

# stopwords for matching more additives
stopwords:en: of
stopwords:fr: de,d,des,du,le,la,les,a,aux

synonyms:en:FD&C, FC and C, FDC, FFDCA, FDCA
synonyms:en:n°, no, number, nb, #
synonyms:en:no1, n1, 1
synonyms:en:no2, n2, 2
synonyms:en:no3, n3, 3
synonyms:en:no4, n4, 4
synonyms:en:no5, n5, 5
synonyms:en:no6, n6, 6
synonyms:en:no7, n7, 7
synonyms:en:no8, n8, 8
synonyms:en:no9, n9, 9
synonyms:en:no10, n10, 10
synonyms:en:no11, n11, 11
synonyms:en:no12, n12, 12

synonyms:en:colour, color

en:E100, Curcumin, Turmeric extract, curcuma extract
bg:E100, Куркумин
cs:E100, Kurkumin
da:E100, Curcumin
de:E100, Kurkumin
el:E100, Κουρκουμινη
es:E100, Curcumina
et:E100, Kurkumiin
fi:E100, Kurkumiini
fr:E100, Curcumine, extrait de curcuma
hu:E100, Kurkumin
it:E100, Curcumina
lt:E100, Kurkuminas
lv:E100, Kurkumīns
mt:E100, Kurkumina
nl:E100, Curcumine
nl_be:E100, Curcumine
pl:E100, Kurkumina
pt:E100, Curcumina
ro:E100, Curcumină
ru:E100, Куркумины
sk:E100, Kurkumín
sl:E100, Kurkumin
sv:E100, Kurkumin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-09-06
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of curcumin (E 100) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

# e106 is the same as e101(ii)... 

en:E106, flavin mononucleotide, phosphate lactoflavina
bg:E106, E106 food additive
cs:E106, flavinmononukleotid
da:E106, E106 food additive
de:E106, Flavinmononukleotid
el:E106, E106 food additive
es:E106, Flavín mononucleótido, Fosfato de lactoflavina
et:E106, E106 food additive
fi:E106, Flaviinimononukleotidi
fr:E106, Riboflavine-5-Sodium Phosphate, Flavine mononucléotide, 5′-phosphate de riboflavine, riboflavine-5′-phosphate
hu:E106, Riboflavin-5'-foszfát
it:E106, Flavina mononucleotide
lt:E106, Riboflavin-5'-fosfatas
lv:E106, E106 food additive
mt:E106, E106 food additive
nl:E106, Riboflavine-5'-fosfaat
nl_be:E106, Riboflavine-5'-fosfaat
pl:E106, mononukleotyd flawinowy
pt:E106, Mononucleótido de flavina
ro:E106, E106 food additive
sk:E106, E106 food additive
sl:E106, E106 food additive
sv:E106, FMN

en:E101, Riboflavin, Vitamin B2, Flavaxin, Vitamin B 2, Vitamin G, Riboflavine, Lactoflavine, 6\,7-Dimethyl-9-D-ribitylisoalloxazine, 7\,8-Dimethyl-10-ribitylisoalloxazine, Lactoflavin, 7\,8-Dimethyl-10-(D-ribo-2\,3\,4\,5-tetrahydroxypentyl)isoalloxazine, 7\,8-Dimethyl-10-(D-ribo-2\,3\,4\,5-tetrahydroxypentyl)benzo[g]pteridine-2\,4(3H\,10H)-dione, 1-Deoxy-1-(7\,8-dimethyl-2\,4-dioxo-3\,4-dihydrobenzo[g]pteridin-10(2H)-yl)pentitol
bg:E101, E101 food additive
cs:E101, Riboflavin, Ovoflavin, Vitamin B 2, Vitamin B2, E 101, Laktoflavin, Vitamín G, Lactoflavin
da:E101, E101 food additive
de:E101, Riboflavin, Vitamin B2, Vitamin G, Lactoflavin, Laktoflavin
el:E101, E101 food additive
es:E101, Riboflavina, Vitamina B2, Lactoflavina
et:E101, Vitamiin B2, B2-vitamiin, Laktoflaviin, Riboflaviin
fi:E101, Riboflaviini, B2-vitamiini, Laktoflaviini, E 101
fr:E101, Riboflavine, vitamine B2, Bacillus subtilis, CAS 83-88-5 , E101(i), 83-88-5, C17H20N4O6
hu:E101, Riboflavin, Laktoflavin
it:E101, Riboflavina, E101a, Vitamina G, Vitamina B2, C17H20N4O6
lt:E101, Riboflavinas, Vitaminas G
lv:E101, B2 vitamīns, Riboflavīns
mt:E101, E101 food additive
nl:E101, Riboflavine, Vitamine B2, Lactoflavine
nl_be:E101, Riboflavine, Vitamine B2, Lactoflavine
pl:E101, Witamina B2, Witamina G, Ryboflawina, Laktoflawina
pt:E101, Riboflavina, Vitamina b2, Vitamina G
ro:E101, Riboflavină, Vitamina B2
sk:E101, Riboflavín, Vitamín G, Ovoflavín, Vitamín B2, Laktoflavín, E 101
sl:E101, Riboflavin, Vitamin B2
sv:E101, Riboflavin, Vitamin B2, B2-vitamin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of riboflavin (E 101(i)) and riboflavin-5'-phosphate sodium (E 101(ii)) as food additives.
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E101(i), Riboflavin, Vitamin B2
bg:E101(i), Рибофлавин
cs:E101(i), Riboflavin
da:E101(i), Riboflavin
de:E101(i), Riboflavin
el:E101(i), Ριβοφλαβινη
es:E101(i), Riboflavina, Vitamina B2
et:E101(i), Riboflaviin
fi:E101(i), Riboflaviini
fr:E101(i), Riboflavine
hu:E101(i), Riboflavin
it:E101(i), Riboflavina
lt:E101(i), Riboflavinas
lv:E101(i), Riboflavīns
mt:E101(i), Riboflavina
nl:E101(i), Riboflavine
nl_be:E101(i), Riboflavine
pl:E101(i), Ryboflawina
pt:E101(i), Riboflavina
ro:E101(i), Riboflavină
sk:E101(i), Riboflavín
sl:E101(i), Riboflavin
sv:E101(i), Riboflavin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of riboflavin (E 101(i)) and riboflavin-5'-phosphate sodium (E 101(ii)) as food additives.
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5′-phosphate
bg:E101(ii), Рибофлавин-5′-фосфат
cs:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5′-fosfát, Riboflavin-5′-fosforečnan
da:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5′-phosphat
de:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5′-phosphat
el:E101(ii), 5′-φωσφορικη ριβοφλαβινη
es:E101(ii), Riboflavina-5′-fosfato, Fosfato de lactoflavina 
et:E101(ii), Riboflaviin-5′-fosfaat
fi:E101(ii), Riboflaviini-5′-fosfaatti
fr:E101(ii), Riboflavine-5′-phosphate
hu:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5'-foszfát
it:E101(ii), Riboflavina-5′-fosfato
lt:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5′-fosfatas
lv:E101(ii), Riboflavīn-5′-fosfāts
mt:E101(ii), Riboflavina-5'-fosfat
nl:E101(ii), Riboflavine-5'-fosfaat
nl_be:E101(ii), Riboflavine-5'-fosfaat
pl:E101(ii), Ryboflawiny-5′-fosforan
pt:E101(ii), Riboflavina-5′-fosfato
ro:E101(ii), Riboflavină-5′-fosfat
sk:E101(ii), Riboflavín–5′–fosfát
sl:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5'-fosfat
sv:E101(ii), Riboflavin-5′-fosfat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of riboflavin (E 101(i)) and riboflavin-5'-phosphate sodium (E 101(ii)) as food additives.
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E101a, Riboflavin-5'-Phosphate
bg:E101a, E101a food additive
cs:E101a, E101a food additive
da:E101a, E101a food additive
de:E101a, E101a food additive
el:E101a, E101a food additive
es:E101a, E101a food additive
et:E101a, E101a food additive
fi:E101a, E101a food additive
fr:E101a, 5'-phosphate sodique de riboflavine, phosphate-5' de riboflavine de sodium, sel monosodique de l'ester du phosphate-5' de riboflavine, sel monosodique de l'ester de phosphate de la vitamine B2, CAS 130-40-5, sel de l'ester monosodique de la riboflavine 5-monophosphatée
hu:E101a, Riboflavin-5'-foszfát
it:E101a, E101a food additive
lt:E101a, E101a food additive
lv:E101a, E101a food additive
mt:E101a, E101a food additive
nl:E101a, E101a food additive
nl_be:E101a, E101a food additive
pl:E101a, E101a food additive
pt:E101a, E101a food additive
ro:E101a, E101a food additive
sk:E101a, E101a food additive
sl:E101a, E101a food additive
sv:E101a, E101a food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of riboflavin (E 101(i)) and riboflavin-5'-phosphate sodium (E 101(ii)) as food additives.
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E102, Tartrazine, Yellow 5, Yellow number 5, Yellow no 5, Yellow no5, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow no 5, FD&C Yellow no5, FD and C Yellow no. 5, FD and C Yellow 5
bg:E102, Тартразин
cs:E102, Tartrazin, FD&C žluť 5, E 102, Tartazin
da:E102, Tartrazin, E-102
de:E102, Tartrazin, Yellow 5, E 102
el:E102, Ταρτραζινη
es:E102, Tartrazina, Tartracina, Yellow 5, Colorante E102, Amarillo 5, E-102, Colorante E 102
et:E102, Tartrasiin, E 102
fi:E102, Tartrazine, Tartratsiini, CI 19140, E 102
fr:E102, Tartrazine, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Jaune 5, Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow #5, C.I. Food Yellow 4, C.I. Acid Yellow 23, Acid Yellow 23, C.I. 19140, Yellow number 5, C16H9N4Na3O9S2, 12225-21-7, E-102, 1934-21-0
hu:E102, Tartrazin
it:E102, Tartrazina, C16H9N4Na3O9S2
lt:E102, Tartrazinas
lv:E102, Tartrazīns
mt:E102, Tartrażina
nl:E102, Tartrazine
nl_be:E102, Tartrazine
pl:E102, Tartrazyna
pt:E102, Tartarazina, Tartrazina, Corante amarelo tartrazina, Amarelo tartrazina
ro:E102, Tartrazină
ru:E102, Тартразин, Е102, Tartrazine
sk:E102, Tartrazín
sl:E102, Tartrazin
sv:E102, Tartrazin, E 102, Tartrasin
colour_index:en:CI 19140
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2009-11-12
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation Tartrazine (E 102)
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E103, Alkannin
bg:E103, E103 food additive
cs:E103, E103 food additive
da:E103, E103 food additive
de:E103, Alkannin
el:E103, E103 food additive
es:E103, E103 food additive
et:E103, E103 food additive
fi:E103, E103 food additive
fr:E103, Jaune chrysoïne, Alkannine, jaune chrysoïne S, Chrysoïne S, Orcanette, Orcanete, CI rouge naturel 20, extrait d'Alkannet, crisoine, Alkannin, CI Natural Red 20, Alkanet extract, Chrysoineresorcinol, jaune de résorcinol, jaune d'or, T jaune, orange acide 6, CI 14270, résorcinol de Chrysoine
hu:E103, Alkannin, Krizoin
it:E103, Alcannina
lt:E103, E103 food additive
lv:E103, E103 food additive
mt:E103, E103 food additive
nl:E103, Alkannin
nl_be:E103, Alkannin
pl:E103, Alkanina
pt:E103, E103 food additive
ro:E103, E103 food additive
sk:E103, E103 food additive
sl:E103, E103 food additive
sv:E103, Alkannin
colour_index:en:CI 14270

en:E104, Quinoline yellow, Quinoline Yellow WS, C.I. 47005, Food Yellow 13
bg:E104, Хинолин жълто
cs:E104, Chinolinová žluť, Potravinářská žluť 13, E 104, Chinolinová žluť WS, Cl 47005
da:E104, Quinolingult
de:E104, Chinolingelb, E 104
el:E104, Κιτρινο κινολινης
es:E104, Amarillo de quinoleína, E 104, Amarillo de quinolina
et:E104, Kinoliinkollane
fi:E104, Kinoliinikeltainen
fr:E104, Jaune de quinoléine, colorant alimentaire jaune CI n°13, CI 47005
hu:E104, Kinolinsárga
it:E104, Giallo chinolina
lt:E104, Chinolino geltonasis
lv:E104, Hinolīna dzeltenais
mt:E104, Isfar tal-kinolin
nl:E104, Chinolinegeel, Chinoline Geel
nl_be:E104, Chinolinegeel, Chinoline Geel
pl:E104, Żółcień chinolinowa
pt:E104, Amarelo de quinoleína
ro:E104, Galben de chinolină
sk:E104, Chinolínová žltá
sl:E104, Kinolinsko rumeno
sv:E104, Kinolingult, E 104
colour_index:en:CI 47005
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2009-11-12
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of Quinoline Yellow (E 104) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E105, E105 food additive
bg:E105, E105 food additive
cs:E105, E105 food additive
da:E105, E105 food additive
de:E105, E105 food additive
el:E105, E105 food additive
es:E105, E105 food additive
et:E105, E105 food additive
fi:E105, E105 food additive
fr:E105, Jaune solide
hu:E105, Fast Yellow AB
it:E105, E105 food additive
lt:E105, E105 food additive
lv:E105, E105 food additive
mt:E105, E105 food additive
nl:E105, Resorcinolgeel (verboden)
nl_be:E105, E105 food additive
pl:E105, E105 food additive
pt:E105, E105 food additive
ro:E105, E105 food additive
sk:E105, E105 food additive
sl:E105, E105 food additive
sv:E105, E105 food additive

en:E107, Yellow 2G
bg:E107, E107 food additive
cs:E107, E107 food additive
da:E107, E107 food additive
de:E107, Gelb 2G
el:E107, E107 food additive
es:E107, Amarillo 2G, E 107, Amarillo alimentario 5
et:E107, E107 food additive
fi:E107, E107 food additive
fr:E107, Jaune 2G
hu:E107, Yellow 2G
it:E107, E107 food additive
lt:E107, Geltonasis 2G
lv:E107, E107 food additive
mt:E107, E107 food additive
nl:E107, Geel 2G, CI 18965
nl_be:E107, Geel 2G, CI 18965
pl:E107, Żółcień 2G
pt:E107, E107 food additive
ro:E107, E107 food additive
sk:E107, E107 food additive
sl:E107, E107 food additive
sv:E107, Gul 2G, E 107
colour_index:en:CI 18965

en:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, CI Food Yellow 3, Orange Yellow S, FD&C Yellow 6, FD & C Yellow No.6, FD and C Yellow No. 6, Yellow No.6, Yellow 6, FD and C Yellow 6, C.I. 15985
bg:E110, Сънсет жълто FCF, CI хранително жълто 3, Yellow 6
cs:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, Yellow 6, Žluť SY, E 110
da:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, Yellow 6
de:E110, Gelborange s, Food Yellow 3, Gelborange-S, Sunsetgelb FCF, Yellow 6, Gelborange
el:E110, Κιτρινο sunset FCF, Κίτρινο CI food 3, Yellow 6
es:E110, Amarillo anaranjado s, CI food yellow 3, Yellow 6, Amarillo crepúsculo, C.I. 15985, Amarillo ocaso, E 110
et:E110, Päikeseloojangukollane FCF, CI kollane toiduvärv 3, Yellow 6
fi:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, Yellow 6, Paraoranssi, E 110, CI 15985
fr:E110, Jaune orangé S, Jaune soleil FCF, Sunset yellow FCF, C16H10N2Na2O7S2, C16H10N2Ca2O7S2, C16H10N2K2O7S2, CI 15985, C.I. 15985, 6-hydroxy-5-[(4-sulfonatophényl)azo]naphtalène-2-sulfonate de disodium, C.I. Food Yellow 3, CAS 2783-94-0, SEL DISODIQUE DE L'ACIDE HYDROXY-6 ((SULFOPHENYL-4)AZO)-5 NAPHTALENE SULFONIQUE-2, Gelborange S, 2-Hydroxy-1-(4-Sulfonato-Phenylazo)-6-Naphthalin-Sulfonat, Sunset Yellow, Sunset Yellow FCF, FD & C Yellow No.6, FD and C Yellow No. 6, 6-hydroxy-5-((p-sulfophenyl)azo)-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid disodium salt, 6-Hydroxy-5-(4-sulfophenylazo)-2-naphthalenesulfonic acid trisodium salt, Gelborange-S, Sunsetgelb FCF, 6-Hydroxy-5-(4-sulfophenylazo)-naphthalin- 2-sulfonsäure-Dinatriumsalz, Amarillo crepúsculo, Amarillo ocaso, Amarillo n° 6, Zonnegeel FCF, Oranjegeel S, Crelborange S, Colorant alimentaire jaune CI n°3, Yellow No.6, Yellow 6, 2783-94-0, Jaune orangé, Jaune orange
hu:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, Narancssárga FCF, CI Food Yellow 3, Yellow 6
it:E110, Giallo tramonto FCF, CI giallo per alimenti 3, Yellow 6, Giallo arancio S
lt:E110, Saulėlydžio geltonasis FCF, Maistinis geltonasis CI Nr. 3, Yellow 6
lv:E110, Saulrieta dzeltenais FCF, CI Pārtikas dzeltenais 3, Yellow 6
mt:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, Yellow 6
nl:E110, Zonnegeel FCF, CI Food Yellow 3, Yellow 6, Geeloranje S
nl_be:E110, Zonnegeel FCF, CI Food Yellow 3, Yellow 6, Geeloranje S
pl:E110, Żółcień pomarańczowa FCF, CI żółcień spożywcza 3, Yellow 6, Żółcień pomarańczowa S
pt:E110, Amarelo-sol FCF, Amarelo alimentar CI 3, Yellow 6, Amarelo crepúsculo
ro:E110, Sunset yellow FCF, Colorant alimentar galben CI 3, Yellow 6
sk:E110, Žltá FCF, CI potravinárska žltá 3, Yellow 6, Žltá SY, Oranžová žltá, Žlť SY, Žltooranžová S, Žlť-oranž S, Žlť SY FCF, C.I. 15985, Žlť FCF, Oranžová žlť, Žltá SY FCF, Pomarančovožltá S
sl:E110, Sončno rumeno FCF, CI Food Yellow 3, Yellow 6
sv:E110, Para-orange, CI Food Yellow 3, Yellow 6, E 110
colour_index:en:CI 15985
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-07-15
efsa_evaluation:en: Reconsideration of the temporary ADI and refined exposure assessment for Sunset Yellow FCF (E110)
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E111, Orange GGN, Alpha-naphthol, Alpha-naphtol, alpha-naphthol orange
bg:E111, E111 food additive
cs:E111, E111 food additive
da:E111, E111 food additive
de:E111, E111 food additive
el:E111, E111 food additive
es:E111, Naranja GGN
et:E111, E111 food additive
fi:E111, E111 food additive
fr:E111, Orange GGN, Alpha-naphthol, Alpha-naphtol, alpha-naphthol orange
hu:E111, Orange GGN
it:E111, E111 food additive
lt:E111, Oranžinis GGN
lv:E111, E111 food additive
mt:E111, E111 food additive
nl:E111, E111 food additive
nl_be:E111, E111 food additive
pl:E111, Oranż GGN
pt:E111, E111 food additive
ro:E111, E111 food additive
sk:E111, E111 food additive
sl:E111, E111 food additive
sv:E111, E111 food additive

en:E120, Cochineal, carminic acid, carmines, Natural Red 4, Cochineal Red
bg:E120, Кохинил, карминова киселина, кармини
cs:E120, Košenila, kyselina karmínová, karmíny
da:E120, Carminer (carminsyre, cochenille)
de:E120, Echtes karmin, Karminsäure, Carminsäure
el:E120, Κοχενιλη, καρμινικο οξυ, καρμινες
es:E120, Cochinilla, ácido carmínico, carmines, E 120
et:E120, Košenill, karmiinhape, karmiinid
fi:E120, Kokkiniili, karmiinihappo, karmiinit
fr:E120, Acide carminique, carmin, carmins, Rouge cochenille, cochenille, Carmine, Crimson Lake, Cochineal, Natural Red 4, C.I. 75470, Rouge naturel CI n°4, C22H20O13, E 120, 1260-17-9
hu:E120, Kosnil, kárminsav, kárminok, Kárminvörös
it:E120, Cocciniglia, acido carminico, vari tipi di carminio, C22H20O13
lt:E120, Košenilis, karmino rūgštis, karminai
lv:E120, Košenils, karmīnskābe, karmīni
mt:E120, Kuċċinilja, aċidu karminiku, karminji
nl:E120, Cochenille, karmijnzuur, karmijn
nl_be:E120, Cochenille, karmijnzuur, karmijn
pl:E120, Koszenila, kwas karminowy, karminy, Koszelina, Karmina
pt:E120, Cochonilha, ácido carmínico, carminas
ro:E120, Coșenilă, acid carminic, carmine, Acidului carminic
ru:E120, Кошениль, карминовая кислота, кармин
sk:E120, Košenila, kyselina karmínová, karmíny
sl:E120, Košenilja, karminska kislina, karmini
sv:E120, Karmin, karminsyra, E 120
colour_index:en:CI 75470
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-11-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of cochineal, carminic acid, carmines (E 120) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E121, Citrus Red 2
bg:E121, E121 food additive
cs:E121, E121 food additive
da:E121, E121 food additive
de:E121, E121 food additive
el:E121, E121 food additive
es:E121, Rojo cítrico 2, E 121
et:E121, E121 food additive
fi:E121, E121 food additive
fr:E121, Rouge citrus no.2, Rouge citrus n°2
hu:E121, Orcein, Citrus Red 2
it:E121, E121 food additive
lt:E121, Citrusinių raudonasis 2
lv:E121, E121 food additive
mt:E121, E121 food additive
nl:E121, E121 food additive
nl_be:E121, E121 food additive
pl:E121, E121 food additive
pt:E121, E121 food additive
ro:E121, E121 food additive
sk:E121, E121 food additive
sl:E121, E121 food additive
sv:E121, E121 food additive

en:E122, Azorubine, carmoisine, Food Red 3, Brillantcarmoisin O, Acid Red 14, Azorubin S, C.I. 14720
bg:E122, Азорубин, кармоизин
cs:E122, Azorubín, carmoisin, Karmoisin, E 122
da:E122, Azorubin (carmoisin), Azorubin, Carmoisin, E-122
de:E122, Azorubin (carmoisin), Azorubin, Carmoisin, E 122
el:E122, Αζωρουμπινη, καρμοϊσινη, Αζορουμπίνη, Kαρμοϊζίνη
es:E122, Azorrubina, carmoisina, Acid Red 14, C.I. 14720, E 122, Food Red 3, Azorubina S, Brillantcarmoisin O, Carmisina
et:E122, Asorubiin, karmoisiin
fi:E122, Azorubine, carmoisine, Atsorubiini, CI 14720, Karmosiini, E 122
fr:E122, Azorubine carmoisine, Azorubine, CI 14720, E-122, Carmoisine, 3567-69-9
hu:E122, Azorubin, karmazsin
it:E122, Azorubina, carmoisina, C20H12N2Na2O7S2
lt:E122, Azorubinas, karmuazinas, Karmoizinas
lv:E122, Azorubīns, karmoizīns
mt:E122, Ażorubina, karmoisina
nl:E122, Azorubine, karmozijn, CI 14720
nl_be:E122, Azorubine, karmozijn, CI 14720
pl:E122, Azorubina, karmoizyna
pt:E122, Azorubina, carmosina, Azorrubina
ro:E122, Azorubină, carmoizină
sk:E122, Azorubín, karmoizín
sl:E122, Azorubin, karmoizin
sv:E122, Azorubin, karmosin, E 122
colour_index:en:CI 14720
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2009-11-12
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluationof Azorubine/Carmoisine (E 122) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour

# amaranth is common as an ingredient in cereals
# -> require mandatory color: amaranth
en:E123, Amaranth, FD&C Red 2
bg:E123, Амарант
cs:E123, Amarant
da:E123, Amaranth, E-123
de:E123, Amaranth, E 123
el:E123, Αμαρανθη
es:E123, Amaranto
et:E123, Amarant
fi:E123, Amarantti, E 123
fr:E123, Amarante, C20H14N2Na3O10S3
hu:E123, Amarant, Amaranth
it:E123, Amaranto
lt:E123, Amarantas
lv:E123, Amarants
mt:E123, Amarant
nl:E123, Amarant, CI 16185
nl_be:E123, Amarant, CI 16185
pl:E123, Amarant
pt:E123, Amarante, Amaranto
ro:E123, Amarant
sk:E123, Amarant
sl:E123, Amarant
sv:E123, Amarant
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:colour
colour_index:en:CI 16185
efsa_evaluation:en:Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of Amaranth (E 123) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour

# adding Ponceau as a synonym, as E124 is the only authorized food additive with the Ponceau name

en:E124, Ponceau 4r, cochineal red a, CI Food Red 7, Brilliant Scarlet 4R, Ponceau
bg:E124, Понсо 4r, кохинил червено а, CI хранително червено 7
cs:E124, Ponceau 4r, košenilová červeň a, CI potravinářská červeň 7
da:E124, Ponceau 4r (cochenillerød a), CI Food Red 7, Ponceau 4R
de:E124, Cochenillerot a (ponceau 4r), Food Red 7, Cochenillerot A
el:E124, Πονσω 4r, ερυθρο της κοχενιλης α, Κόκκινο CI food 7
es:E124, Ponceau 4r, rojo cochinilla a
et:E124, Erkpunane 4r, košenillpunane a, CI punane toiduvärv 7, erkpunane
fi:E124, Ponceau 4r, kokkeniilipunainen a, CI Food Red 7, Uuskokkiini
fr:E124, Ponceau 4R, Rouge cochenille A, cochenille nouvelle, CI No. 16255, CI Food Red 7, CAS 2611-28-7, rouge ponceau, 
hu:E124, Ponceau 4R, Kosnilvörös A, CI Food Red 7, Neukokcin
it:E124, Ponceau 4r, rosso cocciniglia a, CI rosso per alimenti 7
lt:E124, Ponso 4r, košenilis raudonasis a, Maistinis raudonasis CI Nr. 7, Raudonasis ponso
lv:E124, Kumačs 4r, košinela sarkanais a, CI Pārtikas sarkanais 7
mt:E124, Ponceau 4r, aħmar tal-kuċċinilja a
nl:E124, Ponceau 4r, cochenillerood a, CI Food Red 7
nl_be:E124, Ponceau 4r, cochenillerood a, CI Food Red 7
pl:E124, Pąs 4r, czerwień koszenilowa a, CI czerwień spożywcza 7
pt:E124, Ponceau 4r, vermelho de cochonilha a, Vermelho alimentar CI 7
ro:E124, Ponceau 4r, coșenilă roșie a, Colorant alimentar roșu CI 7
sk:E124, Ponceau 4r, košenilová červeň a, CI potravinárska červená 7
sl:E124, Rdeče 4r, košenil rdeče a
sv:E124, Nykockin, CI Food Red 7, ponceau 4R
colour_index:en:CI 16255
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2009-11-12
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of Ponceau 4R (E 124) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E125, Scarlet GN, C.I. Food Red 1, Ponceau SX, FD&C Red No. 4, C.I. 14700
bg:E125, E125 food additive
cs:E125, E125 food additive
da:E125, E125 food additive
de:E125, E125 food additive
el:E125, E125 food additive
es:E125, Ponceau SX, E 125
et:E125, E125 food additive
fi:E125, E125 food additive
fr:E125, Ponceau SX, Écarlate GN, C18H14N2Na2O7S2, Scarlet GN
hu:E125, Scarlet GN
it:E125, E125 food additive
lt:E125, E125 food additive
lv:E125, E125 food additive
mt:E125, E125 food additive
nl:E125, E125 food additive
nl_be:E125, E125 food additive
pl:E125, Szkarłat GN
pt:E125, E125 food additive
ro:E125, E125 food additive
sk:E125, E125 food additive
sl:E125, E125 food additive
sv:E125, E125 food additive

en:E126, Ponceau 6R
bg:E126, E126 food additive
cs:E126, E126 food additive
da:E126, E126 food additive
de:E126, Ponceau 6R
el:E126, E126 food additive
es:E126, Ponceau 6R
et:E126, E126 food additive
fi:E126, E126 food additive
fr:E126, Ponceau GR, Ponceau 6R
hu:E126, Ponszó 6R
it:E126, E126 food additive
lt:E126, E126 food additive
lv:E126, E126 food additive
mt:E126, E126 food additive
nl:E126, Ponceau 6R
nl_be:E126, Ponceau 6R
pl:E126, Pąs 6R
pt:E126, E126 food additive
ro:E126, E126 food additive
sk:E126, E126 food additive
sl:E126, E126 food additive
sv:E126, E126 food additive

en:E127, Erythrosine, FD&C Red 3, FD & C Red No.3, Red No. 3, FD&C Red no3, FD and C Red 3
bg:E127, Еритрозин
cs:E127, Erythrosin, Erytrosin, E 127
da:E127, Erythrosin
de:E127, Erythrosin, E 127
el:E127, Ερυθροσινη
es:E127, Eritrosina, Iodoeosina, Colorante E127, Colorante E 127, E-127
et:E127, Erütrosiin
fi:E127, Erytrosiini
fr:E127, Érythrosine, erythrosine, C.I. 45430, C.I. Acid Red 51, Acid Red 51, C.I. Food Red 14, CAS 568-63-8, FD & C Red No.3, Red No. 3, FD&C No.3 rouge, nourriture No.3 rouge, Erythrosine, Erythrosine B, Erythrosin B, C.I. 45430, Tetraiodofluorescein Sodium Salt, Calcoid Erythrosine N, C.I. Food Red 14, Aizen Erythrosine, Indian Standards No. 1697, Acid Red 51, Pyrosin B, Tetraiodofluorescein, Eosin J, Iodoeosin, 568-63-8, C20H6I4Na2O5
hu:E127, Eritrozin
it:E127, Eritrosina, C20H6I4Na2O5
lt:E127, Eritrozinas
lv:E127, Eritrozīns
mt:E127, Eritrosina
nl:E127, Erytrosine, Erythrosine
nl_be:E127, Erytrosine, Erythrosine
pl:E127, Erytrozyna
pt:E127, Eritrosina
ro:E127, Eritrozină
sk:E127, Erytrozín
sl:E127, Eritrozin
sv:E127, Erytrosin, E 127
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2011-01-27
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of Erythrosine (E 127) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E128, Red 2G
bg:E128, E128 food additive
cs:E128, E128 food additive
da:E128, E128 food additive
de:E128, Rot 2G, E 128, Red 2G, Roth 2G
el:E128, E128 food additive
es:E128, Rojo 2G
et:E128, E128 food additive
fi:E128, Punainen 2G, Atsogeraniini, E 128, Dinatrium 5-asetamido-4-okso-3-(fenyylihydratsinyylideeni)naftaleeni-2\,7-disulfonaatti, CI 18050
fr:E128, Rouge 2G, CI Food Red 10, Azogéranine, CI No. 18050, CAS 3734-67-6, Red 2G, C.I. 18050, Azophloxine, Azofloxin, Amidonaphthol red G, Acid Red 1, CI Acid Red 1, D&C Red 11, Azo Geranine 2G
hu:E128, Vörös 2G
it:E128, E128 food additive
lt:E128, E128 food additive
lv:E128, E128 food additive
mt:E128, E128 food additive
nl:E128, Rood 2G, CI 18050
nl_be:E128, Rood 2G, CI 18050
pl:E128, Czerwień 2G
pt:E128, Vermelho 2G, E128 Vermelho 2G
ro:E128, E128 food additive
sk:E128, E128 food additive
sl:E128, E128 food additive
sv:E128, Röd 2G, E 128
colour_index:en:CI 18050
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2007-07-16
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on the food colour Red 2G (E128) based on a request from the Commission related to the re-evaluation of all permitted food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E129, Allura red ac, Allura Red AC, FD&C Red 40, FD and C Red 40, Red 40, Red no40, Red no. 40, FD and C Red no. 40, Food Red 17, C.I. 16035
bg:E129, Алура червено ac
cs:E129, Allura red ac, červeň ac, Červeň Allura AC
da:E129, Allura red ac
de:E129, Allurarot ac, Allurarot, E 129
el:E129, Ερυθρο allura ac
es:E129, Rojo allura ac, E 129, Rojo Allura 2C
et:E129, Võlupunane ac
fi:E129, Allurapunainen ac, Alluranpunainen, E 129, CI 16035
fr:E129, Rouge allura AC, Rouge Allura, Rouge alimentaire 17, FD&C Rouge 40, Allura Red, Food Red 17, C.I. 16035, FD&C Red 40, Red 40 lake, Red 40, 2-naphthalenesulfonic acid disodium salt, Allura Red AC, C18H14N2Na2O8S2
hu:E129, Alluravörös AC
it:E129, Rosso allura ac
lt:E129, Alura raudonasis ac
lv:E129, Alūra sarkanais ac
mt:E129, Aħmar allura ac
nl:E129, Allurarood ac, Allura rood AC, Allura Rood, CI 16035
nl_be:E129, Allurarood ac, Allura rood AC, Allura Rood, CI 16035
pl:E129, Czerwień allura ac, Czerwień FD&C, Czerwień Allura
pt:E129, Vermelho allura ac
ro:E129, Roșu allura ac
sk:E129, Červená allura ac
sl:E129, Alura rdeče ac
sv:E129, Allurarött ac, E 129
colour_index:en:CI 16035
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015/02/13
efsa_evaluation:en: Refined exposure assessment for Allura Red AC (E 129)
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E130, Indanthrene blue RS, Indanthrone blue, indanthrene
bg:E130, E130 food additive
cs:E130, E130 food additive
da:E130, E130 food additive
de:E130, Indanthron
el:E130, E130 food additive
es:E130, E130 food additive
et:E130, E130 food additive
fi:E130, E130 food additive
fr:E130, Manascorubine, Bleu d'indanthrène
hu:E130, Indantrénkék
it:E130, E130 food additive
lt:E130, E130 food additive
lv:E130, E130 food additive
mt:E130, E130 food additive
nl:E130, Indantreen
nl_be:E130, Indantreen
pl:E130, Błękit indantrenowy RS
pt:E130, E130 food additive
ro:E130, E130 food additive
sk:E130, E130 food additive
sl:E130, E130 food additive
sv:E130, E130 food additive

en:E131, Patent blue v, Food Blue 5, Sulphan Blue, Acid Blue 3, L-Blau 3, C-Blau 20, Patentblau V, Sky Blue, C.I. 42051
bg:E131, Патент синьо v
cs:E131, Patentní modř v
da:E131, Patent blue v
de:E131, Patentblau v, Patentblau, E 131
el:E131, Πατεντ μπλε v
es:E131, Azul patentado V, Azul patente v , Azul sulfán
et:E131, Patentsinine v
fi:E131, Patenttisininen v, Patenttisininen
fr:E131, Bleu patenté V, C54H62CaN4O14S4, 3536-49-0, C27H31N2NaO7S2, 20262-76-4, bleu CI n°5
hu:E131, Patentkék V
it:E131, Blu patentato v, C54H62CaN4O14S4, C27H31N2NaO7S2
lt:E131, Mėlynasis patentuotas v
lv:E131, Patentzilais v
mt:E131, Patent blue v
nl:E131, Patentblauw v, Patentblauw
nl_be:E131, Patentblauw v, Patentblauw
pl:E131, Błękit patentowy v
pt:E131, Azul patenteado v
ro:E131, Albastru patent v
sk:E131, Patentná modrá v
sl:E131, Patentno modro v
sv:E131, Patentblått v, E 131
colour_index:en:CI 42051
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013/03/01
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of Patent Blue V (E 131) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5

en:E132, Indigotine, indigo carmine, FD&C Blue 2, FD and C Blue 2
bg:E132, Индиготин, индиго кармин
cs:E132, Indigotin, indigocarmine, Indigo karmín
da:E132, Indigotin (indigocarmin)
de:E132, Indigotin (indigokarmin), Indigokarmin, Indigotin, E 132, Indigocarmin, Indigotin I
el:E132, Ινδικοτινη, ινδικοκαρμινη
es:E132, Indigotina, carmín de índigo, E 132
et:E132, Indigotiin, indigokarmiin
fi:E132, Indigotiini, indigokarmiini
fr:E132, Indigotine carmin d'indigo, carmin d'indigo, C16H8N2Na2O8S2, Acide indigodisulfonique, Acide indigosulfonique, 860-22-0
hu:E132, Indigotin, indigókármin
it:E132, Indigotina, carminio d'indaco
lt:E132, Indigotinas, indigokarminas
lv:E132, Indigotīns, indigokarmīns
mt:E132, Indigotina, karminju indigo
nl:E132, Indigotine, indigokarmijn
nl_be:E132, Indigotine, indigokarmijn
pl:E132, Indygotyna, indygokarmin
pt:E132, Indigotina, carmim de indigo, Índigo-carmim
ro:E132, Indigotină, carmin indigo
sk:E132, Indigotín, indigokarmín
sl:E132, Indigotin, indigo karmin
sv:E132, Indigotin, indigokarmin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014/07/25
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of Indigo Carmine (E 132) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E133, Brilliant blue FCF, FD&C Blue 1, FD and C Blue 1, Blue 1, fd&c blue no. 1.
bg:E133, Брилянтно синьо FCF
cs:E133, Brilantní modř FCF
da:E133, Brilliant blue FCF
de:E133, Brilliantblau FCF, Brillantblau FCF, E 133, Brillantblau
el:E133, Λαμπρο κυανο FCF
es:E133, Azul brillante FCF, Azul brillante FCP, E 133, Brilliant Blue FCF
et:E133, Briljantsinine FCF
fi:E133, Briljanttisininen FCF
fr:E133, Bleu brillant FCF, C.I. Acid Blue 9, C.I. Food Blue 2, Blue 2 lake, Blue 2, CI 42090, C-Blau 21, Erioglaucin A, Blue 1, Brilliant Blue FCF, bleu brillant, FD&C Blue No.1, FD&C Blue #1, BB FCF, Acid Blue 9, D&C Blue No. 4, Alzen Food Blue No. 1, Atracid Blue FG, Erioglaucine, Eriosky blue, Patent Blue AR, Xylene Blue VSG, CAS 25305-78-6, CAS 2650-18-2, CAS 3844-45-9, CAS 71701-18-3, CAS 15792-67-3, 2650-18-2, 15792-67-3, 71701-18-3, 25305-78-6, C37H34N2Na2O9S3, 3844-45-9
hu:E133, Brilliánskék FCF
it:E133, Blu brillante FCF, C37H34N2Na2O9S3
lt:E133, Briliantinis mėlinasis FCF, Briliantinis mėlynasis FCF
lv:E133, Briljantzilais FCF
mt:E133, Blu brillanti FCF
nl:E133, Briljantblauw FCF, Briljantblauw
nl_be:E133, Briljantblauw FCF, Briljantblauw
pl:E133, Błękit brylantowy FCF
pt:E133, Azul brilhante FCF
ro:E133, Albastru briliant FCF
sk:E133, Brilantná modrá FCF
sl:E133, Briljantno modro FCF
sv:E133, Briljantblått FCF
colour_index:en:CI 42090
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010/11/22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of Brilliant Blue FCF (E 133) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
#Toddlers are counted as children in this study
additives_classes:en: en:colour

# E140: natural Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins
# E141: natural Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins with copper
# green 3: chlorophyls
# green 5: chlorophylins

en:E140, Chlorophylls and Chlorophyllins, Chlorophyll c1
bg:E140, E140 food additive
cs:E140, E140 food additive
da:E140, E140 food additive
de:E140, Chlorophyll c1
el:E140, E140 food additive
es:E140, Clorofilas 
et:E140, E140 food additive
fi:E140, E140 food additive
fr:E140, Chlorophylles, Chlorophyllines, Phéophytine au magnésium, Chlorophylle, Chlorophylles magnésium, CI 75810, Vert naturel CI n°3, chlorophylle α, chlorophylle β, chlorophylle alpha, chlorophylle beta, E140a, sels basiques des chlorophyllines, Vert naturel CI no5, CI 75815, Vert naturel CI n°5, chlorophylline sodique, chlorophylline potassique, Chlorophyllines, E140b, chlorophylle c1, C54H70MgN4O6, C55H72MgN4O5, C55H70MgN4O6, C35H28MgN4O5, C35H32MgN4O5
hu:E140, Klorofillok és klorofillinek
it:E140, E140 food additive
lt:E140, E140 food additive
lv:E140, E140 food additive
mt:E140, E140 food additive
nl:E140, Chlorofylen en chlorofyllinen
nl_be:E140, E140 food additive
pl:E140, Chlorofil A
pt:E140, E140 food additive
ro:E140, E140 food additive
sk:E140, E140 food additive
sl:E140, E140 food additive
sv:E140, Klorofyll b
colour_index:en:CI 75815
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-05-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of chlorophylls (E 140(i)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E140(i), Chlorophylls, CI Natural Green 3, Magnesium Chlorophyll
bg:E140(i), Хлорофили, CI натурално зелено 3, магнезиев хлорофил
cs:E140(i), Chlorofyly, CI přírodní zeleň 3, chlorofyl hořčíku
da:E140(i), Chlorophyll, CI Natural Green 3
de:E140(i), Chlorophylle
el:E140(i), Χλωροφυλλες, Πράσινο CI natural 3, μαγνησιοχλωροφύλλη
es:E140(i), Clorofilas, CI Natural Green 3, clorofila magnésica
et:E140(i), Klorofüllid, CI looduslik roheline 3, magneesiumklorofüll
fi:E140(i), Klorofyllit, CI Natural Green 3, Magnesiumklorofylli
fr:E140(i), Chlorophylles, Phéophytine au magnésium, Chlorophylle, Chlorophylles magnésium, CI 75810, Vert naturel CI n°3, Vert naturel C. I. no 3, chlorophylle au magnésium
hu:E140(i), Klorofillok, CI Natural Green 3, Magnézium-klorofill
it:E140(i), Clorofille, CI verde naturale 3, clorofilla magnesiaca
lt:E140(i), Chlorofilai, Natūralus žaliasis CI Nr. 3, magnio chlorofilas
lv:E140(i), Hlorofili, CI dabīgais zaļais 3, magnija hlorofils
mt:E140(i), Klorofilli, CI Natural Green 3, Manjeżju Klorofill
nl:E140(i), Chlorofylen, CI Natural Green 3, Magnesiumchlorofyl
nl_be:E140(i), Chlorofylen, CI Natural Green 3, Magnesiumchlorofyl
pl:E140(i), Chlorofile, CI zieleń naturalna 3, chlorofil magnezowy
pt:E140(i), Clorofilas, Verde natural CI 3, clorofila de magnésio
ro:E140(i), Clorofile, Verde natural CI 3, Clorofilă de magneziu
sk:E140(i), Chlorofyly, CI prírodná zelená 3, horečnatý chlorofyl
sl:E140(i), Klorofili, CI Natural Green 3, magnezijev klorofil
sv:E140(i), Klorofyller, CI Natural Green 3, magnesiumklorofyll
colour_index:en:CI 75810
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-05-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of chlorophylls (E 140(i)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E140(ii), Chlorophyllins, CI Natural Green 5, Sodium Chlorophyllin
bg:E140(ii), Хлорофилини, CI натурално зелено 5, натриев хлорофилин
cs:E140(ii), Chlorofyliny, CI přírodní zeleň 5, chlorofylin sodíku
da:E140(ii), Chlorophylliner, CI Natural Green 5, natriumchlorophyllin
de:E140(ii), Chlorophylline
el:E140(ii), Χλωροφυλλινες, Πράσινο CI natural 5, χλωροφυλλινικό νάτριο
es:E140(ii), Clorofilinas, CI Natural Green 5, clorofilina sódica
et:E140(ii), Klorofülliinid, CI looduslik roheline 5, naatriumklorofülliin
fi:E140(ii), Klorofylliinit, CI Natural Green 5, Natriumklorofylliini
fr:E140(ii), Chlorophyllines, sels basiques des chlorophyllines, Vert naturel CI no5, CI 75815, Vert naturel CI n°5, chlorophylline sodique, chlorophylline potassique, Chlorophyllines, 140b, E140ii, 140 (ii), Vert naturel C. I. no 5
hu:E140(ii), Klorofillinek, CI Natural Green 5, Nátrium-klorofillin
it:E140(ii), Clorofilline, CI verde naturale 5, clorofillina di sodio
lt:E140(ii), Chlorofilinai, Natūralus žaliasis CI Nr. 5, natrio chlorofilinas
lv:E140(ii), Hlorofilīni, CI dabīgais zaļais 5, nātrija hlorofilīns
mt:E140(ii), Klorofillini, CI Natural Green 5, Klorofillin tas-Sodju
nl:E140(ii), Chlorofylinen, CI Natural Green 5, natriumchlorofyline
nl_be:E140(ii), Chlorofylinen, CI Natural Green 5, natriumchlorofyline
pl:E140(ii), Chlorofiliny, CI zieleń naturalna 5, chlorofilina sodowa
pt:E140(ii), Clorofilinas, Verde natural CI 5, clorofilina de sódio
ro:E140(ii), Clorofiline, Verde natural CI 5, Clorofilină sodică
sk:E140(ii), Chlorofylíny, CI prírodná zelená 5, sodný chlorofylín
sl:E140(ii), Klorofilini, CI Natural Green 5, natrijev klorofilin
sv:E140(ii), Klorofylliner, CI Natural Green 5, natriumklorofyllin
colour_index:en:CI 5
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-05-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of chlorophylls (E 140(i)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E141, Copper complexes of chlorophylls and chlorophyllins, Copper complexes of chlorophyll and chlorophyllins
bg:E141, E141 food additive
cs:E141, E141 food additive
da:E141, E141 food additive
de:E141, E141 food additive
el:E141, E141 food additive
es:E141, Complejos cúpricos de clorofilas, Complejos cúpricos de clorofilas y clorofilinas
et:E141, E141 food additive
fi:E141, E141 food additive
fr:E141, Complexe cuivrique des chlorophylles, Vert naturel C.I. no 3, Chlorophylle cuivrique, Phéophytine cuivrique, C.I. 75810, Vert naturel C.I. no 5, Complexe cuivrique de la chlorophilline sodique, Complexe cuivrique de la chlorophilline potassique, C.I. 75815, Sels de sodium et de potassium de complexes cupriques de chlorophyllines, Complexe cuivrique des chlorophyllines avec sels de sodium et de potassium, Complexes cuivriques de chlorophyllines,  Cuivre phaeophytin a, C55H72CuN4O5, Cuivre phaeophytin b, C55H70CuN4O6, complexes cuivre-chlorophyllines, laque aluminique de chlorophylline, complexes cuivre-chlorophylles
hu:E141, Klorofillok és klorofillinek rézkomplexei
it:E141, E141 food additive
lt:E141, E141 food additive
lv:E141, E141 food additive
mt:E141, E141 food additive
nl:E141, Kopercomplexen van chlorophyllen	
nl_be:E141, Kopercomplexen van chlorophyllen	
pl:E141, E141 food additive
pt:E141, E141 food additive
ro:E141, E141 food additive
sk:E141, E141 food additive
sl:E141, E141 food additive
sv:E141, E141 food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-06-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on re-evaluation of copper complexes of chlorophylls (E 141(i)) and chlorophyllins (E 141(ii)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E141(i), Copper complexes of chlorophylls, CI Natural Green 3, Copper Chlorophyll
bg:E141(i), Медни комплекси на хлорофили, CI натурално зелено 3, меден хлорофил
cs:E141(i), Měďnaté komplexy chlorofylů, CI přírodní zeleň 3, chlorofyl mědi
da:E141(i), Chlorophyll-kobber-kompleks, CI Natural Green 3
de:E141(i), Kupferkomplexe der chlorophylle
el:E141(i), Συμπλοκα των χλωροφυλλων με χαλκο, Πράσινο CI natural 3, χαλκοχλωροφύλλη
es:E141(i), Complejos cúpricos de clorofilas, CI Natural Green 3, clorofila cúprica
et:E141(i), Klorofüllide vasekompleksid, CI looduslik roheline 3, vaskklorofüll
fi:E141(i), Klorofyllikuparikompleksit, CI Natural Green 3, Kupariklorofylli
fr:E141(i), Complexes cuivriques de chlorophylles, Vert naturel C. I. no 3, chlorophylle cuivrique
hu:E141(i), Klorofillok rézkomplexei, CI Natural Green 3, Réz-klorofill
it:E141(i), Complessi rameici delle clorofille, CI verde naturale 3, clorofilla rameica
lt:E141(i), Chlorofilų vario kompleksiniai junginiai, Natūralus žaliasis CI Nr. 3, vario chlorofilas
lv:E141(i), Hlorofilu vara kompleksi, CI dabīgais zaļais 3, vara hlorofils
mt:E141(i), Kumplessi tar-ram tal-klorofilli, CI Natural Green 3, Klorofill tar-Ram
nl:E141(i), Kopercomplexen van chlorofylen, CI Natural Green 3, koperchlorofyl
nl_be:E141(i), Kopercomplexen van chlorofylen, CI Natural Green 3, koperchlorofyl
pl:E141(i), Kompleksy miedziowe chrolofili, CI zieleń naturalna 3, chlorofil miedziowy
pt:E141(i), Complexos cúpricos de clorofilas, Verde natural CI 3, clorofila cúprica
ro:E141(i), Complexe de cupru ale clorofilelor, Verde natural CI 3, Clorofilă de cupru
sk:E141(i), Meďnaté komplexy chlorofylov, CI prírodná zelená 3, meďnatý chlorofyl
sl:E141(i), Bakrovi kompleksi klorofilov, CI Natural Green 3, bakrov klorofil
sv:E141(i), Kopparkomplex av klorofyller, CI Natural Green 3, kopparklorofyll
colour_index:en:CI 3
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-06-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on re-evaluation of copper complexes of chlorophylls (E 141(i)) and chlorophyllins (E 141(ii)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E141(ii), Copper complexes of chlorophyllins, Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin, Potassium Copper Chlorophyllin
bg:E141(ii), Медни комплекси на хлорофилини, Натриев меден хлорофилин, калиев меден хлорофилин
cs:E141(ii), Měďnaté komplexy chlorofylinů
da:E141(ii), Chlorophyllin-kobber-kompleks, Natriumkobberchlorophyllin, kaliumkobberchlorophyllin
de:E141(ii), Kupferkomplexe der chlorophylline synonyme
el:E141(ii), Συμπλοκα των χλωροφυλλινων με χαλκο, Χαλκοχλωροφυλλινικό νάτριο, χαλκοχλωροφυλλινικό κάλιο
es:E141(ii), Complejos cúpricos de clorofilinas, Clorofilina cúprica de sodio, clorofilina cúprica de potasio
et:E141(ii), Klorofülliinide vasekompleksid, Naatriumvaskklorofülliin, kaaliumvaskklorofülliin
fi:E141(ii), Klorofylliinikuparikompleksit, Natriumkupariklorofylliini, Kaliumkupariklorofylliini
fr:E141(ii), Sels de sodium et de potassium de complexes cupriques de chlorophyllines, Complexe cuivrique des chlorophyllines avec sels de sodium et de potassium, Cuivre phaeophytin a, C55H72CuN4O5, Cuivre phaeophytin b, C55H70CuN4O6, complexes cuivre-chlorophyllines, laque aluminique de chlorophylline
hu:E141(ii), Klorofillinek rézkomplexei, Nátrium-réz-klorofillin, Kálium-réz-klorofillin
it:E141(ii), Complessi rameici delle clorofilline
lt:E141(ii), Chlorofilinų vario kompleksiniai junginiai, Natrio-vario chlorofilinas, kalio-vario chlorofilinas
lv:E141(ii), Hlorofilīnu vara kompleksi, Nātrija vara hlorofilīns, kālija vara hlorofilīns
mt:E141(ii), Kumplessi tar-ram tal-klorofillini
nl:E141(ii), Kopercomplexen van chlorofylinen, Natriumkoperchlorofyline, kaliumkoperchlorofyline
nl_be:E141(ii), Kopercomplexen van chlorofylinen, Natriumkoperchlorofyline, kaliumkoperchlorofyline
pl:E141(ii), Kompleksy miedziowe chlorofilin
pt:E141(ii), Complexos cúpricos de clorofilinas
ro:E141(ii), Complexe de cupru ale clorofilinelor
sk:E141(ii), Meďnaté komplexy chlorofylínov
sl:E141(ii), Bakrovi kompleksi klorofilinov, natrijev bakrov klorofilin, kalijev bakrov klorofilin
sv:E141(ii), Kopparkomplex av klorofylliner, CI Natural Green 5, natriumkopparklorofyllin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-06-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on re-evaluation of copper complexes of chlorophylls (E 141(i)) and chlorophyllins (E 141(ii)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E142, Green s, CI Food Green 4
bg:E142, Зелено s, CI хранително зелено 4
cs:E142, Zeleň s, CI potravinářská zeleň 4
da:E142, Green s, CI Food Green 4
de:E142, Grün s, Food Green 4, E 142, Brillantsäuregrün BS, Brillantsäuregrün
el:E142, Πρασινο s, Πράσινο CI food 4
es:E142, Verde s, CI Food Green 4, Green S, E 142, Verde ácido brillante BS, Verde lisamina
et:E142, Roheline s, CI roheline toiduvärv 4
fi:E142, Vihreä s, CI Food Green 4
fr:E142, Vert acide brillant BS, Vert lissamine, Vert s
hu:E142, Zöld S, CI Food Green 4
it:E142, Verde s, CI verde per alimenti 4, C27H25N2O7S2Na, Verde Brillante BS
lt:E142, Žaliasis s, Maistinis žaliasis CI Nr. 4, Maisto žaliasis S
lv:E142, Zaļais s, CI Pārtikas zaļais 4
mt:E142, Aħdar s
nl:E142, Groen s, CI Food Green 4, Briljantzuurgroen BS
nl_be:E142, Groen s, CI Food Green 4, Briljantzuurgroen BS
pl:E142, Zieleń s, CI zieleń spożywcza 4, Zieleń brylantowa BS
pt:E142, Verde s, Verde alimentar CI 4
ro:E142, Verde s, Colorant alimentar verde CI 4
sk:E142, Zelená s, CI potravinárska zelená 4
sl:E142, Zeleno s, CI Food Green 4
sv:E142, Grön s, CI Food Green 4, E 142
colour_index:en:CI 5
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010/11/22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of Green S (E 142) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
#Toddlers are counted as children in this study

en:E143, Fast Green FCF, Food green 3, C.I. 42053, Solid Green FCF, Green 1724, FD&C Green No. 3
bg:E143, E143 food additive
cs:E143, E143 food additive
da:E143, E143 food additive
de:E143, Fast Green FCF
el:E143, E143 food additive
es:E143, Verde rápido FCF, E 143
et:E143, E143 food additive
fi:E143, E143 food additive
fr:E143, Vert solide FCF, C.I. 42053, Vert 1724
hu:E143, Fast Green FCF
it:E143, E143 food additive
lt:E143, E143 food additive
lv:E143, E143 food additive
mt:E143, E143 food additive
nl:E143, E143 food additive
nl_be:E143, E143 food additive
pl:E143, E143 food additive
pt:E143, Verde rápido, Verde rápido FCF
ro:E143, E143 food additive
sk:E143, E143 food additive
sl:E143, E143 food additive
sv:E143, E143 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E150, Caramel
bg:E150, E150 food additive
cs:E150, E150 food additive
da:E150, E150 food additive
de:E150, E150 food additive
el:E150, E150 food additive
es:E150, Caramelo, Caramelina, Caramelo líquido
et:E150, E150 food additive
fi:E150, E150 food additive
# too many synonyms for fr, makes taxonomy break
fr:E150, Caramel
hu:E150, Karamell
it:E150, E150 food additive
lt:E150, E150 food additive
lv:E150, E150 food additive
mt:E150, E150 food additive
nl:E150, E150 food additive
nl_be:E150, E150 food additive
pl:E150, E150 food additive
pt:E150, E150 food additive
ro:E150, E150 food additive
sk:E150, E150 food additive
sl:E150, E150 food additive
sv:E150, E150 food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:colour
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2011-03-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of caramel colours (E 150 a,b,c,d) as food additives

en:E150a, Plain caramel, caramel color, caramel coloring
bg:E150a, Обикновен карамел
cs:E150a, Karamel
da:E150a, Karamel, Madkulør
de:E150a, Zuckerkulör, Zuckercouleur
el:E150a, Απλο καραμελοχρωμα
es:E150a, Caramelo natural, color caramelo, colorante «Color Caramelo», caramelo
et:E150a, Karamell
fi:E150a, Plain caramel, Sokerikulööri
fr:E150a, Caramel E150a, caramel ordinaire, Plain caramel, caustic caramel, spirit caramel, Caramelo simple, caramelo cáustico, caramelo para licores, caramelo natural, E-150 a, Color Caramelo, caramel colorant
hu:E150a, Karamell, Tömény karamell
it:E150a, Caramello semplice
lt:E150a, Paprastoji karamelė
lv:E150a, Karamele
mt:E150a, Karamella naturali
nl:E150a, Karamel
nl_be:E150a, Karamel
pl:E150a, Karmel, karmel amoniakalno-siarczynowy
pt:E150a, Caramelo simples, caramelo e 150
ro:E150a, Caramel simplu
sk:E150a, Obyčajný karamel
sl:E150a, Karamel
sv:E150a, Sockerkulör
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
#Toddlers are considered as children in this study
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 300 #not the ADI of E150a alone but an ADI shared by the four E150(a,b,c,d)
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2011-03-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of caramel colours (E 150 a,b,c,d) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E150b, Caustic sulphite caramel
bg:E150b, Карамел (основен сулфит)
cs:E150b, Kaustický sulfitový karamel
da:E150b, Kaustisk sulfiteret karamel
de:E150b, Sulfitlaugen-zuckerkulör
el:E150b, Καυστικο θειωδες καραμελοχρωμα
es:E150b, Caramelo de sulfito cáustico
et:E150b, Leeliseline sulfitkaramell
fi:E150b, Emäksinen sulfiittisokerikulööri
fr:E150b, Caramel de sulfite caustique, Caramel au sulfite de soude, Caramel E150b, E150b (caramel), E150b caramel, Caramel II, Caustic sulfite caramel, Caramelo cáustico de sulfito, Caramel au sulfite caustique, Caramel sulfité
hu:E150b, Szulfitos karamell
it:E150b, Caramello solfito-caustico
lt:E150b, Šarminė sulfitinė karamelė
lv:E150b, Sulfīta karamele
mt:E150b, Karamella tas-sulfit kawstiku
nl:E150b, Alkali-sulfietkaramel
nl_be:E150b, Alkali-sulfietkaramel
pl:E150b, Karmel siarczynowy, Karmel kaustyczno-siarczynowy, Karmel zasadowo-siarczynowy, Karmel klasy II
pt:E150b, Caramelo sulfítico cáustico
ro:E150b, Caramel de sulfit caustic
sk:E150b, Kaustický sulfitový karamel
sl:E150b, Alkalni sulfitni karamel
sv:E150b, kaustiksulfitprocessen
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2011-03-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of caramel colours (E 150 a,b,c,d) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 300
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E150c, Ammonia caramel
bg:E150c, Амониев карамел
cs:E150c, Amoniakový karamel
da:E150c, Ammonieret karamel
de:E150c, Ammoniak-zuckerkulör
el:E150c, Εναμμωνιο καραμελοχρωμα
es:E150c, Caramelo amónico
et:E150c, Ammooniumkaramell
fi:E150c, Ammoniummenetelmän sokerikulööri
fr:E150c, Caramel ammoniacal, Caramel E150c, E150c (caramel), E150c caramel, Caramel Color, Color Added, Caramel Color Ammonia, Ammonia caramel, baker's caramel, confectioner's caramel, beer caramel, El caramelo amónico, caramelo de panadería, caramelo de confitería, caramelo de cerveza
hu:E150c, Ammóniás karamell
it:E150c, Caramello ammoniacale
lt:E150c, Amoniakinė karamelė
lv:E150c, Amonija karamele
mt:E150c, Karamella tal-ammonja
nl:E150c, Ammoniakkaramel
nl_be:E150c, Ammoniakkaramel
pl:E150c, Karmel amoniakalny, Karmel amonowy, Karmel klasy III
pt:E150c, Caramelo de amónia
ro:E150c, Caramel amoniacal
sk:E150c, Amoniakový karamel
sl:E150c, Amonijev karamel
sv:E150c, ammoniakprocessen
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2011-03-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of caramel colours (E 150 a,b,c,d) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
#Toddlers are considered as children in this study
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 100
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E150d, Sulphite ammonia caramel, Sulfite ammonia caramel
bg:E150d, Карамел (амониев сулфит)
cs:E150d, Amoniak-sulfitový karamel
da:E150d, Ammonieret sulfiteret karamel
de:E150d, Ammoniumsulfit-zuckerkulör
el:E150d, Εναμμωνιο θειωδες καραμελοχρωμα
es:E150d, Caramelo de sulfito amónico, Caramelo sulfito de amoníaco, caramelo clase iv
et:E150d, Ammooniumsulfitkaramell
fi:E150d, Ammoniumsulfiittimenetelmän sokerikulööri
fr:E150d, Caramel au sulfite d'ammonium, Caramel E150d, E150d (caramel), E150d caramel, Caramel IV - procédé au sulfite ammoniacal, Caramel IV, C.I. Natural Brown 10, FEMA no. 2235, Caramel Colour Ammonium Sulphite Process, Colour Sulphite Ammonia Caramel, Sulfite ammonia caramel, Colour E150d, Food Colour 150d, CAS 8028-89-5, acid-proof caramel, soft-drink caramel, Caramelo sulfito de amoníaco, caramelo a prueba de ácidos, caramelo, de bebidas gaseosas
hu:E150d, Szulfitos ammóniás karamell
it:E150d, Caramello solfito-ammoniacale
lt:E150d, Sulfitinė amoniakinė karamelė
lv:E150d, Amonija sulfīta karamele
mt:E150d, Karamella tal-ammonja tas-sulfit
nl:E150d, Sulfiet-ammoniakkaramel
nl_be:E150d, Sulfiet-ammoniakkaramel
pl:E150d, Karmel amoniakalno-siarczynowy
pt:E150d, Caramelo sulfítico de amónia
ro:E150d, Caramel cu sulfit de amoniu
sk:E150d, Amoniak-sulfitový karamel
sl:E150d, Amonijev sulfitni karamel
sv:E150d, ammoniaksulfitprocessen
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2011-03-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of caramel colours (E 150 a,b,c,d) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
#Toddlers are considered as children in this study
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 300
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E151, Brilliant black bn, black pn, E 151, C.I. 28440, Brilliant Black PN, Food Black 1, Naphthol Black, C.I. Food Brown 1, Brilliant Black A
bg:E151, Брилянтно черно bn, черно pn
cs:E151, Čerň bn, čerň pn, Brilantní čerň BN
da:E151, Black pn (brilliant black bn)
de:E151, Brilliantschwarz bn (schwarz pn), Brillantschwarz BN, E 151, Schwarz PN
el:E151, Λαμπρο μαυρο βν, μαυρο pn
es:E151, Negro brillante bn, negro pn, E 151
et:E151, Briljantmust bn, must pn
fi:E151, Briljanttimusta bn, musta pn, Briljanttimusta, E 151
fr:E151, Noir brillant BN, Noir PN, noir n°1, noir numéro 1, noir numéro un, Noir alimentaire 1, Naphtol black, CI 28440, CI Food Black 1, Food Black 1, CI Food Brown 1, Brillant Black BN, Brillant Black, Black PN, Noir brillant, Noir PN, Xylene Black F
hu:E151, Fekete PN, Brilliant Black PN
it:E151, Nero brillante bn, nero pn, C28H17N5Na4O14S4
lt:E151, Briliantinis juodasis bn, juodasis dažiklis pn, Juodasis PN
lv:E151, Briljanta melnais bn, melnais pn
mt:E151, Iswed brillanti bn, iswed pn
nl:E151, Briljantzwart bn, zwart pn, CI 28440
nl_be:E151, Briljantzwart bn, zwart pn, CI 28440
pl:E151, Czerń brylantowa bn, czerń pn, Czerń brylantowa PN, Czerń BN
pt:E151, Negro brilhante bn, negro pn, Negro brilhante
ro:E151, Negru briliant bn, negru pn
sk:E151, Brilantná čierna bn, čierna pn
sl:E151, Briljantno črno bn, črno pn
sv:E151, Briljantsvart bn, svart pn, E 151
colour_index:en:CI 28440
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-01-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Refined exposure assessment for Brilliant Black BN (E 151)
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E152, Black 7984, Food Black 2, carbon black
bg:E152, E152 food additive
cs:E152, E152 food additive
da:E152, Carbon black
de:E152, Kienruß
el:E152, E152 food additive
es:E152, negro de carbón, carbono negro, carbón negro
et:E152, Tahm
fi:E152, Kimrööki
fr:E152, Noir de carbone, Hydrocarbure, Noir 7984, Black 7984, Food Black 2, C.I. 27755
hu:E152, Fekete 7984
it:E152, nero di carbone
lt:E152, E152 food additive
lv:E152, E152 food additive
mt:E152, E152 food additive
nl:E152, carbon black
nl_be:E152, carbon black
pl:E152, E152 food additive
pt:E152, E152 food additive
ro:E152, E152 food additive
sk:E152, E152 food additive
sl:E152, E152 food additive
sv:E152, Kimrök
colour_index:en:CI 27755

en:E153, Vegetable carbon
bg:E153, Растителен въглен
cs:E153, Rostlinná uhlíková čerň
da:E153, Vegetabilsk kul
de:E153, Pflanzenkohle
el:E153, Φυτικος ανθρακας
es:E153, Carbón vegetal
et:E153, Taimne süsi
fi:E153, Kasviperäinen lääkehiili
fr:E153, Charbon végétal médicinal, charbon végétal, noir végétal, vegetable carbon, charbon de bois, Norit, Charbon de bois, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 016001
hu:E153, Növényi szén, Carbo medicinalis vegetabilis
it:E153, Carbone vegetale
lt:E153, Augalinės anglys
lv:E153, Augogle
mt:E153, Karbonju tal-ħxejjex
nl:E153, Plantaardige koolstof
nl_be:E153, Plantaardige koolstof
pl:E153, Węgiel roślinny
pt:E153, Carvão vegetal
ro:E153, Carbon vegetal
sk:E153, Rastlinné uhlie
sl:E153, Rastlinsko oglje
sv:E153, Vegetabiliskt kol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2012-04-27
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of vegetable carbon (E 153) as a food additive

en:E154, Brown FK, Kipper Brown 
bg:E154, E154 food additive
cs:E154, E154 food additive
da:E154, E154 food additive
de:E154, Braun FK, E 154
el:E154, E154 food additive
es:E154, Marrón FK, E 154
et:E154, E154 food additive
fi:E154, Ruskea FK, E 154
fr:E154, Brun FK
hu:E154, Brown FK
it:E154, E154 food additive
lt:E154, Rudasis FK
lv:E154, E154 food additive
mt:E154, E154 food additive
nl:E154, E154 food additive
nl_be:E154, E154 food additive
pl:E154, Brąz FK
pt:E154, E154 food additive
ro:E154, E154 food additive
sk:E154, E154 food additive
sl:E154, E154 food additive
sv:E154, Brun FK, E 154
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-04-21
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluationof Brown FK (E 154) as a food additive

en:E155, Brown ht, Chocolate brown HT
bg:E155, Кафяво ht
cs:E155, Hněď ht
da:E155, Brown ht
de:E155, Braun ht, E 155
el:E155, Καστανο ht, Καστανό CI food 3
es:E155, Marrón ht, E 155, Pardo HT, Marrón chocolate HT
et:E155, Pruun ht
fi:E155, Ruskea ht, E 155, CI 20285
fr:E155, Brun chocolat HT, Brun ht
hu:E155, Barna HT, Csokoládébarna HT
it:E155, Bruno ht, Marrone HT, C27H18N4Na2O9S2
lt:E155, Rudasis ht, Maisto rudasis 3, Šokolado rudasis HT
lv:E155, Brūnais ht
mt:E155, Kannella ht
nl:E155, Bruin ht
nl_be:E155, Bruin ht
pl:E155, Brąz ht
pt:E155, Castanho ht
ro:E155, Brun ht
sk:E155, Hnedá ht
sl:E155, Rjavo ht
sv:E155, Brun ht, E 155
colour_index:en:CI 20285
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014/05/28
efsa_evaluation:en: Refined exposure assessment of Brown HT (E 155)
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E15x, E15x food additive
bg:E15x, E15x food additive
cs:E15x, E15x food additive
da:E15x, E15x food additive
de:E15x, E15x food additive
el:E15x, E15x food additive
es:E15x, E15x food additive
et:E15x, E15x food additive
fi:E15x, E15x food additive
fr:E15x, CI 77266, Black carbon, catégorie d'additifs de 152 à 153
hu:E15x, CI 77266, Carbon Black
it:E15x, E15x food additive
lt:E15x, E15x food additive
lv:E15x, E15x food additive
mt:E15x, E15x food additive
nl:E15x, E15x food additive
nl_be:E15x, E15x food additive
pl:E15x, E15x food additive
pt:E15x, E15x food additive
ro:E15x, E15x food additive
sk:E15x, E15x food additive
sl:E15x, E15x food additive
sv:E15x, E15x food additive
colour_index:en:CI 77266

en:E160, carotene
bg:E160, E160 food additive
cs:E160, E160 food additive
da:E160, E160 food additive
de:E160, E160 food additive
el:E160, E160 food additive
es:E160, Carotenoides, Caroteno
et:E160, E160 food additive
fi:E160, E160 food additive
fr:E160, Caroténoïdes, carotène, carotènes, Caroténoïde, caroténoïdes mélangés, carotènes mélangés
hu:E160, Karotin
it:E160, E160 food additive
lt:E160, E160 food additive
lv:E160, E160 food additive
mt:E160, E160 food additive
nl:E160, E160 food additive
nl_be:E160, E160 food additive
pl:E160, E160 food additive
pt:E160, E160 food additive
ro:E160, E160 food additive
sk:E160, E160 food additive
sl:E160, E160 food additive
sv:E160, E160 food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-01-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the reconsideration of the ADI and a refined exposure assessment of beta-apo-8'-carotenal (E 160e)

en:E160a, Alpha-carotene, Beta-carotene, Gamma-carotene, carotene
bg:E160a, Каротин
cs:E160a, karoteny, E 160a, karoten
da:E160a, Karotin, Carotenoider, Karotenoid, E 160, Karoten, Caroten, Carotenoid
de:E160a, Carotine, Provitamin A, Karotin, E 160a, Beta-Carotin, Betacarotin, Carotin, Gamma-Carotin, Betakarotin, Alpha-Carotin, Beta-Karotin, γ-Carotin, β-Carotin, β-Karotin, α-Carotin
el:E160a, E160a food additive
es:E160a, Carotenos, Caroteno, Alfa-caroteno, Alfacaroteno, α-caroteno, Beta-caroteno, Betacaroteno, ß-caroteno, Gamma-caroteno, Gammacaroteno, γ-caroteno, Carotina, Tetraterpeno
et:E160a, Karoteenid, Karotiinid, Karotiin, Karoteen
fi:E160a, Karoteeni
fr:E160a, Bêta-carotène, Béta-carotène, Bèta-carotène, bétacarotène, β-carotène, Caroténoïdes extrait de légumes, β-carotène extrait de Blakeslea trispora, β-carotène extrait d'algue, γ-Carotène, gamma-carotène, carotène, Pro-vitamine A, Alphacarotene, Α-Carotène, Provitamine A, carotènes mélangés, carotéinodes mélangés
hu:E160a, Karotinok
it:E160a, Carotene, Beta-carotene, Carotina, Β-carotene, Caroteni, Betacarotene
lt:E160a, Karotinas, Beta karotinas
lv:E160a, E160a food additive
mt:E160a, E160a food additive
nl:E160a, caroteen, Carotenen, Beta-caroteen, Β-caroteen
nl_be:E160a, caroteen, Carotenen, Beta-caroteen, Β-caroteen
pl:E160a, karoteny, karoten
pt:E160a, Caroteno
ro:E160a, Caroten
ru:E160a, Бета-каротин, β-Каротин, каротин, Е160a, каротины
sk:E160a, Karotén
sl:E160a, E160a food additive
sv:E160a, Karoten, E 160, Karotener, Karotin, E 160a, Alfakaroten, E 160 a, E160
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:colour
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of synthetic Beta-carotene [E 160a(ii)] in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160a(i), Beta-carotene
bg:E160a(i), Бета-каротин
cs:E160a(i), Beta-karoten
da:E160a(i), Beta-caroten
de:E160a(i), Beta-carotin
el:E160a(i), Β-καροτενιο
es:E160a(i), Beta-caroteno, Betacaroteno, ß-caroteno
et:E160a(i), Beetakaroteen
fi:E160a(i), Beta-karoteeni
fr:E160a(i), Bêta-carotène
hu:E160a(i), Béta-karotin
it:E160a(i), Beta-carotene
lt:E160a(i), Beta karotenas
lv:E160a(i), Beta-karotīns
mt:E160a(i), Beta-karotên
nl:E160a(i), Bèta-caroteen
nl_be:E160a(i), Bèta-caroteen
pl:E160a(i), Beta-karoten
pt:E160a(i), Beta-caroteno
ro:E160a(i), Beta-caroten
sk:E160a(i), Beta-karotén
sl:E160a(i), Beta karoten
sv:E160a(i), Betakaroten
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of synthetic Beta-carotene [E 160a(ii)] in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160a(ii), Plant carotenes
bg:E160a(ii), Растителни каротини
cs:E160a(ii), Rostlinné karoteny
da:E160a(ii), Plantecarotener
de:E160a(ii), Pflanzliche carotine
el:E160a(ii), Φυτικα καροτενια
es:E160a(ii), Carotenos de plantas
et:E160a(ii), Taimsed karoteenid, Toiduks kasutatavate taimede, porgandi, taimsete õlide, kõrreliste
fi:E160a(ii), Kasvikaroteenit
fr:E160a(ii), Carotènes végétaux, carotènes de plantes
hu:E160a(ii), Növényi karotinok
it:E160a(ii), Caroteni vegetali
lt:E160a(ii), Augaliniai karotenai
lv:E160a(ii), Augu karotīni
mt:E160a(ii), Karoteni tal-pjanti
nl:E160a(ii), Plantaardige carotenen
nl_be:E160a(ii), Plantaardige carotenen
pl:E160a(ii), Karoteny otrzymywane z roślin
pt:E160a(ii), Carotenos provenientes de plantas
ro:E160a(ii), Caroten din plante
sk:E160a(ii), Rastlinné karotény
sl:E160a(ii), Rastlinski karoteni
sv:E160a(ii), Karotener från växter
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of synthetic Beta-carotene [E 160a(ii)] in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160a(iii), Beta-carotene from blakeslea trispora
bg:E160a(iii), Бета-каротин от blakeslea trispora
cs:E160a(iii), Beta-karoten z blakeslea trispora
da:E160a(iii), Beta-caroten fra blakeslea trispora
de:E160a(iii), Beta-carotin aus blakeslea trispora
el:E160a(iii), Β-καροτενιο από blakeslea trispora
es:E160a(iii), Beta-caroteno de blakeslea trispora
et:E160a(iii), Beetakaroteen, saadud blakeslea trispora'st, Saadakse fermenteerimisel
fi:E160a(iii), Blakeslea trispora -sienestä saatu beta-karoteeni
fr:E160a(iii), Bêta-carotène issu de blakeslea trispora
hu:E160a(iii), Béta-karotin blakeslea trisporából
it:E160a(iii), Beta-carotene derivato da blakeslea trispora
lt:E160a(iii), Beta karotenas iš blakeslea trispora, Gaunamas rauginimo būdu
lv:E160a(iii), Beta-karotīns no blakeslea trispora, Iegūst fermentācijas procesā
mt:E160a(iii), Beta-karotên minn blakeslea trispora
nl:E160a(iii), Bèta-caroteen uit blakeslea trispora
nl_be:E160a(iii), Bèta-caroteen uit blakeslea trispora
pl:E160a(iii), Beta-karoten otrzymywany z blakeslea trispora
pt:E160a(iii), Beta-caroteno de blakeslea trispora
ro:E160a(iii), Beta-caroten din blakeslea trispora
sk:E160a(iii), Beta-karotén z blakeslea trispora
sl:E160a(iii), Beta karoten iz blakeslea trispora
sv:E160a(iii), Betakaroten från blakeslea trispora
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of synthetic Beta-carotene [E 160a(ii)] in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160a(iv), Algal carotenes
bg:E160a(iv), Каротини от водорасли
cs:E160a(iv), Karoteny z řas
da:E160a(iv), Algecarotener
de:E160a(iv), Algencarotine
el:E160a(iv), Καροτενια απο φυκη
es:E160a(iv), Carotenos de algas
et:E160a(iv), Vetikalised karoteenid
fi:E160a(iv), Leväkaroteenit
fr:E160a(iv), Carotènes d'algues
hu:E160a(iv), Algakarotinok
it:E160a(iv), Caroteni derivati dalle alghe
lt:E160a(iv), Dumblių karotenai
lv:E160a(iv), Aļģu karotīni
mt:E160a(iv), Karoteni mill-alga
nl:E160a(iv), Caroteen uit algen
nl_be:E160a(iv), Caroteen uit algen
pl:E160a(iv), Karoteny otrzymywane z alg
pt:E160a(iv), Carotenos provenientes de algas
ro:E160a(iv), Caroten din alge
sk:E160a(iv), Karotény z rias
sl:E160a(iv), Karoteni iz alg
sv:E160a(iv), Karotener från alger
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of synthetic Beta-carotene [E 160a(ii)] in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160b, Annatto, bixin, norbixin, roucou, achiote
bg:E160b, Анато, биксин, норбиксин (i), БИКСИН И НОРБИКСИН
cs:E160b, Annatto, bixin, norbixin
da:E160b, Annattoekstrakter (bixin, norbixin)
de:E160b, Annatto (bixin, norbixin), BIXIN UND NORBIXIN, Annatto, Achote, Orlean, E 160b, Anatto
el:E160b, Αννατο, μπιξινη, νορμπιξινη (i)
es:E160b, Annato, bixina, norbixina, Achiote
et:E160b, Annaato, biksiin, norbiksiin (i)
fi:E160b, Annatto, biksiini, norbiksiini
fr:E160b, Rocou, annatto, mélange de bixine et norbixine, Bixine, Norbixine, Annatto extract, Extraits de rocou, Extrait de graine de roucou, base de bixine, base de norbixine, CI 75120, Orange naturel CI n.4, Natural orange 4, CAS 1393-63-1, 89957-43-7, CAS 6983-79-5, Annatto seed extract, Bixa orellana seed extract, bixa orellana, achiote, Annatto G
hu:E160b, Annatto, bixin, norbixin
it:E160b, Annatto, bissina, norbissina, C24H28O4
lt:E160b, Anatas, biksinas, norbiksinas
lv:E160b, Annato, biksīns, norbiksīns
mt:E160b, Annatto, biksin, norbiksin
nl:E160b, — annatto, bixine, norbixine, Orleaan, Anatto, Annato
nl_be:E160b, — annatto, bixine, norbixine, Orleaan, Anatto, Annato
pl:E160b, Annato, biksyna, norbiksyna, Annatto
pt:E160b, Anato, bixina, norbixina, Colorau, Coloral, Urucu
ro:E160b, Annatto, bixină, norbixină (i)
sk:E160b, Annatto, bixín, norbixín
sl:E160b, Anato, biksin, norbiksin
sv:E160b, Annattoextrakt, bixin, norbixin i., Annatto, E 160b, Roucou
colour_index:en:CI 75120
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-08-24
efsa_evaluation:en: The safety of annatto extracts (E 160b) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160c, Paprika extract, capsanthin, capsorubin, Paprika oleoresin
bg:E160c, Паприка екстракт, капсантин, капсорубин
cs:E160c, Paprikový extrakt, kapsanthin, kapsorubin, Capsanthin
da:E160c, Paprikaekstrakt (capsanthin, capsorubin)
de:E160c, Paprikaextrakt (capsanthin, capsorubin), Capsanthin, E 160c
el:E160c, Εκχυλισμα παπρικας, καψανθινη, καψορουμπινη
es:E160c, Extracto de pimentón, capsantina, capsorrubina, Oleorresina de pimentón, Oleoresina de pimentón, Extracto de paprika, Oleoresina del pimentón, E 160c, Extracto del pimentón
et:E160c, Paprikaekstrakt, kapsantiin, kapsorubiin
fi:E160c, Paprikauute, kapsantiini, kapsorubiini
fr:E160c, Extrait de paprika, capsanthéine et capsorubine, Oléorésine de paprika, Capsanthine, Capsanthéine, 465-42-9, C40H56O3
hu:E160c, Paprikakivonat, kapszantin, kapszorubin, Paprika-oleorezin
it:E160c, Estratto di paprica, capsantina, capsorubina
lt:E160c, Paprikų ekstraktas, kapsantinas, kapsorubinas, Paprikos ekstraktas
lv:E160c, Paprikas ekstrakts, kapsantīns, kapsorubīns
mt:E160c, Estratt tal-paprika, kapsantin, kapsorubin
nl:E160c, Paprika-extract, capsanthine, capsorubine
nl_be:E160c, Paprika-extract, capsanthine, capsorubine
pl:E160c, Ekstrakt z papryki, kapsantyna, kapsorubina
pt:E160c, Extracto de pimentão, capsantina, capsorubina
ro:E160c, Extract de ardei roșu, capsantină, capsorubină
ru:E160c, Экстракт паприки, капсантин, капсорубин
sk:E160c, Paprikový extrakt, kapsantín, kapsorubín
sl:E160c, Izvleček paprike, kapsantin, kapsorubin
sv:E160c, Paprikaoleoresin, kapsantin, kapsorubin, Paprikaextrakt
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-12-10
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of paprika extract (E 160c) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160d, Lycopene
bg:E160d, Ликопен i), Ликопен
cs:E160d, Lykopen
da:E160d, Lycopen
de:E160d, Lycopin, Lykopin, Leukopin, Lycopen, E 160d, Lycopene
el:E160d, Λυκοπενιο
es:E160d, Licopeno i., Licopeno, E 160d
et:E160d, Lükopeen i), Lükopeen
fi:E160d, Lykopeeni
fr:E160d, Lycopène, Lycopène extrait de Blakeslea trispora, E160d(ii), E160d(iii), E160d(i), 502-65-8
hu:E160d, Likopin
it:E160d, Licopene, C40H56, Licopina
lt:E160d, Likopenas
lv:E160d, Likopēns
mt:E160d, Likopen i
nl:E160d, Lycopeen
nl_be:E160d, Lycopeen
pl:E160d, Likopen
pt:E160d, Licopeno
ro:E160d, Licopen
sk:E160d, Lykopén
sl:E160d, Likopen
sv:E160d, Lykopen, E 160 d, E 160d
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-01-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the reconsideration of the ADI and a refined exposure assessment of beta-apo-8'-carotenal (E 160e)
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotenal (c30), Apocarotenal, Beta-apo-8'-carotenal, C.I. Food orange 6, E number 160E, Trans-beta-apo-8'-carotenal, C30H40O
bg:E160e, Бета-апо-8′-каротенал (c30)
cs:E160e, Β-apo-8′-karotenal (c 30)
da:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotenal(c30)
de:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotinal (c 30), 8′-Apo-β-caroten-8′-al, E 160e, Apocarotinal, Beta-Apocarotinal, 8'-Apo-β-caroten-8'-al
el:E160e, Β-απο-8′-καροτεναλη (c30)
es:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotenal (c30), Apocarotenal, Beta-apo-8'-carotenal, E 160e
et:E160e, Beeta-apo-8′-karotenaal (c30)
fi:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-karotenaali (c30)
fr:E160e, Apocaroténal 8', bêta-apocaroténal-8, bêta-apocaroténal-8' (C 30), β-apocaroténal-8’, CI food orange 6, C 30, C30,  bêta-apocaroténal-8', colorant alimentaire orange CI 6, Β-apo-8′-caroténal (c30), bêta-apocaroténal, Apocaroténal, 1107-26-2, C30H40O
hu:E160e, Béta-apo-8′-karotinal (c30)
it:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotenale (c30)
lt:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-karotenalis (c30), Beta apo-8'-karotenalis
lv:E160e, Βeta-apo-8′-karotenāls (c30)
mt:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-karotenal (c30)
nl:E160e, Beta-apo-8'-carotenal (c30), Apocarotenal
nl_be:E160e, Beta-apo-8'-carotenal (c30), Apocarotenal
pl:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-karotenal (c30), β-apo-8′-karotenal
pt:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotenal (c30)
ro:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-carotenal (c30)
sk:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-karotenal (c 30)
sl:E160e, Beta-apo-8'-karotenal (c30)
sv:E160e, Beta-apo-8′-karotenal (c 30), Beta-apo-8'-karotenal, E 160e
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-01-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the reconsideration of the ADI and a refined exposure assessment of beta-apo-8'-carotenal (E 160e)
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E160f, Ethyl ester of beta-apo-8'-carotenic acid (C 30), Ethyl ester of beta-apo-8'-carotenic acid , Food orange 7
bg:E160f, E160f food additive
cs:E160f, E160f food additive
da:E160f, E160f food additive
de:E160f, β-Apo-8′-carotinsäureethylester, E 160f, Beta-apo-8’-Carotinsäure (C30) Ethylester, Beta-Carotinsäureester, Apocarotinester, Ethyl-8'-apo-β-caroten-8'-oat, Ethyl-8′-apo-β-caroten-8′-oat
el:E160f, E160f food additive
es:E160f, E160f food additive
et:E160f, E160f food additive
fi:E160f, E160f food additive
fr:E160f, Ester éthylique de l'acide -apocaroténique-8', Ester éthylique de l'acide apocaroténique-8'
hu:E160f, Béta-apo-8'-karoténsav-etil észter
it:E160f, E160f food additive
lt:E160f, E160f food additive
lv:E160f, E160f food additive
mt:E160f, E160f food additive
nl:E160f, Beta-8'-caroteenzure ethylester
nl_be:E160f, Beta-8'-caroteenzure ethylester
pl:E160f, β-apo-8′-karotenian etylu, ester etylowy kwasu β-apo-8′-karotenowego
pt:E160f, E160f food additive
ro:E160f, E160f food additive
sk:E160f, E160f food additive
sl:E160f, E160f food additive
sv:E160f, Beta-apo-8'-karotensyraetylester
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-01-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the reconsideration of the ADI and a refined exposure assessment of beta-apo-8'-carotenal (E 160e)
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E161, Xanthophylls
bg:E161, E161 food additive
cs:E161, E161 food additive
da:E161, E161 food additive
de:E161, E161 food additive
el:E161, E161 food additive
es:E161, E161 food additive
et:E161, E161 food additive
fi:E161, E161 food additive
fr:E161, Xanthophylles
hu:E161, Xantofillek
it:E161, E161 food additive
lt:E161, E161 food additive
lv:E161, E161 food additive
mt:E161, E161 food additive
nl:E161, E161 food additive
nl_be:E161, E161 food additive
pl:E161, E161 food additive
pt:E161, E161 food additive
ro:E161, E161 food additive
sk:E161, E161 food additive
sl:E161, E161 food additive
sv:E161, E161 food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161a, Flavoxanthin
bg:E161a, E161a food additive
cs:E161a, E161a food additive
da:E161a, E161a food additive
de:E161a, E161a food additive
el:E161a, E161a food additive
es:E161a, Flavoxantina
et:E161a, E161a food additive
fi:E161a, E161a food additive
fr:E161a, Flavoxanthine, flavoxanthin
hu:E161a, Flavoxantin
it:E161a, E161a food additive
lt:E161a, Flavoksantinas
lv:E161a, E161a food additive
mt:E161a, E161a food additive
nl:E161a, Flavoxanthine
nl_be:E161a, Flavoxanthine
pl:E161a, Flawoksantyna
pt:E161a, E161a food additive
ro:E161a, E161a food additive
sk:E161a, E161a food additive
sl:E161a, E161a food additive
sv:E161a, E161a food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161b, Lutein, Mixed Carotenoids, Xanthophyll, SID548587
bg:E161b, Лутеин, Смесени каротиноиди
cs:E161b, Lutein, Směs karotenoidů
da:E161b, Lutein, Blandede carotenoider
de:E161b, Lutein, Gemischte Carotinoide, E 161b
el:E161b, Λουτεϊνη, Μείγματα καροτενοειδών
es:E161b, Luteína, Mezcla de carotenoides, E 161b
et:E161b, Luteiin, Karotenoidide segu
fi:E161b, Luteoliini, Karotenoidit
fr:E161b, Lutéine, Lutéines, Lutéines de Tagetes erecta, Extrais de tagetes, xantophylles, Extrait de tagetes, Extraits de tagetes, Lutéol de légumes
hu:E161b, Lutein, Vegyes karotinoidok
it:E161b, Luteina, Carotenoidi misti
lt:E161b, Liuteinas, Karotenoidų mišinys
lv:E161b, Luteīns, Jauktie karotinoīdi
mt:E161b, Luteina, Karotenojdi mħallta
nl:E161b, Luteïne, Gemengde carotenoïden
nl_be:E161b, Luteïne, Gemengde carotenoïden
pl:E161b, Luteina, Mieszanina karotenoidów
pt:E161b, Luteína, Mistura de carotenóides
ro:E161b, Luteină, Amestec de carotenoide, lutetina
sk:E161b, Luteín, Zmes karotenoidov
sl:E161b, Lutein, mešani karotenoidi
sv:E161b, Lutein, Blandade karotenoider, E 161, E161, E 161 b
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-07-28
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of lutein (E 161b) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E161c, Cryptoaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin
bg:E161c, E161c food additive
cs:E161c, Kryptoxantin
da:E161c, E161c food additive
de:E161c, E161c food additive
el:E161c, E161c food additive
es:E161c, Criptoxantina, E 161c, Β-Criptoxantina
et:E161c, E161c food additive
fi:E161c, E161c food additive
fr:E161c, Cryptoxanthine, Kryptoxanthine, β-carotène-3-ol, β-cryptoxanthine, Cryptoxanthol, Hydroxy-β-carotène, beta-carotène-3-ol, beta-cryptoxanthine, Cryptoxanthol, Hydroxy-beta-carotène
hu:E161c, Kriptoxantin
it:E161c, Criptoxantina
lt:E161c, Kriptoksantinas
lv:E161c, E161c food additive
mt:E161c, E161c food additive
nl:E161c, Kryptoxanthine
nl_be:E161c, Kryptoxanthine
pl:E161c, Kryptoksantyna
pt:E161c, E161c food additive
ro:E161c, E161c food additive
sk:E161c, E161c food additive
sl:E161c, E161c food additive
sv:E161c, Kryptoxantin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161d, Rubixanthin
bg:E161d, E161d food additive
cs:E161d, E161d food additive
da:E161d, E161d food additive
de:E161d, E161d food additive
el:E161d, E161d food additive
es:E161d, Rubixantina
et:E161d, E161d food additive
fi:E161d, E161d food additive
fr:E161d, Rubixanthine, Natural yellow 27, C.I. 75135, CI 75135
hu:E161d, Rubixantin
it:E161d, Rubixantina
lt:E161d, Rubiksantinas
lv:E161d, E161d food additive
mt:E161d, E161d food additive
nl:E161d, Rubixanthine
nl_be:E161d, Rubixanthine
pl:E161d, Rubiksantyna
pt:E161d, E161d food additive
ro:E161d, E161d food additive
sk:E161d, E161d food additive
sl:E161d, E161d food additive
sv:E161d, E161d food additive
colour_index:en:CI 75135
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161e, Violaxanthin
bg:E161e, E161e food additive
cs:E161e, E161e food additive
da:E161e, E161e food additive
de:E161e, E161e food additive
el:E161e, E161e food additive
es:E161e, Violaxantina
et:E161e, E161e food additive
fi:E161e, E161e food additive
fr:E161e, Violaxanthine, Violoxanthine, Diépoxyde de zéaxanthine
hu:E161e, Violaxantin
it:E161e, Violaxantina
lt:E161e, Violaksantinas
lv:E161e, E161e food additive
mt:E161e, E161e food additive
nl:E161e, Violoxanthine, Violaxanthine
pl:E161e, Wiolaksantyna
pt:E161e, E161e food additive
ro:E161e, E161e food additive
sk:E161e, E161e food additive
sl:E161e, E161e food additive
sv:E161e, Violaxantin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161f, Rhodoxanthin
bg:E161f, E161f food additive
cs:E161f, E161f food additive
da:E161f, E161f food additive
de:E161f, E161f food additive
el:E161f, E161f food additive
es:E161f, Rodoxantina
et:E161f, E161f food additive
fi:E161f, E161f food additive
fr:E161f, Rhodoxanthine
hu:E161f, Rhodoxantin
it:E161f, E161f food additive
lt:E161f, Rodoksantinas
lv:E161f, E161f food additive
mt:E161f, E161f food additive
nl:E161f, Rhodoxanthine
pl:E161f, Rodoksantyna
pt:E161f, E161f food additive
ro:E161f, E161f food additive
sk:E161f, E161f food additive
sl:E161f, E161f food additive
sv:E161f, E161f food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161g, Canthaxanthin
bg:E161g, Кантаксантин
cs:E161g, Kanthaxanthin, Kantaxantin
da:E161g, Canthaxanthin
de:E161g, Canthaxanthin
el:E161g, Κανθαξανθινη
es:E161g, Cantaxantina
et:E161g, Kantaksantiin
fi:E161g, Kantaksantiini
fr:E161g, Canthaxanthine, Colorant alimentaire orange C.I. no.8, C.I. Food Orange 8, C.I. 40850, CI 40850
hu:E161g, Kantaxantin
it:E161g, Cantaxantina
lt:E161g, Kantaksantinas
lv:E161g, Kantaksantīns
mt:E161g, Kantaksantina
nl:E161g, Canthaxanthine, Canthaxantine
pl:E161g, Kantaksantyna
pt:E161g, Cantaxantina
ro:E161g, Cantaxantină
sk:E161g, Kantaxantín
sl:E161g, Kantaksantin
sv:E161g, Kantaxantin
colour_index:en:CI 40850
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E161h, Zeaxanthin
bg:E161h, Зеаксантин
cs:E161h, zeaxantin
da:E161h, E161h food additive
de:E161h, Zeaxanthin
el:E161h, E161h food additive
es:E161h, Zeaxantina
et:E161h, E161h food additive
fi:E161h, E161h food additive
fr:E161h, Zéaxanthine, Zéaxanthine riche en extrait de Tagetes erecta
hu:E161h, Zeaxantin
it:E161h, Zeaxantina
lt:E161h, E161h food additive
lv:E161h, E161h food additive
mt:E161h, E161h food additive
nl:E161h, Zeaxanthine
pl:E161h, zeaksantyna
pt:E161h, Zeaxantina
ro:E161h, E161h food additive
sk:E161h, E161h food additive
sl:E161h, Zeaksantin
sv:E161h, Zeaxantin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E161i, Citranaxanthin
bg:E161i, E161i food additive
cs:E161i, E161i food additive
da:E161i, E161i food additive
de:E161i, E161i food additive
el:E161i, E161i food additive
es:E161i, E161i food additive
et:E161i, E161i food additive
fi:E161i, E161i food additive
fr:E161i, Citranaxanthine
hu:E161i, Citranaxantin
it:E161i, E161i food additive
lt:E161i, Citranaksantinas
lv:E161i, E161i food additive
mt:E161i, E161i food additive
nl:E161i, Citranaxanthine
pl:E161i, Cytranaksantyna
pt:E161i, E161i food additive
ro:E161i, E161i food additive
sk:E161i, E161i food additive
sl:E161i, E161i food additive
sv:E161i, E161i food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E161j, Astaxanthin
bg:E161j, Астаксантин
cs:E161j, Astaxanthin
da:E161j, E161j food additive
de:E161j, Astaxanthin, Haematochrom
el:E161j, E161j food additive
es:E161j, Astaxantina
et:E161j, E161j food additive
fi:E161j, Astaksantiini
fr:E161j, Astaxanthine, 472-61-7, C40H52O4
hu:E161j, Asztaxantin
it:E161j, Astaxantina, C40H52O4
lt:E161j, E161j food additive
lv:E161j, E161j food additive
mt:E161j, E161j food additive
nl:E161j, Astaxanthine
pl:E161j, Astaksantyna
pt:E161j, Astaxantina
ro:E161j, E161j food additive
sk:E161j, E161j food additive
sl:E161j, Astaksantin
sv:E161j, Astaxantin, E 161 j
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-10-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of canthaxanthin (E 161 g) as a food additive

en:E162, Beetroot red, betanin
bg:E162, Оцветител от червено цвекло, бетанин
cs:E162, Betalainová červeň, betanin
da:E162, Rødbedefarve (betaniner)
de:E162, Betanin (betenrot), Betanin, Beetenrot, Betanoin, E 162, Betenrot
el:E162, Ερυθρα χρωστικη της ριζας των τευτλων, βετανινη
es:E162, Rojo de remolacha, Betanina, Betacianina, E 162, Rojo remolacha
et:E162, Peedipunane, betaniin
fi:E162, Punajuuriväri, betalaiini
fr:E162, Rouge de betterave, bétanine, rouge betterave, E 162, 7659-95-2, C24H27N2O13
hu:E162, Céklavörös, betanin
it:E162, Rosso di radice di barbabietola, betanina, C24H27N2O13
lt:E162, Burokėlių raudonasis, betaninas
lv:E162, Biešu sarkanais, betanīns
mt:E162, Aħmar tal-pitravi, betanina
nl:E162, Betanine, Bietenrood
pl:E162, Czerwień buraczana, betanina
pt:E162, Vermelho de beterraba, betanina
ro:E162, Roșu de sfeclă, betanină
sk:E162, Cviklová červená, betanín
sl:E162, Betalain, betanin
sv:E162, Rödbetsrött, betanin, E 162
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-12-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of beetroot red (E 162) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163, Anthocyanins, Anthocyanin
bg:E163, Антоцианини, Антоциани
cs:E163, Anthokyany, Antokyan
da:E163, Anthocyaniner, Anthocyanin
de:E163, Anthocyane
el:E163, Ανθοκυανινες
es:E163, Antocianinas, Antocianina
et:E163, Antotsüaniinid
fi:E163, Antosyaanit
fr:E163, Anthocyanes, Anthocyane
hu:E163, Antocianinok, Antociánok
it:E163, Antociani, Antociano
lt:E163, Antocianinai
lv:E163, Antocianīni
mt:E163, Antocijanini
nl:E163, Anthocyanen, Anthocyaan
pl:E163, Antocyjany
pt:E163, Antocianinas, Antocianina
ro:E163, Antocianine
sk:E163, Antokyaníny
sl:E163, Antocianini, Antocian
sv:E163, Antocyaner, Antocyanin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163a, Cyanidin
bg:E163a, E163a food additive
cs:E163a, E163a food additive
da:E163a, E163a food additive
de:E163a, E163a food additive
el:E163a, E163a food additive
es:E163a, E163a food additive
et:E163a, E163a food additive
fi:E163a, E163a food additive
fr:E163a, Cyanidine
hu:E163a, Cianidin
it:E163a, E163a food additive
lt:E163a, E163a food additive
lv:E163a, E163a food additive
mt:E163a, E163a food additive
nl:E163a, E163a food additive
pl:E163a, E163a food additive
pt:E163a, E163a food additive
ro:E163a, E163a food additive
sk:E163a, E163a food additive
sl:E163a, E163a food additive
sv:E163a, E163a food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163b, Delphinidin
bg:E163b, E163b food additive
cs:E163b, E163b food additive
da:E163b, E163b food additive
de:E163b, E163b food additive
el:E163b, E163b food additive
es:E163b, E163b food additive
et:E163b, E163b food additive
fi:E163b, E163b food additive
fr:E163b, Delphinidine
hu:E163b, Delfinidin
it:E163b, E163b food additive
lt:E163b, E163b food additive
lv:E163b, E163b food additive
mt:E163b, E163b food additive
nl:E163b, E163b food additive
pl:E163b, E163b food additive
pt:E163b, E163b food additive
ro:E163b, E163b food additive
sk:E163b, E163b food additive
sl:E163b, E163b food additive
sv:E163b, E163b food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163c, Malvidin
bg:E163c, E163c food additive
cs:E163c, E163c food additive
da:E163c, E163c food additive
de:E163c, E163c food additive
el:E163c, E163c food additive
es:E163c, E163c food additive
et:E163c, E163c food additive
fi:E163c, E163c food additive
fr:E163c, Malvidine
hu:E163c, Malvidin
it:E163c, E163c food additive
lt:E163c, E163c food additive
lv:E163c, E163c food additive
mt:E163c, E163c food additive
nl:E163c, E163c food additive
pl:E163c, E163c food additive
pt:E163c, E163c food additive
ro:E163c, E163c food additive
sk:E163c, E163c food additive
sl:E163c, E163c food additive
sv:E163c, E163c food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163d, Pelargonidin
bg:E163d, E163d food additive
cs:E163d, E163d food additive
da:E163d, E163d food additive
de:E163d, E163d food additive
el:E163d, E163d food additive
es:E163d, E163d food additive
et:E163d, E163d food additive
fi:E163d, E163d food additive
fr:E163d, Pélargonidine
hu:E163d, Pelargonidin
it:E163d, E163d food additive
lt:E163d, E163d food additive
lv:E163d, E163d food additive
mt:E163d, E163d food additive
nl:E163d, E163d food additive
pl:E163d, E163d food additive
pt:E163d, E163d food additive
ro:E163d, E163d food additive
sk:E163d, E163d food additive
sl:E163d, E163d food additive
sv:E163d, E163d food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163e, Peonidin
bg:E163e, E163e food additive
cs:E163e, E163e food additive
da:E163e, E163e food additive
de:E163e, E163e food additive
el:E163e, E163e food additive
es:E163e, E163e food additive
et:E163e, E163e food additive
fi:E163e, E163e food additive
fr:E163e, Péonidine
hu:E163e, Peonidin
it:E163e, E163e food additive
lt:E163e, E163e food additive
lv:E163e, E163e food additive
mt:E163e, E163e food additive
nl:E163e, E163e food additive
pl:E163e, E163e food additive
pt:E163e, E163e food additive
ro:E163e, E163e food additive
sk:E163e, E163e food additive
sl:E163e, E163e food additive
sv:E163e, E163e food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E163f, Petunidin
bg:E163f, E163f food additive
cs:E163f, E163f food additive
da:E163f, E163f food additive
de:E163f, E163f food additive
el:E163f, E163f food additive
es:E163f, E163f food additive
et:E163f, E163f food additive
fi:E163f, E163f food additive
fr:E163f, Pétunidine
hu:E163f, Petunidin
it:E163f, E163f food additive
lt:E163f, E163f food additive
lv:E163f, E163f food additive
mt:E163f, E163f food additive
nl:E163f, E163f food additive
pl:E163f, E163f food additive
pt:E163f, E163f food additive
ro:E163f, E163f food additive
sk:E163f, E163f food additive
sl:E163f, E163f food additive
sv:E163f, E163f food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of anthocyanins (E 163) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E164, E164 food additive
bg:E164, E164 food additive
cs:E164, E164 food additive
da:E164, E164 food additive
de:E164, E164 food additive
el:E164, E164 food additive
es:E164, E164 food additive
et:E164, E164 food additive
fi:E164, E164 food additive
fr:E164, Jaune de gardénia
hu:E164, Gardénia sárga
it:E164, E164 food additive
lt:E164, E164 food additive
lv:E164, E164 food additive
mt:E164, E164 food additive
nl:E164, E164 food additive
pl:E164, E164 food additive
pt:E164, E164 food additive
ro:E164, E164 food additive
sk:E164, E164 food additive
sl:E164, E164 food additive
sv:E164, E164 food additive

