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FSC Codes


See Global Packaging Taxonomy


See Fishing

Carbon footprint

On packaging


  • Uses OFF data to Indicate where the product was packaged



  • Different kind of products (category average ? using the few products which mention it ?)
  • "Growing"/"Breeding" Footprint
    • Pesticides and other chemicals(fertilizer,herbicides ,pesticides)
    • Water consumption
    • Nonrenewable resources
    • Land use (deforestation, biodiversity)
    • Waste management
      • Algae producer
  • Transformation footprint
    • Harvest/Slaughter
    • Products with several sub-ingredients
      • Unknown sourcing of ingredients
      • Some ingredients sourced (and sometimes from remote places)
  • Packaging footprint
    • FSC
    • Recyclability

Packaging locations

  • EMB codes and EU Codes

Warehouse Locations

Point of sale location

  • Point of sale field
  • App where you could save your favorite store ?

Consumption location

  • Would mean inputting your personal address and mean of transportation

Company CSR

  • Fight against climate change (is the company carbon neutral ? how much is emitted ?…)
  • ISO, environmental management systems, subcontractors…