Dutch Production Process Labels

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Back to Country Support - Netherlands These labels certify the production process of food products;

  • CPE - Production process label (multiple) for chicken eggs (website);
  • Demeter - Production processes based on biodynamical agriculture (website);
  • EKO - Organic production processes and seeds (no GMO) (website);
  • Milieukeur - Product created with environmental friendly processes (website);
  • Beter Leven - A label (multiple) for animal welfare (website);
  • Dolfijnvriendelijk - An international label for dolphin friendly tuna fishing (website);
  • France Limousin - A label for french origin of cows with a dutch certifcator (no website);
  • Graskeurmerk - A label for egg chicken welfare (website);
  • Label Rouge - A french label for chicken welfare, also used in the Netherlands (website);
  • Scharrelkippenvlees - A label for chicken welfare for the meat of chickens based on the EU guidelines (no website);
  • Scharrelrundvlees - A label for cow welfare for meat of cows (no website);
  • Scharrelvarkensvlees - A label for pig welfare for pigmeat (no website);
  • Weidegang - a label for dairy products from cows that have been pastured for minimally 120 days (website);
  • ASC - Aquaculture Stewardship Council for reducing impact on enironment for wild fish (no website);
  • European Biological Label (website);
  • MSC label - responsible fishing (website);
  • Viswijzer - environmentally friendly fish (website);
  • Ambachtelijk Korenmolersgilde - traditionally milled grains (website);
  • Gegarandeerde Traditionele Specialiteit - like IGN, but for the production process (website);
  • Grated Cheese Quality controlled - label for the ingredients used (no website);
  • Halal - mainly for meat (website);
  • Integrale Keten Beheersing - control of the entire food chain (no website);
  • Koosjer - process and ingredient control (no website);
  • Vegetarisch - vegetarian (website);