en:E165, E165 food additive
bg:E165, E165 food additive
cs:E165, E165 food additive
da:E165, E165 food additive
de:E165, E165 food additive
el:E165, E165 food additive
es:E165, E165 food additive
et:E165, E165 food additive
fi:E165, E165 food additive
fr:E165, Bleu de gardénia
hu:E165, Gardénia kék
it:E165, E165 food additive
lt:E165, E165 food additive
lv:E165, E165 food additive
mt:E165, E165 food additive
nl:E165, E165 food additive
pl:E165, E165 food additive
pt:E165, E165 food additive
ro:E165, E165 food additive
ru:E165, Гардения синяя
sk:E165, E165 food additive
sl:E165, E165 food additive
sv:E165, E165 food additive

en:E166, E166 food additive
bg:E166, E166 food additive
cs:E166, E166 food additive
da:E166, E166 food additive
de:E166, E166 food additive
el:E166, E166 food additive
es:E166, E166 food additive
et:E166, E166 food additive
fi:E166, E166 food additive
fr:E166, Bois de santal, extrait de bois de santal rouge, extrait de bois de santal
hu:E166, Szantálfa, vörös szantálfa kivonat, szantálfa kivonat
it:E166, E166 food additive
lt:E166, E166 food additive
lv:E166, E166 food additive
mt:E166, E166 food additive
nl:E166, E166 food additive
pl:E166, E166 food additive
pt:E166, E166 food additive
ro:E166, E166 food additive
sk:E166, E166 food additive
sl:E166, E166 food additive
sv:E166, E166 food additive

en:E170, Calcium carbonate, CI Pigment White 18, Chalk
bg:E170, Калциев карбонат, CI бял пигмент 18
cs:E170, Uhličitan vápenatý, CI bílý pigment 18
da:E170, Calciumcarbonat, CI Pigment White 18
de:E170, Calciumcarbonat, Pigment White 18, Kalk
el:E170, Ανθρακικο ασβεστιο, Λευκό CI Pigment 18
es:E170, Carbonato de calcio, CI Pigment White 18, Carbonato cálcico
et:E170, Kaltsiumkarbonaat, CI valge pigment 18
fi:E170, Kalsiumkarbonaatti, CI Pigment White 18
fr:E170, Carbonate de calcium, Carbonate acide de calcium, Pigment blanc C. I. no 18
hu:E170, Kalcium-karbonát, CI Pigment White 18
it:E170, Carbonato di calcio, CI pigmento bianco 18
lt:E170, Kalcio karbonatas, Baltasis pigmentas CI Nr. 18
lv:E170, Kalcija karbonāts, CI baltais pigments 18
mt:E170, Karbonat tal-kalċju, CI Pigment White 18
nl:E170, Calciumcarbonaat, CI Pigment White 18
pl:E170, Węglan wapnia, CI Pigment biały 18
pt:E170, Carbonato de cálcio, Pigmento branco CI 18
ro:E170, Carbonat de calciu, Pigment alb CI 18
sk:E170, Uhličitan vápenatý, CI pigment biely 18
sl:E170, Kalcijev karbonat, CI Pigment White 18
sv:E170, Kalciumkarbonat, CI Pigment White 18
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:anti-caking-agent, en:stabiliser, en:firming-agent, en:flour-treatment-agent, en:glazing-agent, en:colour
efsa_evaluation:en:Scientific Opinion on re‐evaluation of calcium carbonate (E 170) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour, en:stabilizer

en:E171, Titanium dioxide
bg:E171, Титанов диоксид, Титанов двуокис, Титаниев двуокис, Титаниев диоксид
cs:E171, Oxid titaničitý, TiO2, E 171, kysličník titaničitý
da:E171, Titandioxid, Titanoxid, E-171
de:E171, Titandioxid, Titan(IV)-oxid, TiO2, E 171, Titanweiss, Rutilweiß
el:E171, Διοξειδιο του τιτανιου
es:E171, Dióxido de titanio, Óxido de titanio, Oxido de titanio(IV)
et:E171, Titaandioksiid
fi:E171, Titaanidioksidi, Titaanivalkoinen, E 171, Titaani(IV)oksidi, Titaanioksidi, Tio2
fr:E171, Oxyde de titane, dioxyde de titane, bioxyde de titane, CI 77891, CI Pigment White 6, CAS 13463-67-7, TiO2, 13463-67-7
hu:E171, Titán-dioxid
it:E171, Biossido di titanio, Diossido di titanio, TiO2
lt:E171, Titano dioksidas, Titano baltalai
lv:E171, Titāna dioksīds
mt:E171, Diossidu tat-titanju
nl:E171, Titaandioxide, Titanium(IV)oxide, Titaniumoxide, Titaniumdioxide, Titanium dioxide, Titaanwit
pl:E171, Dwutlenek tytanu, tlenek tytanu(IV), ditlenek tytanu, biel tytanowa
pt:E171, Dióxido de titânio, Óxido de titânio
ro:E171, Dioxid de titan, Bioxid de titan
ru:E171, Титана диоксид, оксид титана(IV), Е171, TiO2, двуокись титана, оксид титана, белила титановые, титановые белила, диоксид титана
sk:E171, Oxid titaničitý, Titánová beloba
sl:E171, Titanov dioksid
sv:E171, Titandioxid, Titaniumdioxid, TiO2, E 171, Titansyra
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-09-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Re-evaluation of titanium dioxide (E 171) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E172, Iron oxides and iron hydroxides
bg:E172, Железни оксиди и железни хидроксиди
cs:E172, Oxidy a hydroxidy železa
da:E172, Jernoxider og jernhydroxider
de:E172, Eisenoxide und eisenhydroxide synonyme
el:E172, Οξειδια του σιδηρου και υδροξειδια του σιδηρου συνώνυμα
es:E172, Óxidos e hidróxidos de hierro
et:E172, Raudoksiidid ja raudhüdroksiidid
fi:E172, Rautaoksidit ja -hydroksidit
fr:E172, Oxyde de fer, hydroxyde de fer, Oxyde et hydroxyde de fer, Oxydes de fer, Oxydes de fer et hydroxydes de fer, CI77491, CI77492, CI77499
hu:E172, Vas-oxidok és vas-hidroxidok
it:E172, Ossidi di ferro e idrossidi di ferro
lt:E172, Geležies oksidai ir geležies hidroksidai
lv:E172, Dzelzs oksīdi un dzelzs hidroksīdi
mt:E172, Ossidi tal-ħadid u idrossidi tal-ħadid
nl:E172, Ijzeroxiden en -hydroxiden
pl:E172, Tlenki żelaza i wodorotlenki żelaza
pt:E172, Óxidos de ferro e hidróxidos de ferro
ro:E172, Oxizi de fier și hidroxizi de fier
ru:E172, Оксид железа желтый
sk:E172, Oxidy a hydroxidy železa
sl:E172, Železovi oksidi in hidroksidi
sv:E172, Järnoxider och järnhydroxider
efsa_evaluation_safety_assessed:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
bg:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
cs:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
da:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
de:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
el:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
es:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
et:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
fi:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
fr:E172(i), Oxyde de fer noir
hu:E172(i), Fekete vas-oxid
it:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
lt:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
lv:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
mt:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
nl:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
pl:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
pt:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
ro:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
sk:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
sl:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
sv:E172(i), E172(i) food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-12-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of iron oxides and hydroxides (E 172) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, iron(III) oxide, ferric oxide
bg:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive
cs:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Oxid železitý, Fe2O3
da:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive
de:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Eisen(III)-oxid, Fe2O3, Oxidrot, Dieisentrioxid
el:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive
es:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, óxido férrico, Fe2O3, herrumbre, óxido de hierro, sesquióxido de hierro, trióxido de hierro, óxido de hierro (III)
et:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Raud(III)oksiid
fi:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Rauta(III)oksidi, Dirautatrioksidi, Ferrioksidi
fr:E172(ii), Oxyde de fer rouge, oxyde et hydroxyde de fer rouge, oxyde de fer(III), Oxyde ferrique, Trioxide de difer, Oxyde de fer
hu:E172(ii), Vas(III)-oxid
it:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, ossido ferrico, Sesquiossido di ferro, Fe2O3
lt:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive
lv:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive
mt:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive
nl:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, IJzer(III)oxide, Fe2O3, Rood ijzeroxide
pl:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Tlenek żelaza(III), Tritlenek diżelaza
pt:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Óxido de ferro, Óxido férrico, Óxido de ferro III, Trióxido de diferro
ro:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Oxid de fier
sk:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Oxid železitý
sl:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Železov(III) oksid
sv:E172(ii), E172(ii) food additive, Järn(III)oxid, Rödrost, Ytrost
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-12-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of iron oxides and hydroxides (E 172) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
bg:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
cs:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
da:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
de:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
el:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
es:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
et:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
fi:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
fr:E172(iii), Oxyde de fer jaune, oxyde et hydroxyde de fer jaune et rouge,, oxyde et hydroxyde de fer jaune
hu:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
it:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
lt:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
lv:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
mt:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
nl:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
pl:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
pt:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
ro:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
sk:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
sl:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
sv:E172(iii), E172(iii) food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-12-08
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of iron oxides and hydroxides (E 172) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:colour

en:E173, Aluminium, Aluminum, element 13
bg:E173, Алуминий
cs:E173, Hliník, CI kovový pigment
da:E173, Aluminium
de:E173, Aluminium
el:E173, Αργιλιο (αλουμινιο), αργίλιο
es:E173, Aluminio
et:E173, Alumiinium
fi:E173, Alumiini
fr:E173, Aluminium
hu:E173, Alumínium, timany
it:E173, Alluminio
lt:E173, Aliuminis
lv:E173, Alumīnijs
mt:E173, Aluminju
nl:E173, Aluminium
pl:E173, Glin
pt:E173, Alumínio
ro:E173, Aluminiu
ru:E173, Алюминий
sk:E173, Hliník
sl:E173, Aluminij
sv:E173, Aluminium

en:E174, Silver, element 47
bg:E174, Сребро
cs:E174, Stříbro, Argentum
da:E174, Sølv
de:E174, Silber
el:E174, Αργυρος, ασήμι
es:E174, Plata
et:E174, Hõbe
fi:E174, Hopea
fr:E174, Argent
hu:E174, Ezüst, ezüstany
it:E174, Argento
lt:E174, Sidabras
lv:E174, Sudrabs
mt:E174, Fidda
nl:E174, Zilver
pl:E174, Srebro
pt:E174, Prata
ro:E174, Argint
sk:E174, Striebro
sl:E174, Srebro
sv:E174, Silver
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-01-21
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of silver (E 174) as food additive

en:E175, Gold, Pigment Metal 3, element 79
bg:E175, Злато, Метален пигмент 3
cs:E175, Zlato, Kovový pigment 3, Aurum
da:E175, Guld, Pigment Metal 3
de:E175, Gold, Metal 3
el:E175, Χρυσος, Μεταλλικό χρώμα 3
es:E175, Oro, aurífero, aurífera
et:E175, Kuld, Metalne pigment 3
fi:E175, Kulta
fr:E175, Or, Pigment métallique no 3
hu:E175, Arany
it:E175, Oro, Pigmento metallico 3
lt:E175, Auksas, Metalo pigmentas Nr. 3
lv:E175, Zelts, Metāla pigments 3
mt:E175, Deheb
nl:E175, Goud, Pigmentmetaal 3
pl:E175, Złoto, Pigment metaliczny 3
pt:E175, Ouro, Pigmento metálico 3
ro:E175, Aur, Pigment metalic 3
sk:E175, Zlato, Kovový pigment 3
sl:E175, Zlato
sv:E175, Guld, Pigment Metal 3
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-01-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of gold (E 175) as a food additive

en:E180, Litholrubine bk, CI Pigment Red 57, Rubinpigment, Pigment Rubine, Lithol rubine bk
bg:E180, Литолрубин bk, CI червен пигмент 57, рубин пигмент
cs:E180, Litholrubin bk, CI červený pigment 57, rubínový pigment
da:E180, Rubinpigment bk (litholrubin bk), CI Pigment Red 57
de:E180, Litholrubin bk, E 180, Litholrubin, Rubinpigment BK
el:E180, Λιθορουμπινη βκ, Κόκκινο CI Pigment 57, rubinpigment
es:E180, Litolrubina bk, CI Pigment Red 57, rubinpigment, Litol-rubina BK
et:E180, Litoolrubiin bk, CI punane pigment 57, rubiinpigment
fi:E180, Litolirubiini bk, CI Pigment Red 57, Rubiinipigmentti
fr:E180, Lithol-rubine BK, Litholrubine BK, Pigment Rubine, Carmin 6B, Lithol rubine BK, TANNIC ACID, Fuchsine lithol BK, D&C Red No. 7, D et C Red No. 7, Carmine 6B, Brilliant Carmine 6B, Permanent Rubin L6B, Litholrubine, Latolrubine, C.I. Pigment Red 57, C.I. Pigment Red 57:1, C.I. 15850:1, Rubinpigment BK, Rubinpigment, 4B-Toner, pigmento rubí, carmín 6B, CI 15850, D&C red 7 (USA), Lithol rubin toner BKL, Pigment rouge C. I. no 57, pigment rubis
hu:E180, Litolrubin BK, CI Pigment Red 57, Rubinpigment
it:E180, Litolrubino bk, CI pigmento rosso 57, pigmento rubino
lt:E180, Litolrubinas bk, Raudonasis pigmentas CI Nr. 57, rubino pigmentas
lv:E180, Litolrubīns bk, CI Sarkanais pigments 57, rubīnpigments
mt:E180, Litolrubina bk
nl:E180, Litholrubine bk, CI Pigment Red 57, robijnpigment
pl:E180, Czerwień litolowa bk, CI pigment czerwony 57, pigment rubinowy
pt:E180, Litolrubina bk, Pigmento vermelho CI 57, pigmento de rubina
ro:E180, Litolrubină bk, Pigment Roșu CI 57, Pigment de rubin
sk:E180, Litolrubín bk, CI pigment červený 57, rubínový pigment
sl:E180, Litolrubin bk, CI Pigment Red 57, rubinpigment
sv:E180, Litolrubin bk, CI Pigment Red 57, rubinpigment, E 180
colour_index:en:CI 15850
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-05-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of Litholrubine BK (E 180) as a food additive

en:E181, Tannin
bg:E181, E181 food additive
cs:E181, Třísloviny, Tříslovina, Taniny, Tanin
da:E181, Tannin, Garvesyre, Tanin
de:E181, Tannine, E 181, Gerbsäure
el:E181, Τανίνη
es:E181, Tanino, E 181, Taninos
et:E181, E181 food additive
fi:E181, Tanniinit, Tanniini, Parkkihappo
fr:E181, Tannin, acide tannique, Tanin, Tannins, 1401-55-4, Tanins
hu:E181, Tannin, Csersav
it:E181, Tannino, Tannini
lt:E181, Taninas, Taninai
lv:E181, E181 food additive
mt:E181, E181 food additive
nl:E181, Looizuur, Tannine
pl:E181, Taniny, Tanina
pt:E181, Tanino, Taninos, Tanante
ro:E181, Tanin, Taninuri
sk:E181, E181 food additive
sl:E181, Čreslovina, Tanini, Tanin, Čreslovine
sv:E181, Tannin, Garvsyra
additives_classes:en: en:colour, en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E182, Orcein
bg:E182, E182 food additive
cs:E182, Orcein, Orceiny
da:E182, E182 food additive
de:E182, Orcein, 7-Hydroxy-2-phenoxazon, 7-Amino-2-phenoxazon, 7-Amino-2-phenoxazim
el:E182, E182 food additive
es:E182, Orceína, Orcina, E 182
et:E182, E182 food additive
fi:E182, E182 food additive
fr:E182, Orseille, Orcéine, Orseille orcéine
hu:E182, Orcein
it:E182, E182 food additive
lt:E182, E182 food additive
lv:E182, E182 food additive
mt:E182, E182 food additive
nl:E182, Orcein
pl:E182, E182 food additive
pt:E182, E182 food additive
ro:E182, E182 food additive
sk:E182, E182 food additive
sl:E182, E182 food additive
sv:E182, E182 food additive

en:E200, Sorbic acid
bg:E200, Сорбинова киселина, Сорбинова киселина, транс
cs:E200, Kyselina sorbová, Kyselina sorbová
da:E200, Sorbinsyre, Sorbinsyre
de:E200, Sorbinsäure, Sorbinsäure, E 200, Parasorbinsäure, Pentadiencarbonsäure
el:E200, Σορβικο οξυ, Σορβικό οξύ
es:E200, Ácido sórbico, Sorbatos
et:E200, Sorbiinhape, Sorbiinhape, 
fi:E200, Sorbiinihappo, Sorbiinihappo
fr:E200, Acide sorbique, C6H8O2, 110-44-1
hu:E200, Szorbinsav
it:E200, Acido sorbico, Acido sorbico, C6H8O2
lt:E200, Sorbo rūgštis, Sorbo rūgštis
lv:E200, Sorbīnskābe, Sorbīnskābe, Pīlādžskābe, C6h8o2, Sorbāti
mt:E200, Aċidu sorbiku, Aċidu sorbiku
nl:E200, Sorbinezuur, Sorbinezuur
pl:E200, Kwas sorbowy, Kwas sorbowy, Kwas sorbinowy
pt:E200, Ácido sórbico, Ácido sórbico, Sorbato
ro:E200, Acid sorbic, Acid sorbic
sk:E200, Kyselina sorbová, Kyselina sorbová
sl:E200, Sorbinska kislina, sorbinska kislina
sv:E200, Sorbinsyra, Sorbinsyra, E 200, 2\,4-hexadiensyra
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015/06/30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of sorbic acid (E 200), potassium sorbate (E 202) and calcium sorbate (E 203) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 3
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E201, Sodium sorbate, sodium (E\,E)-hexa-2\,4-dienoate
bg:E201, E201 food additive
cs:E201, E201 food additive
da:E201, E201 food additive
de:E201, Natriumsorbat, E 201
el:E201, E201 food additive
es:E201, Sorbato de sodio, Conservante E 201, Sorbato sodico, E-201, Conservante E201
et:E201, E201 food additive
fi:E201, E201 food additive
fr:E201, Sorbate de sodium, C6H7NaO2
hu:E201, Nátrium-szorbát
it:E201, Sorbato di sodio
lt:E201, Natrio sorbatas
lv:E201, E201 food additive
mt:E201, E201 food additive
nl:E201, Natriumsorbaat
pl:E201, Sorbinian sodu
pt:E201, E201 food additive
ro:E201, E201 food additive
sk:E201, E201 food additive
sl:E201, E201 food additive
sv:E201, E201 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E202, Potassium sorbate
bg:E202, Калиев сорбат
cs:E202, Sorban draselný
da:E202, Kaliumsorbat
de:E202, Kaliumsorbat
el:E202, Σορβικο καλιο
es:E202, Sorbato potásico, Sorbato de potasio
et:E202, Kaaliumsorbaat
fi:E202, Kaliumsorbaatti
fr:E202, Sorbate de potassium, 24634-61-5, C6H7O2K, C6H7KO2
hu:E202, Kálium-szorbát
it:E202, Sorbato di potassio, C6H7KO2
lt:E202, Kalio sorbatas
lv:E202, Kālija sorbāts
mt:E202, Sorbat tal-potassju
nl:E202, Kaliumsorbaat
pl:E202, Sorbinian potasu
pt:E202, Sorbato de potássio
ro:E202, Sorbat de potasiu
ru:E202, Сорбат калия
sk:E202, Sorban draselný
sl:E202, Kalijev sorbat
sv:E202, Kaliumsorbat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015/06/30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of sorbic acid (E 200), potassium sorbate (E 202) and calcium sorbate (E 203) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 3
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E203, Calcium sorbate
bg:E203, Калциев сорбат
cs:E203, Sorban vápenatý
da:E203, Calciumsorbat
de:E203, Calciumsorbat
el:E203, Σορβικο ασβεστιο
es:E203, Sorbato cálcico
et:E203, Kaltsiumsorbaat
fi:E203, Kalsiumsorbaatti
fr:E203, Sorbate de calcium
hu:E203, Kalcium-szorbát
it:E203, Sorbato di calcio
lt:E203, Kalcio sorbatas
lv:E203, Kalcija sorbāts
mt:E203, Sorbat tal-kalċju
nl:E203, Calciumsorbaat
pl:E203, Sorbinian wapnia
pt:E203, Sorbato de cálcio
ro:E203, Sorbat de calciu
sk:E203, Sorban vápenatý
sl:E203, Kalcijev sorbat
sv:E203, Kalciumsorbat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-06-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sorbic acid (E 200), potassium sorbate (E 202) and calcium sorbate (E 203) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E209, Heptylparaben
bg:E209, E209 food additive
cs:E209, E209 food additive
da:E209, E209 food additive
de:E209, E209 food additive
el:E209, E209 food additive
es:E209, E209 food additive
et:E209, E209 food additive
fi:E209, E209 food additive
fr:E209, Hydroxybenzoate d'hépthyle
hu:E209, E209 food additive
it:E209, E209 food additive
lt:E209, E209 food additive
lv:E209, E209 food additive
mt:E209, E209 food additive
nl:E209, E209 food additive
pl:E209, E209 food additive
pt:E209, E209 food additive
ro:E209, E209 food additive
sk:E209, E209 food additive
sl:E209, E209 food additive
sv:E209, E209 food additive

en:E210, Benzoic acid
bg:E210, Бензоена киселина, Бензенова киселина, Бензоат
cs:E210, Kyselina benzoová, E 210
da:E210, Benzoesyre
de:E210, Benzoesäure, Benzolcarbonsäure, Phenylameisensäure, E 210, Benzoat, Benzencarbonsäure
el:E210, Βενζοϊκο οξυ
es:E210, Ácido benzoico, Conservante E210, Conservante E 210, E 210, Ácido bencenocarboxílico
et:E210, Bensoehape, Bensonaat, Benseenhape, E 210
fi:E210, Bentsoehappo, Bentsoaatti, Bentseenikarboksyylihappo, Fenyylikarboksyylihappo
fr:E210, Acide benzoïque, 65-85-0, C6H5COOH
hu:E210, Benzoesav
it:E210, Acido benzoico, Carbossibenzene, Acido benzencarbossilico, Benzoato, C7H6O2, Acido fenil carbossilico, Acido benzenmetanoico
lt:E210, Benzenkarboksirūgštis
lv:E210, Benzoskābe, C7h6o2, C6h5cooh
mt:E210, Aċidu benżoiku
nl:E210, Benzoëzuur, 65-85-0, Benzeencarbonzuur
pl:E210, Kwas benzoesowy
pt:E210, Ácido benzóico, Benzoato
ro:E210, Acid benzoic
sk:E210, Kyselina benzoová, Kyselina fenylmravčia, Kyselina benzénkarboxylová
sl:E210, Benzojska kislina
sv:E210, Bensoesyra, Bensoat, Bensoater, E 210
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-31
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of benzoic acid (E 210), sodium benzoate (E 211), potassium benzoate (E 212) and calcium benzoate (E 213) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5

en:E211, Sodium benzoate
bg:E211, Натриев бензоат
cs:E211, Benzoan sodný, Benzoát sodný, Sodná sůl kyseliny benzenkarboxylové, Benzenkarboxylát sodný, E 211, Sodná sůl kyseliny benzoové
da:E211, Natriumbenzoat, E 211
de:E211, Natriumbenzoat, Antimol, E 211
el:E211, Βενζοϊκο νατριο
es:E211, Benzoato sódico, Benzoato de sodio, Conservante E 211, Conservante E211, E 211, Benzoato de sosa
et:E211, Naatriumbensoaat
fi:E211, Natriumbentsoaatti
fr:E211, Benzoate de sodium, 532-32-1, C7H5NaO2, NaC7H5O2
hu:E211, Nátrium-benzoát, A benzolkarbonsav nátriumsója
it:E211, Benzoato di sodio, C6H5COONa
lt:E211, Natrio benzoatas
lv:E211, Nātrija benzoāts
mt:E211, Benżoat tas-sodju
nl:E211, Natriumbenzoaat
pl:E211, Benzoesan sodu
pt:E211, Benzoato de sódio
ro:E211, Benzoat de sodiu
sk:E211, Benzoan sodný
sl:E211, Natrijev benzoat
sv:E211, Natriumbensoat, E 211
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-31
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of benzoic acid (E 210), sodium benzoate (E 211), potassium benzoate (E 212) and calcium benzoate (E 213) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5

en:E212, Potassium benzoate
bg:E212, Калиев бензоат
cs:E212, Benzoan draselný, Benzoát draselný, Benzenkarboxylát draselný, E 212
da:E212, Kaliumbenzoat
de:E212, Kaliumbenzoat, Kaliumbenzoat, Kalisalz der Benzencarbonsäure, E 212
el:E212, Βενζοϊκο καλιο
es:E212, Benzoato potásico, Benzoato de potasio, E 212
et:E212, Kaaliumbensoaat
fi:E212, Kaliumbentsoaatti
fr:E212, Benzoate de potassium, C7H5KO2, KC7H5O2, E 212, 582-25-2
hu:E212, Kálium-benzoát, A benzolkarbonsav káliumsója
it:E212, Benzoato di potassio
lt:E212, Kalio benzoatas
lv:E212, Kālija benzoāts, Kālija benzoāts, benzolkarbonskābes kālija sāls
mt:E212, Benżoat tal-potassju
nl:E212, Kaliumbenzoaat
pl:E212, Benzoesan potasu
pt:E212, Benzoato de potássio
ro:E212, Benzoat de potasiu
sk:E212, Benzoan draselný
sl:E212, Kalijev benzoat
sv:E212, Kaliumbensoat, E 212
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-31
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of benzoic acid (E 210), sodium benzoate (E 211), potassium benzoate (E 212) and calcium benzoate (E 213) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5

en:E213, Calcium benzoate
bg:E213, Калциев бензоат
cs:E213, Calcium benzoate, Benzoát vápenatý, E 213, Benzoan vápenatý
da:E213, Calciumbenzoat
de:E213, Calciumbenzoat, E 213
el:E213, Βενζοϊκο ασβεστιο
es:E213, Benzoato cálcico, Benzoato de calcio, E 213
et:E213, Kaltsiumbensoaat
fi:E213, Kalsiumbentsoaatti
fr:E213, Benzoate de calcium
hu:E213, Kalcium-benzoát
it:E213, Benzoato di calcio
lt:E213, Kalcio benzoatas
lv:E213, Kalcija benzoāts
mt:E213, Benżoat tal-kalċju
nl:E213, Calciumbenzoaat
pl:E213, Benzoesan wapnia
pt:E213, Benzoato de cálcio
ro:E213, Benzoat de calciu
sk:E213, Benzoan vápenatý
sl:E213, Kalcijev benzoat
sv:E213, Kalciumbensoat, E 213
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-03-31
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of benzoic acid (E 210), sodium benzoate (E 211), potassium benzoate (E 212) and calcium benzoate (E 213) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5

en:E214, Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Ethylparaben, ethyl para-hydroxybenzoate
bg:E214, Етилов р-хидроксибензоат, Етилпарабен
cs:E214, Ethyl p-hydroxybenzoát
da:E214, Ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat, Ethylparaben
de:E214, Phb-ester (ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat), Ethylparaben, 4-Hydroxybenzoesäureethylester
el:E214, P-υδροξυβενζοϊκος αιθυλεστερας, Ethylparaben
es:E214, P-hidroxibenzoato de etilo, Etilparabeno, Para-hidroxibenzoato de etilo
et:E214, Etüül-p-hüdroksübensoaat, Etüülparabeen
fi:E214, Etyyli-p-hydroksibentsoaatti, Etyyliparabeeni
fr:E214, 4-hydroxybenzoate d'éthyle, éthylparabène, P-hydroxybenzoate d'éthyle
hu:E214, Etil-p-hidroxi-benzoát, Etil-paraben, Etil-parahidroxibenzoát
it:E214, P-idrossibenzoato d'etile, Etilparabene, Etilparaben
lt:E214, Etilo p-hidroksibenzoatas, Etilparabenas
lv:E214, Etil-p-hidroksibenzoāts, Etilparabens
mt:E214, P-idrossibenżoat tal-etil, Etilparaben
nl:E214, Ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat, Ethylparaben
pl:E214, P-hydroksybenzoesan etylu, Etyloparaben
pt:E214, P-hidroxibenzoato de etilo, Etilparabeno
ro:E214, P-hidroxibenzoat de etil, Etil paraben
sk:E214, Etyl-p-hydroxybenzoát, Etylparabén
sl:E214, Etil parahidroksi benzoat, etilparaben
sv:E214, P-hydroxibensoesyraetylester, Etylparaben
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2004-09-28
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on a Request from the Commission related to para hydroxybenzoates (E 214-219)
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E215, Sodium ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Sodium ethyl p-hydroxybenzoate
bg:E215, Натриев етил р-хидроксибензоат, Натриев етил р-хидроксибензоат
cs:E215, Ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoát sodná sůl
da:E215, Ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat natriumsalt, Natriumethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat
de:E215, Phb-ethylester-natriumsalz (natriumethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat), Natriumethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat
el:E215, P-υδροξυβενζοϊκος αιθυλεστερας αλασ με νατριο
es:E215, P-hidroxibenzoato sódico de etilo
et:E215, Naatriumetüül-p-hüdroksübensoaat
fi:E215, Natriumetyyli-p-hydroksibentsoaatti
fr:E215, Dérivé sodique du 4-hydroxybenzoate d'éthyle, Éthyl p-hydroxybenzoate de sodium
hu:E215, Nátrium-etil-p-hidroxi-benzoát
it:E215, Etil-p-idrossibenzoato di sodio
lt:E215, Natrio etilo p–hidroksibenzoatas
lv:E215, Nātrija etil-p-hidroksibenzoāts
mt:E215, Etil p-idrossibenżoat tas-sodju
nl:E215, Ethyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat natriumzout
pl:E215, Sól sodowa p-hydroksybenzoesanu etylu
pt:E215, Sal sódico do p-hidroxibenzoato de etilo
ro:E215, Sarea de sodiu a p-hidroxibenzoatului de etil
sk:E215, Nátrium-etyl-p-hydroxybenzoát, etyl-p-hydroxybenzoan sodný
sl:E215, Natrijev etil parahidroksi benzoat
sv:E215, P-hydroxibensoesyraetylesterns natriumsalt

en:E216, Propyl para-hydroxybenzoate, Sodium Salt of Propyl-p-hydroxy Benzoic Acid, Propylparaben
bg:E216, E216 food additive
cs:E216, E216 food additive
da:E216, E216 food additive
de:E216, 4-Hydroxybenzoesäurepropylester
es:E216, Propil parahidroxibenzoato
et:E216, E216 food additive
fi:E216, E216 food additive
fr:E216, 4-hydroxybenzoate de propyle, propylparabène, Sel sodique de l'acide p-hydroxypropyl, Sodium Salt of Propyl-p-hydroxy Benzoic Acid, Propylparabène de sodium, ρ-oxybenzoate de propyl sodique, ρ-hydroxybenzoate de propyle sodique, P-hydroxybenzoate de propyle, Parahydroxybenzoate de propyle, Para-hydroxybenzoate de propyle, Propylparaben
hu:E216, Propil-para-hidroxibenzoát
it:E216, Propilparaben
lt:E216, E216 food additive
lv:E216, E216 food additive
mt:E216, E216 food additive
nl:E216, Propyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat
pl:E216, Paraben propylu
pt:E216, Propilparabeno
ro:E216, E216 food additive
sk:E216, E216 food additive
sl:E216, E216 food additive
sv:E216, Propylparaben

en:E217, Sodium propyl para-hydroxybenzoate
bg:E217, E217 food additive
cs:E217, E217 food additive
da:E217, E217 food additive
de:E217, E217 food additive
el:E217, E217 food additive
es:E217, E217 food additive
et:E217, E217 food additive
fi:E217, E217 food additive
fr:E217, Dérivé sodique du 4-hydroxybenzoate de propyle
hu:E217, E217 food additive
it:E217, E217 food additive
lt:E217, E217 food additive
lv:E217, E217 food additive
mt:E217, E217 food additive
nl:E217, Propyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat natriumzout
pl:E217, E217 food additive
pt:E217, E217 food additive
ro:E217, E217 food additive
sk:E217, E217 food additive
sl:E217, E217 food additive
sv:E217, E217 food additive

en:E218, Methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, Methylparaben, methyl 4-hydroxybenzoate
bg:E218, Метил р-хидроксибензоат, Метилпарабен
cs:E218, Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoát, Metylparaben
da:E218, Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoat, Methylparaben
de:E218, Phb-methylester (methyl-p-hydroxybenzoat), Methylparaben, 4-Hydroxybenzoesäuremethylester
el:E218, P-υδροξυβενζοϊκος μεθυλεστερας
es:E218, P-hydroxibenzoato de metilo, Metilparabeno, Metil p-hidroxibenzoato
et:E218, Metüül-p-hüdroksübensoaat, Metüülparabeen
fi:E218, Metyyli-p-hydroksibentsoaatti, Metyyliparabeeni
fr:E218, 4-hydroxybenzoate de méthyle, méthylparabène, P-hydroxybenzoate de méthyle
hu:E218, Metil-p-hidroxi-benzoát, Metil-paraben, Metil-parahidroxibenzoát
it:E218, P-idrossibenzoato di metile, Metilparabene, Metilparaben
lt:E218, Metilo p-hidroksibenzoatas, Metilparabenas
lv:E218, Metil-p-hidroksibenzoāts, Metilparabens
mt:E218, P-idrossibenżoat tal-metil, Metilparaben
nl:E218, Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat, Methylparaben, methylparabeen
pl:E218, P-hydroksybenzoesan metylu, Metyloparaben
pt:E218, P-hidroxibenzoato de metilo, Metilparabeno
ro:E218, P-hidroxibenzoat de metil, Metil paraben
sk:E218, Metyl-p-hydroxybenzoát, Metylparabén
sl:E218, Metil parahidroksi benzoat, metilparaben
sv:E218, P-hydroxibensoesyrametylester, Metylparaben
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E219, Sodium methyl p-hydroxybenzoate, sodium methylparaben
bg:E219, Натриев метил р-хидроксибензоат
cs:E219, Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoát sodná sůl
da:E219, Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoat natriumsalt, Natriummethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat
de:E219, Phb-methylester-natriumsalz (natriummethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat), Natriummethyl-p-hydroxybenzoat
el:E219, P-υδροξυβενζοϊκος μεθυλεστερας, αλας με νατριο
es:E219, P-hidroxibenzoato sódico de metilo
et:E219, Naatriummetüül-p-hüdroksübensoaat
fi:E219, Natriummetyyli-p-hydroksibentsoaatti
fr:E219, Dérivé sodique du 4-hydroxybenzoate de méthyle, Méthyl p-hydroxybenzoate de sodium
hu:E219, Nátrium-metil-p-hidroxi-benzoát
it:E219, Metil-p-idrossibenzoato di sodio, Sodio metilparaben, C8H7NaO3, Solparol, Preserval MS, Sodio 4-(metossicarbonil)fenolato, Sodio 4-carbometossifenolato, Sodio metil p-idrossibenzoato, Sodio p-metossicarbonilfenossido, Sale sodico del 4-idrossibenzoato di metile, Nipagina sodica
lt:E219, Natrio metilo p–hidroksibenzoatas
lv:E219, Nātrija metil-p-hidroksibenzoāts
mt:E219, Metil p-idrossibenżoat tas-sodju
nl:E219, Methyl-p-hydroxybenzoaat natriumzout
pl:E219, Sól sodowa p-hydroksybenzoesanu metylu
pt:E219, Sal sódico do p-hidroxibenzoato de metilo
ro:E219, Sarea de sodiu a p-hidroxibenzoatului de metil
sk:E219, Nátrium-metyl-p-hydroxybenzoát, Nátrium-metyl-p-hydroxybenzoát
sl:E219, Natrijev metil parahidroksi benzoat
sv:E219, P-hydroxibensoesyrametylesterns natriumsalt

en:E220, Sulphur dioxide, Sulfur dioxide
bg:E220, Серен двуокис, Серен диоксид
cs:E220, Oxid siřičitý, Oxid siřičitý
da:E220, Svovldioxid, Svovldioxid
de:E220, Schwefeldioxid, Schwefeldioxid
el:E220, Διοξειδιο του θειου, Διοξείδιο του θείου
es:E220, Dióxido de azufre, Anhídrido sulfuroso
et:E220, Vääveldioksiid, Vääveldioksiid
fi:E220, Rikkidioksidi, Rikkidioksidi
fr:E220, Anhydride sulfureux, Dioxyde de soufre
hu:E220, Kén-dioxid
it:E220, Anidride solforosa, Biossido di zolfo
lt:E220, Sieros dioksidas, Sieros dioksidas
lv:E220, Sēra dioksīds, Sēra dioksīds
mt:E220, Diossidu tal-kubrit, Diossidu tal-kubrit
nl:E220, Zwaveldioxide, Zwaveldioxide
pl:E220, Dwutlenek siarki, Dwutlenek siarki
pt:E220, Dióxido de enxofre, Dióxido de enxofre
ro:E220, Dioxid de sulf, Dioxid de sulf
sk:E220, Oxid siričitý, Oxid siričitý
sl:E220, Žveplov dioksid, žveplov dioksid
sv:E220, Svaveldioxid, Svaveldioxid
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E221, Sodium sulphite, Sodium sulfite
bg:E221, Натриев сулфит
cs:E221, Siřičitan sodný, E 221, Na2SO3
da:E221, Natriumsulfit
de:E221, Natriumsulfit, E 221, Na2SO3
el:E221, Θειωδες νατριο
es:E221, Sulfito sódico, Sulfito de sodio, Conservante E 221, E 221, Conservante E221
et:E221, Naatriumsulfit
fi:E221, Natriumsulfiitti
fr:E221, Sulfite de sodium, 7757-83-7, Sulfite de soude, Na2SO3
hu:E221, Nátrium-szulfit
it:E221, Solfito di sodio, Solfito sodico, Na2SO3
lt:E221, Natrio sulfitas
lv:E221, Nātrija sulfīts
mt:E221, Sulfit tas-sodju
nl:E221, Natriumsulfiet
pl:E221, Siarczyn sodu, Siarczyn sodowy, Siarczan(IV) sodu
pt:E221, Sulfito de sódio
ro:E221, Sulfit de sodiu
sk:E221, Siričitan sodný
sl:E221, Natrijev sulfit
sv:E221, Natriumsulfit, E 221
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E222, Sodium bisulphite, Sodium bisulfite
bg:E222, Натриев бисулфит, Натриев бисулфит
cs:E222, Hydrogensiřičitan sodný, Hydrogensiřičitan sodný, NaHSO3, E 222, Kyselý siřičitan sodný, Hydrosulfit
da:E222, Natriumhydrogensulfit, Natriumbisulfit
de:E222, Natriumhydrogensulfit, Natriumbisulfit, NaHSO3, E 222
el:E222, Οξινο θειωδες νατριο
es:E222, Sulfito ácido de sodio, Bisulfito de sodio, Bisulfito sódico, Hidrogeno sulfito sódico, E 222
et:E222, Naatriumvesiniksulfit
fi:E222, Natriumbisulfiitti, Natriumbisulfiitti, Natriumvetysulfiitti
fr:E222, Bisulfite de sodium, Sulfite acide de sodium, NaHSO3, Bisulfite de soude, Hydrogénosulfite de sodium
hu:E222, Nátrium-hidrogén-szulfit, Nátrium-biszulfit
it:E222, Sodio bisolfito, Bisolfito di sodio, Idrogenosolfito di sodio
lt:E222, Natrio bisulfitas, Natrio bisulfitas
lv:E222, Nātrija bisulfīts, Nātrija bisulfīts
mt:E222, Bisulfit tas-sodju, Bisulfit tas-sodju
nl:E222, Natriumwaterstofsulfiet, Natriumwaterstofsulfiet, Natriumbisulfiet
pl:E222, Wodorosiarczyn sodu, Kwaśny siarczyn sodu, Siarczyn sodowo-wodorowy, Wodorosiarczan(IV) sodu
pt:E222, Hidrogenossulfito de sódio, Bissulfito de sódio, Hidrogenosulfito de sódio
ro:E222, Bisulfit de sodiu, Bisulfit de sodiu
sk:E222, Hydrogensiričitan sodný, disiričitan sodný
sl:E222, Natrijev bisulfit, natrijev bisulfit
sv:E222, Natriumvätesulfit, Natriumvätesulfit
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E223, Sodium metabisulphite, Pyrosulphite, Sodium metabisulfite, Pyrosulfite
bg:E223, Натриев метабисулфит, Пиросулфит
cs:E223, Disiřičitan sodný, Disiřičitan disodný, pyrosiřičitan
da:E223, Natriumdisulfit, Pyrosulfit
de:E223, Natriummetabisulfit, Pyrosulfit, Natriumdisulfit
el:E223, Μεταδιθειωδες νατριο
es:E223, Metabisulfito sódico, Pirosulfito, Metabisulfito de sodio, Disulfito de sodio
et:E223, Naatriumdisulfit, Naatriumpürosulfit
fi:E223, Natriummetabisulfiitti, Pyrosulfiitti, Natriumpyrosulfiitti
fr:E223, Disulfite de sodium, métabisulfite de sodium, Pyrosulfite, disulfites de sodium
hu:E223, Nátrium-metabiszulfit, Piroszulfit
it:E223, Metabisolfito di sodio, Pirosolfito
lt:E223, Natrio metabisulfitas, Pirosulfitas
lv:E223, Nātrija metabisulfīts, Pirosulfīts
mt:E223, Metabisulfit tas-sodju, Pirosulfit
nl:E223, Natriumdisulfiet, Natriummetabisulfiet, pyrosulfiet
pl:E223, Pirosiarczyn sodu
pt:E223, Metabissulfito de sódio, Pirossulfito
ro:E223, Metabisulfit de sodiu, Pirosulfit
sk:E223, Disiričitan sodný, Pyrosiričitan
sl:E223, Natrijev metabisulfit, pirosulfit
sv:E223, Natriumdisulfit, Pyrosulfit, natriumpyrosulfit
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E224, Potassium metabisulphite, Potassium metabisulfite
bg:E224, Калиев метабисулфит
cs:E224, Disiřičitan draselný, Disiřičitan didraselný, K2S2O5, E 224, Pyrosiřičitan draselný
da:E224, Kaliumdisulfit
de:E224, Kaliummetabisulfit, Kaliumdisulfit, K2S2O5, Dikaliumdisulfit, E 224, Kaliumpyrosulfit
el:E224, Μεταδιθειωδες καλιο
es:E224, Metabisulfito potásico, Metabisulfito de potasio, Disulfito de potasio, E 224, Disulfito potásico, Pirosulfito de potasio
et:E224, Kaaliumdisulfit, Kaaliumpürosulfit
fi:E224, Kaliummetabisulfiitti
fr:E224, Disulfite de potassium, Métabisulfite de potassium, Pyrosulfite de potassium
hu:E224, Kálium-metabiszulfit
it:E224, Metabisolfito di potassio, Pirosolfito di potassio, K2S2O5, Disolfito di potassio, Potassio metabisolfito
lt:E224, Kalio metabisulfitas
lv:E224, Kālija metabisulfīts
mt:E224, Metabisulfit tal-potassju
nl:E224, Kaliumdisulfiet, Kaliummetabisulfiet
pl:E224, Pirosiarczyn potasu, Metadisiarczek potasu
pt:E224, Metabissulfito de potássio
ro:E224, Metabisulfit de potasiu
rs:E224, Kalijum-metabisulfit
ru:E224, Пиросульфит калия, дисульфит калия
sk:E224, Disiričitan draselný
sl:E224, Kalijev metabisulfit
sv:E224, Kaliumdisulfit, Kaliumpyrosulfit
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E225, Calcium Disulphite, Calcium Disulfite, Calcium Pyrosulphite, Calcium Pyrosulfite, potassium sulfite, potassium sulphite
bg:E225, E225 food additive
cs:E225, Siřičitan draselný, E 225, K2SO3
da:E225, E225 food additive
de:E225, Kaliumsulfit, E 225, K2SO3
el:E225, E225 food additive
es:E225, E225 food additive
et:E225, E225 food additive
fi:E225, E225 food additive
fr:E225, Disulfite de calcium, Pyrosulfite de calcium, Sulfite de potassium
hu:E225, Kálium-szulfit
it:E225, E225 food additive
lt:E225, E225 food additive
lv:E225, E225 food additive
mt:E225, E225 food additive
nl:E225, Kaliumsulfiet
pl:E225, E225 food additive
pt:E225, E225 food additive
ro:E225, kalium
sk:E225, E225 food additive
sl:E225, E225 food additive
sv:E225, E225 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative

en:E226, Calcium sulphite, Calcium sulfite
bg:E226, Калциев сулфит
cs:E226, Siřičitan vápenatý, CaSO3, E 226
da:E226, Calciumsulfit
de:E226, Calciumsulfit, CaSO3, E 226
el:E226, Θειωδες ασβεστιο
es:E226, Sulfito cálcico, Sulfito de calcio, E 226
et:E226, Kaltsiumsulfit
fi:E226, Kalsiumsulfiitti
fr:E226, Sulfite de calcium
hu:E226, Kalcium-szulfit
it:E226, Solfito di calcio
lt:E226, Kalcio sulfitas
lv:E226, Kalcija sulfīts
mt:E226, Sulfit tal-kalċju
nl:E226, Calciumsulfiet
pl:E226, Siarczyn wapnia
pt:E226, Sulfito de cálcio
ro:E226, Sulfit de calciu
sk:E226, Siričitan vápenatý
sl:E226, Kalcijev sulfit
sv:E226, Kalciumsulfit, E 226, E 285, E 261
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E227, Calcium bisulphite, Calcium bisulfite
bg:E227, Калциев бисулфит, Калциев бисулфит
cs:E227, Hydrogensiřičitan vápenatý, Hydrogensiřičitan vápenatý
da:E227, Calciumhydrogensulfit, Calciumbisulfit
de:E227, Calciumhydrogensulfit, Calciumbisulfit, E 227
el:E227, Οξινο θειωδες ασβεστιο
es:E227, Sulfito ácido de calcio, Bisulfito de calcio, E 227, Bisulfito cálcico
et:E227, Kaltsiumvesiniksulfit
fi:E227, Kalsiumbisulfiitti, Kalsiumbisulfiitti
fr:E227, Sulfite acide de calcium, Bisulfite de calcium
hu:E227, Kalcium-hidrogén-szulfit, Kalcium-biszulfit
it:E227, Calcio bisolfito, Bisolfito di calcio
lt:E227, Kalcio bisulfitas, Kalcio bisulfitas
lv:E227, Kalcija bisulfīts, Kalcija bisulfīts
mt:E227, Bisulfit tal-kalċju, Bisulfit tal-kalċju
nl:E227, Calciumwaterstofsulfiet synoniemen, Calciumwaterstofsulfiet, Calciumbisulfiet
pl:E227, Wodorosiarczyn wapnia, Kwaśny siarczyn wapnia, Siarczek wodorowo-wapniowy, Wodorosiarczan(IV) wapnia
pt:E227, Hidrogenossulfito de cálcio, Bissulfito de cálcio
ro:E227, Bisulfit de calciu, Bisulfit de calciu
sk:E227, Hydrogensiričitan vápenatý, Disiričitan vápenatý
sl:E227, Kalcijev bisulfit, kalcijev bisulfit
sv:E227, Kalciumvätesulfit, Kalciumvätesulfit
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E228, Potassium bisulphite, Potassium bisulfite
bg:E228, Калиев бисулфит, Калиев бисулфит
cs:E228, Hydrogensiřičitan draselný, Hydrogensiřičitan draselný, E 228
da:E228, Kaliumhydrogensulfit, Kaliumbisulfit
de:E228, Kaliumhydrogensulfit, Kaliumbisulfit, KHSO3, E 228
el:E228, Οξινο θειωδες καλιο
es:E228, Sulfito ácido de potasio, Bisulfito de potasio, Bisulfito potásico, E 228
et:E228, Kaaliumvesiniksulfit
fi:E228, Kaliumbisulfiitti, Kaliumbisulfiitti
fr:E228, Sulfite acide de potassium, Bisulfite de potassium, HKSO3
hu:E228, Kálium-hidrogén-szulfit, Kálium-biszulfit
it:E228, Potassio solfito acido, Bisolfito di potassio
lt:E228, Kalio bisulfitas, Kalio bisulfitas
lv:E228, Kālija bisulfīts, Kālija bisulfīts
mt:E228, Bisulfit tal-potassju, Bisulfit tal-potassju
nl:E228, Kaliumwaterstofsulfiet synoniemen, Kaliumwaterstofsulfiet, Kaliumbisulfiet
pl:E228, Wodorosiarczyn potasu, Kwaśny siarczyn potasu, Wodorosiarczan(IV) potasu
pt:E228, Hidrogenossulfito de potássio, Bissulfito de potássio
ro:E228, Bisulfit de potasiu, Bisulfit de potasiu
sk:E228, Hydrogensiričitan draselný, Disiričitan draselný
sl:E228, Kalijev bisulfit, kalijev bisulfit
sv:E228, Kaliumvätesulfit, Kaliumvätesulfit
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sulfur dioxide (E 220), sodium sulfite (E 221), sodium bisulfite (E 222), sodium metabisulfite (E 223), potassium metabisulfite (E 224), calcium sulfite (E 226), calcium bisulfite (E 227) and potassium bisulfite (E 228) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 0.7

en:E230, Biphenyl, diphenyl, (C6H5)2
bg:E230, E230 food additive
cs:E230, Bifenyl, E 230
da:E230, E230 food additive
de:E230, Biphenyl, Dibenzol, Diphenyl, Phenylbenzol, E 230
el:E230, E230 food additive
es:E230, Bifenilo, Conservante E 230, Fenilbenceno, Difenilo, E 230, Conservante E230
et:E230, Bifenüül, Fenüülbenseen, Difenüül
fi:E230, Bifenyyli, Fenyylibentseeni, Difenyyli, E 230, Dibentseeni
fr:E230, Biphényle, diphényle, 92-52-4
hu:E230, Bifenil
it:E230, Bifenile, Fenilbenzene, Difenile
lt:E230, E230 food additive
lv:E230, Bifenils, Difenils, C12h10
mt:E230, E230 food additive
nl:E230, Difenyl, Bifenyl
pl:E230, Bifenyl
pt:E230, Bifenilo
ro:E230, Bifenil
sk:E230, E230 food additive
sl:E230, E230 food additive
sv:E230, Difenyl, Fenylbensen, E 230, Bifenyl
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E231, Orthophenyl phenol
bg:E231, E231 food additive
cs:E231, E231 food additive
da:E231, E231 food additive
de:E231, E231 food additive
el:E231, E231 food additive
es:E231, E231 food additive
et:E231, E231 food additive
fi:E231, E231 food additive
fr:E231, Orthophénylphénol, 2-hydroxybiphényle
hu:E231, Ortofenil-fenol
it:E231, E231 food additive
lt:E231, E231 food additive
lv:E231, E231 food additive
mt:E231, E231 food additive
nl:E231, Fenylfenol
pl:E231, E231 food additive
pt:E231, E231 food additive
ro:E231, E231 food additive
sk:E231, E231 food additive
sl:E231, E231 food additive
sv:E231, E231 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E232, Sodium orthophenyl phenol
bg:E232, E232 food additive
cs:E232, E232 food additive
da:E232, E232 food additive
de:E232, E232 food additive
el:E232, E232 food additive
es:E232, Ortofenilfenato sódico, Orto-fenilfenato sódico, Ortofenilfenato de sodio, Orto-fenilfenato de sodio, Sodio difenil-2-ilo, Orto-fenilfenol imazalil, Imazalil 
et:E232, E232 food additive
fi:E232, E232 food additive
fr:E232, Orthophénylphénate de sodium, Sodium diphényl 2 yl
hu:E232, Nátrium-ortofenil-fenol
it:E232, E232 food additive
lt:E232, E232 food additive
lv:E232, E232 food additive
mt:E232, E232 food additive
nl:E232, Natriumfenylfenol
pl:E232, E232 food additive
pt:E232, E232 food additive
ro:E232, E232 food additive
sk:E232, E232 food additive
sl:E232, E232 food additive
sv:E232, E232 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E233, Thiabendazole
bg:E233, E233 food additive
cs:E233, E233 food additive
da:E233, E233 food additive
de:E233, E233 food additive
el:E233, E233 food additive
es:E233, Tiabendazol 
et:E233, E233 food additive
fi:E233, E233 food additive
fr:E233, Thiabendazole, 4-thiazolyl, benzimidazole
hu:E233, Tiabendazol
it:E233, E233 food additive
lt:E233, E233 food additive
lv:E233, E233 food additive
mt:E233, E233 food additive
nl:E233, Tiabendazol
pl:E233, E233 food additive
pt:E233, E233 food additive
ro:E233, E233 food additive
sk:E233, E233 food additive
sl:E233, E233 food additive
sv:E233, E233 food additive

en:E234, Nisin
bg:E234, E234 food additive
cs:E234, Nisin, E 234
da:E234, E234 food additive
de:E234, Nisin, E 234
el:E234, E234 food additive
es:E234, Nisina, E 234
et:E234, E234 food additive
fi:E234, E234 food additive
fr:E234, Nisine, C143H230N42O37S7, 1414-45-5
hu:E234, Nizin
it:E234, Nisina
lt:E234, E234 food additive
lv:E234, E234 food additive
mt:E234, E234 food additive
nl:E234, Nisine
pl:E234, Nizyna
pt:E234, E234 food additive
ro:E234, E234 food additive
sk:E234, E234 food additive
sl:E234, E234 food additive
sv:E234, Nisin, E 234
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2006-03-15
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on a request from the Commission related to The use of nisin (E 234) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E235, Natamycin, Pimaracin
bg:E235, Натамицин
cs:E235, Natamycin
da:E235, E235 food additive
de:E235, Natamycin
el:E235, E235 food additive
es:E235, Natamicina, Pimaricina
et:E235, E235 food additive
fi:E235, Natamysiini
fr:E235, Natamycine, pimaricine
hu:E235, Natamicin
it:E235, Natamicina
lt:E235, E235 food additive
lv:E235, E235 food additive
mt:E235, E235 food additive
nl:E235, Pimaricine, Natamycine
pl:E235, Natamycyna
pt:E235, Natamicina
ro:E235, E235 food additive
sk:E235, E235 food additive
sl:E235, E235 food additive
sv:E235, Natamycin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2009-12-14
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the use of natamycin (E 235) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E236, Formic acid, methanoic acid
bg:E236, Мравчена киселина, Метанова киселина
cs:E236, Kyselina mravenčí, Metanová kyselina, E 236, Kyselina methanová, Formiát, Kyselina metanová, Methanová kyselina
da:E236, Myresyre
de:E236, Ameisensäure, Formiate, E 236, Formiat, Formalinsäure, HCOOH, Formic acid, Acidum formicum, Formylsäure, Hydrocarbonsäure, Methanoate, Methanoat, CH2O2, Methansäure
el:E236, Μεθανικό οξύ, Μυρμηγκικό οξύ, Φορμικό οξύ, Μυρμηκικό οξύ, HCOOH
es:E236, Ácido fórmico, Conservante E236, E 236, Conservante E-236, Acido metanoico, Metanoico
et:E236, Metaanhape, Sipelghape
fi:E236, Muurahaishappo, Metaanihappo, HCOOH
fr:E236, Acide formique, Acide méthanoïque, Acide hydrogène carboxylique, EPA Pesticide Chemical Code 214900, CAS 64-18-6, Méthanoïque, Formate, HCOOH, 64-18-6, Acide fourmique
hu:E236, Hangyasav
it:E236, Acido formico, CH2O2, Acido metanoico, HCOOH
lt:E236, E236 food additive
lv:E236, Skudrskābe, Hcooh, Ch2o2, Metānskābe, Formiāti, Skudruskābe
mt:E236, E236 food additive
nl:E236, Mierenzuur, 64-18-6, Formiaatzuur, Methaanzuur, Mierezuur, HCOOH
pl:E236, Kwas mrówkowy, Kwas metanowy, Kwas wodorokarboksylowy, HCOOH
pt:E236, Ácido metanoico, Ácido fórmico
ro:E236, Acid formic
sk:E236, Kyselina mravčia, Kyselina metánová
sl:E236, Mravljinčna kislina, Metanojska kislina, Mravljična kislina, HCOOH
sv:E236, Myrsyra, Metansyra

en:E237, Sodium formiate, Sodium formate
bg:E237, E237 food additive
cs:E237, Mravenčan sodný, Metanoát sodný, Sodná sůl kyseliny mravenčí, Sodná sůl kyseliny metanové, Sodná sůl kyseliny methanové, HCOONa, Methanoát sodný
da:E237, E237 food additive
de:E237, Natriumformiat, Natriummethanat, HCO2Na, E 237
el:E237, E237 food additive
es:E237, Formiato de sodio, E 237, Metanoato de sodio, Formiato sódico
et:E237, E237 food additive
fi:E237, Natriumformiaatti
fr:E237, Formiate de sodium, Formate de sodium, Sel de l'acide formique, ester de l'acide formique
hu:E237, Nátrium-formiát
it:E237, Formiato di sodio, HCOONa
lt:E237, E237 food additive
lv:E237, E237 food additive
mt:E237, E237 food additive
nl:E237, Natriumformiaat
pl:E237, Mrówczan sodu, HCOONa
pt:E237, Formato de sódio, Formiato de sódio, Metanoato de sódio
ro:E237, E237 food additive
sk:E237, E237 food additive
sl:E237, E237 food additive
sv:E237, Natriumformiat

en:E238, Calcium formiate, calcium formate
bg:E238, E238 food additive
cs:E238, Mravenčan vápenatý
da:E238, E238 food additive
de:E238, Calciumformiat
el:E238, E238 food additive
es:E238, Formiato de calcio
et:E238, E238 food additive
fi:E238, E238 food additive
fr:E238, Formiate de calcium, Ca(HCOO)2
hu:E238, Kalcium-formiát
it:E238, Formiato di calcio, Ca(HCOO)2
lt:E238, E238 food additive
lv:E238, E238 food additive
mt:E238, E238 food additive
nl:E238, Calciumformiaat
pl:E238, Mrówczan wapnia
pt:E238, E238 food additive
ro:E238, E238 food additive
sk:E238, E238 food additive
sl:E238, E238 food additive
sv:E238, E238 food additive

en:E239, Hexamethylene tetramine, Hexamine, hexamethylenetetramine
bg:E239, Хексаметилен тетрамин, Хексамин, Уротропин, Сух спирт, Хексаметилентетрамин
cs:E239, Hexamethylentetramin, Hexamin, Urotropin, Pevný podpalovač, Tuhý podpalovač, PePo, HMTA, Tuhý líh, Pevný líh
da:E239, Hexamethylentetramin, Hexamin, Methamin, Urotropin
de:E239, Hexamethylentetramin, Hexamin, Urotropin, Trockenspiritus, E 239, Methamin, Methenamin, Formin, Hexamethylentetraamin
el:E239, Εξαμεθυλενοτετραμινη, Εξαμίνη
es:E239, Hexametilentetramina, Hexamina, Urotropina, Metenamina, E 239
et:E239, Heksametüleentetramiin, Heksamiin, Urotropiin
fi:E239, Heksametyleenitetramiini, Heksamiini, Urotropiini, Metenamiini
fr:E239, Hexaméthylènetétramine, Hexamine, méthénamine, C6H12N4, Urotropine, E 239, 100-97-0
hu:E239, Hexametilén-tetramin, Hexamin
it:E239, Esametilentetramina, Esamina, esametilentetrammina, urotropina, esammina, metenamina
lt:E239, Heksametileno tetraaminas, Heksaminas, C6H12N4, Heksametiltetraminas, Urotropinas
lv:E239, Heksametilēntetramīns, Heksamīns, Urotropīns, C6h12n4, Metēnamīns, (ch2)6n4
mt:E239, Eżametilen tetrammina, Eżammina
nl:E239, Hexamethyleentetramine, Hexamine
pl:E239, Heksametylenoczteroamina, Heksamina, Urotropina, Metenamina, Heksametylenotetraamina, HMTA
pt:E239, Hexametilenotetramina, Hexamina, urotropina, metenamina
ro:E239, Hexametilentetramină, Hexamină
sk:E239, Hexametylén tetramín, Hexamín
sl:E239, Heksametilen-tetramin, heksamin
sv:E239, Hexametylentetramin, Hexamin, Urotropin, HMTA, E 239, Hexametylentetraamin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-06-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of hexamethylene tetramine (E 239) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E240, Formaldehyde, methanal
bg:E240, Формалдехид, Метанал
cs:E240, Formaldehyd, Metanal, Aldehyd kyseliny methanové, Aldehyd kyseliny metanové, Methanal, CH2O, E 240, Aldehyd kyseliny mravenčí
da:E240, Formaldehyd, Formalin
de:E240, Formaldehyd, Formalin, Methanal, Methylaldehyd, Formol, HCHO, CH2O
el:E240, Μεθανάλη, Φορμαλδεΰδη, CH2O
es:E240, Formaldehído, Formaldeido, Formol, Metanal, CH2O, H2CO
et:E240, Metanaal, Formaldehüüd
fi:E240, Formaldehydi, Formoli, Metanaali, Metyylialdehydi, Metyleenioksidi
fr:E240, Formaldéhyde, Formaldéhyde Conservateur, Aldéhyde formique, Formol, Méthanal, Formaline, HCHO, 50-00-0
hu:E240, Formaldehid
it:E240, Formaldeide, Aldeide formica, Ossimetilene, Metilaldeide, Ossido di metilene, Metanale, CH2O, Formalina
lt:E240, Formaldehidas, Metileno oksidas, Metanalis, Formolas, Formalinas, H2CO
lv:E240, Formaldehīds, Hcoh, Ch2o, Formalīns, Metanāls
mt:E240, E240 food additive
nl:E240, Formaldehyde, Formaline, Methanal, Formaldehyd, Formol, 50-00-0
pl:E240, Aldehyd mrówkowy, Formaldehyd, Metanal
pt:E240, metanal, óxido de metileno, formol, formaldeído, formalina
ro:E240, Formaldehidă, Aldehidă formică, Formol, Metanal
ru:E240, Формальдегид, HCHO, Е240, Formaldehyde, CH2O, CHOH, HCOH, формидрон, метаналь, муравьиный альдегид
sk:E240, Formaldehyd
sl:E240, Formaldehid, Pentaerititol
sv:E240, Formaldehyd, Formalaldehyd, Metanal, Formox

en:E241, E241 food additive
bg:E241, E241 food additive
cs:E241, E241 food additive
da:E241, E241 food additive
de:E241, E241 food additive
el:E241, E241 food additive
es:E241, E241 food additive
et:E241, E241 food additive
fi:E241, E241 food additive
fr:E241, Gomme gaïac
hu:E241, E241 food additive
it:E241, E241 food additive
lt:E241, E241 food additive
lv:E241, E241 food additive
mt:E241, E241 food additive
nl:E241, E241 food additive
pl:E241, E241 food additive
pt:E241, E241 food additive
ro:E241, E241 food additive
sk:E241, E241 food additive
sl:E241, E241 food additive
sv:E241, E241 food additive

en:E242, Dimethyl dicarbonate, DMDC, methoxycarbonyl methyl carbonate, dicarbonic acid dimethyl ester, Velcorin
bg:E242, Диметил дикарбонат, DMDC
cs:E242, Dimethyldiuhličitan, DMDC
da:E242, Dimethyldicarbonat, DMDC
de:E242, Dimethyldicarbonat, DMDC, Velcorin, E 242
el:E242, Δικαρβονικος διμεθυλεστερας, DMDC
es:E242, Dimetil dicarbonato, DMDC, Dicarbonato de dimetilo, E 242
et:E242, Dimetüüldikarbonaat, DMDC
fi:E242, Dimetyylidikarbonaatti, DMDC
fr:E242, Dicarbonate de diméthyle, DMDC, Velcorin, 4525-33-1, E-242, Acide dicarbonique diméthyle ester, Diméthyle pyrocarbonate, Méthoxycarbonyle méthyle carbonate
hu:E242, Dimetil-dikarbonát, DMDC
it:E242, Dimetildicarbonato, DMDC, C4H6O5
lt:E242, Dimetilo dikarbonatas, DMDC
lv:E242, Dimetildikarbonāts, DMDC
mt:E242, Dimetil dikarbonat, DMDC
nl:E242, Dimethyldicarbonaat, DMDC
pl:E242, Dimetylodiwęglan, DMDC, Pirowęglan dimetylu
pt:E242, Dicarbonato de dimetilo, DMDC, Dicarbonato de dimetila
ro:E242, Dicarbonat de dimetil, DMDC
sk:E242, Dimetyl-dikarbonát, DMDC
sl:E242, Dimetildikarbonat, DMDC
sv:E242, Dimetyldikarbonat, DMDC, E 242
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-12-10
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the re-evaluation of dimethyl dicarbonate (DMDC, E 242) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E243, Ethyl lauroyl arginate
bg:E243, E243 food additive
cs:E243, E243 food additive
da:E243, E243 food additive
de:E243, E243 food additive
el:E243, E243 food additive
es:E243, E243 food additive
et:E243, E243 food additive
fi:E243, E243 food additive
fr:E243, Arginate d’éthyle laurique
hu:E243, Etil-lauroil-arginát
it:E243, E243 food additive
lt:E243, E243 food additive
lv:E243, E243 food additive
mt:E243, E243 food additive
nl:E243, E243 food additive
pl:E243, E243 food additive
pt:E243, E243 food additive
ro:E243, E243 food additive
sk:E243, E243 food additive
sl:E243, E243 food additive
sv:E243, E243 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E249, Potassium nitrite
bg:E249, Калиев нитрит
cs:E249, Dusitan draselný, KNO2, E 249
da:E249, Kaliumnitrit
de:E249, Kaliumnitrit, E 249, Salpetrigsaures Kalium, KNO2
el:E249, Νιτρωδες καλιο
es:E249, Nitrito potásico, Nitrito de potasio, E 249
et:E249, Kaaliumnitrit
fi:E249, Kaliumnitriitti, KNO2
fr:E249, Nitrite de potassium, KNO2
hu:E249, Kálium-nitrit
it:E249, Nitrito di potassio, KNO2
lt:E249, Kalio nitritas
lv:E249, Kālija nitrīts
mt:E249, Nitrit tal-potassju
nl:E249, Kaliumnitriet
pl:E249, Azotyn potasu, Azotan(III) potasu
pt:E249, Nitrito de potássio
ro:E249, Nitrit de potasiu
sk:E249, Dusitan draselný
sl:E249, Kalijev nitrit
sv:E249, Kaliumnitrit
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E250, Sodium nitrite, NaNO2
bg:E250, Натриев нитрит
cs:E250, Dusitan sodný
da:E250, Natriumnitrit
de:E250, Natriumnitrit
el:E250, Νιτρωδες νατριο
es:E250, Nitrito sódico, Nitrito de sodio
et:E250, Naatriumnitrit
fi:E250, Natriumnitriitti, E 250
fr:E250, Nitrite de sodium, Azotite, Nitrite de soude, Nitrite sodique, Sel nitrité
hu:E250, Nátrium-nitrit
it:E250, Nitrito di sodio
lt:E250, Natrio nitritas
lv:E250, Nātrija nitrīts
mt:E250, Nitrit tas-sodju
nl:E250, Natriumnitriet
pl:E250, Azotyn sodu, Azotan(III) sodu
pt:E250, Nitrito de sódio
ro:E250, Nitrit de sodiu, Azotit de sodiu
rs:E250, natrijum nitrit
ru:E250, Нитрит натрия, Натрия нитрит, Натрий азотокислый
sk:E250, Dusitan sodný
sl:E250, Natrijev nitrit
sv:E250, Natriumnitrit
# Mean>ADI adults	95th>ADI adults	Mean>ADI elderly	95th>ADI elderly	Mean>ADI adolescent	95>ADI adolescent	Mean>ADI children	95th>ADI children	Mean>ADI toddlers	95th>ADI toddlers	Mean>ADI infants	95th>ADI infants
# 0	1	0	1			1	1	1	1	1	1
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/06/15
efsa_evaluation:en: Re-evaluation of potassium nitrite (E 249) and sodium nitrite (E 250) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E251, Sodium nitrate
bg:E251, Натриев нитрат i.
cs:E251, Dusičnan sodný, Čilský ledek, Chilský ledek, Nitratin, E 251, NaNO3
da:E251, Natriumnitrat, NaNO3
de:E251, Natriumnitrat, Chilesalpeter, Natronsalpeter, NaNO3
el:E251, Νιτρικο νατριο, Νίτρο της Χιλής
es:E251, Nitrato sódico i., Nitrato de sodio, Conservante E-251, Nitrato sodico, E-251, Conservante E251, Nitrato de soda, Sal de Chile, NaNO3
et:E251, Naatriumnitraat i), Naatriumnitraat
fi:E251, Natriumnitraatti i), Natriumnitraatti, Chilen salpietari, Perunsalpietari, Chilensalpietari, E 251
fr:E251, Nitrate de sodium, 7631-99-4, Salpêtre du Chili, Nitrate de soude, NaNO3
hu:E251, Nátrium-nitrát
it:E251, Nitrato di sodio, Nitrato del Cile, NaNO3
lt:E251, Natrio nitratas
lv:E251, Nātrija nitrāts i., Nātrija nitrāts, Čīles salpetris, Nātrija salpetris, NaNO3
mt:E251, Nitrat tas-sodju i.
nl:E251, Natriumnitraat, Chilisalpeter
pl:E251, Azotan sodu, Saletra chilijska, Nitronatryt, Nitratyn, Azotan(V) sodu, Saletra sodowa
pt:E251, Nitrato de sódio, NaNO3
ro:E251, Nitrat de sodiu i., Azotat de sodiu, Nitrat de sodiu, Salpetru de Chile
sk:E251, Dusičnan sodný i., Dusičnan sodný
sl:E251, Natrijev nitrat
sv:E251, Natriumnitrat, Chilesalpeter, Natronsalpeter, E 251
additives_classes:en: en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/06/15
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sodium nitrate (E 251) and potassium nitrate (E 252) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 3.7

en:E252, Potassium nitrate
bg:E252, Калиев нитрат, Калиева селитра
cs:E252, Dusičnan draselný, Salnytr, Sanitr, Ledek draselný, Salnitr, Draselný ledek, E 252, KNO3, Sanytr
da:E252, Kaliumnitrat, KNO3, Kalisalpeter
de:E252, Kaliumnitrat, E 252, Kalisalpeter, Kaliumsalpeter, KNO3, Salpeter
el:E252, Νιτρικο καλιο
es:E252, Nitrato potásico, nitrato de potasio, Sal nitro, E 252, Conservante E-252, Nitrato de potasa, Conservante E252, KNO3
et:E252, Kaaliumnitraat
fi:E252, Kaliumnitraatti, KNO3, Kalisalpietari
fr:E252, Nitrate de potassium, Salpêtre, Nitre, Nitrate de potasse, 7757-79-1, Nitrate et de potassium, KNO3
hu:E252, Kálium-nitrát
it:E252, Nitrato di potassio, Salnitro, KNO3
lt:E252, Kalio nitratas, Kalio salietra, KNO3
lv:E252, Kālija nitrāts, Kālija salpetris, KNO3
mt:E252, Nitrat tal-potassju
nl:E252, Kaliumnitraat, Kno3
pl:E252, Azotan potasu, Azotan(V) potasu
pt:E252, Nitrato de potássio, Salitre do Chile, Kno3, Salito
ro:E252, Nitrat de potasiu, Azotat de potasiu, Salpetru de india, Salpetru
sk:E252, Dusičnan draselný
sl:E252, Kalijev nitrat
sv:E252, Kaliumnitrat, KNO3, E 252, Kalisalpeter
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:preservative
additives_classes:en: en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/06/15
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sodium nitrate (E 251) and potassium nitrate (E 252) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 3.7

en:E260, Acetic acid, ethanoic acid
bg:E260, Оцетна киселина, Оцетна киселина, Е260, Етанова киселина
cs:E260, Kyselina octová, Kyselina octová, Etanová kyselina, Ethanová kyselina, E 260, Kyselina ethanová, Kyselina etanová, Acidum aceticum
da:E260, Eddikesyre, Eddikesyre, Acetat, Ethansyre, C2H4O2, AcOH
de:E260, Essigsäure, Essigsäure, Haushaltsessig, Methancarbonsäure, Acidum aceticum, Acetoxylsäure, Acetat-Ion, Ethansäure, Säureessig, Acetylsäure, Eisessig, CH3COOH, Ethoxylsäure, Äthansäure, Methylcarbonsäure, Holzsäure, Essigessenz, AcOH, E 260, HOAc
el:E260, Οξικο οξυ, Οξικό οξύ, Αιθανικό οξύ, Αιθανοϊκό οξύ, CH3CO2H, CH3COOH, MeCOOH
es:E260, Ácido acético, Conservante E260, Ácido acético glacial, E-260, Ácido etanoico, Conservante E 260, Etanoico
et:E260, Äädikhape, Äädikhape, Etaanhape
fi:E260, Etikkahappo, Etikkahappo, Etaanihappo, Asetometri, E 260, Jääetikka, CH3COOH
fr:E260, Acide acétique, Acétification, Acide éthanoïque, 64-19-7, CH3COOH, Acetic acid, Acétique, Acide acétique glacial, AcOH
hu:E260, Ecetsav, Ecetsav, Jégecet, Ecet, CH3COOH, Acetic acid, Etánsav, Acetát
it:E260, Acido acetico, Acido acetico, Acido etanoico, C2H4O2, AcOH, CH3COOH, Acido acetico glaciale
lt:E260, Acto rūgštis, Acto rūgštis, Vandenilio acetatas, Metankarboksilinė rūgštis, CH3COOH, Acetilo hidroksidas, Etano rūgštis
lv:E260, Etiķskābe, Etiķskābe, Acetāti, Ch3cooh, Acetāts, Metānkarbonskābe, Etānskābe, Ledus etiķskābe
mt:E260, Aċidu aċetiku, Aċidu aċetiku
nl:E260, Azijnzuur, Azijnzuur, 64-19-7, CH3COOH, ijsazijn, ethaanzuur
pl:E260, Kwas octowy, Kwas octowy, CH3COOH, Kwas etanowy, Kwas metanokarboksylowy, Lodowaty kwas octowy
pt:E260, Ácido acético, Ácido acético, Ácido etanoico, Ácido acético glacial, Ácido metanocarboxílico, CH3COOH
ro:E260, Acid acetic, Acid acetic
sk:E260, Kyselina octová, Kyselina octová, Kyselina etánová
sl:E260, Ocetna kislina, ocetna kislina
sv:E260, Ättiksyra, Ättiksyra, Ätiksyra, CH3COOH, Isättika, E 260, Ättikssyra, Etansyra
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E261, Potassium acetate
bg:E261, Калиев ацетат
cs:E261, Octan draselný, Draselná sůl kyseliny octové, Etanoát draselný, CH3COOK, Acetát draselný, Ethanoát draselný, Draselná sůl kyseliny etanové, E 261, Draselná sůl kyseliny ethanové
da:E261, Kaliumacetat
de:E261, Kaliumacetat, CH3COOK, Kalium aceticum, E 261
el:E261, Οξικο καλιο
es:E261, Acetato potásico, Acetato de potasio, Etanoato de potasio, E 261
et:E261, Kaaliumatsetaat
fi:E261, Kaliumasetaatti, E 261
fr:E261, Acétates de potassium, Acétate de potassium, Diacétate de potassium, 127-08-2, E-261, E261(i)
hu:E261, Kálium-acetát
it:E261, Acetato di potassio, CH3COOK
lt:E261, Kalio acetatas
lv:E261, Kālija acetāts
mt:E261, Aċetat tal-potassju
nl:E261, Kaliumacetaat, CH3COOK
pl:E261, Octan potasu
pt:E261, Acetato de potássio, Etanoato de potássio
ro:E261, Acetat de potasiu
sk:E261, Octan draselný
sl:E261, Kalijev acetat
sv:E261, Kaliumacetat
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E262, Sodium acetates, sodium acetate
bg:E262, Натриев ацетат
cs:E262, Octan sodný, Etanoát sodný, Metylkarboxát sodný, Metylkarboxylát sodný, Sodná sůl kyseliny ethanové, CH3COONa, Methylkarboxylát sodný, Sodná sůl kyseliny octové, Ethanoát sodný, Sodná sůl kyseliny etanové, E 262, Methylkarboxát sodný
da:E262, CH_3 COONa
de:E262, Natriumacetat, Natriumacetate, Natrium aceticum, Natriumethanoat, Sodiumacetat, NaOAc, CH3COONa, Natriumacetat-Trihydrat, NaAc, E 262
el:E262, E262 food additive
es:E262, Acetato de sodio, Acetato sódico, E 262
et:E262, Naatriumetanoaat, Naatriumatsetaat
fi:E262, Natriumasetaatti
fr:E262, Acétates de sodium, Acétate de sodium, Diacétate de sodium, Sodium Acetate, Acétate de soude, Sel sodique de l'acide acétique, Ethanoate de sodium, CAS 127-09-3, CAS 126-96-5, CAS 6131-90-4, Hydrogénodiacétate de sodium, Sel de sodium de l'acide éthanoïque, Sel de sodium de l'acide éthanoïque, 127-09-3, 6131-90-4, E262(i), CH3COONa, C2H3NaO2, NaC2H3O2, Acétate de sodium trihydraté
hu:E262, Nátrium-acetát
it:E262, Acetato di sodio, CH3COONa, Sodio acetato
lt:E262, E262 food additive
lv:E262, E262 food additive
mt:E262, E262 food additive
nl:E262, Natriumacetaat, CH3COONa, NaAc
pl:E262, Octany sodu, Octan sodu, Octan sodowy
pt:E262, Acetato de sódio, Trihidratado, Etanoato de sódio, Sal anidro
ro:E262, E262 food additive
sk:E262, Octan sodný, E 262
sl:E262, Natrijev acetat
sv:E262, Natriumacetat, E 262
additives_classes:en: en:preservative, en:sequestrant

en:E262(i), Sodium acetate
bg:E262(i), Натриев ацетат
cs:E262(i), Octan sodný
da:E262(i), Natriumacetat
de:E262(i), Natriumacetat
el:E262(i), Οξικα αλατα του νατριου
es:E262(i), Acetato sódico, Acetato de sodio
et:E262(i), Naatriumatsetaat
fi:E262(i), Natriumasetaatti
fr:E262(i), Acétate de sodium
hu:E262(i), Nátrium-acetát
it:E262(i), Acetato di sodio
lt:E262(i), Natrio acetatas
lv:E262(i), Nātrija acetāts
mt:E262(i), Aċetat tas-sodju
nl:E262(i), Natriumacetaat
pl:E262(i), Octan sodu
pt:E262(i), Acetato de sódio
ro:E262(i), Acetat de sodiu
sk:E262(i), Octan sodný
sl:E262(i), Natrijev acetat
sv:E262(i), Natriumacetat
additives_classes:en: en:preservative, en:sequestrant

en:E262(ii), Sodium diacetate
bg:E262(ii), Натриев диацетат
cs:E262(ii), Hydrogendvojoctan sodný
da:E262(ii), Natriumdiacetat
de:E262(ii), Natriumdiacetat
el:E262(ii), Διοξικο νατριο
es:E262(ii), Diacetato de sodio, Diacetato sódico
et:E262(ii), Naatriumdiatsetaat
fi:E262(ii), Natriumdiasetaatti
fr:E262(ii), Diacétate de sodium
hu:E262(ii), Nátrium-diacetát
it:E262(ii), Diacetato di sodio
lt:E262(ii), Natrio diacetatas
lv:E262(ii), Nātrija diacetāts
mt:E262(ii), Diaċetat tas-sodju
nl:E262(ii), Natriumdiacetaat
pl:E262(ii), Dioctan sodu
pt:E262(ii), Diacetato de sódio
ro:E262(ii), Diacetat de sodiu
sk:E262(ii), Dioctan sodný (kyslý octan sodný)
sl:E262(ii), Natrijev diacetat
sv:E262(ii), Natriumdiacetat
additives_classes:en: en:preservative, en:sequestrant

en:E263, Calcium acetate
bg:E263, Калциев ацетат
cs:E263, Octan vápenatý, Vápenatá sůl kyseliny ethanové, E 263, Vápenatá sůl kyseliny octové, Acetát vápenatý, Ethanoát vápenatý, Ca(CH3COO)2
da:E263, Calciumacetat
de:E263, Calciumacetat, (CH3COO)2Ca, E 263, Kalziumacetat, Calciumdiacetat
el:E263, Οξικα αλατα του ασβεστιου
es:E263, Acetato de calcio, E-263, Conservante E-263, Conservante E263
et:E263, Kaltsiumatsetaat
fi:E263, Kalsiumasetaatti, E 263
fr:E263, Acétate de calcium, C4H6O4Ca, C4H6CaO4, Ca(C2H3O2)2, 62-54-4
hu:E263, Kalcium-acetát
it:E263, Acetato di calcio, (CH3COO)2Ca
lt:E263, Kalcio acetatas
lv:E263, Kalcija acetāts
mt:E263, Aċetat tal-kalċju
nl:E263, Calciumacetaat
pl:E263, Octan wapnia, Wapno szare
pt:E263, Acetato de cálcio
ro:E263, Acetat de calciu
sk:E263, Octan vápenatý
sl:E263, Kalcijev acetat
sv:E263, Kalciumacetat
additives_classes:en: en:preservative, en:stabilizer

en:E264, Ammonium acetate
bg:E264, E264 food additive
cs:E264, E264 food additive
da:E264, E264 food additive
de:E264, E264 food additive
el:E264, E264 food additive
es:E264, E264 food additive
et:E264, E264 food additive
fi:E264, E264 food additive
fr:E264, Acétate d'ammonium
hu:E264, E264 food additive
it:E264, E264 food additive
lt:E264, E264 food additive
lv:E264, E264 food additive
mt:E264, E264 food additive
nl:E264, E264 food additive
pl:E264, E264 food additive
pt:E264, E264 food additive
ro:E264, E264 food additive
sk:E264, E264 food additive
sl:E264, E264 food additive
sv:E264, E264 food additive

en:E265, Dehydroacetic acid
bg:E265, E265 food additive
cs:E265, E265 food additive
da:E265, E265 food additive
de:E265, E265 food additive
el:E265, E265 food additive
es:E265, Ácido dehidroacético
et:E265, E265 food additive
fi:E265, E265 food additive
fr:E265, Acide déhydracétique, Acide déhydroacétique
hu:E265, E265 food additive
it:E265, E265 food additive
lt:E265, E265 food additive
lv:E265, E265 food additive
mt:E265, E265 food additive
nl:E265, E265 food additive
pl:E265, E265 food additive
pt:E265, E265 food additive
ro:E265, E265 food additive
sk:E265, E265 food additive
sl:E265, E265 food additive
sv:E265, E265 food additive

en:E266, Sodium dehydroacetate
bg:E266, E266 food additive
cs:E266, E266 food additive
da:E266, E266 food additive
de:E266, E266 food additive
el:E266, E266 food additive
es:E266, E266 food additive
et:E266, E266 food additive
fi:E266, E266 food additive
fr:E266, Déhydroacétate de sodium
hu:E266, E266 food additive
it:E266, E266 food additive
lt:E266, E266 food additive
lv:E266, E266 food additive
mt:E266, E266 food additive
nl:E266, E266 food additive
pl:E266, E266 food additive
pt:E266, E266 food additive
ro:E266, E266 food additive
sk:E266, E266 food additive
sl:E266, E266 food additive
sv:E266, E266 food additive

en:E270, Lactic acid, milk acid, 2-Hydroxypropanoic acid
bg:E270, Млечна киселина, Лактат
cs:E270, Kyselina mléčná, Laktát, E 270
da:E270, Mælkesyre, Laktat, E-270
de:E270, Milchsäure, L-Lactat, 2-Hydroxypropionsäure, 2-Hydroxypropansäure, Hydroxypropansäure, E 270
el:E270, Γαλακτικο οξυ, 2-υδροξυπροπανικό οξύ, Κρεωγαλακτικό οξύ
es:E270, Ácido láctico, Conservante E270, Acido 2 hidroxipropanoico, Ácido 2 propanoloico, E-270, Conservante E 270, Lactato
et:E270, Piimhape, 2-hüdroksüpropaanhape
fi:E270, Maitohappo, L(+) -maitohappo, Laktaatti, E 270
fr:E270, Acide lactique, Acide L-lactique, 79-33-4, 50-21-5, Lactique, Lactate, 10326-41-7, 598-82-3
hu:E270, Tejsav
it:E270, Acido lattico, Acido DL-lattico, Acido 2-idrossipropanoico, Acido alfadipropionico, Lattato
lt:E270, Pieno rūgštis, Laktatas
lv:E270, Pienskābe, Laktāti, Laktobacilīns, Hidroksipropionskābe
mt:E270, Aċidu lattiku
nl:E270, Melkzuur
pl:E270, Kwas mlekowy, Mleczan
pt:E270, Ácido láctico, Lactato, Ácido lático, Latato
ro:E270, Acid lactic
ru:E270, Молочная кислота, C3H6O3, Лактат, Е270
sk:E270, Kyselina mliečna
sl:E270, Mlečna kislina, Laktat
sv:E270, Mjölksyra, Laktat, 2-hydroxipropansyra, E 270

en:E280, Propionic acid, Propionic acid, Propanoic acid, CH3CH2COOH
bg:E280, Пропионова киселина, Пропионова киселина, Пропанова киселина
cs:E280, Kyselina propionová, Kyselina propionová, Propanová kyselina, Kyselina propanová, CH3CH2COOH, Propionát, E 280
da:E280, Propionsyre, Propionsyre
de:E280, Propionsäure, Propionsäure, Propionate, CH3CH2COOH, Propanoate, Propansäure, E 280, Ethancarbonsäure, Metacetonsäure, Propionat, Propanoat
el:E280, Προπιονικο οξυ, Προπιονικό οξύ, Προπανικό οξύ
es:E280, Ácido propiónico, Ácido propiónico, Ácido propanoico, Ácido propílico, E 280, Conservante E 280, Propanoico, Conservante E280
et:E280, Propioonhape, Propioonhape
fi:E280, Propionihappo, Propionihappo, Propaanihappo, Etaanikarboksyylihappo, Etyylimuurahaishappo, Metyylietikkahappo
fr:E280, Acide propionique, Acide propanoïque, CH3CH2COOH, 79-09-4, Acide a-cétopropionique
hu:E280, Propionsav, Propionsav
it:E280, Acido propionico, Acido propionico, C2H5COOH, Propanoato, Acido propanoico
lt:E280, Propiono rūgštis, Propiono rūgštis
lv:E280, Propionskābe, Propionskābe, Propānskābe, Propionāti
mt:E280, Aċidu propjoniku, Aċidu propjoniku
nl:E280, Propionzuur, Propionzuur, Propaanzuur
pl:E280, Kwas propionowy, Kwas propionowy, Kwas propanowy, Kwas etanokarboksylowy
pt:E280, Ácido propiónico, Ácido propiónico, Ácido propanoico, Ácido propriônico, Ácido propílico, Propionato
ro:E280, Acid propionic, Acid propionic, Acid propanoic
sk:E280, Kyselina propiónová, Kyselina propiónová, Kyselina propánová
sl:E280, Propionska kislina, propionska kislina
sv:E280, Propionsyra, Propionsyra, Propansyra, E 280, Propiat, Propanoat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-07-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of propionic acid (E 280), sodium propionate (E 281), calcium propionate (E 282) and potassium propionate (E 283) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E281, Sodium propionate
bg:E281, Натриев пропионат, Натриев пропионат
cs:E281, Propionan sodný synonyma, Propionát sodný
da:E281, Natriumpropionat, Natriumpropionat
de:E281, Natriumpropionat, E 281
el:E281, Προπιονικο νατριο, Προπιονικό νάτριο
es:E281, Propionato sódico, Propionato de sodio, Propanoato de sodio, Propanoato sodico, Conservante E281, E-281, Conservante E-281
et:E281, Naatriumpropionaat, Naatriumpropionaat
fi:E281, Natriumpropionaatti, Natriumpropionaatti, Natriumpropanaatti
fr:E281, Propionate de sodium
hu:E281, Nátrium-propionát, Nátrium-propionát
it:E281, Propionato di sodio, Propionato di sodio
lt:E281, Natrio propionatas, Natrio propionatas
lv:E281, Nātrija propionāts, Nātrija propionāts
mt:E281, Propjonat tas-sodju, Propjonat tas-sodju
nl:E281, Natriumpropionaat, Natriumpropionaat
pl:E281, Propionian sodu, Propionian sodu
pt:E281, Propionato de sódio, Propionato de sódio
ro:E281, Propionat de sodiu, Propionat de sodiu
sk:E281, Propionan sodný, Propionan sodný
sl:E281, Natrijev propionat, natrijev propionat
sv:E281, Natriumpropionat, Natriumpropionat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-07-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of propionic acid (E 280), sodium propionate (E 281), calcium propionate (E 282) and potassium propionate (E 283) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E282, Calcium propionate, Calcium propanoate
bg:E282, Калциев пропионат
cs:E282, Propionan vápenatý
da:E282, Calciumpropionat
de:E282, Calciumpropionat, E 282, Kalziumpropionat, Calciumdipropionat
el:E282, Προπιονικο ασβεστιο
es:E282, Propionato cálcico, Propionato de calcio, Propanoato de calcio, Conservante E282, E-282, Conservante E 282, Propanoato cálcico
et:E282, Kaltsiumpropionaat
fi:E282, Kalsiumpropionaatti, Kalsiumpropanaatti
fr:E282, Propionate de calcium, Propanoate de calcium
hu:E282, Kalcium-propionát
it:E282, Propionato di calcio
lt:E282, Kalcio propionatas
lv:E282, Kalcija propionāts
mt:E282, Propjonat tal-kalċju
nl:E282, Calciumpropionaat, Calciumpropanoaat
pl:E282, Propionian wapnia
pt:E282, Propionato de cálcio, Propanoato de cálcio
ro:E282, Propionat de calciu
sk:E282, Propionan vápenatý
sl:E282, Kalcijev propionat
sv:E282, Kalciumpropionat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-07-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of propionic acid (E 280), sodium propionate (E 281), calcium propionate (E 282) and potassium propionate (E 283) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E283, Potassium propionate, Potassium propionate, Potassium propanoate
bg:E283, Калиев пропионат, Калиев пропионат
cs:E283, Propionan draselný synonyma, Propionát draselný
da:E283, Kaliumpropionat, Kaliumpropionat
de:E283, Kaliumpropionat, E 283
el:E283, Προπιονικο καλιο, Προπιονικό κάλιο
es:E283, Propionato potásico, Propionato de potasio, Propanoato de potasio, Conservante E283, Propanoato potásico, E-283, Conservante E 283
et:E283, Kaaliumpropionaat, Kaaliumpropionaat
fi:E283, Kaliumpropionaatti, Kaliumpropionaatti, Kaliumpropanaatti
fr:E283, Propionate de potassium, Propanoate de potassium
hu:E283, Kálium-propionát, Kálium-propionát
it:E283, Propionato di potassio, Propionato di potassio
lt:E283, Kalio propionatas, Kalio propionatas
lv:E283, Kālija propionāts, Kālija propionāts
mt:E283, Propjonat tal-potassju
nl:E283, Kaliumpropionaat, Kaliumpropionaat
pl:E283, Propionian potasu, Propionian potasu
pt:E283, Propionato de potássio, Propionato de potássio
ro:E283, Propionat de potasiu, Propionat de potasiu
sk:E283, Propionan draselný, Propionan draselný
sl:E283, Kalijev propionat, kalijev propionat
sv:E283, Kaliumpropionat, Kaliumpropionat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-07-22
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of propionic acid (E 280), sodium propionate (E 281), calcium propionate (E 282) and potassium propionate (E 283) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E284, Boric acid, Boracic acid, Orthoboric acid
bg:E284, Борна киселина, Борна киселина, ортоборна киселина
cs:E284, Kyselina boritá, Kyselina orthoboritá, E 284, Kyselina trihydorenboritá, H3BO3, Borová voda
da:E284, Borsyre, Orthoborsyre, Boric acid
de:E284, Borsäure, Borsäure, Orthoborsäure, Borsäuretitration, Trihydrogenborat, Borhydroxid, Borwasser, E 284, H3BO3
el:E284, Βορικο οξυ, Βορακικό οξύ, ορθοβορικό οξύ
es:E284, Ácido bórico, Ácido borácico, Conservante E284, Ácido (orto)borico, Acido ortoborico, Conservante E 284
et:E284, Boorhape
fi:E284, Boorihappo, Ortoboorihappo, H3BO3
fr:E284, Acide borique, Acide monoborique, acide orthoborique, Alcool boriqué, Acide boracique, 10043-35-3, Borate d'hydrogène, H3BO3
hu:E284, Bórsav, Bórsav, orto-Bórsav
it:E284, Acido borico, Acido boracico, acido ortoborico, Acido triossoborico, H3BO3, Acqua borica, Acido triossoborico(III)
lt:E284, Boro rūgštis, Boro rūgštis, ortoboro rūgštis, B(OH)3, H3BO3
lv:E284, Borskābe, Borakskābe, ortoborskābe
mt:E284, Aċidu boriku, Aċidu boraċiku, Aċidu ortoboriku
nl:E284, Boorzuur, Monoboorzuur, orthoboorzuur, H3BO3
pl:E284, Kwas borowy, Kwas borny, kwas ortoborowy
pt:E284, Ácido bórico, Ácido ortobórico, Ortoborato de hidrogênio
ro:E284, Acid boric, Acid boracic, Acid ortoboric, Hidroxid de bor
sk:E284, Kyselina boritá, Kyselina boracitová, Kyselina ortoboritá
sl:E284, Borova kislina, borova kislina, ortoborova kislina
sv:E284, Borsyra, Ortoborsyra, Boraxsyra, Borater, E 284, Borat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-10-24
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of boric acid (E 284) and sodium tetraborate (borax) (E 285) as food additives.

en:E285, Sodium tetraborate (borax), borax, sodium borate, sodium tetraborate, disodium tetraborate
bg:E285, Натриев тетраборат (боракс)
cs:E285, Tetraboritan sodný (borax), Borax
da:E285, Natriumtetraborat (boraks), Boraks
de:E285, Natriumtetraborat (borax), Natriumtetraborat, wasserfreies Borax, Na2B4O7
el:E285, Τετραβορικο νατριο (βορακασ), Βόρακας
es:E285, Tetraborato sódico (bórax), bórax
et:E285, Naatriumtetraboraat, Naatriumboraat, Booraks
fi:E285, Natriumtetraboraatti (booraksi), Booraksi
fr:E285, Tétraborate de sodium, borax, Tétraborate de sodium (borax)
hu:E285, Nátrium-tetraborát (bórax), Bórax
it:E285, Tetraborato di sodio (borace), borace
lt:E285, Natrio tetraboratas (boraksas), Boraksas
lv:E285, Nātrija tetraborāts (boraks)
mt:E285, Tetraborat tas-sodju (borax)
nl:E285, Natriumtetraboraat (borax), Natriumtetraboraat
pl:E285, Czteroboran sodu (boraks), Boraks rodzimy
pt:E285, Tetraborato de sódio (bórax), Bórax
ro:E285, Tetraborat de sodiu (borax), Borax
sk:E285, Tetraboritan sodný (borax)
sl:E285, Natrijev tetraborat (boraks)
sv:E285, Natriumtetraborat (borax), Borax
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-10-24
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of boric acid (E 284) and sodium tetraborate (borax) (E 285) as food additives.

