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Area Concerned:

  • The database itself.
  • The website, wiki and other ressource available at .
  • The presentations: Both the act and the ressource.
  • The mialing lists and email communications.
  • The 3rd party communication tool such as slack, github, trello, twitter.

Example rules from other coc

OSM's case:

I found 2 different code of conduct. Both have discussion suround them.

It is not enfored as far as I can tell. The closest document to a CoC I could find is well hidden as a ban policy text.

Wikipedia's case:

I found a failed attempt at doing a CoC There is also a long talk page

Fedora's case

They refer to their CoC a lot in mailing list and other online communication tool. It states to be a "guide to make it easier to be excellent to each other." It is in use, but fail to deliver a way to report breach.

PyCon's case

This CoC is aimed at a phisical event, not online communication. It feature both a attendee and staff procedure.

Contributor Covenant's case

This is a generic CoC that we could reuse as is. It aim to be a standart, the same way licence are standars (as far as I understand the project goal)

Ada Initiative's case

They are probably one of the driver behind conferences having policies They provide ressources and arguments for a code of conduct.

Historical account of behaviour on OFF

There might or might not have been behaviour where a code of conduct and a way to repport breach would be beneficial to resolve the issue at hand.

Since there isn't a way to repport breach of conduct, people possibly affected by a breach could have just keep it to themselves.

As far as historical bad behaviour on OFF, there isn't information available.

what information
  • An inclusive statement
  • A list of what we think is not allowed
  • What happens when you break the code
  • How to repport something that break the code
  • On github repo
  • On the website
  • On the mailing list footer (link to)

consult the contributors

We should ask how people feel about adding a CoC. We can ask them via:

  • Ask our twitter follower
  • Ask our facebook follower
  • Ask as part of the survey

A meaningful and powerful but also simple and short CoC

A draft of the CoC