en:E290, Carbon dioxide, Carbonic acid gas, Dry ice (solid form)
bg:E290, Въглероден диоксид, Газ на въглена киселина, сух лед (твърда форма)
cs:E290, Oxid uhličitý, Plynný oxid uhličitý, suchý led (v pevné formě)
da:E290, Carbondioxid, Kuldioxidgas, tøris (fast form), Kuldioxid
de:E290, Kohlendioxid, Kohlensäure, Trockeneis (Festform), Kohlenstoffdioxid
el:E290, Διοξειδιο του ανθρακα, Αέριο ανθρακικό οξύ, ξηρός πάγος (στερεά μορφή)
es:E290, Dióxido de carbono, Anhídrido carbónico, Gas de ácido carbónico, hielo seco (forma sólida)
et:E290, Süsinikdioksiid, „Kuiv jää” (tahke vorm), süsihappegaas
fi:E290, Hiilidioksidi
fr:E290, Dioxyde de carbone, Anhydride carbonique, gaz carbonique, Acide carbonique, carbonate d'hydrogène, Gaz de l'acide carbonique, neige carbonique, glace sèche (forme solide)
hu:E290, Szén-dioxid, szénéleg
it:E290, Anidride carbonica, Gas acido carbonico, ghiaccio secco (forma solida), biossido di carbonio, diossido di carbonio
lt:E290, Anglies dioksidas, Angliarūgštė, sausasis ledas (kietoji forma)
lv:E290, Oglekļa dioksīds, Ogļskābā gāze, sausais ledus (cietā forma)
mt:E290, Diossidu tal-karbonju, Gass tal-aċidu karboniku, Silġ niexef (forma solida)
nl:E290, Koolstofdioxide, Koolzuurgas, droogijs (vaste vorm)
pl:E290, Dwutlenek węgla, Gazowy dwutlenek węgla, suchy lód (w postaci stałej), ditlenek węgla
pt:E290, Dióxido de carbono, Gás carbónico, neve carbónica (forma sólida)
ro:E290, Dioxid de carbon, Gaz de acid carbonic, Gheață uscată (forma solidă)
sk:E290, Oxid uhličitý, Plyn kyseliny uhličitej, suchý ľad (tuhá forma)
sl:E290, Ogljikov dioksid, carbonic acid gas, suhi led (trdna oblika)
sv:E290, Koldioxid, Kolsyregas, kolsyresnö (i fast form)
additives_classes:en: en:preservative, en:propellant

en:E296, Malic acid, hydroxybutanedioic acid
bg:E296, Ябълчна киселина, Ябълчена киселина, Хидроксиянтарна киселина
cs:E296, Kyselina jablečná, Kyselina hydroxybutandiová, kyselina hydroxyjantarová, Malát, E 296
da:E296, Æblesyre, E-296, Malinsyre, Malat
de:E296, Äpfelsäure, 2-Hydroxybutan-1\,4-disäure, Malat, E 352, 2-Hydroxybutandisäure, Hydroxybutandisäure, 2-Hydroxybernsteinsäure, Aepfelsäure, Malate, Hydroxybernsteinsäure, 2-Hydroxyethan-1\,2-dicarbonsäure, E 296
el:E296, Μηλικο οξυ
es:E296, Ácido málico
et:E296, Õunhape
fi:E296, Malic acid, Omenahappo, E 296
fr:E296, Acide malique, Malic Acid, 617-48-1, Malate
hu:E296, Malic acid, Almasav
it:E296, Acido malico, Malato, Acido 2S-idrossi-1\,4-butandioico, Acido fruttico, Acido di mela, HOOCCH(OH)CH2COOH, Acido L-(-)-idrossisuccinico
lt:E296, Obuolių rūgštis
lv:E296, Ābolskābe, C4H6O5, Malāti
mt:E296, Aċidu maliku
nl:E296, Appelzuur
pl:E296, Kwas jabłkowy, Kwas hydroksybutanodiowy, Jabłczan, Kwas hydroksybursztynowy
pt:E296, Ácido málico, Ácido hidroxisuccínico
ro:E296, Acid malic
sk:E296, Kyselina jablčná
sl:E296, Jabolčna kislina
sv:E296, Äppelsyra, Malat, E 296

en:E297, Fumaric acid, trans-Butenedioic acid
bg:E297, Фурмарова киселина, транс-бутендиова киселина
cs:E297, Kyselina fumarová, Kyselina (E)-butendiová
da:E297, Fumarsyre, trans-Butendisyre
de:E297, Fumarsäure, trans-Butendisäure
el:E297, Φουμαρικο οξυ, trans-Βουτενοδικαρβονικό οξύ
es:E297, Ácido fumárico, Ácido trans-butenodioico
et:E297, Fumaarhape, trans-buteendihape
fi:E297, Fumaarihappo, trans-Buteenidikarbonihappo
fr:E297, Acide fumarique, Acide trans-butène-dioïque
hu:E297, Fumársav, transz-Buténdisav
it:E297, Acido fumarico, Acido trans-butenedioico
lt:E297, Fumaro rūgštis, Transbuteno dirūgštis
lv:E297, Fumārskābe, Trans-butāndiskābe, trans-1
mt:E297, Aċidu fumariku, Aċidu trans-Butendiojku
nl:E297, Fumaarzuur, trans-Buteendizuur
pl:E297, Kwas fumarowy, Kwas trans-butenediowy
pt:E297, Ácido fumárico, Ácido trans-butenodióico
ro:E297, Acid fumaric, Acid trans-butendioic
sk:E297, Kyselina fumarová, Kyselina trans-buténdiová
sl:E297, Fumarna kislina, trans-butendiojska kislina
sv:E297, Fumarsyra, trans-Butendisyra

en:E300, Ascorbic acid, l-ascorbic acid, Synonyms L-xylo-Ascorbic acid
bg:E300, Аскорбинова киселина, l-аскорбинова киселина, L-ксило-аскорбинова киселина
cs:E300, Kyselina askorbová, kyselina l-askorbová
da:E300, Ascorbinsyre, L-askorbinsyre, Vitamin C, Askorbinsyre, E-300, L-ascorbinsyre, Ascorbat, C-vitamin, Askorbat
de:E300, Ascorbinsäure, Askorbinsäure
el:E300, Ασκορβικο οξυ, l-ασκορβικο οξυ
es:E300, Ácido ascórbico, Ácido l-ascórbico, Ácido L-ascórbico, E 200
et:E300, Askorbiinhape
fi:E300, Ascorbic acid, l-ascorbic acid
fr:E300, Acide ascorbique, Acide L-ascorbique, Vitamine C, Acide ascorbique (L-), Acide L(+)-ascorbique, Ascorbate
hu:E300, Aszkorbinsav, l-aszkorbinsav, C-vitamin
it:E300, Acido ascorbico, acido l-ascorbico, Ascorbato
lt:E300, Askorbo rūgštis, l-askorbo rūgštis, Askorbinas
lv:E300, Askorbīnskābe, l-askorbīnskābe
mt:E300, Aċidu askorbiku, aċidu l-askorbiku
nl:E300, Ascorbinezuur, 50-81-7
pl:E300, Kwas askorbinowy, kwas l-askorbinowy, kwas askorbowy
pt:E300, Ácido ascórbico, ácido l-ascórbico, Vitamina c, C6H8O6, Ascorbato
ro:E300, Acid ascorbic, acid l-ascorbic
ru:E300, Аскорбиновая кислота, Витамин С, Аскорбат, Е300, Витамин Ц, Асковит, Асвитол, Цитравит, Аскорбинка
sk:E300, Kyselina askorbová, kyselina l-askorbová, Vitamín C, E 300
sl:E300, Askorbinska kislina, l-askorbinska kislina
sv:E300, Askorbinsyra, l-askorbinsyra, Vitamin C, Hexuronsyra, E 300, C-Vitamin, Askorbat, Askobinsyror, Askorbin
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator,en:antioxidant,en:flour-treatment-agent,en:sequestrant,en:acid
default_additive_class:en: en:vitamin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015/05/06
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of ascorbic acid (E 300), sodium ascorbate (E 301) and calcium ascorbate (E 302) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:sequestrant

en:E301, Sodium ascorbate, Sodium L-ascorbate
bg:E301, Натриев аскорбат, Натриев L-аскорбат
cs:E301, Askorban sodný, L-askorban sodný
da:E301, Natriumascorbat, Natrium-L-ascorbat
de:E301, Natriumascorbat, E 301, Natrium-L-Ascorbat
el:E301, Ασκορβικο νατριο, L-Ασκορβικό νάτριο
es:E301, Ascorbato sódico, Ascorbato de sodio, L-ascorbato sódico, E 301
et:E301, Naatriumaskorbaat
fi:E301, Natriumaskorbaatti
fr:E301, Ascorbate de sodium, Ascorbate de sodium, L-ascorbate de sodium, sel monosodique de l’acide L-ascorbique, L-ascorbate de Sodium, 134-03-2, C6H7O6Na
hu:E301, Nátrium-aszkorbát, Nátrium-L-aszkorbát
it:E301, Ascorbato di sodio, L-Ascorbato di sodio
lt:E301, Natrio askorbatas, Natrio L-askorbatas, Mononatrio askorbatas
lv:E301, Nātrija askorbāts, Nātrija L-askorbāts
mt:E301, Askorbat tas-sodju, L-askorbat tas-sodju
nl:E301, Natriumascorbaat, Natrium-L-ascorbaat
pl:E301, Askorbinian sodu, L-askorbinian sodu
pt:E301, Ascorbato de sódio, L-Ascorbato de sódio
ro:E301, Ascorbat de sodiu, L-ascorbat de sodiu
rs:E301, natrijum askorbat
ru:E301, Аскорбат натрия, Е301
sk:E301, Askorban sodný, L-askorbát sodný
sl:E301, Natrijev askorbat, natrijev L-askorbat
sv:E301, Natriumaskorbat, Natrium-L-askorbat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015/05/06
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of ascorbic acid (E 300), sodium ascorbate (E 301) and calcium ascorbate (E 302) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E302, Calcium ascorbate
bg:E302, Калциев аскорбат
cs:E302, Askorban vápenatý, Askorban vápenatý
da:E302, Calciumascorbat
de:E302, Calciumascorbat
el:E302, Ασκορβικο ασβεστιο
es:E302, Ascorbato cálcico, Ascorbato de calcio
et:E302, Kaltsiumaskorbaat
fi:E302, Kalsiumaskorbaatti
fr:E302, Ascorbate de calcium, Ascorbate de calcium (Vitamine C)
hu:E302, Kalcium-aszkorbát
it:E302, Ascorbato di calcio
lt:E302, Kalcio askorbatas
lv:E302, Kalcija askorbāts
mt:E302, Askorbat tal-kalċju
nl:E302, Calciumascorbaat
pl:E302, Askorbinian wapnia
pt:E302, Ascorbato de cálcio
ro:E302, Ascorbat de calciu
sk:E302, Askorban vápenatý
sl:E302, Kalcijev askorbat
sv:E302, Kalciumaskorbat
mandatory_additive_class:en :en:antioxidant
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015/05/06
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of ascorbic acid (E 300), sodium ascorbate (E 301) and calcium ascorbate (E 302) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E303, Potassium ascorbate
bg:E303, E303 food additive
cs:E303, E303 food additive
da:E303, E303 food additive
de:E303, E303 food additive
el:E303, E303 food additive
es:E303, Ascorbato de potasio, Ascorbato potásico, E 303
et:E303, E303 food additive
fi:E303, E303 food additive
fr:E303, Diacétate d'ascorbyle
hu:E303, E303 food additive
it:E303, Ascorbato di potassio, KC6H7O6
lt:E303, Kalio askorbatas, Monokalio askorbatas
lv:E303, E303 food additive
mt:E303, E303 food additive
nl:E303, E303 food additive
pl:E303, E303 food additive
pt:E303, E303 food additive
ro:E303, E303 food additive
sk:E303, E303 food additive
sl:E303, E303 food additive
sv:E303, E303 food additive

# E305 is the same as E304(ii)
en:E305, Ascorbyl stearate
bg:E305, E305 food additive
cs:E305, E305 food additive
da:E305, E305 food additive
de:E305, E305 food additive
el:E305, E305 food additive
es:E305, Estearato ascorbilo
et:E305, E305 food additive
fi:E305, E305 food additive
fr:E305, Stéarate d'ascorbyle
hu:E305, Aszkorbil-sztearát
it:E305, Stearato di ascorbile
lt:E305, Askorbilo stearatas
lv:E305, E305 food additive
mt:E305, E305 food additive
nl:E305, Ascorbylstearaat
pl:E305, Stearynian askorbylu
pt:E305, E305 food additive
ro:E305, E305 food additive
sk:E305, E305 food additive
sl:E305, E305 food additive
sv:E305, E305 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E304, Fatty acid esters of ascorbic acid, Ascorbyl palmitate
bg:E304, E304 food additive
cs:E304, E304 food additive
da:E304, E304 food additive
de:E304, Palmitinsäureascorbylester, Ascorbylpalmitat
el:E304, E304 food additive
es:E304, Palmitato ascorbilo, Palmitato de ascorbilo, E 304
et:E304, E304 food additive
fi:E304, E304 food additive
fr:E304, Acide palmityle-6-L-ascorbique, Palmitate d'ascorbyle, esters d'acides gras de l'acide ascorbique
hu:E304, Aszkorbil-palmitát
it:E304, Palmitato di ascorbile
lt:E304, E304 food additive
lv:E304, E304 food additive
mt:E304, E304 food additive
nl:E304, Ascorbylpalmitaat
pl:E304, Palmitynian askorbylu
pt:E304, E304 food additive
ro:E304, E304 food additive
sk:E304, E304 food additive
sl:E304, E304 food additive
sv:E304, Askorbylpalmitat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-11-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of ascorbyl palmitate (E 304(i)) and ascorbyl stearate (E 304(ii)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E304(i), Ascorbyl palmitate, L-Ascorbyl Palmitate
bg:E304(i), Аскорбил палмитат
cs:E304(i), Askorbylpalmitát
da:E304(i), Ascorbylpalmitat
de:E304(i), Ascorbylpalmitat
el:E304(i), Παλμιτικο ασκορβυλιο
es:E304(i), Palmitato ascorbilo, Palmitato de ascorbilo
et:E304(i), Askorbüülpalmitaat
fi:E304(i), Askorbyylipalmitaatti
fr:E304(i), Palmitate d'ascorbyle, Palmitate de L-ascorbyle
hu:E304(i), Aszkorbil-palmitát
it:E304(i), Palmitato di ascorbile
lt:E304(i), Askorbilpalmitatas
lv:E304(i), Askorbilpalmitāts
mt:E304(i), Palmitat askorbili
nl:E304(i), Ascorbylpalmitaat
pl:E304(i), Palmitynian askorbylu
pt:E304(i), Palmitato de ascorbilo
ro:E304(i), Palmitat de ascorbil
sk:E304(i), Askorbyl-palmitan
sl:E304(i), Askorbil palmitat
sv:E304(i), Askorbylpalmitat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-11-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of ascorbyl palmitate (E 304(i)) and ascorbyl stearate (E 304(ii)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E304(ii), Ascorbyl stearate
bg:E304(ii), Аскорбил стеарат
cs:E304(ii), Askorbylstearát
da:E304(ii), Ascorbylstearat
de:E304(ii), Ascorbylstearat
el:E304(ii), Στεατικο ασκορβυλιο
es:E304(ii), Estearato de ascorbilo
et:E304(ii), Askorbüülstearaat
fi:E304(ii), Askorbyylistearaatti
fr:E304(ii), Stéarate d'ascorbyle
hu:E304(ii), Aszkorbil-sztearát
it:E304(ii), Stearato di ascorbile
lt:E304(ii), Askorbilstearatas
lv:E304(ii), Askorbilstearāts
mt:E304(ii), Stearat askorbili, Stearat askorbili, Stearat L-askorbili
nl:E304(ii), Ascorbylstearaat
pl:E304(ii), Stearynian askorbylu
pt:E304(ii), Estearato de ascorbilo
ro:E304(ii), Stearat de ascorbil
sk:E304(ii), Askorbylstearan
sl:E304(ii), Askorbil stearat
sv:E304(ii), Askorbylstearat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-11-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of ascorbyl palmitate (E 304(i)) and ascorbyl stearate (E 304(ii)) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E306, Tocopherol-rich extract
bg:E306, Токоферол-обогатен екстракт
cs:E306, Extrakt s vysokým obsahem tokoferolů
da:E306, Tocopherolrig ekstrakt
de:E306, Stark tocopherolhaltige extrakte
el:E306, Εκχυλισμα πλουσιο σε τοκοφερολες
es:E306, Extracto rico en tocoferoles, Extracto rico en tocoferol
et:E306, Tokoferoolikontsentraat
fi:E306, Tokoferoliuute
fr:E306, Extrait riche en tocophérols, Vitamine E, Extraits riches en tocophérols, extraits d'origine naturelle riches en tocophérols
hu:E306, Tokoferolban gazdag kivonat
it:E306, Estratto ricco in tocoferolo
lt:E306, Tokoferolių koncentruotas ekstraktas
lv:E306, Tokoferola ekstrakts
mt:E306, Esratt rikk fit-tokoferol
nl:E306, Tocoferolrijk extract
pl:E306, Mieszanina tokoferoli
pt:E306, Extracto rico em tocoferóis
ro:E306, Extract bogat în tocoferol
sk:E306, Extrakt s vysokým obsahom tokoferolu
sl:E306, Izvleček, bogat s tokoferolom
sv:E306, Tokoferolrika extrakt
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives

en:E307a, tocopherol
bg:E307a, E307a food additive
cs:E307a, E307a food additive
da:E307a, E307a food additive
de:E307a, E307a food additive
el:E307a, E307a food additive
es:E307a, E307a food additive
et:E307a, E307a food additive
fi:E307a, E307a food additive
fr:E307a, Tocophérol
hu:E307a, E307a food additive
it:E307a, E307a food additive
lt:E307a, E307a food additive
lv:E307a, E307a food additive
mt:E307a, E307a food additive
nl:E307a, E307a food additive
pl:E307a, E307a food additive
pt:E307a, E307a food additive
ro:E307a, E307a food additive
sk:E307a, E307a food additive
sl:E307a, E307a food additive
sv:E307a, E307a food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en :en:antioxidant
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E307b, tocopherol
bg:E307b, E307b food additive
cs:E307b, E307b food additive
da:E307b, E307b food additive
de:E307b, E307b food additive
el:E307b, E307b food additive
es:E307b, E307b food additive
et:E307b, E307b food additive
fi:E307b, E307b food additive
fr:E307b, Tocophérol concentré
hu:E307b, E307b food additive
it:E307b, E307b food additive
lt:E307b, E307b food additive
lv:E307b, E307b food additive
mt:E307b, E307b food additive
nl:E307b, E307b food additive
pl:E307b, E307b food additive
pt:E307b, E307b food additive
ro:E307b, E307b food additive
sk:E307b, E307b food additive
sl:E307b, E307b food additive
sv:E307b, E307b food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en :en:antioxidant
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E307c, tocopherol
bg:E307c, E307c food additive
cs:E307c, E307c food additive
da:E307c, E307c food additive
de:E307c, E307c food additive
el:E307c, E307c food additive
es:E307c, E307c food additive
et:E307c, E307c food additive
fi:E307c, E307c food additive
fr:E307c, Tocophérol
hu:E307c, E307c food additive
it:E307c, E307c food additive
lt:E307c, E307c food additive
lv:E307c, E307c food additive
mt:E307c, E307c food additive
nl:E307c, E307c food additive
pl:E307c, E307c food additive
pt:E307c, E307c food additive
ro:E307c, E307c food additive
sk:E307c, E307c food additive
sl:E307c, E307c food additive
sv:E307c, E307c food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en :en:antioxidant
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E308, Gamme-tocopherol, gamma-Tocopherol
bg:E308, E308 food additive
cs:E308, E308 food additive
da:E308, E308 food additive
de:E308, E308 food additive
el:E308, E308 food additive
es:E308, E308 food additive
et:E308, E308 food additive
fi:E308, Gamma-tokoferoli
fr:E308, Gamma-tocophérol de synthèse, Vitamine E, Gamma-tocophérol, 54-28-4
hu:E308, E308 food additive
it:E308, E308 food additive
lt:E308, E308 food additive
lv:E308, E308 food additive
mt:E308, E308 food additive
nl:E308, gamma-Tocopherol
pl:E308, γ-Tokoferol, Gamma-tokoferol
pt:E308, E308 food additive
ro:E308, E308 food additive
sk:E308, E308 food additive
sl:E308, E308 food additive
sv:E308, E308 food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives

# E309 :
# listed as an additive in EU, but I couldn't find a function / class

en:E309, Delta-tocopherol, δ-tocopherol
bg:E309, E309 food additive
cs:E309, E309 food additive
da:E309, E309 food additive
de:E309, δ-Tocopherol
el:E309, E309 food additive
es:E309, E309 food additive
et:E309, E309 food additive
fi:E309, Delta-tokoferoli
fr:E309, Delta-tocophérol de synthèse, Vitamine E, δ-tocophérol, 119-13-1, delta-tocophérol
hu:E309, E309 food additive
it:E309, E309 food additive
lt:E309, E309 food additive
lv:E309, E309 food additive
mt:E309, E309 food additive
nl:E309, delta-Tocopherol
pl:E309, E309 food additive
pt:E309, E309 food additive
ro:E309, E309 food additive
sk:E309, E309 food additive
sl:E309, E309 food additive
sv:E309, E309 food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives

# E307 moved below E306, E308, E309 so that it takes precedence for "Vitamine E".

en:E307, Alpha-tocopherol, dl-α-Tocopherol
bg:E307, Алфа-токоферол, dl-α-токоферол
cs:E307, Alfa-tokoferol
da:E307, Alfa-tocopherol, dl-α-Tocopherol
de:E307, Alpha-tocopherol, DL-α-Tocopherol
el:E307, Α-τοκοφερολη, dl-α-Τοκοφερόλη
es:E307, Alfa-tocoferol, Tocoferol alfa, DL-α-tocoferol, Α-Tocoferol, tocoferoles, Vitamina E(sintética)
et:E307, Alfa-tokoferool, dl-α-tokoferool
fi:E307, Alfatokoferoli, Alfa-tokoferoli
fr:E307, Alphatocophérol, Alpha-tocophérol, Alpha-tocophérol de synthèse, Vitamine E, dl-α-Tocophérol, 59-02-9
hu:E307, Alfa-tokoferol, DL-α-Tokoferol
it:E307, Alfa-tocoferolo, dl-α-tocoferolo
lt:E307, Alfa tokoferolis, dl-α-tokoferolis
lv:E307, Alfa-tokoferols, dl-α-tokoferols
mt:E307, Alfa-tokoferol, dl-α-Tokoferol
nl:E307, Alfa-tocoferol, dl-α-Tocoferol
pl:E307, Alfa-tokoferol, dl-α-tokoferol
pt:E307, Alfa-tocoferol, dl-α-Tocoferol
ro:E307, Alfa-tocoferol, dl-α-tocoferol
sk:E307, -tokoferol, DL-α-tokoferol
sl:E307, Alfa tokoferol, dl alfa tokoferol
sv:E307, Alfa-tokoferol, DL-α-Tokoferol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-09-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of tocopherol-rich extract (E 306), alpha-tocopherol (E 307), gamma-tocopherol (E 308) and delta-tocopherol (E 309) as food additives

en:E310, Propyl gallate, Propyl gallate, Propyl ester of gallic acid
bg:E310, Пропил галат
cs:E310, Propylgallát, Propylgallát, propylester kyseliny gallové
da:E310, Propylgallat, Propylgallat, propylester af gallusgarvesyre
de:E310, Propylgallat, Propylgallat, Propylester der Gallussäure
el:E310, Γαλλικος προπυλεστερας, Γαλλικό προπύλιο, Γαλλικός προπυλεστέρας
es:E310, Galato de propilo
et:E310, Propüülgallaat, Propüülgallaat, gallushappe propüülester
fi:E310, Propyyligallaatti, Propyyligallaatti, Gallushapon propyyliesteri
fr:E310, Gallate de propyle
hu:E310, Propil-gallát, Propil-gallát, Galluszsav propil-észtere
it:E310, Gallato di propile, Propil gallato
lt:E310, Propilo galatas, Propilgalatas, galo rūgšties propilo esteris
lv:E310, Propilgallāts, Propilgallāts, Gallusskābes propilesteris
mt:E310, Gallat tal-propil
nl:E310, Propylgallaat, Propylgallaat, propylester van galluszuur
pl:E310, Galusan propylu
pt:E310, Galato de propilo
ro:E310, Galat de propil
sk:E310, Propylgalát, Propyl-galát, propylester kyseliny gálovej
sl:E310, Propil galat, propil galat, propilester galne kisline
sv:E310, Propylgallat, Propylgallat, gallussyrans propylester
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-04-24
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of propyl gallate (E 310) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E311, Octyl gallate, Octyl gallate, Octyl ester of gallic acid
bg:E311, Октил галат
cs:E311, Oktylgallát, Oktylgallát, oktylester kyseliny gallové
da:E311, Octylgallat, Octylgallat, octylester af gallusgarvesyre
de:E311, Octylgallat, Octylgallat, Octylester der Gallussäure
el:E311, Γαλλικος οκτυλεστερας, Γαλλικό οκτύλιο, Γαλλικός οκτυλεστέρας
es:E311, Galato de octilo
et:E311, Oktüülgallaat, Oktüülgallaat, Gallushappe oktüülester
fi:E311, Oktyyligallaatti, Oktyyligallaatti, Gallushapon oktyyliesteri
fr:E311, Gallate d'octyle
hu:E311, Oktil-gallát, Oktil-gallát, Galluszsav oktil-észtere
it:E311, Gallato di ottile
lt:E311, Oktilo galatas, Oktilgalatas, galo rūgšties oktilo esteris
lv:E311, Oktilgallāts, Oktilgallāts, gallusskābes oktilesteris
mt:E311, Gallat tal-ottil
nl:E311, Octylgallaat, Octylgallaat, octylester van galluszuur
pl:E311, Galusan oktylu
pt:E311, Galato de octilo
ro:E311, Galat de octil
sk:E311, Oktylgalát, Oktyl-galát, oktylester kyseliny gálovej, n-oktylester kyseliny 3, 4
sl:E311, Oktilgalat, oktilgalat, oktilester galne kisline
sv:E311, Oktylgallat, Oktylgallat, gallussyrans oktylester
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-10-01
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of octyl gallate (E 311) as a food additive

en:E312, Dodecyl gallate
bg:E312, Додецил галат
cs:E312, Dodecylgallát
da:E312, Dodecylgallat
de:E312, Dodecylgallat
el:E312, Γαλλικος δωδεκυλεστερας
es:E312, Galato de dodecilo, Dodecilgalato, Galato de laurilo, Galato dodecilo
et:E312, Dodetsüülgallaat
fi:E312, Dodekyyligallaatti
fr:E312, Gallate dodécyle, Ester N-dodécylique, Gallate de dodécyle
hu:E312, Dodecil-gallát
it:E312, Gallato di dodecile
lt:E312, Dodecilo galatas
lv:E312, Dodecilgallāts
mt:E312, Gallat tad-dodeċil
nl:E312, Dodecylgallaat, Laurylgallaat
pl:E312, Galusan dodecylu
pt:E312, Galato de dodecilo
ro:E312, Galat de dodecil
sk:E312, Dodecylgalát
sl:E312, Dodecilgalat
sv:E312, Dodecylgallat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of dodecyl gallate (E 312) as a food additive

en:E313, Ethyl gallate
bg:E313, E313 food additive
cs:E313, E313 food additive
da:E313, E313 food additive
de:E313, E313 food additive
el:E313, E313 food additive
es:E313, Galato de etilo
et:E313, E313 food additive
fi:E313, E313 food additive
fr:E313, Gallate d'éthyle
hu:E313, E313 food additive
it:E313, E313 food additive
lt:E313, E313 food additive
lv:E313, E313 food additive
mt:E313, E313 food additive
nl:E313, Thiodipropionzuur
pl:E313, E313 food additive
pt:E313, E313 food additive
ro:E313, E313 food additive
sk:E313, E313 food additive
sl:E313, E313 food additive
sv:E313, E313 food additive

en:E314, Guaiacum
bg:E314, E314 food additive
cs:E314, E314 food additive
da:E314, E314 food additive
de:E314, E314 food additive
el:E314, E314 food additive
es:E314, E314 food additive
et:E314, E314 food additive
fi:E314, E314 food additive
fr:E314, Guaiac Gum Anti-oxydant naturel
hu:E314, E314 food additive
it:E314, E314 food additive
lt:E314, E314 food additive
lv:E314, E314 food additive
mt:E314, E314 food additive
nl:E314, Guaiac gum
pl:E314, E314 food additive
pt:E314, E314 food additive
ro:E314, E314 food additive
sk:E314, E314 food additive
sl:E314, E314 food additive
sv:E314, E314 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E315, Erythorbic acid, Isoascorbic acid
bg:E315, Ериторбинова киселина, Изоаскорбинова киселина
cs:E315, Kyselina erythorbová, Kyselina isoaskorbová
da:E315, Erythorbinsyre, Isoascorbinsyre
de:E315, Isoascorbinsäure, Erythorbinsäure, E 315
el:E315, Ερυθορβικο οξυ, Ισοασκορβικό οξύ
es:E315, Ácido eritórbico, Ácido isoascórbico
et:E315, Isoaskorbiinhape, Isoaskorbiinhape
fi:E315, Erytorbiinihappo, Isoaskorbiinihappo, E 315, D-araboaskorbiinihappo
fr:E315, Acide érythorbique, Acide isoascorbique, Acide D-isoascorbique, acide araboascorbique, acide saccharosonique, eryscorbine, CAS 89-65-6
hu:E315, Eritroaszkorbinsav, Izoaszkorbinsav
it:E315, Acido eritorbico, Acido isoascorbico
lt:E315, Eritorbo rūgštis, Izoaskorbo rūgštis
lv:E315, Eritrobīnskābe, Izoaskorbīnskābe
mt:E315, Aċidu eritorbiku, Aċidu Isoaskorbiku
nl:E315, Erythorbinezuur, Isoascorbinezuur, Iso-ascorbinezuur
pl:E315, Kwas izoaskorbinowy (erytrobowy)
pt:E315, Ácido eritórbico, Ácido isoascórbico
ro:E315, Acid eritorbic, Acid izoascorbic
sk:E315, Kyselina erytorbová, Kyselina izoaskorbová
sl:E315, Eritorbinska kislina, izoaskorbinska kislina
sv:E315, Isoaskorbinsyra, E 315
efsa_evaluation:en:Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of erythorbic acid (E 315) and sodium erythorbate (E 316) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 6
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E316, Sodium erythorbate
bg:E316, Натриев ериторбат
cs:E316, Erythorban sodný, Erythorbát sodný
da:E316, Natriumerythorbat
de:E316, Natriumisoascorbat, E 316, Natriumerythorbat
el:E316, Ερυθορβικο νατριο
es:E316, Eritorbato sódico, Eritorbato de sodio, D-isoascorbato, E 316
et:E316, Naatriumerütorbaat
fi:E316, Natriumerytorbaatti
fr:E316, Erythorbate de sodium, Isoascorbate de sodium, Érythorbate de sodium, 7378-23-6
hu:E316, Nátrium-eritroaszkorbát
it:E316, Eritorbato di sodio
lt:E316, Natrio eritorbatas
lv:E316, Nātrija eritorbāts
mt:E316, Eritorbat tas-sodju
nl:E316, Natriumerythorbaat
pl:E316, Izoaskorbinian sodu
pt:E316, Eritorbato de sódio
ro:E316, Eritorbat de sodiu
rs:E316, natrijum-eritorbat
ru:E316, Эриторбат натрия
sk:E316, Erytorban sodný (izoaskorban sodný)
sl:E316, Natrijev eritorbat
sv:E316, Natriumisoaskorbat, E 316
efsa_evaluation:en:Scientific Opinion on the re‐evaluation of erythorbic acid (E 315) and sodium erythorbate (E 316) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 6
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E317, Erythorbin acid
bg:E317, E317 food additive
cs:E317, E317 food additive
da:E317, E317 food additive
de:E317, E317 food additive
el:E317, E317 food additive
es:E317, E317 food additive
et:E317, E317 food additive
fi:E317, E317 food additive
fr:E317, Isoascorbate de potassium
hu:E317, E317 food additive
it:E317, E317 food additive
lt:E317, E317 food additive
lv:E317, E317 food additive
mt:E317, E317 food additive
nl:E317, E317 food additive
pl:E317, E317 food additive
pt:E317, E317 food additive
ro:E317, E317 food additive
sk:E317, E317 food additive
sl:E317, E317 food additive
sv:E317, E317 food additive

en:E318, Sodium erythorbin
bg:E318, E318 food additive
cs:E318, E318 food additive
da:E318, E318 food additive
de:E318, E318 food additive
el:E318, E318 food additive
es:E318, E318 food additive
et:E318, E318 food additive
fi:E318, E318 food additive
fr:E318, Isoascorbate de calcium, Erythorbate de calcium, E 318
hu:E318, E318 food additive
it:E318, E318 food additive
lt:E318, E318 food additive
lv:E318, E318 food additive
mt:E318, E318 food additive
nl:E318, E318 food additive
pl:E318, E318 food additive
pt:E318, E318 food additive
ro:E318, E318 food additive
sk:E318, E318 food additive
sl:E318, E318 food additive
sv:E318, E318 food additive

en:E319, Tertiary-butylhydroquinone (tbhq), Tert-butyl-1\,4-benzenediol, Butylhydroxinon, TBHQ, Tert-Butylhydroquinone, tertiary butylhydroquinone
bg:E319, Третичен бутилхидроквинон (тбхк), Терт-бутил-1\,4-бензендиол
cs:E319, Terciární butylhydrochinon (tbhq), Terc-butyl-1\,4-benzendiol
da:E319, Tert-butylhydroquinon (tbhq), tert-Butyl-1\,4-benzendiol
de:E319, Tertiär-butylhydrochinon (tbhq), tert-Butyl-1\,4-benzendiol
el:E319, Τριτοταγης βουτυλ-υδροκινονη (tbhq), τριτ. βουτυλο-βενζολοδιόλη-1\,4
es:E319, Terbutilhidroquinona (tbhq), t-butil-1\,4-bencenodiol
et:E319, Tertsiaarbutüülhüdrokinoon (tbhq), Tert-butüül-1\,4-benseendiool
fi:E319, Tert-butyylihydrokinoni (tbhq)
fr:E319, Butylhydroquinone tertiaire, BHQT 319, BHQT, tert-Butylhydroquinone, TBHQ, t-BHQ, T-BUTYL HYDROQUINONE, T-BUTYLHYDROQUINONE, tertiary butylhydroquinone, CAS 1948-33-0, Tertiary Butyl Hydroquinone, Butylhydroquinone, Tert-butyl-2 hydroquinone, Tert-butyl hydroquinone, 2-Tert-butyl hydroquinone, Hydroquinone de butyle tertiaire, -butylhydroquinone tertiaire (bhqt), 4-benzènediol
hu:E319, Terc-butil-hidrokinon (tbhq), Terc-butil-1\,4-benzoldiol, Terc-butil-hidrokinon
it:E319, Butilidrochinone terziario (tbhq), Terz-butil-1\,4-benzendiolo, Terz-butil-idrochinone
lt:E319, Tretinis butilhidrochinonas (tbhq)
lv:E319, Terc-butilhidrohinons (tbhq), Terc-Butil-1\,4-benzdiols
mt:E319, Butilidrokinon terzjarju (tbhq), Tert-butil-1\,4-benżendiol
nl:E319, Tert-butylhydrochinon (tbhq), tert-Butyl-1\,4-benzeendiol, Tert-butylhydrochinon
pl:E319, Tert-butylohydrochinon (tbhq)
pt:E319, Terc butil-hidroquinona (tbhq), terc-Butil-1\,4-benzenodiol
ro:E319, Butilhidrochinonă terțiară (tbhq), Terț-butil-1\,4-benzendiol
sk:E319, Terciálny butylhydrochinón (tbhq), Terc-butyl-1\,4-benzéndiol
sl:E319, Terc-butilhidrokinon (tbhq), terc-butil-1\,4-benzendiol
sv:E319, Tertiär-butylhydrokinon (tbhq), Tertbutyl-1\,4-bensendiol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-01-12
efsa_evaluation:en: Statement on the refined exposure assessment of tertiary-butyl hydroquinone (E 319)
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E320, Butylated hydroxyanisole (bha), Butylated hydroxyanisole, BHA
bg:E320, Бутил хидроксианизол (бха)
cs:E320, Butylhydroxyanisol (bha), 3-terc-butyl-4-hydroxyanisol
da:E320, Butylhydroxyanisol (bha), 3-tert-Butyl-4-hydroxyanisol, Butylhydroxyanisol
de:E320, Butylhydroxyanisol (bha), 3-tert-Butyl-4-hydroxyanisol, Butylhydroxyanisol, E 320
el:E320, Βουτυλ-υδροξυανισολη (bha), 3-τριτ. βουτυλ-4-υδροξυανισόλη
es:E320, Butilhidroxianisol, 3-t-butil-4-hidroxianisol, BHA, E 320, Hidroxibutilanisol
et:E320, Butüülhüdroksüanisool (bha)
fi:E320, Butyylihydroksianisoli (bha)
fr:E320, Buthylhydroxyanisol, BHA, Butylhydroxyanisol (bha), 3-tert-butyl-4-hydroxyanisole, Hydroxyanisol butyle, Hydroxyanisole butylé, 2BHA, 2-tertiobutyl-4-hydroxyanisole, 25013-16-5, 2-BHA, 3-tertiobutyl-4-hydroxyanisole, 8003-24-5, 3BHA, Butylated hydroxyanisole, 9009-68-1, C11H16O2, 3-BHA
hu:E320, Butilezett hidroxi-anizol (bha), 3-terc-Butil-4-hidroxi-anizol, Butil-hidroxi-anizol
it:E320, Butilidrossianisolo (bha), 3-ter-butil-4-idrossianisolo, Butilidrossianisolo, 3-t-butil-4-idrossianisolo, Idrossianisolo butilato, C11H16O2, Butil-4-idrossianisolo, 2-t-butil-4-idrossianisolo
lt:E320, Butilintas hidroksianizolas (bha), Butilhidroksianizolis
lv:E320, Butilhidroksianizols (bha)
mt:E320, Idrossilanisol butilat (bha)
nl:E320, Butylhydroxyanisool (bha), 3-tert-Butyl-4-hydroxyanisool, Butylhydroxyanisol, Butylhydroxyanisool
pl:E320, Butylohydroksyanizol (bha), Butylowany hydroksyanizol, Butylohydroksyanizol
pt:E320, Butil-hidroxianisole (bha), 3-terc-Butil-4-hidroxianisole, BHA
ro:E320, Butilhidroxianisol (bha), 3-terț-butil-4-hidroxianisol
sk:E320, Butylovaný hydroxyanizol (bha)
sl:E320, Butilhidroksianizol (bha), 3-terc-butil-4-hidroksianizol
sv:E320, Butylhydroxianisol (bha), Butylhydroxianisol, E 320
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2012-07-24
efsa_evaluation:en: Statement on the safety assessment of the exposure to butylated ydroxyanisole E 320 (BHA) by applying a new exposure assessment methodology
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E321, Butylated hydroxytoluene (bht), 2\,6-Ditertiary-butyl-p-cresol, Butylated hydroxytoluene, BHT
bg:E321, Бутилхидрокситолуол (бхт), 2\,6-дитретичен-бутил-р-крезол
cs:E321, Butylhydroxytoluen (bht), 2\,6-diterciární butyl-p-krezol, Butylhydroxytoluen
da:E321, Butylhydroxytoluen (bht), 2\,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-cresol
de:E321, Butylhydroxytoluen (bht), 2\,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-kresol, Butylhydroxytoluol
el:E321, Βουτυλ-υδροξυτολουολιο (βητ), 2\,6-Δι-τριτ. βουτυλο-p-κρεσόλη
es:E321, Butilhidroxitolueno, 2\,6-di-t-butil-p-cresol
et:E321, Butüülhüdroksütolueen (bht), 2\,6-di-tert-butüül-p-kresool
fi:E321, Butyylihydroksitolueeni (bht), Butyloitu hydroksitolueeni
fr:E321, Buthylhydroxytoluène, BHT, Butylhydroxytoluène (bht), 6-Butylditertiaire-p-crésol, Hydroxytoluène butyle
hu:E321, Butilezett hidroxi-toluol (bht), 2\,6-Di-terc-butil-p-krezol, Butil-hidroxi-toluol
it:E321, Butilidrossitoluene (bht), 2\,6-di-terz-butil-p-cresolo, Butilidrossitoluene
lt:E321, Butilintas hidroksitoluenas (bht), 2\,6-ditret-butil-p-krezolis
lv:E321, Butilhidroksitoluols (bht), 2\,6-Diterc-butil-p-krezols
mt:E321, Idrositoluwen butilat (bht), 2\,6-Diterzjarju-butil-p-kresol
nl:E321, Butylhydroxytolueen (bht), 2\,6-Di-tert-butyl-p-kresol, Butylhydroxytolueen
pl:E321, Butylohydroksytoluen (bht), 2\,6-ditert-butylo-p-krezol, Butylowany hydroksytoluen
pt:E321, Butil-hidroxitolueno (bht), 2\,6-Di-terc-butil-p-cresol, BHT
ro:E321, Butilhidroxitoluen (bht), 2\,6-diterț-butil-p-cresol
sk:E321, Butylovaný hydroxytoluén (bht), 2\,6-diterc-butyl-p-krezol
sl:E321, Butilhidroksitoluen (bht), 2\,6-diterc-butil-p-krezol
sv:E321, Butylhydroxitoluen (bht), 2\,6-Ditertiär-butyl-p-kresol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2012-03-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of butylated hydroxytoluene BHT (E 321) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E322, Lecithins, Phosphatides, Lecithin
bg:E322, Лецитини, Фосфатиди, Лецитин
cs:E322, Lecitiny, Fosfatidy, Lecitin
da:E322, Lecithiner, Phosphatider, Lecitin
de:E322, Lecithine, Phosphatide
el:E322, Λεκιθινες, Φωσφατίδια
es:E322, Lecitinas, Fosfátidos, Lecitina de soja, Lecitina de girasol, Lecitina
et:E322, Letsitiinid, Fosfatiidid, Letsitiin
fi:E322, Lesitiinit, Fosfatidit, Lesitiini
fr:E322, Lécithines, Lécithine, Lécithine partiellement hydrolysée, Phosphatidylcholine, Phosphatides, Phospholipides, Phospho lutéines, CAS 8002-43-5, Lecithin
hu:E322, Lecitinek, Foszfatidek, Lecitin
it:E322, Lecitine, Fosfatidi, Lecitina
lt:E322, Lecitinai, Fosfatidai
lv:E322, Lecitīni, Fosfatīdi
mt:E322, Leċitini, Fosfatidi
nl:E322, Lecithinen, Fosfatiden, Lecithine
pl:E322, Lecytyny, Fosfatydy
pt:E322, Lecitinas, Fosfatídeos, Lecitina
ro:E322, Lecitine, Fosfatide, Lecitină
ru:E322, Лецитин
sk:E322, Lecitíny, Fosfatidy
sl:E322, Lecitini, fosfatidi, Lecitin
sv:E322, Lecitiner, Fosfatider, Lecitin
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier

en:E322(i), Lecithin
bg:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
cs:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
da:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
de:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
el:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
es:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
et:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
fi:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
fr:E322(i), Lécithine
hu:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
it:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
lt:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
lv:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
mt:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
nl:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
pl:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
pt:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
ro:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
sk:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
sl:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
sv:E322(i), E322(i) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier

en:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
bg:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
cs:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
da:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
de:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
el:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
es:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
et:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
fi:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
fr:E322(ii), Lécithine partiellement hydrolysée
hu:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
it:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
lt:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
lv:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
mt:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
nl:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
pl:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
pt:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
ro:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
sk:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
sl:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
sv:E322(ii), E322(ii) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier

en:E323, E323 food additive
bg:E323, E323 food additive
cs:E323, E323 food additive
da:E323, E323 food additive
de:E323, E323 food additive
el:E323, E323 food additive
es:E323, E323 food additive
et:E323, E323 food additive
fi:E323, E323 food additive
fr:E323, Anoxomère
hu:E323, E323 food additive
it:E323, E323 food additive
lt:E323, E323 food additive
lv:E323, E323 food additive
mt:E323, E323 food additive
nl:E323, E323 food additive
pl:E323, E323 food additive
pt:E323, E323 food additive
ro:E323, E323 food additive
sk:E323, E323 food additive
sl:E323, E323 food additive
sv:E323, E323 food additive

en:E324, Ethoxyquin
bg:E324, E324 food additive
cs:E324, E324 food additive
da:E324, E324 food additive
de:E324, Ethoxyquin
el:E324, E324 food additive
es:E324, Etoxiquina, E 324
et:E324, E324 food additive
fi:E324, E324 food additive
fr:E324, Ethoxyquine
hu:E324, E324 food additive
it:E324, Etossichina
lt:E324, E324 food additive
lv:E324, E324 food additive
mt:E324, E324 food additive
nl:E324, E324 food additive
pl:E324, ethoxyquin
pt:E324, Etoxiquina, Etoxiquin
ro:E324, E324 food additive
sk:E324, E324 food additive
sl:E324, E324 food additive
sv:E324, E324 food additive

en:E325, Sodium lactate, Sodium lactate
bg:E325, Натриев лактат, Натриев лактат
cs:E325, Mléčnan sodný, Mléčnan sodný
da:E325, Natriumlactat, Natriumlactat
de:E325, Natriumlactat, Natriumlactat, Natrium Lacticum, E 325, Natriumlaktat
el:E325, Γαλακτικο νατριο, Γαλακτικό νάτριο
es:E325, Lactato sódico, Lactato sódico, Lactato de sodio, E 325
et:E325, Naatriumlaktaat, Naatriumlaktaat
fi:E325, Natriumlaktaatti, Natriumlaktaatti
fr:E325, Lactate de sodium
hu:E325, Nátrium-laktát, Nátrium-laktát
it:E325, Lattato di sodio, Lattato di sodio
lt:E325, Natrio laktatas, Natrio laktatas
lv:E325, Nātrija laktāts, Nātrija laktāts
mt:E325, Lattat tas-sodju, Lattat tas-sodju
nl:E325, Natriumlactaat, Natriumlactaat
pl:E325, Mleczan sodu, Mleczan sodu
pt:E325, Lactato de sódio, Lactato de sódio
ro:E325, Lactat de sodiu, Lactat de sodiu
sk:E325, Mliečnan sodný, Mliečnan sodný
sl:E325, Natrijev laktat, natrijev laktat
sv:E325, Natriumlaktat synonymer, Natriumlaktat
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:thickener

en:E326, Potassium lactate
bg:E326, Калиев лактат
cs:E326, Mléčnan draselný
da:E326, Kaliumlactat
de:E326, Kaliumlactat, Kalium lacticum, Kaliumlaktat, E 326
el:E326, Γαλακτικο καλιο
es:E326, Lactato potásico, Lactato de potasio, E 326
et:E326, Kaaliumlaktaat
fi:E326, Kaliumlaktaatti
fr:E326, Lactate de potassium
hu:E326, Kálium-laktát
it:E326, Lattato di potassio
lt:E326, Kalio laktatas
lv:E326, Kālija laktāts
mt:E326, Lattat tal-potassju
nl:E326, Kaliumlactaat
pl:E326, Mleczan potasu
pt:E326, Lactato de potássio
ro:E326, Lactat de potasiu
sk:E326, Mliečnan draselný
sl:E326, Kalijev laktat
sv:E326, Kaliumlaktat synonymer
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier, en:humectant

en:E327, Calcium lactate, Calcium dilactate, Calcium dilactate hydrate
bg:E327, Калциев лактат, Калциев дилактат, калциев дилактат хидрат
cs:E327, Mléčnan vápenatý, Dimléčnan vápenatý, hydrát dimléčnanu vápenatého
da:E327, Calciumlactat, Calciumdilactat, calciumdilactathydrat
de:E327, Calciumlactat, Calciumdilactat, Calciumdilactathydrat, Calcium lacticum, E 327, Calciumlaktat
el:E327, Γαλακτικο ασβεστιο, Γαλακτικό ασβέστιο, Ένυδρο γαλακτικό ασβέστιο
es:E327, Lactato de calcio, Lactato cálcico, Dilactato de calcio, dilactato de calcio hidrato, E 327
et:E327, Kaltsiumlaktaat, Kaltsiumdilaktaat, kaltsiumdilaktaathüdraat
fi:E327, Kalsiumlaktaatti, Kalsiumdilaktaatti, Kalsiumdilaktaattihydraatti, 2-Hydroksipropaanihappo
fr:E327, Lactate de calcium, Dilactate de calcium, dilactate de calcium hydraté
hu:E327, Kalcium-laktát, Kalcium-dilaktát, Kalcium-dilaktát-hidrát
it:E327, Lattato di calcio, Dilattato di calcio, idrato di calcio dilattato, C6H10CaO6x5H2O
lt:E327, Kalcio laktatas, Kalcio dilaktatas, kalio dilaktato hidratas
lv:E327, Kalcija laktāts, Kalcija dilaktāts, Kalcija dilaktāta hidrāts
mt:E327, Lattat tal-kalċju, Dilattat tal-kalċju, Idrat tad-dilattat tal-kalċju
nl:E327, Calciumlactaat, Calciumdilactaat, calciumdilactaat-hydraat
pl:E327, Mleczan wapnia, Dimleczan wapnia, dimleczan wapnia, wodzian
pt:E327, Lactato de cálcio, Dilactato de cálcio, dilactato de cálcio hidratado
ro:E327, Lactat de calciu, Dilactat de calciu, Dilactat de calciu hidrat, acid 2-hidroxipropanoic
sk:E327, Mliečnan vápenatý, Mliečnan vápenatý, kalcium dilaktát hydrát, calcium laktát
sl:E327, Kalcijev laktat, kalcijev dilaktat, kalcijev dilaktat hidrat
sv:E327, Kalciumlaktat synonymer, Kalciumdilaktat, kalciumdilaktathydrat
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E328, ammonium lactate
bg:E328, E328 food additive
cs:E328, E328 food additive
da:E328, E328 food additive
de:E328, Ammoniumlactat
el:E328, E328 food additive
es:E328, E328 food additive
et:E328, E328 food additive
fi:E328, E328 food additive
fr:E328, Lactate d'ammonium
hu:E328, E328 food additive
it:E328, Ammonio lattato
lt:E328, E328 food additive
lv:E328, E328 food additive
mt:E328, E328 food additive
nl:E328, E328 food additive
pl:E328, Mleczan amonu
pt:E328, Lactato de amônio
ro:E328, E328 food additive
sk:E328, E328 food additive
sl:E328, E328 food additive
sv:E328, E328 food additive

en:E329, Magnesium lactate
bg:E329, E329 food additive
cs:E329, E329 food additive
da:E329, E329 food additive
de:E329, E329 food additive
el:E329, E329 food additive
es:E329, E329 food additive
et:E329, E329 food additive
fi:E329, E329 food additive
fr:E329, Lactate de magnésium
hu:E329, E329 food additive
it:E329, E329 food additive
lt:E329, E329 food additive
lv:E329, E329 food additive
mt:E329, E329 food additive
nl:E329, E329 food additive
pl:E329, Mleczan magnezu
pt:E329, E329 food additive
ro:E329, E329 food additive
sk:E329, E329 food additive
sl:E329, E329 food additive
sv:E329, E329 food additive

en:E330, Citric acid
bg:E330, Лимонена киселина, Лимонова киселина
cs:E330, Kyselina citronová, E 330, Citrát, C6H8O7
da:E330, Citronsyre, E-330, Citrat
de:E330, Citronensäure, 2-Hydroxypropan-1\,2\,3-tricarbonsäure, Zitronensäure, 3-Carboxy-3-hydroxyglutarsäure, Zitronensalz, 2-Hydroxy-1\,2\,3-propantricarbonsäure, Zitrat, Citrate, Citrat, 3-Carboxy-3-hydroxypentandisäure
el:E330, Κιτρικο οξυ
es:E330, Ácido cítrico, E 330
et:E330, Sidrunhape, 2-hüdroksüpropaan-1\,2\,3-trikarboksüülhape
fi:E330, Sitruunahappo, E 330, 2-hydroksi-1\,2\,3-propaanitrikarboksyylihappo
fr:E330, Acide citrique, C6H8O7, CAS 77-92-9, C6H8O7.H2O, Citric acid, 5949-29-1, E-330, Citrate, 77-92-9
hu:E330, Citromsav
it:E330, Acido citrico, C6H8O7, Citrato
lt:E330, Citrinų rūgštis
lv:E330, Citronskābe, Citrāti, C6H8O7
mt:E330, Aċidu ċitriku
nl:E330, Citroenzuur, C6H8O7, Citraten
pl:E330, Kwas cytrynowy, Kwas hydroksypropanotrikarboksylowy, Kwasek cytrynowy, Cytrynian
pt:E330, Ácido cítrico, Ins 330
ro:E330, Acid citric, Sare de lămâie
ru:E330, Лимонная кислота, Е330, Бензилоранж, Цитраты, Лимонная кислота моногидрат, Кислота лимонная моногидрат
sk:E330, Kyselina citrónová
sl:E330, Citronska kislina
sv:E330, Citronsyra, E 330, Acidum citricum
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety evaluation of the active substances citric acid (E330) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (E500ii), used as carbon dioxide generators, together with liquid absorbers cellulose and polyacrylic acid sodium salt crosslinked, in active food contact materials.
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:sequestrant

en:E331, Sodium citrates , sodium citrate
bg:E331, E331 food additive
cs:E331, E331 food additive
da:E331, E331 food additive
de:E331, E331 food additive
el:E331, E331 food additive
es:E331, Citratos de sodio, Citrato de sodio
et:E331, E331 food additive
fi:E331, E331 food additive
fr:E331, Citrates de sodium, Citrate de sodium, Citrate biacide de sodium, Citrate monoacide disodique, Citrate trisodique
hu:E331, E331 food additive
it:E331, E331 food additive
lt:E331, E331 food additive
lv:E331, E331 food additive
mt:E331, E331 food additive
nl:E331, Natriumcitraat
pl:E331, E331 food additive
pt:E331, E331 food additive
ro:E331, E331 food additive
ru:E331, Натрия гидроцетрат, цитрат натрия
sk:E331, Citrát sodný
sl:E331, E331 food additive
sv:E331, E331 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E331(i), Monosodium citrate
bg:E331(i), Мононатриев цитрат
cs:E331(i), Citronan monosodný
da:E331(i), Mononatriumcitrat
de:E331(i), Mononatriumcitrat, Natriumcitrat
el:E331(i), Δισοξινο κιτρικο νατριο
es:E331(i), Citrato monosódico
et:E331(i), Naatriumdivesiniktsitraat
fi:E331(i), Mononatriumsitraatti
fr:E331(i), Citrate monosodique
hu:E331(i), Mononátrium-citrát
it:E331(i), Citrato monosodico
lt:E331(i), Mononatrio citratas
lv:E331(i), Mononātrija citrāts
mt:E331(i), Ċitrat monosodiku
nl:E331(i), Mononatriumcitraat
pl:E331(i), Cytrynian monosodowy
pt:E331(i), Citrato monossódico
ro:E331(i), Citrat monosodic
sk:E331(i), Citran sodný, Nátrium citrát
sl:E331(i), Mononatrijev citrat
sv:E331(i), Mononatriumcitrat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E331(ii), Disodium citrate
bg:E331(ii), Динатриев цитрат
cs:E331(ii), Disodium citrate
da:E331(ii), Dinatriumcitrat
de:E331(ii), Dinatriumcitrat, Natriumcitrat
el:E331(ii), Οξινο κιτρικο νατριο
es:E331(ii), Citrato disódico
et:E331(ii), Naatriumvesiniktsitraat
fi:E331(ii), Dinatriumsitraatti
fr:E331(ii), Citrate disodique
hu:E331(ii), Dinátrium-citrát
it:E331(ii), Citrato disodico
lt:E331(ii), Dinatrio citratas
lv:E331(ii), Dinātrija citrāts
mt:E331(ii), Ċitrat disodiku
nl:E331(ii), Dinatriumcitraat
pl:E331(ii), Cytrynian disodowy
pt:E331(ii), Citrato dissódico
ro:E331(ii), Citrat disodic
sk:E331(ii), Citran disodný, Nátrium citrát
sl:E331(ii), Dinatrijev citrat
sv:E331(ii), Dinatriumcitrat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E331(iii), Trisodium citrate
bg:E331(iii), Тринатриев цитрат
cs:E331(iii), Trisodium citrate
da:E331(iii), Trinatriumcitrat
de:E331(iii), Trinatriumcitrat, Natriumcitrat
el:E331(iii), Κιτρικο νατριο
es:E331(iii), Citrato trisódico
et:E331(iii), Naatriumtsitraat
fi:E331(iii), Trinatriumsitraatti
fr:E331(iii), Citrate trisodique
hu:E331(iii), Trinátrium-citrát
it:E331(iii), Citrato trisodico
lt:E331(iii), Trinatrio citratas
lv:E331(iii), Trinātrija citrāts
mt:E331(iii), Ċitrat trisodiku
nl:E331(iii), Trinatriumcitraat
pl:E331(iii), Cytrynian trisodowy
pt:E331(iii), Citrato trissódico
ro:E331(iii), Citrat trisodic
sk:E331(iii), Citran trisodný, Nátrium-citrát
sl:E331(iii), Trinatrijev citrat
sv:E331(iii), Trinatriumcitrat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E332, Potassium citrates, Potassium citrate
bg:E332, E332 food additive
cs:E332, E332 food additive
da:E332, E332 food additive
de:E332, Kaliumcitrat, Kaliumcitrate, Trikaliumcitrat, E 332
el:E332, E332 food additive
es:E332, Citratos de potasio, Citrato de potasio, Citrato potásico, E 332
et:E332, E332 food additive
fi:E332, E332 food additive
fr:E332, Citrates de potassium, Citrate de potassium, Citrate biacide de potassium, Citrate tripotassique
hu:E332, Kálium-citrát
it:E332, Citrato di potassio, C6H5K3O7·H2O, Citrato di tripotassio
lt:E332, E332 food additive
lv:E332, E332 food additive
mt:E332, E332 food additive
nl:E332, Kaliumcitraat
pl:E332, E332 food additive
pt:E332, Citrato de potássio
ro:E332, E332 food additive
ru:E332, Цитрат калия
sk:E332, E332 food additive
sl:E332, E332 food additive
sv:E332, Kaliumcitrat, Kaliumcitrater, E 332
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E332(i), Monopotassium citrate
bg:E332(i), Монокалиев цитрат
cs:E332(i), Citronan monodraselný
da:E332(i), Monokaliumcitrat
de:E332(i), Monokaliumcitrat, Kaliumcitrat
el:E332(i), Δισοξινο κιτρικο καλιο
es:E332(i), Citrato monopotásico
et:E332(i), Kaaliumdivesiniktsitraat
fi:E332(i), Monokaliumsitraatti
fr:E332(i), Citrate monopotassique
hu:E332(i), Monokálium-citrát
it:E332(i), Citrato monopotassico
lt:E332(i), Monokalio citratas
lv:E332(i), Monokālija citrāts
mt:E332(i), Ċitrat monopotassiku
nl:E332(i), Monokaliumcitraat
pl:E332(i), Cytrynian monopotasowy
pt:E332(i), Citrato monopotássico
ro:E332(i), Citrat monopotasic
sk:E332(i), Citran draselný, Kálium-citrát
sl:E332(i), Monokalijev citrat
sv:E332(i), Monokaliumcitrat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E332(ii), Tripotassium citrate
bg:E332(ii), Трикалиев цитрат
cs:E332(ii), Tripotassium citrate
da:E332(ii), Trikaliumcitrat
de:E332(ii), Trikaliumcitrat, Kaliumcitrat
el:E332(ii), Κιτρικο καλιο
es:E332(ii), Citrato tripotásico
et:E332(ii), Kaaliumtsitraat
fi:E332(ii), Trikaliumsitraatti
fr:E332(ii), Citrate tripotassique
hu:E332(ii), Trikálium-citrát
it:E332(ii), Citrato tripotassico
lt:E332(ii), Trikalio citratas
lv:E332(ii), Trikālija citrāts
mt:E332(ii), Ċitrat tripotassiku
nl:E332(ii), Trikaliumcitraat
pl:E332(ii), Cytrynian tripotasowy
pt:E332(ii), Citrato tripotássico
ro:E332(ii), Citrat tripotasic
sk:E332(ii), Citran tridraselný, Kálium-citrát
sl:E332(ii), Trikalijev citrat
sv:E332(ii), Trikaliumcitrat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E333, Calcium citrates , Calcium citrate
bg:E333, E333 food additive
cs:E333, Citrát vápenatý
da:E333, E333 food additive
de:E333, Calciumcitrat, Tricalciumcitrat, E 333, Kalziumzitrat
el:E333, E333 food additive
es:E333, Citratos de calcio, citrato cálcico, citrato de calcio, Sal amarga, E 333
et:E333, E333 food additive
fi:E333, Kalsiumsitraatti
fr:E333, Citrates de calcium, Citrate de calcium, Citrate de monocalcium, Citrate de dicalcium, Citrate de tricalcium, Citrate tricalcique
hu:E333, Kalcium-citrát
it:E333, Citrato di calcio, C12H10Ca3O14x4H2O
lt:E333, E333 food additive
lv:E333, E333 food additive
mt:E333, E333 food additive
nl:E333, Calciumcitraat
pl:E333, cytrynian wapnia
pt:E333, Citrato de cálcio
ro:E333, E333 food additive
sk:E333, Citrát trivápenatý
sl:E333, E333 food additive
sv:E333, E333 food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser, en:firming-agent
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E333(i), Monocalcium citrate
bg:E333(i), Монокалциев цитрат
cs:E333(i), Monocalcium citrate
da:E333(i), Monocalciumcitrat
de:E333(i), Monocalciumcitrat, Calciumcitrat
el:E333(i), Δισοξινο κιτρικο ασβεστιο
es:E333(i), Citrato monocálcico
et:E333(i), Kaltsiumdivesiniktsitraat
fi:E333(i), Monokalsiumsitraatti
fr:E333(i), Citrate monocalcique
hu:E333(i), Monokalcium-citrát
it:E333(i), Citrato monocalcico
lt:E333(i), Monokalcio citratas
lv:E333(i), Monokalcija citrāts
mt:E333(i), Ċitrat monokalċiku
nl:E333(i), Monocalciumcitraat
pl:E333(i), Cytrynian monowapniowy
pt:E333(i), Citrato monocálcico
ro:E333(i), Citrat monocalcic
sk:E333(i), Citran monovápenatý, Kalcium-citrát
sl:E333(i), Monokalcijev citrat
sv:E333(i), Monokalciumcitrat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser, en:firming-agent
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E333(ii), Dicalcium citrate
bg:E333(ii), Дикалциев цитрат
cs:E333(ii), Dicalcium citrate
da:E333(ii), Dicalciumcitrat
de:E333(ii), Dicalciumcitrat, Calciumcitrat
el:E333(ii), Οξινο κιτρικο ασβεστιο
es:E333(ii), Citrato dicálcico
et:E333(ii), Kaltsiumvesiniktsitraat
fi:E333(ii), Dikalsiumsitraatti
fr:E333(ii), Citrate dicalcique
hu:E333(ii), Dikalcium-citrát
it:E333(ii), Citrato dicalcico
lt:E333(ii), Dikalcio citratas
lv:E333(ii), Dikalcija citrāts
mt:E333(ii), Ċitrat dikalċiku
nl:E333(ii), Dicalciumcitraat
pl:E333(ii), Cytrynian diwapniowy
pt:E333(ii), Citrato dicálcico
ro:E333(ii), Citrat dicalcic
sk:E333(ii), Citran divápenatý (dicitran divápenatý), Kalcium-citrát
sl:E333(ii), Dikalcijev citrat
sv:E333(ii), Dikalciumcitrat
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E333(iii), Tricalcium citrate
bg:E333(iii), Трикалциев цитрат
cs:E333(iii), Tricalcium citrate
da:E333(iii), Tricalciumcitrat
de:E333(iii), Tricalciumcitrat, Calciumcitrat
el:E333(iii), Κιτρικο ασβεστιο
es:E333(iii), Citrato tricálcico
et:E333(iii), Kaltsiumtsitraat
fi:E333(iii), Trikalsiumsitraatti
fr:E333(iii), Citrate tricalcique
hu:E333(iii), Trikalcium-citrát
it:E333(iii), Citrato tricalcico
lt:E333(iii), Trikalcio citratas
lv:E333(iii), Trikalcija citrāts
mt:E333(iii), Ċitrat trikalċiku
nl:E333(iii), Tricalciumcitraat
pl:E333(iii), Cytrynian triwapniowy
pt:E333(iii), Citrato tricálcico
ro:E333(iii), Citrat tricalcic
sk:E333(iii), Citran trivápenatý (dicitran trivápenatý), Kalcium-citrát
sl:E333(iii), Trikalcijev citrat
sv:E333(iii), Trikalciumcitrat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser, en:firming-agent
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E334, L(+)-tartaric acid, tartaric acid, 2\,3-dihydroxybutanedioic acid, 2\,3-dihydroxysuccinic acid, threaric acid, racemic acid, uvic acid, paratartaric acid
bg:E334, L(+)-винена киселина, винена киселина, Лимонтузу, Лимонтозу
cs:E334, L(+)-kyselina vinná, Kyselina vinná, E 334, Kyselina hroznová
da:E334, L(+)-tartaric acid, tartaric acid, L-Vinsyre, L-2\,3-dihydroxybutandisyre, Vinsyre, E-334
de:E334, Weinsäure (l+), L-Weinsäure, L-2\,3-Dihydroxybutandisäure, Weinsäure, Threarsäure, Tartaric acid, 2\,3-Dihydroxybutandisäure, 2\,3-Dihydroxybernsteinsäure, E 334, Dihydroxybernsteinsäure, D-(-)-Weinsäure, Traubensäure, Weinsteinsäure
el:E334, L(+)-τρυγικο οξυ, τρυγικο οξυ
es:E334, Ácido tartárico, Ácido l(+)-tartárico, E 334, Crémor tartaro, Ácido tártrico
et:E334, L(+)-viinhape, viinhape, L-viinhape, L-2\,3-dihüdroksübutaandihape
fi:E334, L(+)-viinihappo, viinihappo, L-Viinihappo, L-2\,3-Dihydroksibutaanidihappo, 2\,3-dihydroksibutaanidihappo, E 334
fr:E334, Acide L-tartrique, Acide tartrique, Acide L(+)tartrique, Acide d-α, β-dihydroxysuccinique, Acide dextrotartarique ; acide 3-hydroxy malique, CAS 87-69-4, Acide DL-tartrique, 147-71-7, 147-73-9, Acide DL-tartrique monohydraté, 87-69-4, Acide racémique, 133-37-9, Acide D-tartrique, Tartrate, Acide mesotartrique, C4H6O6
hu:E334, L(+)-borkősav, borkősav, L-Borkősav, L-2\,3-Dihidroxi-butándisav
it:E334, L(+)-acido tartarico, acido tartarico, Acido 2\,3-diidrossibutandioico, Tartaro emetico, Tartrato, C4H6O6
lt:E334, Vyno rūgštis (l(+)-), vyno rūgštis
lv:E334, L(+)-vīnskābe, vīnskābe, L-vīnskābe, L-2\,3-dihidroksibutāndiskābe, Tartrāti, Mezovīnskābe, Vīnogskābe, C4H6O6
mt:E334, L(+)-aċidu tartariku, aċidu tartariku
nl:E334, L(+)-wijnsteenzuur, wijnsteenzuur, L-Wijnsteenzuur, L-2\,3-dihydroxybutaandizuur, Wijnsteenzuur, Druivenzuur
pl:E334, Kwas winowy l(+), kwas winowy, Kwas winny, Winiany
pt:E334, Ácido l(+)-tartárico, ácido tartárico, Ins 334, Tartarato
ro:E334, Acid l(+)- tartric, acid tartric, Acid L-tartric, Acid L-2\,3-dihidroxibutandioic
sk:E334, Kyselina l-(+)-vínna, kyselina vínna
sl:E334, Vinska kislina (l (+) -), vinska kislina
sv:E334, L(+)-vinsyra, L-vinsyra, L-2\,3-dihydroxibutandisyra, Vinsyra, Tartrat, E 334, C4h6o6
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:sequestrant

en:E335, Sodium tartrates
bg:E335, E335 food additive
cs:E335, E335 food additive
da:E335, E335 food additive
de:E335, E335 food additive
el:E335, E335 food additive
es:E335, E335 food additive
et:E335, E335 food additive
fi:E335, E335 food additive
fr:E335, Tartrate monosodique, Tartrate disodique, tartrate de sodium
hu:E335, E335 food additive
it:E335, E335 food additive
lt:E335, E335 food additive
lv:E335, E335 food additive
mt:E335, E335 food additive
nl:E335, Natriumtartraat
pl:E335, E335 food additive
pt:E335, E335 food additive
ro:E335, E335 food additive
sk:E335, E335 food additive
sl:E335, E335 food additive
sv:E335, E335 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E335(i), Monosodium tartrate
bg:E335(i), Мононатриев тартарат
cs:E335(i), Vinan monosodný
da:E335(i), Mononatriumtartrat
de:E335(i), Mononatriumtartrat
el:E335(i), Οξινο τρυγικο νατριο
es:E335(i), Tartrato monosódico
et:E335(i), Naatriumvesiniktartraat
fi:E335(i), Mononatriumtartraatti
fr:E335(i), Tartrate monosodique
hu:E335(i), Mononátrium-tartarát
it:E335(i), Tartrato monosodico
lt:E335(i), Mononatrio tartratas
lv:E335(i), Mononātrija tartrāts
mt:E335(i), Tartrat monosodiku
nl:E335(i), Mononatriumtartraat
pl:E335(i), Winian monosodowy
pt:E335(i), Tartarato monossódico
ro:E335(i), Tartrat monosodic
sk:E335(i), Vínan sodný
sl:E335(i), Mononatrijev tartrat
sv:E335(i), Mononatriumtartrat
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E335(ii), Disodium tartrate
bg:E335(ii), Динатриев тартарат
cs:E335(ii), Vinan disodný
da:E335(ii), Dinatriumtartrat
de:E335(ii), Dinatriumtartrat
el:E335(ii), Τρυγικο νατριο
es:E335(ii), Tartrato disódico
et:E335(ii), Naatriumtartraat
fi:E335(ii), Dinatriumtartraatti
fr:E335(ii), Tartrate disodique
hu:E335(ii), Dinátrium-tartarát
it:E335(ii), Tartrato disodico
lt:E335(ii), Dinatrio tartratas
lv:E335(ii), Dinātrija tartrāts
mt:E335(ii), Tartrat disodiku
nl:E335(ii), Dinatriumtartraat
pl:E335(ii), Winian disodowy
pt:E335(ii), Tartarato dissódico
ro:E335(ii), Tartrat disodic
sk:E335(ii), Vínan disodný
sl:E335(ii), Dinatrijev tartrat
sv:E335(ii), Dinatriumtartrat
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E336, Potassium tartrates, Potassium tartrate, dipotassium tartrate, argol
bg:E336, E336 food additive
cs:E336, E336 food additive
da:E336, E336 food additive
de:E336, Kaliumtartrat, E 336
el:E336, E336 food additive
es:E336, E336 food additive
et:E336, E336 food additive
fi:E336, E336 food additive
fr:E336, Tartrates de potassium, Tartrate de potassium, Tartrate monopotassique, Tartrate dipotassique, argol, Sels mono- et dipotassique de l'acide L(+)-tartrique, crème de tartre
hu:E336, Dikálium-tartarát
it:E336, Tartrato di potassio, C4H4K2O6
lt:E336, E336 food additive
lv:E336, E336 food additive
mt:E336, E336 food additive
nl:E336, Kaliumtartraat
pl:E336, E336 food additive
pt:E336, Tartarato de potássio
ro:E336, E336 food additive
sk:E336, E336 food additive
sl:E336, E336 food additive
sv:E336, Kaliumtartrat, E 336

en:E336(i), Monopotassium tartrate, monopotassic tartrate
bg:E336(i), Монокалиев тартарат
cs:E336(i), Monopotassium tartrate
da:E336(i), Monokaliumtartrat
de:E336(i), Monokaliumtartrat, Kaliumtartrat, einbasig
el:E336(i), Οξινο τρυγικο καλιο
es:E336(i), Tartrato monopotásico
et:E336(i), Kaaliumvesiniktartraat
fi:E336(i), Monokaliumtartraatti
fr:E336(i), Tartrate monopotassique
hu:E336(i), Monokálium-tartarát
it:E336(i), Tartrato monopotassico
lt:E336(i), Monokalio tartratas
lv:E336(i), Monokālija tartrāts
mt:E336(i), Tartrat monopotassiku
nl:E336(i), Monokaliumtartraat
pl:E336(i), Winian monopotasowy
pt:E336(i), Tartarato monopotássico
ro:E336(i), Tartrat monopotasic
sk:E336(i), Vínan draselný, Vínan draselný
sl:E336(i), Monokalijev tartrat
sv:E336(i), Monokaliumtartrat

en:E336(ii), Dipotassium tartrate, dipotassic tartrate
bg:E336(ii), Дикалиев тартарат
cs:E336(ii), Dipotassium tartrate
da:E336(ii), Dikaliumtartrat
de:E336(ii), Dikaliumtartrat, Kaliumtartrat
el:E336(ii), Τρυγικο καλιο
es:E336(ii), Tartrato dipotásico
et:E336(ii), Kaaliumtartraat
fi:E336(ii), Dikaliumtartraatti
fr:E336(ii), Tartrate dipotassique
hu:E336(ii), Dikálium-tartarát
it:E336(ii), Tartrato dipotassico
lt:E336(ii), Dikalio tartratas
lv:E336(ii), Dikālija tartrāts
mt:E336(ii), Tartrat dipotassiku
nl:E336(ii), Dikaliumtartraat
pl:E336(ii), Winian dipotasowy
pt:E336(ii), Tartarato dipotássico
ro:E336(ii), Tartrat dipotasic
sk:E336(ii), Vínan didraselný, Vínan draselný
sl:E336(ii), Dikalijev tartrat
sv:E336(ii), Dikaliumtartrat

en:E337, Potassium sodium tartrate
bg:E337, Калиево-натриев тартарат, Калиево-натриев L-(+) тартарат, рошелова сол
cs:E337, Vinan sodno-draselný, L(+)-vinan draselno-sodný, Rochellská sůl
da:E337, Natriumkaliumtartrat, Kaliumnatrium-L-(+)-tartrat, rochellesalt
de:E337, Kalium-natrium-tartrat, L(+)-Kalium-Natriumtartrat, Rochellesalz, Seignettesalz
el:E337, Τρυγικο καλιονατριο, L-(+)-Τρυγικό καλιονάτριο, άλας του Rochelle
es:E337, Tartrato doble de sodio y potasio, Sal de Seignette
et:E337, Kaaliumnaatriumtartraat, Kaaliumnaatrium-L-(+)-tartraat, Rochelle'i sool
fi:E337, Kaliumnatriumtartraatti, Kaliumnatrium-L(+)-tartraatti, Rochellen suola
fr:E337, Tartrate double de sodium et de potassium, Sel de Seignette
hu:E337, Kálium-nátrium-tartarát, Kálium-nátrium-L-(+)-tartarát, Rochelle-só, Nátrium-kálium-tartarát
it:E337, Tartrato di potassio e di sodio, Tartrato di sodio e potassio
lt:E337, Kalio natrio tartratas, Kalio natrio L-(+)-tartratas, Rochelle druska
lv:E337, Kālija nātrija tartrāts, Nātrija kālija tartrāts
mt:E337, Tartrat tas-sodju u l-potassju
nl:E337, Kaliumnatriumtartraat, Kaliumnatrium-L-(+)-tartraat, rochellezout
pl:E337, Winian potasowo-sodowy, L (+)-winian potasowo-sodowy, sól z Rochelle, Winian sodowo-potasowy
pt:E337, Tartarato de sódio e de potássio, Tartarato de sódio e potássio
ro:E337, Tartrat de sodiu și potasiu
sk:E337, Vínan draselno-sodný, L-(+)-vínan draselno-sodný, Rochellova soľ
sl:E337, Natrijev kalijev tartrat, natrijev kalijev L-(+)-tartrat, Rochellova sol
sv:E337, Kaliumnatriumtartrat, Kaliumnatrium-L(+)-tartrat, rochellesalt
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E338, Phosphoric acid, Orthophosphoric acid, phosphoric(V) acid
bg:E338, Фосфорна киселина, Ортофосфорна киселина
cs:E338, Kyselina fosforečná, Kyselina orthofosforečná, E 338, Kyselina ortofosforečná, Kyselina orto-fosforečná, Kyselina trihydrogenfosforečná, H3PO4, Kyselina ortho-fosforečná
da:E338, Phosphorsyre, Orthophosphorsyre, Fosforsyre, E-338
de:E338, Phosphorsäure, ortho-Phosphorsäure, E 338, H3PO4, Orthophosphorsäure
el:E338, Φωσφορικο οξυ
es:E338, Ácido fosfórico, Ácido ortofosfórico, E 338, H3PO4, Ortofosforico, Fosfato monoamónico, Fosforico
et:E338, Fosforhape, Ortofosforhape
fi:E338, Fosforihappo, Ortofosforihappo, Divetyfosfaatti, Vetyfosfaatti, H3PO4
fr:E338, Acide orthophosphorique, acide phosphorique, Sels de potassium de l'acide phosphorique, sels de potassium de E338, Phosphate d'hydrogène, Acide monophosphorique, Dihydrogénophosphate, H3PO4, 7664-38-2, Acide phophorique, Hydrogénophosphate
hu:E338, Foszforsav, Ortofoszforsav
it:E338, Acido fosforico, Acido ortofosforico, Acido tetraossofosforico(V), H3PO4
lt:E338, Fosforo rūgštis, Ortofosforo rūgštis
lv:E338, Fosforskābe, Ortofosforskābe, H3PO4
mt:E338, Aċidu fosforiku, Aċidu Ortofosforiku
nl:E338, Fosforzuur, Orthofosforzuur, Triwaterstoffosfaat, H3PO4
pl:E338, Kwas fosforowy, Kwas ortofosforowy, Kwas difosforowy, Kwas fosforowy(V), Kwas pirofosforowy
pt:E338, Ácido fosfórico, Ácido ortofosfórico, H3po4
ro:E338, Acid fosforic, Acid ortofosforic
sk:E338, Kyselina fosforečná, Kyselina trihydrogenfosforečná
sl:E338, Fosforjeva (v) kislina, ortofosforjeva kislina, Fosforna kislina, H3PO4
sv:E338, Fosforsyra, Ortofosforsyra, E 338
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:sequestrant

en:E339, Sodium phosphates
bg:E339, E339 food additive
cs:E339, E339 food additive
da:E339, E339 food additive
de:E339, E339 food additive
el:E339, E339 food additive
es:E339, Fosfatos de sodio, Fosfato de sodio, Fosfato sódico, Fosfatos sodicos, E 339, Ortofosfatos de sodio
et:E339, E339 food additive
fi:E339, E339 food additive
fr:E339, Orthophosphates de sodium, Orthophosphate de sodium, Phosphate monosodique, Phosphate disodique, Phosphate trisodique, Phosphate de sodium
hu:E339, E339 food additive
it:E339, E339 food additive
lt:E339, E339 food additive
lv:E339, E339 food additive
mt:E339, E339 food additive
nl:E339, Natriumorthofosfaten
pl:E339, E339 food additive
pt:E339, E339 food additive
ro:E339, E339 food additive
sk:E339, E339 food additive
sl:E339, E339 food additive
sv:E339, Natriumfosfat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser, en:emulsifier, en:thickener, en:humectant, en:raising-agent
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E339(i), Monosodium phosphate, Monosodium monophosphate, Acid monosodium monophosphate, Monosodium orthophosphate, Monobasic sodium phosphate
bg:E339(i), Мононатриев фосфат, Мононатриев монофосфат, кисел мононатриев монофосфат, мононатриев ортофосфат, едноосновен натриев фосфат
cs:E339(i), Dihydrogenfosforečnan sodný, Fosforečnan monosodný, kyselý fosforečnan sodný, orthofosforečnan monosodný
da:E339(i), Mononatriumphosphat, Mononatriummonophosphat, surt mononatriummonophosphat, mononatriumorthophosphat, monobasisk natriumphosphat
de:E339(i), Mononatriumphosphat
el:E339(i), Δισοξινο φωσφορικο νατριο, Δισόξινο ορθοφωσφορικό νάτριο
es:E339(i), Fosfato monosódico, Monofosfato monosódico, monofosfato ácido monosódico, ortofosfato monosódico, fosfato monobásico sódico
et:E339(i), Naatriumdivesinikfosfaat, Naatriumdivesinikfosfaat
fi:E339(i), Mononatriumfosfaatti, Mononatriummonofosfaatti, Hapan mononatriummonofosfaatti, Mononatriumortofosfaatti, Yhdenarvoinen natriumfosfaatti
fr:E339(i), Phosphate monosodique
hu:E339(i), Mononátrium-foszfát
it:E339(i), Fosfato monosodico, Monofosfato monosodico, acido monofosfato monosodico, ortofosfato monosodico, fosfato monobasico di sodio
lt:E339(i), Mononatrio fosfatas
lv:E339(i), Mononātrija fosfāts
mt:E339(i), Fosfat monosodiku
nl:E339(i), Mononatriumfosfaat, Mononatriummonofosfaat, zuur mononatriummonofosfaat, mononatriumorthofosfaat, eenbasisch natriumfosfaat
pl:E339(i), Fosforan monosodowy, Monofosforan monosodowy, kwaśny monofosforan monosodowy, ortofosforan monosodowy, fosforan sodu, jednozasadowy
pt:E339(i), Fosfato monossódico, Monofosfato monossódico, monofosfato ácido monossódico, ortofosfato monossódico, fosfato de sódio monobásico
ro:E339(i), Fosfat monosodic, Monofosfat monosodic, Acid monofosfat monosodic, Ortofosfat monosodic, Fosfat de sodiu monobazic
sk:E339(i), Fosforečnan monosodný
sl:E339(i), Mononatrijev fosfat, mononatrijev monofosfat, kisli mononatrijev monofosfat, mononatrijev ortofosfat, monobazični natrijev fosfat
sv:E339(i), Mononatriumfosfat, Mononatriummonofosfat, mononatriumortofosfat, natriumdivätefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E339(ii), Disodium phosphate, Disodium monophosphate, Secondary sodium phosphate
bg:E339(ii), Динатриев фосфат, Динатриев монофосфат, вторичен натриев фосфат
cs:E339(ii), Hydrogenfosforečnan disodný, Fosforečnan disodný, sekundární fosforečnan sodný, orthofosforečnan disodný
da:E339(ii), Dinatriumphosphat, Dinatriummonophosphat, sekundært natriumphosphat
de:E339(ii), Dinatriumphosphat, Dinatriummonophosphat, sekundäres Natriumphosphat
el:E339(ii), Οξινο φωσφορικο νατριο
es:E339(ii), Fosfato disódico, Monofosfato disódico, fosfato sódico secundario
et:E339(ii), Dinaatriumvesinikfosfaat, Dinaatriumvesinikfosfaat
fi:E339(ii), Dinatriumfosfaatti, Dinatriummonofosfaatti, Sekundaarinen natriumfosfaatti
fr:E339(ii), Phosphate disodique, Monophosphate disodique, phosphate de sodium secondaire
hu:E339(ii), Dinátrium-foszfát, Dinátrium-monofoszfát, Szekunder nátrium-foszfát
it:E339(ii), Fosfato disodico, Monofosfato disodico, fosfato secondario di sodio
lt:E339(ii), Dinatrio fosfatas, Dinatrio monofosfatas, antrinis natrio fosfatas
lv:E339(ii), Dinātrija fosfāts, Dinātrija monofosfāts, Otrējais nātrija fosfāts
mt:E339(ii), Fosfat disodiku, Monofosfat disodiku, Fosfat tas-sodju sekondarju
nl:E339(ii), Dinatriumfosfaat, Dinatriummonofosfaat, secundair natriumfosfaat
pl:E339(ii), Fosforan disodowy, Monofosforan disodowy, drugorzędowy fosforan sodu
pt:E339(ii), Fosfato dissódico, Monofosfato dissódico, fosfato secundário de sódio
ro:E339(ii), Fosfat disodic, Monofosfat disodic, Fosfat secundar de sodiu
sk:E339(ii), Fosforečnan disodný, Monofosforečnan disodný, sekundárny fosforečnan sodný
sl:E339(ii), Dinatrijev fosfat, dinatrijev monofosfat, sekundarni natrijev fosfat
sv:E339(ii), Dinatriumfosfat, Dinatriummonofosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E339(iii), Trisodium phosphate, Tribasic sodium phosphate
bg:E339(iii), Тринатриев фосфат, Натриев фосфат, триосновен натриев фосфат
cs:E339(iii), Fosforečnan sodný, Fosforečnan trisodný
da:E339(iii), Trinatriumphosphat, Natriumphosphat, tribasisk natriumphosphat
de:E339(iii), Trinatriumphosphat, Natriumphosphat, dreibasiges Natriumphosphat
el:E339(iii), Φωσφορικο νατριο, Ουδέτερο φωσφορικό νάτριο
es:E339(iii), Fosfato trisódico, Fosfato sódico, fosfato tribásico sódico
et:E339(iii), Naatriumfosfaat, Trinaatriumfosfaat
fi:E339(iii), Trinatriumfosfaatti
fr:E339(iii), Phosphate trisodique, phosphate de sodium tribasique
hu:E339(iii), Trinátrium-foszfát, Nátrium-foszfát, Hárombázisú nátrium-foszfát
it:E339(iii), Fosfato trisodico, Fosfato di sodio, fosfato tribasico di sodio
lt:E339(iii), Trinatrio fosfatas, Natrio fosfatas, tribazis natrio fosfatas
lv:E339(iii), Trinātrija fosfāts, Nātrija fosfāts, Tribāziskais nātrija fosfāts
mt:E339(iii), Fosfat trisodiku, Fosfat tas-sodju, Fosfat tas-sodju tribażiku
nl:E339(iii), Trinatriumfosfaat, Natriumfosfaat, driebasisch natriumfosfaat
pl:E339(iii), Fosforan trisodowy, Fosforan sodu, fosforan sodu, trizasadowy
pt:E339(iii), Fosfato trissódico, Fosfato de sódio, fosfato de sódio tribásico
ro:E339(iii), Fosfat trisodic, Fosfat de sodiu, Fosfat de sodiu tribazic
sk:E339(iii), Fosforečnan trisodný, Fosforečnan sodný, trojsýtny fosforečnan sodný
sl:E339(iii), Trinatrijev fosfat, natrijev fosfat, tribazični natrijev fosfat
sv:E339(iii), Trinatriumfosfat, Trinatriummonofosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E340, Potassium phosphates, potassium phosphate, KH2PO4, K2HPO4, K3PO4
bg:E340, E340 food additive
cs:E340, E340 food additive
da:E340, E340 food additive
de:E340, E340 food additive
el:E340, E340 food additive
es:E340, Fosfatos de potasio, Fosfato de potasio, Fosfato potásico
et:E340, E340 food additive
fi:E340, E340 food additive
fr:E340, Orthophosphates de potassium, Orthophosphate de potassium, Orthophosphate monopotassique, Orthophosphate dipotassique, Orthophosphate tripotassique, Phosphate de potassium, Phosphates de potassium, K3PO4, E 340, Dihydrogénophosphate de potassium, Phosphate de monopotassium
hu:E340, E340 food additive
it:E340, E340 food additive
lt:E340, E340 food additive
lv:E340, E340 food additive
mt:E340, E340 food additive
nl:E340, Kaliumorthofosfaten
pl:E340, E340 food additive
pt:E340, E340 food additive
ro:E340, E340 food additive
sk:E340, E340 food additive
sl:E340, E340 food additive
sv:E340, E340 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E340(i), Monopotassium phosphate, Monobasic potassium phosphate, Monopotassium monophosphate
bg:E340(i), Монокалиев фосфат, Едноосновен калиев фосфат, монокалиев монофосфат
cs:E340(i), Dihydrogenfosforečnan draselný
da:E340(i), Monokaliumphosphat, Monobasisk kaliumphosphat, monokaliummonophosphat
de:E340(i), Monokaliumphosphat, einbasiges Kaliumphosphat, Monokaliummonophosphat
el:E340(i), Δισοξινο φωσφορικο καλιο
es:E340(i), Fosfato monopotásico, Fosfato monobásico potásico, monofosfato monopotásico
et:E340(i), Kaaliumdivesinikfosfaat, Kaaliumdivesinikfosfaat
fi:E340(i), Monokaliumfosfaatti, Yhdenarvoinen kaliumfosfaatti, Monokaliummonofosfaatti
fr:E340(i), Phosphate monopotassique
hu:E340(i), Monokálium-foszfát, Egybázisú kálium-foszfát, Monokálium-monofoszfát
it:E340(i), Fosfato monopotassico, Fosfato monobasico di potassio, monofosfato monopotassico
lt:E340(i), Monokalio fosfatas, Vienbazis kalio fosfatas, monokalio monofosfatas
lv:E340(i), Monokālija fosfāts, Monobāziskais kālija fosfāts, Monokālija monofosfāts
mt:E340(i), Fosfat monopotassiku, Fosfat tal-potassju monobażiku, Monofosfat monopotassiku
nl:E340(i), Monokaliumfosfaat, Eenbasisch kaliumfosfaat, monokaliummonofosfaat
pl:E340(i), Fosforan monopotasowy, Fosforan potasu, monozasadowy, monofosforan monopotasowy
pt:E340(i), Fosfato monopotássico, Fosfato monobásico de potássio, monofosfato monopotássico
ro:E340(i), Fosfat monopotasic, Fosfat de potasiu monobazic, Monofosfat monopotasic
sk:E340(i), Fosforečnan monodraselný, Monosýtny fosforečnan draselný, monofosforečnan monodraselný
sl:E340(i), Monokalijev fosfat, monobazični kalijev fosfat, monokalijev monofosfat
sv:E340(i), Monokaliumfosfat, Monokaliummonofosfat, kaliumortofosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E340(ii), Dipotassium phosphate, Dipotassium monophosphate, Secondary potassium phosphate, Dipotassium orthophosphate
bg:E340(ii), Дикалиев фосфат, Дикалиев монофосфат, вторичен калиев фосфат, дикалиев ортофосфат
cs:E340(ii), Hydrogenfosforečnan draselný
da:E340(ii), Dikaliumphosphat, Dikaliummonophosphat, sekundært kaliumphosphat, dikaliumorthophosphat
de:E340(ii), Dikaliumphosphat, Dikaliummonophosphat, sekundäres Kaliumphosphat, Dikaliumorthophosphat
el:E340(ii), Οξινο φωσφορικο καλιο, Όξινο ορθοφωσφορικό κάλιο
es:E340(ii), Fosfato dipotásico, Monofosfato dipotásico, fosfato potásico secundario, ortofosfato dipotásico
et:E340(ii), Dikaaliumvesinikfosfaat, Dikaaliumvesinikfosfaat
fi:E340(ii), Dikaliumfosfaatti, Dikaliummonofosfaatti, Sekundäärinen kaliumfosfaatti, Dikaliumortofosfaatti
fr:E340(ii), Phosphate dipotassique
hu:E340(ii), Dikálium-foszfát, Dikálium-monofoszfát, Szekunder kálium-foszfát, Dikálium-ortofoszfát
it:E340(ii), Fosfato dipotassico, Monofosfato dipotassico, fosfato secondario di potassio, ortofosfato dipotassico
lt:E340(ii), Dikalio fosfatas, Dikalio monofosfatas, antrinis kalio fosfatas, dikalio ortofosfatas
lv:E340(ii), Dikālija fosfāts, Dikālija monofosfāts, Otrējais kālija fosfāts, Dikālija ortofosfāts
mt:E340(ii), Fosfat dipotassiku, Monofosfat dipotassiku, Fosfat tal-potassju sekondarju, Ortofosfat dipotassiku
nl:E340(ii), Dikaliumfosfaat, Dikaliummonofosfaat, secundair kaliumfosfaat, dikaliumorthofosfaat
pl:E340(ii), Fosforan dipotasowy, Monofosforan dipotasowy, drugorzędowy fosforan potasu, ortofosforan dipotasowy, fosforan potasu
pt:E340(ii), Fosfato dipotássico, Monofosfato dipotássico, fosfato secundário de potássio, ortofosfato dipotássico
ro:E340(ii), Fosfat dipotasic, Monofosfat dipotasic, Fosfat de potasiu secundar, Ortofosfat dipotasic
sk:E340(ii), Fosforečnan didraselný
sl:E340(ii), Dikalijev fosfat, dikalijev monofosfat, sekundarni kalijev fosfat, dikalijev ortofosfat
sv:E340(ii), Dikaliumfosfat, Dikaliumortofosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E340(iii), Tripotassium phosphate, Tribasic potassium phosphate
bg:E340(iii), Трикалиев фосфат, Триосновен калиев фосфат
cs:E340(iii), Fosforečnan draselný, Fosforečnan tridraselný
da:E340(iii), Trikaliumphosphat, Tribasisk kaliumphosphat
de:E340(iii), Trikaliumphosphat, dreibasiges Kaliumphosphat
el:E340(iii), Φωσφορικο καλιο, Ουδέτερο φωσφορικό κάλιο
es:E340(iii), Fosfato tripotásico, Fosfato tribásico potásico
et:E340(iii), Kaaliumfosfaat, Trikaaliumfosfaat
fi:E340(iii), Trikaliumfosfaatti, Kolmenarvoinen kaliumfosfaatti
fr:E340(iii), Phosphate tripotassique
hu:E340(iii), Trikálium-foszfát, Hárombázisú kálium-foszfát
it:E340(iii), Fosfato tripotassico, Fosfato tribasico di potassio
lt:E340(iii), Trikalio fosfatas, Tribazis kalio fosfatas
lv:E340(iii), Trikālija fosfāts, Tribāziskais kālija fosfāts
mt:E340(iii), Fosfat tat-tripotassju, Fosfat tal-potassju tribażiku
nl:E340(iii), Trikaliumfosfaat, Driebasisch kaliumfosfaat
pl:E340(iii), Fosforan tripotasowy, Fosforan potasu, trizasadowy
pt:E340(iii), Fosfato tripotássico, Fosfato tribásico de potássio
ro:E340(iii), Fosfat tripotasic, Fosfat de potasiu tribazic
sk:E340(iii), Fosforečnan tridraselný, Trojsýtny fosforečnan draselný
sl:E340(iii), Trikalijev fosfat, tribazični kalijev fosfat
sv:E340(iii), Trikaliumfosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E341, Calcium phosphates, calcium phosphate
bg:E341, E341 food additive
cs:E341, CaPO4
da:E341, E341 food additive
de:E341, Calciumphosphate, E 341
el:E341, E341 food additive
es:E341, Fosfatos de calcio, Fosfato de calcio, Fosfato cálcico
et:E341, E341 food additive
fi:E341, E341 food additive
fr:E341, Phosphates de calcium, Orthophosphates de calcium
hu:E341, E341 food additive
it:E341, E341 food additive
lt:E341, E341 food additive
lv:E341, E341 food additive
mt:E341, E341 food additive
nl:E341, Calciumorthofosfaten
pl:E341, E341 food additive
pt:E341, Fosfato de cálcio
ro:E341, Fosfat de calciu
sk:E341, E341 food additive
sl:E341, E341 food additive
sv:E341, E341 food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:raising-agent
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E341(i), Monocalcium phosphate, Monobasic calcium phosphate
bg:E341(i), Монокалциев фосфат, Едноосновен калциев фосфат
cs:E341(i), Fosforečnan monovápenatý, Bis(dihydrogenfosforečnan) vápenatý
da:E341(i), Monocalciumphosphat, Monobasisk calciumphosphat
de:E341(i), Monocalciumphosphat, einbasiges Calciumphosphat
el:E341(i), Δισοξινο φωσφορικο ασβεστιο, Μονοβασικό φωσφορικό ασβέστιο
es:E341(i), Fosfato monocálcico, Fosfato monobásico cálcico
et:E341(i), Kaltsiumdivesinikfosfaat, Kaltsiumdivesinikfosfaat
fi:E341(i), Monokalsiumfosfaatti, Yhdenarvoinen kalsiumfosfaatti
fr:E341(i), Phosphate monocalcique, orthophosphate monocalcique
hu:E341(i), Monokalcium-foszfát, Egybázisú kalcium-foszfát
it:E341(i), Fosfato monocalcico, Fosfato monobasico di calcio
lt:E341(i), Monokalcio fosfatas, Vienbazis kalcio fosfatas
lv:E341(i), Monokalcija fosfāts, Monobāziskais kalcija fosfāts
mt:E341(i), Fosfat monokalċiku, Fosfat tal-kalċju monobażiku
nl:E341(i), Monocalciumfosfaat, Eenbasisch calciumfosfaat
pl:E341(i), Fosforan monowapniowy, Fosforan wapnia monozasadowy
pt:E341(i), Fosfato monocálcico, Fosfato monobásico de cálcio
ro:E341(i), Fosfat monocalcic, Fosfat de calciu monobazic
sk:E341(i), Fosforečnan monovápenatý
sl:E341(i), Monokalcijev fosfat, monobazični kalcijev fosfat
sv:E341(i), Monokalciumfosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E341(ii), Dicalcium phosphate, Dibasic calcium phosphate
bg:E341(ii), Дикалциев фосфат, Двуосновен калциев фосфат
cs:E341(ii), Hydrogenfosforečnan vápenatý
da:E341(ii), Dicalciumphosphat, Dibasisk calciumphosphat
de:E341(ii), Dicalciumphosphat, zweibasiges Calciumphosphat
el:E341(ii), Οξινο φωσφορικο ασβεστιο, Διβασικό φωσφορικό ασβέστιο
es:E341(ii), Fosfato dicálcico, Fosfato dibásico cálcico
et:E341(ii), Kaltsiumvesinikfosfaat, Kaltsiumvesinikfosfaat
fi:E341(ii), Dikalsiumfosfaatti
fr:E341(ii), Phosphate dicalcique, Phosphate de calcium dibasique
hu:E341(ii), Dikalcium-foszfát, Kétbázisú kalcium-foszfát
it:E341(ii), Fosfato dicalcico, Fosfato bibasico di calcio
lt:E341(ii), Dikalcio fosfatas, Dvibazis kalcio fosfatas
lv:E341(ii), Dikalcija fosfāts, Dibāziskais kalcija fosfāts
mt:E341(ii), Fosfat dikalċiku, Fosfat tal-kalċju dibażiku
nl:E341(ii), Dicalciumfosfaat, Tweebasisch calciumfosfaat
pl:E341(ii), Fosforan diwapniowy, Fosforan wapnia dizasadowy
pt:E341(ii), Fosfato dicálcico, Fosfato dibásico de cálcio
ro:E341(ii), Fosfat dicalcic, Fosfat de calciu dibazic
sk:E341(ii), Fosforečnan divápenatý, Dvojsýtny fosforečnan vápenatý
sl:E341(ii), Dikalcijev fosfat, dibazični kalcijev fosfat
sv:E341(ii), Dikalciumfosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E341(iii), Tricalcium phosphate
bg:E341(iii), Трикалциев фосфат
cs:E341(iii), Fosforečnan vápenatý
da:E341(iii), Tricalciumphosphat
de:E341(iii), Tricalciumphosphat
el:E341(iii), Φωσφορικο ασβεστιο, Ουδέτερο φωσφορικό ασβέστιο, ορθοφωσφορικό ασβέστιο, υδροξυφωσφορικό ασβέστιο
es:E341(iii), Fosfato tricálcico, Fosfato tri-cálcico
et:E341(iii), Kaltsiumfosfaat
fi:E341(iii), Trikalsiumfosfaatti
fr:E341(iii), Phosphate tricalcique, phosphate de tricalcium
hu:E341(iii), Trikalcium-foszfát
it:E341(iii), Tricalcium fosfato
lt:E341(iii), Trikalcio fosfatas
lv:E341(iii), Trikalcija fosfāts
mt:E341(iii), Fosfat trikalċiku
nl:E341(iii), Tricalciumfosfaat
pl:E341(iii), Tricalcium phosphate
pt:E341(iii), Fosfato tricálcico
ro:E341(iii), Fosfat tricalcic, Fosfat de calciu tribazic, Ortofosfat de calciu, Monofosfat hidroxi pentacalcic
sk:E341(iii), Fosforečnan trivápenatý
sl:E341(iii), Trikalcijev fosfat
sv:E341(iii), Trikalciumfosfat, Kalciumortofosfat, pentakalciumhydroximonofosfat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:anti-caking-agent, en:stabiliser, en:acid
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E342, Ammonium phosphates: (i) monoammonium phosphate (ii) diammonium phosphate
bg:E342, E342 food additive
cs:E342, E342 food additive
da:E342, E342 food additive
de:E342, E342 food additive
el:E342, E342 food additive
es:E342, E342 food additive
et:E342, E342 food additive
fi:E342, E342 food additive
fr:E342, Phosphates d'ammonium, Orthophosphate monoammonié, Orthophosphate diammonié
hu:E342, E342 food additive
it:E342, E342 food additive
lt:E342, E342 food additive
lv:E342, E342 food additive
mt:E342, E342 food additive
nl:E342, E342 food additive
pl:E342, E342 food additive
pt:E342, E342 food additive
ro:E342, E342 food additive
sk:E342, E342 food additive
sl:E342, E342 food additive
sv:E342, E342 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E343, Magnesium phosphates
bg:E343, E343 food additive
cs:E343, E343 food additive
da:E343, E343 food additive
de:E343, E343 food additive
el:E343, E343 food additive
es:E343, E343 food additive
et:E343, E343 food additive
fi:E343, E343 food additive
fr:E343, phosphates de magnésium, Orthophosphates de magnésium
hu:E343, E343 food additive
it:E343, E343 food additive
lt:E343, E343 food additive
lv:E343, E343 food additive
mt:E343, E343 food additive
nl:E343, magnesiumfosfaten, Magnesiumorthofosfaten
pl:E343, E343 food additive
pt:E343, E343 food additive
ro:E343, E343 food additive
sk:E343, E343 food additive
sl:E343, E343 food additive
sv:E343, E343 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E343(i), Monomagnesium phosphate, Magnesiumdihydrogenphosphate, Magnesiumphosphate, monobasic
bg:E343(i), Мономагнезиев фосфат, Магнезиев дихидрогенфосфат, магнезиев фосфат едноосновен
cs:E343(i), Dihydrogenfosforečnan hořečnatý, Kyselý fosforečnan hořečnatý
da:E343(i), Monomagnesiumphosphat, Magnesiumdihydrogenphosphat, monobasisk magnesiumphosphat
de:E343(i), Monomagnesiumphosphat, Magnesiumdihydrogenphosphat, einbasiges Magnesiumphosphat
el:E343(i), Δισοξινο φωσφορικο μαγνησιο, Φωσφορικό μαγνήσιο μονοβασικό
es:E343(i), Fosfato de monomagnesio, Dihidrogenofosfato de magnesio, fosfato monobásico de magnesio
et:E343(i), Magneesiumdivesinikfosfaat
fi:E343(i), Monomagnesiumfosfaatti, Magnesiumdivetyfosfaatti, Magnesiumfosfaatti monoemäksinen
fr:E343(i), Phosphate monomagnésique
hu:E343(i), Monomagnézium-foszfát, Magnézium-dihidrogén-foszfát, Magnézium-foszfát egybázisú
it:E343(i), Fosfato di magnesio, Diidrogeno fosfato di magnesio, fosfato di magnesio monobasico
lt:E343(i), Monomagnio fosfatas, Magnio divandenilio fosfatas, magnio fosfatas vienbazis
lv:E343(i), Monomagnija fosfāts, Magnija dihidrogēnfosfāts, Vienbāziskais magnija fosfāts
mt:E343(i), Fosfat monomanjeżiku
nl:E343(i), Monomagnesiumfosfaat, Magnesiumdiwaterstoffosfaat, monobasisch magnesiumfosfaat
pl:E343(i), Fosforan monomagnezu, Diwodorofosforan magnezu, fosforan magnezu, monozasadowy
pt:E343(i), Fosfato de monomagnési
ro:E343(i), Fosfat monomagnezic, Fosfat diacid de magneziu, Fosfat de magneziu monobazic
sk:E343(i), Fosforečnan horečnatý
sl:E343(i), Monomagnezijev fosfat, magnezijev dihidrogenfosfat, magnezijev fosfat monobazični
sv:E343(i), Monomagnesiumfosfat, Magnesiumdivätefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E343(ii), Dimagnesium phosphate, Magnesiumhydrogenphosphate, Magnesiumphosphate, dibasic, Dimagnesium orthophosphate
bg:E343(ii), Димагнезиев фосфат, Магнезиев хидрогенфосфат, магнезиев фосфат двуосновен, димагнезиев ортофосфат
cs:E343(ii), Hydrogenfosforečnan hořečnatý, Orthofosforečnan dihořečnatý
da:E343(ii), Dimagnesiumphosphat, Magnesiumhydrogenphosphat, dibasisk magnesiumphosphat, dimagnesiumorthophosphat
de:E343(ii), Dimagnesiumphosphat, Magnesiumhydrogenphosphat, zweibasiges Magnesiumphosphat, Dimagnesiumorthophosphat
el:E343(ii), Οξινο φωσφορικο μαγνησιο, Φωσφορικό μαγνήσιο διβασικό
es:E343(ii), Fosfato de dimagnesio, Hidrogenofosfato de magnesio, fosfato dibásico de magnesio, ortofosfato de dimagnesio
et:E343(ii), Magneesiumvesinikfosfaat
fi:E343(ii), Dimagnesiumfosfaatti, Magnesiumvetyfosfaatti, Magnesiumfosfaatti kaksiemäksinen, Dimagnesiumortofosfaatti
fr:E343(ii), dimagnésium phosphate, Phosphate dimagnésique
hu:E343(ii), Dimagnézium-foszfát, Magnézium-hidrogén-foszfát, Magnézium-foszfát kétbázisú, Dimagnézium-ortofoszfát
it:E343(ii), Fosfato di dimagnesio, Idrogeno fosfato di magnesio, fosfato di magnesio dibasico, ortofosfato bimagnesico
lt:E343(ii), Dimagnio fosfatas, Magnio divandenilio fosfatas, magnio fosfatas dvibazis, dimagnio ortofosfatas
lv:E343(ii), Dimagnija fosfāts, Magnija hidrogēnfosfāts, Divbāziskais magnija fosfāts, Dimagnija ortofosfāts
mt:E343(ii), Fosfat dimanjeżiku, Fosfat idroġenat tal-manjeżju, Fosfat tal-manjeżju dibażiku, Ortofosfat dimanjeżiku
nl:E343(ii), Dimagnesiumfosfaat, Magnesiumwaterstoffosfaat, tweebasisch magnesiumfosfaat, dimagnesiumorthofosfaat
pl:E343(ii), Fosforan dimagnezu, Wodorofosforan magnezu, fosforan magnezu dizasadowy, ortofosforan dimagnezu
pt:E343(ii), Fosfato de dimagnésio, Hidrogenofosfato de magnésio, fosfato dibásico de magnésio, ortofosfato de dimagnésio
ro:E343(ii), Fosfat dimagnezic, Fosfat acid de magneziu, Fosfat de magneziu dibazic, Ortofosfat dimagnezic
sk:E343(ii), Fosforečnan dihorečnatý, Hydrogenfosforečnan horečnatý, fosforečnan horečnatý dvojsýtny, ortofosforečnan dihorečnatý
sl:E343(ii), Dimagnezijev fosfat, magnezijev hidrogenfosfat, magnezijev fosfat dibazični, dimagnezijev ortofosfat
sv:E343(ii), Dimagnesiumfosfat, Magnesiumvätefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E344, E344 food additive
bg:E344, E344 food additive
cs:E344, E344 food additive
da:E344, E344 food additive
de:E344, E344 food additive
el:E344, E344 food additive
es:E344, E344 food additive
et:E344, E344 food additive
fi:E344, E344 food additive
fr:E344, Citrate de lécithine
hu:E344, E344 food additive
it:E344, E344 food additive
lt:E344, E344 food additive
lv:E344, E344 food additive
mt:E344, E344 food additive
nl:E344, E344 food additive
pl:E344, E344 food additive
pt:E344, E344 food additive
ro:E344, E344 food additive
sk:E344, E344 food additive
sl:E344, E344 food additive
sv:E344, E344 food additive

en:E345, Magnesium citrate
bg:E345, E345 food additive
cs:E345, E345 food additive
da:E345, E345 food additive
de:E345, Magnesiumcitrat, Trimagnesiumdicitrat
el:E345, E345 food additive
es:E345, E345 food additive
et:E345, E345 food additive
fi:E345, E345 food additive
fr:E345, Citrate de magnésium
hu:E345, E345 food additive
it:E345, E345 food additive
lt:E345, E345 food additive
lv:E345, E345 food additive
mt:E345, E345 food additive
nl:E345, Magnesiumcitraat
pl:E345, Cytrynian magnezu
pt:E345, E345 food additive
ro:E345, E345 food additive
sk:E345, Citrát horečnatý
sl:E345, E345 food additive
sv:E345, E345 food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:preservative

en:E349, ammonium malate
bg:E349, E349 food additive
cs:E349, E349 food additive
da:E349, E349 food additive
de:E349, E349 food additive
el:E349, E349 food additive
es:E349, Malato de amonio, Malato amónico, E 349
et:E349, E349 food additive
fi:E349, E349 food additive
fr:E349, Malate d'ammonium
hu:E349, E349 food additive
it:E349, E349 food additive
lt:E349, E349 food additive
lv:E349, E349 food additive
mt:E349, E349 food additive
nl:E349, E349 food additive
pl:E349, E349 food additive
pt:E349, E349 food additive
ro:E349, E349 food additive
sk:E349, E349 food additive
sl:E349, E349 food additive
sv:E349, E349 food additive

en:E350, Sodium malates, sodium malate
bg:E350, E350 food additive
cs:E350, E350 food additive
da:E350, E350 food additive
de:E350, E350 food additive
el:E350, E350 food additive
es:E350, Malato de sodio, Malato disodico, Malato sódico
et:E350, E350 food additive
fi:E350, E350 food additive
fr:E350, Malate de sodium, Malate acide de sodium, malates, malates de sodium
hu:E350, Nátrium-malát
it:E350, E350 food additive
lt:E350, E350 food additive
lv:E350, E350 food additive
mt:E350, E350 food additive
nl:E350, Natriummalaat
pl:E350, E350 food additive
pt:E350, E350 food additive
ro:E350, E350 food additive
sk:E350, E350 food additive
sl:E350, E350 food additive
sv:E350, E350 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:humectant

en:E350(i), Sodium malate
bg:E350(i), Натриев малат
cs:E350(i), Jablečnan disodný
da:E350(i), Natriummalat
de:E350(i), Natriummalat
el:E350(i), Μηλικο νατριο
es:E350(i), Malato sódico
et:E350(i), Naatriummalaat
fi:E350(i), Natriummalaatti
fr:E350(i), Malate de sodium
hu:E350(i), Nátrium-malát
it:E350(i), Malato di sodio, Sale sodico dell'acido malico
lt:E350(i), Natrio malatas
lv:E350(i), Nātrija malāts
mt:E350(i), Malat tas-sodju
nl:E350(i), Natriummalaat
pl:E350(i), Jabłczan sodu
pt:E350(i), Malato de sódio
ro:E350(i), Malat de sodiu
sk:E350(i), Jablčnan sodný
sl:E350(i), Natrijev malat
sv:E350(i), Natriummalat
additives_classes:en: en:humectant

en:E350(ii), Sodium hydrogen malate
bg:E350(ii), Натриев хидроген малат
cs:E350(ii), Jablečnan monosodný
da:E350(ii), Natriumhydrogenmalat
de:E350(ii), Natriumhydrogenmalat
el:E350(ii), Οξινο μηλικο νατριο
es:E350(ii), Malato ácido de sodio
et:E350(ii), Naatriumvesinikmalaat
fi:E350(ii), Natriumvetymalaatti
fr:E350(ii), Malate acide de sodium
hu:E350(ii), Nátrium-hidrogén-malát
it:E350(ii), Malato acido di sodio
lt:E350(ii), Natrio vandenilio malatas
lv:E350(ii), Nātrija hidrogēnmalāts
mt:E350(ii), Malat idroġenat tas-sodju
nl:E350(ii), Natriumwaterstofmalaat
pl:E350(ii), Wodorojabłczan sodu
pt:E350(ii), Hidrogenomalato de sódio
ro:E350(ii), Malat acid de sodiu
sk:E350(ii), Hydrogenjablčnan sodný
sl:E350(ii), Natrijev hidrogenmalat
sv:E350(ii), Natriumvätemalat
additives_classes:en: en:humectant

en:E351, Potassium malate
bg:E351, Калиев малат
cs:E351, Jablečnan draselný
da:E351, Kaliummalat
de:E351, Kaliummalat, Kaliummalate, E 351
el:E351, Μηλικο καλιο
es:E351, Malato potásico, Malato de potasio, E 351
et:E351, Kaaliummalaat
fi:E351, Kaliummalaatti
fr:E351, Malate de potassium, Malate acide de potassium
hu:E351, Kálium-malát
it:E351, Malato di potassio
lt:E351, Kalio malatas
lv:E351, Kālija malāts
mt:E351, Malat tal-potassju
nl:E351, Kaliummalaat
pl:E351, Jabłczan potasu
pt:E351, Malato de potássio
ro:E351, Malat de potasiu
sk:E351, Jablčnan draselný
sl:E351, Kalijev malat
sv:E351, Kaliummalat

en:E352, Calcium malates, calcium malate
bg:E352, E352 food additive
cs:E352, E352 food additive
da:E352, E352 food additive
de:E352, Calciummalat
el:E352, E352 food additive
es:E352, Malato de calcio, Malato dicálcico, Malato cálcico
et:E352, E352 food additive
fi:E352, E352 food additive
fr:E352, Malate de calcium, Malate acide de calcium
hu:E352, Kalcium-malát
it:E352, Malato di calcio
lt:E352, E352 food additive
lv:E352, E352 food additive
mt:E352, E352 food additive
nl:E352, Calciummalaat
pl:E352, E352 food additive
pt:E352, E352 food additive
ro:E352, E352 food additive
sk:E352, E352 food additive
sl:E352, E352 food additive
sv:E352, E352 food additive

en:E352(i), Calcium malate
bg:E352(i), Калциев малат
cs:E352(i), Jablečnan vápenatý
da:E352(i), Calciummalat
de:E352(i), Calciummalat
el:E352(i), Μηλικο ασβεστιο
es:E352(i), Malato cálcico
et:E352(i), Kaltsiummalaat
fi:E352(i), Kalsiummalaatti
fr:E352(i), Malate de calcium
hu:E352(i), Kalcium-malát
it:E352(i), Malato di calcio
lt:E352(i), Kalcio malatas
lv:E352(i), Kalcija malāts
mt:E352(i), Malat tal-kalċju
nl:E352(i), Calciummalaat
pl:E352(i), Jabłczan wapnia
pt:E352(i), Malato de cálcio
ro:E352(i), Malat de calciu
sk:E352(i), Jablčnan vápenatý
sl:E352(i), Kalcijev malat
sv:E352(i), Kalciummalat

en:E352(ii), Calcium hydrogen malate
bg:E352(ii), Калциев хидроген малат
cs:E352(ii), Hydrogenjablečnan vápenatý
da:E352(ii), Calciumhydrogenmalat
de:E352(ii), Calciumhydrogenmalat
el:E352(ii), Οξινο μηλικο ασβεστιο
es:E352(ii), Malato ácido de calcio
et:E352(ii), Kaltsiumvesinikmalaat
fi:E352(ii), Kalsiumvetymalaatti
fr:E352(ii), Malate acide de calcium
hu:E352(ii), Kalcium-hidrogén-malát
it:E352(ii), Malato acido di calcio
lt:E352(ii), Kalcio vandenilio malatas
lv:E352(ii), Kalcija hidrogēnmalāts
mt:E352(ii), Malat idroġenat tal-kalċju
nl:E352(ii), Calciumwaterstofmalaat
pl:E352(ii), Wodorojabłczan wapnia
pt:E352(ii), Hidrogenomalato de cálcio
ro:E352(ii), Malat acid de calciu
sk:E352(ii), Hydrogenjablčnan vápenatý
sl:E352(ii), Kalcijev hidrogenmalat
sv:E352(ii), Kalciumvätemalat

en:E353, Metatartaric acid
bg:E353, Метавинена киселина
cs:E353, Metatartaric acid
da:E353, Metavinsyre
de:E353, Metaweinsäure
el:E353, Μετατρυγικο οξυ
es:E353, Ácido metatartárico
et:E353, Metatartaric acid
fi:E353, Metaviinihappo
fr:E353, Acide métatartrique
hu:E353, Metaborkősav
it:E353, Acido metatartarico
lt:E353, Metavyno rūgštis
lv:E353, Metavīnskābe
mt:E353, Aċidu metatartariku
nl:E353, Metawijnsteenzuur
pl:E353, Kwas metawinowy
pt:E353, Ácido metatartárico
ro:E353, Acid metatartric
sk:E353, Kyselina metavínna
sl:E353, Metavinska kislina
sv:E353, Metavinsyra

en:E354, Calcium tartrate
bg:E354, Калциев тартарат
cs:E354, Vinan vápenatý, Kalcium-tartarát, vápenatá sůl kyseliny vinné
da:E354, Calciumtartrat
de:E354, Calciumtartrat, E 354
el:E354, Τρυγικο ασβεστιο
es:E354, Tartrato de calcio, E 354
et:E354, Kaltsiumtartraat
fi:E354, Kalsiumtartraatti
fr:E354, Tartrate de calcium
hu:E354, Kalcium-tartarát
it:E354, Tartrato di calcio
lt:E354, Kalcio tartratas
lv:E354, Kalcija tartrāts
mt:E354, Tartrat tal-kalċju
nl:E354, Calciumtartraat
pl:E354, Winian wapnia
pt:E354, Tartarato de cálcio
ro:E354, Tartrat de calciu
sk:E354, Vínan vápenatý
sl:E354, Kalcijev tartrat
sv:E354, Kalciumtartrat

en:E355, Adipic acid, Hexanedioic acid
bg:E355, Адипинова киселина, Хександиолова киселина
cs:E355, Kyselina adipová, Kyselina hexandiová, Adipát, E 355
da:E355, Adipinsyre, Hexandisyre
de:E355, Adipinsäure, Hexandisäure, E 355, Hexan-1\,6-disäure, Adipate, E 356, E 357, Kaliumadipat
el:E355, Αδιπικο οξυ, Εξανοδικαρβονικό οξύ
es:E355, Ácido adípico, Ácido hexanodioico, E 355, Adipato
et:E355, Adipiinhape, Heksaandihape, Adiphape, 1\,6-heksaandihape, E 355, 1\,4-butaandikarboksüülhape
fi:E355, Adipiinihappo, Heksaanidikarbonihappo, Heksaanidihappo, 1\,4-butaanidikarboksyylihappo
fr:E355, Acide adipique, Acide hexanedioïque, Acide 1\,6 héxanédoïque, 124-04-9
hu:E355, Adipinsav, Hexándisav
it:E355, Acido adipico, Acido esandioico, Acido 1\,6-esandioico, Acido 1\,4-butandicarbossilico, C6H10O4
lt:E355, Adipo rūgštis, Heksano dirūgštis, Adipino rūgštis
lv:E355, Adipīnskābe, Heksāndiolskābe, C6h10o4, Hooc(ch2)4cooh, Heksāndiskābe, 1\,4-butāndikarbonskābe, Adipināts
mt:E355, Aċidu adipiku, Aċidu eżandiojku
nl:E355, Adipinezuur, Hexaandizuur
pl:E355, Kwas adypinowy, Kwas heksanodiowy
pt:E355, Ácido adípico, Ácido hexanodióico, Adipato
ro:E355, Acid adipic, Acid hexandioic
sk:E355, Kyselina adipová, Kyselina hexándiová
sl:E355, Adipinska kislina, heksandiojska kislina
sv:E355, Adipinsyra, Hexandisyra, Hexandikarbonylsyra, E 355

en:E356, Sodium adipate
bg:E356, Натриев адипат
cs:E356, Adipan sodný synonyma, natrium adipát
da:E356, Natriumadipat
de:E356, Natriumadipat
el:E356, Αδιπικο νατριο
es:E356, Adipato de sodio, Adipato sódico, E 356
et:E356, Naatriumadipaat
fi:E356, Natriumadipaatti
fr:E356, Adipate de sodium
hu:E356, Nátrium-adipát
it:E356, Adipato di sodio
lt:E356, Natrio adipatas
lv:E356, Nātrija adipināts
mt:E356, Adipat tas-sodju
nl:E356, Natriumadipaat
pl:E356, Adypinian sodu
pt:E356, Adipato de sódio, Hexanodioato de sódio
ro:E356, Adipat de sodiu
sk:E356, Adipan sodný
sl:E356, Natrijev adipat
sv:E356, Natriumadipat, E 356

en:E357, Potassium adipate
bg:E357, Калиев адипат
cs:E357, Adipan draselný synonyma, kalium-adipát
da:E357, Kaliumadipat
de:E357, Kaliumadipat
el:E357, Αδιπικο καλιο
es:E357, Adipato de potasio, Adipato potásico, E 357
et:E357, Kaaliumadipaat
fi:E357, Kaliumadipaatti
fr:E357, Adipate de potassium
hu:E357, Kálium-adipát
it:E357, Adipato di potassio
lt:E357, Kalio adipatas
lv:E357, Kālija adipināts
mt:E357, Adipat tal-potassju
nl:E357, Kaliumadipaat
pl:E357, Adypinian potasu
pt:E357, Adipato de potássio
ro:E357, Adipat de potasiu
sk:E357, Adipan draselný
sl:E357, Kalijev adipat
sv:E357, Kaliumadipat, E 357

en:E359, ammonium adipate
bg:E359, E359 food additive
cs:E359, E359 food additive
da:E359, E359 food additive
de:E359, E359 food additive
el:E359, E359 food additive
es:E359, E359 food additive
et:E359, E359 food additive
fi:E359, E359 food additive
fr:E359, Adipates d'ammonium
hu:E359, E359 food additive
it:E359, E359 food additive
lt:E359, E359 food additive
lv:E359, E359 food additive
mt:E359, E359 food additive
nl:E359, E359 food additive
pl:E359, E359 food additive
pt:E359, E359 food additive
ro:E359, E359 food additive
sk:E359, E359 food additive
sl:E359, E359 food additive
sv:E359, E359 food additive

en:E363, Succinic acid, Asuccin, Amber acid, 1\,2-Ethanedicarboxylic acid, Butanedioic acid, Bernsteinsaeure, Ethylenesuccinic acid, Spirit of amber, Butanedionic acid, Bernsteinsaure, Succinate, Butandisaeure, Dihydrofumaric acid, Acidum succinicum, Acide butanedioique, Acide succinique, HOOC-CH2-CH2-COOH
bg:E363, Сукцинова киселина, Янтарна киселина, Бискарбоксиметил, Бутандиова киселина
cs:E363, Kyselina jantarová, Sukcinát, E 363
da:E363, Ravsyre, Succinat, E-363
de:E363, Bernsteinsäure, 1\,4-Butandisäure, E 363, Succinylsäure, Butandisäure
el:E363, Ηλεκτρικο οξυ
es:E363, Ácido succínico, Ácido butanodioico, E 363, Succinato
et:E363, Merevaikhape
fi:E363, Meripihkahappo, Butaanidikarbonihappo, Butaanidihappo, Sukkiinihappo
fr:E363, Acide succinique, Succinate, 110-15-6, Acide butanedioïque
hu:E363, Borostyánkősav
it:E363, Acido succinico, HOOCCH2CH2COOH, Succinato, Acido 1\,4-butandioico
lt:E363, Gintaro rūgštis
lv:E363, Dzintarskābe, Hooc(ch2)2cooh, C4h6o4, Butāndiskābe, Sukcināts, Etāndikarbonskābe
mt:E363, Aċidu suċċiniku
nl:E363, Barnsteenzuur, Succinyl, Succinaat, Butaandizuur
pl:E363, Kwas bursztynowy, Bursztynian
pt:E363, Ácido succínico, Succinato, Ácido butanodióico
ro:E363, Acid succinic
sk:E363, Kyselina jantárová
sl:E363, Jantarna kislina
sv:E363, Bärnstenssyra, Bärnstensyra, E 363, Bernstenssyra

en:E364, E364 food additive
bg:E364, E364 food additive
cs:E364, E364 food additive
da:E364, E364 food additive
de:E364, E364 food additive
el:E364, E364 food additive
es:E364, E364 food additive
et:E364, E364 food additive
fi:E364, E364 food additive
fr:E364, Succinates de sodium, Succinate monosodique, Succinate disodique
hu:E364, E364 food additive
it:E364, E364 food additive
lt:E364, E364 food additive
lv:E364, E364 food additive
mt:E364, E364 food additive
nl:E364, E364 food additive
pl:E364, E364 food additive
pt:E364, E364 food additive
ro:E364, E364 food additive
sk:E364, E364 food additive
sl:E364, E364 food additive
sv:E364, E364 food additive

en:E365, Sodium fumarate
bg:E365, E365 food additive
cs:E365, E365 food additive
da:E365, E365 food additive
de:E365, E365 food additive
el:E365, E365 food additive
es:E365, E365 food additive
et:E365, E365 food additive
fi:E365, E365 food additive
fr:E365, Fumarate de sodium
hu:E365, E365 food additive
it:E365, E365 food additive
lt:E365, E365 food additive
lv:E365, E365 food additive
mt:E365, E365 food additive
nl:E365, Natriumfumaraat
pl:E365, E365 food additive
pt:E365, E365 food additive
ro:E365, E365 food additive
sk:E365, E365 food additive
sl:E365, E365 food additive
sv:E365, E365 food additive

en:E366, Potassium fumarate
bg:E366, E366 food additive
cs:E366, E366 food additive
da:E366, E366 food additive
de:E366, E366 food additive
el:E366, E366 food additive
es:E366, Fumarato de potasio, Fumarato potásico, E 366
et:E366, E366 food additive
fi:E366, E366 food additive
fr:E366, Fumarates de potassium
hu:E366, Kálium-fumarát
it:E366, E366 food additive
lt:E366, E366 food additive
lv:E366, E366 food additive
mt:E366, E366 food additive
nl:E366, E366 food additive
pl:E366, E366 food additive
pt:E366, E366 food additive
ro:E366, E366 food additive
sk:E366, E366 food additive
sl:E366, E366 food additive
sv:E366, E366 food additive

en:E367, Calcium fumarate
bg:E367, E367 food additive
cs:E367, E367 food additive
da:E367, E367 food additive
de:E367, E367 food additive
el:E367, E367 food additive
es:E367, Fumarato de calcio, Fumarato cálcico, E 367
et:E367, E367 food additive
fi:E367, E367 food additive
fr:E367, Fumarates de calcium
hu:E367, Kalcium-fumarát
it:E367, E367 food additive
lt:E367, E367 food additive
lv:E367, E367 food additive
mt:E367, E367 food additive
nl:E367, E367 food additive
pl:E367, E367 food additive
pt:E367, E367 food additive
ro:E367, E367 food additive
sk:E367, E367 food additive
sl:E367, E367 food additive
sv:E367, E367 food additive

en:E368, ammonium fumarate
bg:E368, E368 food additive
cs:E368, E368 food additive
da:E368, E368 food additive
de:E368, E368 food additive
el:E368, E368 food additive
es:E368, Fumarato de amonio
et:E368, E368 food additive
fi:E368, E368 food additive
fr:E368, Fumarate d’ammonium
hu:E368, E368 food additive
it:E368, E368 food additive
lt:E368, E368 food additive
lv:E368, E368 food additive
mt:E368, E368 food additive
nl:E368, E368 food additive
pl:E368, E368 food additive
pt:E368, E368 food additive
ro:E368, E368 food additive
sk:E368, E368 food additive
sl:E368, E368 food additive
sv:E368, E368 food additive

en:E370, 1\,4-Heptonolactone
bg:E370, E370 food additive
cs:E370, E370 food additive
da:E370, E370 food additive
de:E370, E370 food additive
el:E370, E370 food additive
es:E370, E370 food additive
et:E370, E370 food additive
fi:E370, E370 food additive
fr:E370, 4-Heptonolactone
hu:E370, E370 food additive
it:E370, E370 food additive
lt:E370, E370 food additive
lv:E370, E370 food additive
mt:E370, E370 food additive
nl:E370, Delta-lacton
pl:E370, E370 food additive
pt:E370, E370 food additive
ro:E370, E370 food additive
sk:E370, E370 food additive
sl:E370, E370 food additive
sv:E370, E370 food additive

en:E375, Nicotinic acid, Niacin, Nicotinamide
bg:E375, E375 food additive
cs:E375, E375 food additive
da:E375, E375 food additive
de:E375, E375 food additive
el:E375, E375 food additive
es:E375, E375 food additive
et:E375, E375 food additive
fi:E375, E375 food additive
fr:E375, Acide nicotinique, Niacine, Vitamine B3
hu:E375, E375 food additive
it:E375, E375 food additive
lt:E375, E375 food additive
lv:E375, E375 food additive
mt:E375, E375 food additive
nl:E375, Nicotinezuur, Niacine, Vitamine B3
pl:E375, E375 food additive
pt:E375, E375 food additive
ro:E375, E375 food additive
sk:E375, E375 food additive
sl:E375, E375 food additive
sv:E375, E375 food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:colour-retention-agent

en:E380, Triammonium citrate
bg:E380, Триамониев цитрат
cs:E380, Citronan amonný
da:E380, Triammoniumcitrat
de:E380, Triammoniumcitrat
el:E380, Κιτρικο αμμωνιο
es:E380, Citrato triamónico
et:E380, Ammooniumtsitraat
fi:E380, Triammoniumsitraatti
fr:E380, Citrate de triammonium
hu:E380, Triammónium-citrát
it:E380, Citrato triammonico
lt:E380, Triamonio citratas
lv:E380, Triamonija citrāts
mt:E380, Ċitrat triammoniku
nl:E380, Triammoniumcitraat
pl:E380, Cytrynian triamonu
pt:E380, Citrato de triamónio
ro:E380, Citrat de triamoniu
sk:E380, Citran triamónny
sl:E380, Triamonijev citrat
sv:E380, Triammoniumcitrat

en:E381, Ammoniumferrocitrate, ammonium ferric citrate
bg:E381, E381 food additive
cs:E381, E381 food additive
da:E381, E381 food additive
de:E381, Ammoniumeisen(III)-citrat, Ammoniumeisenzitrat, Ammoniumeisencitrat, Ferriammoniumcitrat, Eisenammoniumcitrat
el:E381, E381 food additive
es:E381, Citrato de amonio férrico, E 381
et:E381, E381 food additive
fi:E381, E381 food additive
fr:E381, Citrate d'ammonium ferrique vert, Citrate d'ammonium ferrique
hu:E381, Ammónium-ferrocitrát
it:E381, E381 food additive
lt:E381, E381 food additive
lv:E381, E381 food additive
mt:E381, E381 food additive
nl:E381, E381 food additive
pl:E381, E381 food additive
pt:E381, E381 food additive
ro:E381, E381 food additive
sk:E381, Citrát železnato-amónny
sl:E381, E381 food additive
sv:E381, E381 food additive

en:E383, Calcium glycerylphosphate
bg:E383, E383 food additive
cs:E383, E383 food additive
da:E383, E383 food additive
de:E383, E383 food additive
el:E383, E383 food additive
es:E383, E383 food additive
et:E383, E383 food additive
fi:E383, E383 food additive
fr:E383, Glycerophosphate de calcium
hu:E383, E383 food additive
it:E383, E383 food additive
lt:E383, E383 food additive
lv:E383, E383 food additive
mt:E383, E383 food additive
nl:E383, E383 food additive
pl:E383, E383 food additive
pt:E383, E383 food additive
ro:E383, E383 food additive
sk:E383, E383 food additive
sl:E383, E383 food additive
sv:E383, E383 food additive

en:E384, E384 food additive
bg:E384, E384 food additive
cs:E384, E384 food additive
da:E384, E384 food additive
de:E384, E384 food additive
el:E384, E384 food additive
es:E384, E384 food additive
et:E384, E384 food additive
fi:E384, E384 food additive
fr:E384, Citrates d’isopropyle
hu:E384, E384 food additive
it:E384, E384 food additive
lt:E384, E384 food additive
lv:E384, E384 food additive
mt:E384, E384 food additive
nl:E384, E384 food additive
pl:E384, E384 food additive
pt:E384, E384 food additive
ro:E384, E384 food additive
sk:E384, E384 food additive
sl:E384, E384 food additive
sv:E384, E384 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant

en:E385, Calcium disodium ethylenediaminetetraacetate, Calcium disodium EDTA, Calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra-acetate, Calcium disodium ethylene diamine tetra-acetate; calcium disodium EDTA, calcium-dinatrium-EDTA
bg:E385, Калциев динатриев етилен диамин тетраацетат, Калциев динатриев ЕДТА
cs:E385, Dvojsodnovápenatá sůl kyseliny diamintetraoctové
da:E385, Calciumdinatriumethylendiamintetraacetat, Calciumdinatrium-EDTA
de:E385, Calcium-dinatrium-ethylendiamintetraacetat, Calcium-Dinatrium-EDTA
el:E385, Αιθυλενοδιαμινοτετραοξικο ασβεστιονατριο
es:E385, Ácido etilendiaminotetraacético, EDTA, AEDT, Etilendiamino-tetracetato de calcio y disodio, EDTA disódico y cálcico
et:E385, Kaltsiumdinaatriumetüleendiamiintetraatsetaat, Kaltsiumdinaatrium-EDTA
fi:E385, Kalsiumdinatriumetyleenidiamiinitetra-asetaatti, Kalsiumdinatrium EDTA
fr:E385, Éthylène diamine tétra-acétate de calcium disodium, calcium disodium EDTA, CAS 662-33-9,  EDTA calcio-disodique, Ethylène-diamine-tétra-acètate calcio-disodique, CAS 60-00-4, acide éthylene diamine tétra acétique, EDTA de calcium disodique, EDTA  , Éthylènediaminetétraacétate de calcium et de disodium
hu:E385, Kalcium-dinátrium-etilén-diamin-tetraacetát, Kalcium-dinátrium-EDTA
it:E385, Etilendiamminotetraacetato di calcio disodico, Calcio disodico EDTA
lt:E385, Kalcio dinatrio etilendiaminotetraacetatas, Kalcio dinatrio EDTA
lv:E385, Kalcija dinātrija etilēndiamīna tetraacetāts, Kalcija dinātrija EDTA
mt:E385, Etilendiammintetraaċetat disodiku tal-kalċju, EDTA disodiku tal-kalċju
nl:E385, Calciumdinatrium-ethyleendiaminetetraäcetaat, Calciumdinatrium-EDTA
pl:E385, Sól wapniowo-disodowa kwasu etylenodiaminotetraoctowego
pt:E385, Etilenodiaminotetracetato de cálcio dissódico, EDTA de cálcio dissódico
ro:E385, Etilendiaminotetraacetat de calciu disodic, EDTA de calciu disodic
sk:E385, Etyléndiamíntetraacetát vápenato-disodný, Kalcium-dinátrium-EDTA
sl:E385, Kalcijev dinatrijev etilendiamintetra acetat, kalcijev dinatrijev EDTA
sv:E385, Kalciumdinatriumetylendiamintetraacetat, Kalciumdinatrium-EDTA
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant

en:E386, E386 food additive
bg:E386, E386 food additive
cs:E386, E386 food additive
da:E386, E386 food additive
de:E386, E386 food additive
el:E386, E386 food additive
es:E386, E386 food additive
et:E386, E386 food additive
fi:E386, E386 food additive
fr:E386, EDTA disodique, Disodium ethylenediamine tetra-acetate, Stabilisateurs synthétiques, Disodium édétate, sel de sodium de E385, sel de sodium d'E385
hu:E386, E386 food additive
it:E386, E386 food additive
lt:E386, E386 food additive
lv:E386, E386 food additive
mt:E386, E386 food additive
nl:E386, Natrium EDTA
pl:E386, E386 food additive
pt:E386, E386 food additive
ro:E386, E386 food additive
sk:E386, E386 food additive
sl:E386, E386 food additive
sv:E386, E386 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:preservative, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E387, E387 food additive
bg:E387, E387 food additive
cs:E387, E387 food additive
da:E387, E387 food additive
de:E387, E387 food additive
el:E387, E387 food additive
es:E387, E387 food additive
et:E387, E387 food additive
fi:E387, E387 food additive
fr:E387, Oxystearin
hu:E387, E387 food additive
it:E387, E387 food additive
lt:E387, E387 food additive
lv:E387, E387 food additive
mt:E387, E387 food additive
nl:E387, Oxystearine
pl:E387, E387 food additive
pt:E387, E387 food additive
ro:E387, E387 food additive
sk:E387, E387 food additive
sl:E387, E387 food additive
sv:E387, E387 food additive

en:E388, Thiodipropionic acid
bg:E388, E388 food additive
cs:E388, E388 food additive
da:E388, E388 food additive
de:E388, E388 food additive
el:E388, E388 food additive
es:E388, E388 food additive
et:E388, E388 food additive
fi:E388, E388 food additive
fr:E388, Acide thiodipropanoïque, Antioxydant synthétique, Acide thiodipropionique, C6H10O4S
hu:E388, E388 food additive
it:E388, E388 food additive
lt:E388, E388 food additive
lv:E388, E388 food additive
mt:E388, E388 food additive
nl:E388, Thiodipropionzuur
pl:E388, E388 food additive
pt:E388, E388 food additive
ro:E388, E388 food additive
sk:E388, E388 food additive
sl:E388, E388 food additive
sv:E388, E388 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E389, E389 food additive
bg:E389, E389 food additive
cs:E389, E389 food additive
da:E389, E389 food additive
de:E389, E389 food additive
el:E389, E389 food additive
es:E389, E389 food additive
et:E389, E389 food additive
fi:E389, E389 food additive
fr:E389, Thiodipropionate de dilauryle
hu:E389, E389 food additive
it:E389, E389 food additive
lt:E389, E389 food additive
lv:E389, E389 food additive
mt:E389, E389 food additive
nl:E389, E389 food additive
pl:E389, E389 food additive
pt:E389, E389 food additive
ro:E389, E389 food additive
sk:E389, E389 food additive
sl:E389, E389 food additive
sv:E389, E389 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E390, E390 food additive
bg:E390, E390 food additive
cs:E390, E390 food additive
da:E390, E390 food additive
de:E390, E390 food additive
el:E390, E390 food additive
es:E390, E390 food additive
et:E390, E390 food additive
fi:E390, E390 food additive
fr:E390, Thiodipropionate de distéaryle
hu:E390, E390 food additive
it:E390, E390 food additive
lt:E390, E390 food additive
lv:E390, E390 food additive
mt:E390, E390 food additive
nl:E390, E390 food additive
pl:E390, E390 food additive
pt:E390, E390 food additive
ro:E390, E390 food additive
sk:E390, E390 food additive
sl:E390, E390 food additive
sv:E390, E390 food additive

en:E391, Phytic acid
bg:E391, E391 food additive
cs:E391, E391 food additive
da:E391, Fytin
de:E391, Phytinsäure, Phytat, Phytin
el:E391, E391 food additive
es:E391, Ácido fítico, Fitato, Fitatos
et:E391, E391 food additive
fi:E391, Fytiinihappo, (2\,3\,4\,5\,6-pentafosfono-oksisykloheksyyli)divetyfosfaatti
fr:E391, Acide phytique, Acide myo-inositol-héxaphosphorique, 83-86-3, C6H18O24P6
hu:E391, E391 food additive
it:E391, Acido fitico
lt:E391, E391 food additive
lv:E391, E391 food additive
mt:E391, E391 food additive
nl:E391, E391 food additive
pl:E391, Kwas fitowy, Kwas inozytolosześciofosforowy, Kwas fitynowy
pt:E391, Ácido fítico, Fitato
ro:E391, E391 food additive
sk:E391, E391 food additive
sl:E391, Fitična kislina, Fitinska kislina
sv:E391, Fytinsyra

en:E392, Extracts of rosemary
bg:E392, Екстракти от розмарин
cs:E392, Výtažky z rozmarýnu, Rozmarýnové extrakty
da:E392, Ekstrakter af rosmarin
de:E392, Extrakt aus rosmarin
el:E392, Εκχυλισματα δενδρολιβανου
es:E392, Extractos de romero
et:E392, Rosmariiniekstrakt
fi:E392, Rosmariiniuutteet
fr:E392, Extrait de romarin, Extraits de romarin
hu:E392, Rozmaringkivonatok
it:E392, Estratti di rosmarino
lt:E392, Rozmarinų ekstraktai
lv:E392, Ekstrakti no rozmarīna
mt:E392, Estratti tar-rosmarin
nl:E392, Extracten van rozemarijn
pl:E392, Ekstrakty z rozmarynu (wyciągi z rozmarynu)
pt:E392, Extractos de rosmaninho
ro:E392, Extracte de rozmarin
sk:E392, Extrakty z rozmarínu
sl:E392, Izvlečki rožmarina
sv:E392, Extrakt av rosmarin
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-05-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Extension of use of extracts of rosemary (E 392) in fat-based spreads

en:E399, Lactobionic acid
bg:E399, E399 food additive
cs:E399, E399 food additive
da:E399, E399 food additive
de:E399, E399 food additive
el:E399, E399 food additive
es:E399, E399 food additive
et:E399, E399 food additive
fi:E399, E399 food additive
fr:E399, Lactobionate de calcium
hu:E399, E399 food additive
it:E399, E399 food additive
lt:E399, E399 food additive
lv:E399, E399 food additive
mt:E399, E399 food additive
nl:E399, E399 food additive
pl:E399, E399 food additive
pt:E399, E399 food additive
ro:E399, E399 food additive
sk:E399, E399 food additive
sl:E399, E399 food additive
sv:E399, E399 food additive

en:E400, Alginic acid
bg:E400, Алгинова киселина, Линеен гликуроногликан
cs:E400, Kyselina alginová, Lineární glykuronoglykan
da:E400, Alginsyre, Lineær glycuronglycan, Alginat, Algininsyre
de:E400, Alginsäure, Einkettiges Glycuronglycan
el:E400, Αλγινικο οξυ
es:E400, Ácido algínico
et:E400, Algiinhape, Lineaarne glükuronoglükaan, Algiinhapped, Alghapped
fi:E400, Algiinihappo, Lineaarinen glykuronoglykaani
fr:E400, Acide alginique, Alginate, (C6H8O6)n, Alginates, Alginat, 9005-32-7
hu:E400, Alginsav, Lineáris glükuron-glikán, Alginát
it:E400, Acido alginico, Alginati, Alginato
lt:E400, Algino rūgštis
lv:E400, Algīnskābe, Lineārs glikuronglikāns
mt:E400, Aċidu alġiniku
nl:E400, Alginezuur, Lineair glycuronoglycan, Alginaat
pl:E400, Kwas alginowy, Alginian
pt:E400, Ácido algínico, Algina, Alginato
ro:E400, Acid alginic
sk:E400, Kyselina algínová
sl:E400, Alginska kislina
sv:E400, Alginsyra, Alginat, Algenat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/11/10
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of alginic acid and its sodium, potassium, ammonium and calcium salts (E 400–E 404) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E401, Sodium alginate
bg:E401, Натриев алгинат
cs:E401, Alginan sodný synonyma
da:E401, Natriumalginat
de:E401, Natriumalginat
el:E401, Αλγινικο νατριο
es:E401, Alginato de sodio, Alginato sódico
et:E401, Naatriumalginaat
fi:E401, Natriumalginaatti
fr:E401, Alginate de sodium, Alginates de sodium, Sel de sodium de l'acide alginique, algine, algiline, polymannuronate sodique, Sel sodique de l'acide alginique, sel d'acide alginique monosodique, E-401, 9005-38-3
hu:E401, Nátrium-alginát
it:E401, Alginato di sodio
lt:E401, Natrio alginatas
lv:E401, Nātrija algināts
mt:E401, Alġinat tas-sodju
nl:E401, Natriumalginaat
pl:E401, Alginian sodu
pt:E401, Alginato de sódio
ro:E401, Alginat de sodiu
sk:E401, Alginát sodný
sl:E401, Natrijev alginat
sv:E401, Natriumalginat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/11/10
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of alginic acid and its sodium, potassium, ammonium and calcium salts (E 400–E 404) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E402, Potassium alginate
bg:E402, Калиев алгинат
cs:E402, Alginan draselný synonyma
da:E402, Kaliumalginat
de:E402, Kaliumalginat
el:E402, Αλγινικο καλιο
es:E402, Alginato de potasio
et:E402, Kaaliumalginaat
fi:E402, Kaliumalginaatti
fr:E402, Alginate de potassium, sel potassique de l'acide alginique
hu:E402, Kálium-alginát
it:E402, Alginato di potassio
lt:E402, Kalio alginatas
lv:E402, Kālija algināts
mt:E402, Alġinat tal-potassju
nl:E402, Kaliumalginaat
pl:E402, Alginian potasu
pt:E402, Alginato de potássio
ro:E402, Alginat de potasiu
sk:E402, Alginát draselný
sl:E402, Kalijev alginat
sv:E402, Kaliumalginat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/11/10
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of alginic acid and its sodium, potassium, ammonium and calcium salts (E 400–E 404) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E403, Ammonium alginate
bg:E403, Амониев алгинат
cs:E403, Alginan amonný synonyma
da:E403, Ammoniumalginat
de:E403, Ammoniumalginat
el:E403, Αλγινικο αμμωνιο
es:E403, Alginato de amonio
et:E403, Ammooniumalginaat
fi:E403, Ammoniumalginaatti
fr:E403, Alginate d'ammonium, sel ammoniacal de l'acide alginique
hu:E403, Ammónium-alginát
it:E403, Alginato di ammonio
lt:E403, Amonio alginatas
lv:E403, Amonija algināts
mt:E403, Alġinat tal-ammonju
nl:E403, Ammoniumalginaat
pl:E403, Alginian amonu
pt:E403, Alginato de amónio
ro:E403, Alginat de amoniu
sk:E403, Alginát amónny
sl:E403, Amonijev alginat
sv:E403, Ammoniumalginat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/11/10
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of alginic acid and its sodium, potassium, ammonium and calcium salts (E 400–E 404) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E404, Calcium alginate
bg:E404, Калциев алгинат
cs:E404, Alginan vápenatý, Alginát vápenatý
da:E404, Calciumalginat
de:E404, Calciumalginat
el:E404, Αλγινικο ασβεστιο
es:E404, Alginato de calcio, Alginato cálcico, E 404
et:E404, Calcium alginate
fi:E404, Kalsiumalginaatti
fr:E404, Alginate de calcium, Sel calcique de l'alginate, sel calcique de l'acide alginique
hu:E404, Kalcium-alginát
it:E404, Alginato di calcio
lt:E404, Kalcio alginatas
lv:E404, Kalcija algināts
mt:E404, Alġinat tal-kalċju
nl:E404, Calciumalginaat
pl:E404, Alginian wapnia
pt:E404, Alginato de cálcio
ro:E404, Alginat de calciu
sk:E404, Alginát vápenatý
sl:E404, Kalcijev alginat
sv:E404, Kalciumalginat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/11/10
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of alginic acid and its sodium, potassium, ammonium and calcium salts (E 400–E 404) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E405, Propane-1\,2-diol alginate, Propylene glycol alginate
bg:E405, Пропан-1\,2-диол алгинат
cs:E405, Propan-1\,2-diol-alginát
da:E405, Propylenglycolalginat
de:E405, Propylenglycol-alginat, Hydroxypropyl-Alginat
el:E405, Αλγινικη προπανοδιολη-1\,2
es:E405, Alginato de propilenglicol, Alginato de propano-1\,2-diol, Alginato propilenglicol, Alginato de propilenoglicol, E 405
et:E405, 1\,2-propaandioolalginaat
fi:E405, Propyleeniglykolialginaatti
fr:E405, Alginate de propane-1, Alginate d'hydroxypropyle, Alginate de propylène glycol, 2-diol, Alginate de propane-1\,2-diol, E-405
hu:E405, Propán-1\,2-diol-alginát
it:E405, Alginato di propan-1\,2-diolo
lt:E405, 1\,2-propandiolio alginatas
lv:E405, Propān-1\,2-diola algināts
mt:E405, Alġinat tal-propan-1\,2-diol
nl:E405, Propyleenglycolalginaat
pl:E405, Alginian glikolu propylenowego
pt:E405, Alginato de propano-1\,2-diol
ro:E405, Alginat de 1\,2-propandiol
sk:E405, Propán-1\,2-diol alginát
sl:E405, Propan-1\,2-diol alginat
sv:E405, 1\,2-propylenglykolalginat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E406, Agar, Gelose, Kanten, Bengal, Ceylon, Chinese or Japanese isinglass, agar-agar, E 406
bg:E406, Агар, Гелоза, бенгалски, цейлонски, китайски или японски желатин, Агар-агар
cs:E406, Agar, Agar agar, Japonská želatina, E 406, Kanten
da:E406, Agar, E-406
de:E406, Agar-agar, Agar, Chinesische Gelatine, E 406, Agartang, Japanische Gelatine, Nähragar, Japanischer Fischleim
el:E406, Agar
es:E406, Agar-agar, Agar, E 406, Agaragar, Kanten
et:E406, Agar, Bengali, tseiloni, Agar-agar
fi:E406, Agar, Agar-agar, Agaroosi, E 406
fr:E406, Agar-agar, Agar, 9002-18-0, E 406
hu:E406, Agar-agar, Agar, Gelóz, Kantoni, bengáli, ceyloni, kínai vagy japán vizahólyag, Agaragar
it:E406, Agar, Agar agar, Kanten
lt:E406, Agaras, Agaragaras
lv:E406, Agars
mt:E406, Agar
nl:E406, Agaragar, Gelose, kanten, Bengaalse, Ceylonse, Chinese of Japanse vislijm, Agar, Agar agar, Agarose
pl:E406, Agar, Geloza, agar japoński, karuk bengalski, cejloński, chiński lub japoński, Agar-agar
pt:E406, Agar, Ágar-ágar, Agarófita, Agarose
ro:E406, Agar, Agar-agar, Geloză
sk:E406, Agar
sl:E406, Agar
sv:E406, Agar, Agar-agar, E 406
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E407, Carrageenan
bg:E407, Карагенан
cs:E407, Karagenan, Karagen, E 407
da:E407, Carrageenan
de:E407, Carrageen, Karragheen, Carrageene, Carragaheen, Karrageen, E 407
el:E407, Καραγενανη
es:E407, Carragenatos, Carragenato, Carragenanos, Carragenano, Carragenina, Carragenana, E 407
et:E407, Karrageen
fi:E407, Karrageeni
fr:E407, Carraghénanes, Carraghénane, Mousse d'Irlande, Eucheuman (d'Eucheuma spp.), Iridophycan (d'Iridaea spp.) Hypnean (d'Hypnea spp.), Furcellaran, mousse du Danemark (de Furcellaria fastigiata), Carraghénane (de Chondrus et Gigartina spp.), 9064-57-7, 11114-20-8, 9000-07-1, E-407, 9062-07-1, Carraghénine
hu:E407, Karragén
it:E407, Carragenina, Carraghenina
lt:E407, Karageninas
lv:E407, Karagināns
mt:E407, Carrageenan
nl:E407, Carrageen
pl:E407, Karagen
pt:E407, Carragenina, Carragenano, Carragenanos
ro:E407, Caragenan
ru:E407, Каррагинан и его соли, Каррагинан, E407a, Ирландский мох, Карраген
sk:E407, Karagénan, Karagén
sl:E407, Karagenan
sv:E407, Karragenan, E 407
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2018/04/26
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of carrageenan (E 407) and processed Eucheuma seaweed (E 407a) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 75
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E407a, Processed eucheuma seaweed
bg:E407a, Обработени eucheuma водорасли
cs:E407a, Guma eucheuma / afinát řasy eucheuma, Zpracovaná řasa eucheuma
da:E407a, Forarbejdet eucheuma-tang
de:E407a, Verarbeitete euchema-algen
el:E407a, Τροποποιημενα φυκη eucheuma
es:E407a, Alga eucheuma transformada
et:E407a, Tselluloosi sisaldav karrageen
fi:E407a, Käsitelty eucheuma-levä
fr:E407a, Algues euchema transformées, Algues euchema traitées, PES, Processed Eucheuma Seaweed, Algue eucheuma transformée
hu:E407a, Feldolgozott euchema moszat
it:E407a, Alga eucheuma trasformata
lt:E407a, Apdoroti raudondumbliai
lv:E407a, Apstrādātas eucheuma jūraszāles
mt:E407a, Alka tal-baħar eucheuma pproċessata
nl:E407a, Verwerkt eucheuma-wier
pl:E407a, Przetworzone wodorosty morskie z gatunku eucheuma
pt:E407a, Algas eucheuma transformadas
ro:E407a, Algă eucheuma prelucrată
sk:E407a, Spracovaná chaluha eucheuma
sl:E407a, Predelana morska alga eucheuma
sv:E407a, Bearbetad eucheumaalg
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2018/04/26
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of carrageenan (E 407) and processed Eucheuma seaweed (E 407a) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 75
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E408, Bakers yeast glycan
bg:E408, E408 food additive
cs:E408, E408 food additive
da:E408, E408 food additive
de:E408, E408 food additive
el:E408, E408 food additive
es:E408, E408 food additive
et:E408, E408 food additive
fi:E408, E408 food additive
fr:E408, Glycane de levure de boulanger
hu:E408, E408 food additive
it:E408, E408 food additive
lt:E408, E408 food additive
lv:E408, E408 food additive
mt:E408, E408 food additive
nl:E408, Furcelleran
pl:E408, E408 food additive
pt:E408, E408 food additive
ro:E408, E408 food additive
sk:E408, E408 food additive
sl:E408, E408 food additive
sv:E408, E408 food additive

en:E409, Arabinogalactan
bg:E409, E409 food additive
cs:E409, E409 food additive
da:E409, E409 food additive
de:E409, Arabinogalactan
el:E409, E409 food additive
es:E409, E409 food additive
et:E409, E409 food additive
fi:E409, E409 food additive
fr:E409, Arabinogalactane
hu:E409, E409 food additive
it:E409, E409 food additive
lt:E409, E409 food additive
lv:E409, E409 food additive
mt:E409, E409 food additive
nl:E409, E409 food additive
pl:E409, E409 food additive
pt:E409, E409 food additive
ro:E409, E409 food additive
sk:E409, E409 food additive
sl:E409, E409 food additive
sv:E409, E409 food additive

en:E410, Locust bean gum, Carob bean gum, Carob gum, Carobin
bg:E410, Гума локуст бийн, Гума кароб бийн
cs:E410, Karubin, Guma karubin
da:E410, Johannesbrødkernemel, Locust bean gum
de:E410, Johannisbrotkernmehl, Carobin
el:E410, Κομμι χαρουπιων
es:E410, Goma garrofín, Goma de garrofín, Goma de semillas de algarrobo, Harina de semillas de algarroba
et:E410, Jaanileivapuujahu
fi:E410, Johanneksenleipäpuujauhe, Karobikumi
fr:E410, Farine de graines de caroube, farine de graine de caroube, gomme de caroube
hu:E410, Szentjánoskenyérliszt, Szentjánoskenyér-gumi, Szentjánoskenyérfa-gumi, Szentjánoskenyér-liszt
it:E410, Farina di semi di carrube, Gomma di carrube
lt:E410, Saldžiųjų ceratonijų derva, Ceratonijų derva, Saldžiosios ceratonijos lipai
lv:E410, Ceratoniju augļu sveķi, Baltās akācijas sveķi, Ceratonijas sveķi
mt:E410, Gomma tal-fażola tal-ħarrub, Gomma tal-fażola tal-ħarrub
nl:E410, Johannesbroodpitmeel, Carobbegom
pl:E410, Mączka chleba świętojańskiego, Guma karobowa
pt:E410, Farinha de sementes de alfarroba
ro:E410, Gumă din semințe de carruba, Gumă din semințe de roșcov
ru:E410, Камедь рожкового дерева
sk:E410, Karobová guma, Guma z karobových bôbov
sl:E410, Gumi iz zrn rožičevca
sv:E410, Fruktkärnmjöl, Carob
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/01/20
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of locust bean gum (E 410) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E411, E411 food additive
bg:E411, E411 food additive
cs:E411, E411 food additive
da:E411, E411 food additive
de:E411, E411 food additive
el:E411, E411 food additive
es:E411, E411 food additive
et:E411, E411 food additive
fi:E411, E411 food additive
fr:E411, Gomme d'avoine
hu:E411, E411 food additive
it:E411, E411 food additive
lt:E411, E411 food additive
lv:E411, E411 food additive
mt:E411, E411 food additive
nl:E411, Havergom
pl:E411, E411 food additive
pt:E411, E411 food additive
ro:E411, E411 food additive
sk:E411, E411 food additive
sl:E411, E411 food additive
sv:E411, E411 food additive

en:E412, Guar gum, Gum cyamopsis
bg:E412, Гума гуар, Гума циамопсис, Гуарова гума
cs:E412, Guma guar, Guma cyamopsis, Guarová guma, E 412, Guaranová guma
da:E412, Guargummi
de:E412, Guarkernmehl, Cyamopsis-Gummi, Guaran, Guakernmehl, E 412
el:E412, Κομμι γκουαρ, Κόμμι κυάμοψης
es:E412, Goma guar, Goma de guar, Goma de Cyamopsis, Goma de jaguar, E 412
et:E412, Guarkummi
fi:E412, Guarkumi, Cyamopsiskumi, E 412
fr:E412, Gomme de guar, gomme guar, gommes de guar, gomme de jaguar, Gomme cyamopsis, Farine de guar, CAS 9000-30-0, Farine Galligum de Guar, Guar Gum, GALLIGUM G, Gyamopsis Tetragonolobus, Guar Flour, Guaran, farine de graines de guar, guar, E 412, 9000-30-0
hu:E412, Guargumi, „Gum cyamopsis”
it:E412, Gomma di guar, Farina di semi di guar, Gomma cyamopsis, Guarano
lt:E412, Pupenių derva, Cyamopsis derva, Pupenių lipai
lv:E412, Guāra sveķi, Ciamopsis sveķi
mt:E412, Gomma tal-guar, Gomma cyamopsis
nl:E412, Guarpitmeel, Cyamopsisgom, Guargom
pl:E412, Guma guar, Guma cyamopsis
pt:E412, Goma de guar, Goma de cyamopsis, Goma guar
ro:E412, Gumă de guar, Gumă de Cyamopsis
ru:E412, Гуаровая камедь, Е412, Гуаран
sk:E412, Guarová guma, Guma cyamopsis
sl:E412, Guar gumi, guma cyamopsis
sv:E412, Guarkärnmjöl, Guargummi, Guarmjöl, E 412, Guarkärnsmjöl
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E413, Tragacanth, Tragacanth gum
bg:E413, Трагакант, Гума трагант
cs:E413, Tragant
da:E413, Traganth, Tragant
de:E413, Traganth, Tragacanth, Tragakant, Tragakanth, E 413
el:E413, Τραγανκανθινο κομμι
es:E413, Goma tragacanto, Aldragante, Goma de dragón, E 413
et:E413, Tragakant
fi:E413, Tragantti
fr:E413, Gomme de dragon, Gomme du dragon, gomme adragante, Tragacanthe, Traganthe, Tragacanth gum, Tragacanth, Shiraz gum, Hog gum, CAS 9000-65-1, Goma tragacanto, Traganth, Tragant, Corne de bouc, 9000-65-1
hu:E413, Tragantmézga, Tragantgumi
it:E413, Gomma adragante, Gomma da Tragacanto
lt:E413, Tragakantas, Tragakanto derva
lv:E413, Tragakants, Tragakantsveķi
mt:E413, Tragakant, Gomma Tragacant
nl:E413, Tragant, Tragacanthgom, Tragacanth
pl:E413, Tragakanta, Guma tragakantowa, Guma tragankowa
pt:E413, Tragacanto, Goma de tragacanto, alcatira;goma adragante, goma adraganta
ro:E413, Adragant, Gumă tragacant, Tragacant
sk:E413, Tragant, Tragantová guma
sl:E413, Tragakant, gumi tragakant
sv:E413, Dragant, Dragantgummi, E 413
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/06/09
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of tragacanth (E 413) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E414, Acacia gum, gum arabic
bg:E414, Акациева гума, Гума арабика
cs:E414, Arabská guma
da:E414, Arabisk gummi (akaciegummi), Gummi arabikum
de:E414, Gummi arabicum
el:E414, Κομμι ακακιας
es:E414, Goma arábiga
et:E414, Kummiaraabik
fi:E414, Arabikumi
fr:E414, Gomme d'acacia, gomme arabique 
hu:E414, Gumiarábikum, Akácmézga
it:E414, Gomma d'acacia, Gomma arabica
lt:E414, Akacijų derva (gumiarabikas), Gumiarabikas
lv:E414, Akācijas sveķi
mt:E414, Gomma tal-akaċja
nl:E414, Arabische gom
pl:E414, Guma akacjowa, Guma arabska
pt:E414, Goma arábica
ro:E414, Gumă arabică
ru:E414, Гуммиарабик
sk:E414, Arabská guma
sl:E414, Akacijeva guma
sv:E414, Gummi arabicum
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E414a, E414a food additive
bg:E414a, E414a food additive
cs:E414a, E414a food additive
da:E414a, E414a food additive
de:E414a, E414a food additive
el:E414a, E414a food additive
es:E414a, E414a food additive
et:E414a, E414a food additive
fi:E414a, E414a food additive
fr:E414a, Acide octénylsuccinique, gomme arabique modifiée
hu:E414a, E414a food additive
it:E414a, E414a food additive
lt:E414a, E414a food additive
lv:E414a, E414a food additive
mt:E414a, E414a food additive
nl:E414a, E414a food additive
pl:E414a, E414a food additive
pt:E414a, E414a food additive
ro:E414a, E414a food additive
sk:E414a, E414a food additive
sl:E414a, E414a food additive
sv:E414a, E414a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E415, Xanthan gum
bg:E415, Гума ксантан, Ксантанова гума
cs:E415, Xanthan, Xanthanová guma, E 415, Xantan
da:E415, Xanthangummi
de:E415, Xanthan, Xanthangummi, E 415, Xantan
el:E415, Ξανθανικο κομμι, uc
es:E415, Goma xantana, Xantano, Xantana, E 415
et:E415, Ksantaankummi, Ksantaan
fi:E415, Ksantaanikumi
fr:E415, Gomme xanthane, gomme de xanthane, gomme de maïs, gommes xanthane, gommes de xanthane, Xanthane, CAS 11138-66-2, Xanthan gum, goma xantana, xantano, Gummi xanthanum, Xanthomonas gum, 11138-66-2, C35H49O29, E 415
hu:E415, Xantángumi
it:E415, Gomma di xantano, gomma di xanthan, Resina di xantano, E145
lt:E415, Ksantano derva
lv:E415, Ksantāna sveķi
mt:E415, Gomma xanthan
nl:E415, Xanthaangom, Xanthaan
pl:E415, Guma ksantanowa
pt:E415, Goma xantana
ro:E415, Gumă de xantan
ru:E415, Ксантановая камедь, Ксантан, Е415
sk:E415, Xantánová živica
sl:E415, Ksantan gumi
sv:E415, Xantangummi
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/07/14
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of xanthan gum (E 415) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E416, Karaya-gum, Katilo, Kadaya, Gum sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, gum karaya, Kullo
bg:E416, Гума карая, Катило, кадая, гума sterculia, Sterculia, карая, гума карая, куло
cs:E416, Guma karaya, Katilo, kadaya, guma sterculia, karaya, kullo
da:E416, Karaya-gum
de:E416, Karaya-gummi, Sterculia-Gummi, Karaya, E 416, Sterculiagummi, Indischer Traganth, Sterkuliagummi, Karayagummi, Sterkulia-Gummi
el:E416, Κομμι καραγια, Katilo, kadaya, κόμμι στερκουλίας, sterculia, karaya, kullo
es:E416, Goma karaya, Katilo, kadaya, goma de Sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, kullo, E 416
et:E416, Karaiakummi
fi:E416, Karaijakumi, Katilo, Kadaya, Sterculia-kumi, Sterculia, Karaija, Kullo
fr:E416, Gomme karaya, Katilo, Kadaya, Gomme sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, Kullo, Kuterra, Gomme de Sterculia
hu:E416, Karayagumi, Katilo, Kadaya, Sterculia-gumi, Sterculia, Karaya, Gumi-Karaya Kullo, Karaya-gumi
it:E416, Gomma karaya, Katilo, Kadaya, Gomma sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, gomma karaya, Kullo
lt:E416, Karaja derva, Katilo, Kadaya, sterkulijų derva, Sterculia, Karaya derva, Kullo, Sterkulijų lipai
lv:E416, Karaja sveķi, Katilo, Kadaja, Sterculia sveķi, Sterculia, Karaja, Karaja sveķi, Kullo
mt:E416, Gomma tal-karaya, Katilo Kadaya, Gomma sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, gomma tal-karaya, Kullo
nl:E416, Karayagom, Katilo, kadaya, sterculiagom, Sterculia, karaya, gom karaya kullo
pl:E416, Guma karaya, Katilo, Kadaya, Guma sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, Kullo
pt:E416, Goma karaya, Katilo, kadaya, goma sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, Kullo
ro:E416, Gumă karaya, Katilo, Kadaya, Gumă sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, gumă Karaya, Kullo
sk:E416, Guma karaya, Katilo, Kadaya, Guma sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, guma karaya, Kullo
sl:E416, Karaja gumi, Katilo, Kadaya, gum sterculia, Sterculia, Karaya, karaja gumi, Kullo
sv:E416, Karayagummi
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-12-19
efsa_evaluation:en: Re-evaluation of karaya gum (E 416) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E417, Tara gum
bg:E417, Гума тара
cs:E417, Guma tara
da:E417, Taragummi
de:E417, Tarakernmehl
el:E417, Κομμι ταρα
es:E417, Goma tara
et:E417, Tarakummi
fi:E417, Tarakumi
fr:E417, Gomme tara, caroube du pérou, CAS 39300-88-4, Tara gum
hu:E417, Taramaglisz, Taramag liszt
it:E417, Gomma di tara
lt:E417, Tara derva
lv:E417, Tara sveķi
mt:E417, Gomma tara
nl:E417, Taragom
pl:E417, Guma tara
pt:E417, Goma de tara
ro:E417, Gumă tara
sk:E417, Guma tara
sl:E417, Tara gumi
sv:E417, Taragummi, Tarakärnmjöl
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/06/28
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of tara gum (E 417) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E418, Gellan gum
bg:E418, Гума джелан
cs:E418, Guma gellan
da:E418, Gellangummi
de:E418, Gellan, E 418
el:E418, Κομμι τζελαν
es:E418, Goma gellan, E 418
et:E418, Gellankummi
fi:E418, Gellaanikumi
fr:E418, Gomme gellane, Gomme de gellane, gellan gum, E-418, 71010-52-1
hu:E418, Gellángumi
it:E418, Gomma di gellano, gomma gellano
lt:E418, Gelano derva
lv:E418, Želena sveķi
mt:E418, Gomma ġellan
nl:E418, Gellangom
pl:E418, Guma gellan
pt:E418, Goma gelana
ro:E418, Gumă gellan
sk:E418, Guma gellan
sl:E418, Gelanski gumi
sv:E418, Gellangummi
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2018/06/20
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of gellan gum (E 418) as food additive
efsa_evaluation_adi_established:en: en:no

en:E419, Gum ghatti (thickener) (Stabilizer (food)stabiliser)
bg:E419, E419 food additive
cs:E419, E419 food additive
da:E419, E419 food additive
de:E419, E419 food additive
el:E419, E419 food additive
es:E419, E419 food additive
et:E419, E419 food additive
fi:E419, E419 food additive
fr:E419, Gomme ghatti
hu:E419, E419 food additive
it:E419, E419 food additive
lt:E419, E419 food additive
lv:E419, E419 food additive
mt:E419, E419 food additive
nl:E419, E419 food additive
pl:E419, E419 food additive
pt:E419, E419 food additive
ro:E419, E419 food additive
sk:E419, E419 food additive
sl:E419, E419 food additive
sv:E419, E419 food additive

en:E420, Sorbitol, glucitol
bg:E420, Сорбитол
cs:E420, Sorbitol, D-glucitol, E 420, Sorbit
da:E420, Sorbitol
de:E420, Sorbit, Sorbitintoleranz, Glucitol, Hexanhexol, Hexanhexaol, Sorbitol, Sorbitmalabsorption
el:E420, E420 food additive
es:E420, Sorbitol, Glucitol
et:E420, E420 food additive
fi:E420, Sorbitoli, Glusitoli
fr:E420, Sorbitol, Sirop de sorbitol, sorbitols, D-glucitol, Glucitol, E 420, 50-70-4, Gulitol, E420(i), E420(ii)
hu:E420, Szorbitol
it:E420, Sorbitolo, Glucitolo
lt:E420, Sorbitolis, C6H14O6
lv:E420, E420 food additive
mt:E420, E420 food additive
nl:E420, Sorbitol
pl:E420, Sorbitole, Sorbitol
pt:E420, Sorbitol
ro:E420, E420 food additive
ru:E420, Сорбит, сорбитовый сироп, Сорбитол, Глюцит, Е420
sk:E420, Sorbitol
sl:E420, Sorbitol
sv:E420, Sorbitol, E 420, D-sorbitol, D-glukitol
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E420(i), Sorbitol, D-glucitol
bg:E420(i), сорбитол, D-глюцитол
cs:E420(i), Sorbitol
da:E420(i), Sorbitol
de:E420(i), Sorbit, D-Glucitol
el:E420(i), Σορβιτολη, D-γλυκιτόλη
es:E420(i), Sorbitol
et:E420(i), sorbitool, D-glütsitool
fi:E420(i), Sorbitoli, D-glusitoli
fr:E420(i), sorbitol, D-glucitol
hu:E420(i), Szorbit, D-Glucit
it:E420(i), sorbitolo, D-glucitolo
lt:E420(i), sorbitolis, D-gliucitolis
lv:E420(i), Sorbīts, D-glucīts
mt:E420(i), sorbitol, D-gluċitol
nl:E420(i), Sorbitol, D-glucitol
pl:E420(i), Sorbitol
pt:E420(i), sorbitol
ro:E420(i), sorbitol
sk:E420(i), sorbitol
sl:E420(i), Sorbitol
sv:E420(i), Sorbitol, D-glucitol
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E420(ii), Sorbitol syrup
bg:E420(ii), сорбитол сироп
cs:E420(ii), Sorbitol sirup
da:E420(ii), Sorbitolsirup
de:E420(ii), Sorbitsirup
el:E420(ii), Σιροπι σορβιτολης
es:E420(ii), Jarabe de sorbitol
et:E420(ii), sorbitoolisiirup
fi:E420(ii), Sorbitolisiirappi
fr:E420(ii), sirop de sorbitol
hu:E420(ii), Szorbitszirup
it:E420(ii), sciroppo di sorbitolo
lt:E420(ii), sorbitolio sirupas
lv:E420(ii), Sorbīta sīrups
mt:E420(ii), ġulepp tas-sorbitol
nl:E420(ii), Sorbitolstroop
pl:E420(ii), Syrop sorbitolowy
pt:E420(ii), xarope de sorbitol
ro:E420(ii), sirop de sorbitol
sk:E420(ii), sorbitolový sirup
sl:E420(ii), Sirup sorbitola
sv:E420(ii), Sorbitolsirap
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E421, Mannitol
bg:E421, манитол
cs:E421, Mannitol, E 421
da:E421, Mannitol
de:E421, Mannit, D-Mannitol, E 421, Mannitol, Bronchitol
el:E421, Μαννιτολη
es:E421, Manitol, E 421
et:E421, mannitool
fi:E421, Mannitoli
fr:E421, Mannitol, mannitol, 69-65-8
hu:E421, Mannit
it:E421, mannitolo, Mannite, D-(-)-mannitolo
lt:E421, manitolis, Manitas
lv:E421, Mannīts
mt:E421, mannitol
nl:E421, Mannitol, Hexitol
pl:E421, Mannitol, Mannit
pt:E421, manitol, Mannitol
ro:E421, manitol
sk:E421, manitol
sl:E421, Manitol
sv:E421, Mannitol, E 421
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E422, Glycerol, Glycerin, Glycerine, propane-1\,2\,3-triol, propanetriol, 1\,2\,3-trihydroxypropane, 1\,2\,3-propanetriol
bg:E422, Глицерол, Глицерин
cs:E422, Glycerol
da:E422, Glycerol, Glycerin
de:E422, Glycerin, Glycerol
el:E422, Γλυκερολη, Γλυκερίνη, Προπανοτριόλη, 1\,2\,3-προπανοτριόλη, Προπανο-1\,2\,3-τριόλη
es:E422, Glicerol
et:E422, Glütserool
fi:E422, Glyseroli
fr:E422, Glycérol, Trihydroxypropane, glycérine, propan-1\,2\,3-triol, 1\,2\,3-propanetriol
hu:E422, Glycerol, Glicerin
it:E422, Glicerolo
lt:E422, Glicerolis
lv:E422, Glicerīns
mt:E422, Gliċerol, Gliċerin
nl:E422, Glycerol
pl:E422, Glicerol, Gliceryna
pt:E422, Glicerol
ro:E422, Glicerol
sk:E422, Glycerol, Glycerín
sl:E422, Glicerol
sv:E422, Glycerol, Propantriol
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:thickener

en:E424, Curdlan
bg:E424, E424 food additive
cs:E424, E424 food additive
da:E424, E424 food additive
de:E424, Curdlan
el:E424, E424 food additive
es:E424, E424 food additive
et:E424, E424 food additive
fi:E424, E424 food additive
fr:E424, Curdlan
hu:E424, E424 food additive
it:E424, E424 food additive
lt:E424, E424 food additive
lv:E424, E424 food additive
mt:E424, E424 food additive
nl:E424, Curdlan
pl:E424, E424 food additive
pt:E424, Curdlana
ro:E424, E424 food additive
sk:E424, E424 food additive
sl:E424, E424 food additive
sv:E424, E424 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E425, Konjac
bg:E425, E425 food additive
cs:E425, E425 food additive
da:E425, E425 food additive
de:E425, E425 food additive
el:E425, E425 food additive
es:E425, E425 food additive
et:E425, E425 food additive
fi:E425, E425 food additive
fr:E425, Gomme de konjac, Glucomannane de konjac, extrait de racine de Konjac
hu:E425, E425 food additive
it:E425, E425 food additive
lt:E425, E425 food additive
lv:E425, E425 food additive
mt:E425, E425 food additive
nl:E425, E425 food additive
pl:E425, E425 food additive
pt:E425, E425 food additive
ro:E425, E425 food additive
sk:E425, E425 food additive
sl:E425, E425 food additive
sv:E425, E425 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E425(i), Konjac gum
bg:E425(i), Коняк гума
cs:E425(i), Konjaková guma
da:E425(i), Konjacgummi
de:E425(i), Konjakgummi
el:E425(i), Κομμι konjac
es:E425(i), Goma konjac
et:E425(i), Rivieri titaanjuure kummi
fi:E425(i), Konjac-hartsi
fr:E425(i), Gomme de konjac
hu:E425(i), Konjakgyanta
it:E425(i), Gomma di konjac
lt:E425(i), Konjako derva
lv:E425(i), "konjac" sveķi
mt:E425(i), Gomma konjac
nl:E425(i), Konjacgom
pl:E425(i), Guma konjac
pt:E425(i), Goma de konjac
ro:E425(i), Gumă konjac
sk:E425(i), Konjaková guma
sl:E425(i), Konjac gumi
sv:E425(i), Konjakgummi
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E425(ii), Konjac glucomannan
bg:E425(ii), Коняк глюкоманан
cs:E425(ii), Konjakový glukomannan
da:E425(ii), Konjacglucomannan
de:E425(ii), Konjak-glucomannan
el:E425(ii), Γλυκομαννανη konjac
es:E425(ii), Glucomanano de konjac
et:E425(ii), Rivieri titaanjuure glükomannaan
fi:E425(ii), Konjac-glukomannaani
fr:E425(ii), Glucomannane de konjac
hu:E425(ii), Konjak-glükomannán
it:E425(ii), Glucomannano di konjac
lt:E425(ii), Konjako gliukomananas
lv:E425(ii), "konjac" glikomannāns
mt:E425(ii), Glukomannan tal-konjac
nl:E425(ii), Konjacglucomannaan
pl:E425(ii), Glukomannan konjac
pt:E425(ii), Glucomanano de konjac
ro:E425(ii), Glucomanan konjac
sk:E425(ii), Konjak glukomanan
sl:E425(ii), Konjac glukomanan
sv:E425(ii), Konjakglukomannan
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E426, Soybean hemicellulose
bg:E426, Соева хемицелулоза
cs:E426, Sójová hemicelulosa
da:E426, Sojabønnehemicellulose
de:E426, Sojabohnen-polyose
el:E426, Ημικυτταρινη σογιας
es:E426, Hemicelulosa de soja
et:E426, Soja hemitselluloos
fi:E426, Soijapapu-hemiselluloosa
fr:E426, Hémicellulose de soja
hu:E426, Szója-hemicellulóz
it:E426, Emicellulosa di soia
lt:E426, Sojų hemiceliuliozė
lv:E426, Sojas pupiņu hemiceluloze
mt:E426, Emiċelluloża tas-sojja
nl:E426, Hemicellulose van soja
pl:E426, Hemiceluloza sojowa
pt:E426, Hemicelulose de soja
ro:E426, Hemiceluloză de soia
sk:E426, Sójová hemicelulóza
sl:E426, Hemiceluloza iz soje
sv:E426, Sojabönshemicellulosa

en:E427, Cassia gum
bg:E427, Гума касия
cs:E427, Guma cassia synonyma
da:E427, Cassiagummi
de:E427, Cassia-gummi
el:E427, Κομμι κασσιας
es:E427, Goma casia, Goma cassia
et:E427, Kassiakummi
fi:E427, Kassiakumi
fr:E427, Gomme de casse, Gomme cassia, Gomme casse, E 427, 51434-18-5
hu:E427, Kassziagumi
it:E427, Gomma cassia
lt:E427, Kasijos derva, Velniapupių lipai
lv:E427, Kasijas sveķi
mt:E427, Gomma tal-kassja
nl:E427, Cassiagom, Cassiagom is het gemalen
pl:E427, Guma kasja, Guma kasja to mielone
pt:E427, Goma de cássia
ro:E427, Gumă cassia
sk:E427, Kasia guma
sl:E427, Gumi kasijevca
sv:E427, Cassiagummi
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

# gelatin is listed as E428
# E441 is listed as something else.. 

en:E428, Gelatine, gelatin
bg:E428, Желатин
cs:E428, želatina
da:E428, gelatine, Husblas
de:E428, Gelatine, Speisegelatine, Gelatinpulver, Gelatinieren, Rindergelatine
el:E428, ζελατίνη
es:E428, Gelatina, Gelatinosa, Grenetina, Gelatinoso
et:E428, želatiin
fi:E428, liivate, Gelatiini, Liivatejauhe
fr:E428, Gélatine 
hu:E428, Zselatin
it:E428, Gelatina 
lt:E428, Želatina
lv:E428, E428 food additive
mt:E428, E428 food additive
nl:E428, Gelatine, Geleermiddel
pl:E428, Żelatyna, Gelatin
pt:E428, Gelatina
ro:E428, Gelatină
sk:E428, Želatína
sl:E428, Želatina
sv:E428, gelatin

en:E429, peptone, tryptone
bg:E429, E429 food additive
cs:E429, Pepton, Peptóny
da:E429, E429 food additive
de:E429, Pepton, Peptonwasser, Trypton
el:E429, E429 food additive
es:E429, Peptona
et:E429, E429 food additive
fi:E429, E429 food additive
fr:E429, Peptones, Peptone, E 429
hu:E429, E429 food additive
it:E429, E429 food additive
lt:E429, E429 food additive
lv:E429, E429 food additive
mt:E429, E429 food additive
nl:E429, Tryptoon
pl:E429, Peptony, Pepton
pt:E429, Peptona, Peptonas
ro:E429, E429 food additive
sk:E429, E429 food additive
sl:E429, E429 food additive
sv:E429, Pepton

en:E430, Polyoxyethylene (8) stearate
bg:E430, E430 food additive
cs:E430, E430 food additive
da:E430, E430 food additive
de:E430, E430 food additive
el:E430, E430 food additive
es:E430, E430 food additive
et:E430, E430 food additive
fi:E430, E430 food additive
fr:E430, Stéarate de polyoxyéthylène (8)
hu:E430, E430 food additive
it:E430, E430 food additive
lt:E430, E430 food additive
lv:E430, E430 food additive
mt:E430, E430 food additive
nl:E430, Polyoxyleen-8-stearaat
pl:E430, E430 food additive
pt:E430, E430 food additive
ro:E430, E430 food additive
sk:E430, E430 food additive
sl:E430, E430 food additive
sv:E430, E430 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E431, Polyoxyethylene (40) stearate, Polyoxyl (40) stearate
bg:E431, Полиоксиетилен (40) стеарат, Полиоксил (40) стеарат
cs:E431, Polyoxyethylen (40) stearan, Poly(oxyethylen(40))-stearát, Polyoxyl(40)-stearát
da:E431, Polyoxyethylen (40) stearat, Polyoxyl(40)stearat
de:E431, Polyoxyethylen(40)stearat, Polyoxyl(40)stearat
el:E431, Στεατικο πολυοξυαιθυλενιο (40)
es:E431, Estearato de polioxietileno (40), Estearato de polioxilo (40)
et:E431, Polüoksüetüleen(40)stearaat, Polüoksüül(40)stereaat
fi:E431, Polyoksyetyleeni(40)stearaatti, Polyoksyyli(40)stearaatti
fr:E431, Stéarate de polyoxyéthylène (40), Polyoxyethylene (40) stearate, Stéarate de polyoxyéthylène 40
hu:E431, Polioxietilén(40)-sztearát, Polioxil(40)-sztearát
it:E431, Stearato di poliossietilene(40), Stearato poliossile (40)
lt:E431, Polioksietileno (40) stearatas, Polioksilo (40) stearatas
lv:E431, Polioksietilēna (40) stearāts, Polioksil (40) stearāts
mt:E431, Stearat tal-poliossietilen (40), Stearat Poliossiliku (40)
nl:E431, Polyoxyethyleen(40)stearaat, Polyoxyl-40-stearaat
pl:E431, Stearynian polioksyetylenu (40), Stearynian polioksylu (40)
pt:E431, Estearato de polioxietileno (40), Estearato de polioxilo (40)
ro:E431, Stearat de polioxietilenă (40), Stearat de polioxil (40)
sk:E431, Polyoxyetylén (40) stearát, Polyoxyl (40) stearát
sl:E431, Polioksietilen (40) stearat, polioksil (40) stearat
sv:E431, Polyoxietylen(40)stearat, Polyoxyl(40)stearat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E432, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate, Polysorbate 20, Alkest TW 20, Tween 20, PEG(20)sorbitan monolaurate
bg:E432, Полиоксиетилен сорбитан монолаурат, Полисорбат 20
cs:E432, Polyoxyethylensorbitanmonolaurát, polysorbát 20
da:E432, Polyoxyethylen(20)sorbitanmonolaurat, Polysorbat 20
de:E432, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitanmonolaurat, Polysorbat 20, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitan-monolaurat, E 432, Tween 20
el:E432, Μονολαυρικη πολυοξυ-αιθυλενο-σορβιτανη, Polysorbate 20
es:E432, Monolaurato de sorbitán polioxietilenado, Polisorbato 20, Tween 20
et:E432, Polüoksüetüleen sorbitaanmonolaureaat, Polüsorbaat 20
fi:E432, Polyoksyetyleenisorbitaanimonolauraatti, Polysorbaatti 20
fr:E432, Monolaurate de polyoxyéthylène sorbitane, polysorbate 20, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (polysorbate 20), Stéarate de polyoxyl (40), Monolaurate de sorbitane polyoxyéthylène, Tween 20
hu:E432, Polioxietilén-szorbitan-monolaurát, Poliszorbát 20, Polioxietilén(20)-szorbitán-laurát
it:E432, Monolaurato di poliossietilene sorbitano, Polisorbato 20
lt:E432, Polioksietileno sorbitano monolauratas, Polisorbatas 20
lv:E432, Polioksietilēna sorbitāna monolaurāts), Polisorbāts 20
mt:E432, Monolawrat tal-poliossietilen sorbitan, Polisorbat 20
nl:E432, Polyoxyethyleensorbitaanmonolauraat, Polysorbaat 20, Tween 20
pl:E432, Monolaurynian polioksyetylenosorbitolu), Polisorbat 20
pt:E432, Monolaurato de polioxietileno sorbitano, Polissorbato 20
ro:E432, Monolaurat de polioxietilenă sorbitan, Polisorbat 20
sk:E432, Polyoxylénsorbitanmonolaurát, Polysorbát 20
sl:E432, Polioksietilen sorbitan monolaurat, polisorbat 20
sv:E432, Polyoxietylensorbitanmonolaurat, Polysorbat 20
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-07-17
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (E 432), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (E 433), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate (E 434), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (E 435) and polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate (E 436) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 25
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E433, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate, Polysorbate 80
bg:E433, Полиоксиетилен сорбитан моноолеат, Полисорбат 80
cs:E433, Polyoxyethylensorbitanmonooleát, polysorbát 80
da:E433, Polyoxyethylen(20)sorbitanmonooleat, Polysorbat 80
de:E433, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitanmonooleat, Polysorbat 80, E 433, Tween 80, Polyoxyethylen(20)-sorbitanmono-Oleat
el:E433, Μονοελαϊκη πολυοξυ-αιθυλενο-σορβιτανη, Polysorbate 80
es:E433, Monooleato de sorbitán polioxietilenado, Polisorbato 80
et:E433, Polüoksüetüleen sorbitaanmonooleaat, Polüsorbaat 80
fi:E433, Polyoksyetyleenisorbitaanimono-oleaatti, Polysorbaatti 80
fr:E433, Monooléate de polyoxyéthylène de sorbitane, polysorbate 80, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (polysorbate 80)
hu:E433, Polioxietilén-szorbitan-monooleát, Poliszorbát 80, Polioxietilén(20)-szorbitán-oleát
it:E433, Monoleato di poliossietilene sorbitano, Polisorbato 80
lt:E433, Polioksietileno sorbitano monooleatas, Polisorbatas 80
lv:E433, Polioksietilēna sorbitāna monooleāts, Polisorbāts 80
mt:E433, Monooleat tal-poliossietilen sorbitan, Polisorbat 80
nl:E433, Polyoxyethyleensorbitaanmonoöleaat, Polysorbaat 80
pl:E433, Monooleinian polioksyetylenosorbitolu, Polisorbat 80, Tween 80
pt:E433, Mono-oleato de polioxietileno sorbitano, Polissorbato 80
ro:E433, Monooleat de polioxietilenă sorbitan, Polisorbat 80
sk:E433, Polyoxylénsorbitanmonooleát, Polysorbát 80
sl:E433, Polioksietilen sorbitan monooleat, polisorbat 80
sv:E433, Polyoxietylensorbitanmonooleat, Polysorbat 80
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-07-17
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (E 432), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (E 433), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate (E 434), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (E 435) and polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate (E 436) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 25
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E434, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate, Polysorbate 40
bg:E434, Полиоксиетилен сорбитан монопалмитат, Полисорбат 40
cs:E434, Polyoxyethylensorbitanmonopalmitát, polysorbát 40
da:E434, Polyoxyethylen(20)sorbitanmonopalmitat, Polysorbat 40
de:E434, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitanmonopalmitat, Polysorbat 40
el:E434, Μονοπαλμιτικη πολυοξυ-αιθυλενο-σορβιτανη, Polysorbate 40
es:E434, Monopalmitato de sorbitán polioxietilenado, Polisorbato 40
et:E434, Polüoksüetüleen sorbitaanmonopalmitaat, Polüsorbaat 40
fi:E434, Polyoksyetyleenisorbitaanimonopalmitaatti, Polysorbaatti 40
fr:E434, Monopalmitate de polyoxyéthylène sorbitane, polysorbate 40, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate (polysorbate 40)
hu:E434, Polioxietilén-szorbitan-monopalmitát, Poliszorbát 40
it:E434, Monopalmitato di poliossietilene sorbitano, Polisorbato 40
lt:E434, Polioksietileno sorbitano monopalmitatas, Polisorbatas 40
lv:E434, Polioksietilēna sorbitāna monopalmitāts, Polisorbāts 40
mt:E434, Monopalmitat tal-poliossietilen sorbitan, Polisorbat 40
nl:E434, Polyoxyethyleensorbitaanmonopalmitaat, Polysorbaat 40
pl:E434, Monopalmitynian polioksyetylenosorbitolu, Polisorbat 40
pt:E434, Monopalmitato de polioxietileno sorbitano, Polissorbato 40
ro:E434, Monopalmitat de polioxietilenă sorbitan, Polisorbat 40
sk:E434, Polyoxyetylénsorbitanmonopalmitát, Polysorbát 40
sl:E434, Polioksietilen sorbitan monopalmitat, polisorbat 40
sv:E434, Polyoxietylensorbitanmonopalmitat, Polysorbat 40
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-07-17
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (E 432), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (E 433), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate (E 434), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (E 435) and polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate (E 436) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 25
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E435, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate, Polysorbate 60
bg:E435, Полиоксиетилен сорбитан моностеарат, Полисорбат 60
cs:E435, Polyoxyethylensorbitanmonostearát, polysorbát 60
da:E435, Polyoxyethylen(20)sorbitanmonostearat, Polysorbat 60
de:E435, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitanmonostearat, Polysorbat 60, E 435, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitan-monostearat, Polyoxyethylen(20)-sorbitan-monostearat
el:E435, Μονοστεατικη πολυοξυ-αιθυλενο-σορβιτανη, Polysorbate 60
es:E435, Monoestearato de sorbitán polioxietilenado, Polisorbato 60
et:E435, Polüosküetüleen sorbitaanmonostearaat, Polüsorbaat 60
fi:E435, Polyoksyetyleenisorbitaanimonostearaatti, Polysorbaatti 60
fr:E435, Monostéarate de polyoxyéthylène sorbitane, polysorbate 60, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (polysorbate 60)
hu:E435, Polioxietilén-szorbitan-monosztearát, Poliszorbát 60
it:E435, Monostearato di poliossietilene sorbitano, Polisorbato 60
lt:E435, Polioksietileno sorbitano monostearatas, Polisorbatas 60
lv:E435, Polioksietilēna sorbitāna monostearāts, Polisorbāts 60
mt:E435, Monostereat tal-poliossietilen sorbitan, Polisorbat 60
nl:E435, Polyoxyethyleensorbitaanmonostearaat, Polysorbaat 60
pl:E435, Monostearynian polioksyetylenosorbitolu, Polisorbat 60
pt:E435, Monoestearato de polioxietileno sorbitano, Polissorbato 60
ro:E435, Monostearat de polioxietilenă sorbitan, Polisorbat 60
sk:E435, Polyoxyetylénsorbitanmonostearát, Polysorbát 60
sl:E435, Polioksietilen sorbitan monostearat, polisorbat 60
sv:E435, Polyoxietylensorbitanmonostearat, Polysorbat 60
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-07-17
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (E 432), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (E 433), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate (E 434), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (E 435) and polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate (E 436) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 25
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E436, Polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate, Polysorbate 65
bg:E436, Полиоксиетилен сорбитан тристеарат, Полисорбат 65
cs:E436, Polyoxyethylensorbitantristearát, polysorbát 65
da:E436, Polyoxyethylen(20)sorbitantristearat, Polysorbat 65
de:E436, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitantristearat, Polysorbat 65, E 436, Tween 65, Polyoxyethylen-sorbitan-tristearat
el:E436, Τριστεατικη πολυοξυ-αιθυλενο-σορβιτανη, Polysorbate 65
es:E436, Triestearato de sorbitán polioxietilenado, Polisorbato 65
et:E436, Polüosküetüleen sorbitaantristearaat, Polüsorbaat 65
fi:E436, Polyoksyetyleenisorbitaanitristearaatti, Polysorbaatti 65
fr:E436, Tristéarate de polyoxyéthylène sorbitane, polysorbate 65, Tristéarate de polyoxyéthylène sorbitan (polysorbate 65)
hu:E436, Polioxietilén-szorbitan-trisztearát, Poliszorbát 65
it:E436, Tristearato di poliossietilene sorbitano, polisorbato 65
lt:E436, Polioksietileno sorbitano tristearatas, Polisorbatas 65
lv:E436, Polioksietilēna sorbitāna tristearāts, Polisorbāts 65
mt:E436, Tristearat tal-poliossietilen sorbitan, Polisorbat 65
nl:E436, Polyoxyethyleensorbitaantristearaat, Polysorbaat 65
pl:E436, Tristearynian polioksyetylenosorbitolu, Polisorbat 65
pt:E436, Triestearato de polioxietileno sorbitano, Polissorbato 65
ro:E436, Tristearat de polioxietilenă sorbitan, Polisorbat 65
sk:E436, Polyoxyetylénsorbitantristearát, Polysorbát 65
sl:E436, Polioksietilen sorbitan tristearat, polisorbat 65
sv:E436, Polyoxietylensorbitantristearat, Polysorbat 65
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-07-17
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of polyoxyethylene sorbitan monolaurate (E 432), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monooleate (E 433), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monopalmitate (E 434), polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (E 435) and polyoxyethylene sorbitan tristearate (E 436) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 25
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

# Putting E440a and E440b first so that they don't take precedence over E440

en:E440a, Pectin
bg:E440a, E440a food additive
cs:E440a, E440a food additive
da:E440a, E440a food additive
de:E440a, E440a food additive
el:E440a, E440a food additive
es:E440a, Pectina
et:E440a, E440a food additive
fi:E440a, E440a food additive
fr:E440a, Pectine, CAS 9000-69-5, Pectate de sodium, Sodium pectate, CAS 90999-05-6, Pectate de potassium, Pectate d'ammonium
hu:E440a, E440a food additive
it:E440a, E440a food additive
lt:E440a, E440a food additive
lv:E440a, E440a food additive
mt:E440a, E440a food additive
nl:E440a, E440a food additive
pl:E440a, E440a food additive
pt:E440a, E440a food additive
ro:E440a, E440a food additive
sk:E440a, E440a food additive
sl:E440a, E440a food additive
sv:E440a, E440a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440a(ii), Sodium pectate
bg:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
cs:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
da:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
de:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
el:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
es:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
et:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
fi:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
fr:E440a(ii), Pectate de sodium, Sodium pectate, CAS 90999-05-6
hu:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
it:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
lt:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
lv:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
mt:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
nl:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
pl:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
pt:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
ro:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
sk:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
sl:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
sv:E440a(ii), E440a(ii) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440a(iii), Potassium pectate
bg:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
cs:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
da:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
de:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
el:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
es:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
et:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
fi:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
fr:E440a(iii), Pectate de potassium
hu:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
it:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
lt:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
lv:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
mt:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
nl:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
pl:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
pt:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
ro:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
sk:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
sl:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
sv:E440a(iii), E440a(iii) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440a(iv), Ammonium Pectate
bg:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
cs:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
da:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
de:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
el:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
es:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
et:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
fi:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
fr:E440a(iv), Pectate d'ammonium
hu:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
it:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
lt:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
lv:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
mt:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
nl:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
pl:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
pt:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
ro:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
sk:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
sl:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
sv:E440a(iv), E440a(iv) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440b, pectin amide, amidated pectin
bg:E440b, E440b food additive
cs:E440b, E440b food additive
da:E440b, E440b food additive
de:E440b, E440b food additive
el:E440b, E440b food additive
es:E440b, E440b food additive
et:E440b, E440b food additive
fi:E440b, E440b food additive
fr:E440b, Pectine amidée, CAS 56645-02-4
hu:E440b, E440b food additive
it:E440b, E440b food additive
lt:E440b, E440b food additive
lv:E440b, E440b food additive
mt:E440b, E440b food additive
nl:E440b, E440b food additive
pl:E440b, E440b food additive
pt:E440b, E440b food additive
ro:E440b, E440b food additive
sk:E440b, E440b food additive
sl:E440b, E440b food additive
sv:E440b, E440b food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440, Pectins, pectin
bg:E440, Пектин
cs:E440, Pektin, Pektiny
da:E440, pektin
de:E440, Pektine, Polygalacturonat, E 440, Pektin, Protopektin, E 440ii, Pectin, Rhamnogalacturonan
el:E440, Πηκτίνη
es:E440, Pectinas, Pectina
et:E440, Pektiin
fi:E440, Pektiini, Pektiinit, E 440
fr:E440, Pectines, Pectine, E440(i)
hu:E440, Pektin
it:E440, Pectina, Pectine
lt:E440, Pektinas
lv:E440, E440 food additive
mt:E440, E440 food additive
nl:E440, Pectine
pl:E440, Pektyny, Pektyna
pt:E440, Pectina
ro:E440, E440 food additive
ru:E440, Пектин, Пектиновые вещества, Пектиновое вещество, Пектины, Е440
sk:E440, Pektín
sl:E440, Pektin
sv:E440, Pektin, E 440
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440(i), Pectin
bg:E440(i), Пектин
cs:E440(i), Pektin
da:E440(i), Pectin
de:E440(i), Pektin
el:E440(i), Πηκτινη
es:E440(i), Pectina
et:E440(i), Pektiin
fi:E440(i), Pektiini
fr:E440(i), Pectine
hu:E440(i), Pektin
it:E440(i), Pectina
lt:E440(i), Pektinas
lv:E440(i), Pektīns
mt:E440(i), Pektina
nl:E440(i), Pectine
pl:E440(i), Pektyna
pt:E440(i), Pectina
ro:E440(i), Pectină
sk:E440(i), Pektín
sl:E440(i), Pektin
sv:E440(i), Pektin
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E440(ii), Amidated pectin
bg:E440(ii), Амидиран пектин
cs:E440(ii), Amidovaný pektin
da:E440(ii), Amideret pectin
de:E440(ii), Amidiertes pektin
el:E440(ii), Αμιδιωμενες πηκτινικες υλες
es:E440(ii), Pectina amidada
et:E440(ii), Amiiditud pektiin
fi:E440(ii), Amidoitu pektiini
fr:E440(ii), Pectine amidée
hu:E440(ii), Amidált pektin
it:E440(ii), Pectina amidata
lt:E440(ii), Amidintas pektinas
lv:E440(ii), Amidēts pektīns
mt:E440(ii), Pektina amidata
nl:E440(ii), Geamideerde pectine
pl:E440(ii), Pektyna amidowana
pt:E440(ii), Pectina amidada
ro:E440(ii), Pectină amidată
sk:E440(ii), Amidovaný pektín
sl:E440(ii), Amidirani pektin
sv:E440(ii), Amiderat pektin
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

# E441 is not officially listed as "animal gelatin"
# Superglycerinated hydrogenated rapeseed oil, Hydrogenated rapeseed oil superglycerinated, Superglycerinated fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil	
# see

en:E441, Superglycerinated hydrogenated rapeseed oil, Hydrogenated rapeseed oil superglycerinated, Superglycerinated fully hydrogenated rapeseed oil
es:E441, Aceite de semillas de colza superglicerinado hidrogenado
fr:E441, Huile de colza superglycérinée hydrogénée

en:E442, Ammonium phosphatides, Mixed ammonium salts of phosphorylated glycerides, Emulsifier YN, Ammonium phosphatide
bg:E442, Амониеви фосфатиди
cs:E442, Amonné soli fosfatidových kyselin
da:E442, Ammoniumphosphatider
de:E442, Ammoniumphosphatide
el:E442, Φωσφατιδια του αμμωνιου
es:E442, Fosfátidos de amonio, Fosfato de diamonio, Lecitina YN, E-442
et:E442, Fosfatiidhappe ammooniumsoolad, Ammooniumfosfatiidid
fi:E442, Ammoniumfosfatidit, Fosfatidihapon ammoniumsuolat
fr:E442, Phosphatides d'ammonium, E 442
hu:E442, Ammónium-foszfatidok, Foszfatidsav ammóniumsói
it:E442, Fosfatidi di ammonio
lt:E442, Amonio fosfatidai
lv:E442, Amonija fosfatīdi, Fosfatīdskābes amonija sāļi
mt:E442, Fosfatidi tal-ammonju
nl:E442, Ammoniumfosfatiden
pl:E442, Fosfatydy amonu
pt:E442, Fosfatidos de amónio
ro:E442, Fosfatide de amoniu
sk:E442, Fosfatidy amónne
sl:E442, Amonijevi fosfatidi
sv:E442, Ammoniumfosfatider, Ammoniumsalter av fosfatinsyra
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E443, Brominated vegetable oil
bg:E443, E443 food additive
cs:E443, E443 food additive
da:E443, E443 food additive
de:E443, E443 food additive
el:E443, E443 food additive
es:E443, E443 food additive
et:E443, E443 food additive
fi:E443, E443 food additive
fr:E443, Huile végétale bromée, brominated vegetable oil
hu:E443, E443 food additive
it:E443, Olio vegetale bromurato
lt:E443, E443 food additive
lv:E443, E443 food additive
mt:E443, E443 food additive
nl:E443, E443 food additive
pl:E443, E443 food additive
pt:E443, Óleo vegetal bromado
ro:E443, E443 food additive
sk:E443, E443 food additive
sl:E443, E443 food additive
sv:E443, E443 food additive

en:E444, Sucrose acetate isobutyrate
bg:E444, Захароза ацетат изобутират
cs:E444, Isobutyrát octanu sacharosy
da:E444, Saccharoseacetatisobutyrat
de:E444, Saccharoseacetat-isobutyrat, Saccharoseacetatisobutyrat, Saccharose-acetat-isobutyrat, SAIB, E 444
el:E444, Ισοβουτυρικη οξικη σακχαροζη
es:E444, Acetato de isobutirato de sacarosa, Acetato isobutirato de sacarosa
et:E444, Sahharoosdiatsetaatheksaisobutüraat
fi:E444, Sakkaroosiasetaatti-isobutyraatti
fr:E444, Acétate isobutyrate de saccharose
hu:E444, Szacharóz-acetát-izobutirát
it:E444, Acetato isobutirrico di saccarosio
lt:E444, Sacharozės acetato izobutiratas
lv:E444, Saharozes acetāta izobutirāts
mt:E444, Aċetat isobutirat tas-sukrożju
nl:E444, Sucroseacetaatisobutyraat
pl:E444, Octan izomaślanu sacharozy
pt:E444, Acetoisobutirato de sacarose
ro:E444, Acetat izobutirat de zaharoză
sk:E444, Octanizomaselnan sacharózy
sl:E444, Saharozni acetat izobutirat
sv:E444, Sackarosacetatisobutyrat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-05-25
efsa_evaluation:en: Re-evaluation of sucrose acetate isobutyrate (E 444) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E445, Glycerol esters of wood rosin, Glycerol ester of wood rosin, glyceryl abietate, ester gum
bg:E445, Глицеролови естери на дървесна смола
cs:E445, Glycerolestery dřevných pryskyřic
da:E445, Glycerolestere af fyrreharpiks
de:E445, Glycerinester aus wurzelharz, Harzester, Estergummi, Glycerinester, E 445, Glyzerinester
el:E445, Εστερες γλυκερολης με κολοφωνιο ξυλου
es:E445, Ésteres glicéridos de resina de madera, Éster glicérido de resina de madera, Ésteres glicéridos de colofonia de madera
et:E445, Glycerol esters of wood rosin
fi:E445, Puuhartsien glyseroliesterit
fr:E445, Esters glycériques de résine de bois, Esters glycéroliques de résine de bois, Gomme ester, Ester glycérique de résine de bois
hu:E445, Fagyanta glicerin-észterei, Fagyanták glicerin-észterei
it:E445, Esteri della glicerina della resina del legno
lt:E445, Medienos kanifolijos glicerolio esteriai
lv:E445, Kolofonija glicerīna esteri
mt:E445, Esteri tal-gliċerol tar-rożin tal-injam
nl:E445, Glycerolesters van houthars
pl:E445, Estry glicerolu i żywicy roślinnej
pt:E445, Ésteres de glicerol da colofónia
ro:E445, Esteri glicerinici ai colofoniului din lemn
sk:E445, Glycerolestery živíc z dreva
sl:E445, Glicerolni estri lesne smole
sv:E445, Glycerolestrar av trähartser, E 445
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E446, Succistearin
bg:E446, E446 food additive
cs:E446, E446 food additive
da:E446, E446 food additive
de:E446, E446 food additive
el:E446, E446 food additive
es:E446, E446 food additive
et:E446, E446 food additive
fi:E446, E446 food additive
fr:E446, Succistéarine
hu:E446, E446 food additive
it:E446, E446 food additive
lt:E446, E446 food additive
lv:E446, E446 food additive
mt:E446, E446 food additive
nl:E446, E446 food additive
pl:E446, E446 food additive
pt:E446, E446 food additive
ro:E446, E446 food additive
sk:E446, E446 food additive
sl:E446, E446 food additive
sv:E446, E446 food additive

# ! E540 -- also exists as E450(vi) Dicalcium diphosphate
# not authorized anywhere as E540, putting it above E450 so that E450 takes precedence when "dicalcium diphosphate" is listed

en:E540, Dicalcium diphosphate
bg:E540, E540 food additive
cs:E540, E540 food additive
da:E540, E540 food additive
de:E540, E540 food additive
el:E540, E540 food additive
es:E540, E540 food additive
et:E540, E540 food additive
fi:E540, E540 food additive
fr:E540, Phosphate acide de calcium
hu:E540, E540 food additive
it:E540, E540 food additive
lt:E540, E540 food additive
lv:E540, E540 food additive
mt:E540, E540 food additive
nl:E540, Dicalciumpyrofosfaat
pl:E540, E540 food additive
pt:E540, E540 food additive
ro:E540, E540 food additive
sk:E540, E540 food additive
sl:E540, E540 food additive
sv:E540, E540 food additive

# same for those additives:

en:E541, Sodium aluminium phosphate, acidic
bg:E541, Натриевоалуминиев фосфат, кисел
cs:E541, Kyselý fosforečnan sodno-hlinitý
da:E541, Natriumaluminiumphosphat, surt
de:E541, Saures natriumaluminiumphosphat
el:E541, Οξινο φωσφορικο αργιλιονατριο
es:E541, Fosfato ácido de aluminio y sodio
et:E541, Naatriumalumiiniumfosfaat
fi:E541, Natriumalumiinifosfaatti, hapan
fr:E541, Phosphate d'aluminium et de sodium, Phosphate de sodium-aluminium, Phosphate d'aluminium sodique acide
hu:E541, Savas nátrium-alumínium-foszfát, Nátrium-alumínium-foszfát
it:E541, Fosfato acido di sodio e alluminio
lt:E541, Natrio aliuminio fosfatas, rūgštinis
lv:E541, Skābais nātrija alumīnija fosfāts
mt:E541, Fosfat tas-sodju u tal-aluminju, aċidiku
nl:E541, Natriumaluminiumfosfaat, zuur
pl:E541, Fosforan glinowo-sodowy, kwaśny
pt:E541, Fosfato ácido de alumínio e sódio
ro:E541, Fosfat de aluminiu și sodiu, acid
sk:E541, Hydrogénfosforečnan hlinito-sodný, kyslý
sl:E541, Natrijev aluminijev fosfat, kisli
sv:E541, Natriumaluminiumfosfat, surt
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
bg:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
cs:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
da:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
de:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
el:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
es:E541(i), Fosfato ácido de aluminio y sodio
et:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
fi:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
fr:E541(i), Phosphate de sodium-aluminium acide, acidic SALP, Levair
hu:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
it:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
lt:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
lv:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
mt:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
nl:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
pl:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
pt:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
ro:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
sk:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
sl:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
sv:E541(i), E541(i) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
bg:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
cs:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
da:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
de:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
el:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
es:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
et:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
fi:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
fr:E541(ii), Phosphate de sodium-aluminium basique, basic SALP, Kasal
hu:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
it:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
lt:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
lv:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
mt:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
nl:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
pl:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
pt:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
ro:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
sk:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
sl:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
sv:E541(ii), E541(ii) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E542, Bone phosphate, Bone phosphate (Essentiale Calcium Phosphate\, Tribasic)
bg:E542, E542 food additive
cs:E542, E542 food additive
da:E542, E542 food additive
de:E542, E542 food additive
el:E542, E542 food additive
es:E542, E542 food additive
et:E542, E542 food additive
fi:E542, E542 food additive
fr:E542, Phosphate d'os comestible, Phosphate d'os, Bone phosphate
hu:E542, E542 food additive
it:E542, E542 food additive
lt:E542, E542 food additive
lv:E542, E542 food additive
mt:E542, E542 food additive
nl:E542, Beendermeel
pl:E542, E542 food additive
pt:E542, E542 food additive
ro:E542, E542 food additive
sk:E542, E542 food additive
sl:E542, E542 food additive
sv:E542, E542 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant

en:E543, Calcium sodium polyphosphate
bg:E543, E543 food additive
cs:E543, E543 food additive
da:E543, E543 food additive
de:E543, E543 food additive
el:E543, E543 food additive
es:E543, E543 food additive
et:E543, E543 food additive
fi:E543, E543 food additive
fr:E543, Polyphosphate de sodium de calcium
hu:E543, E543 food additive
it:E543, E543 food additive
lt:E543, E543 food additive
lv:E543, E543 food additive
mt:E543, E543 food additive
nl:E543, Natriumcalciumpolyfosfaat
pl:E543, E543 food additive
pt:E543, E543 food additive
ro:E543, E543 food additive
sk:E543, E543 food additive
sl:E543, E543 food additive
sv:E543, E543 food additive

en:E544, Calcium polyphosphate
bg:E544, E544 food additive
cs:E544, E544 food additive
da:E544, E544 food additive
de:E544, E544 food additive
el:E544, E544 food additive
es:E544, E544 food additive
et:E544, E544 food additive
fi:E544, E544 food additive
fr:E544, Polyphosphate de calcium
hu:E544, E544 food additive
it:E544, E544 food additive
lt:E544, E544 food additive
lv:E544, E544 food additive
mt:E544, E544 food additive
nl:E544, Calciumpolyfosfaat
pl:E544, E544 food additive
pt:E544, E544 food additive
ro:E544, E544 food additive
sk:E544, E544 food additive
sl:E544, E544 food additive
sv:E544, E544 food additive

en:E545, Ammonium polyphosphate
bg:E545, E545 food additive
cs:E545, E545 food additive
da:E545, E545 food additive
de:E545, E545 food additive
el:E545, E545 food additive
es:E545, E545 food additive
et:E545, E545 food additive
fi:E545, E545 food additive
fr:E545, Polyphosphate d'ammonium
hu:E545, E545 food additive
it:E545, E545 food additive
lt:E545, E545 food additive
lv:E545, E545 food additive
mt:E545, E545 food additive
nl:E545, Ammoniumpolyfosfaat, Polyammoniumfosfaat
pl:E545, E545 food additive
pt:E545, E545 food additive
ro:E545, E545 food additive
sk:E545, E545 food additive
sl:E545, E545 food additive
sv:E545, E545 food additive

en:E546, E546 food additive
bg:E546, E546 food additive
cs:E546, E546 food additive
da:E546, E546 food additive
de:E546, E546 food additive
el:E546, E546 food additive
es:E546, E546 food additive
et:E546, E546 food additive
fi:E546, E546 food additive
fr:E546, Pyrophosphate de magnésium
hu:E546, E546 food additive
it:E546, E546 food additive
lt:E546, E546 food additive
lv:E546, E546 food additive
mt:E546, E546 food additive
nl:E546, Magnesiumpyrofosfaat
pl:E546, E546 food additive
pt:E546, E546 food additive
ro:E546, E546 food additive
sk:E546, E546 food additive
sl:E546, E546 food additive
sv:E546, E546 food additive

en:E550, Sodium silicate , Sodium Silicates (i)\, Sodium silicate (ii)\, Sodium metasilicate
bg:E550, E550 food additive
cs:E550, E550 food additive
da:E550, E550 food additive
de:E550, E550 food additive
el:E550, E550 food additive
es:E550, E550 food additive
et:E550, E550 food additive
fi:E550, E550 food additive
fr:E550, Silicate de sodium, Métasilicate de sodium
hu:E550, E550 food additive
it:E550, E550 food additive
lt:E550, E550 food additive
lv:E550, E550 food additive
mt:E550, E550 food additive
nl:E550, Natriumsilicaten
pl:E550, E550 food additive
pt:E550, E550 food additive
ro:E550, E550 food additive
sk:E550, E550 food additive
sl:E550, E550 food additive
sv:E550, E550 food additive

en:E450, Diphosphates, Pyrophosphate, diphosphate
bg:E450, Дифосфат
cs:E450, E450 food additive
da:E450, E450 food additive
de:E450, Diphosphate
el:E450, E450 food additive
es:E450, Difosfatos, Difosfato, Pirofosfato
et:E450, E450 food additive
fi:E450, Pyrofosfaatti
fr:E450, Sels métalliques de diphosphates, Diphosphates, Pyrophosphates, Diphosphate, Pyrophosphate, Diphosphate disodique, Diphosphate trisodique, Diphosphate tétrasodique, Diphosphate dipotassique, Diphosphate tétrapotassique, Diphosphate dicalcique, Dihydrogéno diphosphate de calcium, Diphosphate dimagnésien, Pyrophosphate de sodium, Pyrophosphate tétrasodique, Diphosphate de potassium et de sodium, , dipolyphosphate
hu:E450, Difoszfátok
it:E450, Pirofosfato
lt:E450, E450 food additive
lv:E450, E450 food additive
mt:E450, E450 food additive
nl:E450, Pyrofosfaat
pl:E450, Difosforany
pt:E450, Pirofosfato
ro:E450, E450 food additive
ru:E450,  Пирофосфаты, двузамещенный пирофосфат натрия, трехзамещенный пирофосфат натрия, тетранатрийпирофосфат, двузамещенный пирофосфат калия, тетракалийдифосфат, дикальцийпирофосфат, кальцийдигидропирофосфат, Пирофосфат
sk:E450, E450 food additive
sl:E450, E450 food additive
sv:E450, Pyrofosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(i), Disodium diphosphate
bg:E450(i), Динатриев дифосфат
cs:E450(i), Dihydrogenfosforečnan sodný
da:E450(i), Dinatriumdiphosphat
de:E450(i), Dinatriumdiphosphat
el:E450(i), Δισοξινο πυροφωσφορικο νατριο
es:E450(i), Difosfato disódico, Pirofosfato ácido de sodio
et:E450(i), Dinaatriumdifosfaat, Dinaatriumdivesinikdifosfaat
fi:E450(i), Dinatriumdifosfaatti, Dinatriumdivetydifosfaatti, Dinatriumdivetypyrofosfaatti, Hapan natriumpyrofosfaatti
fr:E450(i), Pyrophosphate de sodium acide, Pyrophosphate acide de sodium, Diphosphate disodique, diphosphate de sodium, Di-sodium di-phosphate, di-sodium pyrophosphate, CAS 7758-16-9, Dihydrogéno-diphosphate disodique, Dihydrogéno-pyrophosphate disodique, Pyrophosphate disodique, Disodium pyrophosphate, sodium acid pyrophosphate, SAPP, Diphosphoric acid disodium salt, Disodium dihydrogen pyrophosphate, Disodium diphosphate, Disodium dihydrogen diphosphate, E450a
hu:E450(i), Dinátrium-difoszfát
it:E450(i), Difosfato disodico
lt:E450(i), Dinatrio difosfatas
lv:E450(i), Dinātrija difosfāts
mt:E450(i), Difosfat disodiku, Difosfat didroġenat disodiku, Pirofosfat didroġenat disodiku, Pirofosfat tal-aċidu tas-sodju
nl:E450(i), Dinatriumdifosfaat
pl:E450(i), Difosforan disodowy, Difosforan diwodoro-disodowy, pirofosforan diwodoro-disodowy, kwaśny pirofosforan sodu
pt:E450(i), Difosfato dissódico
ro:E450(i), Difosfat disodic, Difosfat diacid disodic, Pirofosfat diacid disodic, Pirofosfat acid de sodiu
sk:E450(i), Difosforečnan disodný
sl:E450(i), Dinatrijev difosfat
sv:E450(i), Dinatriumdifosfat, Dinatriumdivätedifosfat, dinatriumdivätepyrofosfat, natriumpyrofosfatsyra
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(ii), Trisodium diphosphate
bg:E450(ii), Тринатриев дифосфат
cs:E450(ii), Hydrogendifosforečnan sodný
da:E450(ii), Trinatriumdiphosphat
de:E450(ii), Trinatriumdiphosphat
el:E450(ii), Οξινο πυροφωσφορικο νατριο
es:E450(ii), Difosfato trisódico
et:E450(ii), Trinaatriumdifosfaat, Trinaatriumvesinikdifosfaat, trinaatriumpürofosfaat
fi:E450(ii), Trinatriumdifosfaatti, Trinatriumpyrofosfaatti
fr:E450(ii), Diphosphate trisodique, Pyrophosphate trisodique acide, Hydrogéno-diphosphate trisodique, Tri-sodium di-phosphate, CAS 14691-80-6, CAS 26573-04-6
hu:E450(ii), Trinátrium-difoszfát
it:E450(ii), Difosfato trisodico
lt:E450(ii), Trinatrio difosfatas
lv:E450(ii), Trinātrija difosfāts
mt:E450(ii), Difosfat trisodiku
nl:E450(ii), Trinatriumdifosfaat
pl:E450(ii), Difosforan trisodowy
pt:E450(ii), Difosfato trissódico
ro:E450(ii), Difosfat trisodic, Pirofosfat trisodic, Difosfat monoacid trisodic, Pirofosfat monoacid trisodic
sk:E450(ii), Difosforečnan trisodný
sl:E450(ii), Trinatrijev difosfat
sv:E450(ii), Trinatriumdifosfat, Trinatriumpyrofosfat, trinatriumvätedifosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(iii), Tetrasodium diphosphate, Tetrasodium pyrophosphate, Tetrasodium disphosphate
bg:E450(iii), Тетранатриев дифосфат, Тетранатриев пирофосфат, тетранатриев дифосфат
cs:E450(iii), Difosforečnan sodný, Pyrofosforečnan tetrasodný
da:E450(iii), Tetranatriumdiphosphat, Tetranatriumpyrophosphat, tetranatriumdiphosphat
de:E450(iii), Tetranatriumdiphosphat, Tetranatriumpyrophosphat, Tetranatriumdiphosphat
el:E450(iii), Πυροφωσφορικο νατριο, Πυροφωσφορικό άλας νατρίου, διφωσφορικό νάτριο
es:E450(iii), Difosfato tetrasódico, Pirofosfato tetrasódico, difosfato de tetrasodio
et:E450(iii), Tetranaatriumdifosfaat
fi:E450(iii), Tetranatriumdifosfaatti
fr:E450(iii), Diphosphate tétrasodique, Tetra-sodium pyrophosphate, CAS 7722-88-5, Pyrophosphate tétrasodique
hu:E450(iii), Tetranátrium-difoszfát, Tetranátrium-pirofoszfát, Tetranátrium-difoszfát
it:E450(iii), Difosfato tetrasodico, Pirofosfato tetrasodico, disfosfato tetrasodico
lt:E450(iii), Tetranatrio difosfatas, Tetranatrio pirofosfatas, tetranatrio difosfatas
lv:E450(iii), Tetranātrija difosfāts, Tetranātrija pirofosfāts, Tetranātrija difosfāts
mt:E450(iii), Difosfat tetrasodiku, Pirofosfat tetrasodiku, Disfosfat tetrasodiku
nl:E450(iii), Tetranatriumdifosfaat, Tetranatriumpyrofosfaat
pl:E450(iii), Difosforan tetrasodowy, Pirofosforan czterosodowy, difosforan czterosodowy
pt:E450(iii), Difosfato tetrassódico, Pirofosfato tetrassódico, difosfato de tetrassódio
ro:E450(iii), Difosfat tetrasodic, Pirofosfat tetrasodic, Difosfat tetrasodic
sk:E450(iii), Difosforečnan tetrasodný, Pyrofosforečnan tetrasodný, difosforečnan tetrasodný
sl:E450(iii), Tetranatrijev difosfat, tetranatrijev pirofosfat, tetranatrijev difosfat
sv:E450(iii), Tetranatriumdifosfat, Tetranatriumpyrofosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(iv), dipotassium dihydrogenpyrophosphate
bg:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
cs:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
da:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
de:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
el:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
es:E450(iv), Difosfato dipotásico
et:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
fi:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
fr:E450(iv), Diphosphate dipotasique, CAS 14691-84-0
hu:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
it:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
lt:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
lv:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
mt:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
nl:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
pl:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
pt:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
ro:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
sk:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
sl:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
sv:E450(iv), E450(iv) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(v), Tetrapotassium diphosphate
bg:E450(v), Тетракалиев дифосфат
cs:E450(v), Difosforečnan draselný, Pyrofosforečnan draselný
da:E450(v), Tetrakaliumdiphosphat
de:E450(v), Tetrakaliumdiphosphat
el:E450(v), Πυροφωσφορικο καλιο
es:E450(v), Difosfato tetrapotásico
et:E450(v), Tetrakaaliumdifosfaat
fi:E450(v), Tetrakaliumdifosfaatti
fr:E450(v), Diphosphate tétrapotassique, Tetra-potassium pyrophosphate, CAS 7320-34-5
hu:E450(v), Tetrakálium-difoszfát
it:E450(v), Difosfato di tetrapotassio
lt:E450(v), Tetrakalio difosfatas
lv:E450(v), Tetrakālija difosfāts
mt:E450(v), Difosfat tetrapotassiku
nl:E450(v), Tetrakaliumdifosfaat
pl:E450(v), Difosforan tetrapotasowy
pt:E450(v), Difosfato tetrapotássico
ro:E450(v), Difosfat tetrapotasic
sk:E450(v), Difosforečnan tetradraselný
sl:E450(v), Tetrakalijev difosfat
sv:E450(v), Tetrakaliumdifosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(vi), Dicalcium diphosphate
bg:E450(vi), Дикалциев дифосфат
cs:E450(vi), Difosforečnan vápenatý
da:E450(vi), Dicalciumdiphosphat
de:E450(vi), Dicalciumdiphosphat
el:E450(vi), Πυροφωσφορικο ασβεστιο
es:E450(vi), Difosfato dicálcico
et:E450(vi), Dikaltsiumdifosfaat
fi:E450(vi), Dikalsiumdifosfaatti
fr:E450(vi), Diphosphate dicalcique, Di-hydrogen di-phosphate de calcium, CAS 7790-76-3
hu:E450(vi), Dikalcium-difoszfát
it:E450(vi), Difosfato di dicalcio
lt:E450(vi), Dikalcio difosfatas
lv:E450(vi), Dikalcija difosfāts
mt:E450(vi), Difosfat dikalċiku
nl:E450(vi), Dicalciumdifosfaat
pl:E450(vi), Difosforan diwapniowy
pt:E450(vi), Difosfato dicálcico
ro:E450(vi), Difosfat dicalcic
sk:E450(vi), Difosforečnan divápenatý
sl:E450(vi), Dikalcijev difosfat
sv:E450(vi), Dikalciumdifosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(vii), Calcium dihydrogen diphosphate, Acid calcium pyrophosphate
bg:E450(vii), Калциев дихидроген дифосфат, Кисел калциев пирофосфат
cs:E450(vii), Dihydrogendifosforečnan vápenatý
da:E450(vii), Calciumdihydrogendiphosphat, Surt calciumpyrophosphat
de:E450(vii), Calciumdihydrogendiphosphat, saures Calciumpyrophosphat
el:E450(vii), Δισοξινο πυροφωσφορικο ασβεστιο
es:E450(vii), Difosfato cálcico de dihidrógeno, Pirofosfato ácido de calcio
et:E450(vii), Kaltsiumdivesinikdifosfaat, Kaltsiumdivesinikpürofosfaat
fi:E450(vii), Kalsiumdivetydifosfaatti, Hapan kalsiumpyrofosfaatti
fr:E450(vii), Diphosphate biacide de calcium, CAS 14866-19-4, Dihydrogéno-diphosphate de calcium, Pyrophosphate de calcium acide
hu:E450(vii), Kalcium-dihidrogén-difoszfát, Savas kalcium-pirofoszfát
it:E450(vii), Di-idrogenodifosfato di calcio, Pirofosfato acido di calcio
lt:E450(vii), Kalcio divandenilio difosfatas, Rūgštusis kalcio pirofosfatas
lv:E450(vii), Kalcija dihidrogendifosfāts, Skābais kalcija pirofosfāts
mt:E450(vii), Difosfat diidroġenat tal-kalċju, Pirofosfat tal-kalċju aċiduż
nl:E450(vii), Calciumdiwaterstofdifosfaat, Zuur calciumpyrofosfaat
pl:E450(vii), Diwodoro-difosforan wapnia, Kwaśny pirofosforan wapnia
pt:E450(vii), Di-hidrogenodifosfato de cálcio, Pirofosfato ácido de cálcio
ro:E450(vii), Difosfat diacid de calciu, Pirofosfat acid de calciu
sk:E450(vii), Dihydrogendifosforečnan divápenatý, Kyslý pyrofosforečnan vápenatý
sl:E450(vii), Kalcijev dihidrogen difosfat, kisel kalcijev pirofosfat
sv:E450(vii), Kalciumdivätedifosfat, Kalciumpyrofosfatsyra
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E450(viii), Magnesium pyrophosphate 
bg:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
cs:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
da:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
de:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
el:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
es:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
et:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
fi:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
fr:E450(viii), Diphosphate dimagnésien, CAS 13446-24-7
hu:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
it:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
lt:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
lv:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
mt:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
nl:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
pl:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
pt:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
ro:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
sk:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
sl:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
sv:E450(viii), E450(viii) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E451, Triphosphates, sodium triphosphate
bg:E451, E451 food additive
cs:E451, E451 food additive
da:E451, E451 food additive
de:E451, Pentanatriumtriphosphat, Na5P3O10, Natriumtripolyphosphat
el:E451, E451 food additive
es:E451, Tripolifosfato de sodio
et:E451, E451 food additive
fi:E451, E451 food additive
fr:E451, Triphosphates, E450b, Tripolyphosphates, triphosphate de sodium
hu:E451, E451 food additive
it:E451, trifosfato pentasodico, Trifosfato di sodio, Polifosfato di sodio, Na5P3O10
lt:E451, E451 food additive
lv:E451, E451 food additive
mt:E451, E451 food additive
nl:E451, Trifosfaten, Pentanatriumtrifosfaat, Natriumtripolyfosfaat
pl:E451, E451 food additive
pt:E451, Tripolifosfato de sódio, Trifosfato de sódio, Tripolifosfato pentassódico
ro:E451, E451 food additive
ru:E451, Tрифосфаты, трифосфат натрия, Триполифосфат натрия
sk:E451, E451 food additive
sl:E451, E451 food additive
sv:E451, Natriumtrifosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E451(i), Pentasodium triphosphate, Pentasodium tripolyphosphate
bg:E451(i), Пентанатриев трифосфат, Пентанатриев триполифосфат
cs:E451(i), Trifosforečnan pentasodný
da:E451(i), Pentanatriumtriphosphat, Pentanatriumtripolyphosphat
de:E451(i), Pentanatriumtriphosphat, Pentanatriumtripolyphosphat
el:E451(i), Τριφωσφορικο νατριο, Τριπολυφωσφορικό νάτριο
es:E451(i), Trifosfato de pentasodio, Tripolifosfato pentasódico
et:E451(i), Pentanaatriumtrifosfaat, Pentanaatriumtripolüfosfaat
fi:E451(i), Pentanatriumtrifosfaatti, Pentanatriumtripolyfosfaatti
fr:E451(i), triphosphate de sodium, triphosphate, STP, STPP, sodium tripolyphosphate, TPP, Triphosphate pentasodique, Tripolyphosphate pentasodique
hu:E451(i), Pentanátrium-trifoszfát, Pentanátrium-tripolifoszfát
it:E451(i), Trifosfato pentasodico, Tripolifosfato pentasodico
lt:E451(i), Pentanatrio trifosfatas, Pentanatrio tripolifosfatas
lv:E451(i), Pentanātrija trifosfāts, Pentanātrija tripolifosfāts
mt:E451(i), Trifosfat pentasodiku, Tripolifosfat pentasodiku
nl:E451(i), Pentanatriumtrifosfaat, Pentanatriumtripolyfosfaat
pl:E451(i), Trifosforan pentasodowy, Trójpolifosforan pięciosodowy
pt:E451(i), Trifosfato pentassódico, Tripolifosfato pentassódico
ro:E451(i), Trifosfat pentasodic, Tripolifosfat pentasodic
sk:E451(i), Trifosforečnan pentasodný, Tripolyfosforečnan pentasodný
sl:E451(i), Pentanatrijev trifosfat, pentanatrijev tripolifosfat
sv:E451(i), Pentanatriumtrifosfat, Pentanatriumtripolyfosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E451(ii), Pentapotassium triphosphate
bg:E451(ii), Пентакалиев трифосфат, Пентакалиев триполифосфат, калиев трифосфат
cs:E451(ii), Trifosforečnan pentadraselný
da:E451(ii), Pentakaliumtriphosphat, Pentakaliumtripolyphosphat, kaliumtriphosphat
de:E451(ii), Pentakaliumtriphosphat, Pentakaliumtripolyphosphat, Kaliumtriphosphat
el:E451(ii), Τριφωσφορικο καλιο, Τριπολυφωσφορικό κάλιο, τριφωσφορικό κάλιο
es:E451(ii), Trifosfato de pentapotasio, Tripolifosfato pentapotásico, trifosfato potásico
et:E451(ii), Pentakaaliumtrifosfaat, Pentakaaliumtripolüfosfaat, kaaliumtripolüfosfaat
fi:E451(ii), Pentakaliumtrifosfaatti, Pentakaliumtripolyfosfaatti, Kaliumtrifosfaatti
fr:E451(ii), Triphosphate pentapotassique
hu:E451(ii), Pentakálium-trifoszfát, Pentakálium-tripolifoszfát, Kálium-trifoszfát
it:E451(ii), Trifosfato pentapotassico, Tripolifosfato pentapotassico, trifosfato di potassio
lt:E451(ii), Pentakalio trifosfatas, Pentakalio tripolifosfatas, kalio trifosfatas
lv:E451(ii), Pentakālija trifosfāts, Pentakālija tripolifosfāts, Kālija trifosfāts
mt:E451(ii), Trifosfat pentapotassiku, Tripolifosfat pentapotassiku, Trifosfat tal-potassju
nl:E451(ii), Pentakaliumtrifosfaat, Pentakaliumtripolyfosfaat, kaliumtrifosfaat
pl:E451(ii), Trifosforan pentapotasowy
pt:E451(ii), Trifosfato pentapotássico, Tripolifosfato pentapotássico, trifosfato de potássio
ro:E451(ii), Trifosfat pentapotasic, Tripolifosfat pentapotasic, Trifosfat de potasiu
sk:E451(ii), Trifosforečnan pentadraselný
sl:E451(ii), Pentakalijev trifosfat, pentakalijev tripolifosfat, kalijev trifosfat
sv:E451(ii), Pentakaliumtrifosfat, Pentakaliumtripolyfosfat, kaliumtrifosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452, Polyphosphates
bg:E452, E452 food additive
cs:E452, E 452
da:E452, E452 food additive
de:E452, E452 food additive
el:E452, E452 food additive
es:E452, Polifosfatos
et:E452, E452 food additive
fi:E452, E452 food additive
fr:E452, Polyphosphates, Polyphosphates de calcium, Polyphosphates de sodium-calcium, Polyphosphates de sodium, Polyphosphates de potassium, Polyphosphates sodiques, Polyphosphates potassiques, Polyphosphates calco-sodiques, Polyphosphates calciques, Polyphosphate d'ammonium, Tripoliphosphates de sodium et de potassium, E450c
hu:E452, E452 food additive
it:E452, E452 food additive
lt:E452, E452 food additive
lv:E452, E452 food additive
mt:E452, E452 food additive
nl:E452, Polyfosfaten
pl:E452, E452 food additive
pt:E452, E452 food additive
ro:E452, E452 food additive
sk:E452, E452 food additive
sl:E452, E452 food additive
sv:E452, E452 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452(i), Sodium polyphosphate
bg:E452(i), Натриев полифосфат
cs:E452(i), Polyfosforečnan sodný
da:E452(i), Natriumpolyphosphater
de:E452(i), Natriumpolyphosphat
el:E452(i), Πολυφωσφορικο νατριο
es:E452(i), Polifosfato de sodio, Polifosfato sódico
et:E452(i), Naatriumpolüfosfaat
fi:E452(i), Natriumpolyfosfaatti
fr:E452(i), Polyphosphate de sodium, Sel de Maddrell, Sel de Graham, Polyphosphates de sodium vitreux, Polyphosphates de sodium, Polyphosphate sodique, Polyphosphate de sodium insoluble, Polymétaphosphate de sodium, Métaphosphate de sodium insoluble, Métaphosphate de sodium, IMP, Héxamétaphosphate de sodium, Tétrapolyphosphate de sodium, Polyphosphate de sodium
hu:E452(i), Nátrium-polifoszfát
it:E452(i), Polifosfato di sodio
lt:E452(i), Natrio polifosfatas
lv:E452(i), Nātrija polifosfāts
mt:E452(i), Polifosfat tas-sodju
nl:E452(i), Natriumpolyfosfaat
pl:E452(i), Polifosforan sodu
pt:E452(i), Sodium polyphosphate
ro:E452(i), Polifosfat de sodiu
sk:E452(i), Polyfosforečnan sodný
sl:E452(i), Natrijev polifosfat
sv:E452(i), Natriumpolyfosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452(ii), Potassium polyphosphate, Potassium metaphosphate, Potassium polymetaphosphate
bg:E452(ii), Калиев полифосфат, Калиев метафосфат, калиев полиметафосфат
cs:E452(ii), Polyfosforečnan draselný
da:E452(ii), Kaliumpolyphosphater, Kaliummetaphosphat, kaliumpolymetaphosphat
de:E452(ii), Kaliumpolyphosphat, Kaliummetaphosphat, Kaliumpolymetaphosphat
el:E452(ii), Πολυφωσφορικο καλιο, Μεταφωσφορικό κάλιο, πολυμεταφωσφορικό κάλιο
es:E452(ii), Polifosfato de potasio, Metafosfato potásico, polimetafosfato potásico
et:E452(ii), Kaaliumpolüfosfaat, Kaaliummetafosfaat, kaaliumpolümetafosfaat
fi:E452(ii), Kaliumpolyfosfaatti, Kaliummetafosfaatti, Kaliumpolymetafosfaatti
fr:E452(ii), Polyphosphate potassique, Métaphosphate de potassium, polymétaphosphate de potassium, Polyphosphates de potassium, Polyphosphate de potassium, Sel de Kurrol
hu:E452(ii), Kálium-polifoszfát, Kálium-metafoszfát, Kálium-polimetafoszfát
it:E452(ii), Polifosfato di potassio, Metafosfato di potassio, polimetafosfato di potassio
lt:E452(ii), Kalio polifosfatas, Kalio metafosfatas, kalio polimetafosfatas
lv:E452(ii), Kālija polifosfāts, Kālija metafosfāts, Kālija polimetafosfāts
mt:E452(ii), Polifosfat tal-potassju, Metafosfat tal-potassju, Polimetafosfat tal-potassju
nl:E452(ii), Kaliumpolyfosfaat, Kaliummetafosfaat, kaliumpolymetafosfaat
pl:E452(ii), Polifosforan potasu, Metafosforan potasu, polimetafosforan potasu
pt:E452(ii), Polifosfato de potássio, Metafosfato de potássio, polimetafosfato de potássio
ro:E452(ii), Polifosfat de potasiu, Metafosfat de potasiu, Polimetafosfat de potasiu
sk:E452(ii), Polyfosforečnan draselný, Metafosforečnan draselný, polymetafosforečnan draselný
sl:E452(ii), Kalijev polifosfat, kalijev metafosfat, kalijev polimetafosfat
sv:E452(ii), Kaliumpolyfosfat, Kaliummetafosfat, kaliumpolymetafosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452(iii), Sodium calcium polyphosphate, Sodium calcium polyphosphate
bg:E452(iii), Натриево-калциев полифосфат, Натриево-калциев полифосфат
cs:E452(iii), Polyfosforečnan sodno-vápenatý
da:E452(iii), Natriumcalciumpolyphosphater, Natriumcalciumpolyphosphat
de:E452(iii), Natriumcalciumpolyphosphat
el:E452(iii), Πολυφωσφορικο νατριοασβεστιο, Πολυφωσφορικό νατριοασβέστιο
es:E452(iii), Polifosfato de sodio y calcio, Polifosfato de sodio y calcio
et:E452(iii), Naatriumkaltsiumpolüfosfaat
fi:E452(iii), Natriumkalsiumpolyfosfaatti, Natriumkalsiumpolyfosfaatti
fr:E452(iii), Polyphosphate de sodium-calcium, Polyphosphate calco-sodique
hu:E452(iii), Nátrium-kalcium-polifoszfát, Nátrium-kalcium-polifoszfát
it:E452(iii), Polifosfato di sodio e calcio
lt:E452(iii), Natrio kalcio polifosfatas, Natrio kalcio polifosfatas
lv:E452(iii), Nātrija kalcija polifosfāts, Nātrija kalcija polifosfāts
mt:E452(iii), Polifosfat tal-kalċju u tas-sodju
nl:E452(iii), Natriumcalciumpolyfosfaat, Natriumcalciumpolyfosfaat
pl:E452(iii), Polifosforan sodowo-wapniowy, Polifosforan sodowo-wapniowy
pt:E452(iii), Polifosfato de sódio e cálcio
ro:E452(iii), Polifosfat de sodiu și calciu, Polifosfat de sodiu și calciu
sk:E452(iii), Polyfosforečnan sodno-vápenatý
sl:E452(iii), Natrijev kalcijev polifosfat, natrijev kalcijev polifosfat
sv:E452(iii), Natriumkalciumpolyfosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452(iv), Calcium polyphosphate, Calcium metaphosphate
bg:E452(iv), Калциев полифосфат, Калциев метафосфат
cs:E452(iv), Polyfosforečnan vápenatý, Metafosforečnan vápenatý
da:E452(iv), Calciumpolyphosphater, Calciummetaphosphat
de:E452(iv), Calciumpolyphosphat, Calciummetaphosphat
el:E452(iv), Πολυφωσφορικο ασβεστιο, Μεταφωσφορικό ασβέστιο
es:E452(iv), Polifosfato de calcio, Metafosfato cálcico
et:E452(iv), Kaltsiumpolüfosfaat, Kaltsiummetafosfaat
fi:E452(iv), Kalsiumpolyfosfaatti, Kalsiummetafosfaatti
fr:E452(iv), Polyphosphate de calcium, Polyphosphate de calcium, Polyphosphate calcique, Polymétaphosphate de calcium, Métaphosphate de calcium
hu:E452(iv), Kalcium-polifoszfát, Kalcium-metafoszfát
it:E452(iv), Polifosfato di calcio, Metafosfato di calcio
lt:E452(iv), Kalcio polifosfatas, Kalcio metafosfatas
lv:E452(iv), Kalcija polifosfāts, Kalcija metafosfāts
mt:E452(iv), Polifosfat tal-kalċju, Metafosfat tal-kalċju
nl:E452(iv), Calciumpolyfosfaat, Calciummetafosfaat
pl:E452(iv), Polifosforan wapnia, Metafosforan wapnia
pt:E452(iv), Polifosfato de cálcio, Metafosfato de cálcio
ro:E452(iv), Polifosfat de calciu, Metafosfat de calciu
sk:E452(iv), Polyfosforečnan vápenatý, Metafosforečnan vápenatý
sl:E452(iv), Kalcijev polifosfat, kalcijev metafosfat
sv:E452(iv), Kalciumpolyfosfat, Kalciummetafosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452(v), Ammonium polyphosphate
bg:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
cs:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
da:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
de:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
el:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
es:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
et:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
fi:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
fr:E452(v), Polyphosphate d'ammonium
hu:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
it:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
lt:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
lv:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
mt:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
nl:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
pl:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
pt:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
ro:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
sk:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
sl:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
sv:E452(v), E452(v) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E452(vi), Sodium tripolyphosphate
bg:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
cs:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
da:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
de:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
el:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
es:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
et:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
fi:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
fr:E452(vi), Tripolyphosphate de sodium et de potassium
hu:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
it:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
lt:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
lv:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
mt:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
nl:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
pl:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
pt:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
ro:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
sk:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
sl:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
sv:E452(vi), E452(vi) food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E457, Alpha-Cyclodextrine
bg:E457, E457 food additive
cs:E457, E457 food additive
da:E457, E457 food additive
de:E457, E457 food additive
el:E457, E457 food additive
es:E457, E457 food additive
et:E457, E457 food additive
fi:E457, E457 food additive
fr:E457, Alpha-Cyclodextrine
hu:E457, E457 food additive
it:E457, E457 food additive
lt:E457, E457 food additive
lv:E457, E457 food additive
mt:E457, E457 food additive
nl:E457, E457 food additive
pl:E457, E457 food additive
pt:E457, E457 food additive
ro:E457, E457 food additive
sk:E457, E457 food additive
sl:E457, E457 food additive
sv:E457, E457 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E458, Gamma-Cyclodextrine
bg:E458, E458 food additive
cs:E458, E458 food additive
da:E458, E458 food additive
de:E458, E458 food additive
el:E458, E458 food additive
es:E458, E458 food additive
et:E458, E458 food additive
fi:E458, E458 food additive
fr:E458, Gamma-Cyclodextrine
hu:E458, E458 food additive
it:E458, E458 food additive
lt:E458, E458 food additive
lv:E458, E458 food additive
mt:E458, E458 food additive
nl:E458, E458 food additive
pl:E458, E458 food additive
pt:E458, E458 food additive
ro:E458, E458 food additive
sk:E458, E458 food additive
sl:E458, E458 food additive
sv:E458, E458 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E459, Beta-cyclodextrine
bg:E459, E459 food additive
cs:E459, E459 food additive
da:E459, E459 food additive
de:E459, E459 food additive
el:E459, E459 food additive
es:E459, E459 food additive
et:E459, E459 food additive
fi:E459, E459 food additive
fr:E459, Béta-cyclodextrine
hu:E459, E459 food additive
it:E459, E459 food additive
lt:E459, E459 food additive
lv:E459, E459 food additive
mt:E459, E459 food additive
nl:E459, E459 food additive
pl:E459, E459 food additive
pt:E459, E459 food additive
ro:E459, E459 food additive
sk:E459, E459 food additive
sl:E459, E459 food additive
sv:E459, E459 food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-12-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Re-evaluation of Beta-cyclodextrin (E 459) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 5
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E460, Cellulose
bg:E460, Целулоза
cs:E460, Celulóza, Celulosa, E 460
da:E460, Cellulose
de:E460, Cellulose, Zellulose, E 460, E 465, Ethylmethylzellulose, E 463
el:E460, Κυτταρίνη
es:E460, Celulosas, Celulosa
et:E460, Tselluloos
fi:E460, Selluloosa
fr:E460, Celluloses, Cellulose microcristalline, Cellulose en poudre, Gel de cellulose, Cellulose, 9004-34-6
hu:E460, Cellulóz
it:E460, cellulosa, Polpa di legno, Pasta di cellulosa, Polpa di cellulosa, (C6H10O5)n
lt:E460, Celiuliozė, Ląsteliena, (C6H10O5)n
lv:E460, Celuloze
mt:E460, E460 food additive
nl:E460, Cellulose
pl:E460, Celuloza
pt:E460, Celulose
ro:E460, Celuloză
sk:E460, Celulóza
sl:E460, Celuloza
sv:E460, Cellulosa
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E460(i), Microcrystalline cellulose
bg:E460(i), Микрокристална целулоза
cs:E460(i), Mikrokrystalická celulosa
da:E460(i), Mikrokrystallinsk cellulose
de:E460(i), Mikrokristalline cellulose
el:E460(i), Μικροκρυσταλλικη κυτταρινη
es:E460(i), Celulosa microcristalina
et:E460(i), Mikrokristalne tselluloos
fi:E460(i), Mikrokiteinen selluloosa
fr:E460(i), Cellulose microcristalline
hu:E460(i), Mikrokristályos cellulóz
it:E460(i), Cellulosa microcristallina
lt:E460(i), Mikrokristalinė celiuliozė
lv:E460(i), Mikrokristāliskā celuloze
mt:E460(i), Ċelluloża mikrokristallina
nl:E460(i), Microkristallijne cellulose
pl:E460(i), Celuloza mikrokrystaliczna
pt:E460(i), Celulose microcristalina
ro:E460(i), Celuloză microcristalină
sk:E460(i), Mikrokryštalická celulóza
sl:E460(i), Mikrokristalna celuloza
sv:E460(i), Mikrokristallin cellulosa
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E460(ii), Powdered cellulose, Purified cellulose
bg:E460(ii), Целулоза на прах
cs:E460(ii), Prášková celulosa
da:E460(ii), Cellulosepulver
de:E460(ii), Cellulosepulver, Gereinigte
el:E460(ii), Κονιοποιημενη κυτταρινη
es:E460(ii), Celulosa en polvo
et:E460(ii), Pulbertselluloos
fi:E460(ii), Selluloosajauhe
fr:E460(ii), Cellulose en poudre
hu:E460(ii), Porított cellulóz
it:E460(ii), Cellulosa in polvere
lt:E460(ii), Miltelinė celiuliozė
lv:E460(ii), Celulozes pulveris
mt:E460(ii), Trab taċ-ċelluloża, Iċ-ċelluloża purifikata, mekkanikament disintegrata
nl:E460(ii), Cellulose in poedervorm
pl:E460(ii), Celuloza sproszkowana, Oczyszczona
pt:E460(ii), Celulose em pó
ro:E460(ii), Celuloză pulbere
sk:E460(ii), Prášková celulóza
sl:E460(ii), Celuloza, uprašena, čiščena, mehanično razgrajena celuloza, pripravljena iz alfaceluloze
sv:E460(ii), Cellulosapulver, Renad
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E461, Methyl cellulose, Methylcellulose
bg:E461, Метил целулоза
cs:E461, Methylcelulosa, Methylcelulóza, Metylcelulosa, Metylcelulóza, E 461
da:E461, Methylcellulose
de:E461, Methylcellulose, Methylzellulose, E 461
el:E461, Μεθυλοκυτταρινη
es:E461, Metilcelulosa
et:E461, Metüültselluloos
fi:E461, Metyyliselluloosa
fr:E461, Méthylcellulose, 9004-67-5
hu:E461, Metil-cellulóz, Metilcellulóz
it:E461, Metilcellulosa
lt:E461, Metilceliuliozė
lv:E461, Metilceluloze
mt:E461, Ċelluloża metilika
nl:E461, Methylcellulose
pl:E461, Metyloceluloza
pt:E461, Metilcelulose
ro:E461, Metilceluloză
sk:E461, Metylcelulóza
sl:E461, Metilceluloza
sv:E461, Metylcellulosa
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E462, Ethyl cellulose, Ethylcellulose
bg:E462, Етил целулоза
cs:E462, Ethylcelulosa, Ethylcelulóza, Etylcelulosa, Etylcelulóza
da:E462, Ethylcellulose
de:E462, Ethylcellulose
el:E462, Αιθυλοκυτταρινη
es:E462, Etilcelulosa
et:E462, Etüültselluloos
fi:E462, Etyyliselluloosa
fr:E462, Éthylcellulose
hu:E462, Etil-cellulóz, Etilcellulóz
it:E462, Etilcellulosa
lt:E462, Etilceliuliozė
lv:E462, Etilceluloze
mt:E462, Ċelluloża etilika
nl:E462, Ethylcellulose
pl:E462, Etyloceluloza
pt:E462, Etilcelulose
ro:E462, Etilceluloză
sk:E462, Etylcelulóza
sl:E462, Etilceluloza
sv:E462, Etylcellulosa
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:thickener

en:E463, Hydroxypropyl cellulose
bg:E463, Хидроксипропил целулоза
cs:E463, Hydroxypropylcelulosa
da:E463, Hydroxypropylcellulose
de:E463, Hydroxypropylcellulose
el:E463, Υδροξυπροπυλοκυτταρινη
es:E463, Hidroxipropilcelulosa
et:E463, Hüdroksüpropüültselluloos
fi:E463, Hydroksipropyyliselluloosa
fr:E463, Hydroxypropylcellulose
hu:E463, Hidroxi-propil-cellulóz, Hidroxipropil-cellulóz
it:E463, Idrossipropilcellulosa
lt:E463, Hidroksipropilceliuliozė
lv:E463, Hidroksipropilceluloze
mt:E463, Ċelluloża idrossipropilika
nl:E463, Hydroxypropylcellulose
pl:E463, Hydroksypropyloceluloza
pt:E463, Hidroxipropilcelulose
ro:E463, Hidroxipropilceluloză
sk:E463, Hydroxypropylcelulóza
sl:E463, Hidroksipropil celuloza
sv:E463, Hydroxipropylcellulosa
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E464, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, hypromellose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, HPMC
bg:E464, Хидроксипропил метил целулоза
cs:E464, Hydroxypropylmethylcelulosa
da:E464, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, E-464, Hypromellose
de:E464, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Methylhydroxypropylcellulose, Hydroxypropylmethylzellulose, Hypromellose, HPMC
el:E464, Υδροξυπροπυλομεθυλοκυτταρινη
es:E464, Hidroxipropilmetilcelulosa, Hipromelosa, HPMC
et:E464, Hüdroksüpropüülmetüültselluloos
fi:E464, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose
fr:E464, Hydroxypropylméthylcellulose, Hypromellose, Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, HPMC, Cellulose hydroxypropyl methyl ether, Methylhydroxypropylcellulosum
hu:E464, Hidroxi-propil-metil-cellulóz, Hidroxipropil-metilcellulóz
it:E464, Idrossipropilmetilcellulosa
lt:E464, Hidroksipropilmetilceliuliozė
lv:E464, Hidroksipropilmetilceluloze
mt:E464, Ċelluloża metilika idrossipropilika
nl:E464, Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose, Hypromellose
pl:E464, Hydroksypropylometyloceluloza, hypermyloza, Hipromeloza
pt:E464, Hidroxipropilmetilcelulose, Hipromelose
ro:E464, Hidroxipropilmetilceluloză
sk:E464, Hydroxypropylmetylcelulóza
sl:E464, Hidroksipropilmetil celuloza
sv:E464, Hydroxipropylmetylcellulosa
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of a change in specifications for the food additive hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (E 464)
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E465, Ethyl methyl cellulose, Ethylmethylcellulose
bg:E465, Етил метил целулоза
cs:E465, Ethylmethylcelulosa
da:E465, Ethylmethylcellulose
de:E465, Ethylmethylcellulose
el:E465, Αιθυλομεθυλοκυτταρινη
es:E465, Etilmetilcelulosa
et:E465, Etüülmetüültselluloos
fi:E465, Ethyl methyl cellulose
fr:E465, Éthylméthylcellulose, Méthyléthylcellulose, Méthyl-éthyl-cellulose
hu:E465, Etil-metil-cellulóz
it:E465, Etilmetilcellulosa
lt:E465, Etilmetilceliuliozė
lv:E465, Etilmetilceluloze
mt:E465, Ċelluloża etilmetilika
nl:E465, Ethylmethylcellulose
pl:E465, Etylometyloceluloza
pt:E465, Etilmetilcelulose
ro:E465, Etilmetilceluloză
sk:E465, Etylmetylcelulóza
sl:E465, Etilmetil celuloza
sv:E465, Metyletylcellulosa
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E466, Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, carboxy methyl cellulose, Carboxymethylcellulose, cellulose gum, carboxymethyl cellulose, CMC, NaCMC
bg:E466, Натриева карбокси метил целулоза, карбокси метил целулоза, целулозна гума, CMC, NaCMC
cs:E466, Sodná sůl karboxymethylcelulosy, karboxymethylcelulosa, celulosová guma, CMC, NaCMC, Karboxymethylcelulóza, Karboxymetylcelulóza, Karboxymetylcelulosa, E 466
da:E466, Natriumcarboxymethylcellulose (carboxymethylcellulose, cellulosegummi)
de:E466, Carboxymethylcellulose, natrium-carboxymethylcellulose, cellulosegummi, CMC, NaCMC, Carboxymethylcellulosen, Carboxymethylzellulose, E 466, Natriumcarboxymethylcellulose
el:E466, Αλας με νατριο της καρβοξυμεθυλοκυτταρινης, καρβοξυμεθυλοκυτταρινη, κομμι κυτταρινης, CMC, NaCMC
es:E466, Carboximetilcelulosa sódica, carboximetilcelulosa, carboximetil celulosa, goma de celulosa, CMC, NaCMC
et:E466, Naatriumkarboksümetüültselluloos, Karboksümetüültselluloos
fi:E466, Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose, carboxy methyl cellulose, cellulose gum, Karboksimetyyliselluloosa, Natriumkarboksimetyyliselluloosa
fr:E466, Carboxyméthylcellulose, Gomme cellulosique, CMC sodique, CMC, Carboxyméthylcellulose sodique, Carboxyméthylcellulose de sodium, Carboxyméthyl-cellulose sodique, Gomme de cellulose, Gommes de cellulose, épaississant 466, NaCMC, Carboxyméthyl cellulose, 9004-32-4, Carmellose sodique, Carboxyle méthyle cellulose
hu:E466, Nátrium-karboxi-metil-cellulóz, karboxi-metil-cellulóz, cellulózgumi, CMC, NaCMC, Karboximetil-cellulóz
it:E466, Carbossimetilcellulosa sodica, carbossimetilcellulosa, gomma di cellulosa, CMC, NaCMC
lt:E466, Natrio karboksimetilceliuliozė, karboksimetilceliuliozė, celiuliozės derva, CMC, NaCMC
lv:E466, Nātrija karboksimetilceluloze, karboksimetilceluloze, celulozes sveķi, CMC, NaCMC
mt:E466, Ċelluloża karbossimetilika tas-sodju, ċelluloża karbossimetilika, gomma taċ-ċelluloża, CMC, NaCMC
nl:E466, Natriumcarboxymethylcellulose, carboxymethylcellulose, cellulosegom, CMC, NaCMC
pl:E466, Sól sodowa karboksymetylocelulozy, karboksymetyloceluloza, guma celulozowa, CMC, NaCMC
pt:E466, Carboximetilcelulose de sódio; carboximetilcelulose; goma de celulose, CMC, NaCMC, Carboximetilcelulose
ro:E466, Carboximetilceluloză de sodiu, carboximetilceluloză, gumă de celuloză, CMC, NaCMC
sk:E466, Sodná soľ karboxymetylcelulózy, karboxymetylcelulóza, celulózová guma, CMC, NaCMC
sl:E466, Natrijeva karboksimetil celuloza, karboksimetil celuloza, celulozni gumi, CMC, NaCMC
sv:E466, Karboximetylcellulosa, natriumkarboximetylcellulosa, cellulosagummi, CMC, NaCMC
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E467, Ethulose
bg:E467, E467 food additive
cs:E467, E467 food additive
da:E467, E467 food additive
de:E467, E467 food additive
el:E467, E467 food additive
es:E467, E467 food additive
et:E467, E467 food additive
fi:E467, E467 food additive
fr:E467, Ethyl-hydroxyéthyl-cellulose
hu:E467, E467 food additive
it:E467, E467 food additive
lt:E467, E467 food additive
lv:E467, E467 food additive
mt:E467, E467 food additive
nl:E467, E467 food additive
pl:E467, E467 food additive
pt:E467, E467 food additive
ro:E467, E467 food additive
sk:E467, E467 food additive
sl:E467, E467 food additive
sv:E467, E467 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E468, Cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose, cross-linked cellulose gum, Crosslinked sodium carboxy methyl cellulose
bg:E468, Напречно свързана натриева карбоксиметил целулоза, напречно свързана целулозна гума
cs:E468, Zesíťovaná sodná sůl karboxymethylcelulosy, zesíťovaná celulosová guma
da:E468, Tværbunden natriumcarboxymethylcellulose (tværbunden cellulosegummi)
de:E468, Vernetzte carboxymethylcellulose, modifizierter cellulosegummi
el:E468, Αλας με νατριο της καρβοξυμεθυλοκυτταρινης με σταυροδεσμους, κομμι κυτταρινης με σταυροδεσμους
es:E468, Carboximetilcelulosa sódica entrelazada, goma de celulosa entrelazada
et:E468, Võrkstruktuuriga naatriumkarboksümetüültselluloos
fi:E468, Cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose, cross-linked cellulose gum
fr:E468, Carboxyméthylcellulose de sodium réticulée, gomme de cellulose réticulée, CMC réticulée
hu:E468, Térhálós nátrium-karboxi-metil-cellulóz, térhálós cellulózgumi
it:E468, Carbossimetilcellulosa sodica reticolata, gomma di cellulosa reticolata
lt:E468, Cross-linked sodium carboxymethylcellulose, cross-linked cellulose gum
lv:E468, Šķērsšūtā nātrija karboksimetilceluloze, šķērsšūtās celulozes sveķi
mt:E468, Karbossimetilċelluloża tas-sodju retikolata, gomma taċ-ċelluloża retikolata
nl:E468, Vernette natriumcarboxymethylcellulose, vernette cellulosegom
pl:E468, Sól sodowa karboksymetylcelulozy usieciowana, guma celulozowa usieciowana
pt:E468, Carboximetilcelulose de sódio reticulada, goma de celulose reticulada
ro:E468, Carboximetilceluloză de sodiu reticulată, gumă de celuloză cu structură reticulată
sk:E468, Sieťovaná karboxymetylcelulóza sodná, sieťovaná celulózová guma, Sieťovaná karboxymetylcelulóza, sieťovaná CMC
sl:E468, Zamrežena natrijeva karboksimetilceluloza, zamreženi celulozni gumi
sv:E468, Tvärbunden natriumkarboximetylcellulosa, tvärbundet cellulosagummi
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E469, Enzymatically hydrolysed carboxymethylcellulose, enzymatically hydrolised cellulose gum
bg:E469, Ензимно хидролизирана карбоксиметил целулоза, ензимно хидролизирана целулозна гума
cs:E469, Enzymově hydrolyzovaná karboxymethylcelulosa, enzymově hydrolyzovaná celulosová guma
da:E469, Enzymatisk hydroliseret carboxymethylcellulose (enzymatisk hydrolyseret cellulosegummi)
de:E469, Enzymatisch hydrolysierte carboxymethylcellulose, enzymatisch hydrolysierter cellulosegummi
el:E469, Ενζυμικα υδρολυμενη καρβοξυμεθυλοκυτταρινη, ενζυμικα υδρολυμενο κομμι κυτταρινησ
es:E469, Carboximetilcelulosa hidrolizada enzimáticamente, goma de celulosa hidrolizada enzimáticamente
et:E469, Ensümaatiliselt hüdrolüüsitud karboksümetüültselluloos
fi:E469, Entsymaattisesti hydrolysoitu karboksimetyyliselluloosa; entsymaattisesti hydrolysoitu selluloosakumi
fr:E469, Carboxyméthylcellulose hydrolysée de manière enzymatique, gomme de cellulose hydrolysée de manière enzymatique
hu:E469, Enzimesen hidrolizált karboxi-metil-cellulóz, enzimesen hidrolizált cellulózgumi, Nátrium-karboxi-metil-cellulóz
it:E469, Carbossimetilcellulosa idrolizzata enzimaticamente, gomma di cellulosa idrolizzata enzimaticamente
lt:E469, Fermentais hidrolizuota karboksimetilceliuliozė, fermentais hidrolizuota celiuliozės derva
lv:E469, Fermentatīvi hidrolizēta karboksimetilceluloze, fermentatīvi hidrolizēti celulozes sveķi
mt:E469, Karbossimetilċelluloża idrolizzata bl-enżimi, gomma taċ-ċelluloża idrolizzata bl-enżimi
nl:E469, Enzymatisch gehydrolyseerde carboxymethylcellulose, enzymatisch gehydrolyseerde cellulosegom
pl:E469, Enzymatycznie zhydrolizowana karboksymetyloceluloza, enzymatycznie zhydrolizowana guma celulozowa
pt:E469, Carboximetilcelulose hidrolisada enzimaticamente, goma de celulose hidrolisada enzimaticamente
ro:E469, Carboximetilceluloză hidrolizată enzimatic, gumă de celuloză hidrolizată enzimatic
sk:E469, Enzymaticky hydrolyzovaná karboxymetylcelulóza, enzymaticky hydrolyzovaná celulózová guma
sl:E469, Encimsko hidrolizirana karboksimetil celuloza, encimsko hidrolizirani celulozni gumi
sv:E469, Enzymatiskt hydrolyserad karboximetylcellulosa, enzymatiskt hydrolyserat cellulosagummi
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E470, Sodium/potassium/calcium and magnesium salts of fatty acids
bg:E470, E470 food additive
cs:E470, E470 food additive
da:E470, E470 food additive
de:E470, E470 food additive
el:E470, E470 food additive
es:E470, E470 food additive
et:E470, E470 food additive
fi:E470, E470 food additive
fr:E470, Sels de sodium/potassium/calcium d'acides gras
hu:E470, E470 food additive
it:E470, E470 food additive
lt:E470, E470 food additive
lv:E470, E470 food additive
mt:E470, E470 food additive
nl:E470, Vetzuurzouten
pl:E470, E470 food additive
pt:E470, E470 food additive
ro:E470, E470 food additive
sk:E470, E470 food additive
sl:E470, E470 food additive
sv:E470, E470 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E470a, Sodium\, potassium and calcium salts of fatty acids, Sodium\, potassium and calcium salts of fatty acids
bg:E470a, Натриеви\, калиеви и калциеви соли на мастни киселини
cs:E470a, Sodné\, draselné a vápenaté soli mastných kyselin
da:E470a, Natrium-\, kalium- og calciumsalte af fedtsyrer
de:E470a, Natrium-\, kalium- und calciumsalze der speisefettsäuren
el:E470a, Αλατα λιπαρων οξεων με νατριο, καλιο και ασβεστιο, Άλατα με νάτριο
es:E470a, Sales sódicas\, potásicas y cálcicas de ácidos grasos
et:E470a, Rasvhapete naatrium-\, kaalium- ja kaltsiumsoolad
fi:E470a, Rasvahappojen natrium-\, kalium- ja kalsiumsuolat
fr:E470a, Stéarate de sodium/potassium/calcium, Stéarate de sodium, Stéarate de potassium, Stéarate de calcium, Sels de sodium de potassium et de calcium d'acides gras
hu:E470a, Zsírsavak nátrium-\, kálium- és kalciumsói
it:E470a, Sali di sodio\, di potassio e di calcio degli acidi grassi
lt:E470a, Sodium\, potassium and calcium salts of fatty acids
lv:E470a, Taukskābju nātrija\, kālija un kalcija sāļi, Taukskābju nātrija
mt:E470a, L-imlieħ tas-sodju\, il-potassju u l-kalċju tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E470a, Natrium-\, kalium- en calciumzouten van vetzuren
pl:E470a, Sole sodowe\, potasowe i wapniowe kwasów tłuszczowych
pt:E470a, Sais de sódio\, potássio e cálcio de ácidos gordos, Sais de sódio
ro:E470a, Săruri de sodiu\, potasiu și calciu ale acizilor grași
sk:E470a, Sodné\, draselné a vápenaté soli mastných kyselín
sv:E470a, Natrium-\, kalium- och kalciumsalter av fettsyror, Natrium-
sl:E470a, Natrijeve\, kalijeve in kalcijeve soli maščobnih kislin, natrijeve
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E470b, Magnesium salts of fatty acids
bg:E470b, Магнезиеви соли на мастни киселини
cs:E470b, Hořečnaté soli mastných kyselin
da:E470b, Magnesiumsalte af fedtsyrer
de:E470b, Magnesiumsalze der speisefettsäuren
el:E470b, Αλατα λιπαρων οξεων με μαγνησιο
es:E470b, Sales magnésicas de ácidos grasos
et:E470b, Rasvhapete magneesiumisoolad
fi:E470b, Rasvahappojen magnesiumsuolat
fr:E470b, Sels de magnésium d'acides gras, Sel de magnésium d'acides gras
hu:E470b, Zsírsavak magnéziumsói
it:E470b, Sali di magnesio degli acidi grassi
lt:E470b, Magnesium salts of fatty acids
lv:E470b, Taukskābju magnija sāļi
mt:E470b, Imlieħ tal-manjeżju tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E470b, Magnesiumzouten van vetzuren
pl:E470b, Sole magnezowe kwasów tłuszczowych
pt:E470b, Sais de magnésio de ácidos gordos
ro:E470b, Săruri de magneziu ale acizilor grași
sk:E470b, Horečnaté soli mastných kyselín
sl:E470b, Magnezijeve soli maščobnih kislin
sv:E470b, Magnesiumsalter av fettsyror
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E471, Mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Glyceryl monostearate, Glyceryl monopalmitate, Glyceryl monooleate, Monostearin, Monopalmitin, Monoolein, Mono and diglycerides
bg:E471, Моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини, Глицерил моностеарат, глицерил монопалмитат, глицерил моноолеат, и т.н., моностеарин, монопалмитин, моноолеин
cs:E471, Mono- a diglyceridy mastných kyselin, Glycerylmonostearát, glycerylmonopalmitát, glycerylmonooleát, monostearin, monopalmitin, monoolein
da:E471, Mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer, Glycerylmonostearat, glycerylmonopalmitat
de:E471, Mono- und diglyceride von speisefettsäuren, Glycerylmonostearat, Glycerylmonopalmitat, Glycerylmonooleat, Monostearin, Monopalmitin, Monoolein, E 471
el:E471, Μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων, Μονοστεατικό γλυκερύλιο, μονοπαλμιτικό γλυκερύλιο, μονοελαϊκό γλυκερύλιο, μονοστεατίνη, μονοπαλμιτίνη
es:E471, mono- y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos, Monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos, Mono y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos, Monodiglicéridos de ácidos grasos, Monoestearato de glicerilo, monopalmitato de glicerilo, monooleato de glicerilo, monoestearina, monopalmitina, monooleína
et:E471, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidid, Glütserüülmonostearaat, glütserüülmonopalmitaat, glütserüülmonooleaat, monosteariin, monopalmitiin
fi:E471, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridit, Glyseryylimonostearaatti, Glyseryylimonopalmitaatti, Glyseryylimono-oleaatti, Monosteariini, Monopalmitiini, Mono-oleiini
fr:E471, Mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras alimentaires, Mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, Monoglycérides et diglycérides d'acides gras, Mono et diglycérides d'acides gras, Monostéarate de glycérine, Monopalmitate de glycérine, Monooléate de glycérine, Monostéarine, monopalmitine, monooléine, Mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, glyceryl monostearate, glyceryl distearate , Monostéarine
hu:E471, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjei, Gliceril-monosztearát, Gliceril-monopalmitát, Gliceril-monooleát, Monosztearin, monopalmitin, monoolein
it:E471, Mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi, Monostearato di glicerile, monopalmitato di glicerile, monooleato di glicerile, monostearina, monopalmitina, monooleina
lt:E471, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridai, Glicerilmonostearatas, glicerilmonopalmitatas, glicerilmonooleatas, monostearinas, monopalmitinas, monooleinas
lv:E471, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdi, Glicerilmonostearāts, Glicerilmonopalmitāts, Glicerilmonooleāts, monostearīns, monopalmitīns, monooleīns
mt:E471, Mono- u digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi, Monostearat tal-gliċeril, Monopalmitat tal-gliċeril, Monooleat tal-gliċeril, Monostearina, Monopalmitina, Monooleina
nl:E471, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, Glycerylmonostearaat, glycerylmonopalmitaat, glycerylmonoöleaat, monostearine, monopalmitine, monoöleïne
pl:E471, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych, Monostearynian glicerolu, monopalmitynian glicerolu, monooleinian glicerolu, monostearynian, monopalmitynian, monooleinian
pt:E471, Mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos, Monoestearato de glicerilo, monopalmitato de glicerilo, monooleato de glicerilo, Monoestearina, monopalmitina, monooleína
ro:E471, Mono- și digliceride ale acizilor grași, Monostearat de gliceril, Monopalmitat de gliceril, Monooleat de gliceril, Monostearină, Monopalmitină, Monooleină
ru:E471, Моно- и диглицериды жирных кислот, Е471
sk:E471, Mono- a diglyceridy mastných kyselín, Glycerylmonostearát, glycerilmonopalmitát, glycerylmonooleát, monostearín, monopalmitín, monooleín
sl:E471, Mono- in digliceridi maščobnih kislin, gliceril monostearat, gliceril monopalmitat, gliceril monooleat, monostearin, monopalmitin, monoolein
sv:E471, Mono- och diglycerider av fettsyror, Glycerylmonostearat, glycerylmonopalmitat, glycerylmonooleat, monostearin, monopalmitin, monoolein
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E472, acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E472, E472 food additive
cs:E472, E472 food additive
da:E472, E472 food additive
de:E472, E472 food additive
el:E472, E472 food additive
es:E472, E472 food additive
et:E472, E472 food additive
fi:E472, E472 food additive
fr:E472, Esters d'acides gras alimentaires
hu:E472, E472 food additive
it:E472, E472 food additive
lt:E472, E472 food additive
lv:E472, E472 food additive
mt:E472, E472 food additive
nl:E472, Esters van mono- en diglyceriden
pl:E472, E472 food additive
pt:E472, E472 food additive
ro:E472, E472 food additive
sk:E472, E472 food additive
sl:E472, E472 food additive
sv:E472, E472 food additive

en:E472a, Acetic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E472a, Естери на оцетната киселина с моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E472a, Estery mono- a diglyceridů mastných kyselin s kyselinou octovou
da:E472a, Edikkesyreestere af mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E472a, Essigsäureester von mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren
el:E472a, Εστερες του οξικου οξεος με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E472a, Ésteres acéticos de monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos
et:E472a, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid äädikhappega
fi:E472a, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien etikkahappoesterit
fr:E472a, Ester diacétyl-acétique d'acides gras, Esters acétiques des mono- et diglycérides, Acétoglycerides, Esters glycéroliques de l'acide acétique et d'acides gras, Esters acétiques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras
hu:E472a, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeinek ecetsav-észterei
it:E472a, Esteri acetici di mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi
lt:E472a, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų acto rūgšties esteriai
lv:E472a, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdu etiķskābes esteri
mt:E472a, Esteri tal-aċidu aċetiku tal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E472a, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, veresterd met azijnzuur
pl:E472a, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych estryfikowane kwasem octowym
pt:E472a, Ésteres acéticos de mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E472a, Esteri ai acidului acetic cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E472a, Estery mono- a diglyceridov mastných kyselín s kyselinou octovou
sl:E472a, Acetatni estri mono- in digliceridov maščobnih kislin
sv:E472a, Mono- och diglyceriders ättiksyraestrar
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E472b, Lactic acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E472b, Естери на млечната киселина с моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E472b, Estery mono- a diglyceridů mastných kyselin s kyselinou mléčnou
da:E472b, Mælkesyreestere af mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E472b, Milchsäureester von mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren
el:E472b, Εστερες του γαλακτικου οξεος με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E472b, Ésteres lácticos de monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos
et:E472b, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid piimhappega
fi:E472b, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien maitohappoesterit
fr:E472b, Ester diacétyl-lactique de mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, Esters lactiques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras
hu:E472b, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeinek tejsav-észterei
it:E472b, Esteri lattici di mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi
lt:E472b, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų pieno rūgšties esteriai
lv:E472b, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdu pienskābes esteri
mt:E472b, Esteri tal-aċidi lattiċi tal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E472b, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, veresterd met melkzuur
pl:E472b, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych estryfikowane kwasem mlekowym
pt:E472b, Ésteres lácticos de mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E472b, Esteri ai acidului lactic cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E472b, Estery mono- a diglyceridov mastných kyselín s kyselinou mliečnou
sl:E472b, Laktatni estri mono- in digliceridov maščobnih kislin
sv:E472b, Mono- och diglyceriders mjölksyraestrar
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E472c, Citric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E472c, Естери на лимонената киселина с моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E472c, Estery mono- a diglyceridů mastných kyselin s kyselinou citronovou
da:E472c, Citronsyreestere af mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E472c, Citronensäureester von mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren
el:E472c, Εστερες του κιτρικου οξεος με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E472c, Ésteres cítricos de monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos, Ésteres cítricos de mono y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos
et:E472c, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid sidrunhappega
fi:E472c, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien sitruunahappoesterit
fr:E472c, Ester citrique des mono et diglycérides d'acides gras alimentaires, Ester diacétyl-citrique de mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, esters citriques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, Esters glycéroliques de l'acide citrique et d'acides gras, Citroglycérides
hu:E472c, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeinek citromsav-észterei
it:E472c, Esteri citrici di mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi
lt:E472c, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų citrinų rūgšties esteriai
lv:E472c, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdu citronskābes esteri
mt:E472c, Esteri tal-aċidu ċitriku tal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E472c, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, veresterd met citroenzuur
pl:E472c, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych estryfikowane kwasem cytrynowym
pt:E472c, Ésteres cítricos de mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E472c, Esteri ai acidului citric cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E472c, Estery mono- a diglyceridov mastných kyselín s kyselinou citrónovou
sl:E472c, Citratni estri mono- in digliceridov maščobnih kislin
sv:E472c, Mono- och diglyceriders citronsyraestrar
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E472d, Tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E472d, Естери на винената киселина с моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E472d, Estery mono- a diglyceridů mastných kyselin s kyselinou vinnou
da:E472d, Vinsyreestere af mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E472d, Weinsäureester von mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren
el:E472d, Εστερες του τρυγικου οξεος με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E472d, Ésteres tartáricos de monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos
et:E472d, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid viinhappega
fi:E472d, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien viinihappoesterit
fr:E472d, Ester tartrique de mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, Esters tartriques de mono- et di-glycérides d'acides gras, Esters tartriques des mono- et diglycérides, Esters tartriques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras
hu:E472d, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeinek borkősav-észterei
it:E472d, Esteri tartarici di mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi
lt:E472d, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų vyno rūgšties esteriai
lv:E472d, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdu vīnskābes esteri
mt:E472d, Esteri tal-aċidu tartariku tal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E472d, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, veresterd met wijnsteenzuur
pl:E472d, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych estryfikowane kwasem winowym
pt:E472d, Ésteres tartáricos de mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E472d, Esteri ai acidului tartric cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E472d, Estery mono- a diglyceridov mastných kyselín s kyselinou vínnou
sl:E472d, Tartratni estri mono- in digliceridov maščobnih kislin
sv:E472d, Mono- och diglyceriders vinsyraestrar

en:E472e, Mono- and diacetyltartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Mono- and diacetyl tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, DATEM
bg:E472e, Естери на моно- и диацетилвинената киселина с моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E472e, Estery mono- a diglyceridů mastných kyselin s kyselinou mono- a diacetylvinnou
da:E472e, Mono- og diacetylvinsyreestere af mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E472e, Mono- und diacetylweinsäureester von mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren, Diacetylweinsäureglyceride, Diacetylweinsäureester von Mono- und Diglyceriden von Speisefettsäuren, E 472e
el:E472e, Εστερες του μονο- και διακετυλοτρυγικου οξεος με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E472e, Ésteres monoacetiltartárico y diacetiltartárico de monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos, Éster monoacetiltartárico de mono- y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos
et:E472e, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid mono- ja diatsetüülviinhappega
fi:E472e, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien mono- ja diasetyyliviinihappoesterit
fr:E472e, Ester Monoacéthyltartrique de mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, Esters monoacétyltartriques et diacétyltartriques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, esters monoacétyltartrique et diacétyltartrique des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, esters monoacétyltartriques et diacétyltartriques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras, E 472e, DATEM
hu:E472e, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeinek mono- és diacetil-borkősav-észterei
it:E472e, Esteri mono- e diacetiltartarici di mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi
lt:E472e, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų mono- ir diacetilvyno rūgšties esteriai, Riebiųjų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų mono- ir diacetilvyno rūgšties esteriai
lv:E472e, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdu mono- un diacetilvīnskābes esteri
mt:E472e, Esteri tal-aċidu mono- u diaċetiltartariku tal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E472e, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, veresterd met mono- en diacetylwijnsteenzuur
pl:E472e, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych estryfikowane kwasem mono- i diacetylowinowym
pt:E472e, Ésteres mono e diacetiltartáricos de mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E472e, Esteri ai acizilor mono- și diacetiltartric cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E472e, Estery mono- a diglyceridov mastných kyselín s kyselinou mono- a diacetylvínnou
sl:E472e, Tartratni estri mono- in digliceridov maščobnih kislin
sv:E472e, Mono- och diglyceriders mono- och diacetylvinsyraestrar, Diglyceriders diacetylvinsyraestrar, E 472e, Mono- och diglyceriders diacetylvinsyraestrar, Monoglyceriders monoacetylvinsyraestrar
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E472f, Mixed acetic and tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E472f, Смесени естери на оцетната и винената киселина с моно- и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E472f, Směsné estery mono- a diglyceridů mastných kyselin s kyselinou octovou a vinnou
da:E472f, Blandede eddikesyre- og vinsyreestere af mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E472f, Gemischte essig- und weinsäureester von mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren
el:E472f, Μεικτοι εστερες του οξικου και τρυγικου οξεος με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E472f, Mixed acetic and tartaric acid esters of mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids
et:E472f, Rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid äädik- ja viinhappe seguga
fi:E472f, Rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien etikka- ja viinihappoesterit
fr:E472f, Esters mixtes acétiques et tartriques des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras
hu:E472f, Zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeinek vegyes ecetsav- és borkősav-észterei
it:E472f, Esteri misti acetico-tartarici di mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi
lt:E472f, Riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų acto ir vyno rūgščių mišinio esteriai
lv:E472f, Taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdu jauktie etiķskābes un vīnskābes esteri
mt:E472f, Esteri tal-aċidu aċetiku u l-aċidu tartariku mħallta tal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E472f, Mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren, veresterd met een mengsel van azijnzuur en wijnsteenzuur
pl:E472f, Mono- i diglicerydy kwasów tłuszczowych estryfikowane mieszaniną kwasu octowego i winowego
pt:E472f, Ésteres mistos acéticos e tartáricos de mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E472f, Amestec de esteri ai acidului acetic și ai acidului tartric cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E472f, Zmesné estery mono- a diglyceridov mastných kyselín s kyselinou octovou a vínnou
sl:E472f, Mešanica acetatnih in tartratnih estrov mono- in digliceridov maščobnih kislin
sv:E472f, Blandade ättik- och vinsyraestrar av mono- och diglycerider

en:E472g, Succinylated monoglycerides
bg:E472g, E472g food additive
cs:E472g, E472g food additive
da:E472g, E472g food additive
de:E472g, E472g food additive
el:E472g, E472g food additive
es:E472g, E472g food additive
et:E472g, E472g food additive
fi:E472g, E472g food additive
fr:E472g, Monoglycérides succinyles
hu:E472g, E472g food additive
it:E472g, E472g food additive
lt:E472g, E472g food additive
lv:E472g, E472g food additive
mt:E472g, E472g food additive
nl:E472g, E472g food additive
pl:E472g, E472g food additive
pt:E472g, E472g food additive
ro:E472g, E472g food additive
sk:E472g, E472g food additive
sl:E472g, E472g food additive
sv:E472g, E472g food additive

en:E473, Sucrose esters of fatty acids, Sucroesters, sugar ester
bg:E473, Естери на мастни киселини и захароза, Сукроестери
cs:E473, Estery sacharosy s mastnými kyselinami, Estery sacharosy
da:E473, Saccharoseestere af fedtsyrer
de:E473, Zuckerester von speisefettsäuren, Saccharoseester, Zuckerester, E 473, Saccharoseester von Speisefettsäuren
el:E473, Εστερες λιπαρων οξεων με σακχαροζη, Εστεροσάκχαρα
es:E473, Sucroésteres de ácidos grasos, Sucroésteres, Ésteres de sacarosa de los ácidos grasos
et:E473, Rasvhapete sahharoosestrid
fi:E473, Rasvahappojen sakkaroosiesterit, Sakkaroosiesterit
fr:E473, Sucroester, sucroesters, Esters de saccharose d'acides gras, Saccharoesters, sucroesters d'acides gras, sucroesters d'acide gras
hu:E473, Zsírsavak szacharóz-észterei, Szacharóz-észterek
it:E473, Esteri di saccarosio degli acidi grassi, Sucresteri
lt:E473, Riebalų rūgščių sacharozės esteriai, Sacharozės esteriai
lv:E473, Taukskābju saharozes esteri, Saharozes esteri
mt:E473, Esteri tas-sukrożju tal-aċidi grassi, Sukroesteri
nl:E473, Sucrose-esters van vetzuren, Sucro-esters
pl:E473, Estry kwasów tłuszczowych i sacharozy, Cukroestry
pt:E473, Ésteres de sacarose de ácidos gordos, Ésteres de sacarose
ro:E473, Esteri ai zaharozei cu acizi grași, Zaharoesteri, sucroesteri
sk:E473, Estery sacharózy s mastnými kyselinami, Sacharoestery
sl:E473, Saharozni estri maščobnih kislin, saharozni estri
sv:E473, Sackarosestrar av fettsyror, Sackarosestrar
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2018/01/05
efsa_evaluation:en: Refined exposure assessment of sucrose esters of fatty acids (E 473) from its use as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 40
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E473a, E473a food additive
bg:E473a, E473a food additive
cs:E473a, E473a food additive
da:E473a, E473a food additive
de:E473a, E473a food additive
el:E473a, E473a food additive
es:E473a, E473a food additive
et:E473a, E473a food additive
fi:E473a, E473a food additive
fr:E473a, Oligoesters de saccharose de type I, Oligoesters de saccharose de type II, Esters de saccharose d'acides gras, Oligoesters de saccharose, Esters de saccharose d'acides gras, Oligoesters de saccharose
hu:E473a, E473a food additive
it:E473a, E473a food additive
lt:E473a, E473a food additive
lv:E473a, E473a food additive
mt:E473a, E473a food additive
nl:E473a, E473a food additive
pl:E473a, E473a food additive
pt:E473a, E473a food additive
ro:E473a, E473a food additive
sk:E473a, E473a food additive
sl:E473a, E473a food additive
sv:E473a, E473a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2004-11-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on Sucrose esters of fatty acids, E 473 and sucroglycerides, E 474 based on a request from the Commission related to Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids (E 473)

en:E474, Sucroglycerides, Sucroglyceride
bg:E474, Захароглицериди
cs:E474, Sacharoglyceridy
da:E474, Saccharoseestere i blanding med mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E474, Zuckerglyceride
el:E474, Σακχαρογλυκεριδια
es:E474, Sucroglicéridos
et:E474, Sahharoglütseriidid, Suhkruglütseriidid
fi:E474, Sokeriglyseridit
fr:E474, Sucroglycérides
hu:E474, Cukorgliceridek
it:E474, Sucrogliceridi
lt:E474, Sacharozės gliceridai
lv:E474, Saharozes glicerīdi
mt:E474, Sukrogliċeridi
nl:E474, Sucroglyceriden
pl:E474, Sacharoglicerydy
pt:E474, Sacaridoglicéridos
ro:E474, Zaharogliceride
sk:E474, Sacharoglyceridy
sl:E474, Saharozni gliceridi
sv:E474, Sackarosestrar i blandning med mono- och diglycerider av fettsyror
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2004-11-23
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on Sucrose esters of fatty acids, E 473 and sucroglycerides, E 474 based on a request from the Commission related to Sucrose Esters of Fatty Acids (E 473)
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E475, Polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, Polyglycerol fatty acid esters
bg:E475, Полиглицеролови естери на мастни киселини
cs:E475, Estery polyglycerolu s mastnými kyselinami
da:E475, Polyglycerolestere af fedtsyrer
de:E475, Polyglycerinester von speisefettsäuren
el:E475, Πολυγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E475, Ésteres poliglicéricos de ácidos grasos
et:E475, Rasvhapete polüglütseroolestrid
fi:E475, Polyglyserolirasvahappoesterit
fr:E475, Esters polyglycériques d'acides gras
hu:E475, Zsírsavak poliglicerin-észterei, Poliglicerin-zsírsav-észterek
it:E475, Esteri poliglicerici degli acidi grassi
lt:E475, Riebalų rūgščių poliglicerolio esteriai
lv:E475, Taukskābju poliglicerīna esteri
mt:E475, Esteri tal-poligliċerol tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E475, Polyglycerolesters van vetzuren, Polyglycerolvetzuuresters
pl:E475, Estry kwasów tłuszczowych i poliglicerolu
pt:E475, Ésteres de poliglicerol de ácidos gordos
ro:E475, Esteri poliglicerici ai acizilor grași
sk:E475, Estery polyglycerolu s mastnými kyselinami
sl:E475, Poliglicerolni estri maščobnih kislin
sv:E475, Polyglycerolestrar av fettsyror
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E476, Polyglycerol polyricinoleate, PGPR
bg:E476, Полиглицерол полирицинолеат, Е476, PGPR
cs:E476, Polyglycerylpolyricinoleát
da:E476, Polyglycerolpolyricinoleat
de:E476, Polyglycerin-polyricinoleat, E 476, PGPR
el:E476, Πολυγλυκεριδια του πολυρικινελαϊκου οξεος
es:E476, Polirricinoleato de poliglicerol, Polyglycerol polyricinoleate
et:E476, Ritsinoolhappe polüglütseroolestrid
fi:E476, Polyglyserolipolyrisiinioleaatti
fr:E476, Esters polyglycériques d'acides gras d'huile de ricin, Polyricinoléate de polyglycérol, Esters polyglycériques de l'acide ricinoléique interesterifié, PGPR, Esters polyglycéroliques de l'acide ricinoléique interesterifié, Esters polyglycériques d'acides gras polycondensés d'huile de ricin, Esters glycériques d'acides gras condensés d'huile de ricin
hu:E476, Poliglicerin-poliricinoleát
it:E476, Poliricinoleato di poliglicerolo
lt:E476, Poliglicerolio poliricinoleatas
lv:E476, Poliglicerīna polirīcinolāts
mt:E476, Poligliċerol poligriċinoleat
nl:E476, Polyglycerolpolyricinoleaat
pl:E476, Polirycynooleinian poliglicerolu
pt:E476, Polirricinoleato de poliglicerol
ro:E476, Poliricinoleat de poliglicerol
sk:E476, Polyglycerolpolyricínoleát
sl:E476, Poliglicerol poliricinoleat
sv:E476, Polyglycerolpolyricinoleat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E477, Propane-1\,2-diol esters of fatty acids, Propane-1\,2-diol esters of fatty acids
bg:E477, Пропан-1\,2-диол естери на мастни киселини
cs:E477, Estery propan-1\,2-diolu s mastnými kyselinami
da:E477, Propylenglycolestere af fedtsyrer
de:E477, Propylenglycolester von speisefettsäuren
el:E477, Εστερες λιπαρων οξεων με προπανοδιολη-1\,2
es:E477, Ésteres de propano-1\,2-diol de ácidos grasos
et:E477, Rasvhapete propüleenglükoolestrid
fi:E477, Rasvahappojen propyleeniglykoliesterit
fr:E477, Esters du propylène-glycol d'acide gras, Esters du propylène glycol d'acides gras, Esters de propane-1\,2-diol d'acides gras
hu:E477, Zsírsavak propán-1\,2-diol-észterei
it:E477, Esteri dell'1\,2-propandiolo degli acidi grassi
lt:E477, Riebalų rūgščių propan-1\,2-diolio esteriai
lv:E477, Taukskābju propān-1\,2-diola esteri
mt:E477, Esteri tal-propan-1\,2-diol tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E477, Esters van propaan-1\,2-diol met vetzuren
pl:E477, Estry kwasów tłuszczowych i glikolu propylenowego
pt:E477, Ésteres de propano-1\,2-diol de ácidos gordos
ro:E477, Esteri 1\,2-propandiolici ai acizilor grași
sk:E477, Propán-1\,2-diolestery mastných kyselín
sl:E477, Propan-1\,2-diolni estri maščobnih kislin
sv:E477, 1\,2-propylenglykolestrar av fettsyror
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E478, Lactylated fatty acid esters of glycerol and propane-1 
bg:E478, E478 food additive
cs:E478, E478 food additive
da:E478, E478 food additive
de:E478, E478 food additive
el:E478, E478 food additive
es:E478, E478 food additive
et:E478, E478 food additive
fi:E478, E478 food additive
fr:E478, Esters lactyles d'acides gras du glycérol et du propane-1
hu:E478, E478 food additive
it:E478, E478 food additive
lt:E478, E478 food additive
lv:E478, E478 food additive
mt:E478, E478 food additive
nl:E478, Mengsel van glycerol- en propyleenglycolesters met melkzuur en vetzuren
pl:E478, E478 food additive
pt:E478, E478 food additive
ro:E478, E478 food additive
sk:E478, E478 food additive
sl:E478, E478 food additive
sv:E478, E478 food additive

en:E479b, Thermally oxidised soya bean oil interacted with mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, Thermally oxidised soya bean oil interacted with mono­ and diglycerides of fatty acids
bg:E479b, Термично окислено соево масло с моно-и диглицериди на мастни киселини
cs:E479b, Směsný produkt interakce tepelně opracovaného sójového oleje s mono- a diglyceridy mastných kyselin
da:E479b, Termisk oxideret sojaolie omsat med mono- og diglycerider af fedtsyrer
de:E479b, Thermooxidiertes sojaöl verestert mit mono- und diglyceriden von speisefettsäuren
el:E479b, Θερμικως οξειδωμενο σογιελαιο που εχει αντιδρασει με μονο- και διγλυκεριδια λιπαρων οξεων
es:E479b, Aceite de soja oxidado térmicamente en interacción con monoglicéridos y diglicéridos de ácidos grasos
et:E479b, Termiliselt oksüdeeritud sojaõli rasvhapete mono- ja diglütseriidide estrid
fi:E479b, Termisesti hapetettu, rasvahappojen mono- ja diglyseridien kanssa polymeroitu soijaöljy
fr:E479b, Huile de soja oxydée par chauffage ayant réagi avec des mono- et diglycérides d’acides gras, Huile de soja oxydée par chauffage ayant réagi avec des mono- et diglycérides d'acides gras
hu:E479b, Hőkezeléssel oxidált szójaolaj zsírsavak mono- és digliceridjeivel reagáltatva
it:E479b, Prodotto di reazione dell'olio di soia ossidato termicamente con mono- e digliceridi degli acidi grassi, Olio di soia ossidato
lt:E479b, Termiškai oksiduotas sojų aliejus, paveiktas riebalų rūgščių mono- ir digliceridų
lv:E479b, Termiski oksidētas sojas eļļas iedarbības produkts ar taukskābju mono- un diglicerīdiem
mt:E479b, Żejt tas-sojja termalment ossidizzat b'interazzjoni mal-mono- u d-digliċeridi tal-aċidi grassi
nl:E479b, Thermisch geoxideerde sojaolie, na reactie met mono- en diglyceriden van vetzuren
pl:E479b, Termoutleniony olej sojowy z mono- i diglicerydami kwasów tłuszczowych
pt:E479b, Óleo de soja oxidado termicamente em interacção com mono e diglicéridos de ácidos gordos
ro:E479b, Ulei de soia oxidat termic interacționat cu mono- și digliceridele acizilor grași
sk:E479b, Tepelne zoxidovaný olej sójových bôbov zreagovaný s mono- a diglyceridmi mastných kyselín
sl:E479b, Toplotno oksidirano sojino olje, v interakciji z mono- in digliceridi maščobnih kislin
sv:E479b, Termiskt oxiderad sojabönsolja som reagerat med mono- och diglycerider av fettsyror
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E481, Sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate, Sodium stearoyl lactylate
bg:E481, Натриев стераоил-2-лактилат, Натриев стеароил лактилат
cs:E481, Stearoyl-2-mléčnan sodný, Stearoyllaktylát sodný
da:E481, Natriumstearoyllactylat, Natriumstearoyllactylat
de:E481, Natriumstearoyl-2-lactylat, Natriumstearoyllaktylat, E 481, Natriumstearoyllactylat
el:E481, Στεατοϋλο-2-γαλακτυλικο νατριο, Στεατοϋλογαλακτυλικό νάτριο
es:E481, Estearoil-2-lactilato de sodio, Estearoil-lactilato de sodio
et:E481, Naatriumstearoüül-2-laktülaat, Naatriumstearoüüllaktülaat
fi:E481, Natriumstearoyyli-2-laktylaatti, Natriumstearoyylilaktylaatti, E 481
fr:E481, Stéaroyl-2-lactylate de sodium, Stéaryl de sodium lactylé, Oléyl de sodium lactylé, Stéaroyllactylate de sodium
hu:E481, Nátrium-sztearoil-2-laktilát, Nátrium-sztearoil-laktilát
it:E481, Stearoil-2-lattilato di sodio, Stearoil-lattilato di sodio
lt:E481, Natrio stearoil-2-laktilatas, Natrio stearoil-laktilatas
lv:E481, Nātrija stearoil-2-laktilāts, Nātrija stearoillaktilāts
mt:E481, Stearojl-2-lattilat tas-sodju, Lattilat stearojliku tas-sodju
nl:E481, Natriumstearoyl-2-lactylaat, Natriumstearoyllactylaat
pl:E481, Stearoilomleczan sodu, 2-stearoilomleczan sodu
pt:E481, Estearoíl-2-lactilato de sódio, Estearoíl-lactilato de sódio
ro:E481, Stearoil-2-lactilat de sodiu, Stearoil lactilat de sodiu
sk:E481, Stearoyl-2-laktylát sodný, Stearoyllaktylát sodný
sl:E481, Natrijev stearoil-2-laktilat, natrijev stearoil laktilat
sv:E481, Natriumstearoyl-2-laktylat, Natriumstearoyllaktylat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-05-13
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (E 481) and calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate (E 482) as food additives.
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 22
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E482, Calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate
bg:E482, Калциев стераоил-2-лактилат
cs:E482, Stearoyl-2-mléčnan vápenatý
da:E482, Calciumstearoyllactylat
de:E482, Calciumstearoyl-2-lactylat
el:E482, Στεατοϋλο-2-γαλακτυλικο ασβεστιο
es:E482, Estearoil-2-lactilato de calcio
et:E482, Kaltsiumstearoüül-2-laktülaat
fi:E482, Kalsiumstearoyyli-2-laktylaatti
fr:E482, Stéaroyl-2-lactylate de calcium, Stéaryl de calcium lactylé, Oléyl de calcium lactylé
hu:E482, Kalcium-sztearoil-2-laktilát
it:E482, Stearoil-2-lattilato di calcio
lt:E482, Kalcio stearoil-2-laktilatas
lv:E482, Kalcija stearoil-2-laktilāts
mt:E482, Lattilat stearojliku-2 tal-kalċju
nl:E482, Calciumstearoyl-2-lactylaat
pl:E482, Stearoilomleczan wapnia
pt:E482, Estearoíl-2-lactilato de cálcio
ro:E482, Stearoil-2-lactilat de calciu
sk:E482, Stearoyl-2-laktylát vápenatý
sl:E482, Kalcijev stearoil-2-laktilat
sv:E482, Kalciumstearoyl-2-laktylat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-05-13
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (E 481) and calcium stearoyl-2-lactylate (E 482) as food additives.
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 22
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer

en:E483, Stearyl tartrate, Stearyl palmityl tartrate
bg:E483, Стеарил тартарат
cs:E483, Vinan stearylu
da:E483, Stearyltartrat
de:E483, Stearyltartrat, Stearoyltartrat, E 483
el:E483, Τρυγικο στεατυλιο
es:E483, Tartrato de estearilo
et:E483, Stearüültartraat
fi:E483, Stearyylitartraatti
fr:E483, Tartrate de stéaryle
hu:E483, Sztearil-tartarát
it:E483, Tartrato di stearile
lt:E483, Stearilo tartratas
lv:E483, Steariltartrāts
mt:E483, Tartrat steariliku
nl:E483, Stearyltartraat
pl:E483, Winian stearylu
pt:E483, Tartarato de estearilo
ro:E483, Tartrat de stearil
sk:E483, Steary tartrát
sl:E483, Stearil tartrat
sv:E483, Stearyltartrat

en:E484, Stearyl citrate
bg:E484, E484 food additive
cs:E484, E484 food additive
da:E484, E484 food additive
de:E484, E484 food additive
el:E484, E484 food additive
es:E484, E484 food additive
et:E484, E484 food additive
fi:E484, E484 food additive
fr:E484, Citrate de stéaryle
hu:E484, E484 food additive
it:E484, E484 food additive
lt:E484, E484 food additive
lv:E484, E484 food additive
mt:E484, E484 food additive
nl:E484, E484 food additive
pl:E484, E484 food additive
pt:E484, E484 food additive
ro:E484, E484 food additive
sk:E484, E484 food additive
sl:E484, E484 food additive
sv:E484, E484 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant

en:E485, Sodium stearoyl fumarate
bg:E485, E485 food additive
cs:E485, E485 food additive
da:E485, E485 food additive
de:E485, E485 food additive
el:E485, E485 food additive
es:E485, E485 food additive
et:E485, E485 food additive
fi:E485, E485 food additive
hu:E485, E485 food additive
it:E485, E485 food additive
lt:E485, E485 food additive
lv:E485, E485 food additive
mt:E485, E485 food additive
nl:E485, E485 food additive
pl:E485, E485 food additive
pt:E485, E485 food additive
ro:E485, E485 food additive
sk:E485, E485 food additive
sl:E485, E485 food additive
sv:E485, E485 food additive

en:E486, Calcium stearoyl fumarate
bg:E486, E486 food additive
cs:E486, E486 food additive
da:E486, E486 food additive
de:E486, E486 food additive
el:E486, E486 food additive
es:E486, E486 food additive
et:E486, E486 food additive
fi:E486, E486 food additive
fr:E486, Stearoylfumarate de calcium, Stearoyl fumarate de calcium
hu:E486, E486 food additive
it:E486, E486 food additive
lt:E486, E486 food additive
lv:E486, E486 food additive
mt:E486, E486 food additive
nl:E486, E486 food additive
pl:E486, E486 food additive
pt:E486, E486 food additive
ro:E486, E486 food additive
sk:E486, E486 food additive
sl:E486, E486 food additive
sv:E486, E486 food additive

en:E487, sodium dodecyl sulfate, sodium laurilsulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, NaDS
bg:E487, E487 food additive
cs:E487, Dodecylsíran sodný, Sodium dodecyl sulfát, Sodiumdodecylsulfát, Sodiumlaurylsulfát, NaDS
da:E487, Natriumlaurylsulfat
de:E487, Natriumlaurylsulfat, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Natriumdodecylsulfat
el:E487, E487 food additive
es:E487, Dodecilsulfato sódico
et:E487, E487 food additive
fi:E487, Natriumlauryylisulfaatti, Natriumdodekyylisulfaatti, Natriumlayryylisulfaatti
fr:E487, Laurylsulfate de sodium, Laurylsulfate de soude, Sodium dodécylsulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 151-21-3, C12H25NaO4S, Dodécylsulfate de sodium, Sodium lauryl sulphate, Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate
hu:E487, E487 food additive
it:E487, Laurilsolfato di sodio, Lauril etossi solfato, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodio lauril solfato, Sodio dodecilsolfato, C12H25NaO4S
lt:E487, Natrio laurilsulfatas, C12H25SO4Na, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Natrio dodesilsulfatas
lv:E487, E487 food additive
mt:E487, E487 food additive
nl:E487, natriumdodecylsulfaat, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Natriumlaurylsulfaat, Natrium dodecyl sulfaat, Sodium dodecyl sulfate, 151-21-3
pl:E487, Laurylosiarczan sodu, Sól sodowa siarczanu laurylu, Dodecylosiarczan sodu
pt:E487, Dodecil sulfato de sódio, Lauril sulfato de sódio
ro:E487, E487 food additive
sk:E487, E487 food additive
sl:E487, E487 food additive
sv:E487, Natriumdodecylsulfat, Sodium laurilsulfate, Natriumlaurylsulfat, Sodium laureth sulfate, NaDS, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Sodium dodecyl sulfate, Sodium laureth sulphate

en:E488, Ethoxylated Mono- and Di-Glycerides
bg:E488, E488 food additive
cs:E488, E488 food additive
da:E488, E488 food additive
de:E488, E488 food additive
el:E488, E488 food additive
es:E488, E488 food additive
et:E488, E488 food additive
fi:E488, E488 food additive
fr:E488, Mono- et diglycérides éthoxyles
hu:E488, E488 food additive
it:E488, E488 food additive
lt:E488, E488 food additive
lv:E488, E488 food additive
mt:E488, E488 food additive
nl:E488, E488 food additive
pl:E488, E488 food additive
pt:E488, E488 food additive
ro:E488, E488 food additive
sk:E488, E488 food additive
sl:E488, E488 food additive
sv:E488, E488 food additive

en:E489, Methyl glucoside-coconut oil ester
bg:E489, E489 food additive
cs:E489, E489 food additive
da:E489, E489 food additive
de:E489, E489 food additive
el:E489, E489 food additive
es:E489, E489 food additive
et:E489, E489 food additive
fi:E489, E489 food additive
fr:E489, Ester de méthylglycoside d'huile de coco
hu:E489, E489 food additive
it:E489, E489 food additive
lt:E489, E489 food additive
lv:E489, E489 food additive
mt:E489, E489 food additive
nl:E489, E489 food additive
pl:E489, E489 food additive
pt:E489, E489 food additive
ro:E489, E489 food additive
sk:E489, E489 food additive
sl:E489, E489 food additive
sv:E489, E489 food additive

# E490 seems unlisted in current US and EU official lists
# propylene glycol is also listed as E1520

en:E490, Propylene glycol , 1\,2-propanediol, propane-1\,2-diol, 1\,2-dihydroxypropane, α-propylene glycol, methyl ethyl glycol, methylethylene glycol, Propan-1\,2-diol
bg:E490, Пропиленгликол
cs:E490, Propylenglykol
da:E490, Propylenglycol
de:E490, 1\,2-Propandiol, 1\,2-Dihydroxypropan, 1\,2-Propylenglycol, (RS)-1\,2-Dihydroxypropan, E 1520, Monopropylenglycol, Monopropylenglykol, Propylenglycolum
el:E490, E490 food additive
es:E490, Propilenglicol
et:E490, Propüleenglükool
fi:E490, Propyleeniglykoli
fr:E490, Glycole de propylène, Propylène glycol
hu:E490, E490 food additive
it:E490, Glicole propilenico
lt:E490, Propan-1\,2-diolis
lv:E490, 1\,2-Propāndiols
mt:E490, E490 food additive
nl:E490, Propyleenglycol
pl:E490, Glikol propylenowy
pt:E490, Propilenoglicol
ro:E490, E490 food additive
sk:E490, E490 food additive
sl:E490, E490 food additive
sv:E490, 1\,2-Propandiol

en:E491, Sorbitan monostearate
bg:E491, Сорбитан моностеарат
cs:E491, Sorbitanmonostearát
da:E491, Sorbitanmonostearat
de:E491, Sorbitanmonostearat, Sorbitanfettsäureester, Sorbitanester, Sorbitanstearat
el:E491, Μονοστεατικη σορβιτανη
es:E491, Monoestearato de sorbitano
et:E491, Sorbitaanmonostearaat
fi:E491, Sorbitaanimonostearaatti
fr:E491, Monostéarate de sorbitane
hu:E491, Szorbitan-monosztearát, Szorbitán-sztearát
it:E491, Monostearato di sorbitano
lt:E491, Sorbitano monostearatas
lv:E491, Sorbitāna monostearāts
mt:E491, Sorbitan monostearat
nl:E491, Sorbitaanmonostearaat
pl:E491, Monostearynian sorbitolu
pt:E491, Monoestearato de sorbitano
ro:E491, Monostearat de sorbitan
sk:E491, Sorbitanmonostearát
sl:E491, Sorbitan monostearat
sv:E491, Sorbitanmonostearat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier
efsa_evaluation_url:en: h
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sorbitan monostearate (E 491), sorbitan tristearate (E 492), sorbitan monolaurate (E 493), sorbitan monooleate (E 494) and sorbitan monopalmitate (E 495) when used as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, elderly, adolescent, children, en:toddlers, infants
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 26

en:E492, Sorbitan tristearate
bg:E492, Сорбитан тристеарат
cs:E492, Sorbitantristearát
da:E492, Sorbitantristearat
de:E492, Sorbitantristearat
el:E492, Τριστεατικη σορβιτανη
es:E492, Triestearato de sorbitano
et:E492, Sorbitaantristearaat, Heleda
fi:E492, Sorbitaanitristearaatti
fr:E492, Tristéarate de sorbitane, Perles ou paillettes claires, de couleur crème à ocre, ou solide dur
hu:E492, Szorbitan-trisztearát
it:E492, Tristearato di sorbitano
lt:E492, Sorbitano tristearatas, Nuo šviesios
lv:E492, Sorbitāna tristearāts
mt:E492, Sorbitan tristearat
nl:E492, Sorbitaantristearaat
pl:E492, Tristearynian sorbitolu
pt:E492, Triestearato de sorbitano
ro:E492, Tristearat de sorbitan
sk:E492, Sorbitantristearát
sl:E492, Sorbitan tristearat
sv:E492, Sorbitantristearat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer
efsa_evaluation_url:en: h
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sorbitan monostearate (E 491), sorbitan tristearate (E 492), sorbitan monolaurate (E 493), sorbitan monooleate (E 494) and sorbitan monopalmitate (E 495) when used as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, elderly, adolescent, children, en:toddlers, infants

en:E493, Sorbitan monolaurate
bg:E493, Сорбитан монолауарат
cs:E493, Sorbitanmonolaurát
da:E493, Sorbitanmonolaurat
de:E493, Sorbitanmonolaurat
el:E493, Μονολαυρικη σορβιτανη
es:E493, Monolaurato de sorbitano
et:E493, Sorbitaanmonolauraat
fi:E493, Sorbitaanimonolauraatti
fr:E493, Monolaurate de sorbitane
hu:E493, Szorbitan-monolaurát
it:E493, Monolaurato di sorbitano
lt:E493, Sorbitano monolauratas
lv:E493, Sorbitāna monolaurāts
mt:E493, Monolawrat tas-sorbitan
nl:E493, Sorbitaanmonolauraat
pl:E493, Monolaurynian sorbitolu
pt:E493, Monolaurato de sorbitano
ro:E493, Monolaurat de sorbitan
sk:E493, Sorbitanmonolaurát
sl:E493, Sorbitan monolaurat
sv:E493, Sorbitanmonolaurat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer
efsa_evaluation_url:en: h
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sorbitan monostearate (E 491), sorbitan tristearate (E 492), sorbitan monolaurate (E 493), sorbitan monooleate (E 494) and sorbitan monopalmitate (E 495) when used as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, elderly, adolescent, children, en:toddlers, infants

en:E494, Sorbitan monooleate
bg:E494, Сорбитан моноолеат
cs:E494, Sorbitanmonooleát
da:E494, Sorbitanmonooleat
de:E494, Sorbitanmonooleat
el:E494, Μονοελαϊκη σορβιτανη
es:E494, Sorbitan monooleate
et:E494, Sorbitaanmonoleaat
fi:E494, Sorbitan monooleate
fr:E494, Monoléate de sorbitane, Monooléate de sorbitan
hu:E494, Szorbitan-monooleát
it:E494, Monooleato di sorbitano
lt:E494, Sorbitano monoleatas
lv:E494, Sorbitāna monooleāts
mt:E494, Monooleat tas-sorbitan
nl:E494, Sorbitaanmonoöleaat
pl:E494, Monooleinian sorbitolu
pt:E494, Mono-oleato de sorbitano
ro:E494, Monooleat de sorbitan
sk:E494, Sorbitanmonooleát
sl:E494, Sorbitan monooleat
sv:E494, Sorbitanmonooleat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer
efsa_evaluation_url:en: h
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sorbitan monostearate (E 491), sorbitan tristearate (E 492), sorbitan monolaurate (E 493), sorbitan monooleate (E 494) and sorbitan monopalmitate (E 495) when used as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, elderly, adolescent, children, en:toddlers, infants

en:E495, Sorbitan monopalmitate
bg:E495, Сорбитан монопалмитат
cs:E495, Sorbitanmonopalmitát
da:E495, Sorbitanmonopalmitat
de:E495, Sorbitanmonopalmitat
el:E495, Μονοπαλμιτικη σορβιτανη
es:E495, Monopalmitato de sorbitano
et:E495, Sorbitaanmonopalmitaat
fi:E495, Sorbitaanimonopalmitaatti
fr:E495, Monopalmitate de sorbitane, Palmitate de sorbitane, mélange d'esters de sorbitol; de sorbitan et d'isosorbide, Span 40
hu:E495, Szorbitan-monopalmitát
it:E495, Monopalmitato di sorbitano
lt:E495, Sorbitano monopalmitatas
lv:E495, Sorbitāna monopalmitāts
mt:E495, Monopalmitat tas-sorbitan
nl:E495, Sorbitaanmonopalmitaat
pl:E495, Monopalmitynian sorbitolu
pt:E495, Monopalmitato de sorbitano
ro:E495, Monopalmitat de sorbitan
sk:E495, Sorbitanmonopalmitát
sl:E495, Sorbitan monopalmitat
sv:E495, Sorbitanmonopalmitat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier
efsa_evaluation_url:en: h
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017-05-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of sorbitan monostearate (E 491), sorbitan tristearate (E 492), sorbitan monolaurate (E 493), sorbitan monooleate (E 494) and sorbitan monopalmitate (E 495) when used as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, elderly, adolescent, children, en:toddlers, infants

en:E496, Sorbitan trioleate
bg:E496, E496 food additive
cs:E496, E496 food additive
da:E496, E496 food additive
de:E496, E496 food additive
el:E496, E496 food additive
es:E496, E496 food additive
et:E496, E496 food additive
fi:E496, E496 food additive
fr:E496, Trioléate de sorbitane, E 496
hu:E496, E496 food additive
it:E496, E496 food additive
lt:E496, E496 food additive
lv:E496, E496 food additive
mt:E496, E496 food additive
nl:E496, E496 food additive
pl:E496, E496 food additive
pt:E496, E496 food additive
ro:E496, E496 food additive
sk:E496, E496 food additive
sl:E496, E496 food additive
sv:E496, E496 food additive

en:E500, Sodium carbonates, sodium carbonate
bg:E500, Натриев карбонат, Калцинирана сода, Динатриев карбонат
cs:E500, Uhličitan sodný, Na2CO3, Soda na praní
da:E500, Soda, Natriumcarbonat
de:E500, Natriumcarbonat, Natriumcarbonate, Natriumkarbonat, Calciniertes Soda, Calcinierte Soda, Waschsoda, Kalzinierte Soda, Na2CO3, Kalziniertes Soda
el:E500, E500 food additive
es:E500, Carbonatos de sodio, Carbonato de sodio, Sosa comercial, Na2CO3, Carbonato sódico
et:E500, Naatriumkarbonaat, Sooda, Pesusooda, Kristalne sooda, Kaltsineeritud sooda
fi:E500, Sooda, Pesusooda, Natriumkarbonaattidekahydraatti, Natriumkarbonaatti, Natriitti, Kidesooda, Natriumkarbonaattimonohydraatti
fr:E500, Carbonates de sodium, Carbonate de sodium, Carbonate acide de sodium, bicarbonate de sodium, bicarbonate de sodium alimentaire, bicarbonate de soude, Sesquicarbonate de sodium, Carbonate de soude, Cristaux de soude, E500(i), Na2CO3, 497-19-8
hu:E500, Nátrium-karbonát, szóda, sziksó, mosószóda, kalcinált szóda
it:E500, Carbonato di sodio, Carbonato di disodio, Na2CO3, Carbonato sodico, Soda, Soda Solvay
lt:E500, Natrio karbonatas, Kalcinuota soda
lv:E500, Nātrija karbonāts, Naco3, Na2CO3, Mazgājamā soda, Kalcinētā soda
mt:E500, E500 food additive
nl:E500, Natriumcarbonaat, Huishoudsoda, Na2CO3, Dinatriumcarbonaat
pl:E500, Węglany sodu, Węglan sodu, Soda kalcynowana, Soda amoniakalna
pt:E500, Carbonato de sódio, Barrilha, Na2CO3
ro:E500, Carbonat de sodiu, Soda
ru:E500, Карбонаты натрия, карбонат натрия, Натрия карбонат, Сода стиральная, Е500, Кальценированная сода, Кристаллическая сода, Кальцинированная сода, Na2CO3
sk:E500, Uhličitan sodný, Sóda
sl:E500, Natrijev karbonat
sv:E500, Natriumkarbonat, E 500
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:raising-agent
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety evaluation of the active substances citric acid (E330) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (E500ii), used as carbon dioxide generators, together with liquid absorbers cellulose and polyacrylic acid sodium salt crosslinked, in active food contact materials.
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E500(i), Sodium carbonate
bg:E500(i), Натриев карбонат
cs:E500(i), Uhličitan sodný, Bezvodý uhličitan sodný
da:E500(i), Natriumcarbonat, Soda
de:E500(i), Natriumcarbonat
el:E500(i), Ανθρακικα αλατα του νατριου
es:E500(i), Carbonato sódico, Carbonato de sodio
et:E500(i), Naatriumkarbonaat
fi:E500(i), Natriumkarbonaatti
fr:E500(i), Carbonate de sodium
hu:E500(i), Nátrium-karbonát
it:E500(i), Carbonato di sodio
lt:E500(i), Natrio karbonatas
lv:E500(i), Nātrija karbonāts
mt:E500(i), Karbonat tas-sodju
nl:E500(i), Natriumcarbonaat
pl:E500(i), Węglan sodu, Soda amoniakalna, soda bezwodna
pt:E500(i), Carbonato de sódio
ro:E500(i), Carbonat de sodiu
sk:E500(i), Uhličitan sodný, Bezvodá sóda
sl:E500(i), Natrijev karbonat
sv:E500(i), Natriumkarbonat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety evaluation of the active substances citric acid (E330) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (E500ii), used as carbon dioxide generators, together with liquid absorbers cellulose and polyacrylic acid sodium salt crosslinked, in active food contact materials.
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E500(ii), Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Sodium bicarbonate, sodium acid carbonate, Bicarbonate of soda
bg:E500(ii), Натриев хидроген карбонат, Натриев бикарбонат, натриев кисел карбонат, сода бикарбонат
cs:E500(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan sodný, Kyselý uhličitan sodný, bikarbonát sodný
da:E500(ii), Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Natriumbicarbonat, surt natriumcarbonat
de:E500(ii), Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Natriumbicarbonat, doppeltkohlensaures Natrium, doppeltkohlensaures Natron
el:E500(ii), Οξινο ανθρακικο νατριο, Διττανθρακικό νάτριο, όξινο ανθρακικό νάτριο, διττανθρακική σόδα
es:E500(ii), Bicarbonato de sodio, Carbonato ácido de sodio, Bicarbonato sódico
et:E500(ii), Naatriumvesinikkarbonaat, Söögisooda
fi:E500(ii), Natriumvetykarbonaatti, Natriumbikarbonaatti, hapan natriumkarbonaatti
fr:E500(ii), Carbonate acide de sodium, Bicarbonate de sodium, hydrogénocarbonate de sodium, bicarbonate de sodium alimentaire, bicarbonate de soude
hu:E500(ii), Nátrium-hidrogén-karbonát, Nátrium-bikarbonát, Savas nátrium-karbonát, Szódabikarbóna
it:E500(ii), Carbonato acido di sodio, Bicarbonato di sodio, carbonato acido di sodio
lt:E500(ii), Natrio hidrokarbonatas, Natrio hidrokarbonatas, natrio rūgštusis karbonatas, sodos bikarbonatas
lv:E500(ii), Nātrija hidrogēnkarbonāts, Nātrija bikarbonāts, nātrija skābais karbonāts, nātrija bikarbonāts
mt:E500(ii), Karbonat idroġenat tas-sodju, Bikarbonat tas-sodju, karbonat tal-aċidu tas-sodju, Bikarbonat tas-soda
nl:E500(ii), Natriumwaterstofcarbonaat, Natriumbicarbonaat, zuur natriumcarbonaat, dubbelkoolzure soda
pl:E500(ii), Wodorowęglan sodu, Diwęglan sodu, kwaśny węglan sodu, diwęglan sodowy
pt:E500(ii), Hidrogenocarbonato de sódio, Bicarbonato de sódio, carbonato ácido de sódio
ro:E500(ii), Bicarbonat de sodiu, Carbonat acid de sodiu, Bicarbonat
sk:E500(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan sodný, Hydrogenuhličitan sodný, bikarbonát sodný, sóda bikarbóna
sl:E500(ii), Natrijev hidrogenkarbonat, natrijev bikarbonat, kisli natrijev karbonat, soda bikarbona
sv:E500(ii), Natriumvätekarbonat, Natriumbikarbonat, surt natriumkarbonat, bikarbonat av soda
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety evaluation of the active substances citric acid (E330) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (E500ii), used as carbon dioxide generators, together with liquid absorbers cellulose and polyacrylic acid sodium salt crosslinked, in active food contact materials.
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E500(iii), Sodium sesquicarbonate
bg:E500(iii), Натриев сескикарбонат
cs:E500(iii), Seskviuhličitan sodný
da:E500(iii), Natriumsesquicarbonat
de:E500(iii), Natriumsesquicarbonat
el:E500(iii), Σεσκιανθρακικο νατριο
es:E500(iii), Sesquicarbonato de sodio
et:E500(iii), Naatriumseskvikarbonaat
fi:E500(iii), Natriumseskvikarbonaatti
fr:E500(iii), Sesquicarbonate de sodium
hu:E500(iii), Nátrium-szeszkvikarbonát
it:E500(iii), Sesquicarbonato di sodio
lt:E500(iii), Natrio seskvikarbonatas
lv:E500(iii), Nātrija seskvikarbonāts
mt:E500(iii), Seskwikarbonat tas-sodju
nl:E500(iii), Natriumsesquicarbonaat
pl:E500(iii), Półtorawęglan sodu
pt:E500(iii), Sesquicarbonato de sódio
ro:E500(iii), Sescvicarbonat de sodiu
sk:E500(iii), Seskviuhličitan sodný
sl:E500(iii), Natrijev seskvikarbonat
sv:E500(iii), Natriumseskvikarbonat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety evaluation of the active substances citric acid (E330) and sodium hydrogen carbonate (E500ii), used as carbon dioxide generators, together with liquid absorbers cellulose and polyacrylic acid sodium salt crosslinked, in active food contact materials.
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E501, Potassium carbonates, potassium carbonate
bg:E501, Калиев карбонат
cs:E501, Uhličitan draselný, Potaš, K2CO3, Kalcinované draslo
da:E501, Potaske
de:E501, Kaliumcarbonat, E 501, Pottasche, Kaliumkarbonat, K2CO3
el:E501, E501 food additive
es:E501, Carbonatos de potasio, Carbonato de potasio, K2CO3, Carbonato potasico
et:E501, Kaaliumkarbonaat
fi:E501, Kaliumkarbonaatti
fr:E501, Carbonates de potassium, Carbonate de potassium, Carbonate acide de potassium, bicarbonate de potassium, 584-08-7, E501 I, E 501, K2CO3
hu:E501, Kálium-karbonát
it:E501, Carbonato di potassio, K2CO3, Potassa
lt:E501, E501 food additive
lv:E501, Kālija karbonāts, K2CO3, Potašs, Potaša
mt:E501, E501 food additive
nl:E501, Kaliumcarbonaat
pl:E501, Węglan potasu, Węglan(IV) potasu
pt:E501, Carbonato de potássio
ro:E501, E501 food additive
sk:E501, Uhličitan draselný, Potaš
sl:E501, Kalijev karbonat
sv:E501, Kaliumkarbonat, E 501
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E501(i), Potassium carbonate
bg:E501(i), Калиев карбонат
cs:E501(i), Uhličitan draselný
da:E501(i), Kaliumcarbonat
de:E501(i), Kaliumcarbonat
el:E501(i), Ανθρακικα αλατα του καλιου
es:E501(i), Carbonato de potasio, Carbonato potásico
et:E501(i), Kaaliumkarbonaat sünonüümid
fi:E501(i), Kaliumkarbonaatti
fr:E501(i), Carbonate de potassium
hu:E501(i), Kálium-karbonát
it:E501(i), Carbonato di potassio
lt:E501(i), Kalio karbonatas
lv:E501(i), Kālija karbonāts
mt:E501(i), Karbonat tal-potassju
nl:E501(i), Kaliumcarbonaat
pl:E501(i), Węglan potasu
pt:E501(i), Carbonato de potássio
ro:E501(i), Carbonat de potasiu
sk:E501(i), Uhličitan draselný
sl:E501(i), Kalijev karbonat
sv:E501(i), Kaliumkarbonat
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E501(ii), Potassium hydrogen carbonate, Potassium bicarbonate
bg:E501(ii), Калиев хидроген карбонат, Калиев бикарбонат
cs:E501(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan draselný, Bikarbonát draselný
da:E501(ii), Kaliumhydrogencarbonat, Kaliumbicarbonat
de:E501(ii), Kaliumhydrogencarbonat, Kaliumbicarbonat
el:E501(ii), Οξινο ανθρακικο καλιο, Διττανθρακικό κάλιο
es:E501(ii), Bicarbonato de potasio, Carbonato ácido de potasio, Bicarbonato potásico
et:E501(ii), Kaaliumvesinikkarbonaat
fi:E501(ii), Kaliumvetykarbonaatti, Kaliumbikarbonaatti
fr:E501(ii), Carbonate acide de potassium, Bicarbonate de potassium
hu:E501(ii), Kálium-hidrogén-karbonát, Kálium-bikarbonát
it:E501(ii), Carbonato acido di potassio
lt:E501(ii), Kalio hidrokarbonatas, Kalio bikarbonatas
lv:E501(ii), Kālija hidrogēnkarbonāts, Kālija bikarbonāts
mt:E501(ii), Karbonat idroġenat tal-potassju, Bikarbonat tal-potassju
nl:E501(ii), Kaliumwaterstofcarbonaat, Kaliumbicarbonaat
pl:E501(ii), Wodorowęglan potasu, Diwęglan potasu
pt:E501(ii), Hidrogenocarbonato de potássio, Bicarbonato de potássio
ro:E501(ii), Bicarbonat de potasiu
sk:E501(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan draselný, Hydrogenuhličitan draselný
sl:E501(ii), Kalijev hidrogenkarbonat, kalijev bikarbonat
sv:E501(ii), Kaliumvätekarbonat, Kaliumbikarbonat
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E502, Carbonates
bg:E502, E502 food additive
cs:E502, E502 food additive
da:E502, E502 food additive
de:E502, E502 food additive
el:E502, E502 food additive
es:E502, Carbonatos
et:E502, E502 food additive
fi:E502, E502 food additive
fr:E502, Carbonates
hu:E502, E502 food additive
it:E502, E502 food additive
lt:E502, E502 food additive
lv:E502, E502 food additive
mt:E502, E502 food additive
nl:E502, E502 food additive
pl:E502, E502 food additive
pt:E502, E502 food additive
ro:E502, E502 food additive
sk:E502, E502 food additive
sl:E502, E502 food additive
sv:E502, E502 food additive

en:E503, Ammonium carbonates, ammonium carbonate, Baker's ammonia, Sal volatile, Salt of hartshorn
bg:E503, Амониев карбонат
cs:E503, Uhličitan amonný
da:E503, E503 food additive
de:E503, Ammoniumcarbonat
el:E503, E503 food additive
es:E503, Carbonatos de amonio, carbonato de aminiaco
et:E503, E503 food additive
fi:E503, Ammoniumkarbonaatti
fr:E503, Carbonates d'ammonium, Carbonate d'ammonium, Carbonate acide d'ammonium, bicarbonate d'ammonium
hu:E503, Ammónium-karbonát
it:E503, Carbonato d'ammonio
lt:E503, E503 food additive
lv:E503, Amonija karbonāts
mt:E503, E503 food additive
nl:E503, Ammoniumcarbonaat
pl:E503, Węglan amonu
pt:E503, Carbonato de amônio
ro:E503, E503 food additive
ru:E503, Карбонаты аммония: карбонат аммония, гидрокарбонат аммония, карбонат аммония
sk:E503, E503 food additive
sl:E503, E503 food additive
sv:E503, Ammoniumkarbonat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:raising-agent

en:E503(i), Ammonium carbonate
bg:E503(i), Амониев карбонат
cs:E503(i), Uhličitan amonný
da:E503(i), Ammoniumcarbonat
de:E503(i), Ammoniumcarbonat
el:E503(i), Ανθρακικα αλατα του αμμωνιου
es:E503(i), Carbonato de amonio, Carbonato amónico
et:E503(i), Ammooniumkarbonaat
fi:E503(i), Ammoniumkarbonaatti
fr:E503(i), Carbonate d'ammonium
hu:E503(i), Ammónium-karbonát
it:E503(i), Carbonato d'ammonio
lt:E503(i), Amonio karbonatas
lv:E503(i), Amonija karbonāts
mt:E503(i), Karbonat tal-ammonju
nl:E503(i), Ammoniumcarbonaat
pl:E503(i), Węglan amonu
pt:E503(i), Carbonato de amónio
ro:E503(i), Carbonat de amoniu
sk:E503(i), Uhličitan amónny
sl:E503(i), Amonijev karbonat
sv:E503(i), Ammoniumkarbonat

en:E503(ii), Ammonium hydrogen carbonate
bg:E503(ii), Амониев хидроген карбонат
cs:E503(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan amonný
da:E503(ii), Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat
de:E503(ii), Ammoniumhydrogencarbonat
el:E503(ii), Οξινο ανθρακικο αμμωνιο
es:E503(ii), Bicarbonato de amonio, Carbonato ácido de amonio, Bicarbonato amónico
et:E503(ii), Ammooniumvesinikkarbonaat
fi:E503(ii), Ammoniumvetykarbonaatti
fr:E503(ii), Carbonate acide d'ammonium
hu:E503(ii), Ammónium-hidrogén-karbonát
it:E503(ii), Carbonato acido di ammonio
lt:E503(ii), Amonio hidrokarbonatas
lv:E503(ii), Amonija hidrogēnkarbonāts
mt:E503(ii), Karbonat idroġenat tal-ammonju
nl:E503(ii), Ammoniumwaterstofcarbonaat
pl:E503(ii), Wodorowęglan amonu
pt:E503(ii), Hidrogenocarbonato de amónio
ro:E503(ii), Bicarbonat de amoniu
sk:E503(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan amónny
sl:E503(ii), Amonijev hidrogenkarbonat
sv:E503(ii), Ammoniumvätekarbonat

en:E504, Magnesium carbonates, magnesium carbonate
bg:E504, E504 food additive
cs:E504, Uhličitan hořečnatý, MgCO3
da:E504, Magnesiumcarbonat
de:E504, Magnesiumcarbonat, Bitterspat, E 504, MgCO3, Magnesiumkarbonat
el:E504, Ανθρακικό μαγνήσιο
es:E504, Carbonatos de magnesio, Carbonato de magnesio, MgCO3
et:E504, Magneesiumkarbonaat
fi:E504, Magnesiumkarbonaatti
fr:E504, Carbonates de magnésium, Carbonate de magnésium, Magnésium (carbonate), Carbonate acide de magnésium, bicarbonate de magnésium, Hydromagnésite, Carbonate de magnésium hydraté basique, carbonate de magnésium monohydraté
hu:E504, Magnézium-karbonát
it:E504, Carbonato di magnesio, Magnesite, Lansfordite, Nesquehonite
lt:E504, E504 food additive
lv:E504, E504 food additive
mt:E504, E504 food additive
nl:E504, Magnesiumcarbonaat
pl:E504, Węglan magnezu
pt:E504, Carbonato de magnésio
ro:E504, Carbonat de magneziu
sk:E504, Uhličitan horečnatý
sl:E504, Magnezijev karbonat
sv:E504, Magnesiumkarbonat, Magnesit, E 504
additives_classes:en: en:carrier

en:E504(i), Magnesium carbonate
bg:E504(i), Магнезиев карбонат
cs:E504(i), Uhličitan hořečnatý
da:E504(i), Magnesiumcarbonat
de:E504(i), Magnesiumcarbonat
el:E504(i), Ανθρακικα αλατα του μαγνησιου
es:E504(i), Carbonato de magnesio
et:E504(i), Magneesiumkarbonaat
fi:E504(i), Magnesiumkarbonaatti
fr:E504(i), Carbonate de magnésium
hu:E504(i), Magnézium-karbonát
it:E504(i), Carbonato di magnesio
lt:E504(i), Magnio karbonatas
lv:E504(i), Magnija karbonāts
mt:E504(i), Karbonat tal-manjeżju
nl:E504(i), Magnesiumcarbonaat
pl:E504(i), Węglan magnezu
pt:E504(i), Carbonato de magnésio
ro:E504(i), Carbonat de magneziu
sk:E504(i), Uhličitan horečnatý
sl:E504(i), Magnezijev karbonat
sv:E504(i), Magnesiumkarbonat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator,en:anticaking-agent
additives_classes:en: en:carrier

en:E504(ii), Magnesium hydroxide carbonate
bg:E504(ii), Магнезиев хидрокси карбонат
cs:E504(ii), Uhličitan-dihydroxid hořečnatý
da:E504(ii), Magnesiumhydroxidcarbonat
de:E504(ii), Magnesiumhydroxidcarbonat
el:E504(ii), Ανθρακικο υδροξειδιο του μαγνησιου
es:E504(ii), Carbonato ácido de magnesio
et:E504(ii), Magneesiumvesinikkarbonaat
fi:E504(ii), Magnesiumhydroksikarbonaatti
fr:E504(ii), Carbonate acide de magnésium
hu:E504(ii), Magnézium-hidroxid-karbonát
it:E504(ii), Magnesio carbonato idrossido
lt:E504(ii), Magnio hidroksido karbonatas
lv:E504(ii), Magnija hidroksīdkarbonāts
mt:E504(ii), Karbonat tal-idrossidu tal-manjeżju
nl:E504(ii), Magnesiumcarbonaathydroxide
pl:E504(ii), Hydroksywęglan magnezu
pt:E504(ii), Hidroxicarbonato de magnésio
ro:E504(ii), Hidroxid de carbonat de magneziu
sk:E504(ii), Hydrogenuhličitan horečnatý
sl:E504(ii), Magnezijev hidroksidkarbonat
sv:E504(ii), Magnesiumhydroxidkarbonat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier

en:E505, Ferrous carbonate
bg:E505, E505 food additive
cs:E505, E505 food additive
da:E505, E505 food additive
de:E505, E505 food additive
el:E505, E505 food additive
es:E505, E505 food additive
et:E505, E505 food additive
fi:E505, E505 food additive
fr:E505, Carbonate de fer
hu:E505, E505 food additive
it:E505, E505 food additive
lt:E505, E505 food additive
lv:E505, E505 food additive
mt:E505, E505 food additive
nl:E505, Ferrocarbonaat
pl:E505, E505 food additive
pt:E505, E505 food additive
ro:E505, E505 food additive
sk:E505, E505 food additive
sl:E505, E505 food additive
sv:E505, E505 food additive

en:E507, Hydrochloric acid, Hydrogen chloride
bg:E507, Солна киселина, Хлороводород
cs:E507, Kyselina chlorovodíková, Chloran, E 507, Kyselina solná
da:E507, Saltsyre
de:E507, Salzsäure, E 507, Chlorwasserstoffsäure, Acidum hydrochloricum, Hydrochlorsäure
el:E507, Υδροχλωρικο οξυ, Υδροχλώριο
es:E507, Ácido clorhídrico, Cloruro de hidrógeno, Acido hidroclorico, Ácido clorídrico, Ácido muriatico, Clorhidrato, Salfumán, E 507, Agua fuerte, Clorhidrico, Salfumant
et:E507, Soolhape, Vesinikkloriidhape
fi:E507, Suolahappo, Kloorivety, Vetykloridihappo, Vetykloridi
fr:E507, Acide chlorhydrique, Chlorure d'hydrogène, Acide muriatique, Esprit de sel, Acide chlohydrique, Acide chlorydrique officinal, 7674-01-0, HCl•2H2O, 13465-05-9, Acide chloridrique
hu:E507, Sósav, Hidrogén-klorid
it:E507, Acido cloridrico, Cloruro di idrogeno, Spirito di sale, acido muriatico
lt:E507, Vandenilio chlorido rūgštis, Vandenilio chloridas, Druskos rūgštis
lv:E507, Sālskābe, Hlorūdeņradis, Sālsskābe, Hlorūdeņražskābe
mt:E507, Aċidu idrokloriku, Klorur tal-idroġenu
nl:E507, Zoutzuur
pl:E507, Kwas chlorowodorowy, Chlorowodór, Kwas solny, Zajzajer, HCl aq, Zalzajer
pt:E507, Ácido clorídrico, Cloreto de hidrogénio, Ácido muriático, Ácido hidroclórico
ro:E507, Acid clorhidric, Clorură de hidrogen, Acid muriatic
sk:E507, Kyselina chlorovodíková, Chlorovodík, Kyselina soľná
sl:E507, Klorovodikova kislina, vodikov klorid, Želodčna kislina, Solna kislina
sv:E507, Saltsyra, Väteklorid, Kloran, E 507, Vätekloridgas, Klorvätesyra, Klorväte

en:E508, Potassium chloride, Sylvine
bg:E508, Калиев хлорид, Силвин
cs:E508, Chlorid draselný, Drasloš, E 508
da:E508, Kaliumchlorid, Kaliumklorid
de:E508, Kaliumchlorid, Sylvin, E 508
el:E508, Χλωριουχο καλιο, Συλβίνης
es:E508, Cloruro de potasio, Silvina, E 508, Cloruro potásico
et:E508, Kaaliumkloriid, Sülviin
fi:E508, Kaliumkloridi, Sylviini
fr:E508, Chlorure de potassium, Sylvine, 7447-40-7
hu:E508, Kálium-klorid, Szilvin
it:E508, Cloruro di potassio, Silvine, Cloruro potassico
lt:E508, Kalio chloridas, Silvinas
lv:E508, Kālija hlorīds, Silvins
mt:E508, Klorur tal-potassju, Silvin
nl:E508, Kaliumchloride, Sylvien, Kalizout
nl_be:E508, Kaliumchloride, Sylvien, Kalizout
pl:E508, Chlorek potasu
pt:E508, Cloreto de potássio, Silvina
ro:E508, Clorură de potasiu, Silvină
sk:E508, Chlorid draselný, Sylvín
sl:E508, Kalijev klorid
sv:E508, Kaliumklorid, Sylvin, E 508
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:flavour-enhancer, en:stabiliser, en:thickener
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E509, Calcium chloride
bg:E509, Калциев хлорид
cs:E509, Chlorid vápenatý, E 509, CaCl2
da:E509, Calciumchlorid, Kalciumklorid, CaCl2, Calciumklorid
de:E509, Calciumchlorid, CaCl2, E 509, Chlorcalcium, Kalziumchlorid
el:E509, Χλωριουχο ασβεστιο
es:E509, Cloruro de calcio, Cloruro cálcico, E 509
et:E509, Kaltsiumkloriid
fi:E509, Kalsiumkloridi, Maantiesuola
fr:E509, Chlorure de calcium, CaCl2, 25094-02-4, 07774-34-7, 7774-34-7, 10043-52-4, 10035-04-8
hu:E509, Kalcium-klorid
it:E509, Cloruro di calcio, CaCl2, Dicloruro di calcio, Calcio cloruro
lt:E509, Kalcio chloridas
lv:E509, Kalcija hlorīds, CaCl2
mt:E509, Klorur tal-kalċju
nl:E509, Calciumchloride, CaCl, CaCl2
pl:E509, Chlorek wapnia, CaCl2, Chlorek wapniowy
pt:E509, Cloreto de cálcio, CaCl2
ro:E509, Clorură de calciu
ru:E509, Хлорид кальция, CaCl2, Хлористый кальций, Кальция хлорид, Е509, Хлорид кальция(II)
sk:E509, Chlorid vápenatý
sl:E509, Kalcijev klorid
sv:E509, Kalciumklorid, E 509
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:firming-agent, en:stabiliser, en:thickener
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E510, Ammonium chloride, ammonia solution
bg:E510, E510 food additive
cs:E510, E510 food additive
da:E510, E510 food additive
de:E510, E510 food additive
el:E510, E510 food additive
es:E510, E510 food additive
et:E510, E510 food additive
fi:E510, E510 food additive
fr:E510, Chlorure d'ammonium
hu:E510, E510 food additive
it:E510, E510 food additive
lt:E510, E510 food additive
lv:E510, E510 food additive
mt:E510, E510 food additive
nl:E510, Ammoniumchloride
pl:E510, E510 food additive
pt:E510, E510 food additive
ro:E510, E510 food additive
sk:E510, E510 food additive
sl:E510, E510 food additive
sv:E510, E510 food additive

en:E511, Magnesium chloride
bg:E511, Магнезиев хлорид, Магнезиев дихлорид
cs:E511, Chlorid hořečnatý
da:E511, Magnesiumchlorid
de:E511, Magnesiumchlorid
el:E511, Χλωριουχο μαγνησιο
es:E511, Cloruro de magnesio, Cloruro magnésico, Nigari
et:E511, Magneesiumkloriid
fi:E511, Magnesiumkloridi
fr:E511, Chlorure de magnésium, Nigari
hu:E511, Magnézium-klorid
it:E511, Cloruro di magnesio
lt:E511, Magnio chloridas
lv:E511, Magnija hlorīds
mt:E511, Klorur tal-manjeżju
nl:E511, Magnesiumchloride
pl:E511, Chlorek magnezu
pt:E511, Cloreto de magnésio
ro:E511, Clorură de magneziu
sk:E511, Chlorid horečnatý
sl:E511, Magnezijev klorid
sv:E511, Magnesiumklorid
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:firming-agent, en:sequestrant, en:colour-retention-agent
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E512, Stannous chloride, Tin chloride, Tin(II) chloride
bg:E512, Калаен хлорид, Стано хлорид
cs:E512, Stannous chloride, Chlorid cínatý
da:E512, Stannochlorid, Tinchlorid
de:E512, Zinn(ii)-chlorid, Zinnchlorid
el:E512, Χλωριουχος κασσιτερος(ιι), Χλωριούχος κασσίστερος
es:E512, Cloruro de estaño, Cloruro de estaño, Cloruro de estaño (II)
et:E512, Tinakloriid, Tinakloriiddihüdraat
fi:E512, Tinakloridi, Tina(II)kloridi
fr:E512, Chlorure stanneux, chlorure d'étain, chlorure d'étain(II), sel d'étain ou dichlorure d'étain, Dichlorure d'étain, Tin (II) dichloride, CI 77864, sel d'étain, dichlorure d'étain
hu:E512, Ón-klorid, Ón(II)-klorid
it:E512, Stannous cloruri, Cloruro di stagno, Cloruro stannoso
lt:E512, Alavo chloridas, Alavo chloridas
lv:E512, Alvas hlorīds, Alvas hlorīds
mt:E512, Klorur stannuż, Klorur tal-landa
nl:E512, Tin(ii)chloride, Tinchloride
pl:E512, Chlorek cynawy, Chlorek cyny (II)
pt:E512, Cloreto estanoso, Cloreto de estanho, Cloreto de estanho (II)
ro:E512, Clorură stanoasă, Clorură de staniu
sk:E512, Chlorid cínatý, Chlorid cínatý
sl:E512, Kositrov (ii) klorid, kositrov klorid
sv:E512, Tennklorid, Tenn(II)klorid
colour_index:en:CI 77864
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E513, Sulphuric acid, Oil of vitriol, sulfuric acid, H2SO4
bg:E513, Сярна киселина
cs:E513, Kyselina sírová
da:E513, Svovlsyre
de:E513, Schwefelsäure, Vitriolöl
el:E513, Θειικο οξυ, Έλαιο βιτριολίου
es:E513, Ácido sulfúrico, Aceite de vitriolo
et:E513, Väävelhape
fi:E513, Sulphuric acid, Rikkihappo
fr:E513, Acide sulfurique, Huile de vitriol
hu:E513, Kénsav, Vitriol
it:E513, Acido solforico, Olio di vetriolo
lt:E513, Sulfato rūgštis, Sieros rūgštis
lv:E513, Sērskābe, Vitriola eļļa
mt:E513, Aċidu sulfuriku, Żejt tal-vitrijol
nl:E513, Zwavelzuur, Vitriool
pl:E513, Kwas siarkowy, Stężony kwas siarkowy
pt:E513, Ácido sulfúrico, Óleo de vitríolo
ro:E513, Acid sulfuric, Vitriol
sk:E513, Kyselina sírová, Vitriolový olej
sl:E513, Žveplova (vi) kislina, Oil of vitriol, Žveplova kislina
sv:E513, Svavelsyra, Vitriololja, vitriolsyra

en:E514, Sodium sulphates, sodium sulfate
bg:E514, E514 food additive
cs:E514, Síran sodný, Glauberova sůl, Na2SO4
da:E514, Natriumsulfat
de:E514, Natriumsulfat, Natriumsulfat-decahydrat, Karlsbader Salz, Glaubersalz, Schwefelsaures Natron, Na2SO4
el:E514, E514 food additive
es:E514, Sulfato de sodio, Sulfato sodico, Na2SO4, Sal de Glauber, E 514
et:E514, Naatriumsulfaat
fi:E514, Natriumsulfaatti, Glaubersuola, Sal mirabilis, Glauberin suola, Sal mirabile
fr:E514, Sulfates de sodium, Hydrogénosulfates de sodium, Sulfate de sodium, Hydrogénosulfate de sodium, Sulfate acide de sodium, bisulfate de sodium, 7757-82-6, Na2SO4, Sel de Glauber, Sulfate de soude, E 514
hu:E514, Nátrium-szulfát
it:E514, Solfato di sodio, Na2SO4
lt:E514, E514 food additive
lv:E514, Nātrija sulfāts, Na2SO4, Glaubersāls
mt:E514, E514 food additive
nl:E514, Natriumsulfaat, Glauberzout
pl:E514, Siarczan sodu, Siarczan(VI) sodu, Sól glauberska, Na2SO4
pt:E514, Sulfato de sódio, Na2SO4, Sal de Glauber
ro:E514, Sulfat de sodiu, Sulfat de natriu
sk:E514, E514 food additive
sl:E514, Natrijev sulfat
sv:E514, Natriumsulfat, Glaubersalt, E 514

en:E514(i), Sodium sulphate
bg:E514(i), Натриев сулфат
cs:E514(i), Síran sodný
da:E514(i), Natriumsulfat
de:E514(i), Natriumsulfat
el:E514(i), Θειικα αλατα του νατριου
es:E514(i), Sulfato sódico
et:E514(i), Naatriumsulfaat
fi:E514(i), Natriumsulfaatti
fr:E514(i), Sulfate de sodium, E514(i), E514i
hu:E514(i), Nátrium-szulfát
it:E514(i), Solfato di sodio
lt:E514(i), Natrio sulfatas
lv:E514(i), Nātrija sulfāts
mt:E514(i), Sulfat tas-sodju
nl:E514(i), Natriumsulfaat
pl:E514(i), Siarczan sodu
pt:E514(i), Sulfato de sódio
ro:E514(i), Sulfat de sodiu
sk:E514(i), Síran sodný
sl:E514(i), Natrijev sulfat
sv:E514(i), Natriumsulfat

en:E514(ii), Sodium hydrogen sulphate, Acid sodium sulphate, Sodium bisulphate
bg:E514(ii), Натриев хидроген сулфат, Кисел натриев сулфат
cs:E514(ii), Hydrogensíran sodný, Kyselý síran sodný
da:E514(ii), Natriumhydrogensulfat, Surt natriumsulfat
de:E514(ii), Natriumhydrogensulfat, saures Natriumsulfat, Natriumbisulfat
el:E514(ii), Οξινο θειικο νατριο, Όξινο θειικό άλας νατρίου
es:E514(ii), Sulfato ácido de sodio, Hidrogenosulfato de sodio
et:E514(ii), Naatriumvesiniksulfaat
fi:E514(ii), Natriumvetysulfaatti, Hapan natriumsulfaatti, natriumbisulfaatti
fr:E514(ii), Sulfate acide de sodium, bisulfate de sodium, E514(ii), E514ii, Hydrogénosulfate de sodium
hu:E514(ii), Nátrium-hidrogén-szulfát, Savas nátrium-szulfát
it:E514(ii), Solfato acido di sodio
lt:E514(ii), Natrio vandenilio sulfatas, Rūgštusis natrio sulfatas, natrio bisulfatas
lv:E514(ii), Nātrija hidrogēnsulfāts, Skābais nātrija sulfāts, nātrija bisulfāts
mt:E514(ii), Sulfat idroġenat tas-sodju, Sulfat tas-sodju aċiduż, Bisulfat tas-sodju
nl:E514(ii), Natriumwaterstofsulfaat, Zuur natriumsulfaat
pl:E514(ii), Wodorosiarczan sodu, Kwaśny siarczan sodu
pt:E514(ii), Hidrogenossulfato de sódio, Sulfato ácido de sódio
ro:E514(ii), Bisulfat de sodiu, Sulfat acid de sodiu
sk:E514(ii), Hydrogensíran sodný, Kyslý síran sodný, bisulfát sodný
sl:E514(ii), Natrijev hidrogensulfat, kisli natrijev sulfat, natrijev bisulfat
sv:E514(ii), Natriumvätesulfat, Surt natriumsulfat

en:E515, Potassium sulphates, potassium sulfate
bg:E515, E515 food additive
cs:E515, Síran draselný, K2SO4
da:E515, E515 food additive
de:E515, Kaliumsulfat, E 515, K2SO4
el:E515, E515 food additive
es:E515, Sulfato de potasio, E 515, Sulfato potásico
et:E515, E515 food additive
fi:E515, Kaliumsulfaatti
fr:E515, Sulfate de potassium, 7778-80-5, K2SO4
hu:E515, Kálium-szulfát
it:E515, Solfato di potassio, Solfato potassico, K2SO4
lt:E515, Kalio sulfatas, K2SO4
lv:E515, Kālija sulfāts, K2SO4
mt:E515, E515 food additive
nl:E515, Kaliumsulfaat
pl:E515, Siarczan potasu, Siarczan potasowy, Siarczan(VI) potasu
pt:E515, Sulfato de potássio
ro:E515, Sulfat de potasiu
sk:E515, E515 food additive
sl:E515, E515 food additive
sv:E515, Kaliumsulfat, E 515

en:E515(i), Potassium sulphate
bg:E515(i), Калиев сулфат
cs:E515(i), Síran draselný
da:E515(i), Kaliumsulfat
de:E515(i), Kaliumsulfat
el:E515(i), Θειικα αλατα του καλιου
es:E515(i), Sulfato potásico
et:E515(i), Kaaliumsulfaat
fi:E515(i), Kaliumsulfaatti
fr:E515(i), Sulfate de potassium
hu:E515(i), Kálium-szulfát
it:E515(i), Solfato di potassio
lt:E515(i), Kalio sulfatas
lv:E515(i), Kālija sulfāts
mt:E515(i), Sulfat tal-potassju
nl:E515(i), Kaliumsulfaat
pl:E515(i), Siarczan potasu
pt:E515(i), Sulfato de potássio
ro:E515(i), Sulfat de potasiu
sk:E515(i), Síran draselný
sl:E515(i), Kalijev sulfat
sv:E515(i), Kaliumsulfat

en:E515(ii), Potassium hydrogen sulphate, Potassium bisulphate
bg:E515(ii), Калиев хидроген сулфат, Калиев бисулфат
cs:E515(ii), Hydrogensíran draselný, Bisulfát draselný
da:E515(ii), Kaliumhydrogensulfat, Kaliumbisulfat
de:E515(ii), Kaliumhydrogensulfat, Kaliumbisulfat
el:E515(ii), Οξινο θειικο καλιο
es:E515(ii), Sulfato ácido de potasio, Bisulfato potásico
et:E515(ii), Kaaliumvesiniksulfaat
fi:E515(ii), Kaliumvetysulfaatti, Kaliumbisulfaatti
fr:E515(ii), Sulfate acide de potassium, Bisulfate de potassium
hu:E515(ii), Kálium-hidrogén-szulfát, Kálium-biszulfát
it:E515(ii), Solfato acido di potassio
lt:E515(ii), Kalio vandenilio sulfatas, Kalio bisulfatas
lv:E515(ii), Kālija hidrogēnsulfāts, Kālija bisulfāts
mt:E515(ii), Sulfat idroġenat tal-potassju, Bisulfat tal-potassju
nl:E515(ii), Kaliumwaterstofsulfaat, Kaliumbisulfaat
pl:E515(ii), Wodorosiarczan potasu, Disiarczan potasu
pt:E515(ii), Hidrogenossulfato de potássio, Bissulfato de potássio
ro:E515(ii), Bisulfat de potasiu
sk:E515(ii), Hydrogensíran draselný, Dvojsíran draselný
sl:E515(ii), Kalijev hidrogensulfat, kalijev bisulfat
sv:E515(ii), Kaliumvätesulfat, Kaliumbisulfat

en:E516, Calcium sulphate, Gypsum, Selenite, Calcium sulfate
bg:E516, Калциев сулфат, Гипс, селенит
cs:E516, Síran vápenatý, Sádra, sádrovec, E 516, CaSO4
da:E516, Calciumsulfat, Gips, selenit
de:E516, Calciumsulfat, Gips, Selenit, Kalziumsulfat, CaSO4
el:E516, Θειικο ασβεστιο, Γύψος, σεληνίτης
es:E516, Sulfato de calcio, Sulfato cálcico, Yeso natural, selenita
et:E516, Kaltsiumsulfaat, Kips
fi:E516, Kalsiumsulfaatti
fr:E516, Sulfate de calcium, gypse, Plâtre de Paris, Calcium sulphate, CaSO4
hu:E516, Kalcium-szulfát, Gipsz, Szelenit
it:E516, Solfato di calcio, Gesso, selenite, Gesso di Parigi, CaSO4
lt:E516, Kalcio sulfatas, Gipsas, selenitas
lv:E516, Kalcija sulfāts, Ģipsis, selenīts, Anhidrīts, CaSO4
mt:E516, Sulfat tal-kalċju, Ġibs, Selenit
nl:E516, Calciumsulfaat, Gips, seleniet
pl:E516, Siarczan wapnia, Gips, selenit, Siarczan(VI) wapnia, CaSO4
pt:E516, Sulfato de cálcio, Gesso, selenite, Caso4
ro:E516, Sulfat de calciu, Ghips, Selenit
sk:E516, Síran vápenatý, Sadra, sadrovec
sl:E516, Kalcijev sulfat, Gypsum, selenit
sv:E516, Kalciumsulfat, Gips, selenit
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:sequestrant, en:stabiliser, en:firming-agent, en:flour-treatment-agent
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E517, Ammonium sulphate, ammonium sulfate
bg:E517, Амониев сулфат
cs:E517, Síran amonný, E 517, (NH4)2SO4, N2H8SO4
da:E517, Ammoniumsulfat, Svovlsur ammoniak, Diammoniumsulfat, Svovlsurt ammoniak
de:E517, Ammoniumsulfat, Ammonsulfat, E 517, (NH4)2SO4
el:E517, Θειικο αμμωνιο
es:E517, Sulfato amónico, Sulfato de amonio
et:E517, Ammooniumsulfaat
fi:E517, Ammoniumsulfaatti
fr:E517, Sulfate d'ammonium, 7783-20-2, Sulfate d'ammoniaque, (NH4)2SO4
hu:E517, Ammónium-szulfát
it:E517, Solfato di ammonio, Solfato d'ammonio, (NH4)2SO4, Solfato ammonico
lt:E517, Amonio sulfatas
lv:E517, Amonija sulfāts
mt:E517, Sulfat tal-ammonju
nl:E517, Ammoniumsulfaat
pl:E517, Siarczan amonu, Siarczan(VI) amonu
pt:E517, Sulfato de amónio, Sulfato de amónia
ro:E517, Sulfat de amoniu
ru:E517, Сульфат аммония, Е517, Аммоний сернокислый, Аммония сульфат
sk:E517, Síran amónny
sl:E517, Amonijev sulfat
sv:E517, Ammoniumsulfat, E 517

en:E518, Magnesium sulphate, Epsom salts, magnesium sulfate
bg:E518, E518 food additive
cs:E518, Síran hořečnatý
da:E518, E518 food additive
de:E518, Magnesiumsulfat
el:E518, E518 food additive
es:E518, Sulfato de magnesio
et:E518, Magneesiumsulfaat
fi:E518, Magnesiumsulfaatti
fr:E518, Sulfate de magnésium
hu:E518, Magnézium-szulfát
it:E518, Solfato di magnesio
lt:E518, E518 food additive
lv:E518, Magnija sulfāts
mt:E518, E518 food additive
nl:E518, Magnesiumsulfaat
pl:E518, Siarczan magnezu
pt:E518, Sulfato de magnésio
ro:E518, Sulfat de magneziu
sk:E518, E518 food additive
sl:E518, Magnezijev sulfat
sv:E518, Magnesiumsulfat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:flavour-enhancer, en:firming-agent

en:E519, Copper sulphate, copper(II) sulfate
bg:E519, Меден сулфат
cs:E519, Síran měďnatý, Modrý vitriol, Cuso4
da:E519, Kobber(II)sulfat, Cubrisulfat, Kobbersulfat
de:E519, Kupfersulfat, Blauer Galitzenstein, Kupfer(II)-sulfat, Blauer Vitriol, CuSO₄
el:E519, Θειικός χαλκός, Βιτριόλι του Σάλτσμπουργκ, Ρωμαϊκό βιτριόλι, Μπλε βιτριόλι, Βιτριόλι του χαλκού, Βιτριόλι της Κύπρου, Γαλαζόπετρα
es:E519, Sulfato de cobre, Sulfato de cobre (II) anhidro, Sulfato cuprico anhidro, Sulfato cúprico, CuSO4
et:E519, Vasksulfaat
fi:E519, Kuparisulfaatti, Kupari(II)sulfaatti, CuSO4·5H2O, Kuparivihtrilli, CuSO4
fr:E519, Sulfate de cuivre, Sulfate de cuivre pentahydraté, Les dangers du sulfate de cuivre, CuSO4\,5H2O, 7758-98-7, 7758-99-8, Sulfate cuprique, Sulfate de cuivre(II), E 519, CuSO4
hu:E519, Réz-szulfát
it:E519, Solfato rameico, CuSO4·5H2O, Solfato di rame, CuSO4
lt:E519, E519 food additive
lv:E519, Vara sulfāts, Vara vitriols
mt:E519, E519 food additive
nl:E519, Koper(II)sulfaat, Blauwe vitriool, Wit kopersulfaat, Kopersulfaat
pl:E519, siarczan miedzi(II), siarczan(VI) miedzi(II), siarczan miedziowy
pt:E519, Sulfato de cobre, Cúprico, Sulfato cúprico, CuSO4
ro:E519, Sulfat de cupru, Piatră vânătă
sk:E519, Síran meďnatý, Modrá skalica
sl:E519, Bakrov(II) sulfat, Modra galica, CuSO4, Bakrov sulfat
sv:E519, Kopparsulfat, Koppar(II)sulfat, Kopparvitriol, Blå vitriol, CuSO4
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:colour-retention-agent, en:preservative

en:E520, Aluminium sulphate, Aluminium sulfate
bg:E520, Алуминиев сулфат
cs:E520, Síran hlinitý, Alumen, E 520
da:E520, Aluminiumsulfat
de:E520, Aluminiumsulfat, Schwefelsaure Tonerde, Al2(SO4)3
el:E520, Θειικο αργιλιο
es:E520, Sulfato de aluminio, E 520
et:E520, Alumiiniumsulfaat
fi:E520, Alumiinisulfaatti, Alumiinitrisulfaatti, Aluminiumsulfaatti
fr:E520, Sulfate d'aluminium, Aluminium sulphate, 10043-01-3, E 520, 7784-31-8, Al2(SO4)3
hu:E520, Alumínium-szulfát
it:E520, Solfato di alluminio, Al2(SO4)3
lt:E520, Aliuminio sulfatas
lv:E520, Alumīnija sulfāts
mt:E520, Sulfat tal-aluminju
nl:E520, Aluminiumsulfaat
pl:E520, Siarczan glinu, Siarczan(VI) glinu
pt:E520, Sulfato de alumínio
ro:E520, Sulfat de aluminiu
sk:E520, Síran hlinitý
sl:E520, Aluminijev sulfat
sv:E520, Aluminiumsulfat, E 520

en:E521, Aluminium sodium sulphate, Soda alum, Sodium aluminium sulfate
bg:E521, Алуминиевонатриев сулфат
cs:E521, Síran sodno-hlinitý
da:E521, Aluminiumnatriumsulfat
de:E521, Aluminiumnatriumsulfat, Sodaalaun, AlNa(SO4)2, E 521, NaAl(SO4)2, Natronalaun
el:E521, Θειικο αργιλιονατριο, Στυπτηρία σόδας
es:E521, Sulfato de aluminio y sodio, Alumbre de sodio
et:E521, Aluminium sodium sulphate
fi:E521, Aluminium sodium sulphate
fr:E521, Sulfate d'aluminium sodique, Alun de soude
hu:E521, Alumínium-nátrium-szulfát
it:E521, Solfato di alluminio e sodio
lt:E521, Aliuminio natrio sulfatas, Sodos alūnas
lv:E521, Alumīnija nātrija sulfāts, Sodas alauns
mt:E521, Sulfat tal-aluminju u tas-sodju, Alum tas-soda
nl:E521, Aluminiumnatriumsulfaat
pl:E521, Siarczan glinowo-sodowy, Ałun sodowy
pt:E521, Sulfato de alumínio e sódio, Alúmen de soda
ro:E521, Sulfat de aluminiu și sodiu, Sodă alaun
sk:E521, Síran hlinito-sodný, Kamenec sodný
sl:E521, Natrijev aluminijev sulfat, Soda alum
sv:E521, Aluminiumnatriumsulfat, Sodaalun

en:E522, Aluminium potassium sulphate, Potassium alum, Potassium aluminium sulfate, potash alum
bg:E522, Алуминиевокалиев сулфат
cs:E522, Síran draselno-hlinitý, Kamenec hlinitodraselný, Síran draselnohlinitý, Kamenec draselno-hlinitý, Kamenec draselnohlinitý, Síran hlinitodraselný, Kamenec hlinito-draselný, Síran hlinito-draselný, E 522
da:E522, Aluminiumkaliumsulfat
de:E522, Aluminiumkaliumsulfat, Kaliumalaun, Aluminiumkaliumsulfat-Dodecahydrat, Kaliumaluminiumsulfat-Dodecahydrat, Kaliumaluminiumsulfat, KAl(SO4)2, E 522, Kaliualaun, Alaun
el:E522, Θειικο αργιλιοκαλιο, Στυπτηρία καλίου
es:E522, Sulfato de aluminio y potasio, Alumbre de potasio, Alumbre potasico
et:E522, Alumiiniumkaaliumsulfaat, Maarjajää
fi:E522, Alumiinikaliumsulfaatti
fr:E522, Sulfate d'aluminium potassique, Alun de potassium, Alun
hu:E522, Alumínium-kálium-szulfát
it:E522, Solfato di alluminio e potassio, Allume di potassio, KAl(SO4)2·12H2O, Allume potassico, Solfato d'alluminio e potassio, Allume di rocca, Solfato doppio di alluminio e potassio dodecaidrato, Solfato di alluminio e potassio dodecaidrato
lt:E522, Aliuminio kalio sulfatas, Kalio alūnas
lv:E522, Alumīnija kālija sulfāts
mt:E522, Sulfat tal-aluminju u tal-potassju, Alum tal-potassju
nl:E522, Aluminiumkaliumsulfaat, Aluin, kaliumaluin
pl:E522, Siarczan glinowo-potasowy, Ałun potasu, siarczan glinu potasu, Siarczan potasowo-glinowy
pt:E522, Sulfato de alumínio e potássio, Alúmen de potássio, Alúmen de potassa, Pedra-ume
ro:E522, Sulfat de aluminiu și potasiu
sk:E522, Síran hlinito-draselný, Kamenec draselný
sl:E522, Kalijev aluminijev sulfat, kalijev galun, Galun
sv:E522, Aluminiumkaliumsulfat, Kalialun

en:E523, Aluminium ammonium sulphate, ammonium aluminium sulfate
bg:E523, Алуминиевоамониев сулфат
cs:E523, Síran hlinito-amonný, Síran amonno-hlinitý
da:E523, Aluminiumammoniumsulfat
de:E523, Aluminiumammoniumsulfat, Aluminiumammoniumsulfat-Dodecahydrat, Deostein, Deokristall, Ammoniumaluminiumsulfat, Ammoniumalaun, Aluminium-Ammoniumsulfat, Ammoniumaluminiumsulfat-Dodecahydrat, NH4Al(SO4)2, E 523
el:E523, Θειικο αργιλιοαμμωνιο
es:E523, Sulfato de aluminio y amonio
et:E523, Aluminium ammonium sulphate
fi:E523, Aluminium ammonium sulphate
fr:E523, Sulfate d'aluminium ammonique
hu:E523, Alumínium-ammónium-szulfát
it:E523, Solfato di alluminio e ammonio, Allume di ammonio, Solfato di alluminio e ammonio dodecaidrato, NH4Al(SO4)2·12H2O
lt:E523, Aliuminio amonio sulfatas
lv:E523, Alumīnija amonija sulfāts
mt:E523, Sulfat tal-aluminju u tal-ammonju
nl:E523, Aluminiumammoniumsulfaat, Ammoniumaluin
pl:E523, Siarczan glinowo-amonowy, Siarczan amonu i glinu, Siarczan(VI) amonu i glinu, Dodekahydrat siarczanu amonowo-glinowego, Siarczan amonowo-glinowy
pt:E523, Sulfato de alumínio e amónio, Alúmen de amônio
ro:E523, Sulfat de aluminiu și amoniu
sk:E523, Síran hlinitoamónny
sl:E523, Amonijev aluminijev sulfat
sv:E523, Aluminiumammoniumsulfat
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E524, Sodium hydroxide, Caustic soda
bg:E524, Натриев хидроксид, Сода каустик, натриева основа, NaOH
cs:E524, Hydroxid sodný, Kaustická soda, E 524, Louh sodný, NaOH
da:E524, Natriumhydroxid, Kaustisk soda, Ætsnatron, Natronlud, NaOH
de:E524, Natriumhydroxid, Ätznatron, Natriumoxydhydrat, Natronhydrat, Ätzsoda, E 524, Kaustisches Soda, NaOH
el:E524, Υδροξειδιο του νατριου, Καυστική σόδα, NaOH, Καυστικό νάτριο, Νάτριο υδροξείδιο
es:E524, Hidróxido sódico, Sosa cáustica, Hidróxido de sodio, Soda caustica, Cloro sosa, E 524, NaOH
et:E524, Naatriumhüdroksiid, Kaustiline sooda, Seebikivi
fi:E524, Natriumhydroksidi, Kaustinen sooda, Lipeä, NaOH, Lipeäkivi, Natronlipeä
fr:E524, Hydroxyde de sodium, Soude caustique, E-524, 1310-73-2, Lessive de soude, NaOH
hu:E524, Nátrium-hidroxid, Lúg
it:E524, Idrossido di sodio, Soda caustica, NaOH, Sodio idrato, Idrato di sodio
lt:E524, Natrio hidroksidas, Šarminė soda, Kaustinė soda, NaOH, Natrio šarmas
lv:E524, Nātrija hidroksīds, Kaustiskā soda, Naoh, Kodīgais nātrijs, Nātrija sārms, Ziepju zāles
mt:E524, Idrossidu tas-sodju, Soda kawstika
nl:E524, Natriumhydroxide, Bijtende soda, Destop, Caustic soda, Naoh, Caustische soda
pl:E524, Wodorotlenek sodu, Soda kaustyczna, soda żrąca, NaOH, Zasada sodowa, Ług sodowy
pt:E524, Hidróxido de sódio, Soda cáustica, NaHO, Naoh
ro:E524, Hidroxid de sodiu, Sodă caustică, Na(OH), Leșie, NaOH, Hidroxid de bor
sk:E524, Hydroxid sodný, Nehasená sóda
sl:E524, Natrijev hidroksid, kavstična soda, NaOH
sv:E524, Natriumhydroxid, Kaustiksoda, Natronlut, E 524, NaOH, Kaustik soda, Natriumhydrooxid, Na-hydroxid

en:E525, Potassium hydroxide
bg:E525, Калиев хидроксид
cs:E525, Hydroxid draselný, Louh draselný
da:E525, Kaliumhydroxid
de:E525, Kaliumhydroxid, Kaliumoxidhydrat, Kaustisches Kali, Kaliumhydrat, Ätzkali, Kalihydrat, E 525
el:E525, Υδροξειδιο του καλιου
es:E525, Hidróxido potásico, Hidróxido de potasio
et:E525, Kaaliumhüdroksiid
fi:E525, Potassium hydroxide, Kaliumhydroksidi
fr:E525, Hydroxyde de potassium
hu:E525, Kálium-hidroxid
it:E525, Idrossido di potassio, potassa caustica
lt:E525, Kalio hidroksidas, Kalio šarmas
lv:E525, Kālija hidroksīds
mt:E525, Idrossidu tal-potassju
nl:E525, Kaliumhydroxide, Bijtende potas
pl:E525, Wodorotlenek potasu
pt:E525, Hidróxido de potássio
ro:E525, Hidroxid de potasiu
sk:E525, Hydroxid draselný
sl:E525, Kalijev hidroksid
sv:E525, Kaliumhydroxid
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator

en:E526, Calcium hydroxide, Slaked lime
bg:E526, Калциев хидроксид, Гасена вар, Калциева основа, Калциев дихидроксид
cs:E526, Hydroxid vápenatý, Vápenaté mléko, Ca(OH)2, Hašené vápno, Vápenné mléko, Vápenný hydrát, E 526, Vápenná voda
da:E526, Calciumhydroxid, Læsket kalk, Kaliumklorid, Kalciumhydroxid, Ca(OH)2, Tørlæsket kalk, Kalkvand
de:E526, Calciumhydroxid, gelöschter Kalk, Kalkhydrat, Calciumlauge, Ca(OH)2, Calciumdihydroxid, Kalziumhydroxid, Löschkalk, E 526, CaOH, Hydratkalk
el:E526, Υδροξειδιο του ασβεστιου, Σβησμένη άσβεστος
es:E526, Hidróxido de calcio, Hidróxido cálcico, Cal apagada, Cal muerta, E 526
et:E526, Kaltsiumhüdroksiid, Kustutatud lubi
fi:E526, Kalsiumhydroksidi, Kalsiumdihydroksidi, Sammutettu kalkki, Kalsiumhydraatti
fr:E526, Hydroxyde de calcium, Chaux éteinte, chaux hydratée, Ca(OH)2, 1305-62-0
hu:E526, Kalcium-hidroxid, Oltott mész
it:E526, Idrossido di calcio, Gesso di Firenze, Bianco di Firenze, Latte di calce, Calce spenta, Ca(OH)2, Grassello di calce, Calcio idrato, Bianco di calce, Calce idrata, Idrato di calcio, Acqua di calce
lt:E526, Kalcio hidroksidas, Gesintos kalkės, Kalcio šarmas
lv:E526, Kalcija hidroksīds, Dzēstie kaļķi, Veldzētie kaļķi, Ca(OH)2, Dzēstais kaļķis
mt:E526, Idrossidu tal-kalċju, Ġir bl-ilma
nl:E526, Calciumhydroxide, Gebluste kalk, Kalkmelk, Calciumdihydroxide, Kalkwater, Ca(OH)2
pl:E526, Wodorotlenek wapnia, Wapno gaszone, Wapno lasowane, Ca(OH)2
pt:E526, Hidróxido de cálcio, Cal apagada, Cal hidratada
ro:E526, Hidroxid de calciu, Var stins, Hidroxid de bor
ru:E526, Гидроксид кальция, Гашеная известь, Кальция гидроксид, Известковое молоко, Кальция гидроокись, Ca(OH)2, Известковая вода, Пушонка, Е526
sk:E526, Hydroxid vápenatý, Hasené vápno, Vápenné mlieko
sl:E526, Kalcijev hidroksid, gašeno apno
sv:E526, Kalciumhydroxid, Släckt kalk, E 526
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:firming-agent

en:E527, Ammonium hydroxide, Aqua ammonia, ammonia, household ammonia, ammonia water, ammonical liquor, ammonia liquor, aqueous ammonia
bg:E527, Амониев хидроксид, Амонячна вода
cs:E527, Hydroxid amonný, Amoniak, čpavek
da:E527, Ammoniumhydroxid, Ammoniakvand, Salmiakspiritus, Salmiak spiritus
de:E527, Ammoniumhydroxid, Ammoniakwasser, NH4OH, E 527, Salmiakgeist, Ammoniaklösung
el:E527, Υδροξειδιο του αμμωνιου, Υγρή αμμωνία
es:E527, Hidróxido amónico, Agua amoniacal, hidróxido de amonio, E 527
et:E527, Ammooniumhüdroksiid, Ammoniaagivesi, ammoniaakvesi
fi:E527, Ammoniumhydroksidi
fr:E527, Hydroxyde d'ammonium, Liqueur ammoniacale, ammoniaque, NH4OH, E 527, 1336-21-6
hu:E527, Ammónium-hidroxid, Vizes ammónia
it:E527, Idrossido di ammonio, idrossido d'ammonio, NH4OH, ammonio idrato
lt:E527, Amonio hidroksidas, Amoniakinis vanduo
lv:E527, Amonija hidroksīds, Amonjaka ūdens
mt:E527, Idrossidu tal-ammonju, Aqua ammonia
nl:E527, Ammoniumhydroxide, Ammonia, NH4OH, Salmiakgeest
pl:E527, Wodorotlenek amonu, Woda amoniakalna, Zasada amonowa
pt:E527, Ammonium hydroxide, Amónia, Hidróxido de amônio, NH4OH
ro:E527, Hidroxid de amoniu, Apă amoniacală, Hidroxidul de amoniu
sk:E527, Hydroxid amónny, Čpavková voda, Čpavok
sl:E527, Amonijev hidroksid, amoniak
sv:E527, Ammoniumhydroxid, Ammoniaklösning, E 527
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator

en:E528, Magnesium hydroxide
bg:E528, Магнезиев хидроксид
cs:E528, Hydroxid hořečnatý
da:E528, Magnesiumhydroxid
de:E528, Magnesiumhydroxid, Mg(OH)2, E 528
el:E528, Υδροξειδιο του μαγνησιου
es:E528, Hidróxido magnésico, Hidróxido de magnesio, Leche de magnesia, E 528
et:E528, Magneesiumhüdroksiid
fi:E528, Magnesiumhydroksidi, Magnesiamaito
fr:E528, Hydroxyde de magnésium, Hydrate de magnésie, Mgoh2, Lait de magnésie, Magnésium hydroxyde de, 1309-42-8, Magnésie hydratée, E 528, Mg(oh)2
hu:E528, Magnézium-hidroxid
it:E528, Idrossido di magnesio, Magnesio idrossido, Mg(OH)2
lt:E528, Magnio hidroksidas
lv:E528, Magnija hidroksīds
mt:E528, Idrossidu tal-manjeżju
nl:E528, Magnesiumhydroxide
pl:E528, Wodorotlenek magnezu, Mg(OH)2
pt:E528, Hidróxido de magnésio
ro:E528, Hidroxid de magneziu, Hidroxid de bor
sk:E528, Hydroxid horečnatý
sl:E528, Magnezijev hidroksid, Mg(OH)2
sv:E528, Magnesiumhydroxid, E 528
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:colour-retention-agent

en:E529, Calcium oxide
bg:E529, Калциев оксид, Негасена вар
cs:E529, Oxid vápenatý, Vápno, E 529, Nehašené vápno, Pálené vápno, Kysličník vápenatý
da:E529, Calciumoxid, Kalciumoxid, Brændt kalk
de:E529, Calciumoxid, Kalziumoxid, Ätzkalk, Freikalk, Branntkalk, Kalkerde, Hartbrannt, Feinkalk, Brandkalk, Weichbrannt, E 529, gebrannter Kalk, ungelöschter Kalk
el:E529, Οξειδιο του ασβεστιου
es:E529, Óxido de calcio, Cal viva, Caliche, Óxido cálcico, Calcareo, E 529
et:E529, Kaltsiumoksiid, Kustutamata lubi, Põletatud lubi
fi:E529, Kalsiumoksidi, Poltettu kalkki, Kalkki, Sammuttamaton kalkki
fr:E529, Oxyde de calcium, chaux vive, E 529, 1305-78-8
hu:E529, Kalcium-oxid
it:E529, Ossido di calcio
lt:E529, Kalcio oksidas
lv:E529, Kalcija oksīds, Nedzēstais kaļķis, Nedzēsti kaļķi
mt:E529, Ossidu tal-kalċju
nl:E529, Calciumoxide, Ongebluste kalk, Calciumoxyde
pl:E529, Tlenek wapnia, Wapno palone, Wapno kalcynowane
pt:E529, Óxido de cálcio, Cal, Caiação, Cal viva
ro:E529, Oxid de calciu
sk:E529, Oxid vápenatý, Pálené vápno
sl:E529, Kalcijev oksid, Žgano apno
sv:E529, Kalciumoxid, Bränd kalk, Osläckt kalk, Bränt kalk, E 529, Packsten

en:E530, Magnesium oxide, magnesia
bg:E530, Магнезиев оксид
cs:E530, Oxid hořečnatý
da:E530, Magnesiumoxid
de:E530, Magnesiumoxid, Bittererde, E 530, Weiße Magnesia
el:E530, Οξειδιο του μαγνησιου
es:E530, Óxido de magnesio, Óxido magnésico
et:E530, Magneesiumoksiid
fi:E530, Magnesiumoksidi
fr:E530, Oxyde de magnésium Périclase, Oxyde de magnésium
hu:E530, Magnézium-oxid
it:E530, Ossido di magnesio, magnesia
lt:E530, Magnio oksidas
lv:E530, Magnija oksīds
mt:E530, Ossidu tal-manjeżju
nl:E530, Magnesiumoxide
pl:E530, Tlenek magnezu
pt:E530, Óxido de magnésio
ro:E530, Oxid de magneziu
ru:E530, Оксид магния
sk:E530, Oxid horečnatý
sl:E530, Magnezijev oksid
sv:E530, Magnesiumoxid
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:anticaking-agent

en:E535, Sodium ferrocyanide, Yellow prussiate of soda
bg:E535, Натриев фероцианид
cs:E535, Hexakyanoželeznatan sodný
da:E535, Natriumferrocyanid
de:E535, Natriumferrocyanid, Gelbnatron, Natriumhexacyanidoferrat(II), Natriumhexacyanidoferrat, Natriumhexacyanoferrat(II), E 535, Natrium-hexakis-cyanoferrat, Natriumhexacyanoferrat
el:E535, Σιδηροκυανιουχο νατριο, Πρωσσικό κίτρινο της σόδας
es:E535, Ferrocianuro de sodio, Ferrocianuro sódico, Prusiato de sodio
et:E535, Naatriumheksatsüanoferraat(ii)
fi:E535, Natriumferrosyanidi
fr:E535, Ferrocyanure de sodium, ferronitrile de sodium, Prussiate jaune de sodium
hu:E535, Nátrium-ferro-cianid, Nátrium-ferrocianid
it:E535, Ferrocianuro di sodio
lt:E535, Natrio ferocianidas, Sodos geltonasis prusidas
lv:E535, Nātrija ferocianīds, Nātrija dzeltenais asinssāls
mt:E535, Ferroċjanur tas-sodju, Prussjat isfar tas-soda
nl:E535, Natriumhexacyanoferraat(ii), Natriumferrocyanide, Natriumhexacyanoferraat, Natriumijzercyanide, Tetranatriumhexacyanoferraat
pl:E535, Żelazocyjanek sodu, Żółty prusydek sodu
pt:E535, Ferrocianeto de sódio, Prussianato amarelo de soda
ro:E535, Ferocianură de sodiu, Prusiat galben de sodiu
sk:E535, Ferokyanid sodný, Žltý kyanid sodný
sl:E535, Natrijev ferocianid, Yellow prussiate of soda
sv:E535, Natriumferrocyanid, E 535

en:E536, Potassium ferrocyanide, Yellow prussiate of potash
bg:E536, Калиев фероцианид
cs:E536, Hexakyanoželeznatan draselný, Žlutá krevní sůl, Hexakyanido-železnatan draselný, Hexakyanidoželeznatan draselný, Ferrokyanid draselný, E 536, Hexakyano-železnatan draslený
da:E536, Kaliumferrocyanid
de:E536, Kaliumferrocyanid, Gelbkali, Kaliumhexacyanidoferrat(II), Tetrakaliumhexacyanoferrat, Gelbes Blutlaugensalz, Kaliumferrozyanid, Blaukali, Kaliumhexacyanoferrat(II), E 536, K4Fe(CN)6, Ferrocyankalium
el:E536, Σιδηροκυανιουχο καλιο, Πρωσσικό κίτρινο της ποτάσσας, Σιδηροεξακυανούχο κάλιο
es:E536, Ferrocianuro de potasio, Ferrocianuro potásico, Prusiato de potasa, Hexacianoferrato (II) de potasio trihidratado
et:E536, Kaaliumheksatsüanoferraat(ii), Kollane veresool
fi:E536, Kaliumferrosyanidi
fr:E536, Ferrocyanure de potassium, ferronitrile de potassium, K4Fe(CN)6, 13943-58-3, 14459-95-1, C6FeK4N6
hu:E536, Kálium-ferro-cianid, Kálium-ferro-cianid, Sárgavérlúgsó, Kálium-ferrocianid
it:E536, Ferrocianuro di potassio, K4(Fe(CN)6)·3H2O
lt:E536, Kalio ferocianidas, Šarmo geltonasis prusidas
lv:E536, Kālija ferocianīds, Kālija dzeltenais asinssāls, Kālija heksacianoferāts
mt:E536, Ferroċjanur tal-potassju, Prussjat isfar tal-potassa
nl:E536, Kaliumhexacyanoferraat(ii), Kaliumhexacyanoferraat, geel bloedloogzout, Kaliumhexaferrocyanide, Kaliumferrocyanide
pl:E536, Żelazocyjanek potasu, Żółty prusydek potasu, Heksacyjanożelazian(II) potasu, E-536, Sól żółta
pt:E536, Ferrocianeto de potássio, Prussianato amarelo de potassa
ro:E536, Ferocianură de potasiu, Prusiat galben de potasiu
sk:E536, Ferokyanid draselný, Žltá krvná soľ, Hexakyanoželeznatan draselný, Hexakyanidoželeznatan draselný
sl:E536, Kalijev ferocianid, Yellow prussiate of potash
sv:E536, Kaliumferrocyanid, Gult blodlutsalt, E 536

en:E537, ferrous hexacyanomanganate
bg:E537, E537 food additive
cs:E537, E537 food additive
da:E537, E537 food additive
de:E537, E537 food additive
el:E537, E537 food additive
es:E537, E537 food additive
et:E537, E537 food additive
fi:E537, E537 food additive
fr:E537, Hexacyanomanganate de fer, ferrohexacyanomanganate
hu:E537, E537 food additive
it:E537, E537 food additive
lt:E537, E537 food additive
lv:E537, E537 food additive
mt:E537, E537 food additive
nl:E537, Ferrohexacyanomanganaat
pl:E537, E537 food additive
pt:E537, E537 food additive
ro:E537, E537 food additive
sk:E537, E537 food additive
sl:E537, E537 food additive
sv:E537, E537 food additive

en:E538, Calcium ferrocyanide, Yellow prussiate of lime
bg:E538, Калциев фероцианид
cs:E538, Hexakyanoželeznatan vápenatý
da:E538, Calciumferrocyanid
de:E538, Calciumferrocyanid, Gelbcalcium
el:E538, Σιδηροκυανιουχο ασβεστιο, Πρωσσικό κίτρινο της ασβέστου
es:E538, Ferrocianuro cálcico, Prusiato de cal
et:E538, Kaltsiumheksatsüanoferraat(ii)
fi:E538, Kalsiumferrosyanidi
fr:E538, Ferrocyanure de calcium
hu:E538, Kalcium-ferro-cianid, Kalcium-ferrocianid
it:E538, Ferrocianuro di calcio
lt:E538, Kalcio ferocianidas, Kalcio geltonasis prusidas
lv:E538, Kalcija ferocianīds, Kalcija dzeltenais asinssāls
mt:E538, Ferroċjanur tal-kalċju, Prussjat isfar tal-ġir
nl:E538, Calciumhexacyanoferraat(ii)
pl:E538, Żelazocyjanek wapnia, Żółty prusydek wapna
pt:E538, Ferrocianeto de cálcio, Prussianato amarelo de cal
ro:E538, Ferocianură de calciu, Prusiat galben de calciu
sk:E538, Ferokyanid vápenatý, Žltý kyanid vápenatý
sl:E538, Kalcijev ferocianid, Yellow prussiate of lime
sv:E538, Kalciumferrocyanid

en:E539, sodium thiosulfate
bg:E539, E539 food additive
cs:E539, Thiosíran sodný, E 539, Na2S2O3, Sirnatan sodný, Thiosulfát sodný
da:E539, Natriumthiosulfat, Fiksersalt
de:E539, Natriumthiosulfat, Fixiernatron, Unterschwefligsaures Natrium, Fixiersalz, Antichlor, Na2S2O3, Natrium hydrosulfurosum, NaS2O3
el:E539, E539 food additive
es:E539, Tiosulfato de sodio
et:E539, E539 food additive
fi:E539, Natriumtiosulfaatti, Natriumhyposulfiitti
fr:E539, Thiosulfate de sodium, Na2S2O3, 7772-98-7, Hyposulfite de sodium
hu:E539, Nátrium-tioszulfát
it:E539, tiosolfato di sodio, Iposolfito di sodio, Na2S2O3·5H2O
lt:E539, E539 food additive
lv:E539, Nātrija tiosulfāts, Hiposulfīts, Na2S2O3, Nātrija hiposulfīts, Antihlors
mt:E539, E539 food additive
nl:E539, Natriumthiosulfaat, Na2S2O3
pl:E539, Tiosiarczan sodu, Tiosiarczan sodowy
pt:E539, Tiossulfato de sódio, Tiosulfato de sódio
ro:E539, Tiosulfat de sodiu
sk:E539, Tiosíran sodný
sl:E539, Natrijev tiosulfat
sv:E539, Natriumtiosulfat, Hyposulfitsoda
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:sequestrant

en:E551, Silicon dioxide, Silica, SiO2
bg:E551, Силициев диоксид
cs:E551, Oxid křemičitý
da:E551, Siliciumdioxid
de:E551, Siliciumdioxid, Kieselsäure
el:E551, Διοξειδιο του πυριτιου, Πυριτία
es:E551, Dióxido de silicio, Sílice, óxido de silicio IV
et:E551, Ränidioksiid
fi:E551, Piidioksidi, Silika
fr:E551, Dioxyde de silicium, silice, Gel bleu de silice, Gel 60 de silice, Dioxyde de silicium, Silicon dioxide, terre diatomée, terre de diatomée, Silica, CI 7811, Cab-o-sil, Diatomaceous earth calcined, Diatomaceous silica, Dioxosilane, Pigment White 27, Silanox 101, Siliceous earth, Silicon dioxide, Solum diatomeae, White carbon, CAS 7631-86-9
hu:E551, Szilícium-dioxid, Szilika
it:E551, Biossido di silicio, Silice
lt:E551, Silicio dioksidas, Kvarcas
lv:E551, Silīcija dioksīds, Silīcija dioksīds (silica
mt:E551, Diossidu tas-silikon, Silika
nl:E551, Siliciumdioxide, Silica
pl:E551, Dwutlenek krzemu, Krzemionka, Ditlenek krzemu
pt:E551, Dióxido de silício
ro:E551, Dioxid de siliciu, Silice
sk:E551, Oxid kremičitý, Kremeň
sl:E551, Silicijev dioksid, silikagel
sv:E551, Kiseldioxid, Kvarts
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:anti-caking-agent, en:anti-foaming-agent, en:stabiliser
colour_index:en:CI 7811
additives_classes:en: en:carrier

en:E552, Calcium silicate
bg:E552, Калциев силикат
cs:E552, Křemičitan vápenatý
da:E552, Calciumsilicat
de:E552, Calciumsilicat
el:E552, Πυριτικο ασβεστιο
es:E552, Silicato cálcico
et:E552, Kaltsiumsilikaat
fi:E552, Kalsiumsilikaatti
fr:E552, Silicate de calcium, CaSiO3, Ca2SiO4, E-552, 1344-95-2
hu:E552, Kalcium-szilikát
it:E552, Silicato di calcio, Mattoni silico-calcarei
lt:E552, Kalcio silikatas
lv:E552, Kalcija silikāts
mt:E552, Silikat tal-kalċju
nl:E552, Calciumsilicaat
pl:E552, Krzemian wapnia
pt:E552, Silicato de cálcio
ro:E552, Silicat de calciu
sk:E552, Kremičitan vápenatý
sl:E552, Kalcijev silikat
sv:E552, Kalciumsilikat

en:E553, Magnesium silicates
bg:E553, E553 food additive
cs:E553, E553 food additive
da:E553, E553 food additive
de:E553, E553 food additive
el:E553, E553 food additive
es:E553, E553 food additive
et:E553, E553 food additive
fi:E553, E553 food additive
fr:E553, Silicate de magnésium, Trisilicate de magnésium, Talc
hu:E553, E553 food additive
it:E553, E553 food additive
lt:E553, E553 food additive
lv:E553, E553 food additive
mt:E553, E553 food additive
nl:E553, Magnesiumsilicaat
pl:E553, E553 food additive
pt:E553, E553 food additive
ro:E553, E553 food additive
sk:E553, E553 food additive
sl:E553, E553 food additive
sv:E553, E553 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E553a, Magnesium silicates, Synthetic magnesium silicate
bg:E553a, E553a food additive
cs:E553a, E553a food additive
da:E553a, E553a food additive
de:E553a, Magnesiumsilikat, Florisil, E 553a, Magnesiumtrisilikat, Magnesiumsilicat
el:E553a, E553a food additive
es:E553a, E553a food additive
et:E553a, E553a food additive
fi:E553a, E553a food additive
fr:E553a, Silicate de magnésium, Trisilicate de magnésium
hu:E553a, E553a food additive
it:E553a, E553a food additive
lt:E553a, E553a food additive
lv:E553a, E553a food additive
mt:E553a, E553a food additive
nl:E553a, E553a food additive
pl:E553a, E553a food additive
pt:E553a, E553a food additive
ro:E553a, E553a food additive
sk:E553a, E553a food additive
sl:E553a, E553a food additive
sv:E553a, Magnesiumsilikat
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E553a(i), Magnesium silicate
bg:E553a(i), Магнезиев силикат
cs:E553a(i), Křemičitan hořečnatý
da:E553a(i), Magnesiumsilicat
de:E553a(i), Magnesiumsilicat
el:E553a(i), Πυριτικο μαγνησιο
es:E553a(i), Silicato magnésico
et:E553a(i), Magneesiumsilikaat
fi:E553a(i), Magnesiumsilikaatti
fr:E553a(i), Silicate de magnésium
hu:E553a(i), Magnézium-szilikát
it:E553a(i), Silicato di magnesio
lt:E553a(i), Magnio silikatas
lv:E553a(i), Magnija silikāts
mt:E553a(i), Silikat tal-manjeżju
nl:E553a(i), Magnesiumsilicaat
pl:E553a(i), Krzemian magnezu
pt:E553a(i), Silicato de magnésio
ro:E553a(i), Silicat de magneziu
sk:E553a(i), Kremičitan horečnatý
sl:E553a(i), Magnezijev silikat
sv:E553a(i), Magnesiumsilikat
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E553a(ii), Magnesium trisilicate
bg:E553a(ii), Магнезиев трисиликат
cs:E553a(ii), Trikřemičitan hořečnatý
da:E553a(ii), Magnesiumtrisilicat
de:E553a(ii), Magnesiumtrisilicat
el:E553a(ii), Τριπυριτικο μαγνησιο
es:E553a(ii), Trisilicato magnésico
et:E553a(ii), Magneesiumtrisilikaat
fi:E553a(ii), Magnesiumtrisilikaatti
fr:E553a(ii), Trisilicate de magnésium
hu:E553a(ii), Magnézium-triszilikát
it:E553a(ii), Trisilicato di magnesio
lt:E553a(ii), Magnio trisilikatas
lv:E553a(ii), Magnija trisilikāts
mt:E553a(ii), Trisilikat tal-manjeżju
nl:E553a(ii), Magnesiumtrisilicaat
pl:E553a(ii), Trikrzemian magnezu
pt:E553a(ii), Trissilicato de magnésio
ro:E553a(ii), Trisilicat de magneziu
sk:E553a(ii), Trikremičitan horečnatý
sl:E553a(ii), Magnezijev trisilikat
sv:E553a(ii), Magnesiumtrisilikat
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E553b, Talc, talcum
bg:E553b, Талк
cs:E553b, Talek, Mastek, Steatit, E 553b
da:E553b, Talkum, Fedtsten, Steatit, Klæbersten
de:E553b, Talkum, Talk, Talcum, Magnesiumsilikathydrat
el:E553b, Ταλκησ, Τάλκης
es:E553b, Talco, Talcoso, Esteatita
et:E553b, Talk
fi:E553b, Talkki
fr:E553b, Talc, E-553b, Kérolite, Beaconite, Ollite, Agalmatolite, Lardite, 14807-96-6, Colubrine, Agalite
hu:E553b, Talkum, Zsírkő
it:E553b, Talco
lt:E553b, Talkas
lv:E553b, Talks
mt:E553b, Terra
nl:E553b, Talk, Steatiet, Speksteen, Talkpoeder
pl:E553b, Talk, Kamień mydlany
pt:E553b, Talco, Pedra sabão, Esteatite, Esteatita
ro:E553b, Talc
ru:E553b, Тальк, Е553b
sk:E553b, Mastenec, Mastenec, Talk
sl:E553b, Smukec, Lojevec
sv:E553b, Talk, E 553b
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E554, Sodium aluminium silicate, Sodium silicoaluminate, Sodium aluminosilicate
bg:E554, Натриевоалуминиев силикат, Натриев силикоалуминат, натриев алуминосиликат
cs:E554, Křemičitan sodno-hlinitý
da:E554, Natriumaluminiumsilicat
de:E554, Natriumaluminiumsilicat, Natriumsilicoaluminat, Natriumaluminosilicat
el:E554, Πυριτικο αργιλιονατριο, Αργιλοπυριτικό νάτριο
es:E554, Silicato de sodio y aluminio
et:E554, Naatriumalumiiniumsilikaat
fi:E554, Natriumalumiinisilikaatti, Natriumpiialuminaatti, natriumaluminosilikaatti
fr:E554, Silicate alumino-sodique, Silicoaluminate de sodium, aluminosilicate de sodium
hu:E554, Nátrium-alumínium-szilikát, Nátrium-szilikoaluminát, Nátrium-aluminoszilikát
it:E554, Silicato di sodio e alluminio, Silicoalluminato di sodio, alluminosilicato di sodio
lt:E554, Natrio aliuminio silikatas, Natrio silikoaliuminatas, natrio aliuminosilikatas
lv:E554, Nātrija alumīnija silikāts, Nātrija silīcija alumināts, nātrija aluminosilikāts
mt:E554, Silikat tas-sodju u tal-aluminju, Silikoaluminat tas-sodju, Aluminosilkat tas-sodju
nl:E554, Natriumaluminiumsilicaat, Natriumsilicoaluminaat, natriumaluminosilicaat
pl:E554, Krzemian glinowo-sodowy, Glinokrzemian sodu, krzemoglinian sodu
pt:E554, Silicato de alumínio e sódio, Silicoaluminato de sódio, aluminossilicato de sódio
ro:E554, Silicat de aluminiu și sodiu, Silicoaluminat sodiu, Aluminosilicat de sodiu
sk:E554, Kremičitan hlinitosodný, Kremičitohlinitan sodný, hlinitokremičitan sodný
sl:E554, Natrijev aluminijev silikat, natrijev silikoaluminat, natrijev aluminosilikat
sv:E554, Natriumaluminiumsilikat

en:E555, Potassium aluminium silicate
bg:E555, Калиевоалуминиев силикат
cs:E555, Křemičitan draselno-hlinitý
da:E555, Kaliumaluminiumsilicat, Mica
de:E555, Kaliumaluminiumsilicat
el:E555, Πυριτικο αργιλιοκαλιο
es:E555, Silicato de potasio y aluminio
et:E555, Kaaliumalumiiniumsilikaat, Vilk
fi:E555, Kaliumalumiinisilikaatti
fr:E555, Silicate alumino-potassique
hu:E555, Kálium-alumínium-szilikát
it:E555, Silicato di potassio e alluminio
lt:E555, Kalio aliuminio silikatas
lv:E555, Kālija alumīnija silikāts
mt:E555, Silikat tal-potassju u tal-aluminju
nl:E555, Kaliumaluminiumsilicaat
pl:E555, Krzemian glinowo-potasowy
pt:E555, Silicato de alumínio e potássio
ro:E555, Silicat de aluminiu și potasiu
sk:E555, Kremičitan hlinitodraselný
sl:E555, Kalijev aluminijev silikat, sljuda
sv:E555, Kaliumaluminiumsilikat

en:E556, Calcium aluminium silicate, Calcium aluminosilicate, Calcium silicoaluminate, Aluminium calcium silicate
bg:E556, Калциевоалуминиев силикат, Калциев алуминосиликат, калциев силикоалуминат
cs:E556, Křemičitan vápenato-hlinitý
da:E556, Calciumaluminiumsilicat
de:E556, Calciumaluminiumsilicat, Calciumaluminosilicat, Calciumsilicoaluminat
el:E556, Πυριτικο αργιλιασβεστιο, Αργιλοπυριτικό ασβέστιο
es:E556, Silicato de calcio y aluminio, Aluminosilicato de calcio, silicoaluminato de calcio
et:E556, Kaltsiumalumiiniumsilikaat
fi:E556, Kalsiumalumiinisilikaatti, Kalsiumpiialuminaatti
fr:E556, Silicate alumino-calcique, Silicate double d'aluminium et de calcium, Silicate d'aluminium et calcium, Calcium Aluminum Silicate, Aluminosilicate de calcium, Silicoaluminate de calcium, Silicate d'aluminium et de calcium, Silicate double de calcium et d'aluminium
hu:E556, Kalcium-alumínium-szilikát, Kalcium-aluminoszilikát, Kalcium-szilikoaluminát
it:E556, Calcium aluminium silicate, Alluminosilicato di calcio, silicoalluminato di calcio
lt:E556, Kalcio aliuminio silikatas, Kalcio aliuminosilikatas, kalcio silikoaliuminatas
lv:E556, Kalcija alumīnija silikāts, Kalcija aluminosilikāts, kalcija silikoalumināts
mt:E556, Silikat tal-kalċju u tal-aluminju, Aluminosilikat tal-kalċju, Silikoaluminat tal-kalċju
nl:E556, Calciumaluminiumsilicaat, Calciumaluminosilicaat, calciumsilicoaluminaat
pl:E556, Krzemian glinowo-wapniowy, Glinokrzemian wapnia, krzemoglinian wapnia
pt:E556, Silicato de alumínio e cálcio, Aluminossilicato de cálcio, silicoaluminato de cálcio
ro:E556, Silicat de aluminiu și calciu, Aluminosilicat de calciu, Silicoaluminat de calciu
sk:E556, Kremičitan hlinitovápenatý, Hlinitokremičitan vápenatý, kremičitohlinitan vápenatý
sl:E556, Kalcijev aluminijev silikat, kalcijev aluminosilikat, kalcijev silikoaluminat
sv:E556, Kalciumaluminiumsilikat

en:E557, hemimorphite, calamine
bg:E557, E557 food additive
cs:E557, E557 food additive
da:E557, E557 food additive
de:E557, Hemimorphit, Kieselzinkerz
el:E557, Ημιμορφίτης
es:E557, Hemimorfita
et:E557, E557 food additive
fi:E557, Hemimorfiitti
fr:E557, Silicate de zinc, Hémimorphite, Zinc oxydé silicifère, Oxyde de zinc silicifère, Wagite
hu:E557, E557 food additive
it:E557, Emimorfite
lt:E557, E557 food additive
lv:E557, E557 food additive
mt:E557, E557 food additive
nl:E557, Zinksilicaat, hemimorfiet
pl:E557, Hemimorfit, Kalamin
pt:E557, Hemimorfita, Hemimorfite
ro:E557, E557 food additive
sk:E557, E557 food additive
sl:E557, Hemimorfit
sv:E557, Kiselgalmeja, Hemimorfit

en:E558, Bentonite
bg:E558, Бентонит
cs:E558, Bentonit, E 558
da:E558, E558 food additive
de:E558, Bentonit, E 558
el:E558, E558 food additive
es:E558, Bentonita
et:E558, Bentoniit
fi:E558, Bentoniitti
fr:E558, Bentonite, E-558
hu:E558, Bentonit
it:E558, Bentonite
lt:E558, E558 food additive
lv:E558, E558 food additive
mt:E558, E558 food additive
nl:E558, Bentoniet, Vollersaarde
pl:E558, Bentonit
pt:E558, Bentonita, Bentonite
ro:E558, Bentonit
sk:E558, Bentonit
sl:E558, E558 food additive
sv:E558, Bentonit, E 558, Bentonitlera

en:E559, Aluminium silicate, Kaolin
bg:E559, Алуминиев силикат, Каолин
cs:E559, Křemičitan hlinitý, Hydratovaný křemičitan hlinitý, kaolin
da:E559, Aluminiumsilicat, Kaolin
de:E559, Aluminiumsilicat, Kaolin
el:E559, Πυριτικο αργιλιο, Καολίνης
es:E559, Silicato de aluminio, Caolín
et:E559, Alumiiniumsilikaat, Kerge kaoliin
fi:E559, Alumiinisilikaatti, Kaoliini
fr:E559, Silicate d'aluminium, Kaolin, Kaolinite, Argilie kaolinitique, Argile de porcelaine, Argile de Chine, Bentone, CI 7704, CAS 1332-58-7, Silicate d'aluminium (kaolin)
hu:E559, Alumínium-szilikát, Kaolin
it:E559, Silicato di alluminio, Caolino
lt:E559, Aliuminio silikatas, kaolinas
lv:E559, Alumīnija silikāts (kaolīns), Kaolīns
mt:E559, Silikat tal-aluminju, Kaolin
nl:E559, Aluminiumsilicaat, Kaolien
pl:E559, Krzemian glinu, Kaolin
pt:E559, Silicato de alumínio, Caulino
ro:E559, Silicat de aluminiu, Caolin
sk:E559, Kremičitan hlinitý, kaolín
sl:E559, Aluminijev silikat, kaolin
sv:E559, Aluminiumsilikat, Kaolin
colour_index:en:CI 7704

en:E560, Potassium silicate
bg:E560, E560 food additive
cs:E560, E560 food additive
da:E560, E560 food additive
de:E560, Kaliumsilicat, Kaliumsilikat
el:E560, E560 food additive
es:E560, E560 food additive
et:E560, E560 food additive
fi:E560, E560 food additive
fr:E560, Silicate de potassium, 1312-76-1, K2O8S2, K2O5Si2
hu:E560, Kálium-szilikát
it:E560, E560 food additive
lt:E560, E560 food additive
lv:E560, E560 food additive
mt:E560, E560 food additive
nl:E560, kaliumsilicaat
pl:E560, E560 food additive
pt:E560, E560 food additive
ro:E560, E560 food additive
sk:E560, E560 food additive
sl:E560, E560 food additive
sv:E560, E560 food additive

en:E570, Fatty acids, Linear fatty acids, caprylic acid (C8), capric acid (C10), lauric acid (C12), myristic acid (C14), palmitic acid (C16), stearic acid (C18), fatty acid
bg:E570, Мастни киселини, Мастна киселина
cs:E570, Mastné kyseliny, Mastné kyseliny s rovným, nerozvětveným řetězcem, kyselina kaprylová (C8), kyselina kaprinová (C10), kyselina laurová (C12), kyselina myristová (C14), kyselina palmitová (C16), kyselina stearová (C18), Mastná kyselina, Nenasycené mastné kyseliny, Nenasycená mastná kyselina, E 570
da:E570, Fedtsyrer, Lineære fedtsyrer, caprylsyre (C8), caprinsyre (C10), laurinsyre (C12), myristinsyre (C14), palmitinsyre (C16), stearinsyre (C18), Fedtsyre, Enbasisk syre
de:E570, Speisefettsäuren, Fettsäuren, Ungesättigte Fettsäure, Fettsäuremuster, Essentielle Fettsäure, Gesättigte Fettsäure, Fettsäure, E 570
el:E570, Λιπαρα οξεα, Λιπαρά οξέα με ευθεία αλυσίδα, καπρυλικό οξύ (C8), καπρικό οξύ (C10), λαυρικό οξύ (C12), μυριστικό οξύ (C14), παλμιτικό οξύ (C16), στεατικό οξύ (C18), Λιπαρό οξύ
es:E570, Ácidos grasos, Ácidos grasos lineales, ácido caprílico (C8), ácido cáprico (C10), ácido láurico (C12), ácido mirístico (C14), ácido palmítico (C16), ácido esteárico (C18), Ácido graso
et:E570, Rasvhapped, Kaprüülhape (C8), kapr(iin)hape (C10), laur(iin)hape (C12), mürist(iin)hape (C14), palmit(iin)hape (C16), stear(iin)hape (C18)
fi:E570, Rasvahapot, Suoraketjuiset rasvahapot, kapryylihappo (C8), kapriinihappo (C10), lauriinihappo (C12), myristiinihappo (C14), palmitiinihappo (C16), steariinihappo (C18), Rasvahappo
fr:E570, Acide stéarique, Stéarine, acides gras, Acide octanoïque, Acide décanoïque, Acide dodécanoïque, Acide tétradécanoïque, Acide hexadécanoïque, Acide octadécanoïque, Acide cis-9-octadécénoïque, Acides gras linéaires, acide caprylique (C8), acide caprique (C10), acide laurique (C12), acide myristique (C14), acide palmitique (C16), acide stéarique (C18), Acide gras
hu:E570, Zsírsavak, Lineáris zsírsavak, kaprilsav (C8), kaprinsav (C10), laurinsav (C12), mirisztinsav (C14), palmitinsav (C16), sztearinsav (C18)
it:E570, Acidi grassi, Acido grasso, NEFA, Grasso saturo, Grassi saturi, Acidi grassi liberi
lt:E570, Riebalų rūgštys, Linijinės riebalų rūgštys, oktano rūgštis (C8), dekano rūgštis (C10), lauro rūgštis (C12), miristo rūgštis (C14), palmitino rūgštis (C16), stearino rūgštis (C18), Riebiosos rūgštys, Riebalinės rūgštys, Riebalų rūgštis, Riebiosios rūgštys
lv:E570, Taukskābes, Lineārās taukskābes, kaprilskābe (C8), kaprīnskābe (C10), laurīnskābe (C12), miristīnskābe (C14), palmitīnskābe (C16), stearīnskābe (C18), Taukskābe
mt:E570, Aċidi grassi, Aċidi grassi lineari, aċidu kapriliku (C8), aċidu kapriku (C10), aċidu lawriku (C12), aċidu miristiku (C14), aċidu palmitiku (C16), aċidu steariku (C18)
nl:E570, Vetzuren, Stearinezuur, vetzuur
pl:E570, Kwasy tłuszczowe, Liniowe kwasy tłuszczowe, kwas kaprylowy (C8), kwas kaprynowy (C10), kwas laurynowy (C12), kwas mirystynowy (C14), kwas palmitynowy (C16), kwas stearynowy (C18), Kwas tłuszczowy
pt:E570, Ácidos gordos, Ácidos gordos de cadeia linear, ácido caprílico (C8), ácido cáprico (C10), ácido láurico (C12), ácido mirístico (C14), ácido palmítico (C16), ácido esteárico (C18), Ácido graxo, Ácido graxo de cadeia muito longa, Ácidos graxos, Ácido gordo, Ácidos graxos essenciais
ro:E570, Acizi grași, Acizi grași lineari, acid caprilic (C8), acid capric (C10), acid lauric (C12), acid miristic (C14), acid palmitic (C16), acid stearic (C18), Acid gras
sk:E570, Mastné kyseliny, Mastná kyselina
sl:E570, Maščobne kisline, linearne maščobne kisline, kaprilna kislina (C8), kaprinska kislina (C10), lavrinska kislina (C12), miristinska kislina (C14), palmitinska kislina (C16), stearinska kislina (C18), Maščobna kislina
sv:E570, Fettsyror, Ogrenade fettsyror, kaprylsyra (C8), kaprinsyra (C10), laurinsyra (C12), myristinsyra (C14), palmitinsyra (C16), stearinsyra (C18), Fettsyra, E 570

en:E571, E571 food additive
bg:E571, E571 food additive
cs:E571, E571 food additive
da:E571, E571 food additive
de:E571, E571 food additive
el:E571, E571 food additive
es:E571, E571 food additive
et:E571, E571 food additive
fi:E571, E571 food additive
fr:E571, Stearate d'ammonium
hu:E571, E571 food additive
it:E571, E571 food additive
lt:E571, E571 food additive
lv:E571, E571 food additive
mt:E571, E571 food additive
nl:E571, Ammoniumstearaat
pl:E571, E571 food additive
pt:E571, E571 food additive
ro:E571, E571 food additive
sk:E571, E571 food additive
sl:E571, E571 food additive
sv:E571, E571 food additive

en:E572, Magnesium stearate, calcium stearate
bg:E572, E572 food additive
cs:E572, Stearan hořečnatý, Hořečnatá sůl kyseliny oktadekanové, Oktadekanoát hořečnatý, Stearát hořečnatý
da:E572, E572 food additive
de:E572, Magnesiumstearat
el:E572, E572 food additive
es:E572, E572 food additive
et:E572, E572 food additive
fi:E572, E572 food additive
fr:E572, Stéarate de magnésium, C36H70MgO4, 557-04-0
hu:E572, Magnézium-sztearát
it:E572, Stearato di magnesio, C36H70MgO4
lt:E572, E572 food additive
lv:E572, E572 food additive
mt:E572, E572 food additive
nl:E572, Magnesiumstearaat
pl:E572, Stearynian magnezu
pt:E572, Estearato de magnésio
ro:E572, E572 food additive
sk:E572, E572 food additive
sl:E572, E572 food additive
sv:E572, E572 food additive

en:E573, Aluminium stearate, Aluminum stearate
bg:E573, E573 food additive
cs:E573, E573 food additive
da:E573, E573 food additive
de:E573, E573 food additive
el:E573, E573 food additive
es:E573, E573 food additive
et:E573, E573 food additive
fi:E573, E573 food additive
fr:E573, Stéarate d'aluminium
hu:E573, E573 food additive
it:E573, E573 food additive
lt:E573, E573 food additive
lv:E573, E573 food additive
mt:E573, E573 food additive
nl:E573, Aluminiumstearaat
pl:E573, E573 food additive
pt:E573, E573 food additive
ro:E573, E573 food additive
sk:E573, E573 food additive
sl:E573, E573 food additive
sv:E573, E573 food additive

en:E574, Gluconic acid, D-gluconic acid
bg:E574, Глюконова киселина, D-глюконова киселина
cs:E574, Kyselina glukonová
da:E574, Gluconsyre
de:E574, Gluconsäure, D-Gluconsäure, Glukonsäure, E 574, Gluconat, Dextronsäure
el:E574, Γλυκονικο οξυ, D-γλυκονικό οξύ
es:E574, Ácido glucónico, Ácido D-glucónico, Ácido dextronico, Ácido glicogénico
et:E574, Glükoonhape
fi:E574, Glukonihappo
fr:E574, Acide gluconique, Acide D-gluconique, C6H12O7, Gluconate, E 574, 526-95-4
hu:E574, Glükonsav, D-Glükonsav
it:E574, Acido gluconico, Acido D-gluconico, Gluconato, C6H12O7
lt:E574, Gliukono rūgštis, D-gliukono rūgštis
lv:E574, Glikonskābe, D-glikonskābe
mt:E574, Aċidu glukoniku, Aċidu D-glukoniku
nl:E574, Gluconzuur, D-gluconzuur
pl:E574, Kwas glukonowy, Kwas D-glukonowy
pt:E574, Ácido glucónico, Ácido D-glucónico, Gluconato, Ácido glicônico
ro:E574, Acid gluconic, Acid D-gluconic
sk:E574, Kyselina glukónová, kyselina D-glukónová
sl:E574, Glukonska kislina, D–glukonska kislina
sv:E574, Glukonsyra, D-Glukonsyra
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:raising-agent

en:E575, Glucono-delta-lactone, Gluconolactone, GDL, D-Gluconic acid delta-lactone
bg:E575, Глюконо-делта-лактон
cs:E575, Glukono-delta-lakton, Glukonolakton, GDL, δ-lakton kyseliny D-glukonové
da:E575, Glucono-delta-lacton, Gluconolacton, D-gluconsyre-δ-lacton
de:E575, Glucono-delta-lacton, Gluconolacton, GDL, D-Gluconsäure-δ-lacton, Glucono-1\,5-lacton
el:E575, Γλυκονο-δ-λακτονη, Γλυκονολακτόνη, GDL, δ-λακτόνη D-γλυκονικού οξέος
es:E575, Glucono-delta-lactona
et:E575, Glükoondeltalaktoon, D-glükoon-1\,5-laktoon
fi:E575, Glukono-delta-laktoni, Glukonolaktoni, GDL, D-glukonihappo-delta-laktoni
fr:E575, Glucono-delta-lactone, Gluconodeltalactone, Gluconolactone, GDL, Delta-gluconolactone
hu:E575, Glükono-delta-lakton, Glükono-lakton, GDL, D-Glükonsav-delta-lakton
it:E575, Gluconedeltalattone
lt:E575, Gliukono-delta-laktonas
lv:E575, Glikonskābes delta-laktons, Glikonolaktons, GDL, D-glikonskābes delta-laktons
mt:E575, Glukono-delta-latton
nl:E575, Glucono-delta-lacton, Gluconolacton, GDL, D-gluconzuur-delta-lacton
pl:E575, Lakton kwasu glukonowego, Glukonolakton
pt:E575, Glucono-delta-lactona
ro:E575, Glucono-delta-lactonă, Gluconolactonă, GDL, Acid D-gluconic delta-lactonă
sk:E575, Glukóno-delta-laktón
sl:E575, Glukonodelta lakton
sv:E575, Glukonsyrans deltalakton, Glukonolakton, GDL, D-glukonsyrans deltalakton
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant

en:E576, Sodium gluconate
bg:E576, Натриев глюконат
cs:E576, Glukonan sodný
da:E576, Natriumgluconat
de:E576, Natriumgluconat
el:E576, Γλυκονικο νατριο
es:E576, Gluconato sódico, Gluconato de sodio
et:E576, Naatriumglükonaat
fi:E576, Natriumglukonaatti
fr:E576, Gluconate de sodium
hu:E576, Nátrium-glükonát
it:E576, Gluconato di sodio
lt:E576, Natrio gliukonatas
lv:E576, Nātrija glikonāts
mt:E576, Glukonat tas-sodju
nl:E576, Natriumgluconaat
pl:E576, Glukonian sodu
pt:E576, Gluconato de sódio
ro:E576, Gluconat de sodiu
sk:E576, Glukonan sodný
sl:E576, Natrijev glukonat
sv:E576, Natriumglukonat
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E577, Potassium gluconate
bg:E577, Калиев глюконат
cs:E577, Glukonan draselný
da:E577, Kaliumgluconat
de:E577, Kaliumgluconat
el:E577, Γλυκονικο καλιο
es:E577, Gluconato potásico
et:E577, Kaaliumglükonaat
fi:E577, Kaliumglukonaatti
fr:E577, Gluconate de potassium
hu:E577, Kálium-glükonát
it:E577, Gluconato di potassio
lt:E577, Kalio gliukonatas
lv:E577, Kālija glikonāts
mt:E577, Glukonat tal-potassju
nl:E577, Kaliumgluconaat
pl:E577, Glukonian potasu
pt:E577, Gluconato de potássio
ro:E577, Gluconat de potasiu
sk:E577, Glukonan draselný
sl:E577, Kalijev glukonat
sv:E577, Kaliumglukonat
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant

en:E578, Calcium gluconate
bg:E578, Калциев глюконат
cs:E578, Glukonan vápenatý
da:E578, Calciumgluconat
de:E578, Calciumgluconat, Kalziumglukonat, E 578
el:E578, Γλυκονικο ασβεστιο
es:E578, Gluconato cálcico, Gluconato de calcio
et:E578, Kaltsiumglükonaat
fi:E578, Kalsiumglukonaatti
fr:E578, Gluconate de calcium, Pentahydroxyéthanoate de calcium, Gluconate calcique, 299-28-5, C12H22CaO14
hu:E578, Kalcium-glükonát
it:E578, Gluconato di calcio
lt:E578, Kalcio gliukonatas
lv:E578, Kalcija glikonāts
mt:E578, Glukonat tal-kalċju
nl:E578, Calciumgluconaat, E644
pl:E578, Glukonian wapnia, calcio gluconato
pt:E578, Gluconato de cálcio
ro:E578, Gluconat de calciu
sk:E578, Glukonan vápenatý
sl:E578, Kalcijev glukonat
sv:E578, Kalciumglukonat
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:acidity-regulator, en:firming-agent, en:sequestrant
additives_classes:en: en:sequestrant

en:E579, Ferrous gluconate, Iron(II) gluconate
bg:E579, Феро глюконат, Феро-ди-D-глюконат дихидрат
cs:E579, Glukonan železnatý
da:E579, Ferrogluconat, Ferrodi-D-gluconatdihydrat
de:E579, Eisen(ii)-gluconat, Eisengluconat, E 579, Eisen(II)Gluconat
el:E579, Γλυκονικος σιδηρος
es:E579, Gluconato ferroso
et:E579, Ferroglükonaat
fi:E579, Ferroglukonaatti
fr:E579, Gluconate ferreux, Di-D-gluconate ferreux dihydraté, gluconate de fer II, gluconate de fer (II), gluconate de fer(II), gluconate de fer , C12H22FeO14, 299-29-6, 22830-45-1
hu:E579, Vas(ii)-glükonát, Vas-di-D-glükonát-dihidrát, Vas-glukonát
it:E579, Gluconato ferroso, C12H22FeO14·2H2O
lt:E579, Geležies gliukonatas
lv:E579, Dzelzs glikonāts
mt:E579, Glukonat ferruż
nl:E579, Ijzer(ii)gluconaat
pl:E579, Glukonian żelazawy, Żelaza di-D-glukonian, diwodzian, żelaza (II) diglukonian
pt:E579, Gluconato ferroso
ro:E579, Gluconat feros, Di-D-gluconat feros dihidrat
sk:E579, Glukonan železnatý
sl:E579, Železov (ii) glukonat, železov di-D-glukonat dihidrat
sv:E579, Järnglukonat, Järn-di-D-glukonatdihydrat, E 579

en:E580, Magnesium Gluconate
bg:E580, E580 food additive
cs:E580, E580 food additive
da:E580, E580 food additive
de:E580, E580 food additive
el:E580, E580 food additive
es:E580, E580 food additive
et:E580, E580 food additive
fi:E580, E580 food additive
fr:E580, Gluconate de magnésium
hu:E580, E580 food additive
it:E580, E580 food additive
lt:E580, E580 food additive
lv:E580, E580 food additive
mt:E580, E580 food additive
nl:E580, E580 food additive
pl:E580, E580 food additive
pt:E580, E580 food additive
ro:E580, E580 food additive
sk:E580, E580 food additive
sl:E580, E580 food additive
sv:E580, E580 food additive

en:E585, Ferrous lactate, Iron(II) lactate
bg:E585, Феро лактат, желязо(II) лактат
cs:E585, Mléčnan železnatý
da:E585, Ferrolactat, Jern(II)lactat
de:E585, Eisen(ii)-lactat, Eisenlactat
el:E585, Γαλακτικος σιδηρος, Γαλακτικός σίδηρος (II)
es:E585, Lactato ferroso, Lactato de hierro (II)
et:E585, Ferrolaktaat
fi:E585, Ferrolaktaatti, Rauta(II)laktaatti
fr:E585, Lactate ferreux, Lactate de fer (II)
hu:E585, Vas(ii)-laktát, Vas-laktát
it:E585, Lattato ferroso
lt:E585, Geležies laktatas, Geležies(II) laktatas
lv:E585, Dzelzs laktāts, Dzelzs (II) laktāts
mt:E585, Lattat ferruż, Lattat tal-ħadid(II)
nl:E585, Ijzer(ii)lactaat, IJzer(II)dilactaat
pl:E585, Mleczan żelazawy, Mleczan żelaza(II)
pt:E585, Lactato ferroso, Lactato de ferro (II)
ro:E585, Lactat feros, Lactat de fier (II)
sk:E585, Mliečnan železnatý, Mliečnan železnatý
sl:E585, Železov (ii) laktat, železov (II) laktat
sv:E585, Järnlaktat, Järn(II)laktat

en:E586, 4-hexylresorcinol, 4-Hexyl-1\,3-benzenediol
bg:E586, 4-хексилрезорцинол, 4-хексил-1\,3-бензендиол
cs:E586, 4-hexylresorcinol
da:E586, 4-hexylresorcinol, 4-Hexyl-1\,3-benzendiol
de:E586, 4-hexylresorcin, 4-Hexylbenzen-1\,3-diol
el:E586, 4-εξυλορεσορκινολη, 4-εξυλοβενζολοδιόλη-1\,3
es:E586, 4-hexilresorcinol, 4-hexil-1\,3-bencenodiol
et:E586, 4-heksüülresortsinool, 4-heksüül-1\,3-benseendiool
fi:E586, 4-heksyyliresorsinoli, 4-Heksyyli-1\,3-bentseenidioli
fr:E586, Héxylresorcinol, agent de rétention de la couleur, 4-hexylrésorcinol
hu:E586, 4-hexil-rezorcin, 4-Hexil-1\,3-benzoldiol
it:E586, 4-esilresorcinolo, 4-Esil-1\,3-benzendiolo
lt:E586, 4-heksilrezorcinolis, 4-heksil-1\,3-benzendiolas
lv:E586, 4-heksilrezorcīns, 4-heksil-1\,3-benzdiols
mt:E586, 4-eżilresorċinol, 4-Eżil-1\,3-benżendiol
nl:E586, 4-hexylresorcinol, 4-Hexyl-1\,3-benzeendiol
pl:E586, 4-heksylorezorcynol, 4-heksyl-1\,3-benzenodiol
pt:E586, 4-hexilresorcinol, 4-Hexil-1\,3-benzenodiol
ro:E586, 4-hexilrezorcinol, 4-hexil-1\,3-benzendiol
sk:E586, 4-hexylrezorcinol, 4-hexyl-1\,3-benzéndiol
sl:E586, 4-heksilresorcinol, 4-heksil-1\,3-benzendiol
sv:E586, 4-hexylresorcinol, 4-Hexyl-1\,3-bensendiol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2014-04-24
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of 4-hexylresorcinol (E 586) as a food additive

en:E620, Glutamic acid, L-Glutamic acid
bg:E620, Глутаминова киселина, L-глутаминова киселина, Глутамат
cs:E620, Kyselina glutamová, Kyselina L-glutamová, kyselina 2-aminoglutarová, E 620, L-glutamát
de:E620, Glutaminsäure, L-Glutaminsäure, E 620
el:E620, Γλουταμινικο οξυ, L-γλουταμινικό οξύ
es:E620, Ácido glutámico, Ácido L-glutámico, E 620
et:E620, Glutamiinhape, L-glutamiinhape
fi:E620, Glutamiinihappo, L-glutamiinihappo, E 620, 2-aminopentaanidihappo, Glutamaatti
fr:E620, Acide glutamique, Acide L-glutamique, Acide (S)-2-aminopentanedioïque, 6893-26-1, 617-65-2, Acide 2-aminopentanedioïque, Glutamatergique, 56-86-0, Acide glumatique
hu:E620, Glutaminsav, L-Glutaminsav
it:E620, Acido glutammico, L-acido glutammico, Acido L-glutammico, Acido L-α-amminoglutarico, C5H9NO4
lt:E620, Glutamo rūgštis, L-glutamo rūgštis, Gliutamatas, Gliutamininė rūgštis, Glutamininė rūgštis, Glutamatas
lv:E620, Glutamīnskābe, L-glutamīnskābe, C5h9no4, Glutamāti
mt:E620, Aċidu glutamiku, Aċidu L-glutamiku
nl:E620, Glutaminezuur, L-Glutaminezuur
pl:E620, Kwas glutaminowy, Kwas L-glutaminowy, Glutaminian
pt:E620, Ácido glutâmico, Ácido L-glutâmico
ro:E620, Acid glutamic, Acid L-glutamic, Glutamat
sk:E620, Kyselina glutamová, Kyselina L-glutamová, E 620, L-glutamát, Glutamát
sl:E620, Glutaminska kislina, L-glutaminska kislina, Glutamat
sv:E620, Glutaminsyra, L-glutaminsyra, Glutamat, E 620
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-01-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the change in the production method of L-glutamic acid (E620), monosodium L-glutamate (E621), monopotassium L-glutamate (E622), calcium di-L-glutamate (E623), monoammonium Lglutamate (E624) and magnesium di-L-glutamate (E625)

en:E621, Monosodium glutamate, Sodium glutamate, L-Glutamic acid\, monosodium salt, Glutamate, MSG
bg:E621, Мононатриев глутамат, Натриев глутамат, Е621, Мононатриев глутаминат, Натриев глутаминат
cs:E621, Glutaman sodný, Glutamát sodný, L-glutamát sodný monohydrát, E 621, Glutasol, L-glutaman sodný, L-Glutaman sodný monohydrát, L-glutamát sodný, Glutaman, Glutamát
da:E620, Glutaminsyre, L-Glutaminsyre, Glutamat, E-620
da:E621, Mononatriumglutamat, Tredje krydderi, E-621, Mononatriumglutaminat, 3. krydderi, Det tredje krydderi, Det 3. krydderi
de:E621, Mononatriumglutamat, Natriumglutamat, E 621
el:E621, Οξινο γλουταμινικο νατριο, Γλουταμινικό νάτριο
es:E621, Glutamato monosódico, Glutamato de monosodio, Glutamato de sodio, E 621, Glutamato
et:E621, Naatriumvesinikglutamaat
fi:E621, Mononatriumglutamaatti, Natriumglutamaatti, E 621
fr:E621, Glutamate monosodique, glutamate de sodium, monoglutamate de sodium, monosodium glutamate, sodium glutamate, GMS, MSG, E 621, C5H8NNaO4, 6106-04-3, 142-47-2, Glutamate
hu:E621, Mononátrium-glutamát, Nátrium-glutamát
it:E621, Glutammato di monosodio, Glutammato di sodio, Glutammato monosodico, NaC5NO4H8
lt:E621, Mononatrio glutamatas, Natrio glutamatas
lv:E621, Mononātrija glutamāts, Nātrija glutamāts
mt:E621, Glutamat monosodiku, Glutamat tas-sodju
nl:E621, Mononatriumglutamaat, Natriumglutamaat, MSG, Vetsin, Ve tsin
pl:E621, Glutaminian monosodowy, Glutaminian sodu
pt:E621, Glutamato monossódico, Glutamato de sódio, Glutamato
ro:E621, Glutamat monosodic, Glutamat de sodiu, Glumat de monosodiu
rs:E621, mononatrijum glutamat, mononatrijum-glutaminat, mononatrijum-glutamat, mononatrijum glutaminat
ru:E621, Глутамат натрия, Вэйцзин, Фе-цзин, Вейцзин, Глютамат натрия, Адзи-но-мото, Глутаминат натрия, Е621, Е-621
sk:E621, Glutaman sodný, Glutaman sodný, E 621
sl:E621, Mononatrijev glutamat, natrijev glutamat, mononatrijevgluamat
sv:E621, Mononatriumglutamat, Natriumglutamat, Monosodiumglutamat, E 621, Smaksalt, Weijing
additives_classes:en: en:flavour-enhancer
wikipedia_title:en: Monosodium glutamate
wikipedia_title:fr: Glutamate monosodique
wikipedia_abstract:en: Monosodium glutamate (MSG, also known as sodium glutamate) is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, one of the most abundant naturally occurring non-essential amino acids. Glutamic acid is found naturally in tomatoes, grapes, cheese, mushrooms and other foods.MSG is used in the food industry as a flavor enhancer with an umami taste that intensifies the meaty, savory flavor of food, as naturally occurring glutamate does in foods such as stews and meat soups. It was first prepared in 1908 by Japanese biochemist Kikunae Ikeda, who was trying to isolate and duplicate the savory taste of kombu, an edible seaweed used as a base for many Japanese soups. MSG as a flavor enhancer balances, blends, and rounds the perception of other tastes.The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has given MSG its generally recognized as safe (GRAS) designation. A popular belief is that large doses of MSG can cause headaches and other feelings of discomfort, known as "Chinese restaurant syndrome," but double-blind tests fail to find evidence of such a reaction. The European Union classifies it as a food additive permitted in certain foods and subject to quantitative limits. MSG has the HS code 29224220 and the E number E621.
wikipedia_abstract:fr: Le glutamate monosodique, également connu sous le nom de glutamate de sodium, monosodium glutamate, GMS ou MSG, est le sel sodique de l'acide glutamique, l’un des acides aminés non essentiels les plus abondants dans la nature. La FDA (organisme américain de surveillance des aliments et des médicaments) a classé le GMS comme « GRAS », généralement reconnu inoffensif, et l'Union européenne l'a classé comme additif alimentaire mais l'ajout de glutamates n'y est pas autorisé dans le lait, les huiles et les émulsions de graisse, les pâtes, le cacao et les produits chocolatés, les jus de fruits. Le GMS possède le numéro E621. Le glutamate du GMS confère le même goût umami que le glutamate issu d'autres aliments. Les fabricants de produits alimentaires commercialisent et utilisent le GMS comme exhausteur de goût car il équilibre, mélange et arrondit la perception globale des autres goûts,. Les dénominations commerciales du glutamate monosodique comprennent AJI-NO-MOTO®, Vetsin et Ac'cent.
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2017/07/12
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of glutamic acid (E 620), sodium glutamate (E 621), potassium glutamate (E 622), calcium glutamate (E 623), ammonium glutamate (E 624) and magnesium glutamate (E 625) as food additives
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:high
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:adults, en:elderly, en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_noael:en: en:children, en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_noael:en: en:adolescents, en:children, en:toddlers, en:infants

en:E622, Monopotassium glutamate, Potassium glutamate
bg:E622, Монокалиев глутамат, Калиев глутамат
cs:E622, Glutaman draselný, Glutamát draselný
da:E622, Monokaliumglutamat
de:E622, Monokaliumglutamat
el:E622, Οξινο γλουταμινικο καλιο, Γλουταμινικό κάλιο
es:E622, Glutamato de monopotasio, Glutamato de potasio, Glutamato monopotásico, E 622
et:E622, Kaaliumvesinikglutamaat
fi:E622, Monokaliumglutamaatti
fr:E622, Glutamate monopotassique, Glutamate de potassium, 19473-49-5
hu:E622, Monokálium-glutamát, Kálium-glutamát
it:E622, Glutammato di monopotassio, Glutammato di potassio
lt:E622, Monokalio glutamatas, Kalio glutamatas
lv:E622, Monokālija glutamāts, Kālija glutamāts
mt:E622, Glutamat monopotassiku, Glutamat tal-potassju
nl:E622, Monokaliumglutamaat, Kaliumglutamaat
pl:E622, Glutaminian monopotasowy, Glutaminian potasu
pt:E622, Glutamato monopotássico, Glutamato de potássio
ro:E622, Glutamat monopotasic, Glutamat de potasiu
sk:E622, Glutaman draselný, Glutaman draselný
sl:E622, Monokalijev glutamat, kalijev glutamat
sv:E622, Monokaliumglutamat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-01-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the change in the production method of L-glutamic acid (E620), monosodium L-glutamate (E621), monopotassium L-glutamate (E622), calcium di-L-glutamate (E623), monoammonium Lglutamate (E624) and magnesium di-L-glutamate (E625)

en:E623, Calcium diglutamate
bg:E623, Калциев диглутамат
cs:E623, Glutaman vápenatý
da:E623, Calciumdiglutamat
de:E623, Calciumdiglutamat
el:E623, Οξινο γλουταμινικο ασβεστιο
es:E623, Diglutamato de calcio
et:E623, Calcium diglutamate
fi:E623, Kalsiumdiglutamaatti
fr:E623, Diglutamate de calcium
hu:E623, Kalcium-diglutamát
it:E623, Diglutammato di calcio
lt:E623, Kalcio diglutamatas
lv:E623, Kalcija diglutamāts
mt:E623, Diglutamat tal-kalċju
nl:E623, Calciumdiglutamaat
pl:E623, Diglutaminian wapnia
pt:E623, Diglutamato de cálcio
ro:E623, Diglutamat de calciu
sk:E623, Glutaman vápenatý
sl:E623, Kalcijev diglutamat
sv:E623, Kalciumdiglutamat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-01-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the change in the production method of L-glutamic acid (E620), monosodium L-glutamate (E621), monopotassium L-glutamate (E622), calcium di-L-glutamate (E623), monoammonium Lglutamate (E624) and magnesium di-L-glutamate (E625)

en:E624, Monoammonium glutamate
bg:E624, Моноамониев глутамат
cs:E624, Glutaman amonný
da:E624, Monoammoniumglutamat
de:E624, Monoammoniumglutamat
el:E624, Οξινο γλουταμινικο αμμωνιο
es:E624, Glutamato de monoamonio, Glutamato de amonio, E 624
et:E624, Ammooniumvesinikglutamaat
fi:E624, Monoammoniumglutamaatti
fr:E624, Glutamate d'ammonium, Glutamate monoammonique
hu:E624, Monoammónium-glutamát
it:E624, Glutammato di monoammonio
lt:E624, Monoamonio glutamatas
lv:E624, Monoamonija glutamāts
mt:E624, Glutamat monoammoniku
nl:E624, Monoammoniumglutamaat
pl:E624, Glutaminian monoamonowy
pt:E624, Glutamato monoamónico
ro:E624, Glutamat monoamonic
sk:E624, Glutaman amónny
sl:E624, Monoamonijev glutamat
sv:E624, Monoammoniumglutamat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-01-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the change in the production method of L-glutamic acid (E620), monosodium L-glutamate (E621), monopotassium L-glutamate (E622), calcium di-L-glutamate (E623), monoammonium Lglutamate (E624) and magnesium di-L-glutamate (E625)

en:E625, Magnesium diglutamate
bg:E625, Магнезиев диглутамат
cs:E625, Glutaman hořečnatý
da:E625, Magnesiumdiglutamat
de:E625, Magnesiumdiglutamat
el:E625, Οξινο γλουταμινικο μαγνησιο
es:E625, Diglutamato de magnesio
et:E625, Magnesium diglutamate
fi:E625, Magnesiumdiglutamaatti
fr:E625, Diglutamate de magnésium
hu:E625, Magnézium-diglutamát
it:E625, Diglutammato di magnesio
lt:E625, Magnio diglutamatas
lv:E625, Magnija diglutamāts
mt:E625, Diglutamat tal-manjeżju
nl:E625, Magnesiumdiglutamaat
pl:E625, Diglutaminian magnezu
pt:E625, Diglutamato de magnésio
ro:E625, Diglutamat de magneziu
sk:E625, Glutaman horečnatý
sl:E625, Magnezijev diglutamat
sv:E625, Magnesiumdiglutamat
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-01-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the change in the production method of L-glutamic acid (E620), monosodium L-glutamate (E621), monopotassium L-glutamate (E622), calcium di-L-glutamate (E623), monoammonium Lglutamate (E624) and magnesium di-L-glutamate (E625)

en:E626, Guanylic acid, guanosine monophosphate
bg:E626, Гуанилова киселина
cs:E626, Guanylic acid
da:E626, Guanylsyre, Guanosinmonofosfat
de:E626, Guanylsäure, Guanosinmonophosphat
el:E626, Γουανιλικο οξυ
es:E626, Ácido guanílico, Guanosin monofosfato, Monofosfato de guanosina
et:E626, Guanüülhape
fi:E626, Guanyylihappo, Guanosiinimonofosfaatti
fr:E626, Acide guanylique, Guanosine monophosphate
hu:E626, Guanilsav, Guanozin-monofoszfát
it:E626, Acido guanilico, Guanosina monofosfato, Guanosinmonofosfato, Acido guanidilico, Acido 5'-guanidilico
lt:E626, Guanilo rūgštis
lv:E626, Guanilskābe
mt:E626, Aċidu gwaniliku
nl:E626, Guanylzuur, guanosinemonofosfaat
pl:E626, Kwas guanylowy, guanozyno-5′-monofosforan, guanozynomonofosforan
pt:E626, Ácido guanílico, Guanosina monofosfato
ro:E626, Acid guanilic
sk:E626, Guanylic acid
sl:E626, Gvanilna kislina
sv:E626, Guanylsyra, E 626

en:E627, Disodium guanylate, Sodium guanylate
bg:E627, Динатриев гуанилат, Натриев гуанилат
cs:E627, Guanylan sodný, Guanylát sodný
da:E627, Dinatriumguanylat, Natriumguanylat
de:E627, Dinatriumguanylat, Natriumguanylat
el:E627, Γουανιλικο νατριο, Γουανιλικό νάτριο
es:E627, Guanilato disódico, Guanilato de sodio, Guanilato sódico
et:E627, Naatriumguanülaat
fi:E627, Dinatriumguanylaatti, Natriumguanylaatti
fr:E627, Guanylate disodique, guanylate de sodium, Guanylate 5'-disodique, C10H12N5Na2O8P, 5550-12-9
hu:E627, Dinátrium-guanilát, Nátrium-guanilát
it:E627, Guanilato bisodico, Guanilato sodico
lt:E627, Dinatrio guanilatas, Natrio guanilatas
lv:E627, Dinātrija guanilāts, Nātrija guanilāts
mt:E627, Gwanilat disodiku, Gwanilat tas-sodju
nl:E627, Natriumguanylaat, Natriumguanylaat
pl:E627, Guanylan disodowy, Guanylan sodu, guanozyno-5′-monofosforan disodu
pt:E627, Guanilato dissódico, Guanilato de sódio
ro:E627, Guanilat disodic, Guanilat de sodiu
sk:E627, Guanylan disodný, Guanylan sodný
sl:E627, Dinatrijev gvanilat, natrijev gvanilat
sv:E627, Dinatriumguanylat, Natriumguanylat

en:E628, Dipotassium guanylate, Potassium guanylate
bg:E628, Дикалиев гуанилат, Калиев гуанилат
cs:E628, Guanylan draselný, Guanylát draselný, guanylan didraselný
da:E628, Dikaliumguanylat, Kaliumguanylat
de:E628, Dikaliumguanylat, Kaliumguanylat
el:E628, Γουανιλικο καλιο, Γουανιλικό κάλιο
es:E628, Guanilato dipotásico, Guanilato de potasio
et:E628, Kaaliumguanülaat
fi:E628, Dikaliumguanylaatti, Kaliumguanylaatti
fr:E628, Guanylate dipotassique, Guanylate de potassium
hu:E628, Dikálium-guanilát, Kálium-guanilát
it:E628, Guanilato dipotassico
lt:E628, Dikalio guanilatas, Kalio guanilatas
lv:E628, Dikālija guanilāts, Kālija guanilāts
mt:E628, Gwanilat dipotassiku, Gwanilat tal-potassju
nl:E628, Kaliumguanylaat, Dikaliumguanylaat
pl:E628, Guanylan dipotasowy, Guanylan potasu
pt:E628, Guanilato dipotássico, Guanilato de potássio
ro:E628, Guanilat dipotasic, Guanilat de potasiu
sk:E628, Guanylan dvojdraselný, Guanylan draselný
sl:E628, Dikalijev gvanilat, kalijev gvanilat
sv:E628, Dikaliumguanylat, Kaliumguanylat

en:E629, Calcium guanylate
bg:E629, Калциев гуанилат
cs:E629, Guanylan vápenatý, Guanylát vápenatý
da:E629, Calciumguanylat
de:E629, Calciumguanylat
el:E629, Γουανιλικο ασβεστιο
es:E629, Guanilato cálcico, Guanilato de calcio
et:E629, Kaltsiumguanülaat
fi:E629, Kalsiumguanylaatti
fr:E629, Guanylate de calcium
hu:E629, Kalcium-guanilát
it:E629, Guanilato di calcio
lt:E629, Kalcio guanilatas
lv:E629, Kalcija guanilāts
mt:E629, Gwanilat tal-kalċju
nl:E629, Calciumguanylaat
pl:E629, Guanylan wapnia
pt:E629, Guanilato de cálcio
ro:E629, Guanilat de calciu
sk:E629, Guanylan vápenatý
sl:E629, Kalcijev gvanilat
sv:E629, Kalciumguanylat

en:E630, Inosinic acid
bg:E630, Инозинова киселина
cs:E630, Inosinová kyselina
da:E630, Inosinsyre
de:E630, Inosinsäure, Inosinmonophosphat
el:E630, Ινοσινικο οξυ
es:E630, Ácido inosínico
et:E630, Inosiinhape
fi:E630, Inosiinihappo, Inosiinimonofosfaatti
fr:E630, Acide inosinique
hu:E630, Inozinsav
it:E630, Acido inosinico
lt:E630, Inozino rūgštis
lv:E630, Inozīnskābe
mt:E630, Aċidu inosiniku
nl:E630, Inosinezuur
pl:E630, Kwas inozynowy
pt:E630, Ácido inosínico
ro:E630, Acid inozinic
sk:E630, Kyselina inozínová
sl:E630, Inozinska kislina
sv:E630, Inosinsyra

en:E631, Disodium inosinate, Sodium inosinate
bg:E631, Динатриев инозинат, Натриев инозинат
cs:E631, Inosinan sodný, Inosinan disodný, inosinát disodný
da:E631, Dinatriuminosinat, Natriuminosinat
de:E631, Dinatriuminosinat, Natriuminosinat
el:E631, Ινοσινικο νατριο, Ινοσινικό νάτριο
es:E631, Inosinato disódico, Inosinato de sodio
et:E631, Naatriuminosinaat
fi:E631, Dinatriuminosinaatti, Natriuminosinaatti
fr:E631, Inosinate disodique, inosinate de sodium, inosinate 5'-disodique, C10H11N4Na2O8P, 4691-65-0
hu:E631, Dinátrium-inozinát, Nátrium-inozinát
it:E631, Inosinato disodico, Inosinato di sodio
lt:E631, Dinatrio inozinatas, Natrio inozinatas
lv:E631, Dinātrija inozināts, Nātrija inozināts
mt:E631, Inosinat disodiku, Inosinat tas-sodju
nl:E631, Dinatriuminosinaat, Natriuminosinaat
pl:E631, Inozynian disodowy, Inozynian sodu
pt:E631, Inosinato dissódico, Inosinato de sódio
ro:E631, Inozinat disodic, Inozinat de sodiu
sk:E631, Inozínan disodný, Inozínan sodný
sl:E631, Dinatrijev inozinat, natrijev inozinat
sv:E631, Dinatriuminosinat, Natriuminosinat

en:E632, Dipotassium inosinate, Potassium inosinate
bg:E632, Дикалиев инозинат, Калиев инозинат
cs:E632, Inosinan draselný, Inosinát didraselný
da:E632, Dikaliuminosinat, Kaliuminosinat
de:E632, Dikaliuminosinat, Kaliuminosinat
el:E632, Ινοσινικο καλιο, Ινοσινικό κάλιο
es:E632, Inosinato dipotásico, Inosinato de potasio
et:E632, Dikaaliuminosinaat
fi:E632, Dikaliuminosinaatti, Kaliuminosinaatti
fr:E632, Inosinate dipotassique, Inosinate de potassium, inosinate 5'-dipotassique
hu:E632, Dikálium-inozinát, Kálium-inozinát
it:E632, Inosinato dipotassico, Inosinato di potassio
lt:E632, Dikalio inozinatas, Kalio inozinatas
lv:E632, Dikālija inozināts, Kālija inozināts
mt:E632, Inosinat dipotassiku, Inosinat tal-potassju
nl:E632, Dikaliuminosinaat, Kaliuminosinaat
pl:E632, Inozynian dipotasowy, Inozynian potasu
pt:E632, Inosinato dipotássico, Inosinato de potássio
ro:E632, Inozitat dipotasic, Inozinat de potasiu
sk:E632, Inozínan didraselný
sl:E632, Dikalijev inozinat, kalijev inozinat
sv:E632, Dikaliuminosinat, Kaliuminosinat

en:E633, Calcium inosinate
bg:E633, Калциев инозинат
cs:E633, Inosinan vápenatý
da:E633, Calciuminosinat
de:E633, Calciuminosinat
el:E633, Ινοσινικο ασβεστιο
es:E633, Inosinato cálcico, Inosinato de calcio, E 633
et:E633, Kaltsiuminosinaat
fi:E633, Kalsiuminosinaatti
fr:E633, Inosinate de calcium
hu:E633, Kalcium-inozinát
it:E633, Inosinato di calcio
lt:E633, Kalcio inozinatas
lv:E633, Kalcija inozināts
mt:E633, Inosinat tal-kalċju
nl:E633, Calciuminosinaat
pl:E633, Inozynian wapnia
pt:E633, Inosinato de cálcio
ro:E633, Inozinat de calciu
sk:E633, Inozínan vápenatý
sl:E633, Kalcijev inozinat
sv:E633, Kalciuminosinat

en:E634, Calcium 5'-ribonucleotide, Calcium 5'-ribonucleotides
bg:E634, Калциев 5'-рибонуклеотид
cs:E634, 5'-ribonukleotid vápenatý
da:E634, Calcium-5'-ribonucleotider
de:E634, Calcium-5'-ribonukleotid
el:E634, Αλατα με ασβεστιο των 5′-ριβονουκλεοτιδιων
es:E634, 5'-ribonucleótido de calcio
et:E634, Kaltsium-5'-ribonukleotiid
fi:E634, Kalsium-5'-ribonukleotidi
fr:E634, 5'-ribonucléotide calcique
hu:E634, Kalcium-5'-ribonukleotid
it:E634, 5'ribonucleotide di calcio
lt:E634, Kalcio 5′-ribonukleotidas
lv:E634, Kalcija 5'-ribonukleotīds
mt:E634, 5'-ribonukleotid tal-kalċju
nl:E634, Calcium-5'-ribonucleotiden
pl:E634, 5'-rybonukleotydy wapnia
pt:E634, 5'-ribonucleótidos de cálcio
ro:E634, 5'-ribonucleotidă de calciu
sk:E634, 5'-ribonukleotid vápenatý
sl:E634, Kalcijev 5'-ribonukleotid
sv:E634, Kalcium-5'-ribonukleotider

en:E635, Disodium 5'-ribonucleotide, Disodium 5'-ribonucleotides
bg:E635, Динатриев 5'-рибонуклеотид
cs:E635, 5'-ribonukleotid sodný
da:E635, Dinatrium-5'-ribonucleotider
de:E635, Dinatrium-5'-ribonukleotid
el:E635, Αλατα με νατριο των 5'-ριβονουκλεοτιδιων
es:E635, 5'-ribonucleótido disódico
et:E635, Dinaatrium-5'-ribonukleotiid
fi:E635, Dinatrium-5'-ribonukleotidi
fr:E635, 5'-ribonucléotide disodique, 5'-ribonucléotides disodiques, 5'-ribonucléotides de sodium
hu:E635, Dinátrium-5'-ribonukleotid
it:E635, 5'ribonucleotide di disodio
lt:E635, Dinatrio 5'-ribonukleotidas
lv:E635, Dinātrija 5'-ribonukleotīds
mt:E635, 5'-ribonukleotid disodiku
nl:E635, Dinatrium-5'-ribonucleotiden
pl:E635, 5'-rybonukleotydy disodowe
pt:E635, 5'-ribonucleótidos dissódicos
ro:E635, 5'-ribonucleotidă disodică
sk:E635, 5'-ribonukleotid disodný
sl:E635, Dinatrijev 5'-ribonukleotid
sv:E635, Dinatrium-5'-ribonukleotider

en:E636, Maltol
bg:E636, E636 food additive
cs:E636, E636 food additive
da:E636, E636 food additive
de:E636, E636 food additive
el:E636, E636 food additive
es:E636, E636 food additive
et:E636, E636 food additive
fi:E636, E636 food additive
fr:E636, Maltol
hu:E636, E636 food additive
it:E636, E636 food additive
lt:E636, E636 food additive
lv:E636, E636 food additive
mt:E636, E636 food additive
nl:E636, Maltol
pl:E636, E636 food additive
pt:E636, E636 food additive
ro:E636, E636 food additive
sk:E636, E636 food additive
sl:E636, E636 food additive
sv:E636, E636 food additive

en:E637, Ethyl maltol
bg:E637, E637 food additive
cs:E637, E637 food additive
da:E637, E637 food additive
de:E637, E637 food additive
el:E637, E637 food additive
es:E637, E637 food additive
et:E637, E637 food additive
fi:E637, E637 food additive
fr:E637, Éthyl-maltol
hu:E637, E637 food additive
it:E637, E637 food additive
lt:E637, E637 food additive
lv:E637, E637 food additive
mt:E637, E637 food additive
nl:E637, Ethylmaltol
pl:E637, E637 food additive
pt:E637, E637 food additive
ro:E637, E637 food additive
sk:E637, E637 food additive
sl:E637, E637 food additive
sv:E637, E637 food additive

en:E638, E638 food additive
bg:E638, E638 food additive
cs:E638, E638 food additive
da:E638, E638 food additive
de:E638, E638 food additive
el:E638, E638 food additive
es:E638, E638 food additive
et:E638, E638 food additive
fi:E638, E638 food additive
fr:E638, Aspartame de sodium
hu:E638, E638 food additive
it:E638, E638 food additive
lt:E638, E638 food additive
lv:E638, E638 food additive
mt:E638, E638 food additive
nl:E638, E638 food additive
pl:E638, E638 food additive
pt:E638, E638 food additive
ro:E638, E638 food additive
sk:E638, E638 food additive
sl:E638, E638 food additive
sv:E638, E638 food additive

en:E639, E639 food additive
bg:E639, E639 food additive
cs:E639, E639 food additive
da:E639, E639 food additive
de:E639, E639 food additive
el:E639, E639 food additive
es:E639, E639 food additive
et:E639, E639 food additive
fi:E639, E639 food additive
fr:E639, Alanine
hu:E639, E639 food additive
it:E639, E639 food additive
lt:E639, E639 food additive
lv:E639, E639 food additive
mt:E639, E639 food additive
nl:E639, E639 food additive
pl:E639, E639 food additive
pt:E639, E639 food additive
ro:E639, E639 food additive
sk:E639, E639 food additive
sl:E639, E639 food additive
sv:E639, E639 food additive

en:E640, Glycine and its sodium salt
bg:E640, Глицин и натриевата му сол
cs:E640, Glycin a jeho sodná sůl
da:E640, Glycin og natriumsaltet heraf
de:E640, Glycin und seine natriumsalze
el:E640, Γλυκινη και τα αλατα της με νατριο
es:E640, Glicina y su sal sódica
et:E640, Glütsiin ja glütsiini naatriumsool
fi:E640, Glysiini ja sen natriumsuola
fr:E640, Glycines, Acide aminoacétique, Acide aminoéthanoïque, acide 2-aminoéthanoïque, Glycocolle, Sucre de gélatine, acide aminoacétique, Glycine, Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine , Glycine et son sel de sodium
hu:E640, Glicin és nátriumsója
it:E640, Glicina e suo sale di sodio
lt:E640, Glicinas ir jo natrio druska
lv:E640, Glicīns un tā nātrija sāls
mt:E640, Gliċina u l-melħ tas-sodju tagħha
nl:E640, Glycine en natriumglycinaat
pl:E640, Glicyna i jej sól sodowa
pt:E640, Glicina e seu sal de sódio
ro:E640, Glicina și sarea sa de sodiu
sk:E640, Glycín a jeho sodná soľ
sl:E640, Glicin in njegova natrijeva sol
sv:E640, Glycin och natriumglycinat

en:E640(i), Glycine
bg:E640(i), Глицин
cs:E640(i), Glycin
da:E640(i), Glycin
de:E640(i), Glycin
el:E640(i), Γλυκινη
es:E640(i), Glicina
et:E640(i), Glütsiin
fi:E640(i), Glysiini
fr:E640(i), Glycine, Sucre de gélatine, acide aminoacétique
hu:E640(i), Glicin
it:E640(i), Glicina
lt:E640(i), Glicinas
lv:E640(i), Glicīns
mt:E640(i), Gliċina
nl:E640(i), Glycine
pl:E640(i), Glicyna
pt:E640(i), Glicina
ro:E640(i), Glicina
sk:E640(i), Glycín
sl:E640(i), Glicin
sv:E640(i), Glycin

en:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
bg:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
cs:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
da:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
de:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
el:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
es:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
et:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
fi:E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
fr:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
hu:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
it:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
lt:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
lv:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
mt:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
nl:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
pl:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
pt:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
ro:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
sk:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
sl:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive
sv:E640(ii), Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine, E640(ii) Sodiumglycinate, Glycinate de sodium, glycinate sodique, sel de sodium de glycine food additive

en:E641, E641 food additive
bg:E641, E641 food additive
cs:E641, E641 food additive
da:E641, E641 food additive
de:E641, E641 food additive
el:E641, E641 food additive
es:E641, L-leucina
et:E641, E641 food additive
fi:E641, E641 food additive
fr:E641, L-leucine
hu:E641, E641 food additive
it:E641, E641 food additive
lt:E641, E641 food additive
lv:E641, E641 food additive
mt:E641, E641 food additive
nl:E641, E641 food additive
pl:E641, E641 food additive
pt:E641, E641 food additive
ro:E641, E641 food additive
sk:E641, E641 food additive
sl:E641, E641 food additive
sv:E641, E641 food additive

en:E642, E642 food additive
bg:E642, E642 food additive
cs:E642, E642 food additive
da:E642, E642 food additive
de:E642, E642 food additive
el:E642, E642 food additive
es:E642, E642 food additive
et:E642, E642 food additive
fi:E642, E642 food additive
fr:E642, Hydrochlorure de lysine
hu:E642, E642 food additive
it:E642, E642 food additive
lt:E642, E642 food additive
lv:E642, E642 food additive
mt:E642, E642 food additive
nl:E642, E642 food additive
pl:E642, E642 food additive
pt:E642, E642 food additive
ro:E642, E642 food additive
sk:E642, E642 food additive
sl:E642, E642 food additive
sv:E642, E642 food additive

en:E650, Zinc acetate, zinc salt
bg:E650, Цинков ацетат, цинкова сол
cs:E650, Octan zinečnatý, Zinečnatá sůl octové kyseliny
da:E650, Zinkacetat
de:E650, Zinkacetat
el:E650, Οξικος ψευδαργυρος
es:E650, Acetato de cinc
et:E650, Tsinkatsetaat
fi:E650, Sinkkiasetaatti, Etikkahapon sinkkisuola
fr:E650, Acétate de zinc, sel de zinc
hu:E650, Cink-acetát, Ecetsav, cinksó
it:E650, Acetato di zinco, sale di zinco
lt:E650, Cinko acetatas, cinko druska
lv:E650, Cinka acetāts, cinka sāls
mt:E650, Aċetat taż-żingu, melħ taż-żingu
nl:E650, Zinkacetaat, zinkzout
pl:E650, Octan cynku, Sól cynkowa kwasu octowego
pt:E650, Acetato de zinco, Sal de zinco do ácido acético
ro:E650, Acetat de zinc,  sare de zinc
sk:E650, Octan zinočnatý,  zinková soľ
sl:E650, Cinkov acetat,  cinkova sol
sv:E650, Zinkacetat

en:E710, Spiramycin
bg:E710, E710 food additive
cs:E710, E710 food additive
da:E710, E710 food additive
de:E710, Spiramycin, Rovamycine, Suanatem
el:E710, E710 food additive
es:E710, Espiramicina
et:E710, E710 food additive
fi:E710, E710 food additive
fr:E710, Spiramycines Antibiotique, Spiramycine, 24916-50-5, C43H74N2O14
hu:E710, E710 food additive
it:E710, Spiramicina
lt:E710, E710 food additive
lv:E710, E710 food additive
mt:E710, E710 food additive
nl:E710, Spiramycines, Spiramycine
pl:E710, Spiramycyna
pt:E710, E710 food additive
ro:E710, E710 food additive
sk:E710, E710 food additive
sl:E710, E710 food additive
sv:E710, spiramycin

en:E713, Tylosin
bg:E713, E713 food additive
cs:E713, E713 food additive
da:E713, E713 food additive
de:E713, Tylosin
el:E713, E713 food additive
es:E713, Tilosina
et:E713, E713 food additive
fi:E713, E713 food additive
fr:E713, Tylosine Antibiotique, Tylosine
hu:E713, E713 food additive
it:E713, Tilosina
lt:E713, E713 food additive
lv:E713, E713 food additive
mt:E713, E713 food additive
nl:E713, Tylosine
pl:E713, E713 food additive
pt:E713, E713 food additive
ro:E713, E713 food additive
sk:E713, E713 food additive
sl:E713, E713 food additive
sv:E713, E713 food additive

en:E900, Dimethyl polysiloxane, Polydimethyl siloxane, Silicone fluid, Silicone oil, Polydimethylsiloxane
bg:E900, Диметилполисилоксан, Полидиметил силоксан, течен силикон, силиконово масло
cs:E900, Dimethylpolysiloxan, Poly(dimethyl)siloxan, silikonový olej, Amodimethicone
da:E900, Dimethylpolysiloxan, Polydimethylsiloxan, siliconeolie
de:E900, Dimethylpolysiloxan, Polydimethylsiloxan, Silicone, Baysilon, E 900, Dimeticon
el:E900, Διμεθυλοπολυσιλοξανιο, Πολυδιμεθυλοσιλοξάνιο, έλαιο σιλικόνης
es:E900, Dimetilpolisiloxano, Polidimetilsiloxano, silicona fluida, aceite de silicona
et:E900, Dimetüülpolüsiloksaan
fi:E900, Dimetyylipolysiloksaani, Polydimetyylisiloksaani
fr:E900, Polydiméthylsiloxane, Diméthicone, Diméthylpolysiloxane, fluide de silicones, huile de silicones, Amodimétichone, (C2H6OSi)n, Poly(diméthylsiloxane), Diméticone, Dimétichone, 63148-62-9, Amodiméthicone, PMDS, Diméthyl-polysiloxane
hu:E900, Dimetil-polisziloxán, Szilikonolaj, Dimetil-szilikon
it:E900, Dimetilpolisilossano, Polidimetilsilossano, fluido di silicone, olio di silicone, PDMS
lt:E900, Dimetilpolisiloksanas, Polidimetilsiloksanas, silikono skystis, silikoninė alyva
lv:E900, Dimetilpolisiloksāns, Polidimetilsiloksāns, silikonu šķidrums, silikonu eļļa
mt:E900, Polisilossan dimetiliku, Silossan polidimetiliku, Fluwidu tas-silikon, Żejt tas-silikon
nl:E900, Dimethylpolysiloxaan, Polydimethylsiloxaan, siliconenvloeistof, siliconenolie, Dimethicone
pl:E900, Dimetylopolisiloksan, Poli(dimetylosiloksan), płyn silikonowy, olej silikonowy, PDMS
pt:E900, Dimetilpolissiloxano, Polidimetilsiloxano, fluido de silicone, óleo de silicone, Dimetil polissiloxano
ro:E900, Dimetilpolisiloxan, Polidimetilsiloxan, Fluid de silicon, Ulei de silicon
sk:E900, Dimetylpolysiloxán, Polydimetyl siloxán, silikónová tekutina, silikónový olej
sl:E900, Dimetilpolisiloksan, polidimetil siloksan, tekoči silikon, silikonsko olje
sv:E900, Dimetylpolysiloxan, Polydimetylsiloxan, silikonvätska, silikonolja, E 900

en:E900a, E900a food additive
bg:E900a, E900a food additive
cs:E900a, E900a food additive
da:E900a, E900a food additive
de:E900a, E900a food additive
el:E900a, E900a food additive
es:E900a, E900a food additive
et:E900a, E900a food additive
fi:E900a, E900a food additive
fr:E900a, Polydiméthylsiloxane
hu:E900a, E900a food additive
it:E900a, E900a food additive
lt:E900a, E900a food additive
lv:E900a, E900a food additive
mt:E900a, E900a food additive
nl:E900a, E900a food additive
pl:E900a, E900a food additive
pt:E900a, E900a food additive
ro:E900a, E900a food additive
sk:E900a, E900a food additive
sl:E900a, E900a food additive
sv:E900a, E900a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E900b, E900b food additive
bg:E900b, E900b food additive
cs:E900b, E900b food additive
da:E900b, E900b food additive
de:E900b, E900b food additive
el:E900b, E900b food additive
es:E900b, E900b food additive
et:E900b, E900b food additive
fi:E900b, E900b food additive
fr:E900b, Méthylphenylpolisiloxane
hu:E900b, E900b food additive
it:E900b, E900b food additive
lt:E900b, E900b food additive
lv:E900b, E900b food additive
mt:E900b, E900b food additive
nl:E900b, E900b food additive
pl:E900b, E900b food additive
pt:E900b, E900b food additive
ro:E900b, E900b food additive
sk:E900b, E900b food additive
sl:E900b, E900b food additive
sv:E900b, E900b food additive

en:E901, White and Yellow Beeswax, beeswax, White wax
bg:E901, Пчелен восък, бял и жълт, Бял восък
cs:E901, Včelí vosk, bílý a žlutý, Bílý vosk, E 901
da:E901, Bivoks, hvidt og gult, Hvidt voks, E-901
de:E901, Bienenwachs; weiss und gelb, weißes Wachs, Bienenwachs, E 901, Myricin, Cera Flava
el:E901, Κηρος μελισσων, λευκος και κιτρινος, Λευκός κηρός
es:E901, Cera de abeja, blanca y amarilla, Cera blanca, Cera estampada
et:E901, Kollane ja valge meevaha, Valge vaha, Mesilasvaha, Vaha
fi:E901, Mehiläisvaha, valkoinen ja keltainen, Valkoinen mehiläisvaha
fr:E901, Cire d'abeille, Cire d'abeille alimentaire, Cire d'abeille blanchâtre, Cire d'abeille jaunâtre, Cire blanche, cire jaune, Cire d'abeilles, Cire d'abeille blanche et jaune, 8012-89-3, 8006-40-4
hu:E901, Fehér és sárga méhviasz, Fehér viasz, Méhviasz
it:E901, Cera d'api, binaca e gialla, Cera vergine
lt:E901, Bičių vaškas, baltas ir geltonas, Baltasis vaškas
lv:E901, Baltais un dzeltenais bišu vasks, Baltais vasks, Bišu vasks
mt:E901, Xama' tan-naħal, bajda u safra, Xama' bajda
nl:E901, Bijenwas, wit en geel, Witte was, Ceratiet
pl:E901, Wosk pszczeli, biały i żółty, Wosk biały
pt:E901, Cera de abelhas (branca e amarela), Cera branca, Cera
ro:E901, Ceară de albine, albă și galbenă, Ceară albă
sk:E901, Biely a žltý včelí vosk, Biely vosk
sl:E901, Čebelji vosek, beli in rumeni, beli vosek
sv:E901, Bivax, vitt och gult, Vitt vax, E 901, Keromanti, Vaxkaka
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2007-12-20
efsa_evaluation:en: Beeswax (E 901) as a glazing agent and as carrier for flavours
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E902, Candelilla wax
bg:E902, Канделилов восък
cs:E902, Kandelilový vosk
da:E902, Candelillavoks
de:E902, Candelillawachs, Candellinawachs, Candelilla-Wachs, E 902
el:E902, Κανδελιλλικος κηρος
es:E902, Cera candelilla
et:E902, Kandelillavaha
fi:E902, Kandelillavaha
fr:E902, Cire de Candelilla, Cire de Candellila, 8006-44-8, Candellila
hu:E902, Kandelillaviasz, A kandelillaviasz a kandelilla
it:E902, Cera candelilla
lt:E902, Kandelila vaškas
lv:E902, Kandelilvasks
mt:E902, Xama' tal-kandelilla
nl:E902, Candelillawas
pl:E902, Wosk candelilla, Kandelila
pt:E902, Cera de candelilha
ro:E902, Ceară de candelilla
sk:E902, Vosk kandelila
sl:E902, Kandelilni vosek
sv:E902, Kandelillavax
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2012-11-16
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of candelilla wax (E 902) as a food additive.
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:thickener

en:E903, Carnauba wax
bg:E903, Карнаубов восък
cs:E903, Karnaubský vosk, E 903
da:E903, Carnaubavoks, Carnauba voks, E 903
de:E903, Carnaubawachs, Cera Carnauba, Karnaubawachs, E 903
el:E903, Καρναουβικος κηρος
es:E903, Cera de carnauba, Cera carnauba
et:E903, Karnaubavaha
fi:E903, Karnaubavaha
fr:E903, Cire de carnauba
hu:E903, Karnaubaviasz
it:E903, Cera carnauba, Cera di carnauba, Carnauba
lt:E903, Karnaubo vaškas
lv:E903, Karnaubvasks
mt:E903, Xama' tal-karnawba
nl:E903, Carnaubawas, Cera Carnauba
pl:E903, Wosk carnauba, Carnauba
pt:E903, Cera de carnaúba
ro:E903, Ceară de carnauba
sk:E903, Karnaubský vosk
sl:E903, Karnauba vosek
sv:E903, Karnaubavax, E 903
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2012-10-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of carnauba wax (E 903) as a food additive
additives_classes:en: en:carrier

en:E904, Shellac, Bleached shellac
bg:E904, Шеллак, Избелен шеллак
cs:E904, Šelak, Bělený šelak
da:E904, Shellak, Bleget shellak
de:E904, Schellack, gebleichter Schellack
el:E904, Σελακ, Λευκασμένη γομολάκα
es:E904, Goma laca, Goma laca blanqueada
et:E904, Shellac, Šellak
fi:E904, Sellakka, Valkaistu sellakka
fr:E904, Gomme-laque, gomme laque, Shellac, Gomme laque blanchie, gomme schellac
hu:E904, Sellak, Fehérített sellak
it:E904, Gommalacca, Gommalacca bianca
lt:E904, Šelakas, Išbalintas šelakas
lv:E904, Šellaka, Balinātā šellaka
mt:E904, Xellak, Xellak ibbliċjat
nl:E904, Schellak, Gebleekte schellak
pl:E904, Szelak, Szelak bielony
pt:E904, Goma-laca, Goma-laca branqueada
ro:E904, Șelac, Șelac albit
sk:E904, Šelak, Bielený šelak
sl:E904, Šelak, beljeni šelak
sv:E904, Shellack, Blekt shellack, Schellack

en:E905, Microcrystalline wax, Petroleum wax, Hydrocarbon wax, Fischer-Tropsch wax, Synthetic wax
bg:E905, Микрокристален восък, Петролен восък, въглеводороден восък, восък на Фишер-Тропш, синтетичен восък
cs:E905, Mikrokrystalický vosk
da:E905, Mikrokrystallinsk voks, Mikrovoks, kulbrintevoks, fischer-tropsch-voks, syntetisk voks
de:E905, Mikrokristallines wachs, Petroleumwachs, Kohlenwasserstoffwachs, Fischer-Tropsch-Paraffin, Mikrowachs, Microcristallina
el:E905, Μικροκρυσταλλικος κηρος, Κηρός πετρελαίου, κηρός υδρογονανθράκων , κηρός Fischer-Tropsch, συνθετικός κηρός
es:E905, Cera microcristalina, Cera de petróleo, cera de hidrocarburo, cera Fischer-Tropsch, cera sintética
et:E905, Mikrokristalne vaha, Toorparafiin, süsivesinikvaha, Fischer-Tropschi vaha, sünteetiline vaha
fi:E905, Mikrokiteinen vaha, Maaöljyvaha, hiilivetyvaha, Fischer-Tropsch-vaha, synteettinen vaha
fr:E905, Paraffine, Cire microcristalline, Cire de pétrole, Paraffine synthétique, Paraffines, Cire d'hydrocarbure, Cire Fischer-Tropsch, Cire synthétique, 905c(i)
hu:E905, Mikrokristályos viasz, Ásványolajviasz, Szénhidrogénviasz, Fischer-Tropsch-viasz, Szintetikus viasz
it:E905, Cera microcristallina, Paraffina, cera di idrocarburi, cera Fischer-Tropsch, cera sintetica
lt:E905, Mikrokristalinis vaškas, Naftos vaškas, angliavandenilių vaškas, Fischer-Tropsch vaškas, sintetinis vaškas
lv:E905, Mikrokristāliskais vasks
mt:E905, Xama' mikrokristallina, Xama' tal-petroleum, Xama' tal-idrokarburi, Xama' Fischer-Tropsch, Xama' sintetika
nl:E905, Microkristallijne was, Was uit aardolie, koolwaterstofwas, fischer-tropschwas, synthetische was
pl:E905, Wosk mikrokrystaliczny, Wosk naftowy, wosk węglowodorowy, wosk Fischera-Tropscha, wosk syntetyczny
pt:E905, Cera microcristalina, Cera de petróleo, cera de hidrocarbonetos, cera Fischer-Tropsch, cera sintética
ro:E905, Ceară microcristalină, Ceară de petrol, Ceară de hidrocarburi, Ceară Fischer-Tropsch, Ceară sintetică
sk:E905, Mikrokryštalický vosk
sl:E905, Mikrokristalni vosek, vosek iz nafte, ogljikovodikov vosek, vosek Fischer-Tropsch, sintetični vosek
sv:E905, Mikrokristallint vax, Petroleumvax
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905a, mineral oil
bg:E905a, E905a food additive
cs:E905a, Minerální olej
da:E905a, E905a food additive
de:E905a, Mineralöl
el:E905a, E905a food additive
es:E905a, Aceite mineral
et:E905a, Mineraalõli
fi:E905a, Mineraaliöljy
fr:E905a, Huile minérale de qualité alimentaire, Huile minérale
hu:E905a, Ásványi olaj
it:E905a, Olio minerale
lt:E905a, E905a food additive
lv:E905a, E905a food additive
mt:E905a, E905a food additive
nl:E905a, Minerale olie
pl:E905a, Oleje mineralne
pt:E905a, Óleo mineral
ro:E905a, E905a food additive
sk:E905a, E905a food additive
sl:E905a, Mineralno olje
sv:E905a, E905a food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905b, petroleum jelly, petrolatum, white petrolatum, soft paraffin, multi-hydrocarbon
bg:E905b, Вазелин
cs:E905b, Vazelína
da:E905b, E905b food additive
de:E905b, Vaseline
el:E905b, E905b food additive
es:E905b, vaselina, petrolato
et:E905b, Petrolaatum
fi:E905b, E905b food additive
fr:E905b, Vaseline, Petrolatum, gelée de pétrole
hu:E905b, Petrolátum
it:E905b, Petrolato
lt:E905b, E905b food additive
lv:E905b, E905b food additive
mt:E905b, E905b food additive
nl:E905b, E905b food additive
pl:E905b, Wazelina
pt:E905b, vaselina, gelatina de petróleo
ro:E905b, E905b food additive
sk:E905b, E905b food additive
sl:E905b, E905b food additive
sv:E905b, E905b food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905c, E905c food additive
bg:E905c, E905c food additive
cs:E905c, E905c food additive
da:E905c, E905c food additive
de:E905c, E905c food additive
el:E905c, E905c food additive
es:E905c, E905c food additive
et:E905c, E905c food additive
fi:E905c, E905c food additive
fr:E905c, Cire de pétrole, Cire microcristalline, Cire de paraffine
hu:E905c, E905c food additive
it:E905c, E905c food additive
lt:E905c, E905c food additive
lv:E905c, E905c food additive
mt:E905c, E905c food additive
nl:E905c, E905c food additive
pl:E905c, E905c food additive
pt:E905c, E905c food additive
ro:E905c, E905c food additive
sk:E905c, E905c food additive
sl:E905c, E905c food additive
sv:E905c, E905c food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905d, E905d food additive
bg:E905d, E905d food additive
cs:E905d, E905d food additive
da:E905d, E905d food additive
de:E905d, E905d food additive
el:E905d, E905d food additive
es:E905d, E905d food additive
et:E905d, E905d food additive
fi:E905d, E905d food additive
fr:E905d, Paraffine liquide, Petrolatum liquide, Huile minérale de qualité alimentaire, Huile min. blanche
hu:E905d, E905d food additive
it:E905d, E905d food additive
lt:E905d, E905d food additive
lv:E905d, E905d food additive
mt:E905d, E905d food additive
nl:E905d, E905d food additive
pl:E905d, E905d food additive
pt:E905d, E905d food additive
ro:E905d, E905d food additive
sk:E905d, E905d food additive
sl:E905d, E905d food additive
sv:E905d, E905d food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905e, E905e food additive
bg:E905e, E905e food additive
cs:E905e, E905e food additive
da:E905e, E905e food additive
de:E905e, E905e food additive
el:E905e, E905e food additive
es:E905e, E905e food additive
et:E905e, E905e food additive
fi:E905e, E905e food additive
hu:E905e, E905e food additive
it:E905e, E905e food additive
lt:E905e, E905e food additive
lv:E905e, E905e food additive
mt:E905e, E905e food additive
nl:E905e, E905e food additive
pl:E905e, E905e food additive
pt:E905e, E905e food additive
ro:E905e, E905e food additive
sk:E905e, E905e food additive
sl:E905e, E905e food additive
sv:E905e, E905e food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905f, E905f food additive
bg:E905f, E905f food additive
cs:E905f, E905f food additive
da:E905f, E905f food additive
de:E905f, E905f food additive
el:E905f, E905f food additive
es:E905f, E905f food additive
et:E905f, E905f food additive
fi:E905f, E905f food additive
hu:E905f, E905f food additive
it:E905f, E905f food additive
lt:E905f, E905f food additive
lv:E905f, E905f food additive
mt:E905f, E905f food additive
nl:E905f, E905f food additive
pl:E905f, E905f food additive
pt:E905f, E905f food additive
ro:E905f, E905f food additive
sk:E905f, E905f food additive
sl:E905f, E905f food additive
sv:E905f, E905f food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E905g, E905g food additive
bg:E905g, E905g food additive
cs:E905g, E905g food additive
da:E905g, E905g food additive
de:E905g, E905g food additive
el:E905g, E905g food additive
es:E905g, E905g food additive
et:E905g, E905g food additive
fi:E905g, E905g food additive
hu:E905g, E905g food additive
it:E905g, E905g food additive
lt:E905g, E905g food additive
lv:E905g, E905g food additive
mt:E905g, E905g food additive
nl:E905g, E905g food additive
pl:E905g, E905g food additive
pt:E905g, E905g food additive
ro:E905g, E905g food additive
sk:E905g, E905g food additive
sl:E905g, E905g food additive
sv:E905g, E905g food additive
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-04-04
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of microcrystalline wax (E 905) as a food additive.

en:E906, Benzoin resin
bg:E906, E906 food additive
cs:E906, Benzoe, Pryskyřice benzoe, Guma benzoe
da:E906, E906 food additive
de:E906, Benzoe, Benzoeharz
el:E906, E906 food additive
es:E906, E906 food additive
et:E906, E906 food additive
fi:E906, E906 food additive
fr:E906, Gomme benzoïque, Gomme benjoin, Gomme de benjoin, gum storax, gum benzoin, gum benjamin, Benjoin, Storax
hu:E906, Benzoeviasz
it:E906, Resina di benzoino, Gomma di benzoino
lt:E906, Benzoinė derva
lv:E906, E906 food additive
mt:E906, E906 food additive
nl:E906, Benzoïnegum, Benzoë
pl:E906, Styraks, Benzoin, benzoë
pt:E906, E906 food additive
ro:E906, E906 food additive
sk:E906, E906 food additive
sl:E906, E906 food additive
sv:E906, Bensoeharts

en:E907, Hydrogenated poly-1-decene, Hydrogenated polydec-1-ene, Crystalline wax
bg:E907, Хидрогениран поли-1-децен, Хидрогениран полидец-1-ен
cs:E907, Hydrogenovaný poly-1-decen, Hydrogenovaný poly(dec-1-en)
da:E907, Hydrogeneret poly-1-decen, Hydrogeneret polydec-1-en
de:E907, Hydriertes poly-1-decen, hydriertes Polydec-1-en
el:E907, Υδρογονωμενο πολυ-1-δεκενιο, Υδρογονωμένο πολυδεκένιο-1
es:E907, Poli-1-deceno hidrogenado, Polidec-1-eno hidrogenado
et:E907, Hüdrogeenitud polü-1-detseen, Hüdrogeenitud polü-α-olefiin
fi:E907, Vetykäsitelty poly-1-dekeeni, Vetykäsitelty polydek-1-eeni
fr:E907, Poly-1-décène hydrogéné, Polydéc-1-ène hydrogéné
hu:E907, Hidrogénezett poli-1-decén, Hidrogénezett polidec-1-én
it:E907, Poli-1-decene idrogenato, Polidec-1-ene idrogenato
lt:E907, Hidrintas poli(1-decenas), Hidrintas poli(1-decenas)
lv:E907, Hidrogenēts poli-1-decēns, Hidrogenēts polidec-1-ēns
mt:E907, Poli-1-deċen idroġinata, Polideċ-1-en idroġenat
nl:E907, Gehydrogeneerd poly-1-deceen, Gehydrogeneerd polydec-1-een
pl:E907, Uwodorniony poli-1-deken, Uwodorniony poli-1-deken
pt:E907, Poli-1-deceno hidrogenado, Polidec-1-eno hidrogenado
ro:E907, Poli-1-decenă hidrogenată, Polidec-1-enă hidrogenată
sk:E907, Hydrogenovaný poly-1-decén, Hydrogenovaný polydec-1-én
sl:E907, Hidrogenirani poli-1-decen, hidrogenirani polidec-1-en
sv:E907, Hydrogenerat poly-1-deken, Hydrogenerat polydek-1-en

en:E908, Rice bran wax
bg:E908, E908 food additive
cs:E908, E908 food additive
da:E908, E908 food additive
de:E908, Reiskleiewachs
el:E908, E908 food additive
es:E908, E908 food additive
et:E908, E908 food additive
fi:E908, E908 food additive
fr:E908, Cire de son de riz
hu:E908, Arrosviasz
it:E908, E908 food additive
lt:E908, E908 food additive
lv:E908, E908 food additive
mt:E908, E908 food additive
nl:E908, Riijstkorrelwas
pl:E908, E908 food additive
pt:E908, E908 food additive
ro:E908, E908 food additive
sk:E908, E908 food additive
sl:E908, E908 food additive
sv:E908, E908 food additive

en:E909, Spermaceti
bg:E909, E909 food additive
cs:E909, E909 food additive
da:E909, Spermacetolie
de:E909, Walrat
el:E909, E909 food additive
es:E909, Espermaceti
et:E909, E909 food additive
fi:E909, Valaanpäävaha
fr:E909, Cire de blanc de baleine, Spermaceti
hu:E909, E909 food additive
it:E909, Spermaceti
lt:E909, E909 food additive
lv:E909, Spermacets
mt:E909, E909 food additive
nl:E909, Walschot
pl:E909, Spermacet
pt:E909, Espermacete
ro:E909, E909 food additive
sk:E909, E909 food additive
sl:E909, E909 food additive
sv:E909, Valrav

en:E910, Wax ester
bg:E910, E910 food additive
cs:E910, E910 food additive
da:E910, E910 food additive
de:E910, E910 food additive
el:E910, E910 food additive
es:E910, E910 food additive
et:E910, E910 food additive
fi:E910, E910 food additive
fr:E910, Esters de cires
hu:E910, E910 food additive
it:E910, E910 food additive
lt:E910, E910 food additive
lv:E910, E910 food additive
mt:E910, E910 food additive
nl:E910, E910 food additive
pl:E910, E910 food additive
pt:E910, E910 food additive
ro:E910, E910 food additive
sk:E910, E910 food additive
sl:E910, E910 food additive
sv:E910, E910 food additive

en:E911, Fatty acid methyl ester
bg:E911, E911 food additive
cs:E911, E911 food additive
da:E911, E911 food additive
de:E911, E911 food additive
el:E911, E911 food additive
es:E911, E911 food additive
et:E911, E911 food additive
fi:E911, E911 food additive
fr:E911, Esters méthyliques d'acides gras
hu:E911, E911 food additive
it:E911, E911 food additive
lt:E911, E911 food additive
lv:E911, E911 food additive
mt:E911, E911 food additive
nl:E911, E911 food additive
pl:E911, E911 food additive
pt:E911, E911 food additive
ro:E911, E911 food additive
sk:E911, E911 food additive
sl:E911, E911 food additive
sv:E911, E911 food additive

en:E912, Montanic acid esters, Montan acid esters
bg:E912, Естери на монтановата киселина
cs:E912, Montan acid esters
da:E912, Montansyreestere
de:E912, Montansäureester
el:E912, Εστερες του μοντανικου οξεος
es:E912, Ésteres de ácido montánico
et:E912, Montaanhappe estrid
fi:E912, Montaanahapon esterit
fr:E912, Ester de l'acide montanique, Esters de l'acide montanique
hu:E912, Montánsav-észterek, Montánsavak
it:E912, Esteri dell'acido montanico
lt:E912, Montano rūgšties esteriai
lv:E912, Montānskābes esteri
mt:E912, Esteri tal-aċidu montaniku
nl:E912, Esters van montaanzuur
pl:E912, Estry kwasu montanowego
pt:E912, Ésteres do ácido montânico
ro:E912, Esteri ai acidului montanic
sk:E912, Estery kyseliny montánovej
sl:E912, Estri montanske kisline
sv:E912, Montansyraestrar
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-06-07
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of montan acid esters (E 912) as a food additive.

en:E913, Lanolin, sheep wool grease, wool wax, wool grease
bg:E913, E913 food additive
cs:E913, Lanolin, Adeps Lanae
da:E913, Lanolin
de:E913, Wollwachs, Adeps lanae, Wollwachsalkohole, Wollfett, Lanolin
el:E913, E913 food additive
es:E913, Lanolina
et:E913, E913 food additive
fi:E913, Lanoliini, Lampaanvillarasva, Adeps
fr:E913, Lanoline, 8006-54-0
hu:E913, E913 food additive
it:E913, Lanolina, Esipo
lt:E913, E913 food additive
lv:E913, E913 food additive
mt:E913, E913 food additive
nl:E913, Lanoline, Wolvet
pl:E913, Lanolina
pt:E913, Lanolina
ro:E913, E913 food additive
sk:E913, Lanolín
sl:E913, E913 food additive
sv:E913, Lanolin, Adeps lanæ, E 913

en:E914, Oxidised polyethylene wax
bg:E914, Окислен полиетиленов восък
cs:E914, Oxidovaný polyethylenový vosk
da:E914, Oxideret polyethylenvoks
de:E914, Polyethylenwachs-oxidate
el:E914, Κηρος οξειδωμενων πολυαιθυλενιων
es:E914, Cera de polietileno oxidada
et:E914, Oksüdeeritud polüetüleenvaha
fi:E914, Hapetettu polyeteenivaha
fr:E914, Cire de polyéthylène oxydée
hu:E914, Oxidált polietilénviasz
it:E914, Cera polietilenica ossidata
lt:E914, Oksiduotas polietileno vaškas
lv:E914, Oksidēti polietilēnsveķi
mt:E914, Xama' tal-polietilen ossidat
nl:E914, Geoxideerde polyethyleenwas
pl:E914, Wosk polietylenowy utleniony
pt:E914, Cera de polietileno oxidada
ro:E914, Ceară polietilenică oxidată
sk:E914, Oxidovaný polyetylénový vosk
sl:E914, Oksidiran polietilenski vosek
sv:E914, Oxiderat polyetylenvax
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-07-02
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of oxidised polyethylene wax (E 914) as a food additive

en:E915, Esters of Colophane, Esters of colophony
bg:E915, E915 food additive
cs:E915, E915 food additive
da:E915, E915 food additive
de:E915, E915 food additive
el:E915, E915 food additive
es:E915, E915 food additive
et:E915, E915 food additive
fi:E915, E915 food additive
fr:E915, Esters de colophane
hu:E915, E915 food additive
it:E915, E915 food additive
lt:E915, E915 food additive
lv:E915, E915 food additive
mt:E915, E915 food additive
nl:E915, Colofonium esters
pl:E915, E915 food additive
pt:E915, E915 food additive
ro:E915, E915 food additive
sk:E915, E915 food additive
sl:E915, E915 food additive
sv:E915, E915 food additive

en:E916, Calcium iodate
bg:E916, E916 food additive
cs:E916, E916 food additive
da:E916, E916 food additive
de:E916, Calciumiodat
el:E916, E916 food additive
es:E916, E916 food additive
et:E916, E916 food additive
fi:E916, Kalsiumjodaatti
fr:E916, Iodate de calcium
hu:E916, Kalcium-jodát
it:E916, Iodato di calcio
lt:E916, E916 food additive
lv:E916, E916 food additive
mt:E916, E916 food additive
nl:E916, Calciumjodaat
pl:E916, Jodan wapnia
pt:E916, E916 food additive
ro:E916, E916 food additive
sk:E916, E916 food additive
sl:E916, E916 food additive
sv:E916, E916 food additive

en:E917, Potassium iodate
bg:E917, E917 food additive
cs:E917, Jodičnan draselný, Jodečnan draselný
da:E917, E917 food additive
de:E917, Kaliumiodat, Kaliumjodat, KIO3
el:E917, E917 food additive
es:E917, Yodato potásico
et:E917, E917 food additive
fi:E917, Kaliumjodaatti, KIO3
fr:E917, Iodate de potassium, KIO3
hu:E917, Kálium-jodát
it:E917, Iodato di potassio, KIO3
lt:E917, E917 food additive
lv:E917, E917 food additive
mt:E917, E917 food additive
nl:E917, Kaliumjodaat, KIO3
pl:E917, Jodan potasu, Jodan(V) potasu
pt:E917, Iodato de potássio
ro:E917, E917 food additive
sk:E917, E917 food additive
sl:E917, E917 food additive
sv:E917, E917 food additive
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:flour-treatment-agent

en:E918, Nitrogen oxides
bg:E918, E918 food additive
cs:E918, E918 food additive
da:E918, E918 food additive
de:E918, E918 food additive
el:E918, E918 food additive
es:E918, E918 food additive
et:E918, E918 food additive
fi:E918, E918 food additive
fr:E918, Oxydes d'azote
hu:E918, E918 food additive
it:E918, E918 food additive
lt:E918, E918 food additive
lv:E918, E918 food additive
mt:E918, E918 food additive
nl:E918, E918 food additive
pl:E918, E918 food additive
pt:E918, E918 food additive
ro:E918, E918 food additive
sk:E918, E918 food additive
sl:E918, E918 food additive
sv:E918, E918 food additive

en:E919, Nitrosyl chloride
bg:E919, E919 food additive
cs:E919, E919 food additive
da:E919, E919 food additive
de:E919, Nitrosylchlorid, NOCl
el:E919, E919 food additive
es:E919, E919 food additive
et:E919, E919 food additive
fi:E919, Nitrosyylikloridi
fr:E919, Chlorure de nitrosyle, Oxychlorure d'azote, ClNO, NOCl
hu:E919, E919 food additive
it:E919, cloruro di nitrosile
lt:E919, E919 food additive
lv:E919, E919 food additive
mt:E919, E919 food additive
nl:E919, Nitrosylchloride
pl:E919, Chlorek nitrozylu, Nocl
pt:E919, Cloreto de nitrosilo
ro:E919, E919 food additive
sk:E919, E919 food additive
sl:E919, E919 food additive
sv:E919, Nitrosylklorid, Nitrosoniumklorid, Kväveoxyklorid

en:E920, L-cysteine hydrochloride, L-Cysteine, L-2-Amino-3-mercaptopropionic acid, L-Cys, (R)-2-Amino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid, (2R)-2-amino-3-sulfanylpropanoic acid, (2R)-2-amino-3-mercaptopropanoic acid
bg:E920, L-цистеин
cs:E920, L-cystein, Cystein
da:E920, L-cystein, Cystein
de:E920, L-cystein, Cystein, D-Cystein, Cysteinhydrochlorid-Monohydrat, Zystein, E 920
el:E920, L-κυστεϊνη, Κυστεΐνη
es:E920, L-cisteína, Cisteína
et:E920, L-tsüsteiin
fi:E920, L-kysteiini, Kysteiini
fr:E920, L-Cystéine et ses chlorhydrates, L-Cystéine, Cystéine, 52-90-4, C3H7NO2S, 921-01-7, 3374-22-9
hu:E920, L-cisztein, Cisztein
it:E920, L-cisteina, cisteina, C3H7NO2S, Cisteine, Acido α-ammino-β-mercaptopropionico
lt:E920, L-cisteinas, Cisteinas
lv:E920, L cisteīns, Cisteīns, C3h7no2s
mt:E920, L-ċisteina
nl:E920, L-cysteïne, cysteïne
pl:E920, L-cysteina, Cysteina
pt:E920, L-cisteína, Cisteína
ro:E920, L-cisteină, Cisteină
sk:E920, L-cysteín, Cysteín
sl:E920, L-cistein, Cistein
sv:E920, L-cystein, Cystein, E 910, Cysteiner, E 920
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:flour-treatment-agent

en:E921, L-cysteine hydrochloride monohydrate
bg:E921, E921 food additive
cs:E921, E921 food additive
da:E921, E921 food additive
de:E921, E921 food additive
el:E921, E921 food additive
es:E921, E921 food additive
et:E921, E921 food additive
fi:E921, E921 food additive
fr:E921, Cystine
hu:E921, E921 food additive
it:E921, E921 food additive
lt:E921, E921 food additive
lv:E921, E921 food additive
mt:E921, E921 food additive
nl:E921, L-Cystine
pl:E921, E921 food additive
pt:E921, E921 food additive
ro:E921, E921 food additive
sk:E921, E921 food additive
sl:E921, E921 food additive
sv:E921, E921 food additive

en:E922, Potassium persulfate
bg:E922, E922 food additive
cs:E922, E922 food additive
da:E922, E922 food additive
de:E922, Kaliumperoxodisulfat, Dikaliumperoxodisulfat, Kaliumpersulfat, K2S2O8, Überschwefelsaures Kalium, E 922, Kalium persulfuricum
el:E922, E922 food additive
es:E922, Persulfato de potasio
et:E922, E922 food additive
fi:E922, Kaliumpersulfaatti, Kaliumperoksidisulfaatti, Kaliumperoksodisulfaatti
fr:E922, Persulfate de potassium
hu:E922, Kálium-peroxo-diszulfát
it:E922, Perossidisolfato di potassio, K2O8S2, Persolfato di potassio
lt:E922, E922 food additive
lv:E922, E922 food additive
mt:E922, E922 food additive
nl:E922, Kaliumpersulfaat, Kaliumperoxodisulfaat
pl:E922, Nadsiarczan potasu
pt:E922, E922 food additive
ro:E922, E922 food additive
ru:E922, Пероксодисульфат калия
sk:E922, E922 food additive
sl:E922, E922 food additive
sv:E922, Kaliumpersulfat, Kaliumperoxodisulfat, Dikaliumperoxodisulfat

en:E923, ammonium persulfate
bg:E923, E923 food additive
cs:E923, Peroxodisíran amonný, N2H8S2O8, H8N2O8S2, (NH4)2S2O8
da:E923, E923 food additive
de:E923, Ammoniumperoxodisulfat, (NH4)2S2O8, Diammoniumperoxodisulfat, Ammoniumpersulfat
el:E923, E923 food additive
es:E923, E923 food additive
et:E923, E923 food additive
fi:E923, Ammoniumpersulfaatti
fr:E923, Persulfate d'ammonium, 7727-54-0, (NH4)2S2O8
hu:E923, Ammónium-peroxo-diszulfát
it:E923, Perossidisolfato d'ammonio, (NH4)2S2O8, Persolfato di ammonio
lt:E923, E923 food additive
lv:E923, E923 food additive
mt:E923, E923 food additive
nl:E923, Ammoniumpersulfaat, Ammoniumperoxydisulfaat
pl:E923, Nadsiarczan amonu
pt:E923, Persulfato de amônia
ro:E923, E923 food additive
sk:E923, E923 food additive
sl:E923, E923 food additive
sv:E923, Ammoniumpersulfat, Ammoniumperoxidisulfat, Ammoniumperoxiddisulfat, Ammoniumperoxodisulfat

en:E924, Potassium bromate 
bg:E924, E924 food additive
cs:E924, Bromičnan draselný, KBrO3, E 924
da:E924, E924 food additive
de:E924, Kaliumbromat, KBrO3
el:E924, E924 food additive
es:E924, Bromato de potasio
et:E924, E924 food additive
fi:E924, Kaliumbromaatti
fr:E924, Bromate de potassium, 7758-01-2
hu:E924, Kálium-bromát
it:E924, Bromato di potassio, KBrO3
lt:E924, E924 food additive
lv:E924, E924 food additive
mt:E924, E924 food additive
nl:E924, Kaliumbromaten, Kaliumbromaat, KBrO3
pl:E924, Bromian potasu
pt:E924, Bromato de potássio
ro:E924, E924 food additive
ru:E924, Бромат калия
sk:E924, E924 food additive
sl:E924, E924 food additive
sv:E924, E924 food additive

en:E924a, Potassium bromate 
bg:E924a, E924a food additive
cs:E924a, E924a food additive
da:E924a, E924a food additive
de:E924a, E924a food additive
el:E924a, E924a food additive
es:E924a, E924a food additive
et:E924a, E924a food additive
fi:E924a, E924a food additive
fr:E924a, Bromate de potassium
hu:E924a, E924a food additive
it:E924a, E924a food additive
lt:E924a, E924a food additive
lv:E924a, E924a food additive
mt:E924a, E924a food additive
nl:E924a, E924a food additive
pl:E924a, E924a food additive
pt:E924a, E924a food additive
ro:E924a, E924a food additive
sk:E924a, E924a food additive
sl:E924a, E924a food additive
sv:E924a, E924a food additive

en:E924b, Calcium bromate 
bg:E924b, E924b food additive
cs:E924b, E924b food additive
da:E924b, E924b food additive
de:E924b, Calciumbromat
el:E924b, E924b food additive
es:E924b, E924b food additive
et:E924b, E924b food additive
fi:E924b, E924b food additive
fr:E924b, Bromate de calcium
hu:E924b, E924b food additive
it:E924b, E924b food additive
lt:E924b, E924b food additive
lv:E924b, E924b food additive
mt:E924b, E924b food additive
nl:E924b, E924b food additive
pl:E924b, E924b food additive
pt:E924b, Bromato de cálcio
ro:E924b, E924b food additive
sk:E924b, E924b food additive
sl:E924b, E924b food additive
sv:E924b, E924b food additive

en:E925, Chlorine, element 17
bg:E925, Хлор
cs:E925, chlor
da:E925, klor
de:E925, Chlor
el:E925, χλώριο
es:E925, cloro
et:E925, kloor
fi:E925, kloori
fr:E925, Chlore
hu:E925, klór, halvany
it:E925, cloro
lt:E925, chloras
lv:E925, hlors
mt:E925, kloru
nl:E925, Chloor
pl:E925, chlor
pt:E925, cloro
ro:E925, clor
sk:E925, chlór
sl:E925, klor
sv:E925, klor

en:E926, Chlorine dioxide
bg:E926, E926 food additive
cs:E926, Oxid chloričitý, Kysličník chloričitý, ClO2
da:E926, E926 food additive
de:E926, Chlordioxid, Chlor(IV)-oxid, ClO2, OClO
el:E926, E926 food additive
es:E926, E926 food additive
et:E926, E926 food additive
fi:E926, E926 food additive
fr:E926, Dioxyde de chlore, ClO2, 10049-04-4
hu:E926, Klór-dioxid
it:E926, Diossido di cloro, Biossido di cloro, Ossido di cloro, ClO2
lt:E926, E926 food additive
lv:E926, E926 food additive
mt:E926, E926 food additive
nl:E926, Chloordioxide
pl:E926, Ditlenek chloru, Tlenek chloru(IV), Dwutlenek chloru
pt:E926, Dióxido de cloro
ro:E926, E926 food additive
sk:E926, E926 food additive
sl:E926, E926 food additive
sv:E926, Klordioxid

en:E927, E927 food additive
bg:E927, E927 food additive
cs:E927, E927 food additive
da:E927, E927 food additive
de:E927, E927 food additive
el:E927, E927 food additive
es:E927, E927 food additive
et:E927, E927 food additive
fi:E927, E927 food additive
fr:E927, Azoformamide, Azodicarbonamide
hu:E927, E927 food additive
it:E927, E927 food additive
lt:E927, E927 food additive
lv:E927, E927 food additive
mt:E927, E927 food additive
nl:E927, E927 food additive
pl:E927, E927 food additive
pt:E927, E927 food additive
ro:E927, E927 food additive
sk:E927, E927 food additive
sl:E927, E927 food additive
sv:E927, E927 food additive

en:E927a, Azodicarbonamide
bg:E927a, E927a food additive
cs:E927a, E927a food additive
da:E927a, E927a food additive
de:E927a, Azodicarboxamid, Azodicarbonamid
el:E927a, E927a food additive
es:E927a, E927a food additive
et:E927a, E927a food additive
fi:E927a, Atsodikarbonamidi
fr:E927a, Azoformamide, Azodicarbonamide
hu:E927a, E927a food additive
it:E927a, Azodicarbonammide
lt:E927a, E927a food additive
lv:E927a, E927a food additive
mt:E927a, E927a food additive
nl:E927a, Azodicarbonamide, 1\,1'-azobisformamide
pl:E927a, E927a food additive
pt:E927a, Azodicarbonamida
ro:E927a, E927a food additive
sk:E927a, E927a food additive
sl:E927a, E927a food additive
sv:E927a, E927a food additive

en:E927b, Carbamide, urea
bg:E927b, Карбамид, Пикочина, Карбонилдиамид, Урея, Уреа
cs:E927b, Karbamid, Močovina, E 927b
da:E927b, Carbamid, Urea, Urinstof
de:E927b, Carbamid, Harnstoff, E 927b, Urea, Kohlensäurediamid
el:E927b, Καρβαμιδιο, Ουρία
es:E927b, Carbamida, Urea
et:E927b, Karbamiid, Uurea, Kusiaine
fi:E927b, Karbamidi, Urea, Virtsa-aine, Karbonyylidiamidi
fr:E927b, Carbamide, Urée, R2N-CO-NR2, CON2H4, Perlurée, 57-13-6
hu:E927b, Karbamid, Urea
it:E927b, Carbammide, Urea, Ureici, Carbonildiammide, CH4N2O
lt:E927b, Karbamidas, (NH2)2CO, Anglies rūgšties diamidas, Urėja, Anglies rūgšties diamindas, Šlapalas
lv:E927b, Karbamīds, Urīnviela, (nh4)2co
mt:E927b, Karbamida
nl:E927b, Carbamide, Ureum, Urea, 57-13-6
pl:E927b, Karbamid, Mocznik
pt:E927b, Carbamida, Ureia
ro:E927b, Carbamidă, Uree
sk:E927b, Karbamid, Močovina
sl:E927b, Karbamid, Sečnina, Urea
sv:E927b, Karbamid, Urea, E 927b, E 927 b, E927 b, Urinämne

en:E928, Benzole peroxide, benzoyl peroxide
bg:E928, E928 food additive
cs:E928, Benzoylperoxid, Dibenzoylperoxid
da:E928, E928 food additive
de:E928, Dibenzoylperoxid, DBPO, Benzoylperoxid, Benzylperoxyd
el:E928, E928 food additive
es:E928, Peróxido de benzoílo
et:E928, Bensoüülperoksiid
fi:E928, Bentsoyyliperoksidi, Basiron AC, Brevoxyl, Bentsoyylisuperoksidi, Dibentsoyyliperoksidi, Bentsoeyyliperoksidi
fr:E928, peroxyde de benzoyle, C14H10O4, 94-36-0
hu:E928, E928 food additive
it:E928, Benzoperossido, C14H10O4
lt:E928, E928 food additive
lv:E928, Benzoila peroksīds
mt:E928, E928 food additive
nl:E928, Benzoylperoxide
pl:E928, Nadtlenek benzoilu
pt:E928, Peróxido de benzoíla, Peróxido de benzoil
ro:E928, Peroxid de benzoil
sk:E928, Benzoylperoxid
sl:E928, Benzoilperoksid
sv:E928, Bensoylperoxid, Basiron, Stioxyl, Benzoylperoxid
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E929, acetone peroxide, Mother of Satan, Triacetone Triperoxide, Peroxyacetone
bg:E929, Ацетонов пероксид
cs:E929, Peroxidy acetonu, Peroxoaceton, TATP, Peroxid acetonu
da:E929, Acetoneperoxid, TATP, Satans Mor, Acetone peroxid, Triacetoneperoxid
de:E929, Acetonperoxid, TATP, Triacetontriperoxid, Acetonperoxyd, Azetonperoxid
el:E929, E929 food additive
es:E929, Peróxido de acetona, Peroxiacetona, TATP
et:E929, E929 food additive
fi:E929, Asetoniperoksidi, Dppp, Tcap
fr:E929, Peroxyde d’acétone, C12H24O8, 17088-37-8, TATP, C9H18O6
hu:E929, Aceton-peroxid
it:E929, Perossido di acetone, Triperossido di triacetone, TATP, C9H18O6, Perossido di tricicloacetone, TCAP, Perossiacetone
lt:E929, Acetono peroksidas
lv:E929, Acetona peroksīds, Tatp, C9h18o6
mt:E929, E929 food additive
nl:E929, Acetonperoxide, Peroxyaceton, Triaceton-triperoxide, TATP, Aceton-peroxide, Tricycloaceton-peroxide
pl:E929, Nadtlenek acetonu, CTAP, TCAP, TATP
pt:E929, Triperóxido de triacetona, Peróxido de acetona, TATP
ro:E929, E929 food additive
sk:E929, E929 food additive
sl:E929, Aceton peroksid
sv:E929, Acetonperoxid, ATCP, Tricykloacetonperoxid, TATP, Triacetontriperoxid, TCAP, Acetontricykloperoxid

en:E930, calcium peroxide
bg:E930, E930 food additive
cs:E930, E930 food additive
da:E930, E930 food additive
de:E930, Calciumperoxid, Calciumdioxid, E 930, Calciumsuperoxid
el:E930, E930 food additive
es:E930, E930 food additive
et:E930, E930 food additive
fi:E930, E930 food additive
fr:E930, Peroxyde de Calcium
hu:E930, E930 food additive
it:E930, Perossido di calcio
lt:E930, E930 food additive
lv:E930, E930 food additive
mt:E930, E930 food additive
nl:E930, Calciumperoxide
pl:E930, Nadtlenek wapnia
pt:E930, E930 food additive
ro:E930, E930 food additive
ru:E930, Пероксид кальция
sk:E930, E930 food additive
sl:E930, E930 food additive
sv:E930, E930 food additive

en:E931, E931 food additive
bg:E931, E931 food additive
cs:E931, E931 food additive
da:E931, E931 food additive
de:E931, E931 food additive
el:E931, E931 food additive
es:E931, E931 food additive
et:E931, E931 food additive
fi:E931, E931 food additive
fr:E931, Nitrogène
hu:E931, E931 food additive
it:E931, E931 food additive
lt:E931, E931 food additive
lv:E931, E931 food additive
mt:E931, E931 food additive
nl:E931, E931 food additive
pl:E931, E931 food additive
pt:E931, E931 food additive
ro:E931, E931 food additive
sk:E931, E931 food additive
sl:E931, E931 food additive
sv:E931, E931 food additive

en:E932, E932 food additive
bg:E932, E932 food additive
cs:E932, E932 food additive
da:E932, E932 food additive
de:E932, E932 food additive
el:E932, E932 food additive
es:E932, E932 food additive
et:E932, E932 food additive
fi:E932, E932 food additive
fr:E932, Oxyde d'azote
hu:E932, E932 food additive
it:E932, E932 food additive
lt:E932, E932 food additive
lv:E932, E932 food additive
mt:E932, E932 food additive
nl:E932, E932 food additive
pl:E932, E932 food additive
pt:E932, E932 food additive
ro:E932, E932 food additive
sk:E932, E932 food additive
sl:E932, E932 food additive
sv:E932, E932 food additive

en:E938, Argon, element 18
bg:E938, Аргон
cs:E938, Argon
da:E938, Argon
de:E938, Argon
el:E938, Αργο
es:E938, Argón
et:E938, Argoon
fi:E938, Argon
fr:E938, Argon
hu:E938, Argon
it:E938, Argon, argo
lt:E938, Argonas
lv:E938, Argons
mt:E938, Argon
nl:E938, Argon
pl:E938, Argon
pt:E938, Árgon, árgão, argónio
ro:E938, Argon
ru:E938, Аргон
sk:E938, Argón
sl:E938, Argon
sv:E938, Argon

en:E939, Helium, element 2
bg:E939, Хелий
cs:E939, Helium
da:E939, Helium
de:E939, Helium
el:E939, Ηλιο
es:E939, Helio
et:E939, Heelium
fi:E939, Helium
fr:E939, Hélium
hu:E939, Hélium
it:E939, Elio
lt:E939, Helis
lv:E939, Hēlijs
mt:E939, Elju
nl:E939, Helium
pl:E939, Hel
pt:E939, Hélio, elemento 2
ro:E939, Heliu
ru:E939, Гелий
sk:E939, Hélium
sl:E939, Helij
sv:E939, Helium

en:E940, Dichlorodifluoromethane
bg:E940, E940 food additive
cs:E940, Dichlordifluormethan, Propellant 12, Difluordichlormethan, Difluordichlormetan, CFC-012, CCl2F2, CFC-12, UN 1028, Arcton 12, Freon 12, Arcton 6, R-12, Halon 122, Dichlordifluormetan, P-12
da:E940, E940 food additive
de:E940, Dichlordifluormethan, CFC-12, Freon-12, Frigen 12, Freon12, Difluordichlormethan
el:E940, Διφθοροδιχλωρομεθάνιο, Φρεόν, Διχλωροδιφθορομεθάνιο
es:E940, E940 food additive
et:E940, E940 food additive
fi:E940, E940 food additive
fr:E940, Dichlorodifluorométhane, 75-71-8, CCl2F2, CFC12, CFC-12, Fréon 12
hu:E940, Difluor-diklórmetán
it:E940, Diclorodifluorometano, CCl2F2
lt:E940, E940 food additive
lv:E940, E940 food additive
mt:E940, E940 food additive
nl:E940, Dichlorodifluormethaan, Dichloordifluormethaan, Dichlorodifluoromethaan
pl:E940, Dichlorodifluorometan, Dwuchlorodwufluorometan, Freon-12, CCl2F2
pt:E940, Diclorodifluorometano, Diclorodifluormetano
ro:E940, E940 food additive
ru:E940, Дихлордифторметан, Дифтордихлорметан, Фреон-12, R-12, Хладон - 12
sk:E940, E940 food additive
sl:E940, E940 food additive
sv:E940, Difluordiklormetan, CFC-12, Diklordifluormetan, Freon 12, Halon 122

en:E941, Nitrogen, element 7
bg:E941, Азот
cs:E941, Dusík
da:E941, Nitrogen, kvælstof
de:E941, Stickstoff
el:E941, Αζωτο
es:E941, Nitrógeno, ázoe
et:E941, Lämmastik
fi:E941, Typpi
fr:E941, , Azote
hu:E941, Nitrogén
it:E941, Azoto, nitrogen
lt:E941, Azotas
lv:E941, Slāpeklis
mt:E941, Nitroġenu, ażotu
nl:E941, Stikstof
pl:E941, Azot
pt:E941, Azoto, nitrogénio, elemento 7
ro:E941, Azot
ru:E941, Азот
sk:E941, Dusík
sl:E941, Dušik
sv:E941, Kväve
additives_classes:en: en:propellant

en:E942, Nitrous oxide
bg:E942, Азотист оксид, Диазотен оксид, Райски газ
cs:E942, Oxid dusný, Azoxid, Rajský plyn, Kysličník dusný, Azooxid, E 942
da:E942, Dinitrogenoxid, Lattergas
de:E942, Distickstoffoxid, Distickstoffmonoxid, Lachgas, E 942, Stickoxidul, Stickoxydul, R-744A, Kapsler, Distickstoffmonooxid, Azo-oxid, Azooxid
el:E942, Υποξειδιο του αζωτου, πρωτοξείδιο του αζώτου, άεριο του γέλιου, αέριο γέλιου, ιλαρυντικό αέριο
es:E942, Óxido nitroso, Óxido de nitrógeno (I), Óxido de dinitrógeno, Gas ilarante, Gas de la risa, Gas hilarante
et:E942, Dilämmastikmonooksiid, Dilämmastikoksiid, Naerugaas
fi:E942, Typpioksiduuli, Ilokaasu, Dityppioksidi, Dityppimonoksidi
fr:E942, Protoxyde d'azote, oxyde nitreux, hémioxyde d'azote, gaz hilarant, N2O, Oxyde de diazote, Protoxide d'azote, 10024-97-2, E 942
hu:E942, Dinitrogén-oxid
it:E942, Protossido di azoto, Ossido di diazoto, Monossido di diazoto, Protossido d'azoto, Ossido nitroso, Nitrous Oxide Systems, Anidride iponitrosa, Ossidulo di azoto
lt:E942, Diazoto oksidas, Diazoto monoksidas, Azoto suboksidas, Juoko dujos
lv:E942, Slāpekļa (i) oksīds, Dislāpekļa oksīds, Smieklu gāze, Jautrības gāze, Slāpekļa oksiduls, Slāpekļa (V) oksonitrīds
mt:E942, Ossidu nitruż
nl:E942, Distikstofoxide, distikstofmonoxide, Lachgas
pl:E942, Podtlenek azotu, Tlenek diazotu
pt:E942, Óxido nitroso, Óxido de dinitrogênio, Gás hilariante, Gás do riso, Gás de estufa, Protóxido de nitrogênio, Óxido de Azoto
ro:E942, Protoxid de azot, Gaz ilariant
ru:E942, Закись азота, оксид азота(I), Веселящий газ, Азота закись, Оксид диазота, Е942, Смехогаз, Динитрогена оксид, Динитрогена моноокись, Низший оксид азота
sk:E942, Oxid dusný
sl:E942, Dušikov (i) oksid, Didušikov oksid, Rajni plin, Smejalni plin
sv:E942, Dikväveoxid, Lustgas, Kväveoxidul, Dikvävemonoxid, E 942, Entonox, Kalinox, Medimix, Salpeteroxid
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant, en:propellant

en:E943a, Butane
bg:E943a, Бутан
cs:E943a, Butan, E 943a, CH3CH2CH2CH3, N-butan
da:E943a, Butan, Lightergas, Butangas
de:E943a, Butan, n-Butan, E 943a, Butangas
el:E943a, Βουτανιο, PrMe, CH3CH2CH2CH3, Διαιθύλιο, CH3(CH2)2CH3
es:E943a, Butano, N-butano, Gas butano, Butilo
et:E943a, Butaan
fi:E943a, Butaani, N-butaani
fr:E943a, Butane, n-butane
hu:E943a, Bután
it:E943a, Butano, N-butano
lt:E943a, Butanas
lv:E943a, Butāns, C4h10
mt:E943a, Butan
nl:E943a, Butaan, 106-97-8, E943b, Orthobutaan
pl:E943a, Butan, R600, Izobutan, N-Butan, Metylopropan, R 600
pt:E943a, Butano, C4h10, N-butano, Gás butano, Iso-Butano
ro:E943a, Butan
sk:E943a, Bután
sl:E943a, Butan, Projekt:Butan
sv:E943a, Butan, Butangas, N-butan

en:E943b, Isobutane
bg:E943b, Изобутан
cs:E943b, Isobutan, 2-methylpropan, 2-metylpropan, Izobutan, Methylpropan, Izo-butan, Iso-butan, R-600a
da:E943b, Isobutan
de:E943b, Isobutan, Methylpropan, R600a, E 943b, Iso-Butan
el:E943b, Ισοβουτανιο, Μεθυλοπροπάνιο, IPrMe, IBuH, (CH3)3CH, Τριμεθυλομεθάνιο
es:E943b, Isobutano, Metilpropano, Isobutilo, 2-metilpropano
et:E943b, Isobutaan
fi:E943b, Isobutaani, 2-metyylipropaani
fr:E943b, Isobutane, 2-méthylpropane, R600a, 75-28-5, R 600a, Méthylpropane, Greenfreeze
hu:E943b, Izobután
it:E943b, Isobutano, 2-metilpropano, Metilpropano, R600a
lt:E943b, Izobutanas
lv:E943b, Izobutāns
mt:E943b, Isobutan
nl:E943b, Isobutaan, Methylpropaan
pl:E943b, Izobutan
pt:E943b, Isobutano, Metil propano, Iso-butano
ro:E943b, Izobutan
sk:E943b, Izobután, Metylpropán, R600a
sl:E943b, Izobutan
sv:E943b, Isobutan, Metylpropan, 2-metylpropan

en:E944, Propane
bg:E944, Пропан
cs:E944, Propan, C3H8, CH3CH2CH3, E 944
da:E944, Propan
de:E944, Propan, C3H8, Propangas, R290, E 944
el:E944, Προπανιο, C3H8, Μεθυλαιθύλιο, Διμεθυλομεθάνιο, CH3CH2CH3, EtMe, 74-98-6, Μεθυλαιθάνιο
es:E944, Propano, Gas propano
et:E944, Propaan
fi:E944, Propaani, Propaanikaasu, Dimetyylimetaani, N-propaani, E 944, Metyylietaani
fr:E944, Propane, C3H8, 74-98-6, R290
hu:E944, Propán
it:E944, Propano
lt:E944, Propanas, C3H8, CH3CH2CH3
lv:E944, Propāns
mt:E944, Propan
nl:E944, Propaan, C3H8, 74-98-6
pl:E944, Propan
pt:E944, Propano, Gás propano, C3H8
ro:E944, Propan
ru:E944, Пропан, C3H8, Е944
sk:E944, Propán
sl:E944, Propan, Projekt:Propan
sv:E944, Propan, Isopropan, E 944

en:E945, chloropentafluoroethane
bg:E945, E945 food additive
cs:E945, E945 food additive
da:E945, E945 food additive
de:E945, Chlorpentafluorethan, R 115, 1-Chlor-1\,1\,2\,2\,2-pentafluorethan, Pentafluorchlorethan, R115, Monochlorpentafluorethan
el:E945, E945 food additive
es:E945, E945 food additive
et:E945, E945 food additive
fi:E945, E945 food additive
fr:E945, Chloropentafluoroéthane, C2ClF5, R-115, R115, Chloropentafluoréthane, CFC 115, 76-15-3
hu:E945, E945 food additive
it:E945, E945 food additive
lt:E945, E945 food additive
lv:E945, E945 food additive
mt:E945, E945 food additive
nl:E945, Chloorpentafluorethaan, 1-chloor-1\,1\,2\,2\,2-pentafluorethaan
pl:E945, E945 food additive
pt:E945, E945 food additive
ro:E945, E945 food additive
sk:E945, E945 food additive
sl:E945, E945 food additive
sv:E945, E945 food additive

en:E946, octafluorocyclobutane
bg:E946, E946 food additive
cs:E946, E946 food additive
da:E946, E946 food additive
de:E946, Octafluorcyclobutan, RC318
el:E946, E946 food additive
es:E946, E946 food additive
et:E946, E946 food additive
fi:E946, E946 food additive
fr:E946, Octafluorocyclobutane, 115-25-3, C4F8, R-C318
hu:E946, E946 food additive
it:E946, E946 food additive
lt:E946, E946 food additive
lv:E946, E946 food additive
mt:E946, E946 food additive
nl:E946, Octafluorcyclobutaan, Perfluorcyclobutaan, Freon C318
pl:E946, E946 food additive
pt:E946, E946 food additive
ro:E946, E946 food additive
sk:E946, E946 food additive
sl:E946, E946 food additive
sv:E946, E946 food additive

en:E948, Oxygen, element 8
bg:E948, Кислород
cs:E948, Kyslík
da:E948, Oxygen, ilt
de:E948, Sauerstoff
el:E948, Οξυγονο
es:E948, Oxígeno
et:E948, Hapnik
fi:E948, Happi
fr:E948, Dioxygène, oxygène
hu:E948, Oxigén, éleny, savító
it:E948, Ossigeno
lt:E948, Deguonis
lv:E948, Skābeklis
mt:E948, Ossiġnu, ossiġenu
nl:E948, Zuurstof
pl:E948, Tlen
pt:E948, Oxigénio, elemento 8
ro:E948, Oxigen
ru:E948, Кислород
sk:E948, Kyslík
sl:E948, Kisik
sv:E948, Syre

en:E949, Hydrogen
bg:E949, E949 food additive
cs:E949, E949 food additive
da:E949, E949 food additive
de:E949, E949 food additive
el:E949, E949 food additive
es:E949, E949 food additive
et:E949, E949 food additive
fi:E949, E949 food additive
fr:E949, Dihydrogène
hu:E949, E949 food additive
it:E949, E949 food additive
lt:E949, E949 food additive
lv:E949, E949 food additive
mt:E949, E949 food additive
nl:E949, Waterstof
pl:E949, E949 food additive
pt:E949, E949 food additive
ro:E949, E949 food additive
ru:E949, Водород
sk:E949, E949 food additive
sl:E949, E949 food additive
sv:E949, E949 food additive

en:E950, Acesulfame k, Acesulfame potassium
bg:E950, Ацесулфам к, Калиев ацесулфам
cs:E950, Acesulfam k, Acesulfam draselný
da:E950, Acesulfamkalium, Acesulfamkalium, Acesulfam K
de:E950, Acesulfam k, Acesulfam
el:E950, Ακεσουλφαμη κ, Ακεσουλφάμη (άλας με Κ)
es:E950, Acesulfamo K, Acesulfamo k, Acesulfamo potásico, acesulfame potásico
et:E950, Kaaliumatsesulfaam, Atsesulfaamkaalium, atsesulfaam-K
fi:E950, Asesulfaami k, Asesulfaamikalium
fr:E950, Acésulfame K, Acésulfame-K, acésulfame de potassium, Acésulfame potassium, sel de potassium de l'acésulfame, Ace K, Acesulfamo-k
hu:E950, Aceszulfám k, Aceszulfám-kálium
it:E950, Acesulfame k
lt:E950, Acesulfamas k, Acesulfamo kalis
lv:E950, Acesulfāms k, Acesulfamkālijs, 3\,4-dihidro-6-metil-1
mt:E950, Aċesulfam k, Aċesulfam tal-potassju
nl:E950, Acesulfaam-k, Acesulfaam-kalium
pl:E950, Acesulfam k, Acesulfam potasu
pt:E950, Acessulfame k, Acessulfame de potássio, Acesulfame-K
ro:E950, Acesulfam k, Acesulfam de potasiu
sk:E950, Acesulfám k, Acesulfám draselný
sl:E950, Acesulfam k, acesulfam K, Kalijev acesulfam
sv:E950, Acesulfam k, Acesulfamkalium
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-04-05
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of acesulfame K (E 950) in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E951, Aspartame, 1-Methyl N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanine, Asp-phe-ome, 3-Amino-N-(alpha-methoxycarbonylphenethyl) succinamic acid, 3-Amino-N-(α-carboxyphenethyl)succinamic acid N-methyl ester, L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalanine methyl ester, 1-methyl N-L-α-aspartyl-L-phenylalanate, Aspartylphenylalanine methyl ester, 3-Amino-N-(alpha-carboxyphenethyl)succinamic acid N-methyl ester, 3-Amino-N-(α-methoxycarbonylphenethyl) succinamic acid, 1-Methyl N-L-alpha-aspartyl-L-phenylalanate, SC-18862
bg:E951, Аспартам, Е951, NutraSweet, Нутрасуит
cs:E951, Aspartam, E 951, NutraSweet
da:E951, Aspartam
de:E951, Aspartam, E 951, Canderel, Asphartam, NutraSweet
el:E951, Ασπαρταμη
es:E951, Aspartamo, E 951, Espartame, Aspartame
et:E951, Aspartaam
fi:E951, Aspartaami, E 951, Aspartamiini
fr:E951, Aspartame, APM, Aspartyl phenylalanine methyl ester, L-Aspartyl-L-phenylalaninemethyl ester, E 951, 22839-47-0, Aspartam, sirop d'aspartame, sirop aspartame
hu:E951, Aszpartám
it:E951, Aspartame, C14H18N2O5
lt:E951, Aspartamas
lv:E951, Aspartāms
mt:E951, Aspartam
nl:E951, Aspartaam
pl:E951, Aspartam, NutraSweet
pt:E951, Aspartame, Aspartamo
ro:E951, Aspartam
sk:E951, Aspartám, E 951
sl:E951, Aspartam
sv:E951, Aspartam, E 951, NutraSweet
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2013-12-10
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the re-evaluation of aspartame (E 951) as a food additive.
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 40
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E952, Cyclamic acid and its Na and Ca salts, Cyclamic acid
bg:E952, –цикламова киселина и нейните натриеви и калиеви соли i)
cs:E952, Kyselina cyklamová a její sodná a vápenatá sůl
da:E952, Cyclaminsyre samt na- og ca-salte deraf
de:E952, Cyclamat, Cyclaminsäure, Cyclohexylsulfaminsäure, N-Cyclohexylsulfaminsäure
el:E952, Κυκλαμικο οξυ και τα αλατα του με νατριο και ασβεστιο, Κυκλαμικό οξύ
es:E952, Ciclamato, Ciclamatos, Ácido ciclámico y sus sales de sodio y calcio
et:E952, Tsüklamiinhape ning selle naatrium- ja kaltsiumsoolad i)
fi:E952, Syklaamihappo ja sen na- ja ca-suolat i
fr:E952, Acide cyclamique et ses sels, cyclamates, Acide cyclamique, Cyclamate de calcium, Cyclamate de potassium, Cyclamate de sodium, Acide cyclamique et ses sels de na et de ca
hu:E952, Ciklamimsav és na- és ca-sói
it:E952, Acido ciclamico e suoi sali di na e, Acido ciclamico
lt:E952, Ciklamo rūgštis ir jos na bei ca druskos
lv:E952, –ciklāmskābe un tās na un ca sāļi
mt:E952, –aċidu ċiklamiku u l-imlieħ tiegħu na u ca (i)
nl:E952, Cyclaamzuur en het natrium- en calciumzout daarvan, Cyclaamzuur
pl:E952, Kwas cyklaminowy i jego sole: potasowa i wapniowa, Cyklaminiany
pt:E952, — ácido ciclâmico e seus sais de sódio e cálcio, Ciclamato
ro:E952, Acid ciclamic și sărurile sale de na și ca
sk:E952, Kyselina cyklámová a jej na a ca soli
sl:E952, Ciklamna kislina ter njene natrijeve in kalcijeve soli (i)
sv:E952, Cyklaminsyra och dess na- och ca-salter, Cyklaminsyra
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E953, Isomalt
bg:E953, Изомалт
cs:E953, Isomalt, Hydrogenovaná izomaltulóza, E 953
da:E953, Isomalt
de:E953, Isomalt, E 953
el:E953, Isomalt (ισομαλτιτολη)
es:E953, Isomaltosa, Isomalt, Isomalta, Isomaltitol
et:E953, Isomalt
fi:E953, Isomalti
fr:E953, Isomalt, 64519-82-0, Palatinit, E 953, Isomalte, Isomaltitol
hu:E953, Izomalt
it:E953, Isomalto
lt:E953, Izomaltas
lv:E953, Izomalts
mt:E953, Isomalt
nl:E953, Isomalt
pl:E953, Izomalt
pt:E953, Isomalte
ro:E953, Izomalt
sk:E953, Izomalt
sl:E953, Izomalt
sv:E953, Isomalt, E 953
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E954, Saccharin and its Na, K and Ca salts, Saccharin
bg:E954, Захарин и неговите натриеви, калиеви и калциеви соли, Захарин
cs:E954, Sacharin a jeho sodná, draselná a vápenatá sůl, Sacharin, Cukerín, Zuckerin, E 954
da:E954, Saccharin and its na. k and ca salts, Sakkarin, Saccharin
de:E954, Saccharin, Benzoesäuresulfimid, E 954
el:E954, Σακχαρινες
es:E954, Sacarina, Sacarina y sus sales de sodio, potasio y calcio, E 954
et:E954, Sahhariin ning selle naatrium-, kaalium- ja kaltsiumsoolad
fi:E954, Sakariini ja sen na-, k- ja ca-suolat i, Sakariini, Sakkariini
fr:E954, Saccharine et ses sels, saccharinates, Saccharine, Saccharine de calcium, Saccharine de potassium, Saccharine de sodium, sels de Saccharine, saccharinate de calcium, saccharinate de potassium, saccharinate de sodium, Sulphimide benzoïque, Saccharine et ses sels de na, k et ca, 6155-57-3, 10332-51-1, Saccharinate, E-954, 81-07-2, 6381-91-5, C7H5NO3S, 128-44-9, 6485-34-3, Saccarine
hu:E954, Szacharin és na-, k- és ca-sói, Szacharin
it:E954, Saccarina e suoi sali na, k e ca, Saccarina, C7H5NO3S
lt:E954, Sacharinas ir jo na, k ir ca druskos, Sacharinas
lv:E954, Saccharin and its na. k and ca salts
mt:E954, Saccharin and its na. k and ca salts
nl:E954, Sacharine en het natrium-, kalium- en calciumzout daarvan, Sacharine, Saccharine
pl:E954, Sacharyna i jej sole: sodowa, potasowa i wapniowa, Sacharyna, Sacharynian sodu
pt:E954, — sacarina e seus sais de sódio, potássio e cálcio, Sacarina
ro:E954, Saccharin and its na. k and ca salts, Zaharină
sk:E954, — sacharín a jeho soli na k a ca
sl:E954, Saharin in njegove natrijeve, kalijeve in kalcijeve soli, Saharin
sv:E954, Saccharin and its na. k and ca salts, Sackarin, Sackarinat, Sackarinater, E 954
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E955, Sucralose
bg:E955, Сукралоза
cs:E955, Sukralosa, Sukralóza
da:E955, Sucralose, Sukralose
de:E955, Sucralose, Trichlorgalactosaccharose, Sukralose, E 955, Splenda
el:E955, Σουκραλοζη
es:E955, Sucralosa, Splenda
et:E955, Sukraloos
fi:E955, Sukraloosi, E 955
fr:E955, Sucralose, C12H19Cl3O8, E-955, 56038-13-2, Trichlorosucrose
hu:E955, Szukralóz
it:E955, Sucralosio, C12H19Cl3O8
lt:E955, Sukralozė
lv:E955, Sukraloze
mt:E955, Sukralożju
nl:E955, Sucralose
pl:E955, Sukraloza, Splenda
pt:E955, Sucralose
ro:E955, Sucraloză
sk:E955, Sukralóza
sl:E955, Sukraloza
sv:E955, Sukralos, Sucralose, E 955, Splenda
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-01-19
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed extension of use of sucralose (E 955) in foods for special medical purposes in young children
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E956, Alitame
bg:E956, E956 food additive
cs:E956, E956 food additive
da:E956, E956 food additive
de:E956, Alitam, Alitame
el:E956, E956 food additive
es:E956, E956 food additive
et:E956, E956 food additive
fi:E956, E956 food additive
fr:E956, Alitame, 80863-62-3, C14H25N3O4S, 99016-42-9
hu:E956, E956 food additive
it:E956, Alitame
lt:E956, Alitamas, Aclame
lv:E956, E956 food additive
mt:E956, E956 food additive
nl:E956, Alitame
pl:E956, E956 food additive
pt:E956, E956 food additive
ro:E956, E956 food additive
sk:E956, E956 food additive
sl:E956, Alitam
sv:E956, Alitam, E 956
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E957, Thaumatin
bg:E957, E957 food additive
cs:E957, Thaumatin, E 957
da:E957, E957 food additive
de:E957, Thaumatin, E 957
el:E957, E957 food additive
es:E957, Taumatina, E 957
et:E957, E957 food additive
fi:E957, E957 food additive
fr:E957, Thaumatine, thaumatines, Thaumatin, 53850-34-3, E 957
hu:E957, E957 food additive
it:E957, Taumatina
lt:E957, E957 food additive
lv:E957, E957 food additive
mt:E957, E957 food additive
nl:E957, Thaumatine
pl:E957, Taumatyna
pt:E957, Taumatina
ro:E957, E957 food additive
sk:E957, E957 food additive
sl:E957, Taumatin
sv:E957, Taumatin, E 957
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-11-12
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific Opinion on the safety of the extension of use of thaumatin (E 957)
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E958, Glycyrrhizin
bg:E958, E958 food additive
cs:E958, E958 food additive
da:E958, E958 food additive
de:E958, Glycyrrhizin, Glycyrrhizinsäure, Glycyrrhetinsäure
el:E958, E958 food additive
es:E958, Glicirricina
et:E958, E958 food additive
fi:E958, E958 food additive
fr:E958, Acide glycyrrhizique et sels, Glycyrrhizine, Liquorice, Acide glycyrrhizique, C42H62O16, Glycyrrhyzine, 1405-86-3, Acide glycyrrhizinique
hu:E958, E958 food additive
it:E958, Glicirrizina, C42H62O16
lt:E958, E958 food additive
lv:E958, E958 food additive
mt:E958, E958 food additive
nl:E958, Glycyrrhizinezuur, (3-beta\,20-beta)-20-carboxy-11-oxo-30-norolean-12-en-3-yl 2-O-beta-D-glucopyraanuronosyl-alfa-D-glucopyranosiduronzuur, Glycyrrhizine
pl:E958, E958 food additive
pt:E958, E958 food additive
ro:E958, E958 food additive
sk:E958, E958 food additive
sl:E958, Glicirizin
sv:E958, E958 food additive

en:E959, Neohesperidine dihydrochalcone, Neohesperidin dihydrochalcone
bg:E959, Неохесперидин дихидрохалкон
cs:E959, Neohesperidin dc, Neohesperidindihydrochalkon, NHDC
da:E959, Neohesperidindihydrochalcon
de:E959, Neohesperidin dc, Neohesperidin-Dihydrochalkon, NHDC, Neohesperidin, Neohesperidindihydrochalkon, E 959
el:E959, Νεοεσπεριδινη dc
es:E959, Neohesperidina dihidrocalcona
et:E959, Neohesperidiindivesinikkalkoon
fi:E959, Neohesperidiinidihydrokalkoni
fr:E959, Néohespéridine dihydrochalcone, NHDC, Dihydrochalcone de néohespéridine, néohespéridine DC, C28H36O15, 20702-77-6, Néohespiridine DC
hu:E959, Neoheszperidin-dihidro-kalkon
it:E959, Neoesperidina diidrocalcone, C28H36O15
lt:E959, Neohesperidinas dc, Citrozė
lv:E959, Neohesperidīns dc
mt:E959, Neoesperidina diidroċalkon
nl:E959, Neohesperidine-dihydrochalcon, Neohesperidine-DC, NHDC
pl:E959, Neohesperydyna diwodorochalkonu, Neohesperydyna dihydrochalkon
pt:E959, Neo-hesperidina dc
ro:E959, Dihidrocalconă de neohesperidină
sk:E959, Neohesperidín dc
sl:E959, Neohesperidin dc, Neohesperidin dihidroalkon, Neohesperidin
sv:E959, Neohesperidin dc, Neohesperidindihydrochalkon, NHDC

en:E960, Steviol glycosides, Steviol glycoside
bg:E960, Стевиол гликозиди
cs:E960, Steviol-glykosidy
da:E960, Steviolglycosider
de:E960, Steviolglycoside
el:E960, Γλυκοζιτες στεβιολης συνώνυμα
es:E960, Glucósidos de esteviol, Glicósidos de esteviol
et:E960, Steviooglükosiidid
fi:E960, Stevioliglykosidit
fr:E960, Glucosides de stéviol, stévioside, rébaudioside A, extrait de stévia, glycosides de stéviol, Stévioside, extrait de feuille de Stévia, Stévia
hu:E960, Szteviol-glikozidok szinonimák
it:E960, Glicosidi dello steviolo
lt:E960, Steviolio glikozidai
lv:E960, Steviolglikozīdi
mt:E960, Glikosidi tal-istevjol
nl:E960, Steviolglycosiden, Steviolglycoside
pl:E960, Glikozydy stewiolowe
pt:E960, Glicósidos de esteviol
ro:E960, Glicozide steviolice
sk:E960, Glykozidy steviolu synonymá
sl:E960, Steviol glikozidi
sv:E960, Steviolglykosider
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2015-06-30
efsa_evaluation:en: Scientific opinion on the safety of the extension of use of steviol glycosides (E 960) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:moderate
efsa_evaluation_exposure_mean_greater_than_adi:en: en:no-group
efsa_evaluation_exposure_95th_greater_than_adi:en: en:toddlers
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 4
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E961, Neotame
bg:E961, Неотам
cs:E961, Neotam
da:E961, Neotam
de:E961, Neotam, E 961
el:E961, Νεοταμη
es:E961, Neotamo, Neotame
et:E961, Neotaam
fi:E961, Neotaami
fr:E961, Néotame, C20H30N2O5, 165450-17-9, Superaspartame
hu:E961, Neotám
it:E961, Neotame, Neotamo
lt:E961, Neotamas
lv:E961, Neotams
mt:E961, Neotam
nl:E961, Neotaam
pl:E961, Neotam
pt:E961, Neotame
ro:E961, Neotam
sk:E961, Neotam
sl:E961, Neotam
sv:E961, Neotam, E 961
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E962, Salt of aspartame-acesulfame, Aspartame-acesulfame, Aspartame-acesulfame salt
bg:E962, Сол на аспартам-ацесулфам, Аспартам-ацесулфам
cs:E962, Sůl aspartamu-acesulfamu
da:E962, Aspartam-acesulfamsalt, Aspartam-acesulfam
de:E962, Aspartam-acesulfamsalz, Aspartam-Acesulfam, Aspartam-Acesulfam-Salz, E 962
el:E962, Αλας ασπαρταμης-ακεσουλφαμης, Ασπαρτάμη- ακεσουλφάμη
es:E962, Sal de aspartamo-acesulfamo, Aspartamo-acesulfamo
et:E962, Aspartaam-atsesulfaamsool
fi:E962, Aspartaamiasesulfaamisuola, Aspartaamiasesulfaami
fr:E962, Sel d'aspartame-acésulfame, C18H23N3O9S, Aspartame-acésulfame, E 962, 106372-55-8, Twinsweet
hu:E962, Aszpartám-aceszulfámsó, Aszpartám-aceszulfám
it:E962, Sale di aspartame-acesulfame, Aspartame-acesulfame
lt:E962, Aspartamo-acesulfamo druska, Aspartamas-acesulfamas
lv:E962, Aspartāma acesulfāma sāls, Aspartāma acesulfāms
mt:E962, Melħ tal-aspartam u l-aċesulfam, Aspartam-aċesulfam
nl:E962, Aspartaam-acesulfaamzout, Aspartaam-acesulfaam
pl:E962, Sól aspartamu-acesulfamu, Aspartam-acesulfam
pt:E962, Sal de aspartame-acessulfame, Aspartame-acessulfame
ro:E962, Sare de aspartam-acesulfam, Aspartam-acesulfam
sk:E962, Soľ aspartám-acesulfámu, Aspartám-acesulfám
sl:E962, Sol aspartam-acesulfama, aspartam-acesulfam
sv:E962, Salt av aspartam och acesulfam, Aspartam och acesulfam, Aspartam-acesulfamsalt, E 962
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E963, E963 food additive
bg:E963, E963 food additive
cs:E963, E963 food additive
da:E963, E963 food additive
de:E963, E963 food additive
el:E963, E963 food additive
es:E963, E963 food additive
et:E963, E963 food additive
fi:E963, E963 food additive
fr:E963, Tagatose
hu:E963, E963 food additive
it:E963, E963 food additive
lt:E963, E963 food additive
lv:E963, E963 food additive
mt:E963, E963 food additive
nl:E963, E963 food additive
pl:E963, E963 food additive
pt:E963, E963 food additive
ro:E963, E963 food additive
sk:E963, E963 food additive
sl:E963, E963 food additive
sv:E963, E963 food additive

en:E964, Polyglycitol syrup
bg:E964, E964 food additive
cs:E964, E964 food additive
da:E964, E964 food additive
de:E964, E964 food additive
el:E964, E964 food additive
es:E964, E964 food additive
et:E964, E964 food additive
fi:E964, E964 food additive
fr:E964, Sirop de polyglycitol
hu:E964, E964 food additive
it:E964, E964 food additive
lt:E964, E964 food additive
lv:E964, E964 food additive
mt:E964, E964 food additive
nl:E964, E964 food additive
pl:E964, E964 food additive
pt:E964, E964 food additive
ro:E964, E964 food additive
sk:E964, E964 food additive
sl:E964, E964 food additive
sv:E964, E964 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:sweetener

en:E965, Maltitol
bg:E965, E965 food additive
cs:E965, E965 food additive
da:E965, E965 food additive
de:E965, Maltit, E 965, Lycasin, Maltitsirup, Maltitol-Sirup
el:E965, E965 food additive
es:E965, Maltitol , Licasina
et:E965, E965 food additive
fi:E965, Maltitoli
fr:E965, Maltitol, Sirop de maltitol, E965(i), E965(ii), 585-88-6
hu:E965, E965 food additive
it:E965, Maltitolo, E 965, Maltisorb, Maltisweet
lt:E965, Maltitas
lv:E965, E965 food additive
mt:E965, E965 food additive
nl:E965, Maltitol
pl:E965, Maltitol
pt:E965, Maltitol
ro:E965, E965 food additive
sk:E965, E965 food additive
sl:E965, E965 food additive
sv:E965, Maltitol, E 965
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2006-05-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on a request from the Commission related to Maltitol Syrup E 965(ii) new production process. Change of specification
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
bg:E965(i), Малтитол, D-малтитол
cs:E965(i), Maltitol, D-maltitol
da:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
de:E965(i), Maltit, D-Maltit
el:E965(i), Μαλτιτολες, D-Μαλτιτόλη
es:E965(i), Maltitol
et:E965(i), Maltitool, D-maltitool
fi:E965(i), Maltitoli, D-maltitoli
fr:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
hu:E965(i), Maltit, D-Maltit
it:E965(i), Maltitolo, D-maltitolo
lt:E965(i), Maltitolis, D-maltitolis
lv:E965(i), Maltīts, D-maltīts
mt:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Morbitol
nl:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
pl:E965(i), Maltitol, D-maltitol
pt:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
ro:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
sk:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
sl:E965(i), Maltitol, D-maltitol
sv:E965(i), Maltitol, D-Maltitol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2006-05-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on a request from the Commission related to Maltitol Syrup E 965(ii) new production process. Change of specification
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E965(ii), Maltitol syrup
bg:E965(ii), Малтитол сироп
cs:E965(ii), Maltitol sirup
da:E965(ii), Maltitolsirup
de:E965(ii), Maltitsirup
el:E965(ii), Σιροπι μαλτιτολης
es:E965(ii), Jarabe de maltitol
et:E965(ii), Maltitoolsiirup
fi:E965(ii), Maltitolisiirappi
fr:E965(ii), Sirop de maltitol
hu:E965(ii), Maltitszirup
it:E965(ii), Sciroppo di maltitolo
lt:E965(ii), Maltitolio sirupas
lv:E965(ii), Maltīta sīrups
mt:E965(ii), Ġulepp tal-maltitol
nl:E965(ii), Maltitolstroop
pl:E965(ii), Syrop maltitolowy
pt:E965(ii), Xarope de maltitol
ro:E965(ii), Sirop de maltitol
sk:E965(ii), Maltitolový sirup
sl:E965(ii), Maltitol sirup
sv:E965(ii), Maltitolsirap
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2006-05-18
efsa_evaluation:en: Opinion of the Scientific Panel on Food Additives, Flavourings, Processing Aids and Materials in Contact with Food on a request from the Commission related to Maltitol Syrup E 965(ii) new production process. Change of specification
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E966, Lactitol, Lactit, Lactositol
bg:E966, Лактитол, Лактит, лактозитол
cs:E966, Laktitol, Laktit, laktositol
da:E966, Lactitol
de:E966, Lactit, Lactitol, E 966
el:E966, Λακτιτολη, Λακτίτης, λακτοζιτόλη
es:E966, Lactitol, Lactita, lactositol, E 966
et:E966, Laktitool, Laktiit, laktositool
fi:E966, Laktitoli, Laktiitti, laktositoli
fr:E966, Lactitol, Lactite, lactositol, E 966, 585-86-4
hu:E966, Laktit, Laktit, Laktozit, Laktitol
it:E966, Lactitolo, Lactite, lactositolo, Lattitolo
lt:E966, Laktitolis, Laktitas, laktozitolis
lv:E966, Laktīts, Laktīts, laktozīts
mt:E966, Lattitol, Lattit, Lattositol
nl:E966, Lactitol, Lactiet, lactositol
pl:E966, Laktitol, Laktyt, laktozytol
pt:E966, Lactitol, Lactite, lactositol
ro:E966, Lactitol, Lactit, Lactozitol
sk:E966, Laktitol, Laktit, laktositol
sl:E966, Laktitol, laktit, laktozitol
sv:E966, Laktitol, Laktit, laktositol, E 966
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E967, Xylitol
bg:E967, Ксилитол
cs:E967, Xylitol, E 967
da:E967, Xylitol, E-967, BirkeSød
de:E967, Xylit, Xylitol, E 967, Birkenzucker, Pentanpentol, Pentanpentaol
el:E967, Ξυλιτολη
es:E967, Xilitol, E 967
et:E967, Ksülitool
fi:E967, Ksylitoli, Ksylitol, 1\,2\,3\,4\,5-pentahydroksipentaani, Koivusokeri, Xylitoli, Xylitol
fr:E967, Xylitol, D-Xylit, 87-99-0, E 967, 1\,2\,3\,4\,5-pentahydroxypentane
hu:E967, Xilit, Xilitol
it:E967, Xilitolo, Xylit, C5H12O5, Arabitolo, Lixitolo
lt:E967, Ksilitolis, Ksilitas
lv:E967, Ksilīts
mt:E967, Ksilitol
nl:E967, Xylitol, Xilitol
pl:E967, Ksylitol
pt:E967, Xilitol
ro:E967, Xilitol, Xylitol
sk:E967, Xylitol
sl:E967, Xylitol
sv:E967, Xylitol, Björksocker, E 967
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:sweetener, en:thickener

en:E968, Erythritol, Meso-erythritol, Tetrahydroxybutane
bg:E968, Еритритол, Мезо-еритритол, тетрахидроксибутан, Еритрит
cs:E968, Erythritol, Meso-erythritol, tetrahydroxybutan
da:E968, Erythritol, Meso-erythritol, E-968
de:E968, Erythrit, meso-Erythritol, meso-Butan-1\,2\,3\,4-tetrol, Erythritol, E 968
el:E968, Ερυθριτολη, Μεσο-ερυθριτόλη, τετραϋδροξυβουτάνιο
es:E968, Eritritol, Mesoeritritol, tetrahidroxibutano
et:E968, Erütritool, Meso-erütritool, tetrahüdroksübutaan
fi:E968, Erytritoli, Meso-erytritoli, tetrahydroksibutaani, 1\,2\,3\,4-butaanitetroli, E 968
fr:E968, Érythritol, Méso-érythritol, tétrahydroxybutane, 149-32-6, 10030-58-7, 188346-77-2
hu:E968, Eritrit, mezo-Eritrit, Eritritol
it:E968, Eritritolo, Meso-eritritolo, tetraidrossibutano
lt:E968, Eritritolis, Mezo-eritritolis, tetrahidroksibutanas
lv:E968, Eritritols, Mezo-eritrols, Tetrahidroksibutāns
mt:E968, Eritritol, Meso-eritritol, Tetraidrossibutan
nl:E968, Erytritol, Meso-erytritol, tetrahydroxybutaan
pl:E968, Ertytrytol, Mezo-erytrytol, tetrahydroksybutan, Erytrytol, Erytryt, Erytritol
pt:E968, Eritritol, Meso-eritritol, tetra-hidroxibutano
ro:E968, Eritritol, Mezo-eritritol, Tetrahidroxibutan
sk:E968, — erytritol, Mezo-erytritol, tetrahydroxybután
sl:E968, Eritritol, mezo-eritritol, tetrahidroksibutan
sv:E968, Erytritol, Meso-erytritol, tetrahydroxibutan, E 968
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2010-07-09
efsa_evaluation:en: Statement in relation to the safety of erythritol (E 968) in light of new data, including a new paediatric study on the gastrointestinal tolerability of erythritol
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:sweetener

en:E999, Quillaia extract, Soapbark extract, Quillay bark extract, Panama bark extract, Quillai extract, Murillo bark extract, Quillaia
bg:E999, Куилая екстракт
cs:E999, Extrakt z kvillaji
da:E999, Quillaiaekstrakt synonymer —
de:E999, Quillajaextrakt, Quillajarindenextrakt, Panamarindenextrakt, Seifenrindenextrakt
el:E999, Εκχυλισμα κιλαϊας, Εκχύλισμα φλοιού κουιλαΐας, εκχύλισμα φλοιού του Παναμά, εκχύλισμα κουιλαΐας, εκχύλισμα φλοιού Murillo
es:E999, Extracto de quilaya, Extracto de jabón de corteza, extracto de corteza de quilaya, extracto de corteza de Panamá, extracto de quillay, extracto de corteza de murillo, Quillajaceae
et:E999, Seebikoorepuu ekstrakt
fi:E999, Kvillaiauute, Saippuakuoriuute, kvillaiankuoriuute, panamankuoriuute, murillonkuoriuute
fr:E999, Extraits de quillaia, Extrait de quillaia de type 1, Extrait de quillaia de type 2, Extrait de quillaia type 1, Extrait de quillaia type 2, Extrait de quillaia, quillaia extract, Extrait de bois de Panama, extrait d'écorce de Panama, Quillajaceae
hu:E999, Quillajakivonat, Szappanfakéreg-kivonat, Quillajakéreg-kivonat, Panamakéreg-kivonat, Murillokéreg-kivonat
it:E999, Estratto di quillaia
lt:E999, Muiliaus ekstraktas, Muilo žievės ekstraktas, Quillay žievės ekstraktas, Panamos žievės ekstraktas, Quillai ekstraktas, Murillo žievės ekstraktas, Kualajos ekstraktas
lv:E999, Kvilajas ekstrakts, Ziepju mizas ekstrakts, kvilaijas mizas ekstrakts, Panamas mizas ekstrakts, kvilai ekstrakts, Muriljo mizas ekstrakts
mt:E999, Estratt tal-kwillaja, Estratt tas-soapbark, estratt tal-qoxra tal-kwillaja, estratt tal-qoxra tal-Panama, Estratt tal-kwillaj, estratt tal-qoxra tal-Murillo
nl:E999, Quillaja-extract, Zeepbastextract, quillajabastextract, Panamabastextract, Murillobastextract, Quillajaceae
pl:E999, Ekstrakt quillaia, Wyciąg z kory mydłoki, wyciąg z kory quillay, wyciąg z kory Panama, wyciąg Quillai, wyciąg z kory Murillo
pt:E999, Extracto de quilaia, Quillajaceae
ro:E999, Extract de quillaia
sk:E999, Extrakt quillaia, Extrakt z mydlovej kôry, extrakt z kôry kviláje, extrakt z panamskej kôry, Quillai extrakt, extrakt z murilovej kôry
sl:E999, Izvleček quillaia, izvleček saponinov iz lubja, izvleček lubja Quillay, izvleček lubja paname, izvleček Quillaia, izvleček lubja murillo
sv:E999, Kvillajaextrakt, Såpbarkextrakt, kvillajabarksextrakt
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:Exxx, Exxx food additive
bg:Exxx, Exxx food additive
cs:Exxx, Exxx food additive
da:Exxx, Exxx food additive
de:Exxx, Exxx food additive
el:Exxx, Exxx food additive
es:Exxx, Exxx food additive
et:Exxx, Exxx food additive
fi:Exxx, Exxx food additive
fr:Exxx, Rouge citrin n°2, Rouge Citrin No 2, rouge citrin numéro 2
hu:Exxx, Exxx food additive
it:Exxx, Exxx food additive
lt:Exxx, Exxx food additive
lv:Exxx, Exxx food additive
mt:Exxx, Exxx food additive
nl:Exxx, Exxx food additive
pl:Exxx, Exxx food additive
pt:Exxx, Exxx food additive
ro:Exxx, Exxx food additive
sk:Exxx, Exxx food additive
sl:Exxx, Exxx food additive
sv:Exxx, Exxx food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier

en:E1000, Cholic acid
bg:E1000, E1000 food additive
cs:E1000, Kyselina cholová
da:E1000, E1000 food additive
de:E1000, Cholsäure
el:E1000, E1000 food additive
es:E1000, Ácido cólico
et:E1000, E1000 food additive
fi:E1000, E1000 food additive
fr:E1000, Acide cholique
hu:E1000, E1000 food additive
it:E1000, Acido colico
lt:E1000, E1000 food additive
lv:E1000, E1000 food additive
mt:E1000, E1000 food additive
nl:E1000, Cholinezuur
pl:E1000, Kwas cholowy
pt:E1000, E1000 food additive
ro:E1000, E1000 food additive
ru:E1000, Холевая кислота
sk:E1000, E1000 food additive
sl:E1000, E1000 food additive
sv:E1000, Cholsyra

en:E1001, Choline salt
bg:E1001, E1001 food additive
cs:E1001, E1001 food additive
da:E1001, E1001 food additive
de:E1001, E1001 food additive
el:E1001, E1001 food additive
es:E1001, E1001 food additive
et:E1001, E1001 food additive
fi:E1001, E1001 food additive
fr:E1001, Sels et esters de choline, Acétate de choline, Carbonate de choline, Chlorure de choline, Citrate de choline, Tartrate de choline, Lactate de choline
hu:E1001, E1001 food additive
it:E1001, E1001 food additive
lt:E1001, E1001 food additive
lv:E1001, E1001 food additive
mt:E1001, E1001 food additive
nl:E1001, E1001 food additive
pl:E1001, E1001 food additive
pt:E1001, E1001 food additive
ro:E1001, E1001 food additive
sk:E1001, E1001 food additive
sl:E1001, E1001 food additive
sv:E1001, E1001 food additive
# not sure about this, it seems to be used in baby milks without a listed function
mandatory_additive_class:en: en:emulsifier

en:E1100, Alpha-Amylase, Diastase, Glycogenase, Ptyalin, amylase
bg:E1100, E1100 food additive
cs:E1100, Amyláza
da:E1100, Amylase
de:E1100, Amylasen
el:E1100, Αμυλάση
es:E1100, Amilasa
et:E1100, Amülaas
fi:E1100, Amylaasi
fr:E1100, Amylases, Amylase, α-amylase, a-amylase, alpha-amylase, alpha-amylases, diastase, takadiastase, glycogénase, endoamylase, Taka-amylase A
hu:E1100, Amiláz
it:E1100, Β-amilasi
lt:E1100, E1100 food additive
lv:E1100, E1100 food additive
mt:E1100, E1100 food additive
nl:E1100, Amylase
pl:E1100, Amylazy
pt:E1100, Amilase
ro:E1100, E1100 food additive
ru:E1100, Амилазы, Амилаза
sk:E1100, Amyláza
sl:E1100, Amilaza
sv:E1100, Amylas

en:E1101, Protease, peptidase, proteinase, EC 3.4
bg:E1101, E1101 food additive
cs:E1101, Proteáza, Proteázy, Proteasa
da:E1101, protease
de:E1101, Peptidase, Proteinase, Proteasen, Protease, Peptidasen
el:E1101, Πεπτιδάση
es:E1101, Peptidasa, Peptidasas, Proteasas, Proteasa
et:E1101, E1101 food additive
fi:E1101, Proteaasi
fr:E1101, Protéases, Protéase, Papaïne, Bromélaïne, Ficine, Peptidase, Coupure protéolytique, Endoprotéase, Peptidases, Endopeptidase, Endopeptidases, Protéinase, Enzyme protéolytique
hu:E1101, Proteáz
it:E1101, Proteasi, Peptidasi
lt:E1101, Peptidazės
lv:E1101, E1101 food additive
mt:E1101, E1101 food additive
nl:E1101, Protease, Endopeptidase, Peptidase
pl:E1101, proteazy, Proteaza, Enzymy proteolityczne, Peptydazy, Peptydaza
pt:E1101, Protease, Exopeptidases, Carboxipeptidase, Endopeptidase, Endopeptidases, Aminopeptidases, Proteases, Carboxipeptidases, Aminopeptidase, Enzima proteolítica, Peptidase, Peptidases, Proteinase, Enzimas proteolíticas, Protease sérica, Exopeptidase
ro:E1101, E1101 food additive
sk:E1101, Proteáza, Proteináza, Proteolytický enzým, Proteázy
sl:E1101, Peptidaza
sv:E1101, Proteas, Peptidaser, Exopeptidas, Endopeptidaser, Peptidas, Exopeptidaser, Endopeptidas, Proteaser
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E1102, Glucose oxidase
bg:E1102, E1102 food additive
cs:E1102, E1102 food additive
da:E1102, E1102 food additive
de:E1102, Glucose-Oxidase, Glukoseoxidase
el:E1102, E1102 food additive
es:E1102, Glucosa oxidasa
et:E1102, E1102 food additive
fi:E1102, E1102 food additive
fr:E1102, Glucose oxydase
hu:E1102, E1102 food additive
it:E1102, Glucosio ossidasi
lt:E1102, E1102 food additive
lv:E1102, E1102 food additive
mt:E1102, E1102 food additive
nl:E1102, E1102 food additive
pl:E1102, Oksydaza glukozowa
pt:E1102, Glicose oxidase, Glucose oxidase
ro:E1102, E1102 food additive
sk:E1102, E1102 food additive
sl:E1102, E1102 food additive
sv:E1102, E1102 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:antioxidant

en:E1103, Invertase
bg:E1103, Инвертаза
cs:E1103, Invertasa, Invertáza, Beta-fruktofuranosidasa, Beta-fruktofuranosidáza, E 1103
da:E1103, Invertase
de:E1103, Invertase, Saccharase, Invertin, E 1103
el:E1103, Ιμβερταση
es:E1103, Invertasa
et:E1103, Invertaas
fi:E1103, Invertaasi
fr:E1103, Invertase
hu:E1103, Invertáz
it:E1103, Invertasi
lt:E1103, Invertazė
lv:E1103, Invertāze
mt:E1103, Invertażi
nl:E1103, Invertase
pl:E1103, Inwertaza, Fruktozydaza, Sacharaza
pt:E1103, Invertase, Beta-frutofuranosidase
ro:E1103, Invertază
sk:E1103, Inertáza
sl:E1103, Invertaza
sv:E1103, Invertas
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E1104, lipase
bg:E1104, E1104 food additive
cs:E1104, Lipáza, Triacylglycerol acylhydrolasa, Lipasa, Triacylglycerol acylhydroláza
da:E1104, Lipase
de:E1104, Lipasen, Lipase
el:E1104, E1104 food additive
es:E1104, Lipasa
et:E1104, E1104 food additive
fi:E1104, Lipaasi
fr:E1104, Lipases, Lipase
hu:E1104, E1104 food additive
it:E1104, Lipasi
lt:E1104, E1104 food additive
lv:E1104, E1104 food additive
mt:E1104, E1104 food additive
nl:E1104, Lipase
pl:E1104, Lipazy, Lipaza, Enzymy lipolityczne
pt:E1104, Lipase, Lipases
ro:E1104, E1104 food additive
sk:E1104, E1104 food additive
sl:E1104, Lipaza
sv:E1104, Lipas, Lipaser

en:E1105, Lysozyme, Lysozyme hydrochloride
bg:E1105, Лизоцим, Лизоцим хидрохлорид
cs:E1105, Lysozym, Lysozym hydrochlorid, Lysosym, E 1105, Lyzozym
da:E1105, Lysozym, Lysozymhydrochlorid
de:E1105, Lysozym, Lysozymhydrochlorid, Muramidase, E 1105
el:E1105, Λυσοζυμη, Υδροχλωρική λυσοζύμη
es:E1105, Lisozima, Clorhidrato de lisozima, Muramidasa, E 1105
et:E1105, Lüsosüüm, Lüsosüümhüdrokloriid
fi:E1105, Lysotsyymi, Lysotsyymihydrokloridi, Lysosyymi
fr:E1105, Lysozyme, Hydrochlorure de lysozyme, Lysosyme, Muramidase
hu:E1105, Lizozim, Lizozim-hidroklorid
it:E1105, Lisozima, Lisozima cloridrato, Lysozyme, Muramidasi
lt:E1105, Lizocimas, Lizocimo hidrochloridas
lv:E1105, Lizocīms, Lizocīma hidrohlorīds
mt:E1105, Lisożima, Idroklorur tal-lisożima
nl:E1105, Lysozym, Lysozymhydrochloride, Lysozyme, Muramidase
pl:E1105, Lizozym, Chlorowodorek lizozymu, Muramidaza
pt:E1105, Lisozima, Cloridrato de lisozima
ro:E1105, Lizozim, Lizozim clorhidrat
ru:E1105, Лизоцим, Муромидаза, Мурамидаза, Е1105, Лизоцин
sk:E1105, Lyzozým, Lyzozým hydrochlorid
sl:E1105, Lizocim, lizocim hidroklorid, Muramidaza
sv:E1105, Lysozym, Lysozymhydroklorid, E 1105
additives_classes:en: en:preservative

en:E1200, Polydextrose
bg:E1200, Полидекстроза
cs:E1200, Polydextrosa
da:E1200, Polydextrose
de:E1200, Polydextrose, E 1200
el:E1200, Πολυδεξτροζη
es:E1200, Polidextrosa
et:E1200, Polüdekstroos
fi:E1200, Polydekstroosi
fr:E1200, , Polydextrose, E 1200, 68424-04-4
hu:E1200, Polidextróz
it:E1200, Polidestrosio
lt:E1200, Polidekstrozė
lv:E1200, Polidekstroze
mt:E1200, Polidestrożju
nl:E1200, Polydextrose
pl:E1200, Polidekstroza
pt:E1200, Polidextrose
ro:E1200, Polidextroză
sk:E1200, Polydextróza
sl:E1200, Polidekstroza
sv:E1200, Polydextros
additives_classes:en: en:humectant, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1201, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Povidone, PVP
bg:E1201, Поливинилпиролидон, Повидон, PVP
cs:E1201, Polyvinylpyrolidon, Povidon, PVP, Polyvinylpyrrolidon
da:E1201, Polyvinylpyrrolidon, Povidon, PVP
de:E1201, Polyvinylpyrrolidon, Povidon, PVP, Povidone, Polyvidon
el:E1201, Πολυβινυλοπυρρολιδονη, Ποβιδόνη, PVΡ
es:E1201, Polivinilpirrolidona, Povidono, PVP, Povidona, E 1201
et:E1201, Polüvinüülpürrolidoon, Povidoon
fi:E1201, Polyvinyylipyrrolidoni, Povidoni, PVP
fr:E1201, Poly vinyl pyrrolidone, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Povidone, PVP, 9003-39-8, 25249-54-1, (C6H9NO)n, polyvidone
hu:E1201, Poli(vinil-pirrolidon), Polivinilpirrolidon, Povidon, PVP
it:E1201, Polivinilpirrolidone, Povidone, PVP
lt:E1201, Polivinilpirolidonas, Povidonas, PVP
lv:E1201, Polivinilpirolidons, Povidons, PVP
mt:E1201, Polivinilpirrolidon, Povidon, PVP
nl:E1201, Polyvinylpyrrolidon, Povidon, PVP, Povidone, Polyvidone, Polyvidon, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon
pl:E1201, Poliwinylopirolidon, Powidon, PVP, Poliwidon, Krospowidon
pt:E1201, Polivinilpirrolidona, Povidona, PVP
ro:E1201, Polivinilpirolidonă, Povidonă, PVP
sk:E1201, Polyvinylpyrolidón, Povidon, PVP
sl:E1201, Polivinilpirolidon, povidon, PVP
sv:E1201, Polyvinylpyrrolidon, Povidon, PVP
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, Crospovidone, Cross-linked polyvidone
bg:E1202, Поливинилполипиролидон, Кросповидон, поливидон с напречни връзки
cs:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrolidon, Krospovidon, zesítěný povidon
da:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon, Crospovidon, tværbundet polyvidon
de:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon, Crospovidon, vernetztes Polyvidon
el:E1202, Πολυβινυλοπολυπυρρολιδονη, Κροσποβιδόνη, πολυβιδόνη με σταυροδεσμούς
es:E1202, Polivinilpolipirrolidona, Crospovidona, polividona reticular
et:E1202, Polüvinüülpolüpürrolidoon, Krospovidoon, ristseotud polüvidoon
fi:E1202, Polyvinyylipolypyrrolidoni, Krospovidoni, silloitettu polyvidoni
fr:E1202, , Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone, Crospovidone, polyvidone réticulée, PVPP
hu:E1202, Poli(vinil-polipirrolidon), Polivinilpolipirrolidon, Kroszpovidon, Térhálós polividon
it:E1202, Polivinilpolipirrolidone, Crospovidone, polividone reticolato
lt:E1202, Polivinilpolipirolidonas, Krospovidonas, skersinio ryšio polividonas
lv:E1202, Polivinilpolipirolidons, Krospovidons, šķērsšūtais polividons
mt:E1202, Polivinilpolipirrolidon, Krospovidon, Polividon inkroċjat
nl:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon, Crospovidon, vernet polyvidon
pl:E1202, Poliwinylopolipirolidon, Krospowidon, poliwidon usieciowany
pt:E1202, Polivinilpolipirrolidona, Crospovidona, polividona reticulada
ro:E1202, Polivinilpolipirolidonă
sk:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrolidón, Krospovidón, zosieťovaný polyvidón
sl:E1202, Polivinilpolipirolidon, krospovidon, zamrežen polividon
sv:E1202, Polyvinylpolypyrrolidon, Krospovidon, tvärbunden polyvidon
additives_classes:en: en:stabilizer

en:E1203, Polyvinyl alcohol, Vinyl alcohol polymer, PVOH, PVAl
bg:E1203, Поливинил алкохол, Полимер на винил алкохол, Поливинилов алкохол
cs:E1203, Polyvinylalkohol (pva), Polymer vinylalkoholu, Polyvinylalkohol
da:E1203, Polyvinylalkohol, Vinylalkoholpolymer
de:E1203, Polyvinylalkohol
el:E1203, Πολυβινυλικη αλκοολη, Πολυμερές βινυλικής αλκοόλης
es:E1203, Alcohol polivinílico, Polímero de alcohol vinílico
et:E1203, Polüvinüülalkohol
fi:E1203, Polyvinyylialkoholi, Vinyylialkoholipolymeeri
fr:E1203, Alcool polyvinylique, Polymère d'alcool vinylique
hu:E1203, Poli(vinil-alkohol), Vinil-alkohol-polimer
it:E1203, Alcol polivinilico, Polimero di alcol vinilico, Alcool polivinilico
lt:E1203, Polivinilo alkoholis, Vinilo alkoholio polimeras
lv:E1203, Polivinilspirts, Vinilspirta polimērs
mt:E1203, Alkoħol poliviniliku, Polimer tal-alkoħol viniliku
nl:E1203, Polyvinylalcohol, Vinylalcohol-polymeer
pl:E1203, Alkohol poliwinylowy, Polimer alkoholu winylowego, Poli
pt:E1203, Poli(álcool vinílico) (pva), Polímero de álcool vinílico, Álcool polivinílico
ro:E1203, Alcool polivinilic, Polimer de alcool vinilic
sk:E1203, Polyvinylalkohol, Polymér vinylalkoholu
sl:E1203, Polivinil alkohol, polimer vinil alkohola
sv:E1203, Polyvinylalkohol, Vinylalkoholpolymer, PVOH
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E1204, Pullulan, Linear
bg:E1204, Пулулан
cs:E1204, Pullulan, Lineární
da:E1204, Pullulan, Lineær, neutral glucan
de:E1204, Pullulan, E 1204
el:E1204, Πουλουλανη, Γραμμική
es:E1204, Pululano
et:E1204, Pullulaan
fi:E1204, Pullulaani, Lineaarinen, neutraali glukaani
fr:E1204, Pullulane, Pullulan, 9057-02-7, (C37H62O30)n
hu:E1204, Pullulán
it:E1204, Pullulano, Glucano lineare
lt:E1204, Pululanas
lv:E1204, Pullulāns
mt:E1204, Pullulan, Glukan lineari
nl:E1204, Pullulan, Onvertakt, neutraal glucan
pl:E1204, Pullulan, Liniowy
pt:E1204, Pululana, Glucano linear, neutro
ro:E1204, Pululan, Glucan linear, neutru
sk:E1204, Pululán, Lineárny
sl:E1204, Pululan
sv:E1204, Pullulan, Rak
additives_classes:en: en:thickener

en:E1205, Basic methacrylate copolymer
bg:E1205, Основен метакрилат кополимер
cs:E1205, Bazický kopolymer methakrylátu
da:E1205, Basisk methacrylat-copolymer
de:E1205, Basisches methacrylat-copolymer
el:E1205, Βασικο μεθακρυλικο συμπολυμερες
es:E1205, Copolímero de metacrilato básico
et:E1205, Aluseline metakrülaatkopolümeer
fi:E1205, Emäksinen metakrylaattikopolymeeri
fr:E1205, Copolymère méthacrylate basique
hu:E1205, Bázikus metakrilát-kopolimer
it:E1205, Copolimero di metacrilato basico
lt:E1205, Bazinis metakrilato kopolimeras
lv:E1205, Metakrilāta bāzes kopolimērs
mt:E1205, Kopolimeru metakrilat bażiku
nl:E1205, Basisch methacrylaatcopolymeer
pl:E1205, Zasadowy kopolimer metakrylanu
pt:E1205, Copolímero de metacrilato básico
ro:E1205, Copolimer metacrilat bazic
sk:E1205, Kopolymér základného metakrylátu
sl:E1205, Osnovni kopolimer metakrilata
sv:E1205, Basisk metakrylatsampolymer
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2016-05-27
efsa_evaluation:en: Safety of the proposed amendment of the specifications for basic methacrylate copolymer (E 1205) as a food additive

en:E1400, Dextrin
bg:E1400, Декстрин
cs:E1400, Dextrin, Dextriny
da:E1400, E1400 food additive
de:E1400, Dextrine, Weizendextrin, Dextrin, Stärkegummi
el:E1400, Δεξτρίνες
es:E1400, Dextrina
et:E1400, E1400 food additive
fi:E1400, Dekstriini
fr:E1400, Dextrines, amidon torréfié, Gomme d'amidon, dextrine 
hu:E1400, Dextrin
it:E1400, Destrina, Destrine
lt:E1400, E1400 food additive
lv:E1400, E1400 food additive
mt:E1400, E1400 food additive
nl:E1400, Dextrine
pl:E1400, Dekstryny, Maltodekstryna, Maltodekstryny, Dekstryna
pt:E1400, Dextrina
ro:E1400, Dextrină
sk:E1400, E1400 food additive
sl:E1400, E1400 food additive
sv:E1400, Dextrin
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1401, Modified starch, Modified starch ((Acid-treated starch) Stabilizer (food)stabiliser)
bg:E1401, E1401 food additive
cs:E1401, E1401 food additive
da:E1401, E1401 food additive
de:E1401, E1401 food additive
el:E1401, E1401 food additive
es:E1401, E1401 food additive
et:E1401, E1401 food additive
fi:E1401, E1401 food additive
fr:E1401, Amidon traité aux acides
hu:E1401, E1401 food additive
it:E1401, E1401 food additive
lt:E1401, E1401 food additive
lv:E1401, E1401 food additive
mt:E1401, E1401 food additive
nl:E1401, Zuur-behandeld zetmeel
pl:E1401, E1401 food additive
pt:E1401, E1401 food additive
ro:E1401, E1401 food additive
sk:E1401, E1401 food additive
sl:E1401, E1401 food additive
sv:E1401, E1401 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1402, Alkaline modified starch
bg:E1402, E1402 food additive
cs:E1402, E1402 food additive
da:E1402, E1402 food additive
de:E1402, E1402 food additive
el:E1402, E1402 food additive
es:E1402, E1402 food additive
et:E1402, E1402 food additive
fi:E1402, E1402 food additive
fr:E1402, Amidon traité aux alcalis
hu:E1402, E1402 food additive
it:E1402, E1402 food additive
lt:E1402, E1402 food additive
lv:E1402, E1402 food additive
mt:E1402, E1402 food additive
nl:E1402, Alkali-behandeld zetmeel
pl:E1402, E1402 food additive
pt:E1402, E1402 food additive
ro:E1402, E1402 food additive
sk:E1402, E1402 food additive
sl:E1402, E1402 food additive
sv:E1402, E1402 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1403, Bleached starch, Bleached starch (Stabilizer (food)stabiliser)
bg:E1403, E1403 food additive
cs:E1403, E1403 food additive
da:E1403, E1403 food additive
de:E1403, E1403 food additive
el:E1403, E1403 food additive
es:E1403, E1403 food additive
et:E1403, E1403 food additive
fi:E1403, E1403 food additive
fr:E1403, Amidon blanchi, amidon transformé, amidon modifié,
hu:E1403, E1403 food additive
it:E1403, E1403 food additive
lt:E1403, E1403 food additive
lv:E1403, E1403 food additive
mt:E1403, E1403 food additive
nl:E1403, Gebleekt zetmeel
pl:E1403, E1403 food additive
pt:E1403, E1403 food additive
ro:E1403, E1403 food additive
sk:E1403, E1403 food additive
sl:E1403, E1403 food additive
sv:E1403, E1403 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1404, Oxidised starch
bg:E1404, Окислено нишесте, Окисленото нишесте е нишесте
cs:E1404, Oxidovaný škrob
da:E1404, Oxideret stivelse, Oxideret stivelse er stivelse
de:E1404, Oxidierte stärke
el:E1404, Οξειδωμενο αμυλο
es:E1404, Almidón oxidado
et:E1404, Oksüdeeritud tärklis
fi:E1404, Hapetettu tärkkelys
fr:E1404, Amidon oxydé
hu:E1404, Oxidált keményítő
it:E1404, Amido ossidato
lt:E1404, Oksiduotasis krakmolas
lv:E1404, Oksidētā ciete, Oksidētā ciete ir ciete
mt:E1404, Lamtu ossidat
nl:E1404, Geoxideerd zetmeel
pl:E1404, Skrobia utleniona
pt:E1404, Amido oxidado
ro:E1404, Amidon oxidat
sk:E1404, Oxidovaný škrob
sl:E1404, Oksidirani škrob, oksidirani škrob je škrob
sv:E1404, Oxiderad stärkelse
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1405, Enzyme treated starch
bg:E1405, E1405 food additive
cs:E1405, E1405 food additive
da:E1405, E1405 food additive
de:E1405, E1405 food additive
el:E1405, E1405 food additive
es:E1405, E1405 food additive
et:E1405, E1405 food additive
fi:E1405, E1405 food additive
fr:E1405, Amidons traités aux enzymes
hu:E1405, E1405 food additive
it:E1405, E1405 food additive
lt:E1405, E1405 food additive
lv:E1405, E1405 food additive
mt:E1405, E1405 food additive
nl:E1405, E1405 food additive
pl:E1405, E1405 food additive
pt:E1405, E1405 food additive
ro:E1405, E1405 food additive
sk:E1405, E1405 food additive
sl:E1405, E1405 food additive
sv:E1405, E1405 food additive
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1410, Monostarch phosphate
bg:E1410, Мононишестен фосфат
cs:E1410, Fosforečnan škrobu
da:E1410, Monostivelsephosphat
de:E1410, Monostärkephosphat
el:E1410, Δισοξινο φωσφορικο αμυλο
es:E1410, Fosfato de monoalmidón
et:E1410, Monotärklisfosfaat
fi:E1410, Monotärkkelysfosfaatti
fr:E1410, Phosphate d'amidon
hu:E1410, Monokeményítő-foszfát
it:E1410, Fosfato di monoamido
lt:E1410, Monokrakmolo fosfatas
lv:E1410, Monocietes fosfāts
mt:E1410, Fosfat monoammidiku
nl:E1410, Monozetmeelfosfaat
pl:E1410, Fosforan monoskrobiowy
pt:E1410, Fosfato de monoamido
ro:E1410, Fosfat de amidon
sk:E1410, Fosforečnanový monoester škrobu
sl:E1410, Monoškrobni fosfat, monoškrobni fosfat je škrob
sv:E1410, Monostärkelsefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1411, Distarch glycerol (thickening agent)
bg:E1411, E1411 food additive
cs:E1411, E1411 food additive
da:E1411, E1411 food additive
de:E1411, E1411 food additive
el:E1411, E1411 food additive
es:E1411, E1411 food additive
et:E1411, E1411 food additive
fi:E1411, E1411 food additive
fr:E1411, Glycérol de diamidon
hu:E1411, E1411 food additive
it:E1411, E1411 food additive
lt:E1411, E1411 food additive
lv:E1411, E1411 food additive
mt:E1411, E1411 food additive
nl:E1411, Dizetmeelglycerol
pl:E1411, E1411 food additive
pt:E1411, E1411 food additive
ro:E1411, E1411 food additive
sk:E1411, E1411 food additive
sl:E1411, E1411 food additive
sv:E1411, E1411 food additive

en:E1412, Distarch phosphate
bg:E1412, Динишестен фосфат
cs:E1412, Zesíťovaný fosforečnan škrobu
da:E1412, Distivelsephosphat, Distivelsephosphat er stivelse
de:E1412, Distärkephosphat
el:E1412, Οξινο φωσφορικο αμυλο
es:E1412, Fosfato de dialmidón
et:E1412, Ditärklisfosfaat, Ditärklisfosfaat on tärklis
fi:E1412, Ditärkkelysfosfaatti
fr:E1412, Phosphate de diamidon
hu:E1412, Dikeményítő-foszfát
it:E1412, Fosfato di diamido
lt:E1412, Dikrakmolo fosfatas
lv:E1412, Dicietes fosfāts, Dicietes fosfāts ir ciete
mt:E1412, Fosfat diammidiku
nl:E1412, Dizetmeelfosfaat
pl:E1412, Fosforan diskrobiowy
pt:E1412, Fosfato de diamido
ro:E1412, Fosfat de diamidon
sk:E1412, Diškrobfosfát
sl:E1412, Diškrobni fosfat, diškrobni fosfat je škrob
sv:E1412, Distärkelsefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1413, Phosphated distarch phosphate
bg:E1413, Фосфориран динишестен фосфат
cs:E1413, Fosforečnan zesíťovaného fosforečnanu škrobu
da:E1413, Phosphateret distivelsephosphat
de:E1413, Phosphatiertes distärkephosphat
el:E1413, Φωσφορυλιωμενο οξινο φωσφορικο αμυλο
es:E1413, Fosfato de dialmidón fosfatado
et:E1413, Fosfaaditud ditärklisfosfaat
fi:E1413, Fosfatoitu ditärkkelysfosfaatti
fr:E1413, Phosphate de diamidon phosphaté
hu:E1413, Foszfatált dikeményítő-foszfát
it:E1413, Fosfato di diamido fosfatato
lt:E1413, Fosfatuotas dikrakmolo fosfatas
lv:E1413, Fosfatētais dicietes fosfāts
mt:E1413, Fosfat diammidiku ffosfat
nl:E1413, Gefosfateerd dizetmeelfosfaat
pl:E1413, Fosforanowany fosforan diskrobiowy
pt:E1413, Fosfato de diamido fosfatado
ro:E1413, Fosfat de diamidon fosfatat
sk:E1413, Fosfátový diškrobfosfát
sl:E1413, Fosforiliran diškrobni fosfat
sv:E1413, Fosfaterat distärkelsefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1414, Acetylated distarch phosphate
bg:E1414, Ацетилиран динишестен фосфат
cs:E1414, Acetylovaný zesíťovaný fosforečnan škrobu
da:E1414, Acetyleret distivelsephosphat
de:E1414, Acetyliertes distärkephosphat
el:E1414, Ακετυλιωμενο οξινο φωσφορικο αμυλο
es:E1414, Fosfato de dialmidón acetilado
et:E1414, Atsetüülitud ditärklisfosfaat
fi:E1414, Asetyloitu ditärkkelysfosfaatti
fr:E1414, Phosphate de diamidon acétylé
hu:E1414, Acetilezett dikeményítő-foszfát
it:E1414, Fosfato di diamido acetilato
lt:E1414, Acetilintas dikrakmolo fosfatas
lv:E1414, Acetilētas dicietes fosfāts
mt:E1414, Fosfat diammidiku aċetilat
nl:E1414, Geacetyleerd dizetmeelfosfaat
pl:E1414, Acetylowany fosforan diskrobiowy
pt:E1414, Fosfato de diamido acetilado
ro:E1414, Fosfat de diamidon acetilat
sk:E1414, Acetylovaný diškrobfosfát
sl:E1414, Acetiliran diškrobni fosfat
sv:E1414, Acetylerat distärkelsefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1420, Acetylated starch
bg:E1420, Ацетилирано нишесте
cs:E1420, Acetylovaný škrob
da:E1420, Acetyleret stivelse
de:E1420, Acetylierte stärke
el:E1420, Ακετυλιωμενο αμυλο
es:E1420, Almidón acetilado
et:E1420, Atsetüülitud tärklis
fi:E1420, Asetyloitu tärkkelys
fr:E1420, Amidon acétylé
hu:E1420, Acetilezett keményítő
it:E1420, Amido acetilato
lt:E1420, Acetilintas krakmolas
lv:E1420, Acetilētā ciete
mt:E1420, Lamtu aċetilat
nl:E1420, Geacetyleerd zetmeel
pl:E1420, Skrobia acetylowana
pt:E1420, Amido acetilado
ro:E1420, Amidon acetilat
sk:E1420, Acetylovaný škrob
sl:E1420, Acetilirani škrob
sv:E1420, Stärkelseacetat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1421, Acetylated starch, mono starch acetate, Starch acetate esterified with vinyl acetate
bg:E1421, E1421 food additive
cs:E1421, E1421 food additive
da:E1421, E1421 food additive
de:E1421, E1421 food additive
el:E1421, E1421 food additive
es:E1421, E1421 food additive
et:E1421, E1421 food additive
fi:E1421, E1421 food additive
fr:E1421, Amidon acétylé à acétate de vinyle
hu:E1421, E1421 food additive
it:E1421, E1421 food additive
lt:E1421, E1421 food additive
lv:E1421, E1421 food additive
mt:E1421, E1421 food additive
nl:E1421, Zetmeelacetaat
pl:E1421, E1421 food additive
pt:E1421, E1421 food additive
ro:E1421, E1421 food additive
sk:E1421, E1421 food additive
sl:E1421, E1421 food additive
sv:E1421, E1421 food additive

en:E1422, Acetylated distarch adipate
bg:E1422, Ацетилиран динишестен адипат
cs:E1422, Acetylovaný zesíťovaný adipan škrobu
da:E1422, Acetyleret distivelseadipat
de:E1422, Acetyliertes distärkeadipat
el:E1422, Ακετυλιωμενο οξινο αδιπικο αμυλο
es:E1422, Adipato de almidón acetilado
et:E1422, Atsetüülitud ditärk lisadipaat
fi:E1422, Asetyloitu ditärkkelysadipaatti
fr:E1422, Adipate de diamidon acétylé, amidon modifié E1422
hu:E1422, Acetilezett dikeményítő-adipát
it:E1422, Adipato di diamido acetilato
lt:E1422, Acetilintas dikrakmolo adipatas
lv:E1422, Acetilētais dicietes adipāts
mt:E1422, Adipat diammidiku aċetilat
nl:E1422, Geacetyleerd dizetmeeladipaat
pl:E1422, Acetylowany adypinian diskrobiowy
pt:E1422, Adipato de diamido acetilado
ro:E1422, Adipat de diamidon acetilat
sk:E1422, Acetylovaný diškrobadipát
sl:E1422, Acetiliran diškrobni adipat
sv:E1422, Acetylerat distärkelseadipat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1423, Acetylated distarch glycerol
bg:E1423, E1423 food additive
cs:E1423, E1423 food additive
da:E1423, E1423 food additive
de:E1423, E1423 food additive
el:E1423, E1423 food additive
es:E1423, E1423 food additive
et:E1423, E1423 food additive
fi:E1423, E1423 food additive
fr:E1423, Glycérol de diamidon acétylé, Glycérol acétylé de diamidon
hu:E1423, E1423 food additive
it:E1423, E1423 food additive
lt:E1423, E1423 food additive
lv:E1423, E1423 food additive
mt:E1423, E1423 food additive
nl:E1423, Geacetyleerd dizetmeelglycerol
pl:E1423, E1423 food additive
pt:E1423, E1423 food additive
ro:E1423, E1423 food additive
sk:E1423, E1423 food additive
sl:E1423, E1423 food additive
sv:E1423, E1423 food additive

en:E1430, Distarch glycerine, Distarch glycerine (Stabilizer (food)stabiliser)
bg:E1430, E1430 food additive
cs:E1430, E1430 food additive
da:E1430, E1430 food additive
de:E1430, E1430 food additive
el:E1430, E1430 food additive
es:E1430, E1430 food additive
et:E1430, E1430 food additive
fi:E1430, E1430 food additive
fr:E1430, Diamidon glycériné
hu:E1430, E1430 food additive
it:E1430, E1430 food additive
lt:E1430, E1430 food additive
lv:E1430, E1430 food additive
mt:E1430, E1430 food additive
nl:E1430, E1430 food additive
pl:E1430, E1430 food additive
pt:E1430, E1430 food additive
ro:E1430, E1430 food additive
sk:E1430, E1430 food additive
sl:E1430, E1430 food additive
sv:E1430, E1430 food additive

en:E1440, Hydroxypropyl starch
bg:E1440, Хидроксипропил нишесте
cs:E1440, Hydroxypropylether škrobu
da:E1440, Hydroxypropylstivelse
de:E1440, Hydroxypropylstärke
el:E1440, Υδροξυπροπυλαμυλο
es:E1440, Hidroxipropilalmidón
et:E1440, Hüdroksüpropüültärklis
fi:E1440, Hydroksipropyylitärkkelys
fr:E1440, Amidon hydroxypropyle, Amidon hydroxypropylé
hu:E1440, Hidroxi-propil-keményítő
it:E1440, Amido idrossipropilato
lt:E1440, Hidroksipropilkrakmolas
lv:E1440, Hidroksipropilciete, Hidroksipropilciete ir ciete
mt:E1440, Lamtu idrossipropiliku
nl:E1440, Hydroxypropylzetmeel
pl:E1440, Hydroksypropyloskrobia
pt:E1440, Hidroxipropilamido
ro:E1440, Hidroxipropilamidon
sk:E1440, Hydroxypropylškrob
sl:E1440, Hidroksipropil škrob, hidroksipropil škrob je škrob
sv:E1440, Hydroxipropylstärkelse
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1441, Hydroxy propyl distarch glycerine, Hydroxy propyl distarch glycerine (Stabilizer (food)stabiliser)
bg:E1441, E1441 food additive
cs:E1441, E1441 food additive
da:E1441, E1441 food additive
de:E1441, E1441 food additive
el:E1441, E1441 food additive
es:E1441, E1441 food additive
et:E1441, E1441 food additive
fi:E1441, E1441 food additive
fr:E1441, Glycérine de diamidon hydroxypropylé, hydroxy-propylique
hu:E1441, E1441 food additive
it:E1441, E1441 food additive
lt:E1441, E1441 food additive
lv:E1441, E1441 food additive
mt:E1441, E1441 food additive
nl:E1441, Hydroxypropyldizetmeelglycerol
pl:E1441, E1441 food additive
pt:E1441, E1441 food additive
ro:E1441, E1441 food additive
sk:E1441, E1441 food additive
sl:E1441, E1441 food additive
sv:E1441, E1441 food additive

en:E1442, Hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate
bg:E1442, Хидроксипропил динишестен фосфат
cs:E1442, Hydroxypropylether zesíťovaného fosforečnanu škrobu
da:E1442, Hydroxypropyldistivelsephosphat
de:E1442, Hydroxypropyldistärkephosphat
el:E1442, Οξινο φωσφορικο υδροξυπροπυλαμυλο
es:E1442, Fosfato de dialmidón hidroxipropilado
et:E1442, Hüdroksüpropüülditärklisfosfaat
fi:E1442, Hydroksipropyyliditärkkelysfosfaatti
fr:E1442, Phosphate de diamidon hydroxypropyle, Phosphate de diamidon hydroxypropylé
hu:E1442, Hidroxi-propil-dikeményítő-foszfát
it:E1442, Fosfato di diamido idrossipropilato
lt:E1442, Hidroksipropildikrakmolo fosfatas
lv:E1442, Hidroksipropildicietes fosfāts
mt:E1442, Fosfat diammid idrossipropiliku
nl:E1442, Hydroxypropyldizetmeelfosfaat
pl:E1442, Hydroksypropylofosforan diskrobiowy
pt:E1442, Fosfato de hidroxipropildiamido
ro:E1442, Fosfat de diamidon hidroxipropilic
sk:E1442, Hydroxypropyl diškrobfosfát
sl:E1442, Hidroksipropil diškrobni fosfat
sv:E1442, Hydroxipropyldistärkelsefosfat
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1443, Hydroxy propyl distarch glycerol
bg:E1443, E1443 food additive
cs:E1443, E1443 food additive
da:E1443, E1443 food additive
de:E1443, E1443 food additive
el:E1443, E1443 food additive
es:E1443, E1443 food additive
et:E1443, E1443 food additive
fi:E1443, E1443 food additive
fr:E1443, Glycérol de diamidon hydroxypropyle
hu:E1443, E1443 food additive
it:E1443, E1443 food additive
lt:E1443, E1443 food additive
lv:E1443, E1443 food additive
mt:E1443, E1443 food additive
nl:E1443, E1443 food additive
pl:E1443, E1443 food additive
pt:E1443, E1443 food additive
ro:E1443, E1443 food additive
sk:E1443, E1443 food additive
sl:E1443, E1443 food additive
sv:E1443, E1443 food additive

en:E1450, Starch sodium octenyl succinate
bg:E1450, Натриев октенил сукцинат на нишестето
cs:E1450, Sodná sůl oktenyljantaranu škrobu
da:E1450, Stivelsenatriumoctenylsuccinat
de:E1450, Stärkenatriumoctenylsuccinat
el:E1450, Οκτενυληλεκτρικο αμυλονατριο
es:E1450, Octenilsuccinato sódico de almidón, Octenil succinato sódico de almidón
et:E1450, Naatriumoktenüülsuktsinaattärklis
fi:E1450, Tärkkelysnatriumoktenyylisukkinaatti
fr:E1450, Octényle succinate d’amidon sodique, Octényle succinate d'amidon sodique
hu:E1450, Keményítő-nátrium-oktenil-szukcinát
it:E1450, Ottenilsuccinato di amido e sodio
lt:E1450, Krakmolo natrio oktenilsukcinatas
lv:E1450, Cietes nātrija oktenilsukcināts
mt:E1450, Ottenilsuċċinat tal-lamtu u tas-sodju
nl:E1450, Zetmeelnatriumoctenylsuccinaat
pl:E1450, Sól sodowa oktenylobursztynianu skrobiowego
pt:E1450, Octenilsuccinato de amido sódico
ro:E1450, Octenilsuccinat de amidon și sodiu
sk:E1450, Škrobový oktenyljantaran sodný
sl:E1450, Natrijev oktenilsukcinat škroba
sv:E1450, Natriumoktenylsuccinatstärkelse
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1451, Acetylated oxidised starch
bg:E1451, Ацетилирано окислено нишесте
cs:E1451, Acetylovaný oxidovaný škrob
da:E1451, Acetyleret oxideret stivelse
de:E1451, Acetylierte oxidierte stärke, E 1451
el:E1451, Ακετυλιωμενο οξειδωμενο αμυλο
es:E1451, Almidón oxidado acetilado
et:E1451, Atsetüülitud oksüdeeritud tärklis
fi:E1451, Asetyloitu hapetettu tärkkelys
fr:E1451, Amidon oxydé acétylé
hu:E1451, Acetilezett oxidált keményítő
it:E1451, Amido acetilato ossidato
lt:E1451, Acetilintas oksiduotas krakmolas
lv:E1451, Acetilēta oksidētā ciete
mt:E1451, Lamtu ossidat aċetilat
nl:E1451, Geacetyleerd geoxideerd zetmeel
pl:E1451, Acetylowana skrobia utleniona
pt:E1451, Amido oxidado acetilado
ro:E1451, Amidon oxidat acetilat
sk:E1451, Acetylovaný oxidovaný škrob
sl:E1451, Acetiliran oksidiran škrob
sv:E1451, Acetylerad oxiderad stärkelse
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:stabilizer, en:thickener

en:E1452, Starch aluminium octenyl succinate
bg:E1452, Скорбелен алуминиев октенил сукцинат
cs:E1452, Škrobový oktenylsukcinát hlinitý
da:E1452, Stivelsealuminiumoctenylsuccinat
de:E1452, Stärkealuminiumoctenylsuccinat
el:E1452, Αργιλιουχο οκτενυληλεκτρικο αμυλο
es:E1452, Octenilsuccinato alumínico de almidón
et:E1452, Alumiiniumoktenüülsuktsinaattärklis
fi:E1452, Tärkkelysalumiinioktenyylisukkinaatti
fr:E1452, Succinate octenylique aluminique d'amidon, Octénylesuccinate d'amidon et d'aluminium
hu:E1452, Keményítő-alumínium-oktenil-szukcinát
it:E1452, Ottenilsuccinato di alluminio e amido
lt:E1452, Krakmolo aliuminio oktenilsukcinatas
lv:E1452, Cietes alumīnija oktenilsukcināts
mt:E1452, Ottenilsuċċinat tal-lamtu u l-aluminju
nl:E1452, Zetmeelaluminiumoctenylsuccinaat
pl:E1452, Sól glinowa oktenylobursztynianu skrobiowego
pt:E1452, Octenilsuccinato de amido alumínico
ro:E1452, Octenilsuccinat de amidon și aluminiu
sk:E1452, Škrobový oktenyljantaran hlinitý
sl:E1452, Aluminijev oktenil sukcinat škroba
sv:E1452, Stärkelse-aluminium-oktenyl-succinat

en:E14XX, Modified Starch
bg:E14XX, E14XX food additive
cs:E14XX, E14XX food additive
da:E14XX, E14XX food additive
de:E14XX, E14XX food additive
el:E14XX, E14XX food additive
es:E14XX, E14XX food additive
et:E14XX, E14XX food additive
fi:E14XX, E14XX food additive
fr:E14XX, Amidons modifiés, amidon modifié, amidons transformés, amidon transformé, catégorie d'additifs de 1401 à 1452, almidón modificado
hu:E14XX, E14XX food additive
it:E14XX, E14XX food additive
lt:E14XX, E14XX food additive
lv:E14XX, E14XX food additive
mt:E14XX, E14XX food additive
nl:E14XX, E14XX food additive
pl:E14XX, E14XX food additive
pt:E14XX, E14XX food additive
ro:E14XX, E14XX food additive
sk:E14XX, E14XX food additive
sl:E14XX, E14XX food additive
sv:E14XX, E14XX food additive

en:E1503, Castor oil
bg:E1503, E1503 food additive
cs:E1503, Ricinový olej
da:E1503, Ricinusolie, Amerikansk olie
de:E1503, Rizinusöl, Castoröl, Ricinusöl, Ricinenöl, Castor Oil, Kastoröl
el:E1503, Καστορέλαιο, Ρετσινόλαδο, Ρητινέλαιο, Κικινέλαιο
es:E1503, Aceite de ricino, Aceite de castor
et:E1503, Kastoorõli
fi:E1503, Risiiniöljy
fr:E1503, Huile de ricin, 8001-79-4
hu:E1503, Ricinusolaj
it:E1503, Olio di ricino
lt:E1503, E1503 food additive
lv:E1503, E1503 food additive
mt:E1503, E1503 food additive
nl:E1503, Wonderolie, Castorolie, Ricinusolie
pl:E1503, Olej rycynowy
pt:E1503, Óleo de rícino, Óleo de mamona
ro:E1503, Ulei de ricin
ru:E1503, Касторовое масло, Касторка, Е1503
sk:E1503, E1503 food additive
sl:E1503, E1503 food additive
sv:E1503, Ricinolja
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier

en:E1504, ethyl acetate, ethyl ethanoate
bg:E1504, E1504 food additive
cs:E1504, Ethylacetát, Octan etylnatý, Ethyl-acetát, Ethylester kyseliny octové, Etyl-acetát
da:E1504, E1504 food additive
de:E1504, Essigsäureethylester, Ethansäureethylester, Äthylacetat, Essigäther, Essigether, Essigester, Ethylethanoat, Ethylacetat
el:E1504, Αιθανικός αιθυλεστέρας, Αιθανικό αιθύλιο, Οξικός αιθυλεστέρας, Οξικό αιθύλιο
es:E1504, Etanoato de etilo, Acetato de etilo, Acetidina
et:E1504, Etüülatsetaat
fi:E1504, Etyyliasetaatti, Etikkaeetteri, Etikkahappoetyyliesteri
fr:E1504, Acétate d'éthyle, Éthanoate d'éthyle, 141-78-6
hu:E1504, Etil-acetát
it:E1504, Acetato di etile, CH3COOC2H5, Etilacetato, Etil acetato, Acetil etere, Acetiletere
lt:E1504, Etilacetatas
lv:E1504, Etilacetāts
mt:E1504, E1504 food additive
nl:E1504, Ethylacetaat, Ethylethanoaat, Azijnether, 141-78-6
pl:E1504, Octan etylu, Etanian etylu, Eter octowy
pt:E1504, Acetato de etila, Acetato de etilo, Etanoato de etila
ro:E1504, Acetat de etil
sk:E1504, Etylacetát
sl:E1504, Etilacetat, Etil acetat
sv:E1504, Etylacetat, Ättiketer, Etyletanoat, T-Röd
additives_classes:en: en:carrier

en:E1505, Triethyl citrate, triethyl 2-hydroxypropane-1\,2\,3-tricarboxylate
bg:E1505, Триетил цитрат
cs:E1505, Triethyl-citrát
da:E1505, Triethylcitrat
de:E1505, Triethylcitrat, Citronensäuretriethylester, Zitronensäuretriethylester, Triethylzitrat, E 1505
el:E1505, Κιτρικος τριαιθυλεστερας
es:E1505, Citrato de trietilo
et:E1505, Triethyl citrate
fi:E1505, Trietyylisitraatti
fr:E1505, Citrate de triéthyle, E-1505, C12H20O7, 77-93-0
hu:E1505, Trietil-citrát
it:E1505, Citrato di trietile
lt:E1505, Trietilcitratas
lv:E1505, Trietilcitrāts
mt:E1505, Ċitrat trietiliku
nl:E1505, Triëthylcitraat
pl:E1505, Cytrynian trietylowy
pt:E1505, Citrato trietílico
ro:E1505, Trietilcitrat
sk:E1505, Trietylcitrát
sl:E1505, Trietilcitrat
sv:E1505, Trietylcitrat, Trietylcitrat (E1505)\,, E 1505
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:sequestrant, en:stabilizer

en:E1510, Ethanon, ethanol, ethyl alcohol, spirits, drinking alcohol, pure alcohol, grain alcohol, ethyl, alcohol, Methylcarbinol, Ethyl hydroxide, Ethyl hydrate, Algrain, Anhydrol, Tecsol
bg:E1510, Етанол
cs:E1510, ethanol, Etanol, Ethylalkohol, Etylalkohol, C2H5OH, alkohol
da:E1510, Ethanol
de:E1510, Ethanol, Äthanol, Ethylalkohol, Alkohol
el:E1510, Αιθανόλη
es:E1510, etanol, alcohol etílico, EtOH
et:E1510, Etanool
fi:E1510, etanoli, etyylialkoholi
fr:E1510, Éthanol, alcool éthylique, Esprit-de-vin, Alcool de grain, 64-17-5, E 1510, Flegmasse, EtOH
hu:E1510, etanol, etil-alkohol, borszesz, borlang
it:E1510, etanolo, alcol etilico, alcol puro, Alcool etilico, Coma etilico, Alcol denaturato, C2H5OH
lt:E1510, Etanolis
lv:E1510, etanols
mt:E1510, E1510 food additive
nl:E1510, ethanol, alcohol
pl:E1510, etanol, alkohol etylowy
pt:E1510, etanol, Álcool etílico, C2H6O
ro:E1510, etanol
sk:E1510, Etanol, Ethanol
sl:E1510, Etanol
sv:E1510, Etanol, alkohol

en:E1517, Glyceryl diacetate
bg:E1517, Глицерил диацетат
cs:E1517, Glyceryl-diacetát
da:E1517, Glyceryldiacetat
de:E1517, Glycerindiacetat, Diacetin, E 1517
el:E1517, Διακετινη (διγλυκεριδιο του οξικου οξεος)
es:E1517, Diacetato de glicerilo
et:E1517, Glütserüüldiatsetaat
fi:E1517, Glyseryylidiasetaatti synonyymit
fr:E1517, Diacétine, Diacétate de glycéryle, Glyceroldiacétate
hu:E1517, Gliceril-diacetát
it:E1517, Diacetato di glicerile
lt:E1517, Glicerildiacetatas
lv:E1517, Glicerildiacetāts
mt:E1517, Diaċetat tal-gliċeril
nl:E1517, Glyceryldiacetaat
pl:E1517, Dioctan glicerolu
pt:E1517, Diacetato de glicerilo
ro:E1517, Diacetat de gliceril
sk:E1517, Glyceryl diacetát
sl:E1517, Glicerildiacetat
sv:E1517, Glyceryldiacetat, Diacetin

en:E1518, Glyceryl triacetate, Triacetin, glycerin triacetate, 1\,2\,3-triacetoxypropane
bg:E1518, Глицерил триацетат
cs:E1518, Glyceryl-triacetát, Glycerolester kyseliny octové
da:E1518, Glyceryltriacetat
de:E1518, Glycerintriacetat, Triacetin, E 1518, 1\,2\,3-Propantriol-triacetat, Triessigsäureglycerinester, Triacetylglycerin, 1\,2\,3-Triacetoxypropan
el:E1518, Τριακετινη (τριγλυκεριδιο του οξικου οξεος)
es:E1518, Triacetato de glicerilo, Triacetín
et:E1518, Glütserüültriatsetaat
fi:E1518, Glyserolitriasetaatti
fr:E1518, Triacétine, Triacétate de glycéryle, E 1518, 102-76-1, 1\,2\,3-Triacétoxypropane, C9H14O6, Triacétate de glycérine
hu:E1518, Gliceril-triacetát
it:E1518, Triacetato di glicerile, C9H14O6, Triacetina
lt:E1518, Gliceriltriacetatas
lv:E1518, Glicerīna triacetāts
mt:E1518, Triaċetat tal-gliċeril
nl:E1518, Glyceryltriacetaat, Glyceroltriacetaat, Triacetine
pl:E1518, Trioctan glicerolu
pt:E1518, Triacetato de glicerilo, Triacetina
ro:E1518, Triacetat de gliceril
sk:E1518, Glyceryltriacetát
sl:E1518, Gliceriltriacetat
sv:E1518, Glyceryltriacetat
additives_classes:en: en:carrier, en:emulsifier, en:humectant

en:E1519, Benzyl alcohol, Phenylcarbinol, Phenylmethyl alcohol, Benzenemethanol
bg:E1519, Бензил алкохол, Фенилкарбинол, фенилметил алкохол, бензенметанол
cs:E1519, Benzylalkohol, Fenylmethanol, fenylmethylalkohol, benzenmethanol
da:E1519, Benzylalkohol, Phenylcarbinol, phenylmethylalkohol, benzenmethanol
de:E1519, Benzylalkohol, Phenylcarbinol, Phenylmethanol
el:E1519, Βενζυλικη αλκοολη, Φαινυλοκαρβινόλη, φαινυλομεθυλική αλκοόλη, βενζολομεθανόλη
es:E1519, Alcohol bencílico, Fenilcarbinol, alcohol de fenilmetilo, bencenometanol
et:E1519, Bensüülalkohol, Fenüülkarbinool, fenüülmetüülalkohol, benseenmetanool
fi:E1519, Bentsyylialkoholi, Fenyylikarbinoli, fenyylimetyylialkoholi, bentseenimetanoli
fr:E1519, Alcool benzylique, Phénylcarbinol, alcool phénylméthylique, benzèneméthanol
hu:E1519, Benzil-alkohol, Fenil-karbinol, Fenil-metil-alkohol, Benzol-metanol
it:E1519, Alcol benzilico, Fenilcarbinolo, alcol fenilmetilico, benzene-metanolo, Alcool benzilico
lt:E1519, Benzilo alkoholis, Fenilkarbinolis, fenilmetilo alkoholis, benzenmetanolis
lv:E1519, Benzilspirts, Fenilkarbinols, Fenilmetilspirts, benzolmetanols
mt:E1519, Alkoħol benżiliku, Fenilkarbinol, Alkoħol fenilmetiliku, Benżenmetanol
nl:E1519, Benzylalcohol, Fenylcarbinol, fenylmethylalcohol, benzeenmethanol
pl:E1519, Alkohol benzylowy, Fenylokarbinol, alkohol fenylometylowy, benzenometanol
pt:E1519, Álcool benzílico, Fenilcarbinol, álcool fenilmetílico, benzenometanol
ro:E1519, Alcool benzilic, Fenilcarbinol, Alcool fenilmetilic, Benzenmetanol
sk:E1519, Benzylalkohol, Fenylkarbinol, fenylmetyl alkohol, benzénmetanol
sl:E1519, Benzil alkohol, fenilkarbinol, fenilmetil alkohol
sv:E1519, Bensylalkohol, Fenylkarbinol, fenylmetylalkohol, bensenmetanol

en:E1520, Propylene Glycol, Propane-1\,2-diol, Propan-1\,2-diol
bg:E1520, Пропан-1\,2-диол
cs:E1520, Propan-1\,2-diol
da:E1520, Propan-1\,2-diol
de:E1520, Propan-1\,2-diol
el:E1520, Προπανοδιολη-1, 2 (προπυλενογλυκολη)
es:E1520, Propano-1\,2-diol
et:E1520, 1\,2-propaandiool
fi:E1520, Propaani-1\,2-dioli
fr:E1520, Propylène glycol, propane diol - 1\, 2-diol
hu:E1520, Propán-1\,2-diol
it:E1520, 1\,2-propandiolo
lt:E1520, 1\,2-propandiolis
lv:E1520, Propān-1\,2-diols
mt:E1520, Propan-1\,2-diol
nl:E1520, Propaan-1\,2-diol
pl:E1520, Propano-1\,2-diol
pt:E1520, Propano-1\,2-diol
ro:E1520, 1\,2-propandiol
ru:E1520, Пропиленгликоль
sk:E1520, Propán-1\,2-diol
sl:E1520, Propan-1\,2-diol
sv:E1520, Propan-1\,2-diol
additives_classes:en: en:emulsifier, en:humectant
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2018/04/05
efsa_evaluation:en: Re‐evaluation of propane‐1,2‐diol (E 1520) as a food additive
efsa_evaluation_overexposure_risk:en: en:no
efsa_evaluation_adi:en: 25

en:E1521, Polyethylene glycol
bg:E1521, Полиетиленгликол
cs:E1521, Polyethylenglykol
da:E1521, Polyethylenglycol
de:E1521, Polyethylenglycol, Polyethylenglykol, Polyethylenoxid, PEG-40, PEG-7, PEG-8, Macrogol, PEG-400
el:E1521, Πολυαιθυλενογλυκολες
es:E1521, Polietilenglicol
et:E1521, Polüetüleenglükool
fi:E1521, Polyeteeniglykolit
fr:E1521, Polyéthylène glycol, Macrogol, poly ethane diol - 1, Polyéthylèneglycols, 25322-68-3, Polyoxyéthylène, Poly oxyde d'éthylène
hu:E1521, Polietilénglikol
it:E1521, Polietilenglicole, Glicole polietilenico, Polietileneglicole, Glicol polietilenico, C2nH4n+2On+1
lt:E1521, Polietilenglikolis
lv:E1521, Polietilēnglikols
mt:E1521, Glikol tal-polietilen
nl:E1521, Polyethyleenglycol, Macrogol, Polyethyleenoxide, Polyetheenoxide
pl:E1521, Glikol polietylenowy, Poli(tlenek etylenu), Poliglikol, Polietylenoglikol, Makrogole, Makrogol
pt:E1521, Polietilenoglicol, Polietileno glicol
ro:E1521, Polietilenglicol
sk:E1521, Polyetylénglykol, Polyoxyetylén, Polyetylénoxid
sl:E1521, Polietilenglikol
sv:E1521, Polyetylenglykol
efsa_evaluation_date:en: 2018/06/22
efsa_evaluation:en: Refined exposure assessment of polyethylene glycol (E 1521) from its use as a food additive